Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 26, 2011

Identity Theft Transits – And Inexpensive Identity Protection

©9-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 One of the ongoing missions of this blog is to spread word of identity theft scams so my readers don’t fall for them. Today I want to mention some astrological transits that might signal vulnerability to identity theft and also to tell you about some inexpensive new ways of protecting yourself. 

You may have heard on the news that thieves now have devices that can read credit card and banking numbers from a distance. For instance, they could park outside a Target store or near an ATM machine and pick up credit or debit card numbers or even insurance cards that people inside are carrying. This is a scary thought, but until now there hasn’t been a way to block them. 

There is a slim, pocket-sized aluminum wallet that has room for 10-12 credit, debit, insurance, and ID cards. The aluminum alloy blocks electronic scanners from picking up anything that carries your information on a (RFID) chip. You can get these attractive wallets at Bed Bath And Beyond, Target, or Office Depot stores around the country, most likely at the cash register, for $10.99. You can also order them online for even less at 

You may also have heard that if you pay your bills by check, thieves can erase the amount and the name of the payee by using common household products, then substitute a much larger amount made out to their own names. At the grocery store checkout counter, I found a package of two gel pens for about five dollars with an ink that cannot be erased because it sinks into the fibers of the check. The product is the Uniball Signo 207 at 207  or 

Just as I was preparing to write this piece this morning I also found something disturbing in USA Today. I assume I’m not alone in imagining that OnStar is a benign corporate entity devoted to protecting us and keeping us safe on the road – surely one of the last corporations to have our best interests at heart. Alas, my naïve fellow consumers, that is not the case. 

Unbeknownst to us, OnStar has been selling private information about us gathered through their digital connections to our cars. They were forced recently to notify customers of this practice and of their privacy policies by e-mail, no doubt cloaked in unreadable legalese designed to discourage busy consumers from reading the material.

Here, from is a summary of the situation:

“OnStar last week began e-mailing customers about its update to the privacy policy, which grants OnStar the right to sell GPS-derived and other data in an anonymized format. That data might include a vehicle’s location, speed, odometer reading and seatbelt usage. Senator Schumer also asked the company, a General Motors subsidiary, not to sell that data.

“OnStar said it does not sell the data, but reserves that right. And the company, with six million customers, said it will turn off the two-way communication between a former customer and the service upon request — though OnStar will continue to track former customers who simply cancel their account”.  

(See the rest of the story here:  )

Astrological Signatures Of Identity Theft

I have long believed that identity theft is related to both Uranus (computers and modern technology) and Neptune (fraud and deception). Uranus also represents our identity, in that it shows what is unique about us. Identity theft first came to our awareness and became a problem for the masses during the era when Uranus and Neptune were in mutual reception.

 That is to say, Uranus was in Pisces – Neptune’s sign – while Neptune was in Aquarius – Uranus’ sign. That astrological condition went on from part of 2003 to part of 2010. (Before that, the two planets were both in Aquarius from 1998 to parts of 2003.) 

What are some of the signatures you might look for in a chart to see if a person might be vulnerable to having their identity stolen? Although these same transits have many different interpretations and represent many possible events and situations, it is simply good sense to increase your protection against identity theft by becoming more watchful and cautious if you have any of these aspects coming up in your chart: 

  • Uranus or Neptune transiting the 2nd, the house of earned income, particularly if they’re aspecting natal planets in that house.
  • Uranus or Neptune transiting the 8th, the house of debts, particularly if they’re aspecting natal planets in that house.
  • Transiting Uranus or Neptune aspecting a natal planet in the 2nd or 8th.
  • Transiting Uranus or Neptune aspecting the Sun, another indication of our identity.

 No doubt, there are additional transits that could indicate a time frame in which we should be especially watchful and cautious.  

Case Example: In 2004, I was briefly the victim of identity theft. No damage was actually done, because I realized the minute I sent an e-mail with the requested personal information (birth date, address, and Social Security number) that something was very wrong. I immediately contacted the company the request purported to be from  and was told it was a scam. 

That very night, I contacted the credit card companies and closed those accounts and reopened new ones. The very next morning I was at my bank when it opened and closed all my accounts there, reopening them with new numbers and new passwords. After watching all those accounts closely for several months, I breathed a sigh of relief. I subsequently signed up for LifeLock.    

The reason this “non-event” was significant was because it made me realize that ANYONE who isn’t aware of these dangers can become a victim of ID theft. The experience sent me on my quest to inform readers about new scams as they arose.   Oh, and it was my 15 minutes of fame because a local television station came out and interviewed me for their news program.

What were my transits at the time?  Uranus in Pisces was on my South Node in the 8th house, which represents – among many other things – debt, credit cards, and other financial dealings where our own money is not involved. Natally, Uranus squares that node, along with Saturn and Venus, and so transiting Uranus was squaring that conjunction. In addition, Pluto in Sagittarius opposed my Mercury. 

Readers, if you have seen the chart of anyone whose identity was stolen, please tell us in the comment section what the transits were. It would help all of us. 

Note: For those of you who have written to ask, my hand injury is still a problem, however, there are good signs of healing, and I am hopeful. I am getting great pain relief from acupuncture. I thank you all for your concern and your healing thoughts and prayers. (For background, see Update: I’ve had a lot on my hands!)

More articles about identity theft on this blog:

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  1. The surest way to avoid theft is to have nothing worth stealing. In that regard, I am very safe from identity theft.

    • I agree with Charles… And with respect to which I appreciate it a lot…

      This article is weak, and I feel a sense of exagerration, Plus it is an advertise for the Alum. Wallet.

  2. Good to hear your hands are improving, and to see you online again.
    Best wishes

  3. Yes Charles , I am off the grid too….and growing wilder.

    But a number of years ago I had phone calls from some company in Florida , who were trying to interest me in a Cruise. They said; ” we see on the computer that you have plenty of Credit Cards to charge this Cruise to”.
    WHAT? I have never had a Credit Card in my life….they insisted I did.I could NOT convince them otherwise because their computer showed I had Credit Cards. . Telling them I was NOT interested in their cruise was the most convincing although they called several more times over a number of months and then went away.

    If someone stole my ” paper name” then they are obviously building up some good credit with it! I do not care because I never thought of that name as me and use my Indian name and that’s what people know me by.
    On the other hand perhaps they were insisting I had Credit Cards because most people do; and IF I would have accepted their offer then they would have really seen that I do not have credit cards and would have withdrawn their offer.

    When I have gone to the local Bank for a small loan I have been denied for having no discernible paper trail, credit etc. Even though I promptly paid off one small loan one of their previous Bank personal had given me.
    The story goes thus:
    Once I got a small loan but the Loan Officer was ( after I paid it back in full) busted for giving poor people loans and for taking one that was NOT authorized for himself. He could NOT say NO to poor people and some of them did NOT pay it back. He had big drooping sheep dog eyes and he had an adopted daughter; so I assume he was compassionate. Why he took out a loan for himself without authorization is strange. He certainly had the power to authorize loans for other people. He never got a chance to pay it back because he was promptly sent to jail .I felt sorry for him and his family, because he never got the chance to repay his loan and that his reputation was forever besmirched.
    Look at the Banking industry, they certainly have helped bankrupt this country by selling peoples loan debts to other countries and then get bailed out by the taxpayers. The REAL big time crooks are NOT sent to jail!.

  4. Well this is sure interesting to hear. My Sun (h2 ruler) is at 1 Pisces in the 8th sq. Uranus and t.Neptune will be conj it when it goes into Pisces next year. I will be on the look-out.

  5. My way of preventing identity theft is free, but takes a little bit of work & discipline. At, you can obtain FREE credit reports from the major 3 credit report agency every year. I simply rotate these 3 agencies and get a free credit report for about every 4 months. Make sure everything belongs there.

    This way in the worst case, your identity would be stolen for 4 months, and that’s about it. But anytime, if you are suspicious of a potential identity theft, you can simply place a credit fraud alert on your own credit profile at any of these 3 agencies. The credit fraud alert will prevent anybody (including yourself) to open any new credit lines for about 45 to 90 days. Most identity thieves will just move on, since there are many more easier targets to prey on than the alerted ones.

  6. I check my bank and credit card statements periodically for suspicious purchases. So far so good. Vigilance is the best defense against identity theft. And beware of scams on the internet.

  7. I agree about the Uranus and Neptune transits to the sun . I recently had Uranus trine my sun at the same time as Neptune square my sun. And yes, someone used my credit card. Don’t know how they got the number, but I had to change cards immediately.

    • Thanks bunches for sharing, Regine. We need more actual examples. Donna

  8. Thank you Donna. Currently, Uranus is transiting my second and is about to cross over natal Chiron and oppose a natal triple conjunction in the 8th. Yikes.

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  10. The latest news report:

    “Credit card of Kumar Mangalam Birla cloned, used for shopping”

    Mumbai, Sep 30, Billionaire Industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla was cheated by unidentified persons to the tune of Rs 2.86 lakh ($5,720) as his ‘cloned’ credit card was used to purchase jewellery and electronic gadgets in Bangalore while he was in Mumbai, police said today. “An FIR in this regard was registered against the unidentified person/s under section 420 of the India Penal Code and section 66 CD of the Information Technology Act,” Vasant Tajane, senior inspector at Worli police station said. According to police, on September 24, Birla’s representative G K Tulsiyani lodged a complaint at the police station stating that the credit card bill of Kumar Mangalam Birla showed that he went on shopping in Bangalore for five days from September 15. “Tulsiyani stated that Birla was in Mumbai between September 15 and 20. And the platinum card was with Birla himself. So it is a case of using cloned credit card,” Tajane said. The police have formed a special team to crack the case and the city police are in contact with their counterparts in Bangalore with regard to the case, he added.

  11. Hi Donna, I hope you’re doing well.

    I have transiting Uranus square my 8th House Sun – Gulp! Am already trying to be hyper aware and supervigilent though.

    My hubby had his wallet stolen a week ago. We were not so concerned about the cash (a small amount) or the cards, immediately cancelled, but about his driving licence which is a legitimate photo ID you can use to open a credit card account etc. They would just need something with his address on – not hard to get hold of these days – and hey presto – they’ve got credit and they’re running up debts in his name. He called the DVLA to report the license missing and they weren’t interested, they said they would send him a new one (for a fee!) but there was nothing they could do to block the card to stop someone else using it. That’s shocking in this day and age.

    • Whew!! ID theft is just about a defenseless position to be in–what a scarey thought about that license. This is a little woowoo (shocking, what?), but I’m forever–each time I think of it- creating an egg-shaped loop of white light around all my vulnerable information, from bank accounts to credit cards, to birth certificate, to insurance cards, to DMV ID cards, to my PayPal account, with the intent of protecting them. Donna

  12. Dear Donna
    Thankyou so much for your pertinent and timely post regarding identity theft – and thankyou to all the contributors for such fascinating feedback.

    I am VERY interested to read this as this very morning I was given a very clear psychic message that i had been the victim of Identify theft/fraud re an astrology site i was surfing while bored the night before;
    Astro data; (This a lot of data but it is completely relevent to the story as it is a near perfect example of teh energy you describe! Im Pisces Sun/leo moon/Cancer rsing with Scorpio in Neptune in the Fith House. Right now Uranus is traniting my 10TH/MC which is in pisces. In my birthchart pisces in the 10th is op Uranus in 4th in virgo.

    I work in the Fashion Industry – which is all about Identity theft when you come to think of it – all be it of another kind!

    This morning as i woke i was given a very calm/clear message that the site wasnt Kosher. In retrospect i realised that the best Astrology sites are always uniquely individual and personal – because that is what astrologers do best. I knew i was being ripped off at the time – i could absolutely feel it – but I was also greedy for information. By trying too hard to understand my tranists id blocked my intuition = Neptune with chaotic Uranan ideals.

    I havent quite got round to calling the bank or actually doing anything about my discover – beacuse im a pisces. But im really glad to have spotted my own shadow and work with it. Strangely, im glad it has happened as it has got me to lift the viel on a very complex issue.
    NB Since Face book “relaunched” a couple of weeks ago with a new format – there has been a marked increase in ID fraud and phishing. NEPTUNE/URANUS!

    There is a kind of exhustion with this combination I think. The weary divine discontent of the Neptunian long for the way home. And the agitation electrifying Uranus demanding revolution. In my experiance this is why there is so much cocaine use in the Media industries as these are the two. These individual have adrenal burnout – why a Starbucks on EVERY corner.

    With Neptune about to go into Pisces for a very long time we need to really brace ourselves for some very DEEP work!

    Get well soon and THANKYOU so much for all that you do – and all that you are!

    x blessings

    • That’s pretty scarey and disheartening, Charty, to be ripped off on an astrology site! I was about to write something related on my Dell Horoscope advice column, so I think I’ll mention your experience (no names or details). In general, I would warn folks that any astrology site that has no information on the astrologers involved and their background and contact information/location could be a con. Thanks for sharing your experience. Donna

    • Exactly how were you ripped off by this web site? I ordered a report from them about a week ago and am very satisfied with it.

      If something isn’t working I suggest you let them know.

  13. If you use Skype, watch out for something that comes up saying that there is a security problem or tells you that your computer is at risk/has been hacked. Its a phishing scam.
    If you use Skype, find out how to set your privacy settings so that people you do not know cannot contact you.

    • Thanks so much! That’s important to know! Donna

  14. This will probably happen even more as soon as Neptune enters Pieces for his duration there. Boundaries will be dissolved so easily, and our identities with it. On the other hand, if we want more protection (like finger prints or eye prints), we will have more Government control (Pluto in Capricorn). I don’t really have a point, just sharing thoughts.

  15. I recently had an issue with my credit card.

    Uranus was at 0 degrees Aries in my fifth house of Leo, squaring my 2nd house Neptune!

    Beautiful example, if I do say so myself. So glad I found this thread 🙂

  16. I have natal Mars and Saturn in 2nd house.
    I follow my monthly lunar return charts and lunar opposition charts.
    Every lunar chart that has Jupiter in 2nd house, even if I do get money, I also get email scams. Every time like clockwork 1-3 email scams asking for my personal info or “You are a Winner” etc.


    • That’s a very interesting example, and it’s great that you recognize the emails for what they are! Donna

  17. Solar Arc Uranus conj Neptune. TNeptune square Jupiter. Both exact!

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