Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 8, 2010

What to Tell Astrology Clients about Pluto in Capricorn

A BUM KNEE, SCALY SKIN & ROOT CANALS…Pluto in Capricorn as the Apex of the Transiting Cardinal T-Square

©3-7-2010 by guest blogger, John Marchesella

 Astrology is ruled by Aquarius, and one of the myths that is associated with Aquarius is Pandora’s Box, involving the brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus. Prometheus, of course, was given the gift of foresight, and surely, astrologers can relate to that, especially when faced with such “interesting” trends to interpret such as the approaching transiting T-square.  However, when our Inner Prometheus figure says, “Huh?” to the forecast of such transits, perhaps we should turn to our inner Epimetheus figure for help.  He was given the gift of hindsight!

Skywriter,  Pandora, John MarchesellaIn other words, look back to the past for similar examples of such planetary combinations.  This can take the “edge” off the anxiety that might come to the astrologer when faced with such difficult energies to interpret, as well as to the client, who has make sense of it with us! 

After all, if we lived through such planetary trends in the past, then we can survive them again as they recur in a similar formation.  Looking back helps us to put the future into perspective.

 This is especially helpful when faced with very long trends such as Pluto in Capricorn.  For instance, if we tell our clients, Pluto in Capricorn means the fall of Corporate America, what are they left to think?  That Corporate America is going to fall every day until 2024, and then all of sudden, there will be a new economy?!  It’s hard to imagine how Pluto in Capricorn is a long, evolving process.

A practical tip for astrologers when working with clients:  Look back in order to see forward. 

For example, Pluto in Scorpio,  starting in the early 1980’s, symbolized the advent and spread of  AIDS.  And those of us who are old enough to remember those days, Pluto in Scorpio began with panic in the streets about the disease.  Such unanswered questions!  Where did it come?  How did spread?  Do I already have it?  Is it in the blood bank?  And on and on.

 Well, of course, as Pluto pushed through Scorpio like a Sherman Tank, people died like flies in devastating ways.  Likened to the plague it was. Eventually, no one was unaffected in some way by this horrible disease.

 Now, did Pluto just make His rampage for a dozen years in Scorpio, and then, everything about sex and death was suddenly reinvented?  Of course not! Through those years, yes, people continued to drop left and right, but  we also became empowered and aware.  We formed support groups, such as GMHC. Organizations, such as AmFAR, came into existence to raise money for medical research.  The FDA changed its codes so that drugs could be released more expediently and effectively.  We created safe sex guidelines and education programs, and on and on with the solutions and measures around the globe.

In other words, Pluto is both-and, not either-or.  He “detoxes” the sign where He is transiting, and by doing so, what is wrong with the sign is brought to light and eliminated, and simultaneous with that process, comes a new and regenerated experience of that sign.  It’s transformed, never to go back to the way it was before Pluto.  Just ask those who are old enough to remember, “Will sex ever be the same as it was before the 80’s?”  For that matter, will the process of dying ever be the same?  After all, AIDS encouraged the spread of the hospice movement and supported more compassionate paths to death.John Marchesella

And so many years later, there’s still no cure for AIDS.  However, “coincidentally,” very soon after Pluto left Scorpio, we saw the cocktail of medications that can contain the disease.  Now, AIDS is a manageable disease, like diabetes, and people with AIDS can live long and fulfilling lives with it.

 As Pluto moves through Capricorn, surely, measures to improve (reinvent, really) the economy will continue to be tested and tried.  Some will work. Some not.  More corporate executives will get their bonuses and more Bernie Madhoff’s will come to light.  And the process continues as a brand new concept of economy emerges, and along the way, we adapt (“morph,” really).

By the way, Capricorn also rules the actual planet, Earth, the rock that hurdles through space while all of us going about our daily lives.  That, too, will transform.  Just as the AIDS cocktail evolved as Pluto left Scorpio, let me be the first to predict, shortly after 2024, when Pluto leaves Capricorn, a report will be published to announce the first signs of the reversal of global warming.  You heard it here first!

Pluto-Saturn-Uranus Combinations in Other Historical Eras 

Now, back to our transiting T-square.  In the recent century, there were two similar combinations of planetary trends. In the 1960’s, Uranus and Pluto conjoined in Virgo, and both of them opposed Saturn in Pisces.  Anybody recall the Counter Culture Revolution?  The tumult of the time?  The upset of the Civil Rights Act as well as the miracle of the Civil Rights Act?  What a world it was…and what a world it became because of that time!  This perspective can help the client cope with the changes of the time as we go forward into the transiting T-square.

The variation on this combination of planets in 1930 represented just as much tumult, but it gave birth to some remarkable names:  Edward Kennedy, Sandra O’Connor, Harvey Milk, Ray Charles, Stephen Sondheim, Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood, Francois Trauffaut, Barbara Walters, Neil Armstrong and Harold Pinter.

By the way, the 1930’s were not the first time to see the T-Square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.  The configuration also took place in the mid-1870’s!  That variation gave birth to the likes of Albert Schweitzer, D.W. Griffith, Ravel, Rilke, Mann, Aleister Crowley and the astro-beloved Carl Jung!

 Movers and shakers are being born in the tumult of our day too.  Such  planetary configurations are embodied by the natives of those times, and those individuals impact society accordingly.

Practical Advice for Astrology Clients

For more practical advice to our clients while Pluto is in Capricorn, sure, watch your deep knee bends, de-clutter your homes, use lots of skin moisturizer, and be sure to floss. 

But even more sensible advice is to experience your life in the moment, keep your drama in perspective, remember it’s more of a comedy than a tragedy, and for yourself and your clients, use astrology to deepen the experience of life, not to avoid it. 

Take it one day at a time.  Maybe that’s what the end of the Mayan calendar means.

 About the Author:  John Marchesella practices astrology in New York City, where he also teaches.  He is Education Chairman for NCGR-New York and Director of the Mentor Program for NCGR-PAA.  And for as long as Pluto is in Capricorn, he intends to keep regular check ups with his dentist.  Visit his website,

NOTE: This is part of a collection of articles about Pluto transits for the International Astrology Blogathon, March 19-21, 2010.  The rest of the collection will be here:  Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps!


  1. Aloha Donna and John Very interesting article with good information to digest. Funny you mentioned “watch your deep knee bends”, as I’m a Capricorn having a devil of a time with my knees, especially going up and down stairs. Doesn’t stop me though, from enjoying a dance or two each day. I was born in the 1930’s era, and remember quite a bit about the financial hardships most folks had to deal with because of the collapse of the economy, and it was by far worse than we are going through now. No one had social security or any other kind of security to fall back on. Also, I am wondering how sign Capricorn came to be ruler of Planet Earth, as I haven’t read about this anywhere else. Many thanks for the info. Meleanna

    • About that rulership, I don’t know. I long ago read a theory that the earth was the ruler of the sign Taurus, which made more sense to me than Venus. Donna

  2. I appreciate the very practical advice about parts of our body related to Capricorn, and hope that we see great medical advancements in those areas. Capricorn is also the sign of old age and I envision major advancements in elder care. I don’t think the boomers are going to accept the norm of nursing homes now. There will definitely be change there.

    I also appreciate the reminder about it being more of a comedy than a tragedy. There’s truth in the saying “what we fear, we create.” If we can keep that Capricorn sense of humor, we’ll all do better because when you can’t laugh anymore, it’s over.

    • Actually, I love a good dry Capricorn/Saturn sense of humor. Most people don’t get it when they joke, but I like it. Donna

  3. ThankYou Donna Cunningham I Think The Economy and how we manage Money needs changes long ago.

    What I Hope is that the change is not so hard and that It Would Benefit More People !!!!

    A Cappy would Say “It is Going To be Hard But we take the Lead” I Think !!!

    I am a Taurus and I also Hope The Ruler Planet for Taurus is Earth so i dont have to worry To Much about Pluto In Cappy But Earthquakes in Haiti & Chile make Me Worry !!!

    Thank You Donna Cunningham for all the Insights, Info, teachings, Wondering, etc that You Bring Us !!!!

    Best Wishes Everybody !!!

  4. Thank you Donna Cunningham.
    I have followed you for many years, read most of your books and continue to reference your books I can’t imagine how I would have made it without you.
    Everyone tells me I am special ‘LOL’ to be born 12-25-51. ‘Please tell me I am going to be Ok’. ? Honestly
    I am worried! I’m trying so hard to be brave. Last week I brook my left foot never had a broken bone in my 58 yrs. Whatever you can offer me I am very Thankful and Greatful to you for guiding me through this time.

    Blessings to you Donna Cunningham
    We Capricorns need you !

    • Hello, Charmaine, there was a very beautiful song around the time you were born, “Charmaine.” Did your mother name you after it? (“I wonder why you keep me waiting, Charmaine, my Charmaine.”)

      You will live through this transit, I promise you. It’s just a lot of challenges at once. For the aspects to your 3 degree Capricorn Sun, there are a great many articles with information on how to work with the Pluto-Saturn square at the top right hand side of the blog under categories. (See A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit.)

      As for the broken foot, that would be a Uranus transit, most likely. There is an article on this blog about why people have accidents and how they can avoid having more. It’s called “Uranus in Aries–A Heads up for the Accident Prone.” You’re not accident prone in general, it sounds like, but you might need what it says.” Donna

      • Dear Donna,

        First I want to Thank God for Donna Cunningham, and second I want to Thank You Donna for your caring compassion of being able to reach accross the invisible
        to touch a mind and a heart and connect with humaness that few of your ‘status ‘ have the ability to do
        nor do they want too because to them it is all about an economic exchange-subtracting of something from who and what we are-and weigh it on the scales of self-interest. But true giving is not an economic exchange,it is a generative act. It does not subtract from what we have; it multiplies the effect we can have in the world.
        When I wrote you this early morning there was part of me that doubted you would follow through. I was very surprised to see you had taken your time to write me , much less connect with me through the song Charmaine
        that my Mother named me after… that song is very haunting and mysterious to me everytime I hear it.

        Saying all this.. it is Clear to me that you are very human and that you have the power to unlock other peoples hearts and minds by sharing the goodness of yours.
        Your act of Giving is a Miracle that has transformed the heaviest hearts and your simple act of sharing has and continues to expand this world we live in.

        It is a blessing and an honor and a joy to have You.
        Thank You for your guidence and for watching over ‘us Capricorns’ as we make our way up that mountain!

        We need you Donna!


      • OH, my, Charmaine, I am very moved by what you wrote. It is true that the material world has never meant much to me, and that to me wealth is counted in terms of knowledge and experiences and people. By those terms, I am very wealthy and blessed indeed. Since you wrote this morning, that song Charmaine has been playing in my head. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. Donna

      • Dear Donna,

        Thank You, so very much for this Blog. I mentioned to you in earlier email for many years I have been a follower reading your books and the Dell magazine .You have meanded many brooken hearts and guided many wounded in spirit gave hope were there was dispair and got people’s lives back on track.

        Today my heart is breaking for my daughter born 3-5-80
        @2:02pm Atlanta ,Ga.. she has many issues from health to
        other that are serious. my DOB 12-25-51@10:00pm I think?

        I beleive and trust in you so much and know you can cut through.
        In no way do I want anything for free I will pay whatever,as it is worth my peace of mind to move forward as soon as possible.

        Could you please help us with this immediate issue.
        It really is of a ‘urgent matter’ that needs addressing
        right away.

        Thank You,

      • Sorry, Charmaine, but after more than 40 years of active work on charts, I am terribly burned out and took a much-needed retirement a year ago in order to focus on writing. I’ll send you a referral list of astrologers whose work I kinow and trust for many years. Donna

  5. My Capricorn Sun is 3 degrees
    I need Help , please can you give me
    a better understanding what is going on? Pluto/Saturn?.. it is very hard to read myself

    many many thanks,

  6. Thanks for a fascinating article. With 5 planets, my DC and POF all in Capricorn, I need all the information I can get right now.

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