Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 14, 2009

Understanding Healing Reactions or Healing Crises

©2008 by Guest Blogger, Dr. Deborah Bier, Co-Editor of Vibration Magazine

Donna says: Many of you are bound to confront some very old emotional blockages during the transiting Pluto-Saturn square. If you understand that catharsis is a normal, vital and ultimately helpful part of the healing, it may relieve some of the anxiety such eruptions can create. I asked Dr. Bier’s  permission to reprint this Vibration Magazine article because it sheds light on the catharses that often happen when you enter into a healing process, whether through flower essences, bodywork, traditional psychotherapy, past life therapy or virtually any other form of work you do to remove your deepest blockages. 

To me, the healing crisis is a Plutonian process, because you delve very intensely into emotions that have been shoved out of consciousness for a long time. Yet in a very powerful way, by bringing them to the surface, you’re freed from the burden of carrying them around and are empowered to move forward.

  Here’s how Deborah explains it:   

 One of the most important principles in holistic healthcare is that body, mind and spirit are endowed with powerful healing abilities. When symptoms of disease are present, it is believed to be because this ability to correct the difficulty is not functioning properly. Any healing therapy’s work is to catalyze the person’s own powerful self-heaemotional catharsis, healing process, Skywriterling abilities. Through this manner of healing, some peoples’ recoveries can seem quite “miraculous” and unexpectedly far-reaching.

The understanding of the process of disease from the holistic point of view includes the belief that disease emerges as a result of imbalances of natural, internal forces or as a result of trauma. The direction a disease follows occurs from the outside, inwards… from top to bottom… and backward in time.

In this model of healing, the spiritual, mental, and emotional planes of being are respectively deeper than the physical plane. Disease progresses through each of these planes, moving from less serious physical complaints to more serious ones, and then inward to deeper levels.

For example, a disease may first manifest as a skin rash that eventually seems to clear up over time. The disease may progress inward to manifesting as respiratory allergies. As it further progresses, depression may develop, growing more severe over time. This is a process that can happen gradually, and over a long period of time, and with the use of drug therapies.

Because of this,  as the healing process unfolds, many people may experience an eruption of old symptoms — some of which may not have been present since childhood — or an exaggeration of current ones.

When healing occurs, the course of illness is reversed and the person moves through previous states of health, perhaps occurring in the reverse order of their original appearance. This can be seen to occur in either a literal or metaphoric way, where, for example, a person’s emotional rigidity may be expressed as a period of intestinal constipation some time during the healing process.

It is the role of the practitioner to help the client put their healing process into perspective, helping them see that what they have experienced on all levels of their existence has been meaningful, even descriptive of who they are and how they feel. It is important to explore the idea that illness and discomfort are not just some randomly ascribed events or symptoms. Therefore, this model can be a useful tool to explore during the healing process. It is a common cultural viewpoint that that feelings such as depression and anger are  reactions to life events.healing crisis, emotional catharsis, flower remedies, flower essences, Skywriter

Most people’s experiences with conventional medicine do not prepare them for what they experience when treated with holistic methods. The focus of conventional medicine first and foremost is to cure the symptoms and to relieve discomfort. Holistic care is determined to get to the roots of the disharmony, even if it means experiencing temporary discomfort.

In this way, the more mainstream and healing-reaction points of view may be in direct conflict with one another. It may be hoped that as more ways to combine holistic and conventional treatment approaches are found, that a good balance between relieving suffering and deeper healing can be struck.

For more information, here are two articles from Vibration’s archives that discuss flower essences and the healing crisis: The Healing Crisis in Flower Essence Treatment and Three More Perspectives on the Healing Crisis: A Panel Discussion.

WANT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF THAT THE ESSENCES WORK?  See   by Deborah Bier, PhD These photos of an experiment conducted by Deborah and her students were lost for several years. They show clearly the positive effect an essence mixture has on germinating and growing plants. These photos have never been published anywhere before!


See Deborah’s earlier article on Skywriter, long one of our readers’ top choices, Positive Thought Forms–Can They Limit Us, too? (Guest Blogger Dr. Deborah Bier).

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, PhD is a holistic healthcare practitioner in private practice in Concord, MA, and Donna’s co-editor in Vibration Magazine, and . Deborah is the author of Flower Essence Practice: For Students, Essence Practitioners & Other Healing Professionals (Windfall, 2008). She is also the author of Healthy Connections: Flower Essences for Better Family, Friend and Work Relationships; The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences, and Learning About Vibrational Essences (find all these titles here). She is the maker of Whole Energy Essences, and is a district director for Caring Companion Connections.


  1. Just a note to say that I ordered some flower essences and was QUITE surprised at the strong brandy taste! I obviously didn’t read the fine print well enough. The jury is still out as to the effectiveness, but I’m conscious of the power of belief and am aspiring to be open minded and receptive.

    • Ah, well, this is why it would have been important to be able to read the FAQ in Vibration or to download the introductory chapter from my flower essence book. It may not have been available at the time the article you read was posted, but I’ve gone back and added links to it now.

      If there was a strong taste of brandy, it was because what you purchased was the concentrated (stock) bottle, which is typically preserved in brandy. The concentrate is not meant to be taken in that form, but rather mixed down into the dosage level, at the rate of four drops in a one ounce bottle of spring water, then shaken well to disperse it evenly. You then take a dropperful of the diluted mixture several times a day until you feel the condition has shifted. Donna

      PS The chapter of my book available to download is at
      flower essence information-ch1 (Nuts, the comment section does not register links. Look in this post for the link in a form that does work.)

  2. Donna,
    I purposely got the spray formula so I wouldn’t have to do the measuring and diluting. I did go back and reread the bottle instructions after seeing your comments though. I’m still under the impression that I just spray the essence in my mouth when needed. I am very sensitive to alcohol. When I joked to my daughter that I was going to celebrate Saturn leaving Virgo by going out and getting drunk, she said, “Yeah, mom, a half glass of wine.”:)

    • Oh, dear, Trishia, it sounds like the instructions aren’t clear at all. Usually sprays are used to clear the energy in a room–or to cleanse the aura–not to spray the mouth with. I’m sorry you’re sensitive to alcohol.

      Some companies, like the Flower Essence Society, give you the option of glycerine or vinegar as a preservative. Most company sites have a phone number where you could call and be sure you’re not getting alcohol. When I mixed remedies for my recovering alcoholic clients, I used apple cider vinegar as the preservative, with only a drop or two of the concentrate. I then shook the dosage bottle 100 times to disperse the remedy evenly. It seemed to work fine for them. Another method for getting the energy of the remedies without the alcohol is using a dropperful or two in a bath. Or topical application to the pulse points. Donna

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