Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 4, 2009

Space Clearing, Flower Essences, and the Art of Sacred Space

©2009 by guest blogger, Elly Yule, maker of GrassDancer Essences, U.K.

 Donna says:  This article was orginally published in Vibration, and is repinted here with permission of the author. It came up again in my quest for tools to help us all make the best possible use of the Pluto-Saturn square and the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical clearing we can experience during this aspect. It  discusses  concerns that we astrologers, therapists, healers, life coaches and others who work intensely with clients’ difficulties need to keep in mind, especially while this aspect is exact, because the energy around us is filled with their pain and it’s easy for us to soak it up. 

Elly  mentions her flower essences,  and though they’re not widely available in the United States, you can order them through her website. For those who aren’t familiar with essences, I’ll be constructing an FAQ page about them soon, but for now, refer to the posts on essences in the Healing Tools category on this blog.  Whatever tools you prefer to use in clearing the energy around you, her insights are valuable. Here’s what Elly has to say.

How’s your PEG?  (PEG =the aura Personal Energy Grid).  Are you sparkling like a night sky full of stars?  Are you glowing like a firefly?  Or is your wattage so low you look like a light bulb about to go out?

Recent astrological events have caused us all to be on an energetic rollercoaster and it hasn’t been easy.  If you’re a therapist or healer, there will have been many demands on your energies as you help your clients to deal with the current rollercoaster ride that life is.  Goodness – all this and home life to balance too!  Several lightworkers I know are definitely on low wattage, they have been trying to help so many people and have had little time to help themselves.  Whoah – stop right there! Check your PEG right now, how’s it doing?

 One way you can help yourself is through the Art of Sacred Space.  This doesn’t just mean your work and home environments, but also your personal Sacred Space, inner and outer.  Sacred Space techniques can help you greatly to conserve your personal and psychic energies, ensuring that your PEG doesn’t get drained.

 Let’s start with the external environment around you, particularly your work space if you’re a therapist/healer/Lightworker.  If you are sharing work space with other professionals, it is absolutely essential to clear the energy in the room of their presence and, any energetic fall-out there may have been from their clients.  Otherwise you will be dealing with all of that whilst you are trying to work, and you and your clients will not get the best out of the session.

 Start the day by clearing the room of any residue energies. You can use a vibrational essences spray mist such as our “The Cleanser” to do this—or a mix of your own. I like to follspace clearingow this by using our “Angels of Joy” to invoke the help and protection of the angels for the day’s work.  (If you are doing circle work or group work, “Circle of Angels” spray mist is ideal as it protects and guards the integrity of the sacred space you are working in). 

Smudging is another good technique. I personally like the pejuta wakan, Sage, as it is so powerful, but incense is also good.  (Do check that you won’t set off the fire alarms or sprinklers in the building you are in by doing this!).  Using the light of a dedicated, lighted candle is also good, as the light will dissolve any lingering darkness.

Case Study: On a trip to Europe teaching Space Clearing and the Art of Sacred Space, I had an interesting experience.  It was at a new healing centre I had been asked to help out at.  It was lovely, small and functional and the therapist had been working very hard to build her clients and practice.  At the time she used a large old fashioned fabric covered chair for the healing sessions. 

As the next patient came in, I saw the patient sit into the etheric residue of the previous client, in fact there were layers and layers of it trapped in the fabric of the chair.  I suggested to the therapist that she use “The Cleanser” spray mist to clear the chair and room in between patients.  The result was instantaneous, the energy in the room lifted and was clean and clear, and at the end of a busy day the therapist realised she was not as exhausted as she usually was.

 I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to clear your aura at the end of the day, before you even think about going home.  When the clinic is over, clear the room for the last time and give your aura a good spray.  That way you won’t be taking home anything you don’t want!

 Now I’m not trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs here, I know most healers know a million different techniques to use, but what I want to know is how often do you use them?  Every day?  When you remember?  So many therapists I know are heading for burn out, because they leave themselves until last, they forget about their own needs bspraybottle2-a2defore rushing ahead with the day. 

Do not leave home in the morning until you have made sure that you are grounded and protected (our “Protector” spray mist can do this in a second for you).  If you are an active dreamer, you may forget that your chakras could be wide open due to your night dreaming and visioning.  Do you really want to walk outside wide open like that?  Think before you leave your house, and think about yourself often during the day. 

 Case Study: My client is a busy practitioner working in three different clinics, in different parts of town.  In her case (as with a lot of therapist clients), I did personalised blends for her.  She would order three of “The Cleanser” spray mists, and I would intuit the strength of formula that was needed for each clinic (it would vary greatly), I also intuited which essential oils needed to go in, again it was different for each clinic.

  She used them to space clear the work space and she used them to cleanse her aura in between clients.  Over the years, the strength of the formula would change as her clients, and the type of work she was doing with them, would change.

 Don’t forget that your PEG affects every being you come into contact with, so make sure it’s clean and sparkly and let that beautiful grid of yours light up our world!

 About the Author: Elly Yule is Owner/CIO of GRASSDANCER Vibrational Essences ( ), which was set up in 1999.  With over 250 products in the range; these unique, original, organic handmade products from Mother Nature are enjoyed by clients all over the world.  Elly is current Disciplinary Officer (and a former Secretary) of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association and a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers.  She is a therapist and is qualified and experienced in many healing and therapeutic modalities.  The majority of her clients are women and she helps them to access their full creative feminine potential through her work.  WEBSITES: and The Healing Prayers Circle – Caring for All Our Relations

WANT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF THAT THE ESSENCES WORK?  See   by Deborah Bier, PhD. These photos of an experiment conducted by Deborah and her students were lost for several years. They show clearly the positive effect an essence mixture has on germinating and growing plants. These photos have never been published anywhere before!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve been a big fan of yours since I can’t remember when — way back with your book on flower essences I believe.

    I’ve also enjoyed your articles for Mountain Astrologer.

    Can’t wait to hear what else you’ve been up to lately!

    Thanks for this article; this transit has been a doozy for many people I know — me included.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. It is true that with the current transitions, space clearing is essential…

  3. I’ve just moved to a new place and guess what? I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff that needs to go. And it ain’t over yet!

    • Ride that wave, Neeti. I’m STILL purging, and it gets better and better. And I’m going to wind up with about a $2000 tax write-off because everything’s going to tax-exempt charities. Donna

  4. Sound and ritual are very powerful tools to clear space. I am passionate about all things sacred and offer feng shui, art and design to welcome a sense of clarity, well-being and purpose.


    • Thanks, Marjory, I look forward to visiting your site and finding out more about how you approach clearing, as it’s such an important need for those of us who work with the public. Donna

  5. One of the indispensable space clearing tools I use is the Blue Eagle Invocation Liquid Smudge. It’s based on the sacred herbs used by indigenous peoples (cedar, sage, sweetgrass) and made in a sacred way by a traditional Native American.

    What I love most about it is it’s fast, easy and portable — you can take it places where they won’t let you burn things (but you can still clear the space.)

    And it sure helps clear the mind to get ready to release all those unnecessary piles of “stuff” that accumulates when I’m not looking. Or being vigilant about it.

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