Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 5, 2011

Charts-Ryan and Tatum O’Neal

Charts-Ryan and Tatum O'Neal


  1. So sad that Tatum is soooooo mean to her Dad. Breaks my heart. So obvious that Tatum ran away when Dad, Ryan found the love of his life in Farrah. And now it is so sad to see that Tatum wants Daddy back ONLY after Farrah has past. She makes me sick. Spoiled brat. I would give anything to have a Dad like Ryan in my life.

  2. Continue from previous comment as I was saying this piece of shit was caught and arrested with his son redmond who was like 19 yrs old at time for possesion of crack cocaine. This man is just a bad seed when it comes to raising kids. Now back to Tatum this young lady showed the pain of suffering for the lack of love of her father through her many years of heroin use and to top it off she marries a scum piece of shit tennis player whos just like her father which is another reason for her disparity into drugs. I feel for Tatum cause this is a women has had so much emotional drainage to deal with. I also wonder what type of woman such as farrah really was to not try to heal the rift in some kind of way, because obviously she didn’t being that a 25 yr. Wedge was created

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