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The 11th House—an Unsuspected Resource in a Woman’s Chart

(c)2007 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Note: the following article is one of the essays in Donna’s ebook, AstroAnalysis: Select Topics in ChartAstanal 2014 cvr sm Interpretation, available at Moon Maven Publications.

Until recently, medical research seemed to prove that stress-triggered hormones condition the body to respond in one of two ways—fight or flight.[i] However, the five decades of research focused on men, ignoring the fact that women’s hormonal balance is very different.

Six female researchers at UCLA have now demonstrated that rather than the testosterone cascade that men’s bodies produce under threat, women’s bodies release high levels of oxytocin. This hormone encourages nurturing behavior and has a calming effect, counteracting stress.  Further studies show that women in crisis are more likely than men to talk it out with friends and bond tightly. Rather than the “flight or flight” approach men take under duress, the female coping model is being dubbed “tend and befriend.”

When a woman is in crisis, therefore, we’d find clues to her support network by analyzing the 11th house of her astrology chart. Friendships can be diverse and complex, especially if several planets and more than one sign are involved in that house.  Not all factors are equally important, so the list of possible placements below is given in order of strength, the strongest first:

  •            Any natal planets in the 11th
  •             The sign those planets fall into
  •             The sign on the cusp of the 11th plus any other signs in that house
  •             The condition of the ruler of the 11th
  •             Transiting outer planets moving through the 11th house

Consult the brief readings that follow, blending all that apply together for a more complete picture.

Aries/Mars Influence on the 11th:  Those who regard competitiveness as an undesirable quality might not see Mars or Aries planets as the best placements for friendship. However, successful athletes like tennis or skating champions often develop deep connections with their toughest competitors.  Friendly rivalry with peers can challenge us to go further than if no one pushed the envelope. Martian types provide leadership, encourage us to take action, and enliven our lives with their energetic pursuit of goals and interests. You’re likely to have more men friends than women, except for women of the yang variety. One bit of advice—don’t let peers bully you; if you stand up for yourself, they’ll respect you for it and the quality of the relationship will improve.

Taurus Influence on the 11th: If your 2nd house is empty or challenged and there’s little earth in your chart, you may lack financial savvy and money-making skills. Taurean friends can be a saving grace, being well-grounded with a sound approach to finances. They can advise you on how to save money or earn spare cash. Another type of Taurean loves plants, food, and things of the earth, passing along garden surpluses, great recipes, and beautiful bouquets. A fixed sign, Taureans are likely to be on hand for years, providing calm, practical support in times of stress. They tend to be conventional, even conservative, so give adequate warning if plans or needs change, so they have time to adapt.

Gemini/Mercury Influence:  With this 11th house signature, you doubtlessly have lively, funny, verbal friends. With communication technology almost unlimited, you’re likely to be in constant contact by cell phones, pagers, instant messaging, and online chatting. When you’re in crisis or downhearted, there’s no shortage of buddies to listen and divert you with a joke or a bit of news.  Among this well-informed group, doubtlessly someone’s up to date with developments in the area of current challenges, so put the word out. Just don’t expect them to keep your secrets, for many of them can’t resist a bit of gossip!

Cancer/Moon Influence: When the Moon or the sign Cancer appears here, the individual tends to create a family-like circle of women friends or else their mother or other female relatives are their best pals. Social life often revolves around food, home decorating projects, or family-based occasions at their house. Their homey gatherings nurture all concerned and provide a haven against an insecure world. Depending on the Moon’s sign or which Cancer planets are in the 11th, emotional ties and sharing of the inner life can be an immerse asset. The downside of this tight bond is that one of you may rigidly play Mom, not allowing the other to leave the safe womb of the friendship, even when it would stimulate growth.

Leo/Sun Influence:  With Leo planets, Divas R Us, so be prepared to share the spotlight with these strong presences. Often magnanimous, they know how to entertain and create memorable events.  So what if they tend to run the show and to forget that when you have a crisis, it’s not about them. They’re still valuable friends because their sunny nature provides uplift when you’re down.

With the Sun in the 11th, your peer group from adolescence onward has played a powerful role in forming your sense of self—for better or worse. In times of chance and stress, these friends help to remind you of who you are—and that you are NOT your problem, your situation, or your physical being, but something far beyond that.

Virgo Influence:  You may form your best friendships on the job, for these hard-working folks often have little time to socialize but can be invaluable coworkers or employees.  They open up while working side by side on meaningful shared tasks. Typical Virgos can be stellar examples of the friend in need, for they yearn to be helpful, put their own needs aside to be there for others, and possess a wealth of practical skills that meet challenging developments. Many are informed about health and nutrition, so when you need advice or support in that area, they know the best sources and products. They can be critical of others, but no more so than of themselves. Their well-meaning efforts to help you improve can be an asset if you establish boundaries on their input that are comfortable for you.

Libra/Venus Influence: You’re likely to surround yourself with appealing, popular folks who love to socialize and include you in their gatherings, maybe acting as a matchmaker. You may be among the blessed folk whose life partner is their best friend, and even if the romance ends, the friendship continues. Venus aspects and the 7th house in your chart may alter this picture, and if you’re single over any length of time, your friends are one way you fill your need for love, warmth, and caring. A mistake people with this placement make is allowing a new love interest to monopolize their lives, forgetting how crucial a resource friendship can be. Or, when they’re in a relationship, they only socialize with their partner’s group of friends, finding themselves out of the loop if the relationship ends.

Scorpio/Pluto Influence:  Women with this placement value quality over quantity in their relationships and often choose a few intense friendships where they reveal their true selves, secrets, and emotions. Plutonians generally possess depth, psychological astuteness and a capacity to heal others through a concentrated one-on-one exchange. Whether you are the healer or the healed in your friendships depends on aspects to Pluto and Scorpio planets—but also on whether it is your turn to need the healing or to give it. The key to keeping these friendships healthy is to steadfastly resist possessiveness and giving away or taking on too much power. Keep finances clean as well, for borrowing, lending, or giving money is often a trigger for murkier Plutonian dynamics.

Sagittarius/Jupiter Influence: You probably attract and enjoy cosmopolitan, well-educated, and well-traveled types, even if their real-life education is limited to the public library and second-hand bookstores. Restless and ever eager to grow, they’ve explored and digested a wide variety of pursuits in the course of living, and they’re only too happy to impart what they’ve learned. When they’re philosophical by nature, they will help you see your trials from a broader perspective, often providing uplift and hope in your darkest days. Another sort of Sagittarian is the hearty sportsman/rover who takes big and sometimes ill-advised risks, but knows more than most people in specialized areas like baseball statistics. Either type can’t resist giving advice on how to live your life.  Weigh it carefully, as much of it is based on untested pet theories, beliefs, or moral codes. Check their recommendations with the nearest Virgo or Capricorn.

Capricorn/Saturn Influence: Seldom warm, fuzzy types, Capricornian or Saturnian friends can be invaluable assets in your development. In times of crisis, these sensible, well-grounded stalwarts provide a good grasp on realities of the situation and long-term consequences of any action you’re contemplating. If they offer help, they’re reliable, capable, and conscientious, but also expect you to act responsibly and maturely on your own behalf. They form relationships slowly, only as they’re certain that you measure up to exacting standards they set for themselves and others. Once committed, they’re usually loyal for the long haul, far into the golden years. When you’re young, your friends are older than your peer group, and in later years, younger friends lend vitality. Depending on the aspects, you may reap the rewards of solid, mutually-respectful relationships with bosses, older relatives, and other authorities. Saturnian types are often invaluable mentors to young people with good potential and are quality sounding boards for professional peers.

Aquarius/Uranus Influence:   Friends may range from unusual to eccentric and even to the occasional outlaw, if chosen for shock value or to live out your own secret maverick side. Cultural diversity is the norm here, with several widely different groups of pals that don’t mingle well together.  The perks are that these cohorts expand your consciousness and expose you to leading edge ideas and edgy subcultures.  Aquarians are friendly yet not intimate, so don’t be surprised if they don’t respond well in emotional crises—maybe distancing themselves until the storm passes. They won’t hold your hand, but if social injustice is part of the problem, they might write your senator or demonstrate at city hall.

Pisces/Neptune Influence: Your friends are not entirely of this world, being sensitive and a bit fragile, but many of them have special artistic gifts, boundless creativity, a capacity to feel compassion for the underdog, and a deep spiritual core.  They can be a great source of inspiration and of support in your worst times, for they do care, understand, can feel your pain. This house is one of special vulnerability for you, as you sense people’s potential and are prone to making considerable sacrifice to help them realize it. Codependency can enter into your friendships when you confuse potential with reality and ignore their self-defeating patterns like addictions or submitting to abuse, so know when it is wise to let go.

Additional Support Networks

Suppose you’ve gone through this entire article without finding the support system you need.  If there’s nothing in your 11th and the ruler of the sign on its cusp is inert, does this mean no loving input from others in times of stress? Not at all—every house involves people, so find the strongest and best houses in your chart. Which have the most planets?  Where are Venus and the Moon, the two planets most commonly seen as feminine? If the 3rd is strong and positive, your closest ties may be with siblings, extended family, or neighbors. If it’s the 6th, coworkers may be a powerful resource.  If the 8th is strong, you’d encounter excellent healers, the 9th might represent members of your church or college classmates, and so on.

Note: This article is an excerpt from the 2014 edition of Astrological Analysis: Select Topics in Chart Interpretation, which can be ordered at Moon Maven Publications. Download a sampler here: Sampler–2014 Astrological Analysis

Women, what does your own chart say about your friendships?  Let us know in the comment section below this article.

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[i] The original study was: Taylor, S. E., Klein, L. C., Lewis, B. P., Gruenewald, T. L., Gurung, R. A. R., & Updegraff, J. A. (2000). Female Responses to Stress: Tend and Befriend, Not Fight or Flight” Psychological Review, 107(3), 41-429. The diges, “UCLA Study on Friendship Among Women” by Gale Berkowitz was originally at: The link no longer works, but the article is widely disseminated throughout the internet.


  1. Cancer is on the cusp of my 11th, which sits empty. I’ve always mothered friends and acquaintances and had to learn the hard way not to create dependencies. My natal 5th house Aquarius Moon squares Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter, so in the past, I’ve tended to give more than I got and feel guilty if I didn’t. And often times when I tried to fix that (as if), friends didn’t respond very well. So I no longer have a “network” of friends, having outgrown my role as den-mother. I’ve also gone through stages where many of my friends were much younger or much older than I was.

    I’m very sensitive and emotionally vulnerable in my friendships; I can be deeply wounded by the slightest offense such as not returning my phone call/email, calling me last minute to invite me to some important event, or discussing a social event I wasn’t invited to in front of me. Sadly, I’ve realized I do much better when I don’t get too emotionally invested in friendships. I think that’s why I like the internet – there’s generally no expectation (or illusion) of reciprocity.

    I’ve never done well in large groups either, even those joined together for a common cause, since I mostly find group-think to be hypocritical and scary. My greatest support has always come from either my 7th house relationships (Libra Sun/North Node/Venus) or my 12th house spiritual source (friends on the other side). The ruler of my Moon, as well as the ruler of all three planets that square it, are all placed in my 12th. Hope that makes sense.

  2. I was read something about the 11th house as being pertinent on a secondary basis regarding offsprings; main one being the 5th house, but that also relevant would be the 11th and 1st.

    • I’ve never heard that Jen, and wonder where it comes from. Maybe it’s that thing with the derivational charts, so it would be your partner’s children (5th house from the 7th). Donna

      • It came from Lilly. I can make sense of mine that way, 5th House Libra, I have a Libra son. 11th Aries with Mars in it, he happens to have a Mars conjunction with Sun, and is a male and the only one, at my age I guess a miracle could bring me another child at this point; now with the 1st house gets more involved, I can only guess as physical capacity. I have Gemini AC with/Mercury/Venus/Ceres making 0degree aspect with 11th house Mars.

  3. I have Cap on my 11th…wondering if it could also mean a lack of friends or trouble forming friendships (because of my own appearance as serious/not playful)? I also have S Node here which could contribute to this. I very rarely seem to have many friends, and those friends always let me down, don’t keep in touch, I can’t rely on them in time of need, etc. It’s only in the last 2-3 years for me that I’ve had a few close friends who are there for me (and of course, me for them!). I often find myself to be the one doing all the giving in friend relationships.

    • I have Cap on my 11th as well and I cannot relate to Dizzy’s experience – I have few close friendships, some of them dating as far back as pre-school and I am fine with it – I choose quality over quantity, one could say I prefer the old-fashioned definition of “friend” than the Facebook one. I also never felt taken advantage of by my friends.

      This being said, I have some difficulty relating to Donna’s description of Mars in the 12th – competitivenes perhaps a little bit, friends with men not so much. In fact, I always feel an instinctive dislike towards women who say “I don’t get on well with women, they can be so mean and duplicitous, I always had more friends among men…” and so on. I can’t help but seeing them as “traitors to their own sex”.

      Perhaps all this means that I should just switch from Koch to Placidus, which would add Mars to my already very crowded 12th house .

      • Also! I was sent to school one year earlier so obviously all of my best friends are slightly older than me. Of course the older I get the less difference it makes.

    • With my own Saturn in the 11th, I always had friends who were older than me, and also wonderful friendships with coworkers, though they seldom lasted long after I left the job. Would that be true of you as well, Dizzy? Donna

      • I also have Capricorn on 11th, but Jupiter in the 11th too and find myself very attracted to people who have traveled a lot, seen a lot, worked different jobs or simply Thinking people, who stay optimistic. Their age varies a lot. What you have said about Sagittarius/Jupiter Influence is very correct in my case, which also shows that the planet is somehow more important than the sign.
        For myself as a friend, I have few very good friends and I’m not a big keeper for the rest of the relationships, some of them simply slip through my fingers because I don’t contact them often. I don’t know why is this.

  4. Love the article and it makes so much sense. I have an intercepted 11th with Pisces, Aries and Taurus with only my S. Node. It is truly an eclectic group that range from C-Level Corporate types to self-proclaimed “Walk-In’s.”

    With Neptune on the 5th/6th cups and Mars on the 2nd/3rd cusp my friends are always made through work, that is, I meet someone through a work project and then the friendship grows. One friend I made 31 years ago and she is still my best friend. We were both waitresses in college. But my friendships, the TRUE ones last forever, even if we float in and out of one anothers lives.

    With the S. Node I recognize instantly “Kindred Spirits” and these though I have to watch, as they don’t usually stay forever. they show to help me clean up something internally, then “poof” they are gone. It’s crazy sometimes, but with age I can at least recognize them now.

    Uranus/Jupiter conjunction just moved into my 11th this Spring and I am attracting some new stranger folks, which I didn’t think was possible. The next few years will be interesting as Jupiter and Uranus connect with my South Node…

  5. Cancer on the cusp of the 11th here, and though what you say is true, it sort of narrows it down, in my case. See, my crab venus forms tight aspects to the sun,ac,mc,jupiter, plus to all the outer planets, plus chiron and the nodes. So, in a sense I like all people, and I take them for what they are, never critisizing or trying to change them. Through the years I’ve had all kinds of friends, the warm type, the sensitive type, the distant type,the intelligent, the educated, the weirdo, the funny, the adventurous, the party animal, the fashionista, the blunt, the congenial-you name it , and each one of them brought out a different aspect of my personality. But eventually I always grew bored of them, coz I never felt complete, like, I enjoy chatting about hairstyles, but that’s not all that I’m about, and as much as I love art exhibitions, a gal has to party sometime!- and so on. And, last but not least, whatever the condition of the 11th, you can never really run away from the condition of your Lights. e.g. My bff in highschool was a gemini, and though I really appreciated her wit, sense of humour and party spirit, in the long run I grew tired of her superficiality, her complete lack of drive and passion and her utter inability to keep a secret. And through my neptune transits, when I set out to save every underdog that came my way, I suppressed my ego energies and my deeply competitive nature so much-feeling guilty that I even have an ego- that I ended up competing with myself!
    I guess ‘ruler of the 11th in the 8th’ tells my story better: I can’t trust a person that I haven’t been intimate with- there, I said it!

  6. When I first saw the title of this blog, I thought well I have no planets in my 11th. But I do have Gemini on the cusp, ruled a very strong Mercury. So it is true I have very funny, verbal friends and many I keep in touch with electronically. When my progressed Moon was in Gemini in my 11th, I got very socially active and met new friends. I got a lot quieter when the Moon progressed into Cancer (now getting close to 12th house).

  7. I have an empty Aquarian 11th house and my “straightest”/”most normal” friend is a triple Aquarian, if that tells you anything; )

    Other than my hubby, who was my best friend for years before we became a couple, I have only one other truly close friend at this time. We have been friends for 25 years. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas and she lives on Kauai.

    I have had a couple of close-knit group relationships and quite a few one-to-one friendships over the years. Some of these relationships ended or became distant because our lives grew in different directions. Many of them, however, ended because of a lack of reciprocity. Of course, the circumstances in each case are different, but there is a typical course of events.

    I am the friend to whom others turn when they need something: a shoulder to cry on during a romantic or family crisis, someone to help with their last-minute taxes, a loan for emergency dental work, a wedding shower, etc… (combust stellium of Mars-Sun-Venus in Cancer)

    Yes, I am good at taking care of people and as long as I don’t begin to feel more like a mother than a friend, I enjoy it. Being a self-sufficient creature by nature , I very rarely require much in return beyond not being taken for granted. (Aries Chiron, North Node, ASC, Saturn, and Vesta)

    In most of my friendships, however, it has been those times when I need some support, that the relationships come to an end. Over time, what begins as hurt feelings turns to a sense of unfairness. If there is defensive denial or simply no change after I address the issue, I head for the distant hills. (Moon-Juno-Ceres stellium in Libra)

    The last friendship that followed this pattern ended more than four years ago. Since then, I have fulfilled my need for a meeting of minds with an on-line network of people with whom I share interests and perspectives. I also have a remarkably large number of pleasant casual relationships everywhere I go regularly that helps to satisfy my need for in-person interaction. (Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd house)

    For deeper interactions, I have phone calls and meet-ups every few years with my Hawaiian (and very Cancerian) friend. Most importantly, however, is my friendship with my hubby. I thank my lucky Moon that I found lasting love and a kinship of spirit and mind with one person.

    So, that is where my Aquarian 11th is at, here in the middle of my life. Who knows what the future will bring?

    • Hi Mari – Much of what you’ve written could also describe the nature of my friendships, particularly the reasons that they come to an end. Maybe that’s because Cancer is on the cusp of my 11th, and my Moon is in Aquarius. I also have a stellium of Libra planets, and my Ceres in Libra forms a grand trine with my Moon and MC. The one big difference between us seems to be that I admit to sometimes taking on a more maternal role, although at this point in my life, it’s more nurturing than (s)mothering.

      Like you, I’m the one everyone turns to when they’re in need, yet as rarely as I ask for support, very few have been there for me, at least not in any consistently dependable way. And like you, if I mention it and still nothing changes, then I let them go and move on; I always feel much better and never regret it. In the past few years, I’ve had to let go of several significant, decades-old friendships that never really felt right.

  8. This makes sense. Thank you!:-)

    It depends on what house system I’m using,but I think my 11th house is influenced by both Taurus and Aries,but if you want to be precise…in Koch I have Taurus intercepted in my 11th house, making it ruled by Aries.
    Some of this makes sense,I get along well with “spunky”,spirited,rebellious,creative people.
    Though it bothers me to be around overbearing,crude or overly aggressive/pushy people.
    I also have Jupiter Rx in Taurus in my 11th. I forget what that means at the moment.
    I have Mars in Scorpio in 5th house conjunct Sun and Mercury.

    My life has been interesting. 🙂

    “Aries/Mars Influence on the 11th: Those who regard competitiveness as an undesirable quality might not see Mars or Aries planets as the best placements for friendship. However, successful athletes like tennis or skating champions often develop deep connections with their toughest competitors. Friendly rivalry with peers can challenge us to go further than if no one pushed the envelope. Martian types provide leadership, encourage us to take action, and enliven our lives with their energetic pursuit of goals and interests. You’re likely to have more men friends than women, except for women of the yang variety. One bit of advice—don’t let peers bully you; if you stand up for yourself, they’ll respect you for it and the quality of the relationship will improve.”

  9. I just realized that there’s another Robin posting around here. lol! I think I need to revise my name….

  10. I have to say, though, that I’ve found having a Virgo Moon to be deeply lonely. 😦

    I’m there for utilitarian purposes, but when the practical side is over, people move on to someone cuddly or fun or whatever.

    But then, Venus is the weakest part of my chart…..

    • Oh lostshoe, how can you not be fun when you can come up with a nick like this? I’m sure you’re a lot of fun, don’t be so hard on yourself! (and don’t let that virgo moon of yours bent your spirit (virgo stellium here)!)

  11. Leo on 11th Cusp and Sun/Pluto in a Cazimi Conjunction there.
    My friendships tend to be few, deep and have an element of drama.
    They tend to be of long duration but can sometimes break off very suddenly. And then years later come together again.
    I can be the life of the party but am drawn to having only a few very close confidants.
    My friends are make and female.
    I am not possessive of friends but I can not abide disloyalty.
    My friends are super important to me because I lack close living kin. My friends are my family.
    They tend to have deep karmic ties to me and vice-versa.

    • That is MALE and female! LOL!

  12. 0o Pisces cusp and 9o Pisces South Node. 10o Scorpio Neptune con Desc on one side & conj 4o Scorpio Moon on the other, both in 6th House Libra cusp.

    First chart analysis I ever got (with correct birth time) hypothesized that I had been tortured to death in a previous life either for speaking out for or against witchcraft.

    I am extraordinarily sensitive to being publicly falsely accused, even when it’s a simply mistake. I can deal with it one-on-one more calmly but I fall to pieces then go to war to the death to clear my name if it’s a more public matter.

    Virgo SN conj Virgo Pluto both 5th, Virgo cusp; Cancer Mars Rx 3rd; Sag Mercury on 7th/8th cusp square Nodes and Pluto.

    The article said, “Pisces/Neptune Influence: Your friends are not entirely of this world…”

    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. And some of them are still with me, so I’ve been told.

    The whole Pisces/Neptune analysis is so accurate, I’m shaking my head.

    • “First chart analysis I ever got (with correct birth time) hypothesized that I had been tortured to death in a previous life either for speaking out for or against witchcraft.”

      Yow, Parin. I don’t even know how to respond to a chart interpretation like that. This kind of pronouncement is one of the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of reading past lives from the birth chart. I do believe some astrologers DO tap into the Akashic records while holding a birth chart, but I would consider it a separate gift, not the absolute ability to see past lives because of current chart placements. And a great many people would find that kind of reading highly traumatic. Especially because it’s so often couched in terms of present day problems being a punishment for past life misdeeds. Donna

      • Oh no worries, dear one! Thank you SO MUCH for your concern! *burst of oxytocin* XD

        It was purely a 9th House Sag Sun curiosity to me. I probably should have couched my comment in that way.

        I’m of the belief that people inherit energy or pick up pieces of energy (reincarnation just isn’t workable in Christianity – I’ve tried to fit them together and they just won’t match, but inherited and fragmented energy concepts do match). Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I’ve got energy from people who did both things, wouldn’t shock me in the least. But regardless, they are not me in my life that started in 1960. Their energy pieces are in need of being returned to where they belong, no doubt, but their sins are not my sins. For that I am eternally grateful. Does that even make sense? My head hurts and I can’t tell! >_<

        Depending on the house system, either Virgo/Pisces or Leo/Aquarius is intercepted in my chart. That by itself says to me that there's some mixed up stuff in there somewhere. I'm not even thinking about how to figure that part out from a "past" or "other" life angle. Leo Uranus 4th so some "past" or "other" life insights do attract my attention.

        The "tend and befriend" concept should be put to the test in a room full of women who have to work together every day! LOL

  13. With Sag on the 11th, the description you give of my best girlfriends is absolutely true. Having Jupiter conj my Moon emphasizes the need for inspiration women in my life and my closest friends always are.

    I’ve only had one good friend who was an incredible athlete. She was the most athletic girl in our school, great in every sport. I checked my Mars transit for the short period of time that we were buddies. Sure enough, Mars was transiting my 11th then.

  14. With Leo on my 11th house cusp, yes, I do run into many “diva” types, but I don’t necessarily gravitate to those people as friends. I’m trying to figure out why, if that’s my 11th house cusp, I prefer friends who are unpretentious and more Saturnian/Plutonian. I do have Pluto, Moon in the 11th, and Saturn near the cusp of the 12th.
    Do you always LIKE the people you seem to attract in your “society”?

    • Hi, Regine, the planets in a house are always stronger than the sign on the house, and with Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon there, what you say makes perfect sense. Donna

  15. Hmm.. I feel excluded, is any of this relevant to men? I have Sun/Moon conjunct in the 11th in Taurus, plus Gemini intercepted. I’m not feeling the Lunar Cancer coffeklatch effect nor the Solar Leo divas.

    • I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t be relevant to men. With A Sun/Moon conjunction in the 11th house, I would estimate that relationships with kindred spirits play an vital role in your life.

  16. My sun sign is in the 11th House in my natal chart, and I am a scorpio

  17. I have Pluto in Libra in the 11th. Venus is also in the 8th. My friendships are slow to form, but strong and long lasting. I take them very seriously and on the very few occasions were I’ve misjudged (twice?) I’ve taken it very badly. But as I’ve grown older and moved around, I’ve gained more and more of these types of friendships to the extent that I have strong ties to many people in many places, even if I don’t get to see them often. They mean the world to me, and of course with Pluto around, they also have the potential to cause me the greatest pain. Partners are also friends, and stay that way after the relationship is over. I don’t have issues with power though, I am to be fair in everything I do.

  18. I have Taurus (11th cusp), and Mercury and South Node in Taurus in the 11th, which sits on a fixed T-square with my 5th house Moon in Scorpio, and 3rd house Pluto in Leo. I can relate that I was mainly the nurturer (Cancer rising), but it got old, and so did I, because it only set me up to be emotionally victimized.

    When I say old, I mean, growth transits that created new ways of living, and viewing friendships. Now I can detect emotionally needy individuals quickly, and simply choose to move on.

  19. I have 21 Virgo on the 11th and Mercury in Libra in the 12th, part of a stellium which begins in the 11th with Venus, Sun and North Node in Libra all in the 11th. My best friends are all social workers, or women on different paths of spirit. I have learned in the second century of my life how to work well in groups and not be behind the curtain waiting to go on stage.

    Since my Uranus opposition I have found my soulmates among groups- as my 7th house Mars square 10th house Pluto has manifested with an increasingly dysfunctional spouse. My volunteer life has culminated in the ideal part time job- with benefits. To the amazement of my Libra Moon in 12, I have become well known for activism in my many circles. I blessed with co moms- we all help each other.

    My dear friend has her Libra sun conjunct my North Node and Sun. She helped me get the job I have and is a wonderful wise woman. Saturn is in my 11th currently and it has been rich and powerful. My profile has been raised wherever I am and I have become acutely aware of being mindful of word and deed.

    My kids and I hang out a lot at our martial arts studio which is another extended family. Uranus natally is in my 9th in Leo sextile lots of the Libra stellium. For Mother’s Day I renewed our art museum membership with a coupon and got the fancy one which let’s you in to other museums. Supporting the arts with memberships and symphony subscriptions has always been a priority no matter how little money I had.

    Also, travel and immersion in other cultures are vital to me. I lived in France as a student and love to explore the real life places away from tourists wherever I go. My challenge is to not let our home base fall apart while we are out in the world. I have Aquarius on the 4th! We eat on the go a lot!

    Gone are friends with poor boundaries who were energy vampires. Thanks to Saturn on my Venus I manned up and said I was no longer able to engage. It was so freeing and a huge relief.

    I am still working on the marital thing- and trying to be smart both short and long term.

    Thank you for a timely wisdom!

  20. I have my sun and mars in cancer in the 11th house (mercury in cancer as well in 12th) and I must say I am quite over hearing the old depiction of cancerian as emotional weak and needy. As someone with a lot of cancer I can speak with certainty that my mind is strong and my ability to focus and penetrate to the heart of matters and solutions is keen. My observational skills are unmatched. Incredibly empathetic and a
    Master of guiding and transitioning fluidly through
    Emotional states for myself and others. Other cancers I know are also very very strong mentally and emotionally. Putting things in perspective without involving any sort of personal ego, because we really do value fairness and everyone’s right to be happy and free and well informed. Attached and needy in love I am not, though I am
    Affectionate and like to be spoiled and spoil loved ones. those in my life whom I love receive endless love and freedom, with no obligation or expectation other than respect and truth. I am quiet when observing or thinking, but once the facts are clear I am certainly not passive about initiating change for the better or speaking up for justice or improvements.

    • Hi, Daniell. This is where looking at the aspects becomes important. A Sun-Mars conjunction, regardless of sign, would hardly be weak and needy. Rather, in the 11th especially, it would show someone who leads, advocates for, and protects her friends, and in Cancer, can be nurturing and supportive. Donna Cunningham

  21. i have sun, mercury, and pluto in this house. i often cheered my (trusted) friends up when they were down by telling stories and bringing them out to have fun, until one day, i was told that for all of this time, some of them had been thinking that i did those /not/ for their sake, but for my own. it’s saddening because actually i just wanted them to be happy.

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