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Your 2nd House—A Clue to Extra Income

©4-24-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Who among us couldn’t use some extra money these days, with prices up and business down?  What I’ve observed over the years is that when people need a way to bring in a bit more cash, the 2nd house is the place to look for ideas.

It’s not just the area of the chart that shows paychecks, it’s also where part-time jobs and sidelines can be found—as well as timing for starting them.

The 2nd house shows your personal resources, and, like most of us, over the years you probably have developed skills and personal qualities that are marketable once you brainstorm how to use them.  Maybe you’ve switched careers but still have great contacts and know-how that could pull in the occasional consultant fee. Perhaps that spare room can be rented out to tourists. Maybe you’ve gotten so good at a hobby that you can teach a class.  Depending on the sign on the 2nd and the planets placed there natally and by transit, almost all of us have untapped personal assets.

 Where to Look for Hidden Treasure

 There are three factors to look for, some more productive of sidelines than others.

 The sign or signs in the 2nd House: Begin by brainstorming the interests of the 12 signs and think about ways to cash in on them. Whatever needs and wants a given sign has, there are businesses out there that cater to them.

Cancerians love collectibles—hence the multitudes of ads in magazines and on television that cater to them.  Sagittarians live to travel—and keep a broad spectrum of travel services going.  Virgos are health conscious and tend to keep up on nutrition—can you market supplements or come up with tasty health food recipes?  Many Taureans love the earth and are gifted at growing things—can a garden save or earn you money?

If there’s more than one sign in your 2nd house, as is often the case, consider possibilities for both. If the 2nd house is empty, look at what house the ruler of the 2nd occupies and think about the matters of that house, as it might give you other avenues to pursue.  (Download a  Blank chart with house meanings  here.)

The table below is to help you start brainstorming for sidelines, but there are additional meanings for each of the signs.

A List of the 12 Signs and Some of the Matters They Rule:

Aries: starting things, initiative, energy, sports, competition, building, doing, leadership, wanting to be first, anger, drive, driving cars, springtime, short spurts.
Taurus: Earth, nature, growing things, gardening, preserving, tradition, money and financial matters, conservation, accumulating stuff, possessions, peacefulness.
Gemini:  Communication, curiosity, thinking, learning skills, siblings, close relatives other than parents, neighbors, short trips, writing, hands, lungs, sales, the media.
Cancer: Family, home, roots, motherhood, women’s health & reproduction, breasts, food& nurturance, security, old age, real estate, instinct, habits, moods.
Leo: Children, romance, recreational activities, show business, drama, royalty, hedonism, generosity, self-expression, wanting to be the center, the heart itself.
Virgo: health and the health care field, work and our attitudes toward it, the working class, coworkers, employees, job satisfaction, attention to details, criticism.
Libra: Marriage and divorce, partnerships of all sorts, equality in relationships, justice, beauty and fashion, balance, consideration, diplomacy, fair play, peace.
Scorpio: Sexuality, wealth, uses and abuses of power, secrets, the occult, healing, psychology, death & the afterlife, national & personal debt, terrorism, stocks.
Sagittarius: Established religions & religious leaders, ethics, higher education, advanced learning and thought, publishing, law, foreign relations & travel.
Capricorn: professions, career, big business, corporate sector, executives, bosses & our attitudes toward them, status, expectations & attitudes about success.
Aquarius: Social Movements, social change, technology, pop trends, fads. Information age, freedom, equality, revolution, adolescence, rebels and mavericks.
Pisces: Creativity, spirituality, psychic gifts, mysticism, service vs. servitude, music and poetry, welfare, chronic care, prisons, fraud, oceans, epidemics, pollution.

Natal planets in the 2nd:  Planets are always stronger than signs, so if you have planets in the 2nd, think first about what money-making activities those planets may suggest. To get started, consider what sign that planet rules and get some hints from matters of the 12 signs, as given in the table.  Then consider the sign the planet is placed in for ideas as well. 

With Mars in the 2nd, for instance, you’d think about Aries-related  possibilities like being a relief driver on weekends, getting certified as a referee,   building things or fixing cars.  With Venus in the 2nd, you’d look into Libra-like pursuits like selling cosmetics or jewelry, getting trained as a mediator, or selling some of your more fashionable clothing on consignment.

Transits through the 2nd: A planet that is transiting the 2nd house is a window for earning money through a sideline, and might  also be the starting point for a side business that lasts much longer than the transit.

The length of time for that window depends on the speed of the planet and the number of degrees the house contains.  Some houses are as small as 23°, while houses with interceptions can be as wide as 45°.

A transiting planet in any part of your chart that is setting off a natal 2nd house planet is especially likely to provide both opportunities and challenges for these types of enterprises.

The faster-moving inner planets can travel through a house quickly when they’re direct in motion—the Moon in as little as a couple days, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in about a month, and Mars in two months.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus travel through a particular sign and house at around the same time each year, so figure out what interval they’re in your 2nd house and plan to make the most of it.  Is there, for instance, a seasonal condition you can make the most of–vacation-related services or products–or is there a holiday that you can turn into a profitable product or service?

A Jupiter window comes around once in about 13 years, so capitalize on it while it’s there! The slower moving  transits can be very long-lasting, starting with Saturn at around 2.5 years and getting progressively longer through Pluto, which can be in a sign for as long as 14 years.  As we’ve seen in this series already, you’d also need to understand the outer planets and their pitfalls before committing any major cash outlay in setting up a business.

Note:  These suggestions are only presented as a starting point in your search for a viable part-time business and aren’t meant to be business or financial advice.  Before entering into any  enterprise, you’d want to seek out information about what it would involve and what the current market is like in your area.

Readers, Let’s brainstorm together.  Based on the signs, natal planets and transits to your own 2nd house, what kinds of sidelines or home-based businesses can you come up with?  Share your ideas in the comment section, as it might help someone else discover their own marketable talents and skills. Or, if you’ve done well with a sideline in the past, did it correlate with your natal 2nd house or a transit that was in effect at that time?

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  1. Okay. Sun conj. NE in Libra in the 2nd, sextile SA conj. PL in Leo in the 12th; Virgo on the cusp.

    I made a TON of money when I had my own business illustrating high school and college textbooks (1980-2005). The advent of the personal computer pretty much put me out of business. The last really lucrative year was 1994, I just hung on for 11 more years by working part time.

    I’ve also made decent money buying clothes at garage sales and selling them online. I look mainly for designer fashions that are new or gently used.

    Right now, I have Saturn transiting that house, complete with its lovely opposition to UR (in my natal 8th, ruled by Pisces) and square to PL in my 5th, (ruled by Sag).

    I want to retire from my current job as a coordinator at a local university this year. I’m doing basically clerical work, and its killing my soul. I’m doing my research as to how much money I will get with SS, two pensions and my husband’s SS. My guess is it will probably happen before the fall…unless I “chicken” out.

    • Thanks for sharing that about Libra on the 2nd, Pat. You’ve done awfully well with those sidelines, and I’m sure that with Saturn going through that house, you’ll take it to a new level once you’re retired. Saturn transiting that house is consistant with a period of finances eing a bit pinched while you get solid in retirement. Donna

      • Additionally, Mercury rules both my 2nd house Virgo cusp AND the sign my 10th house Uranus is in (Gemini). The 2nd house planets are in Libra, and their ruler, Venus, can be found on my IC as well as rule my MC (Taurus). So, having my own business, or working at home is where I did best during my entire career. I almost HAVE to be my own boss.

        The only time working for someone else was enjoyable, was when I worked for the U of Texas and my boss let me run things. I created the artwork for geological maps and presentations (again, there’s that Libra). In that case the Scorpio influence also kicked in with the sextile to Pluto and Venus and IC in Scorpio. The art (Venus) was all about geology, digging beneath the Earth’s surface (Pluto).

        I have a boss now who is a micro-manager. Not working, not working, not working AT ALL.

  2. I should also mention that with all that Pisces energy (NE in the 2nd, ruling the 8th, and a connection to the 12th house planets), that, at this time, there is almost an “intuitive” pull leading me without much intellectual involvement. It is as if there is an older, wiser person co-existing inside of me telling me that this is the time to follow my bliss instead of making a lot of money.

    With the 5th connection by transit, my son is encouraging me to retire because he doesn’t like to see what this job is doing to my health. He calls and has “long talks” with me about stress and how I should not be living with it at this point in my life. At one time he even said he would support us if I would only retire. Of course, I’m too proud (Leo connection) to ever do that!

  3. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 2nd House. I’m actually considering starting up a blog with a friend of mine (Libra MC) I think the focus will be along the lines of finding joy, exploration & healing in our everyday lives. I think it will enable me to really follow through on my self discovery & self confidence and share it with others at the same time. I hope it takes off, I love reading comments from people on what their experience is like.

    • HI, Janelle, certainly online efforts are consistant with the Aquarius 2nd house, but Jupiter in Aquarius says you could be earning money in some way through spreading the good ideas. Maybe something like teaching classes or workshops, possibly via teleseminar or webcasts. Donna

      • I’m not sure what I would teach per say…but maybe adding a video or podcast to the blog would be a start.

  4. I have a Libran 2nd house, with Pluto in Libra there. I’ve made money with art and by modeling.

    Saturn will cross my 2nd cusp when it hits 5 Libra.

    I suppose Pluto/Libra/2nd could also point to one-on-one consulting/couseling of some sort.

    • Hi, MIchelle, indeed something transformational with Pluto invoved, even if it’s makeovers. Life coaching perhaps? Getting certified at that is not such a long process, and it’s infinitely mutable in how many different ways it can be applied. Donna

      • I have made money doing makeup for Halloween 😀 Wrong season though :p

  5. I have Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini in the 2nd, opposed by a Sag Neptune in the 8th. So, I think expressing myself through a communication of some kind would be appropriate? It’s interesting, because as I was reading this article I realized that what you were describing was essentially what is going on in my life right now. The “side-job” is kind of? becoming my “main-job”, because I’m living on disability right now, unable to work at a “normal” job. I was a photographer & graphic designer, (which I guess is what I would consider to be my “chosen” form of self-expression, at least on a personal/fine-art level, not commercially). However, I had to stop doing it a couple years ago due to a sudden onset of physical disability.

    Recently, though, all kinds of people have been asking me if I could do little side projects for them; business cards, head-shots, logos, etc. and I’ve found that doing these things in a freelance capacity is MUCH more satisfying and FUN, compared with working for a design firm or assisting another photographer. So, it seems as though the universe has sort of “stepped in” to push me in that direction anyway.

    I also started a blog a few months ago after some friends suggested I communicate all of the things I’ve been learning and experiencing regarding alternative health and healing, (also because of my health situation). Throughout the last year of sessions I’ve had with my healers, I kept getting images and messages of putting energy into writing, but I’ve always thought I was a mediocre writer AT BEST, so I ignored it. I did start journaling though and through that, combined with all of the amazing alternative & spiritually inspired information I find on a daily basis, I do feel the beginnings of something new, perhaps with my blog?

    I also think the Neptunian energy opposing all of this has clouded it up a bit though and made me second guess myself A LOT! However, as I “plug away” through it all, I do find that my confidence is growing bit by bit, so I guess I’ll keep plugging away;-)

    • Hi, Samantha, That clever ability to learn how to do any number of things related to Mercury is typical of Gemini or Mercury in any of the career houses, so you’ll find lots of ways to make money here and there. And as for doubting your ability to write, that goes with the territory. I’ve been a published writer for about 40 years, and I still doubt myself continually when I sit down to write. You learn how to write by writing. Donna

      • Thanks Donna, that helps;-)

  6. I have south node Retrograde in Sagittarius in the 2nd house opposite my 8th house north node retrograde in gemini conjunct neptune in retrograde gemini.
    I have Pluto and Saturn in the 9th house conjunct with the moon in Leo.
    I was an elementary school teacher (ESL) English as a Second Language for many years.
    I have not quite figured out how to earn income with my intuitive abilities and interest in metaphysics. Any thoughts?
    I prefer to work from home and online

  7. My 2nd house cusp is Aries, with Chiron in Taurus at the very end of the house. Not sure about this one- probably it means I would make money in a leadership role (I HATE being in charge though, I mean, really dislike it and feel super uncomfortable). I could see it as wanting to be my own boss, having to be aggressive to get money?…could fit with my life as a free-lancer, though I can’t say I’m making scads of money. Chiron in Taurus- maybe healing somehow? I used to be an environmental scientist- perhaps remediation would have been a good line of work for me. I love to garden but haven’t figured out this one except for my own pleasure- maybe consulting others somehow on how to grow things. At least gardening is a direct gain- I get to eat the fruits of my labor (ba-dum-bum).

  8. My Mostly LEO 2nd house, (Cancer Sun located near the end of the 1st & therefore also interpreted in 2nd) plus, Mercury, Uranus, Mars & Venus (in LEO) is opposed by an 8th house AQR Chiron, and is trined by a 6th Hse Saturn in Sag. Also, my Sun, Mercury & Uranus are trined 5th hse Natal Nep in Libra.
    Transiting Mars is running back and forth along this sparkly necklace – I’ve just started (Mars) a website (Uranus) for teaching (Chrion) novices how to Write (Merc) Fiction & Memoirs (Venus & the Neptune in 5th hse aspect)
    Donna – Did I get this right?

    • Sounds like you’re on a good track, EJ. Use the rest of the time Mars is transiting your second to get a move on with some of these ideas. Donna

  9. Hello Donna – Libra rules my 2nd, with Venus, Sun, Neptune and Mercury there.

    Over the years, some of my money-making sidelines (or temporary jobs) have included: temporary secretarial work, child-care, calligraphy, packaging art for mailing, envelope stuffing, special-event sales for a bakery, dressing up like the Easter Bunny for a sales promotion, appearing as an extra in a made-for-TV movie (scene was later cut), selling my clothes at a fashion consignment shop, and selling prints of my original art.

    Many Moons ago, when Uranus was transiting my 2nd, and conjunct my Venus and Sun, I was asked to sign with a top modeling agency (too shy, otherwise I probably could’ve had a few jobs.) When transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct my Venus, I was offered a job as a professional photographer’s model (I still have the photos, so it was easy to check the date.) When transiting Pluto was conjunct my Mercury (in Scorpio) and sextile my Pluto (in Virgo), I was hired to organize a business owner’s professional office, and later, his home office (I made great money there!) People have also offered to pay me for psychic readings and to design business logos.

    Believe it or not, I’ve done even more – I was one of those people who always took side jobs (Mercury rules my AC and MC).

  10. well I’m really confused because I seem to have so much there yet I don’t understand it all! I have both gemini and cancer in the second house and two natal planets – mars and venus. No transits at present.

    I’m really struggling to make ends meet and I don’t think I’ve ever really made any money. It’s always seemed to elude me. I’ve always had enough, but never any left over.

    However, I love to write and I’d love to start my own magazine to do with sustainable / green living. A friend and I have been talking about this and have got a business plan set up. I was going to work as editor and he as the publisher.

    He has Sag, Cap AND Aquarius for his second house, no natal planets and both Pluto and north node transiting his second house at the moment.

    Can you help me fathom this out and see what might be a money spinner for me or whether this magazine idea might work?

    The thing I love most is to inspire and empower people. I’m happy ‘coaching’ or counselling others on a 1-2-1 or via phone / skype or email. I like writing for magazines, websites or books and I like to share knowledge, but more in a way of helping people find their own answers. I have been asked to do talks and presentations which I hate doing, but think I could be good at it perhaps if I could get over my fears and lack of confidence …

    if I put together the gem, cancer, mars and venus stuff nothing seems to fit unless I write about womens health and food for the media or sell home grown produce or preserves LOL! (can’t see me doing that somehow).
    Actually, maybe the writing about women’s health and food might fit after all. Ho hum …

    • HI, India, this post is only meant to spur you on to finding your own particular possibilities, given that there are several factors in that house. Start by making a list of all the skills you have that might fit those planets and signs. Or skills you could acquire, or things you could market.

      Oh, and if you’re into the flower essences (aka flower remedies)at all, Bach’s Wild Oat is helpful for people who have a number of talents or possibilities and need to sort out which ones to pursue. Look for flower essence information under the category “Healing Tools.” Donna

    • Hi India;-) When I was reading your post I felt VERY strong energy towards your idea to do the magazine. It seems like that is something you really WANT to do but are maybe afraid of it failing?? It seems like you have it together already?? A partner and a business plan…. so it seems like the only thing left to do, is actually DO IT;-)
      I really resonated with all of the confusion you’re feeling and also have had issues making ends meet. Good luck to you and I’m sending all the positive vibes your way;-)

      • If you’re correct in your perceptions, Samantha, then there is still another Bach remedy (flower essence) that would support the effort. It is Larch, a remedy for people who are afraid to try something for fear that they will fail. Donna

  11. i have sagitarius in my second house- no natal planets there and nothing transiting right now. The ruler of sag is in pisces in the fifth house. i don’t have children and romance isn’t in the cards, so what could this mean for another means of making money?

    • Be creative, Meredith. The 5th shows ways that you’re creative. It can also be related to recreational activities and even to gambling, as the various meanings all show ways that we take risks. You don’t have to be a Yenta (matchmaker) but might create or market things that have to do with romance (greeting cards, romance novels, etc). Pisces in that house might show music, poetry, misty watercolors, or other art. If you’re not artistic yourself, you could still market things of that nature. Donna

  12. my friend has saturn natally in second house in signs of virgo and sag. mercury is transiting seventh house in taurus and jup is transiting the fifth house. with merc retro right now I’m thinking that there will be delays….

  13. On a technical note, depending on which house system you use, I either have a 29’59 degree Capricorn 2nd house or a 0 degree Aquarius. But it’s the Aquarius that I feel is where I really shine.

    No planets in my 2nd house, which is 41 degrees wide (!) and makes for a great Jupiter transit and not so great Neptune transit. Although I rode through the worst of the recession actually making MORE money.

    So with my Aquarian 2nd house, ruler Uranus in the 11th, I definitely find the internet and technology as a source of income, both full time and on the side. One of my side businesses involves running a website for an astrologer, another involves picking up occasional programming work. I even started my own blog recently in an attempt to step out from behind the shadows (6th house ruler in the 12th).

    Worth noting that my 2nd house ruler is conjunct Venus in my 11th, so I am also a web and graphic designer. Venus is in mutual reception with Pluto, which is almost exactly conjunct my MC.

    • I have a similar configuration in my chart. I started a blog 4 years ago and now it’s my main income. I didn’t have to do much, just write and post, and money seems to come. Uranus is also in my 11th house, and work also comes usually through friends.

      Never planned to make money with internet, and here i am. Lesson learned, attention to your 2nd house!

  14. I loved reading the responses to the 2nd house and ways of looking at the 2nd house to churn up more resources.
    When I was young, in my 20’s I “did charts and read the cards” and made nice money until I started maturing and clients wanted a more “professional” persona and I didn’t want to go there. I quit and sank into dedicating my life to making a living with salary and benefits,etc as was appropriate to my consciousness at the point.
    I was drawn to Donna’s work here on the internet because now in “retirement” I am wanting to develop further my gifts of the 2nd house-“doing charts” and reading the cards”. I could use some “extra cash” and I want to give back what was given to me so generously as well.

  15. My Leo Sun and Mercury are both in the 2nd house. Mercury has only one aspect but my Sun is square Saturn in Taurus and trine Mars in Sag and my Chiron & MC in Aries. So, clearly, I have to be in show business. *winky* Seriously, I think I can bring healing with faboo funny movies.

  16. This is interesting timing, because I’ve been contemplating just these issues. I don’t get my 2nd and 8th houses and least understand the signs associated with them in my chart. For me, no planets in the 2nd, ruled by Gemini. Mercury is in Pisces in the 11th. (8th house Sag contains Neptune and Uranus retrograde. Jupiter retrograde is in Scorpio in my 7th house.)

    These forces, they seems so different from the activity in my 6th and 10th and around the midheaven (involving multiple squares, trines, conjunctions with saturn, mars, pluto, moon, venus and the signs virgo/libra and capricorn/aquarius)…

    I just reallly don’t get it.

    If you have any recommendations for where to start, they would be greatly appreciated!

    • HI, Elizabeth, that’s a very complex career picture and I’d have to see the whole chart to make sense of it. However, as my regular readers know, I’m retired from doing individual charts in order to write. Donna

      • Hi Donna, *sigh* that’s for sure. 🙂 I know you don’t do individual charts anymore. But, I was wondering about any thoughts or pointers you have just in terms of the 2nd/8th? I have a much better grasp of the other areas of my chart, but haven’t gotten a sense of this … as I mentioned, even the signs, Gemini and Sag are the ones I have yet to really know.


      • As it happens, Petals, your wish is my command–I just posted an article on the 8th house today. Donna

  17. Uranus has just started transiting my 2nd house – I started an astrology website and am into lots of computer related things too.

    Looking forward to when jupiter conjuncts uranus in my 2nd house 😉

  18. Dear Donna: I am a Libra woman with both Venus and Pluto in my 2nd House (natal chart.)

    It seems that everything I get, earn, buy and have is sucked right back out so that I am always in the red.

    Is it because of these two planets warring with one another that I can’t seem to hang onto anything? Unfortunately, this situation seems to also boil over into the romance zone…

    Please help me if you can!


    • There is an article on this blog a few days ago specifically about the dynamics of as 2nd house Pluto that I believe would give you more insight, and you’d also find some pieces about Venus-Pluto aspects. If you put together Venus, Pluto, and the 2nd, I’d have to say that relationships and money are deeply entwined and that the desire to get and hold onto love is part of the emotional need that complicate your finances. Put some thought into what your motives are in earning less than you spend. Donna

  19. Hi – this was really good to read! I’ve done a lot of sideline work, mostly translating and somehow word related, but never making much money on anything. Read in one of your other posts about planets being in two houses at the same time – in placidus I have sat in 2nd, in other systems in 3rd – it seems to work both fields. I am making money writing …
    Just wanted to let people know about this site: I did that and it was really good – very helpful and useful. So recommend people to do a session with Ellen if your unsure about what to do about business!

  20. What about Venus? It rules the 2nd and should tell something about our ability to make money – would you look at Venus for ways to earn extra cash? (I’ve got Venus in 11th, with no aspects and in Libra). Would people who are making lot of money have a strong venus in their chart? Or

    • No, I wouldn’t look at Venus to tell me about a person’s 2nd house any more than I’d look at the Sun to tell me about someone’s 5th or Mars to tell me about someone’s 1st. Look at the ruler of the sign that appears on the person’s 2nd. Donna

  21. I have pisces on the cusp of the 2nd, with neptune in the 10th square saturn in the 7th.

    Twice in my life, I have sacrificed work opportunities for love.

    Once it was a bad idea, and the next time it was a good idea.

  22. “People with Mercury in the 2nd can have many skills that become money-making endeavors, especially communication skills like sales. Depending on the sign and aspects, they can love fads and the newest and trendiest gadgets, so money doesn’t stick around very long”

    That description is so true! Im the one who likes gadgets and always spend my money on those stuff instead of handbags and shoes. LOL. But since my Mercury in Gemini has 27 degree in the 2nd house cusp (the 3rd house is Cancer), would it be considered in 3rd house as well? I have Sun and Mars in 3rd house, both of them in Cancer and according to astrodienst the Sun is making conjunction to my Mercury.

    How can I be so sure if my Mercury is really in 2nd house or it’s in 3rd house?

    • When a planet is within 5 degrees of the cusp of the next house, I consider the possibility it may be acting on the other house as well. The way to know for sure is to describe both positions to the person and see which one they relate to most. Donna

  23. I have early Libra on my 2nd cusp, with Scorpio Jupiter and Scorpio Neptune late in the 2nd house conjunct the 3rd cusp. Venus, ruler of my 2nd is in Aquarius, very tightly conjunct my Aquarius Sun in the 5th. Jupiter rules my 4th, Neptune my 7th (forget that though!).

    Over the (many) years, my extra, part-time, sideline, moonlighting income has included, in approximate chronological order:
    – working at a tennis resort (5th includes sports),
    – collating and packaging mailing materials,
    – working as a salesperson on commission at a woman’s fashion store,
    – creating custom-designed custom-tailored clothing for individual business women,
    – editing content and typing up volumes of computer technical documentation for technical and non-technical end-users,
    – collecting and selling honey (beekeeping),
    – creating/selling small custom furniture pieces, including ergonomic meditation stools,
    – working as a forensic financial and business analyst for area attorneys (for their court cases and trials),
    – tutoring/teaching computer and internet technology and graphic design,
    – beautifying the homes of others (mostly exterior hand-stripping and hand-staining for wood siding and decks); yes, even though I’m now 50-something I can still do 3-story homes all by meself and do it better (results last two- to three-times as long) and cheaper than the “professionals”.

    My main career/income has been in computers and technology since the late 70s, including programmer/analyst and management positions, and then web design and applications this past decade or so. That was all going very well until late 2008, so now I’m going to have to “mine” my 2nd House again to see what else I can come up with for income.

    If anyone sees something I haven’t, feel free to speak up! I suppose I could try writing fiction, I have a couple of sci fi novels “in my head”, but I just don’t think that’s very practical/realistic as far as generating any income. I have a tight quintile from my Cap Mercury in the 5th to that Scorpio Neptune conjunct the 3rd … but … !@!!

    Good luck everyone. Thanks for getting me thinking about this angle, Donna! I really needed that.

  24. Giving cheers to everyone here, I was astounded at the number of natives with Libra on the 2nd house cusp. Reading the comments was like looking at a mirrors !

    Does our Virgo rising make us too involved in details and establishments of systems, or too discriminative that we become indecisive pertaining to financial matters ?

    I also have Neptune in the 2H but in Scorpio, and it is conjunct with the Moon in 3H.

    I’ve been involved with music, arts, diplomacy, and languages. I’m offered many opportunities, without really much having to ask, involving mostly communications, such as broadcasting (since this post is about brainstorming ideas).

    But reading your article on co-depedency, I’ve realized I need to overcome the guilt/responsiblity issue. It’s been a painful learning experience, overshadowing my abilities to produce extra-earnings. The lack of responsibility being in others, while the spirituality-backed servitude being my mindset, or theme of this house =)

    Good luck for everyone !

    PS : By the way, are you using the Sidereal zodiac ?

  25. My second house is ruled by cancer and leo,but even though my second house is supposed to be ruled more by cancer, Leo takes most of it up.
    I have saturn in leo in my second house, but it’s right on the 2nd/3rd cusp.

    Saturn is
    TSep my MC(Pisces), Semi Square my Asc(Gemini), Q NN(Scorpio 5th), Sextile Pluto(libra 4th), Trine Neptune(Sag 6th), Binovile Uranus(Scorpio 5th), Square Sun(scorpio 5th), BiSep Mercury(Scorpio 5th), Sesq. Venus(Cap 7th), BiNov Jupiter(Taurus 11th)

    I have no clue what to do with this. lol! other than
    I’ve been told that Saturn Trine Neptune can give a gift for photography and I’ve been told I have an eye for it,but I don’t have the money for a camera.

  26. Pisces cusp here. Transiting Uranus in the 2nd house.

    My job has been as a Biologist and lately as an environmental scientist (same thing as Dizzy). Self-employed or part-times are hard to establish (I have little Aries traits). I started some blogs in environment, astrology, spirituality…

  27. Thanks again, Donna!

    I have Uranus in Leo (Leo cusp) in the 2nd, and have been directed to write for children because my Moon in Scorpio is in the 5th house. I recently finished a children’s writing program at the Institute of Children’s Literature, but, I don’t feel the writer spirit at all.

    • Give it time, VJ–and the right set of transits. (I have some posts about writing on this blog–look under categories.) Inspiration doesn’t come on demand. Donna

  28. Hello.. I have no planets on the 2nd. 19 Sag on the cusp Jupiter in 7th. Conjunct Sun (+7 degree orb applying) in Gemini, Jupiter at 11.24 Gemini is making a partile talent triangle by a sextile to saturn and a trine to Pluto at 11.39, 11.36 degrees of Leo, Libra respctevily. And Opposite neptune Rx in sag 1st.

    Neptune is 4.23 degree away from my second house cusp from the first.

    I am a great opportunity waster, I wasted big amount of earned money through my jobs, May be because Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini and this 4 degree opposition with neptune and the wide 7.39 degree away from the applying sun which weakens it by combustion.

    Now… Pluto is transiting my secound, And it will square itself there when it reaches 11 degree Capricorn 😦

    North node as well.

    I am in a very bad financial situation now and have depts plus jobless and un motivated as well.

    I hate the idea of working in companies again and I wish to start my own business, I have a plan but I have no money.

    MC @26.33 Leo Moon conjunct MC 1.44 degree orb from the tenth and pluto in an exact semisquare to MC.

    I am not in a good situation.

  29. I have four planets in the 2nd, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus, which would seem to be a financially abundant dynamic. And I have worked about a gazillion part time jobs, including writing, which is my favorite. However, I never make the pay I feel I deserve, except in reading Tarot cards, but that is very unsteady work. I don’t know what to do to ‘invest in myself’ at this point and create the abundance I know I deserve! Sun-Pisces, and all the other planets – Aquarius.

  30. Hello there, Donna! I thank you kindly for this article and have enjoyed reading it.

    Maybe someday I could also write articles others will enjoy. I only feel the embers of wanting to write, but soon hope it will turn into a fiery passion that can bring some income, initially, and eventual wealth with experience.

    There are a few reasons why I would like to become a professional writer, but the most significant is to work for myself from home. I’ve come to grudgingly accept I lack the temperament to work for others-trust me, I’ve tried! It’s my own fault, since I’ve ignored my writing urges in favor of work which projects a certain ‘image’. And I’ve been paying for it. The thing that irks me most is asking permission to do, well, anything really. I have a whole list which I won’t subject your readers to, so I’ll get on with why I am writing. Maybe you could do me a kindness and let me know if I’m heading in the right direction. I’m not as well-versed in astrology as other posters, so it could look congested. lol.

    Jupiter in Aquarius in fifth, while Aquarius sits on the sixth.

    Capricorn tops the fifth with Saturn in Cancer residing in the tenth/Gemini MC

    Sun, Pluto, Uranus in Libra in the second.

    Libra sits on the second house with Venus conjunct Neptune in Sag in the 4th.

    Mercury in Scorpio in third.

    Mars retrograde Taurus in ninth

    Cancer moon in eleventh

    What confuses me is although Sun, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter trines MC, and Mercury trines Saturn, with Gemini MC trining second house Libra cusp-Saturn squares the second’s planets!

    I would love to be able to enjoy my work and follow my own pace and routine. Do you see any writing potential here?

    • Sorry, CM, I am retired from doing individual charts. The placements most conducive to writing talent are Mercury and it’s aspects, Gemini planets, and third house planets. Donna

  31. I just found your article and blog and see that you haven’t posted for some months, so I hope this reaches you. I have Chiron and Part of Fortune in my 2nd which is in Scorpio/Sagittarius square Mars, Saturn, Pluto in 10th Leo. I was a health care professional but have my own health problems now. I always had to work hard to keep on top of my finances, I was self employed successfuly enough for fifteen years. I had to stop my career a number of years ago because of illness. I have other “healing”, aspects, sun in sixth house in Pisces, Neptune in 12th. The ship has passed for Jupiter transit my 2nd house for years but it is now half way through the 7th meaning and be in 8th soon enough. In my natal chart Jupiter is in 3rd house in Sag. opposition Uranus in Gemini. Natal Pluto, Saturn Mars were in opposition to Moon and Mercury. So at this phase of my life I try to see to see finances and career as separate, something i never had seen before. To me my career was the $ source and maybe I have been missing some opportunities as a result. My NN is in 8th in Taurus and I read that a transit there brings influx of energy. Any thoughts on how to use the upcoming Jupiter 8th house transit to spark the 2nd and improve my finances?

  32. I have venus in leo in the second house.. I have some artistic talent (drawing, painting, making things), the only problem is that it squares my pluto in scorp in the fifth house. And I have no idea how this would work out in life. Does it mean my talents won’t be used/acknowledged? Or does this have something to do withn money?

  33. Hi there, i have Jupiter in Pisces in 2nd house, i am aquarius and always have financial problem, is there any remedy.

  34. Hi,
    My dob is 30/5/1963, time is 7 AM, place : chennai. I have Maandi in the 2nd house. How to get relief from the ill effects of Maandi.

  35. Thank you for this post. I found it when googling Mars and Venus in my second house. Right now the moon and NN are transiting through, so great information.


  36. I loved this post! Thanks. I loved the way you explained this. Although an astrologer for some reason I am stumped with this one. It’s always easier to read for someone else. But… I have Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd with Jupiter on the cusp. Jupiter is in my 12th conjunct Neptune both conjunct my ascendent in Scorpio.

    I do know I do not like corporate anything.. I am a very hard worker and do set goals and reach them. Huge on integrity and can master anything I put my mind too. I have strong indicators in artistry and am pursuing that. However, I have changed professions. First working with children for 16 years, sun is in Aries in the 5th. But that was not my passion. What I haven’t tapped into is my artistic side. I want to know if this is what I am to do to make money? I have Venus in Pisces in the 4th conjunct Chiron making a trine to Jupiter in my 12th and Neptune and my Ascendent.

    I just can’t figure out how to read this?! Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be forever grateful!


  37. I guess I should metion that I am starting a profession as a professional MUA and loving the classes and am very talented at it. I also love spirituality! I have a few degrees in spiritual divinity and tons of certifications in spiritual concepts etc. I would love to start a business for women on every aspect of our being from sexuality, health and fitness, beauty, spirituality and creating and builing communiities for our daughters. I hope that helps?


  38. Oops.. I tried to send another response and the site took it off! I apologize.

    I shared that I loved this blog, it helped me to think differently about the 2nd house. AS an astrologer it has never been a “breeze” to read this house for myself but for others it has been.

    I have Mars in Capricorn in this house with Jupiter on the cusp. I have jupiter conjunct neptune in the 12th house conjuct my ascendent in Scorpio.

    Mars is my most aspected planet in my chart. Trines and sextiles with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

    I am switching professions at 41. I used to work with children (sun in aries in the 5th) but it’s no my passion, just something I am good at. My artistic energy has come screaming at me and I want to tap into that. I have Venus conjunct chiron in the 4h both in Pisces trining my asc and wide trine to jupiter and neptune.

    I am getting my national certification in MUA in December and am loving this. Can I make money as an artist with these aspects?

  39. Hello Donna, nice blog! I am new in the Birth Chart world 😉 but I find all this very interesting. I think I am writting because I wonder why I am so lucky in life, love, health, familiy, friends, sex, fun…since I was born (hope it will last :-). I guess I am just curious. Career is an issue right now (looking for a new job but without stress) and to be honest has ever been easy (moon in 10th House capricorn) but I have never had worries about money. Is that because I have Jupiter in my second house in Taurus?

    Sun, Jupiter [Sun sextile Jupiter], Nept are predominant planets in my chart. I have Venus trine or /and sextile with Moon, Mars, Neptune, Midheaven.
    Have a nice Christmas time!!

    Greetings from Germany ☼ from a pure out of space (:-)
    Pisces, with Sun, Venus (Aries) and Mercury in first House.
    PS: Is there any article ing your blog about Uranus in 8th house/Scorpio? I found a couple of them on the Internet, and it is scary…Thank you!

  40. I am a Taurus Ascendant, and my second house cusp is Gemini (3rd house cusp is Gemini, too). I have natal Mars in Gemini in the 2nd. Currently, Jupiter is transiting through my 2nd house. I am a natal Aries Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & North node (all in the 12th). Does anyone have any ideas of how I could make money? I’m job hunting right now, don’t have a college degree, am very frustrated with lack of income, and all job prospects seem to be offering very little pay.

  41. Hi.
    My 2nd house has intercepted Sagittarius. In the 2nd I have Jupiter at 28 degrees and Neptune at 02 degrees. Because of this intercepted sign, let’s look at my 8th house: intercepted Gemini with Saturn at 19 degrees.

    Joanna Martine Wolfolk says planets with an intercepted sign speak of complexity, these signs are said to have difficulty “getting out”. Mountain Astrologer Magazine says, “This denotes a strong focus on the pairing of that sign energy with that house energy, and particularly if there are planets in those signs and houses, those areas of life will be very prominent for you.”

    Since Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules and the sign of higher learning, and in my second house, the house of wealth, I am likely to earn a very comfortable living and have an easy time financially doing work that involves my higher intellectual faculties … like publishing, teaching and writing. mmm… sure I have always been comfortable. But a VERY comfortable easy time?? OK, bring it on!!

    Neptune supports my desire to learn & practice astrology (I have just begun).

    Saturn across the way suggests discipline … something that I know about (eh-hem) but maybe escaped from (time to time) Hello, Neptune? And then clever Gemini there, too, with it’s versatility and ability to communicate.

    This all sounds beautiful and marvelous (especially since I have Mercury in Leo and Sun in Virgo in the 10th house of career) … and I feel sensational about Jupiter and Sag hanging out together in the 2nd house … but have yet to see “easy time financially”. Maybe I am stumbling on it this year and the years to come. With transformational Pluto doing a number on me right about now … I am shedding past skin quicker than you can say “ouch” and moving into valuing ME vs earning. Major love this shift! woohoo PLUTO! 😉

    But anyway. What do you make of this “difficulty getting out … prominent areas of life” business with the intercepted signs?

    By the way, hello from Bodega Bay, Donna. I understand you live in Sebastopol? Please add my email to your local email list, if you have one. I would like that.

    • Hi, no I don’t live in Sebastopol, though I imagine it would be a delightful place to live. I live in Portland, Oregon, also a delightful place to live. Donna

  42. what does meaning if 2nd house with Taurus is empty ? and Venus (alone) present in 4th house !

    additional info moon placed in 11th (alone) please explain I am suffering very much job less ?
    harsh Rahtore

    • Dear Harsh, a complete vocational analysis of your chart would include all the signs and planets in the three career houses–the second, sixth, and 10th, plus aspects to the Mid Heaven, as well as transits to those areas. I am retired from working on individual charts, but you might write to Dell Horoscope’s advice column at with your birth information, plus perhaps past work history. Donna Cunningham

      • thanks lot for your guidance

  43. I have Pluto in Scorpio in my 2nd House. No other planets there. My 6th and 10th House are also empty. Right now, Saturn in transiting my 2nd House (and conjuncting my Natal Pluto).

    – About careers… I do love reading up about the occult! I turned to it for personal healing at a very low period of my life.
    – I have Mercury conjunct Saturn (also conjunct Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus and my IC!) in my 4th House, which makes me an incurable introvert. Maybe thats why I chose a very technical subject for my college major – the demanding course gave me the perfect excuse to avoid socializing.
    – Right now, my low phase isn’t exactly over (though its much better). I am in a low paying and not very satisfying job. I do have a fascination for the traditional ‘Pluto-ruled’ vocations and hobbies! I hope I can get more involved in them someday.

  44. I have an intercepted first house with 26 degree Sag Rising. Transiting Pluto in the 1st house has stripped me of all that I love, truly. Parents passed, my pet died and my children turned their backs on me. My pension, home equity and job have gone away, too. Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp at 3 degrees with natal Mercury at 13 degrees doesn’t seem to have been profitable for me, other than I am a sounding board for those needing to be uplifted by my words. Venus is in there now so maybe someone will finally offer me a job. Transiting Uranus getting ready to enter my 4th house soon is a frightening observation sextiling the second house looks like I will be moving a lot over the next six years. This isn’t what I had in mind for me at the age of 58. I guess planning for old age as a youngster would have been optimum.

    • You’ve surely had a rough time of it, Diane, and I’m sorry for all the losses and stresses. Donna

  45. I have saturn and jupiter in my 2nd house. nmot exactly sure what to do to have it work in my favor..

  46. Sun, Mercury, Mars and Chiron are in my second. Ruled by Taurus.
    389 conjunction sun-mercury, 322 conjunction Mercury-mars, 113 conjunction sun-mars
    And I have no idea what any of it means 😦

  47. I have Scorpio on the second and the North Node placed there…any info you care to share about that?

  48. I’m still new to Astrology, so please bear with me.. I’ve got an empty 2nd house with Leo on the cusp (covering 2 degrees) and Virgo covering the remainder of the house. My IC is @ 0 degrees in conjunction with Pluto in Libra. 6th house has the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn, and the 10th house is Aries (cusp/MC)/Taurus (chiron is present in Taurus). When I look at the 2nd house I notice that I do find security in feeling admired (Leo) I’m at ease when my work/home is neat and tidy and my diet/exercise regimen is healthy(Virgo..?). I have an obsessive mind when it comes to investigating, which I think the Pluto conjunct IC/Virgo in 2nd may represent.

    Does this sound accurate to you, Donna? Thank you for your time!

  49. I have my natal chart but need help reading it like the conjunction, trines, Rx, Opposition please help. It will be great if someone can email then I can send my chart, I’m a newbie. So far all I can read out is I have Libra with Jupiter Rx, Scorpio with South Node both in my 2nd house plus one other Plant I don’t recognize.

    • Brittney, a good place to start would be to order one of those 35-page computerized chart interpretations. (AstroLabe does a good one.) It interprets the planets, signs, and houses in your birth chart. From there, it would help you pinpoint questions to ask astrology students that would take you deeper into the interpretation of how those pieces all work together. (I’m retired, so don’t ask me.) Donna Cunningham

  50. I have the Sun in 16 degrees of Sagittarius in my 2nd house. And Saturn is doing his cha-cha back and forth between my first house Scorpio and my second this year and I come into my second Saturn return period. The last one was completely disastrous and I’m dreading this one. For the past year I’ve waked first thing in the morning to an overwhelming sense of anxiety and dread as if something horrible is getting ready to happen.

    Even so, as Saturn moves into my 2nd house it should give me lots of good support to be able to really buckle down and make some extra money writing. I’ve wanted to write an historical novel and have been thinking about going the Indy publishing route and serializing it in multiple short-forms. But a more meat and potatoes writing assignments might generate more cash more quickly.

    • Hi, Kathleen, the second Saturn return is not identical to the first, although similar issues may come up because the natal house and aspects are being reactivated once more. The difference is that we have had another 29 years to mature and to master some of those issues, with the wisdom of age. I think you’ll find an article or two about it here on Skywriter, and more on a blog I started several years back while Saturn was in Libra (called—I believe.) Donna

  51. Hi Donna, thanks for the kind reassurance. 🙂 The last Saturn return was like falling down a rabbit hole – it caused the loss of the family (natal) home, financial ruin(mine and my mother’s), the loss of my chosen career, and chronic ill health. I sure hope this one isn’t like the last one.

    I tried that link – but WordPress can’t find it. I’ll look for articles here at Skywriter instead. Thanks again 🙂

  52. Found it here

  53. I love your article! It’s so insightful and very well presented. I have a quick question however, my Venus is in Gemini second house trine to Uranus and Neptune in opposition to Pluto and making a trine to midheaven. My question is how does this affect my means if income and future jobs? I also have Neptune,Uranus and Jupiter in my tenth house if that helps somewhat. Thank you in advance

  54. I wish I could determine what would be the best fit for me, but I end up just pursuing what looks like the most practical or supported option at the moment. I wound up with a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies–concentration in native studies and studio art–after changing my major like 12 times. Not because of indecisiveness, but because I just love too many subjects. After adding up all my millions of credits, I could have gotten degrees in sociology, geology, native american studies, biology, environmental studies, or studio art–plus at other times I had majored in both computer programming and culinary arts. Then I wound up getting a 2nd degree in paralegal studies and have been working as a paralegal for the last 5+ years. I don’t know that it’s the best fit but I do love the law (all things academic really) and am really shy, so I like being flexible enough to do the research and writing without having to attract business or speak before the judges myself. What I am most passionate about is being helpful, and in particular, suffering of anyone makes me just plain crazy. But it is difficult to find jobs that pay and don’t require constant efforts to justify and fund the operation (no thanks!).

    So astrologically, I have a Virgo stellium in my second–Sun, Venus, Saturn, plus Mercury and North Node from the 1st. Plus a Taurus Midheaven with Chiron right on the cusp, a Moon in Pisces in the 8th opposing the whole outfit but out of orb (my lonely little bucket handle) and Jupiter rising in Leo. Ack! Now my attorney-employer-boyfriend pain-in-the-butt is bankrolling my foray into the LSAT, so that I will wind up in law school with a full ride. Sounds interesting, but I’m looking towards programs with an Indian Law focus/clinic and/or Library Studies joint major so that I will be employable in a law library (should I get the amazing opportunity) or transition directly into working in a clinic/legal aid organization for Native people. The issue in working with my Native community is and always will be that it has to be in an existing non-profit format, where I will not earn very good money, or in some other setting like tribal governments, which are almost always located in rural nowhere locations. My boyfriend has no desire to live on the reservation or in the country, and is a very complex, multi-talented (not to mention, Nigerian with a close knit family all at the firm) and fiscally ambitious man with which I also have to contend.

    And in my spare time, I was a songwriter/vocalist for many years, had my first fiction pieces along with some poems published a few years ago, and I am currently completing a massive multimedia project-painting, restoring some leather boots of a co-worker, and several acrylic painting-in-polyester resin jewelry pieces that are giving me fits! I would absolutely love to make art/music/writing full time like most people, and even better if I could combine it with social justice/healing/helping people, but of course in a way that I would not have to go without paychecks, constantly network or advertise, risk my butt in starting a business, fail or otherwise struggle. I wish I was more aggressive and outgoing, and without so many health or neurological problems, but I accept that this is where I am right now. I need some good, solid ideas! (And a guarantee wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  55. Found this site and I was hoping that some of you would help me figure out what would be good source of income for me. I am Cancer with 0° Capricorn ascendent. My second house starts at 12° Aquarius and ends on 25°of Pieces. Uranius is in my 12th house, almost on asc,conjucting Saturn and opposing Mo,Ve and Me in Gemini in 6th house as well as squareing Mars on 29°Pieces. Jupiter is well positioned in Taurus in 5th house. So far I have been working at University as Project Researcher as part of business team for technology comercialisation. I have also earned money as graphic designer, designing posters, annual reports, pamphlets, brochures, etc. I love working with computers. Currently I am studying trying to get MSC in Finance, graduating in some of following profiles (not sure yet which direction I will take) as Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Analyst, CIO, Market Strategist (so far I am using a lot of coding in R and SaS). My 10th house starts on 28° of Libra, and streches to 22°Scorpio. Pluto is in Scorpio in my 10th house.

    Do you see me earning money from my studies as side job, profesion like or have I totally missed my calling. So far I feel like that saying; “Jack of all traits, master of none” cause I can fit in so many different environments, delivering good job, but I still dont have my bliss, or at least that is how I feel. What is your opinion on this one?

  56. Hello! I have to say that your article is very interesting but because I am a newbie I can`t fully understand the ways I can probably make money by following my natal birth chart. I am a Capricorn 29° with Pisces Ascendant 29° My 2nd house is rulled by Taurus 14° but I have no planets here. If I understood correctly, if someone doesn`t have a planet in this house, one can get an insight about the characteristic planet that governs the sign in this house. (because I have Taurus in the 2nd house, that would be Venus).
    P.S. I have Venus in Capricorn 29°
    Also, I read that all the aspects related to venus should be taken in consideration, so in my case I have:

    Sun conjunct Venus
    Venus conjuct Mercury (Aquarius)
    Venus conjunct Mars (Capricorn)
    Venus conjunct Uranus (Capricorn)
    Venus conjunct Neptune (Capricorn)
    Venus sextile Asc
    Venus sextile Pluto (Scorpio)

    For additional information, I also have MC Saggitarius in the 10th House 29° with no planet in here; Leo in the 6th House 15° (here I have only Chiron in Virgo).

    At the moment I am following a specific type of career, but I`m thinking of directing my full attention to another direction because recently I have realized that what I am doing right now is not what I trully want. I would like to start creating unique websites as a form of entrepreneurship which can transform the world in some ways and if I am going to succeed I would like to inspire people to find their own drive in life.

    Would it be possible to make an income from this kind of activity based on the aspects written here?

    It would be very highly appreciated if someone can make some analysis out of it. 😉

  57. I wonder where all the Cappy 2nd houses are?

    I was hoping to sneakily gain their insight. Pisces here, with Saturn in Leo in the 10th and have allllll the fuzz and fog of a fish 😉

  58. Hello! I’m just curious and I’m new at this. Is it possible to look at the progressed 2nd house to see possible new sources of income? My 2nd house cusp has progressed from Scorpio to Sagittarius and I’m wondering if a venture combining the keywords of the two might prove interesting…

    • Hi, Kimberly. Progressions do tell part of the story of our developments over time, along with transits. So yes, in the 2nd house, it can give you ideas for how to make money. It would be especially significant if you have progressed planets in that house.

      I do notice that when a planet changes signs, it shows a shift. For instance, as a writer, I have found that
      when progressed Mercury changes signs, it heralds a shift in my writing style and topics.


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