Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 18, 2009

Why Saturn has as much to do with Luck as Jupiter

  •  ©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

AGSA cvr 2014 smNote: The following is an excerpt from my text for beginning to intermediate students, An Astrological guide to Self-Awareness, modernized for this millennium and in ebook form.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

I’ve been a fairly lucky person all my life, and once, after a run of especially good luck, I set about analyzing it. I felt that perhaps by understanding my luck, I could not only increase it for myself, but perhaps also teach my heretofore un­conscious “methods” to others who haven’t been so for­tunate. Naturally, I thought a great deal about Jupiter, the planet traditionally associated with good luck, but I was quite surprised to discover Saturn has as much or more to do with luck as Jupiter. (People with Jupiter-Saturn aspects in their birth charts are often “lucky,” but it tends to be the type where people say, “you must be living right,” for they make their own luck by being diligent and responsible.)

Saturn? I know it’s called “the greater malefic” and “the grim reaper,” and it’s supposed to bring on all kinds of misfortune. If you really delve into it, though, Saturn doesn’t bring anything on you that you haven’t already brought on yourself… and if what you’ve done is lay the foundations for good luck, then Saturn will bring you better and longer lasting “luck” than you ever had under Jupiter.

Let me give you an example. Saturn once was square my Midheaven for six weeks from the twelfth house. Many traditional astrologers would say I was in for some real bad luck from “the old taskmaster.”  What happened was perhaps the luckiest break in my life up to that point–I was promoted to head social worker in the hospital where I worked. I happened to be the only person on the scene with most of the right qualifications when the position became vacant–and I had been working there for only four months!

In the normal course of events, I wouldn’t have been eligible for that kind of position for about five more years. I did have the needed abilities, but was also in the right place at the right time. So Saturn isn’t necessarily the bad influence people think it is. Actually, much of what other people label luck isn’t Jupiter at all, but very Saturnian in nature…not luck, but rather hard work, self-discipline, and preparation that finally paid off.

You may have sat up nights polishing your writing technique. Then when you are finally good enough to break into important magazines, less-disciplined writers say, “I wish I had your luck!” It reminds me of the state­ment by actor Bill Macey at the time he was involved in a hit television series. He said, “I put in 25 years of hard work to become an overnight success.” Isn’t Saturn as much responsible for that kind of luck as Jupiter?

Another Saturnian characteristic that contributes a great deal to luck is timing. You may have everything going for you-a great idea, good financial backing, and all the right people wosaturntoon-a2drking on it-but unless the timing is right, you may fail. There is a saying that goes, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” This is as true in your career or personal life as in anything else. The “lucky” person knows instinctively the right time to ask for a raise, to launch that campaign, or to make that long-contemplated move. Life can be like a game of Slapjack. Unless you have that split-second timing, you can miss out on many great opportunities. Saturn, not Jupiter, is related to our sense of timing.

Other Saturnian traits that are important to luck and success include persistence, self-discipline and follow-through. Under a Jupiter transit, you may have the nicest stroke of luck, but miss out unless you are already prepared to take advantage of it; or you may actually be given the opportunity, but unless you have the self-discipline to follow up with hard work, the luck will evaporate. JUPITER ONLY WORKS IF YOU WORK IT–AND WORKING IT IS SATURN.  I rest my case: Jupiter and Saturn are the co-rulers of luck.

READERS: Reflecting on what you’ve read here, did you ever have good luck under a Saturn transit?  Tell us about it in the comment section.  And,  just this once, no Saturn hard luck stories, please!!

Note: This was an excerpt from Donna’s classic text for beginning to intermediate students, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness: This revised and updated 2014 edition of Donna’s classic text for beginning and intermediate students contains chapters on each of the planets, the houses, aspects, transits and more. It blends astrology and psychology in everyday language. $15.  Sampler–2014 AGSA.

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  1. I got my present job 2 1/2 years ago when Saturn was square my MC from my 12th house – really out of the blue, although, yes, I had paid my dues!

  2. At my Saturn return I bought a house and a sports car. It was great! I have noticed that it really bothers people if you tell them that nothing bad happened to you at your Saturn return.

    • I am laughing out loud!!! Yes, some astology mavens are a bt hung up on the trauma and the drama of Saturn transits and especially of the return. Some of our best well-earned rewards for our hard work come under Saturn transits. That’s especially true during the second Saturn return in the mid-50s, when we may reap the fruits of our life-long labors. One of my mottos is, “TAKE CARE OF SATURN AND SATURN WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.”

  3. Donna says: In visiting my blog stats today, I found a really interesting article on luck in the”possibly related” list. It cited a study of hundreds of very lucky people, and a result was that they were highly sensitive to their environment and picked up on cues more than the less lucky folks. In other words, they stayed alert, noticed things around them, and responded accordingly. Personally, I think the same is true of “bad luck,” that people who chronically suffer from what they call bad luck just don’t have their heads in the game and don’t learn from their mistakes.
    See the article at:

  4. I got a summer school scholarship in Germany, a 2 year research scholarship in China when Saturn was transiting my first house, conjunct my ascendant and natal moon opposing natal Venus and Uranus.
    I have my natal Saturn tightly conjunct Jupiter in my 6th house, I wonder how this conjunction works in the light of your post… hmm…

    • HI, Dorina. Oh, I always say that Jupiter-Saturn aspects are lucky ones, mainly luck that people make themselves by living out the positive qualities of Saturn, like hard work and reliability. Jupiter of course is the planet most associated with academic work, and your getting scholarships was no fluke, but something merited by honing your abilities and plying them consistently. Donna

  5. During my Saturn transit, I successfully earned my graduate degree and began a very rewarding profession. I joke it’s the longest relationship I ever had in my life!

    • Hi Donna!
      1. I won a small amount on lottery which in my student years was quite a big money for me: Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus squared my Venus.
      2. I met my partner: Saturn conjuncted Venus
      3. When Saturn opposed Venus I inherited a smaller sum
      So Saturn in hard aspect to Venus seems to be unusually lucky for me. My natal Saturn in the 7th ruling the 2nd does receive trines though whereas my natal Jupiter is all squared poor thing.

      • Wonderful examples! I have a Venus-Saturn conjunction natally myself and seem to have really good “luck” when I’m doing the right, responsible Saturn things. Donna

    • After 9 years of school, CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants) I finally got the designation when Saturn returned in (transited) my 10th house.

      • Great example, Jen! Donna Cunningham

  6. I have Saturn conjunct Sun and Moon on the fifth house. I spent 7 years studying for an I.T. career and failed to find a transition. During Saturn transit of my MC (with a Jupiter trine to MC), I went down the career ladder to go up. I took a position with lower paid, harder work, on grave yard shift and transferred to a I.T. career. Two to three years later, when Jupiter reached MC, I got on the path to higher pay, better control, better working conditions than I had been.

    • “Down the career ladder to go up”–that often happens with Saturn transiting the MH, and though it seems like a step backward to the outside world, it’s usually well-thought-out and enables the person to get solid experience in a field that suits their long-term goals better–or a field that will sustain them better in their mature years. The years of study are also typical, and usually that’s while a slow-moving planet transits the house of higher education (9th house). I’ve seen it many times, just as you describe. Thanks for the example. Donna

  7. When tSaturn conjuncted my midheaven I was in law school, and I was offered a job to start after graduation with an excellent firm. The job paid 8 times what I’d been earning before law school (my natal Saturn is in Taurus…). My midheaven is ruled by the Sun, and my Sun is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn in the third–how appropriate for a lawyer.

    • Hi, Carey, that’s so typical (well, not the salary) of what happens. While Saturn is transiting the 9th, the person is recieving their professional education, and then as it crosses the Midheaven into the 10th, they finish school and start their career. It’s what happened to me as I went through social work school (2 years exactly), got my MSW, and went to work in an agency. Donna

  8. Thank You Donna Cunningham !!!

    I THink Saturn has protected Me in many ways by showing me the Right Thing and directing me to the right thing even if it is not easy but in the long Run it is better !!!!

    I Think Saturn Works in subtle ways with Your conscience !!!!

    Best Wishes everybody !!!

    • I agree that Saturn is the conscience, Jorge. In psychology they call it the Superego, and it’s the thing that makes us want to do right. And, yes, it does protect us, even though we don’t always appreciate it. Donna

  9. Wow, i’m really enjoying this. Thank you.
    I’ve got a Capricorn Venus in major aspect to Saturn natally and for the past few weeks i felt i needed to contain myself as much as i could. Not depending on others, without completely losing connection with them. This is new to me, but somehow feels familiar. Something tells me i need this kind of self-respect, or self-reliance (?), to succeed (Venus and Saturn are also involved in a t-square with a 10th house Jupiter). I’ve been dependend of others A LOT for the past few years (emotionally, psychologically, financially, physically) and this just has to stop. I’m very thankful for all the help and support i received, but i need to get out of this rut. I feel that the only way i can do this is if i use that Venus-Saturn connection right.

    • Hello, Maaike. It sounds like you are on the edge of a major breakthrough in your life–like a bottoming out period. I know it takes determination, but it sounds a lot like you’re going to make it! Donna

  10. Thank you, Donna!

    I’ve been wondering if it’s the current Saturn-Pluto square that’s been setting this off. Because it sure feels like it. In any case, i’m staying close to this dynamic.

    • If Venus and Saturn are in early degrees, then yes Saturn and Pluto are setting them off. Donna

  11. I have jupiter trine saturn in my natal chart! yippee! Born March 15 1964 in Taunton Mass at 8:29pm. I take this as a good sign as i am a pisces and jupiter is transiting my sign. from what i can tell from the chart at, my natal jupiter is square my transiting mars. Jupiter transiting is conjunct natal mars. Now that Mars has gone direct i am hopeful that i will begin to see the luck of jupiter that has been eluded to. Which has more pull- a transiting planet with positive aspects to a natal planet or the natal planets aspects?

    • The natal aspect is a lifelong influence, while the transit is temporary, and if it’s a Jupiter transit, it’s a matter of a week or two, unless it goes stationary while forming the aspect. Donna

  12. I actually have 3 T-squares apexing in Leo – Saturn, Mars and Midheaven. What a set! Looking back at my ‘career’ points it would appear that they work as conjunct, even though they are >10deg apart, I suppose due to the strength of their energy. Even the recent T-Mars conjunct my natal Saturn got me a place on the course that I want to start in Sept.

    And I did wonder why I’ve got so many Leo Sun and Moon friends – I guess I’m quite a Leo at times 🙂

    • Hi, Tizer. 10 degrees isn’t too far for a multiple conjunction, where one conjuncts the next conjuncts the next. And for the Midheaven and Asc, you give 10 degrees, based on the work of Francoise and Michel Gauquelin, French psychologists who did statistical research on something like 60,000 timed birth charts. The 10 degree area around the 4 chart angles (Asc, MH, Dsc, and IC) made planets in that area very powerful signatures of the person. So I wouldn’t call it 3 t-squares, just one with several powerful factors at the Apex. Donna

  13. It’s actually ~14 deg between each…

  14. It seems we don’t think about Saturn much in youth- except that he’s the BadGuy….

    Only in retrospect- have I realized how much my natal Sun- Saturn exact

    sextile has helped me in times of trouble ( H-1- H3)

    Tr saturn in conj my IC now, & I ‘m finding it easy to slip into a funk..

    & I am such an optimist !!

    We heavy duty cardinal types are really getting slammed…



  15. Saturn as the treasurer who gives after full credit check is how I would put it- I had a spiritual awakening or coming out of the dark night of the soul at my first Saturn return at 28. Migrated to a new country at his crossing over my MC and now waiting to see what his ‘gift’ will be when he crosses over my IC in September this year.

    Donna- That is why I was delighted that you have agreed to discuss the topic of major transits over IC as part of the up coming topic of explorations………. Please start with Saturn over IC.

  16. Unknowingly at the time, I moved to Portland, OR during my 1st Saturn Return from 3000 miles away. I’ve been here 30 years now, and Portland has been so good to me and I just love being here.

    • Hey, Jaguar, you’ve been very good to Portland, too, with all your service jobs AND service to the Oregon Astrological Association. Donna

  17. Tr saturn libra has been tough for me

    My N sun is 28 cancer & ASC is 25 cancer…

    The final square will be this summer..

    I never say never & Believe often when we meet with delays-

    there is a reason..

    I have been wanting to make moves in my LIfe- but seem blocked at every turn..maddening

    I deal with saturn well- as I have it natally in virgo- H3 sextile both sun

    & ASC & trine H7 cusp….

    I am cautiously optimistic looking towards early Oct- when saturn shifts into



  18. Saturn trines my Jupiter in the 8th natally and during a transit of Saturn through the 8th I was gifted $20,000 from a friend. Lucky some would say but 4 years of emotional support into this person had often felt like ‘hard work’. Daily phone calls, the 2am calls of desperation, assisting her to maintain her strength through a horrendous divorce settlement had been trying. The very week she recieved a pay out she shared this gift with me saying I was what kept her sane.

    • Great story, Fletcher. That kind of “luck” is what people mean when you get a break and they say, “You must be living right.” Donna

  19. I found the person i loved the most one day before Saturn entered my sign, and then a 2.5 year torment started..
    So, NO! it has nothing to do with good luck

  20. This was a great read. Uplifting. 🙂

    I am one of those people who were all but ostracised – certainly ignored – on the few occasions when I volunteered my experience that nothing but NOTHING bad – or much of anything, really – happened during my “Saturn return”. Well, it didn’t!

    On the other hand, I have never EVER noticed any sort of luck during “significant” Jupiter transits, with the exception of Jupiter conjunct my ascendant. (But other aspects may have played a hand in that.)
    What I have noticed is that quite a few people DIED during Jupiter’s transit through their Sun sign or during their “Jupiter return”.
    It may have been a coincidence, but it’s happened often enough to make me pay attention.

    BTW, I have a Saturn/Jupiter cinjunction in my fifth house.
    I have had moderate luck in lottery (probably above average, I would say) but I am especially good at gold/silver price speculation.

  21. Really interesting view, Donna. And about time other sides of Saturn are drawn into the light.
    When MC was transiting my natal Saturn in Pisces I fell on the pavement and sprained both my ankles. It was on the 1st of April 2011 (not kidding!). Transit Mercury in Aries was opposited natal Moon on 12th house cusp. Actually I was on my way to the station to buy a ticket for next days journey.
    At the time I was working as a temporary and my job would expire by the end of June. And I didn’t like the thought at all that I would be unemployed after that date. So I pulled all the strings I could and a lot of influential people contributed to find more work for me. At the end of the day the job would expire anyway, but these people would have put me in a far better position than before.
    3 months after my fall, just 3 days before I would face unemployment, I got a new job. The timing was impeccable. In another branch of the same department I was working, a woman got a grandchild. And suddenly she wanted to be a fulltime grandmother. She skipped the job leaving it open to me to apply for. Transiting Mars in Gemini squared natal Saturn and my Uranus/Pluto conjunction in 10th house Virgo. This job is a real treat: Part time and exciting, full of responsibility and with two bosses that are the best I’ve had in my whole life. Role models.
    I was now able to hone the opera singing skills my Jupiter in Taurus/7th house (which is not at all “lucky”) has provided me with. For the first time in twenty years I had the opportunity and the money to do so. And the teacher, signified by Saturn, is – needless to say – one of the best.
    Back to the feet, I never thought that they would recover again. Because as time went by complications kicked in – they healed with minor repositions and that hurt like H.. itself. I could barely walk. 1½ year later, when Saturn entered Scorpio (my rising sign) I found an osteopath who started working on my feet, and now – when Saturn is transiting my AC sextile both T and natal Pluto – they are beginning to gain strength and hurt a lot less. It is funny, because there seem to be a subtle connection between the feet and the jaw, so getting my feet in position again also releases the jaw muscles, making me a better singer. And I haven’t worked so hard – or should I say put that much heart into something – than I do now. I live my life to the fullest.

  22. I believe Saturn brings a kind of luck which we understand after a time passes over the event. For example in 2009, I decided to drop out from my master’s program in the university because I didn’t like them. During the days I went to the school for it, Saturn started to trine my Sun in 9th house. And I suddenly learned that if I dropped out I have to pay lots of money so I couldn’t do it. I decided to finish my lessons and after 1 one year, my ideals changed(now I’m doing phd and very happy now) and I realized that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. But in the day I learned that I won’t be able to escape from that school, I remember I cried so much. 🙂 So I think Saturn effect is “all for the best” type of luck. We have to be patient to see the best result.
    I also have Saturn-Venus opposition and I start to think that if I really learn the lessons from the painful relationships, I can reach the real lucky one. My situations are usually about being rejected. But after a time passes from an affair which causes me to feel so bad and rejected, I always realize that the person is not really good for me, he’s the wrong one. So actually I was always crying for the “wrong” people. And can’t we say this is a kind of luck too? Being protected and being shown who are the wrong one?

  23. When Saturn and jupiter are in 4th house ,what happen ,is it a good or bad sign?

  24. During my Saturn return, I made a big leap of faith by changing careers/lifestyle completely and working up in Alaska on a fishing boat. It was bizarre because I am definitely not the ‘typical’ employee and I remember the recruiter looking at me like I was crazy. But doors just started flying open because of faith and perseverance. I was promoted twice within a month, then again two months later and one more time after a year. The earnings were also unusually high. As an added bonus, I was able to travel a lot, which I absolutely loved.

    • Great story, Carolanne, thanks for sharing it. Donna

  25. hello everyone 🙂 I have transiting saturn getting ready to square my natal venus in the 12th house close to my assendent. Saturn is transiting in the 9 th house. I have been through a really rough past 6 years so to find this approaching from dec to aug has really taken the wind out of my sails. Im scared and feel I have no more steam to weather more devastations. Anyone have any insight to how this might go well for me? Im single AND not working at the moment. I love this blog, I find it to be uplifting.

  26. Wow! just realized I have a book I love called healing pluto problems, i have natal pluto 1 degree in 8 th house opposing my natal sun in 2 nd house and that book was beyond helpful and healing to a plutonian like myself. Donna you wrote that book correct? thank you for your work very liberating and delivered in a nurturing kind way!

    • Yup, that was me. What amazing to me is that as long ago as I wrote it, there are still lots of Plutonians out there who are getting to know themselves better by reading it. Donna

  27. then last night Im reading astrology for the soul to understand my sag north node… and there you are again with the quote on the cover! this is certainly your domain:) so grateful for your studies and insight

    • A sag north node means your karma in this life has to do with education, travel, and beliefs. You need to expand your horizons.

  28. Saturn is awesome because it’s only thru hard work, discipline, and time that we manage to get what we want. If you put in the work, Saturn will deliver. It’s our karma, fate, and teacher. With Jupiter, it’s more hit or miss. And the luck is more instant gratification, so it’s not as rewarding as having to wait a long time for something and working really hard for it, and then finally having it! It can try your patience, but I believe some things are worth the wait. And I am an impulsive, impatient Aries!

  29. Saturn has certainly always ruled good luck in my birth chart. For example, In late 1983 I landed my dream job (a public relations position in a very fine southern liberal arts college) when transiting Saturn was in conjunction with my Midheaven. Of course, transiting Pluto (my sun ruler) was also in conjunction with my MC as well, so there were multiple transits at play during this very happy time in my life. But more recently when I had my second Saturn return, I was named a star teacher in the county school system where I taught high school English and journalism. My newspaper class also won top state awards for scholastic journalism within the same time period.

    By contrast, transits to my Jupiter (ruler of my 12th house) have coincided with the saddest times in my life. For example, when my progressed Venus exactly conjoined my natal Jupiter, my father died, and when transiting Jupiter trined my Ascendant three years ago, my mother passed away.

    And, Donna, though you said you didn’t want to read any of your readers’ horror tales about their difficult Saturn transits, to be fair and balanced, I feel that I have to point out that the worst “luck” in my professional life has definitely coincided with difficult Saturn transits–so much so that I have anxiety attacks when transiting Saturn squares my natal Saturn or Venus. But you asked us not to, I won’t tell you my sad Saturn stories.

    At any rate, thanks for offering your readers those interesting quizzes for determining how strong specific planets and luminaries are in the birth chart. I’m not really sure how accurate my quiz results were, however, because just about all my planets fell in the “strong” range, so I’m still don’t know where the power is in my chart. Nevertheless, I had fun taking the quizzes and spent one whole evening working on them. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your examples. When a person scores high on several planets, it often means that their planets are in major configurations like a T-square or stellium and thus form many aspects to one another. This means that their lives–and their gifts–are complex and that they are able to integrate several planets into their life. Donna

  30. I have a well-aspected Saturn which sits halfway between a Moon-Venus trine, sextile to both planets with no other aspects. However, my Saturn return year was hellish, combining a sadistic boyfriend (to whom I was fatally attracted), TWO abortions (pregnancies caused by bad interactions of contraception with medication), and a disastrous year teaching in a school for which I seemed totally unsuited.
    I don’t think that the year was hard because I hadn’t prepared for it,
    but I very nearly went insane.
    I don’t expect my second Saturn return to be as bad, but who knows.
    Jupiter conjunct my Uranus won me £10,000. So Jupiter is definitely better for me. I also notice lots of pleasurable expansion in knowledge and spirituality on other Jupiter transits and positive effects on my career as a writer.
    Jupiter is in the 9th house almost conjunct my Midheaven.

  31. My saturn transit began in October 2012 in the fifth house. I left my school counseling career for a few reasons mainly because it felt right. Three months later I started my own business. The timing was right because the business loan passed immediately. My sun, moon, neptune and venus are in my fifth house. My saturn was conjunct my sun when we started everything. It has been alot of hard work, planning, organizing, perseverance, problem solving, etc… My saturn went on to conjunct my neptune, moon and now my venus. At this time my saturn began trining my MC and our business has been growing slowly and patiently. It is a Success at this time and it is growing technologically and in the social mediA. Saturn is squaring my 2 degree natal Jupiter in the ninth house and sextiling my natal saturn. I think Saturn in my fifth house at the beginning of the transit was trining my Jupiter Nd that’s when we started the business. Both planets are quite fortunate but we have to take action and follow through on many projects/Goals 🙂

    • A great Saturn story, Felicia. I think one of the gifts an active Saturn bestows is an impeccable sense of timing. Donna

  32. Hi Donna and posters,

    It’s good to read these posts regarding saturn and hard work. Going through a really hard time at work (it no longer reflects my values and interests after many changes) yet all the efforts job hunting have not paid off (did get great feedback though, as if I will soon get something good)

    Saturn is squaring my mercury in aquarius which is conjunct my IC. So Saturn also squares the IC/MC axis. It is painful, and my thinking is, uff, really negative.

    Anyway, will take in what I’m reading and carry on till I find a more suited job. Just months away from qualifying as therapist after many years of training while working in a demanding service.

    Patience…I do have a square of jupiter and saturn so although my natal venus and jupiter are ery strong (I am quite lucky), with that aspect I need to embrace hard work!

    Merry Xtmas. Happy Holidays.

    • Thanks for sharing, Chris. It sounds like you’re about to make a much-needed career shift that you’ve worked hard for and earned. About Saturn transits, I always say that nothing happens before its time, and everything unfolds in its own right time. Donna

  33. Aries Sun with Aquarius rising here
    When Saturn was in Leo(7th house) I came out (gay) to myself and others and had a first relationship with a guy..trough Libra it was a bit stressful but not that much
    I have MC in Scorpio last degree and Moon in Taurus also last degree and Saturn will hit it for whole summer any day now…so there’s conjunction to MC and opposition to Moon….so I wonder how that will manifest….
    I’ve noticed that during Saturn transit trough Scorpio I’ve changed workplace to a better place but I had to take risk…maybe I will be in this kind of situation again…
    Jupiter(7th) is slowly going for a trine to my Sun Venus and Mercury maybe that will somehow affect Saturn transit…certainly he brought so many good loking guys towards me… 😀

  34. Luck is something that happens to us without us doing nothing for it..
    Many confuse luck with work..

    Examples for understanding what luck means..

    – My friend No.1 is lucky with money.. she was born in a wealthy family with much love and since her 20 years old she leaves inone of the houses that her family owns.. She fell in love with a guy.. he became rich very quickly.. She is one of the laziest women I’ve known.. she has done nothing to deserve all these.. So she is just lucky.. She is now 48 and really happy in her lwhole life… Everything is so easy for her.. She eats like a pig and has better health than me.. and I am 25 years old and I eat a lot better than her..

    – Friend no.2.. she doesn’t search for jobs.. jobs search for her.. and she has just finished basic level school.. the even more funniest thing is that she is never good enough in what she is doing.. she is also very lazy.. she is also bored very easily.. she leaves one job after another just because she got bored… and why not? she’ll always have many opportunities waiting for her.. she is like that since her 17s years old she is now 32 years old..

    – Friend no3. the lucky in love..she wants a new guy? he’ll appear exactly like she wants him in front of her as soon as she wants him.. She is always happy in her love life.. she is 28 years old now..

    – Friend no4 eats whatever she wants fact she eats so much crap… She has a gorgeous body and skin.. and her health is more that great..
    she is 29 years old..

    – Me..
    The only good thing in my life is that I grew up in a family that loved me..
    and I had to eat..

    I lost my dad when I was 22 years old.. he just got sick.. and after so much time in hospital.. almost 2 years in hospital he just died in my arms..
    That mean unlucky.. You know why? Because my dad was very careful in his life… he didn’t drink he didn’t smoke he was waling an hour a day he was eating right he was good in everything and careful.. just to die in his 49 years old..
    My grandpa is drinking like crazy.. he started drinking that much alcohol in his early 20s and he is now 76 years old with a very good health.. this is what good luck means..

    I won’t live in a home alone… (one of my dreams since I was 16 years old)
    But I can’t leave my mom alone.. I have no other relatives near us.. So I won’t ever live that old dream.. I will never be able to leave with a boyfriend..
    I can do nothing.. I can’t even sleep in my friend’s house just for a night because my mom is afraid after my father’s death..

    I have heart problems since I was 18 years old.. Just genetic anomalies..
    I can not even go for a mini walk..I have to do heart surgery with 40% chances to recover..

    Guess what.. It’s not my fault for any of these.. It’s something I can not control.. I can not do anything about these.. and they’ve ruined my life.. I’ve lost 7 of the best years of my life.. and I’ll lose even more.. I know..

    Oh.. I forgot to mention that when Saturn entered my 4th H we learned about my dad’s sickness.. When T.Saturn squared my natal Saturn my dad become seriously sick.. and When T Saturn squared my N Pluto myfather died..

    T. Saturn destroys whatever touches in my Natal chart..
    In fact when T Saturn enters a house of mines in the beginning throws something that looks good and stable..(except with the 4th H) And at the end he takes it in the worst way there is… It’s like Saturn is trolling with me..
    Like he is trying to make me suffer..

    **Excuse me for my English it’s not my mother language

  35. Thanks for this brilliant articel. I know it was written some years ago, but still it fascinates people as you can see 🙂

    It was my last year of studies, and I really put everything into it. Beside my studies and my internship I made extra work, because my parents are really low on money.
    I felt it is so unfair that others in my class didn’t take it serious and just got through easily and average, because their parents paid everything for them, while these students they didn’t really care.
    I worked so had, had only A’s, I was the best in my class, but I felt like I can’t do it any longer. I was just one step away from giving up or from a total breakdown.

    You know, I have my Scorpio-Pluto in the 8th house, which makes me go to my personal edge again and again. Instead of asking for help I work my ass off, until I can’t breath anymore.
    And there was this surprising day in November 2013 where I got a call from the social government. They told me I get 3.500,- immediately, and if I need more I should tell them. My mother texted them a few weeks before.
    You know what – the day I got this call Sun and Saturn conjuncted my Pluto exactly at the same day.
    I stopped doing extra work, and I stopped worrying. Everything was alright. Thanks to Saturn!

    • I relate to what you said about your schooling, Tridia. I, too, come from a very poor family, and went to a rich people’s college with very high academic standards. I worked hard and earned scholarships all the way through college and graduate school, with jobs on the side to pay room and board. My Saturn in Gemini is part of a stellium there, and the self-discipline that Saturn added was a big part of what got me through. Donna

  36. I’m glad I found this article. Intuitively I have known that there must be some other way of viewing Saturn than the typical doom and gloom that most astrologers seem to cling to. I could use a positive view of my natal Saturn: 4th house Saturn in Capricorn opposite 10th house Venus in Cancer, and square 1st house Moon (less than 10 degrees from Ascendant). Any uplifting wisdom for me? 🙂

  37. Reblogged this on SAGITTARIAN MIND.

  38. I’m the other kind of astrologer.. fatalist. I’ve watched enough events to convince myself of this. 21 year old a few months ago driving under a bridge, which collapsed on his car at that exact moment. Bad luck? No. Fate. Uranus-Mars square in his natal fired when Uranus hit the Mars. So, people say some things are fated… I looked deeper, for many years. My conclusion: everything, everything, everything is fated. No free will. We are only here, in this illusion of life, to experience the trip first hand. I know everyone disagrees with how I feel about fate but I’m at that conclusion for the same reason I found astrology, I watch patterns for long periods of time. So, sit back, and try and enjoy the life you chose to experience.

    • Totally agree!
      Like almost everything is based on luck..

  39. Saturn rewards you if you heed his message and learn from your mistakes. When Saturn comes around, you will have to work hard and if you do, he will leave a gift at your door upon his departure IF you learned the lessons and stayed on task.

  40. I quit working when Saturn conjuncted my midheaven. I quit to write full time. I suppose the experience immediately preceding was unpleasant- I was very dissatisfied at work but the decision was one of the best I ever made. I think Saturn pushed me to make the change.

  41. When Saturn squared my anus I got a pile attack

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