Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 16, 2011

See Donald Trump’s Official Birth Certificate and Chart

Donald Trump’s birth certificate posted on the ABC News website indicates the potential presidential candidate was born at the Jamaica Hospital in New York on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM. The same information was featured on the form relayed by Newsmax one day earlier. Have fun, folks!

Here’s the certificate–this link ( posted )shows a clearer version.

And here’s the chart. (Download a larger and more readable copy here: Trump’s chart  .)

Readers, what do you think?  Is he serious about running for President?  How do you like his chances?   Tell us your view of the situation in the comment section.


  1. Mars on the Ascendant. Let’s blow everything up.

    • Leo Mars on the tip of the 12th & ascendant: disloyalty will get one definetly banished.

  2. But his gravity-defying hair-do seemed so Leo?

    • Meant to say Leo Rising….That 0 degree Virgo rising is his only earth.

      • Some people are saying 0 Virgo, but AstroDienst produced 29 Leo–don’t know which is correct, though even with a precise time on the certificate, it would be easy to be off a minute or two. He IS a king of sorts, and he’s not modest like a Virgo Rising by any means. Donna

  3. I always question how “exact” a birthtime is when I see a 29 degree or 0 degree ascendant. Especially ones recorded back in the forties. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was born a little earlier with a 27 degree leo ascendant putting Mars almost exactly conjunct it. His progressed Sun currently close to 25 Leo won’t be far from conjunct the ascendant come election time so that feels significant – all that Leo – can he resist so much limelight? I think not – I think he’ll go for it with no holds barred – almost dangerously so. He has so much money to put behind his campaigns I can only begin to imagine how clever and manipulative his PR will be to convince people to vote for him.

  4. Also, Jupiter is floating around at the top of his chart. Even though it doesn’t conjunct the MC until next Spring I think it’s fueling his ego big time. Not sure how Jupiter square to Mars on the ascendant plays out Donna? Feels significant in his ambitions though.

  5. Interesting that he has Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in the 2nd house connected to his 10th. It always amazes me that people see him as rich and powerful despite his many, many financial failures and bankruptcies. The mask of big talk (North Node and Uranus in Gemini opposing Moon in Sagittarius) hides his…more realistic monetary worth. With natal Mars and Pluto and progressed Sun and Mercury in Leo in the 12th, he’s obsessed with being seen. He can’t turn down publicity, regardless of if it’s positive or negative. The fully occupied 11th house and Uranus at the top of his chart describe his…unusual political views and allegiance to the birther movement (that he probably sees as a progressive rebellion against the status quo acceptance of Obama as a legitimate president). The ruler of the 10th is in the 11th. Similar to Aquarian Sarah Palin, he’s eating up all of this coverage of his “mavericky” ways. He’s stirring up the political pot for his own entertainment.

    Transiting Saturn in Libra is moving through his 2nd house. I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Donald” abruptly withdrew his “maybe I will run” once it’s time for him to get serious and file official papers (including disclosure of his financials). Donald’s progressed Moon is in Taurus (like Howard’s natal Moon!) in the 9th house sextile natal Venus in Cancer and squaring Pluto in Leo. Possible underlying motivations: money, providing for his family (or proving something to his family) and/or narcissism.

    His maybe-candidacy reminds me of Howard Stern, who won the Libertarian Party’s nomination for NY Governor in 1994 but withdrew from the race once it was time to put his money where his mouth is (Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Capricorn). Howard has Uranus in Cancer opposing his Capricorn stellium and Jupiter in Gemini (broadcasting; prolific writer, talker and self-promoter). If his birth time is accurate, then Aquarius is on the MC (which makes sense given that he’s known as a “shock jock”).

    If he decides to run, I don’t expect anything to come of it. Although, it is interesting that Donald’s Pluto is tightly conjunct President Obama’s Sun and his Mars is conjunct Obama’s North Node and Uranus. All in Leo. Hmm…

    • The Donald will definitely balk when it comes time for full financial disclosure.

  6. He is as serious as someone with Sun cnj Uranus in Gemini and Moon in Sag can be. I have no doubt he believes he is serious. With a Leo Asc and Mars, he must be packing to settle into the White House as we speak.
    I’ve noticed announcements like this one are meant to trigger a political involvement. They aim high in order to create a fuss and initiate him into politics with a bang. Don’t forget – Leo likes a great entrance.

  7. With probability looming if he is seriously strategizing and not just publicizing, the question savvy Donald Trump may ask his astrologer is: Do you see any indication of being a historic ‘first’ in my chart?

    Because although rich businessmen have run before – and failed, such as Ross Perot and Steve Forbes – every POTUS so far has had at least one of these on his presidential campaign resume: an elected office, a military career, or a high-level government appointment (e.g., a cabinet position). And candidate Trump would not.

  8. I agree with Pauline about the late ascendant at 29 degrees….so I am using Astrothemes time of 9:51 AM. It was probably still wartime. I was born in 45 and remember air raid sirens going off periodically in St. Paul Mn. and running for shelter in case of bombs.
    Just for fun because I noticed plenty of right on contacts between my planets and Trumps I did Astrothemes compatibility chart. Here it is:
    “Affinities* between Donald Trump and Barehand
    Human rating: 91%
    Emotional rating: 86%
    Sexual rating: 100%
    Communication rating: 93%

    You are enjoying an exceptionally smooth relationship. Whatever the situation may be, even though misunderstandings crop up, you easily manage to create a deep harmony. It does not imply that communication between you is particularly intense or special, but it means that for both of you, love requires no effort! Your compatibility index is remarkable and quite exceptional. Your relationship is extremely harmonious, to the extent that superlatives are unable to express its essence…

    * This computation takes into account all the parameters of the partners’ natal charts, inter-aspects and orbs, mutual houses, all planets and angles. ”

    On the question at hand , his Venus / Saturn would quincunx the USA Moon which shows the Public wouldn’t vote for him but that doesn’t mean he wont try….if only just to get a platform in which to give his views. He does have a humanitarian concern with the 11th house the strongest in his chart. He would be concerned about the waters as a resource ( Neptune in the 2nd H).
    There is more to him below the surface than just being a Money Magnet.
    Leo and Aquarius are polar opposite. Leo can wield and weld all the Aquarian energies together making many systems function as one.
    Without this grounding Leo HEART , Aquairius electrical Nervous energy or circulation systems fly apart and break down. Perhaps this is why we see the Bad Dictators overthrown by groups who seem to have no replacements in the Middle East” awakening”. They NEED good leadership in order to succeed with their ideals.
    The USA MOON is in Aquarius , is why I am talking about the potential of a Leo Leader.
    As we view the middle east and our own elections, perhaps we are getting object lessons on these two signs and their interplay.

    • Hey, Barehand, join the club. This blow-dried blowhard has always got my Capricorn goat…and to find that our (mine and HISOWNSELF’S) natal Moons are exactly conjunct was, well, two many blows to take! This, too, shall pass…Best, B.

      • Berta , you made me laugh….yeah I was not really aware of him so I caught some news clips and YIKES!

      • Late reply here, Barehand…but anyone “not aware” of Donald Trump must be living right on the right path! Right on!

  9. Coincidentally, I’m thinking DT’s Saturn-Venus quincunx Moon may reflect a lot about his personal motivation, momentum, and magnetism.

    Cancer Saturn-Venus, in the 11th, ruled by his 4th House Sagittarius Moon suggests that feeling successful is a daily need; winning social approval and respect is a natural pursuit (Sagittarius emphasis connected to his ambitious 11th House); demonstrating creative control is the goal (represented by the Capricorn 5th House opposition point to Saturn, the opposition that his quincunx Moon is drawn to).

  10. With Saturn transiting his Jupiter in the 2nd house of money, expect Trump’s financial luck to slow down greatly. Transiting Pluto also opposes his Sun’s ruling planet Mercury…. and this could make his personality more secretive and it can perhaps destroy or transform his bloated sense of identity. Per JARA’s comments, Pluto here makes him really not wanting to reveal any of his secrets. So, he will likely be a no-run.
    If the government ever arrested just ONE of the wall street banksters, the price of his 10 million dollar NY condos could drop drastically. It could bust the bubble of the world he sees from his extravagant Leo window. That Saturn transit could indicate another bankruptcy.
    Love the comment from ELISEIl… with Gemini/Uranus and Sag, don’t expect too much seriousness. But the idea of him running seems to match the symbols we are seeing in the stars at this time. Fun isn’t it?

  11. Ascendant conjunct Mars and fixed star Regulus… fighting to be “King” – says it all really…!

  12. With transiting Saturn heading toward the bottom of his chart, I doubt that he would succeed in capturing enough appreciation from the public.

  13. The next round of eclipses are in Gemini/Sag, they will hit his sun, moon, uranus, and natal nodes. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Might be early eclipse energy playing out now.

  14. Born in New York’s Jamaica Hospital, eh? If he runs, the “birthers’ will get to have fun accusing him of being born in Jamaica.

  15. He’s an eerily perfect personification of America’s technological supremacy (Uranus in the 10th), arrogance (Pluto in the 12th), fiscal profligacy (Neptune in the 2nd), and political irresponsibility (Saturn, Venus in the 11th). God help us if he runs and wins, but with Pluto transiting Capricorn perhaps he’s exactly the President we deserve.

  16. The first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at his chart, I noticed that most of his planets were on the left side of the chart. Here would be a president that would not be for the people…

  17. Out of curiousity I looked up DT’s solar return chart for the the coming year. The first thing that jumped out at me is that mars is conjunct the asc (taurus) in this chart as well. He also has venus in the first…but it is making a t-square to his moon in the 7th and neptune in the 11th-perhaps his wife and loved ones will have something to say about his impractical ambitions. His sun winds up in the solar return 2nd house along with mercury, his main focus for the up coming year will be his personal finances and self esteem. The cardinal t-square between saturn, uranus and pluto will be in his 6th (saturn), 12th (uranus) houses and on his 9th cusp (pluto), this might be an indication of up coming health issues raining on his parade…looks like he’ll have a lot on his plate. Fun topic! Really getting a kick out of everyones’ comments!

    • That was fun, Vanessa, thanks. I have a suspicion this is all about the money anyway–publicity good for business. Of course, the solar return chart depends on where he is on his birthday. But NYC and Florida would have about the same Midheaven, just a different Ascendant. (It’s east–west that moves the Midheaven, north-south that changes the Ascendant.)

  18. Interesting topic on the full moon. With out even looking at The Donald’s chart we know two things about him. 1. He is all about Donald and what ever will increase his persona in the eyes of others. and 2. MONEY, More and as soon as possible. Will he run? As far as it will get him more of both notoriety and money and that’s all.

  19. Three things, not related to astrology (although they show in his chart), that would keep me from voting for the Donald:
    1. Success in Atlantic City casinos (and with some NY & NJ unions) means dealing with the mob. Do we really want a president who owns a gambling casino as POTUS?
    2. Any person who does a reality TV show has no place as POTUS.
    3. He is not only divorced but gets divorced and then marries younger trophy wives. That shows a disregard for women, even if his daughter does work for his companies.
    And I don’t vote for president based on a person’s looks, but I just couldn’t hack a mean-looking president who looked like he was weaned on a sour pickle.

  20. Like Patricia, I was also struck by The Donald’s eastern hemisphere emphasis, especially with his moon a singleton in the western half of the chart. What does this combinaton tell us about somene seeking a job that is responsible to the people, the public, the commonweal?

    Then, there’s the gung-ho Mars-Pluto combo in the 12th house of the unconscious, “You’re fired!” Maybe DT would be a good coice if we want to start yet another war somewhere….

    • I call Mars-Pluto combinations the mark of a magician, because they have tremendous manifestion mojo. Here’s an article about it:

      They are too far apart to be conjunct, but I doubt that having both in the 12th is unconscious at all–more like sneaky. Donna

      • or incognito….and lets not forget the 12th also harbors hidden enemies….may be hidden Oil or Militaristic munitions dealers who do not want DT to interfere with their income and abilities to “snow job” poor young service men to do their bidding’s.. Pluto does parallel his Sun and an eclipse happened the day after he was born ….look at the declinations between Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus Mars and Pluto .
        I do not follow DT or am very aware of the Tea Party activities but suspect its all tied together.

      • Thanks, D… the Mars-Pluto mojo link has your great blog column but no comments or reply box. With my M/P aspect I was hoping to see some commentary. On the plus side, (?), I was unable to launch into another of my long-winded anecdotes! Best, B

      • Ah, Berta, that was in the bad old days when I first started blogging and didn’t know how wonderful the exchanges could be in the comment section. I for one could have used another Mars-Pluto anectdote! That aspect is possibly my best asset–I can manifest something in just hours, IF I’m not ambivalent about it (that’s the Big IF.) Donna

  21. Ambivelent as in: “am I worthy, am I worthy?…I renounce all prior vows of poverty…”?
    As you know, the downside of that mojo involved youth, rage and inexperience…at the expense of others.
    Maybe it’s time for a rerun of that blog? (Don’t you just love the way I keep suggesting more tasks for you? LOL).
    Remember when I suggested that you start a book review section?
    Yeah, right, –in your spare time… I did love your response…”Good idea, Berta! Go for it.”
    WHO, …ME? Best, B.

  22. I don’t think he’s consistent with that Gemini conjunct Uranus. Plus a Sag Moon, this is a new adventure for him. Leo rising give him good stage presence.
    But does it matter? To me, politicians are nothing more than puppets for corporate special interests anyway, including the president.
    The strings are being pulled behind the scenes no matter who is in “power”

  23. Beating the same drum here (Trump’s moon)…Wow, now that you have posted President Obama’s chart…his moon is exactly opposed to Trump’s!
    I’m very interested in the President’s Aries Part of Fortune in the third house vs. Part of Impersonal Consciousness in the 9th. Martin Schulman’s interpretation (Karmic Astrology, Volume 111, Weiser, 1978) is very precise -and a direct hit as to President Obama’s karmic role on the political forefront.
    Sure would like an exchange of commentary on that aspect, plus the obvious others. A chump like Trump will never best the President in any media exchange!
    You working on something, Donna?

    • Nope, I never even heard of the Part of Impersonal Consciousness before. There are about a bajillion astrological techniques, but I keep my astrological toolbox small and tidy, in order to go deeply into those tools that do work for me–the basic natal chart and transits show me the most about the individual’s psychology.

      Readers who are interested in the various Arabic Parts and a tool for calculating them, see . Donna

      • With you on that “bajillion” crapola -it’s waay beyond the pale of our basic needs and verging into the narcissistic. The only Part I’ve ever looked into is that of Fortune. There is really something workable there.
        Lately I’ve been feeling that the “X” number of years we’ve spent on astrology and its insights may vary by individual,- read MUST vary,–but it all culminates in an insightful way of living and breathing that is not so self-involved as personal chart analysis–a way that has set our hands or hearts to a task that must be done without fretting about our aspects, our relocations, or our personal satisfaction.
        So, wat’cha doin? Best, B.

      • Oh, I agree that each astrologer’s set of tools is unique and contributes to the whole–just like every artist’s vision is unique. And every astrologer comes to this field with a somewhat different background, which enriches the field. And the students/clients that are drawn to a particular astrologer are the ones that at that moment need what the person has to offer. We all need a period of developing self-awareness, a task that astrology is ideal for, but I agree that some of us stay stuck in narcissism for far too long.

        What am I doing? What I am doing right now is starting the research I need to do on stelliums in order to prepare for my lecture at UAC in May, 2012. I’m pretty psyched about the topic. For a lecture of that magnitude, I start really early. I’m doing a basic piece on stelliums for TMA’s August issue, and am already scheduled to do a dress rehearsal at my local astrology group in January.

        And I’m thinking to do some pieces on celebrities with stelliums here on Skywriter and a Q&A on the topic too. And maybe a separate Q&A about and for the young folks with Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn plus several other personal planets–a whole coming-of-age generation with lots of stelliums.

        What I’ve already discovered by beginning work on the TMA piece is that I know far more about stelliums, after all those years of working with clients, than I ever knew I did. I just have to work out how to communicate it. It’s fun to get my teeth into a really meaty topic like this one. Donna

  24. Bob Dylan–amazing 12th house stellium.
    Looking forward to your article. Best, B

    • I do know Dylan’s chart well, as I was involved with an astrotwin of his for some years. Actually, he was part of an astrological generation born in the early 1940s with Saturn and Uranus conjunct, making a stellium for many of them in either Gemini or Taurus, when joined by a variety of inner planets. Donna

  25. Ohhhh, I’m so glad there is an Astro discussion. The first thing I did upon the news is look at his chart on
    In the USA chart his Mercury conjunct USAs Venus / Jupiter in Cancer + his His North Node conjunct USAs Mars Sun Saturn in Gemini, not to mention his Venus Saturn conjunct USA Mercury (almost exact), His announcement comes on a Gemini New Moon on his Sun. No doubt he has an astrologer on hand. Astrologically speaking he loves America, the core values and will be a strong candidate to truly do what he says he will do.
    As for the Mars in Leo (never lies, honesty is his weapon of choice) all of his dramatics are smoke & mirrors strategy; he enjoys making a spectacle in order to see 1. The intelligence of others on how they respond so he knows how to counter attack or rebuttal 2. He finds it amusing.
    Fun! This going to be an exciting election; Mars in Leo wouldn’t have it any other way.

    USA chart is July 4, 1776 2:13 am Philadelphia PA (placidus) from the Book Eclipses by Celeste Teal.

    • I just saw these posts are from 2011 not today’s announcement 6/16/2015. He pulled out of 2011 because of the Libra Saturn squares Capticirn Pluto on his planets as well as USAs planets, would not have been a win for him, now those have passed it is now very fortuitous for him. Great blog by the way.

      • Oh, yeah, loyalty is a non-negociable for Leo, especially Mars there. Donna

  26. I just saw this was a 2011 discussion; fe free to use what I wrote for today’s announcement. 🙂

  27. Trump will usher in the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. He is the only one who isn’t tied to the establishment and can upend the establishment and kick us out of our collective guilt in order to move forward into the Age of Aquarius. Hillary is totally tied to the establishment, and Bernie is tied to the old Piscean Age way of centralized authority. And both are tied to collective guilt holding back the world.

    Also Hillary is a Scorpio which is a water sign. Bernie is a Virgo which is an earth sign. Age of Pisces is a water sign, and both of them show strong tendencies and ties to the Picsean Age of water. The Age of Aquarius is an air sign. Trump is a Gemini. Gemini is an air sign.

    • Yes, Trump is helping to usher in a new age, the question is how he is doing it, and what his role is. If you pull up key significators for this new time (via astrodienst’s main asteroid options on extended chart selections), it’s interesting to note that his Ixion and Quaoar (along with Jupiter, Chiron and Juno) are in his 2nd house. Hillary’s are in the collective 11th. I’m not making a political statement. I’m just noticing these placements. I am finding that charts for apolitical folks helping to usher in this transition, however humbly, can have Ixion and Quaoar in tell-tale positions.

  28. I am not going to venture a guess, but the conversation from 4-5 years ago is fascinating and a lot of the predictions have come true!

  29. I’m most interested in why this post says it’s dated April 16, 2011

    • If you read the post that links to it, it says that I am referring people back to the 2011 post so they can see the chart and birth certificate. Them2011 post was written during his first campaign, for the21012 election. Donna

  30. The Donald I see in this chart is the one I saw on his television show. I can’t see the Donald that is now running for President. I think this is a good chart for a presidential candidate. It’s too bad he has decided to present himself as someone he’s not.

  31. Hey Donald and Hillary really are squaring off, aren’t they, opponents, with her AC/DC at 22 scorpio/taurus, and his MC/IC at 24 taurus/scorpio. Each candidate has, as mentioned above, the roar of a leonine Mars-Pluto union as neighbors in one house, infusing both candidates with a powerful magic wand. And yet when I see that her Jupiter in the 1st house is smack dab on the Pleiades axis, I wonder if it will bring her luck, just as we enter this new era of galactic energies spilling into our collective feminine. Hmmm.

    • Good observation!

  32. His progressed sun has just passed his ascendant by 6 seconds. Considering the drop in the polls, perhaps this lesson in rebirth will not be the one his huge ego is seeking! This man needs to reboot his sun soul in different ways than by being one of the most powerful people on the planet!

  33. He is certain to be a Leo A/C, think of his hair, which is often made fun of!! Although very important to him and his self image. His South Node is conjunct his Moon, giving strong over the top Sag tendencies!! This also trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter,adding fuel to this natural traits.

    The North Node in the 10th, although also has a 11th house theme. Developing his individuality, he has done, but in a very egotistic way!! I am from the UK, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE America do not put this man in the Whitehouse. Coming from his own ego and not for the benefit and love of his country, he as the tendency to start another world war!!

  34. Its’ seems to me that the entire case of whether not he is establishment or not lies in the 11th house. His history starting with his apprenticeship with his father, well documented, is a history of greasing politician hands, giving money to the establishment, taking money from the establishment which helped build all his wealth. So now, he suddenly turns against the establishment after seeking PAC money, promising to put a high level Goldman Sachs executive in the White House and picking a very establishment Vice President. He does seem to be breaking up past establishment thought patterns, Uranus, and with Sun and north node, it is big time. His own words say, I want to be accepted by establishment but he’ll seek acceptance in his own way

  35. Transits and Progressed charts for both Trump and Clinton on Election Day using some asteroids (Karma, BAM, Lucifer, Lie, Nemesis, King, Queen, Champion) proved interesting — try it!

  36. Judging from the earlier posts, there are a lot of brilliant people posting on this site. Some of the comments are quite insightful. Very interesting!

    • I echo that. I come here because of Donna, whose profound insight I came to know decades ago, but I stay for the discussion, which is profound and insightful in its own right.

      • Hi, Charles, thanks for your kind words. Good to hear from you. Dona

  37. He will be having a Jupiter return trine his Natal sun about the time of the election.

  38. My impression with the droves of supporters he has is that he is taking back USA control , back from the one percent and putting it back with the people ! A very dangerous thing to do which puts his family and close supporters in jeapardy. Great he has fixed star Regulus on the ascendant which means military preferment. He has military and police endorsement and will need it ! This is a movement that needs close watching. Big mainstream media , owned by the one percent is trying to take awareness of the real issues away with sexual smut. Most of the working public in our area of the state are aware of this and just don’t watch them anymore. A poll said only 6% of the public r still watching them

  39. Sun & moon opposing in ♊& ♐ NO WONDER he’s always saying the wrong things!

    • Yes, and Sun-Moon opposition goes along with difficulties in seeing the woman’s perspective. Donna

  40. Isee the full moon as a good thing . solar radiance ( spiritual)shinning on the moon ,,ie the physical, emotional and mental bodies ; reaching fruition and illumination .
    Uranus on the sun makes him unique and qualified to bring the change many yearn for. Venus conjunct Saturn in cancer indicates his loyalty, love of family, home and country. The USA is a cancer country!
    He has the backing of the average working man and these people see through the lies of big media who are the one percent minions. I pray he secures the borders and takes back the sovereignty of the US government.
    It would be a disaster if the new world order institutes itself through Clinton. What happened to the American Indians would happen again to the usa population;and is happening to the middle east. It’s already started and this is truly the last chance for the citizenry to wake up and set the record straight . yup transit Pluto in cap. Is kicking butt and so is Uranus in Aries !?

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