Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 1, 2010

New Download–An Index of Skywriter’s 325 Articles

Over Memorial Day weekend, my 900th email subscriber signed on.  For the convenience of all of you recent subscribers and newcomers to this blog, I was inspired to create an 11-page index by subject of the 325 articles that have been published here in the year and a half since Skywriter was launched. 

I’ve been keeping a list all along–that’s how I find the related articles that are linked at the bottom of most posts–but it occurred to me that I should share it for the convenience of astrology students and other visitors.  Download it here and enjoy: Skywriter-Articles Index 6-1-2010.  If you save it to your hard drive for future reference rather than printing it out, the links will be live and lead you directly to any article you’re interested in.  

Feel free to pass the index along to other astrology lovers or to post it on lists. Thanks for joining us!  Donna Cunningham


  1. Thanks for this handy resource!

  2. That is a great help to have it all in one place. Next question is. How do I get the links to work? Is it my computer or the program I have that may prevent them from working?


    • Hi, Susie, If you save the Index to a place on your hard drive rather than printing it out, all of the links should be active. In the document, the links should be in blue ink, and what you do is to click on the underline and your browser should automatically go to Skywriter and to that specific article.

      Sometimes it’s slow, and you can make it go faster by putting Skywriter up on the internet before you open the document file. If that’s not happening, the only thing I can suggest is to delete the copy you saved and download a new one.

      Also, is your computer a Windows-based operating system or is it Mac? It’s possible that an older Mac might not open the file properly. But try saving the file again as a .doc, if you have that option, or maybe .rtf. Hope that works for you, as I know you’re eager to learn all you can about astrology. Donna

  3. Wow, 900 subscribers in a year and a half! You are a goddess! I celebrated my first day with over 100 readers on the day Uranus entered Aries, exactly trining my natal Sun.

    • Congrats on your first milestone, Ellen!

  4. Many thanks for all your incredible hard work Donna! Hope the ankle sprain mends as fast as it happened..or that the time you have to spend laid up with it feels worthwhile, as all you give so generously certainly is to us. : )

  5. Congratulations!!!

  6. Tks Donna Great Idea and congratulations for your 900 subscribers!! Just yesterday i was thinking about how can i safe your articles!! 🙂

    • Well, sometimes I have to save them myself, because I keep editing and refining them even after they’re published. There are a couple of ways. One would be to cut and paste the text from the page onto a document file in your word processing program. And another would be to send them to yourself via email. OR, if you’re an email subscriber, create a folder for them and save the emails they come in. Donna

  7. Woo-Hoo and margaritas all around!! Congratulations, Donna, and thanks for this incredible resource.

  8. Love your blog. Congratulations!


  9. ThankYou Donna Cunningham !!!

    I was wondering if You have something like this because it really makes it easy to see all in Your Great Site so we can go wher we need to Go !!!

    Maybe it would be helpful also to have a link inside Your blog for astrologers with low memory on laptops or astrologers that dont have the chance to Download because of some reason or people that just want to go to an index !!!

    I love Your Site it always make me Think and Wonder !!!

    Best Regards !!!

    Blessings !!!

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    Love your site – sorry to get off on writing quite so much – but i do – lo

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