Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 26, 2011

A Terribly Tentative Test for the Earth Element in your Chart

©2-26-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

“How Come There’s No Test for the Earth Signs?”

I get that a lot. Over the course of last year, I created a series of tests to measure the strength of various parts of the astrology chart. They’ve been wildly popular, several ranking in the top 10 posts of all times on Skywriter. There are tests for each of the planets, for the cardinal, fixed, and mutable modes, and for fire, air, and water. But, until today, there was none for earth.

I got stuck on earth. That’s because I and any number of other astrologers aren’t comfortable with the rulerships of two out of the three earth signs. Neither Taurus or Virgo have their own planetary rulers but instead share them with signs that aren’t really like them at all. 

Traditionally, Taurus and Libra are supposedly both ruled by Venus.  Likewise, Gemini and Virgo are assigned to Mercury. These rulerships date back to a neatly symmetrical system developed ages ago when there were only 7 known planets, the ones visible in the night sky. As new planets were discovered, all the signs except these two were given their own rulers.

No one seems to question Mercury as the ruler of Gemini, but there is substantial doubt that it rules Virgo, and a range of alternatives has been suggested.  Libra seems to fit Venus comfortably, but maybe not its quincunx sign, Taurus. Here on Skywriter, as astrologers have for years, we’ve had a debate about the rulers of these two signs. 

We first debated the ruler of Taurus:    

And, more recently, we vigorously debated the ruler of Virgo:

I can’t say we came to a consensus on either sign, and as a result, the test below has a variety of options.  

The Tentative Test for Earth Types—What’s your Score?

____ Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. 5 points each.

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the earth houses (2nd, 6th, or 10th house) or conjunct the Midheaven. 5 points each. 

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in the earth houses (2nd, 6th, or 10th). 3 points each. 

____BONUS: 10% of your Saturn Score, rounded off . For example, 10% of a score of 35 would give you 3.5, rounded off to 4 points, but a score of 34 would be 3.4, rounded off to 3.  See How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score!    ( If you can’t recall your exact score, ballpark it–or check to see if you posted it in the comment sections for those tests.)

____ BONUS: Saturn within 10° of a conjunction to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each. (This is the single strongest factor in making you an earth type, but other aspects to these points are included in the planetary scores)

_____The Earth score we can be sure of: Total all the chart features above that apply.

Uncertain additions: Here’s where you would get bonus points for the rulers of Taurus and Virgo, but given the uncertainty about these two signs, let’s leave those bonuses out, which means that the scores for earth will not be strictly comparable to the scores for fire, air, and water. Such are the uncertain times we live in! 

Instead, you can choose to add 10% of the scores for fixed signs, since fixity is similar to the steadfastness of the earth signs:  How Fixed are You? Here’s the Score!

Or else, IF you’re absolutely certain of the rulers of Taurus and Virgo (and what a comfort that must be!) then add 10% of the scores for your choice of the rulers of those signs:

 Strong vs. Weak Scores: Since this is a brand new measurement, I don’t know yet exactly how many points would make your score strong or weak.

  20 would probably be considered weak, 20-35 would be moderate, and anything above 35 would be considered strong.

Possible qualities of those with a high earth scores:  grounded, practical, down to earth, realistic, keen senses, planners, sensual, sensible, reliable, productive, cautious, thrifty, somewhat conservative, attuned to nature and the seasons, traditional, and even a bit old-fashioned.

Possible qualities of those with low earth scores: fairly spacey and ungrounded, little concern with material goods, given to fancies, more inclined to drift and dream than to stay with a plan over the long haul.

The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.

And, yes, no doubt there are a myriad of other factors that could add to your earthy nature. I’m opting to keep this to a few crucial factors in order to simplify the math and  standardize the scores. 

For the purpose of standard reporting in the comment section:  Don’t use the Part of Fortune, the Vertex, Antivertex, Part of Fortune, Sedna, Eris, or the bazillion asteroids other than Chiron.

For your own purposes, use anything you doggoned well please. If you’re a master gardener, give yourself bonus points. If you recycle religiously, give yourself points.

How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test and given the uncertainty about the rulers of earth signs, your input is valuable. Let us know your score—and how you got it—in the comment section down below this article.

Here are the tests for the other elements:

And here, on one page, are links to all of Skywriter’s popular series of  Planetary Tests.

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  1. My earth score is 53. (Saturn conjunct Ascendent; Moon in Virgo in 10th house; fixed and Mercury scores are high–those factors brought it up a lot)

  2. Sorry, I re-read your instructions and didn’t realize at the end there was an “either or” choice (I chose fixed sign score) so my total is 48.

    • It’s confusing, for sure….just like the whole question of rulers for the earth signs. Donna

      PS. You are the very first person to take this much-delayed test. You ought to get bonus points for that!

  3. More earth than i thought: 35 points. I’m inclined to add 20 points, since i’ve got both the IC and the descendant in earth signs… But i feel much too scatterbrained to have such a high earth-score. Having Neptune in the 6th doesn’t help either. 😉

  4. 24! 21 if I don’t count the points for Chiron in Taurus _and I probably shouldn’t. Wait a minute, 21? I thought it would be like, 90!
    Wow, these tests really work! (not joking, 21 sounds more resonant than 90)
    I counted in the Saturn score (a crushing total of 1 point), but I totally snobbed the fixed score bonus (mutable earth is NOT fixed! nor traditional! nor old-fashioned! 🙂 )
    No points from my wild theories on ruleships either. (Any bonus points for keeping an open mind? No? Didn’t think so!)
    I didn’t get the second bonus part though…what do you mean by “or, the Moon conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven”?

    • “Moon conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven” a total glitch, cut and pasted from another test. Glad you caught it.

      I thought you said you had several planets in Virgo? I would have thought your score was higher, too. Donna

      • Ooops! Typo! Make that a 31/34!

      • More credible! Donna

  5. Why is ‘Moon conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven’ getting extra points? Thought the Moon would be an indication of water? 🙂

    • Glitch, removed. Donna

      • Apparently I don’t like grubbing in the earth much with a score of 21

  6. I loved this test! The best by far! It’s flexibility adds to it’s accuracy: If your earth planets are mostly in Taurus, you add the fixed score points, if in Capricorn you get the bonus points, and if they are in Virgo you add nothing, which is consistent with the sign’s mode. Smart move, Donna! Thanks

    • Was that a 😉 or a 😛 ? See, now that I can do smileys, there’s no stopping me.

  7. 28 points – Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Moon and MC in Virgo, Mercury in the 10th, and 2 points from my Saturn score. More if I can count desc in Taurus. My houseplants shreak when they see me coming, and I’d rather fly kites than grow tomatoes, so no extra points there. I should get a consolation point for Pluto digging through my 2nd right now, but I’ll pat myself on the shoulder instead – it will only last until 2024! Fun test, Donna! Not sure how earthy I am though, that’s a lot of mutable energy.

    • Jupiter/Chiron – water – mutable (Jup 55 and Chiron 73)

  8. I scored 41, which continues the theme of elemental balance that I noticed after the last test.

    Looking at the highest scores of all the types tests we’ve taken, a “signature” becomes apparent: Moon – Cardinal – Water.

    Yes, Cancer.

    • Mari, good idea to synthesize the various tests. and come up with a composite. I am definitely Mars Fire Cardinal. (And zero retrograde planets, either). I’m going to add your suggestion to the bottom of the post. Donna

  9. How are 11!! Virgo MC only earth in my chart, no planets in 2nd, 6th or tenth either. Saturn was 31 pts and Fixed was 27 pts . . . probably why I haven’t completely floated off into la la land. 🙂

    Sun and Mars by secondary progression in Capricorn now has helped considerably. I do have Taurus on the cusp of the sixth house and that may be why I rarely miss work when I do have a day job. However, most of my life it was part time positions that barely paid the rent. Something that made my very earthy sister shudder . . .

    • Well, not to brag/complain, Diane, but my low score beats your low score by 2 points, at 9. Unless I get to count the North Node in the 2nd, which nobody else does so I’d have to turn my own self down on that.

      Compare that to my fire score, which I think was close to an unladylike 70. Donna

      • Unless either Chiron or Pluto turns out to be Virgo’s ruler. That would make you….. hmmm…. what’s the phrase? …… A Virgo on steroids?!?!?!??
        *diabolical laughter* 😀

      • As the crows outside say, rak! rak! rak! Donna

  10. According to your test and all the perks my score is 54. Hmmmm I must be earthy….I love the Earthiness but my Air is strongest.

  11. I got 35 which is kinda nice – seems balanced. I am very earthy but don’t want to be so earthy I’m six feet under kinda earthy (aka zzzzzzz!).
    MC Taurus, ASC Virgo
    Saturn, Merc & Venus in Taurus, Pluto in Virgo
    Moon & Uranus in the 2nd, Mars in 10th
    plus 2 for my Saturn score

  12. I do not have a lot of earth in my chart. The major grounding I get is having Saturn in Virgo. I can feel that pull me down to earth. I do have one planet in the 2nd and another on the cusp of the 6th. I also have the lucky arabic point in Taurus. (no count for that) Taurus happens to be intercepted in my chart. Not entirely sure of my score. I have to ball park a little too much. Probably under 20.
    funny though, I think I am grounded and I have a green thumb. Just have not practiced that in the last 10 years and it reminds me that I have to get back to nature. That is where I feel and function best. I think because my earth score is so low, that I have a real need for being in nature.
    Thank you.

  13. Since I have nothing but MC in Earth signs, my score of 38 was surprising. Almost half the points come from having Saturn conjunct Ascendant and since so much of the ‘high score’ description fits, I’m amazed how ‘earthly’ that one aspect has made me.

    • Yes, Sally, a strong Saturn can really dominate the personality. That’s why I picked it as the earthiest influence. Donna

  14. Basic earth score of 29 or 33/37 depending on which additions I use.

    Major contributer Saturn conjunct Sun (it is also 10.5 degrees away from the ASC which must have an effect – I didn’t count it – though my birth time would only have to be two minutes in error for it to be in the orb required.)

    Is the signature made up of highest planet/ highest element/highest mode?

    If so I get Neptune (53) – Water (51) – Fixed (41) – which doesn’t seem as coherent as the two examples given – though it would explain a lot of the challenging dynamics that go on – drifting through life in a dream with a will of iron beneath the surface!

    I guess fixed water is ice, though with air only four points behind water maybe it is more like snow – fire comes in not far behind at a decent 40 – which puts me in mind of those hot pools in the arctic wastes. Hmmn!

    • Neptune – Fixed – Water is like Neptune in Scorpio, which doesn’t strike me as icy…more smoldering. If you think of the nature of Neptune in Scorpio, are you like that at all? Donna

      • Even though Neptune is in Scorpio and Moon is conjunct Pluto I would never have described myself as “smouldering”. I identify more with the strong aquarian influence: asc conjunct jupiter/mercury and sun/saturn/venus – all in aquarius – airy detached inventive.

        The piscean/mutable water energy also resonates more for me – perhaps because of a strong 12th house influence (sun/saturn/venus/ mars) and because of factors we are not taking into account like my progressed sun having been in pisces for the last twenty five years.

        Mind you I might have to ponder “smouldering” – perhaps it is an energy I have been ignoring as other areas of my chart feel so uncomfortable with it!

  15. I received 25, not too shabby. I don’t consider myself an “earth” person but I have a high Saturn score and Saturn-Sun conjunction.

  16. I got a low 15pts. The only thing that made it that high are the 3 planets in 2nd house.

    Do I get extra for that lone earth sign planet being Jupiter sextiled Sun & squared ASC?

  17. Haha, I only got a 14! Oh dear. It’s apt, too. Sometimes I think that the only things keeping me from drifting off into the clouds are my 7th house Mars in Virgo and my well-aspected 8th house Saturn in Scorpio. I’ve got a huge water sign majority (mostly Scorpio, so at least I’ve got “realistic” going for me), followed by 4 planets in fire (all Sagittarius) and Venus, Chiron and my North Node in air (Venus in Libra, Chiron and Node in Gemini). That Mars in Virgo is my only earth element.

    Methinks I need to take up gardening or something equally grounded to balance myself out a little.

  18. my score was a 14. Fortunately I live with people who have the earth sign qualities I lack. They say I drive them crazy, especially my two daughters who have a stellium in Capricorn.

    My only earth planet is Venus in Taurus, that is the influence that keeps me grounded….

    • Me, too, with my pathetic 9 score, katley. When people ask me what I have in earth, I tell them I have friends in earth. My best friends have always had good, strong earth element, and they help me so much to stay grounded and mindful of practical needs. Donna

  19. I got 24. Sounds accurate. The only thing that makes me earthy is my Moon in Taurus in the 2nd, otherwise I’m pretty spaced out. I didn’t add the fixed score. I think it would be around 28 or 29 then.

  20. 21. Oddly enough, I think the characteristics of the high score describe me better than the low score characteristics. . .

  21. I only have 9 !!!!!!!!!!!

    I am little practical, but still I am much more grounded that many folks around.
    A Virgo Moon is enough. It should count as 15 at least.

  22. Why not score Saturn’s conjunctions to other planets? Also its Square or Opposition to the Asc–as these squares could be exact without involving the MC…(example: Saturn in the 9th-semi-sextile the MC, yet exactly square ASC and DC). Thanks, Donna.

    • The other aspects to Saturn are accounted for by that percentage of the Saturn score. The conjunctions listed are powerful enough to be given extra points. Donna

      • Gotcha… Maybe we’d all be happier “going for the gold” if you just started the scoring with a couple extra zeroes, haha–
        I am always intrigued by the responses of folks who automatically presume a game show type competition rather than an insightful peek at balance…I really think that we exhibit a (predominately USA) cultural tell here. (Sorry if this sounds “snarky”…but I’ll spin the wheel for 1,000 points, Donna!).

      • Nah, it’s not snarky! It’s O.K. to speak your mind- as long as you’re not granted any extra bonus points for doing so 🙂

  23. O.K. As of this moment, I’m changing my score to 42/45 (plus 8 for Mercury, plus 3 for Venus- but I wouldn’t trust me with the math).
    I refuse to be outscored by Geminis on the earth test!
    Barehand, is that you?

    • Ha ha ha Nope I am a 29 LEO, almost a Virgo but I didn’t count that. However I was really surprised to be so earthy, because to the casual observer I am NOT practical in the usual manner , but I have what is needed which is all I want. Maybe that’s because of my highest scoring Uranus thing.

  24. Because Saturn can dominate the personality as you say, Donna, I would include all the major aspects in the final Bonus – if I was in charge. 😉 And restrict the orb to 6 degrees.

    • “The other aspects to Saturn are accounted for by that percentage of the Saturn score.” Otherwise, why not just add the total Saturn score to the earth score? Donna

      • I see your reasoning, Donna. Thanks for the reply.

  25. Earth score 36. Out of curiosity, I checked my progressed planets, which have mostly moved into water signs and houses, and the earth score is reduced to 16 (bumped up to 48 water!).

  26. I have NO EARTH planet. 20 points come from the 2nd house Sun and a wide, 10 degree Saturn conj to MH from the 9th (Sun and Saturn are exact trine.)

    I’m quite good in financial planning and pricing as a marketing person. Having more money or less money does not really make a difference in my everyday living, since it is somehow neutral to me.

  27. Leslee, your comment about progressed planets is quite intriguing. My progressed Sun has just spent 30 years in Capricorn, which may account for at least some of the strong ‘earth’ qualities I now incorporate and express.

    Donna, I know you don’t work with progressions, but do you think our ‘element’ scores could or should be modified by the signs in which our progressed planets (esp. Sun and Moon) are/have been residing?

    • As I note in each of the tests, you are all free to modify your scores any way you want for your own purposes. For simplicity sake and to standardize the scoring, I’ve kept the number of factors down to a minimum (though the tests are still very long and complex) and tried to be consistent with them. Donna

  28. I got a lowly 27. Thought it would have been much higher because if anyone would have asked me I would have said that I was predominately earth.

    The other scores are:
    Earth Total = 27 – moderate
    Fire Total = 23 = low
    Air Total = 54
    Water = 25 Moderate

    Again I don’t see myself as being airy, but perhaps others do? (do I really talk too much?)

    Interesting how we interpret the world through our own cosmic lens. You having no earth yourself, you made this test the last, and I feel like you really struggled over it. Rulers not withstanding.

    I did some astrology research once and it blew my mind that it depended upon the researcher what kind of people were in the study. One group were definitely Pluto afflicted, another it was a Venus affliction with Mars, the third one was entirely different. (I forget what it was now) All the participants had similar physical symptoms, but they came from really different afflictions. They grouped according to who the researcher allowed into the study.

    Made me really question ‘scientific study’, because who we are, astrologically, is what we see.

    Wouldn’t this make a great discussion?

    • Yes, I agree that all research–“scientific” or astrological–is likely to be slanted by the presence of the researcher, who interprets the results.

      And, yes, I had trouble making myself do the earth test because earth is just not a strong part of my essence, but something I have had a lifelong struggle to compensate for. Not only do I have only one planet in earth (Neptune) but I also have nothing in the earth houses (2, 6, 10) other than the North Node in Virgo. Despite that, I’ve been able to accomplish a good deal though never of material substance. Donna

      • “…though never of material substance…” ? Of course I know that you are well-read enough, Donna, to know that quantum mechanics has demonstrated that LIGHT, as photons and/or wave functions, materializes dependent on observation…
        …for astrological interpretation, “MAGICK is ALIVE…” and waiting for a glance, even askance, from seekers…

  29. OMG! 39??? whithout any extra bonuses or additions. I have zero planets in earth (maybe ‘THE earth’ in virgo conj Asc, if I leave that option open, but not using it here) I have Asc Virgo, and Sat conjun MC plus 5 planets in the earth houses. What got me even more puzzled is that having 7 planets in air, I scored 6 points above in that element.
    I try to compensate for the lack of earth too, and I might com across as more traditional/serious than I actually am. But I do have to make a great effort to ‘materialize’ my efforts into something tangible, which happens to be very important to me. I wish I had a greener thumb, but I’m always doing crafty things, I use my hands a lot. I’m a good cook and need to sit and enjoy a decent, well served meal regularly with my family and friends, and absolutely hate eating in a rush. I do ‘recycle religiously’ 😉

    Thanks Donna for the tests, I’m glad I had finally a little chance to sit today and visit one of my fav blogs ever

  30. Hi, everyone,

    thank you for the test, Donna! I scored 42, though I ballparked my Saturn score which I think was in the moderate to high range – can’t remember! I’ve got 5 planets in earth (Virgo and Cappy) with Saturn conjunct Moon in Virgo. Earth and mutable tend to dominate in my chart – my only water placement is SN in Scorpio.

    I know It’s important in mundane life to attend to practical and material responsibilities, but I really wish I could be a little spacier and learn to enjoy life more Maybe that’s what my Uranus in Gemini is for?

  31. All of these options are confusing. I’m just going to estimate mine at 35.

  32. I have no planets in Earth and it’s only because I have Pluto in the 2nd house, that I get three points at all. My chart is mainly Fire / Air with some Water, so I wouldn’t call myself spacey for that lack of Earth.

    I’ve noticed though that when I’m stressed, I need to be outside amongst trees where I can walk on the earth. Also, a good friend of mine has a lot of Earth in her chart, so perhaps I’m subconsciously trying to balance myself. 🙂

  33. Hi All, I figure a 20 on this test. I don’t mind being outed as a lazy gardener and homeowner (weeding and maintenance, ugh!); a minimalist when it comes to Nature (a simple walk works for me); and hopelessly unskilled when it comes to making stuff.

    Yet I strongly identify with being grounded, practical, down to earth, realistic, sensible, reliable, productive, cautious, thrifty, somewhat conservative, and even a bit old-fashioned. I’d say all those descriptors shape my thinking (Air emphasis), the primary MO in my life.

  34. Your tests are more addictive than the “Does he love me?” quizzes in gossip magazines! 😀

    I ranked as a very low Saturn score (8) and am a moderate for Earth (30). I like my Earth score, enough to be sort-of grounded and reasonable, but not enough to be too rigid!

    • Hi, welcome to Skywriter. Yes, I agree it wouldn’t be good to be too highg on earth, or on fixed for that matter, as it would tend to be rigid and infliexible. Donna

  35. This test pretty much confirmed what I already knew: I’m not very earthy.

    My certain score: 17
    With additions: 25

    I’m turned off by materialism and routine. In many ways, I am grounded (my earthy Saturn singleton scored high on your quiz), but I have a hard time putting my ideas into action over the long-haul (I scored high as Mercurial and Airy types). Most of the earthiness in my chart comes from what I need to develop in this lifetime or is involved in painful lessons (Saturn, Chiron, Nodes, etc.). Those who I advise (or who steal my ideas) usually profit off of my ideas if they stick with the implementation of them. Seeing others get rich or “lucky” from my ideas while I’m always wondering where my next meal is coming from (Chiron in Taurus) has convinced me that my ideas have more than intellectual value; they can/should be monetized, too!

  36. Adding: When I visited South Africa, I was told that I am “beautiful but starving”. The man who made this comment to me suggested that I eat more porridge to fatten me up. There, they equate beauty and wealth of a family or nation with the women’s body size (the “thicker” she is, the stronger the assumption that her family/country is wealthy because she can afford to eat). My Chiron in Taurus is in the 5th house, so there are some issues with food, beauty, romance and how they are all connected. I attract men who feed me during courtship or as a prelude to sex. I have come to realize that I resent men who find me physically attractive or who are trying to have sex with me. When I want to get rid of them, I have (subconsciously?) gained weight to sexually turn them off but that never works. As soon as we break-up, I lose whatever weight I gained without trying. (In my opinion, Taurus is Venusian because this sign rules the Venusian aspects of life such as money, beauty, narcissism, laziness, charm, etc. Taureans are quite adept at attracting others to sponsor their version of “the good life”.)

    I thought of this because I have noticed that people with a lot of earth in their charts tend to look more “grounded” (i.e. weighty, less able to jump in the air or swim). Even if I gain weight as the result of consistent “pigging out”, exposure to the wrong diet for me (rich foods), and chronic unhappiness in romance, the weight does not stick to me. No matter how much I’m able to eat at any given time, there’s always an insecurity about whether I will be able to feed myself later…and that inner sense of perpetual “starvation” is reflected in my body size.

    A recent example: My friend and I just went to Vegas. She has Cancer ASC and Moon in Capricorn. Weight is an issue for her. Despite her large size, she’s definitely in shape because she works out consistently and walking around Vegas wasn’t hard for her. Meanwhile, I do not work out anymore, so the walking all day and dancing all night was torture to my muscles. She ate less than me but gained weight. I lost 5 lbs.

    So now I’m wondering if others also find that, regardless of working out and/or not eating more than others, people with prominent earth easily gain weight and/or maintain their stocky size…

  37. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    My score is 69, (Sun, Moon, ASC, Mercury, Venus, Mars all in Capricorn, Uranus and Pluto in Chiro!
    My Sturn score was 54, and I though at the time that it could not be worst!
    Yes, it could

    • Aw, Nana, strong earth is not a terrible thing! However, since it bothers you so, and since I myself have only 9 puny points in earth, I would take a couple of those planets off your hands, no charge, just as a favor. That’s just the kind of person I am, all heart.

      As it happens, I have an excess of fire, and perhaps we can arrange a trade. Donna

  38. 27 for the “what we can be sure of” tally.

    (36 if I use 10% of my Venus and Mercury scores as traditional rulers of Taurus and Virgo –I’m old skool & stubborn. ;p )

    Sun, Venus, Jupiter in Taurus
    Moon in Virgo
    Mars, Saturn in 10th House
    Uranus in 2nd House

    Saturn score was 24

    (Venus score was 46)
    (Mercury score was 35)

  39. I’m 50 without any uncertain additions.

    Don’t believe I’ll even bother with them. I think I’m earthy enough. And your description of a high earth score does describe me as many people say I am. Every now and then someone will develop a preconceived notion that I’m so conservative that I squeak when I walk but no, I’m right down the middle. Those folks usually don’t see the point in asking me about my politics truth be told! How’s that for giving off Earthiness? LOL

    I imagine that if I concentrated really hard, I could find points for my mother’s green thumb that goes all the way up to her elbow. And my grandmother who grew a rosebush from a dead, dry stem that she pushed into the dirt.

    Love my Earth. Love my Jupiter and Saturn in Earth. Love my Capricorn MC. I’m Taurus Asc and see the value in assigning Earth to Taurus. Garden of Eden sort of Earth is what Taurus’ want after all.

    • My puny 9 points in earth envies that deep connection…do you know that you’re lucky, Parin? Donna

      • Donna, give yourself 30 points for establishing and mothering a thriving blog that’s literally growing the way a tree grows: through the earth and towards the sky at the same time.

        Earth loves you, Donna, and I do too. *hugs*

      • Thank you, Parin. I’ve been so very tired lately, and the feeling of being affirmed does help. Donna

  40. 31 here. I expected this to be my highest due to other sites but again you take everything into consideration and Earth is my second highest element. I am glad because I find Earth a bit boring.

    Ascendant in Virgo
    6 planets in Capicorn
    High Saturn score
    Jupiter in the 10th House

  41. Twenty-two. Sun Virgo in the 2nd. Capricorn Moon in the 6th. My two planets in Virgo and four points from Saturn bumped me up. Moderate feels right. I’m fairly realistic/grounded, but I definitely have fire/water tendencies (haven’t taken those yet; can’t wait!).

  42. Earth Score (And it’s all that Capricorn, baby): 60
    — WITH Uncertain Additions: 67

    For Comparison:

    Water: 49
    Air: 41
    Fire: 30

    This was all awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to read that Stellium book. 🙂

  43. A measly 17 lol. Pretty lol, and not surprising considering my stellium in Aquarius. My scores were

    Earth: 17
    Air: 64
    Fire: 54
    Water: 61

    Strange scores to me lol

  44. Mine is 42

    Moon conj MC, 2 planets in Virgo & Taurus, 2 planets in 6th, Chiron in 2nd plus my Saturn score is off the charts at 47! (not to mention that it is exalted & conjunct at 7th).

    My boyfriend is at 44

    Capricorn Moon & ASC, 2 planets in Taurus plus 1 (Neptune) in Capricorn, Sun in 2nd, planets in 10th & 2nd & his Saturn score is a bit lower than mine but still off the charts!

  45. Water: 45 (oh yes I’m emotional, secretive, moody but also vindictive)
    Earth & Fire: tied at 42 (good though I don’t feel Fiery at all)
    Air: 32 (No wonder why I’m introverted & likes quiet, peaceful place)

    To be honest, my overall character is like a mixture of Saturn-Neptune (they’re squaring one another in my chart) with some sprinkling of Pluto which incidentally is aspecting my Aries Sun (though my Pluto score is only bordering moderate-strong at 30 but it shows significantly with the way I behave more like a Scorpio than Aries). Saturn is also one of my dominant planets along with Neptune & Mercury (leaning towards Virgo since my Mercury in Pisces is opposing my Saturn in Virgo & one of my weakness is the tendency to be overcritical)

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