Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 28, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Conjunct Saturn–Okay, This One does Worry Me a Bit

(c)10-28-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Hi, Readers,  I’m in the finishing stages of my new book on stelliums. I’m using the current Mercury retrograde period to do one last polish of the entire book. That’s a perfect use of the eagle eye and pointed pen of the Mercury-Saturn conjunction that will be in effect during most of this retrograde period and at least a week after it turns direct.

As my regular readers know, I’m not usually over-concerned about Mercury Retrograde, but I do take into account the long, slow aspects Mercury forms during that time. This one is tougher than usual, however, and so I’m more inclined than usual to advise caution.  Be especially careful of what you say during this time.  Mercury in Scorpio can represent sharp-tongued comments that wound and can never be unsaid–or forgotten.

With Saturn in the picture, it’s even more important than usual that we all back up our most important computer files, because otherwise they could be lost. If the work is ongoing, I would recommend doing a backup of critical files on a daily basis.  If you have an external backup device, this would be the time to back up everything that is new since the last time you did a full backup.

I’m even wondering if there is some astrological correlation between this Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and the newest virus in which your files can be held hostage for payment and could be destroyed if you don’t pay up. Crypto Locker Virus Holds Your Computer Hostage | WebProNews (The conjunction doesn’t CAUSE anything, you understand, it just shows what is going on in the world.)

Of course, for an event of that virus’s magnitude, I would need to see more than just a Mercury aspect.  It’s more likely that the Mercury aspect would be interacting with the close Pluto-Uranus square that will be exact again in early November. However, the fact that Mercury-Saturn conjunction is sextile Pluto in Capricorn makes it hopeful that both the virus and the glitches in the Obama care insurance signup site will be fixed quickly.

Here are some past Skywriter articles on Mercury Retrograde:


  1. Hi Donna,

    This rest of your article is floating in cyberspace. The links lead to nothing found. Just FYI! I’d love to read the entire article.

    Thanks, Kelly

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi, Kelly, I just tested all the links and they work for me. They’re the ones in brown type. From Diane’s comment below, it sounds like she was able to read it all. Is anyone else having this problem, as I’d like to know? Donna

    • Okay, Kelly, the article should now be intact. It’s not a long one, and it ends where the links to past articles on Mercury Retrograde. If you can, would you try again and let me know? Donna

  2. I have Mercury in Scorpio natally & backup my computer files to an external hard drive on daily basis. The new ones are inexpensive & very easy to set up. 🙂

  3. LOL I was just looking at a 3Tb hard disk for backups today. I could fit all the data from my other 2 backup drives in it. Right now, I have a backup of the backup. And I want another backup copy of that.

    But I personally don’t believe in the Mercury Rx – computer hardware failure theory. I think it’s more about telecommunications. So you have trouble transmitting files, sending email, etc.

    I will say though, the only time I have ever had a catastrophic data loss was when I was in the middle of making a backup. The backup software crashed and destroyed the main hard disk. But that was a long time ago, like the early 1980s and backups were primitive. Hell, hard disks were primitive. You could buy a 10 MEGAbyte hard drive for only $5000. The disk was almost half full, we lost a whole 5Mb of data!! Unfortunately, that was our company’s software development disk, all the code for our new product was on it. Fortunately, I had last week’s backup, on 40 floppy disks. We only lost a week of work. And we got that sorted out in only a couple of days, since we had just written the updates recently and they were fresh in our mind. We probably did a better job writing the code, the second time around.

    Anwyay, the modern hacker principle is that you don’t do backups. You just put your work on the internet,and if it’s any good, other people will back it up for you. Let’s check Skywriter, here is your mirror on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

    Hey I found my blog in the Wayback Machine too. I didn’t think it was archived, it’s not really that significant in the grand scheme of the internet. But now I am immortal. LOL.

    • Hi, Charles, what I’m backing up is the files for my stellium book that has taken two years of my life to write. I would be absolutely devastated if I lost that. Donna

      • Right, for that sort of thing, I have backups of my backups. I don’t bother to really back up programs and operating systems, I could always reinstall them, or repurchase them if necessary. But anything I created myself, I back up.

        I was just thinking about an incident that happened a few years ago at my university. At the bookstore, there are lockers for 25 cents where you can store your backpack, or free shelves you can just leave it where anyone can swipe it. Some guy had his backpack stolen, a routine enough crime, that’s why they have the 25 cent lockers. But this guy had his only copy of his PhD thesis on a thumb drive, in the backpack. Years of work, gone. He offered a big reward, but I don’t think he ever got it back. But he did get a very expensive education.

      • His PhD thesis? Oh my God!! Lost for a quarter? How do you ever recover from that? It’s crazy/difficult getting through a PhD program without that.

        The reason as a writer I’m so compulsive about backups is because a writer I knew when I lived in NYC had her computer AND all her backups stolen in a break in. She never wrote again. And hearing about it, I got so paranoid I rented a safety deposit box for my backups. I don’t do that now, but a friend has backup copies of all my writings. Donna

      • Remember 5″ floppies? Well I had a rather large collection of my poetry that I kept on one, once. That disc was melted in a computer crash back in the late 80s. I was heartbroken. Never got it back and never wrote another poem either.

  4. Donna, your timing is perfect. I’m just beginning to notice the retrograde effects. Some of them don’t bother me too much but this one is a doozy. Probably because of my Sun and Mercury in Taurus opposing Mercury and Saturn and my Moon in Leo squaring. Already having trouble with my cell phone and other mechanical/technological devices. Plus, I’ve already snapped at a coworker in the last 24 hours! I’d better dig a foxhole and jump in it, LOL!

  5. Thanks for the info on the book. I have a couple of grand’s with the Capricorn stellium. Looking forward to its debut!

  6. Thanks Donna for your imput. I was looking forward to what you might say. As a third sister with two moon in scorpio sisters..I shuddered to consider our communications during this time and how they might explode. Thank fully things are smooth. As for other astrologers suggesting NOT being online…i find this period to be very connected and computer is functioning better than it has in a long time. I think the timing for you finishing your Stelliums book is ideal. did you plan it that way?

    • Did I plan the book that way? Nope, I had thought I’d finish it mid-May–so much for MY plans! But both this Rx period and the last one in summer proved to be very important times to go over and improve the book. As a writer, I make it a practice to have what I call a Mercury Retrograde project that has me looking back over what I’ve written and make it that much better and clearer. The current one, however, is so crucial, as I want the book to be accessible to the general public as well as astrology students and professional astrologers. With Mercury-Saturn aspects, we work very hard to be precise and as near perfect and we can make it. Donna

  7. Hi Donna etel, Data is indeed vulnerable at this time. Time for redundant B/Us indeed! with drives failing and cloud glitches or farts. Also watch for the slow and steady improvement of the site. Lots of “backend” works going on lots of sites.- and secrets. I see more back pedaling and retrofitting of the gov’s spy apparatchik. Also we’ll see more leaks, some of them plants that are false and meant to discredit all other leaks. People with astrological points @12 to 14º will be the ones most activly engaged in the conjuction. It is a good thing that the recent eclipse was no where near these degrees or we would be seeing more extreme examples!
    This is also a time for deep inner reflection and/or therapy. I, for one have my natal nodes in sextile, trine to the mercury/sat transit conj. and my natal moon/saturn conj in conj to the transiting mercury/sat conj.. There are few progression in the mix too so looks like I will have people coming into my experience that will challenge me to engage in reactive defensive ways and thereby trigger an inward gaze and silence, if I’m lucky. So far this has played out beautifully with new (north) difficult goading neighbor and old (south) friend loosing persective. I find it best to seek out a friend who has lots of natal retro planets and have a heart to heart with them about it. They have native intelligence in this retro jungle.

    • Excellent examples, much I hadn’t considered. Indeed, the glitches in the health care site–and the need to go back and reprogram it–is a huge example, and one that huge political capital is being made of. Donna

  8. Donna, do you have Mercury retro natally? (Spell check just changed that to nasally) I have a friend who does and she tells these marvelous long winded detailed stories and everyone keeps telling her to write…. She won’t do it! It is interesting that you like the mercury retro periods. I myself always experience communications problems at some point which could be that I am a Gemini
    . But it can be a great time for refining and redoing .

    • I’m born while Mercury (in Gemini) is turning direct, in one of those slow periods before it takes off moving forward. MY most fruitful writing times are in those stationary periods when Mercury is going from retrograde to direct or from direct to retrograde. But, yes, I do love the retrograde periods for refining what I’ve written. (I do already know what I’m going to do with the next retrograde. I’m going to update one or more of my ebooks for new editions.) Donna

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