Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 9, 2010

Understanding Septiles–Your Input Needed

I’m doing research for the next article in my series on aspects in  The Mountain Astrologer.  I’ve been through all the better-known aspects from the conjunction through the opposition, but for the final article, the editors want to know about the lesser-known aspects like the  septile, semisquare and sesquiquadrate.  There’s one problem with that…..

Nobody really knows what they mean.  All you ever read about them is one fairly abstract and abstruse sentence or phrase. It gets repeated over and over in books, journals, or online with no real documentation of the aspect in action.  Authors rarely give interpretations of these aspects in people’s charts with case examples of how they work in their lives.  It’s all theory, no application. 

What I’m looking for here and what seems missing in the literature are examples of real-life experiences of individuals who have these aspects.  What do they mean in terms of behavior patterns, feelings, urges, repeated situations or events, and inner and outer conflicts? Conversely, what gifts, abilities, and personality traits do they convey? Specific, concrete details, not abstractions. 

One of the most pleasurable surprises about blogging for me has been the reader participation.  When I write about a topic like stelliums or accidents or a particular aspect, readers share their experiences and data in the comment section so that we all learn more.  It’s a great and unanticipated tool for research. A good researcher does not begin with a preconceived theory and then collect data that confirms the theory.  It starts from a neutral place with no preconceived notions that we’re trying to prove.  We then  collect tons of data and observations and then digest the data.

So what I’m wondering is this.  I’d like to gather a lot of real-life examples of these little-known aspects, because we really don’t have much in the way of  documentation.  I’m wondering if you’d look at your chart and see if you find a particular aspect there.  In this post, it’s the septile we’ll focus on.

 Think about the meanings, urges, and needs represented by the two planets in a septile and about how they’d affect each other.  Ask yourself whether you can see that combination of planets operating in your life and how.  And then share about it in the comment section by scrolling down below the bottom of this article.   Are you in?

Let’s begin with the septile.  That’s 1/7 of the 360° degree circle, and my calculator informs me that’s about 52° degrees (51.428, to be exact).  How you’d find them easily in your chart is to start with the earliest planet in the zodiac, move ahead 60° (a sextile), and then subtract 8°. 

For example, if  you have a planet at 10° Aries, move ahead to 10° Gemini, and then subtract 8°.  The septile point is about 2° Gemini.  If you have a planet at 10° Aries and one at 2° Gemini (plus or minus about 3° orb), then those two planets are septile one another.

But what does it mean?  Suppose one of them is Mars and the other is Mercury.  What do you know–or what can you guess–about Mars-Mercury aspects?  How would Mars affect Mercury’s patterns of thinking and communication?  What verbal or manual skills would Mercury bring to Mars’ leadership abilities and competitive spirit?  And so on through other qualities and concerns of Mars and Mercury. 

Continue going around your chart looking for sextile points to locate possible septiles. Think about the meanings of the two planets and combine them. Do you see those qualities in yourself?  What does it look like in your life? And how does it FEEL? And if it seems significant, then are there any other features in your chart that could account for it?

A Sample Analysis

To illustrate the reporting process, let me share one of my septiles.  I found several of them in my chart when I began the search–aspects that in 42 years of studying my own chart,  I’d never realized I had. It was exciting after all this time–like finding a long lost ancestor or unsuspected talent.  Or like when I was 47 years old and found out a family secret–that my grandfather was half Comanche and therefore I was an eighth Native American. 

 A Mars-Mercury septile was the first of the aspects I found, and it made perfect sense in terms of my writing style and ever-active mind. I work to make my writing sharp and clear, and often say that when I get to the revision stage, I edit with a stilletto. I cut, cut, cut all the extra and repetitive words so automatic with my Mercury in Gemini.  There is a precision in my word choice that my Neptune in the 3rd surely does not lend itself to! 

 But is the septile a “good” aspect or a “bad” one?  Despite my verbal  dexterity, my manual dexterity is almost non-existent–pathetic is the precise term! I have no mechanical skills and adviseably don’t drive–my sister refers to me as automotively challenged.  I’m forever making little cuts and burns on my hands by accident.  And despite a strong Mars, I’m no athlete, and my warrior self comes out mostly in the written word.

Are there other factors in my chart that could explain the Mars-Mercury connection?  Partially, yes, because if I were doing my full set of planetary scores,  Mars/Aries and Mercury/Gemini would be the strongest influences by far.

However, the only aspects between my Aries and my Gemini placements are a wide sextile between my Aries Midheaven and my Mercury in Gemini and a  wide semisquare between my Aries Moon and Uranus in Gemini.  Those aspects don’t seem to me to explain the deep Mars-Mercury connectedness I sensed when I found this septile. 

Readers, let us know if you found any septiles–and what you think they illustrate in your life–in the comment section.  No theories from ancient or modern astrologers, just your own experience.   And come back and read what others found out about their own septiles.

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  1. I have 51deg between a 11th house Pluto singleton in Libra and a 1st house Scorpio Moon. I’d clocked this relationship before but assumed that it was a wide semi-square due to the strength of the Pluto. I have a Plutonian Mother, so that’s easily represented. Through difficult times it has been the thought of being abandoned and betrayed by friends that sent me to tears in the space of milliseconds; at the time I couldn’t really comprehend why I was struggling with this over everything else that was happening.

    Can it be explained elsewhere? A Scorpio Moon on its own could represent my Mother sufficiently. The combination of the Pluto, a tight trine with my Moon and Saturn and a 8th house Gemini sun (birthday girl!!) are more than sufficient to support the importance of my friends. But I still feel that the septile is there…

    Is it a good or bad aspect? I don’t know; all I get is ‘powerful’. I’ve also got a couple of 55deg aspects, but they don’t ring true.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Tizer. Definitely that Moon-Pluto vibe is there from what you describe, but you’re right that it’s hard to tease out what part of it is Scorpio Moon and what part is Moon-Pluto.

      Maybe it fits the classical astrology Rule of Three which says that anything that’s important in you life will be seen three different ways in the chart. Donna

  2. I have a distinctive pattern in my chart: Oppositions encased a frame of exact semisextiles and quincunxes. Mars and Part of Fortune in opposition to each other and in the center of the frame. The whole effect is exact in orb and literally draws a frame around my fourth and tenth houses. My nodal axis is also adjacent to this formation. I’ve tried to find out what the name of this pattern is, but the closest I’ve come to it is “stage” Nobody seems to know what it means, though every astrologer I’ve shown it to agrees it’s clearly significant.

    My birthdata (so you may see for yourself) is 11/17/1962 4:10 a.m. Wareham, Massachusetts.

    Are you interested in this? There must be other people who have this, and perhaps even some notable ones! It would be a good addition to a book, I think, because it seems nobody else has covered it before.

    Let me know if I can help at all. I’ll be waiting to read your next book!


    • Hi, Sue. that’s an unusual configuration, for sure. The only way to truly put together a configuration is to first take it apart, piece by piece and then synthesize the whole.

      There’s one article on the semi-sextile here: “Is the Semi-Sextile a Good Aspect or a Bad One?” and I’ve written articles on the quincunx several times but they’re not on this site, I don’t think. (Fabienne Lopez’ article here on the transiting Neptune-Saturn quincunx gives a glimpse of it.)

      But I’ll pass on writing a chapter about the pattern you describe–I’ve made it a goal for the last two years to refrain from writing books and instead to enjoy the creative freedom a blog gives me. So far, I’ve succeeded. Donna

  3. I have a waning septile between Gemini 6th house moon and Leo 8th house pluto. I feel that I can analize emotional issues with some success, and have the ability to perceive and then easily move on following emotional upsets.

    However a blind spot is there regarding other people’s emotional values that despite my best intentions, I continually run into difficulties trampling over people’s feelings.

    Yes, my mother is a strong Pluto type and I have a Scoripo MC. I don’t see any other moon/pluto connection in my chart.

    This does not feel like a bad aspect. It does present a subtle qualification (responsibility for power) to gemini moon who would otherwise go merrily on.

    • Hi, Sherry, I’m not clear whether there’s a difference in meaning between a waxing and a waning septile, though I’d imagine there are both kinds numerically. The two planets are still 51+ degrees apart, right?

      I would think it could be a helpful combination, as Gemini Moon can intellectualize feelings right out of existence, but Pluto would make you dig deeper. On the other hand, the Gemini Moon could use humor to get the Pluto part to lighten up. That’s just a guess, mind you–does it seem true? Donna

      • The Moon is at 25 Gemini 16. Pluto 17 Leo 17.

        It seems to be helpful on a perceptual and intellectual level; but when it comes to the actual interaction between me and another person, I find myself not so talented.

        If it were a sextile I imangine humor would work, but somehow I lack the confidence to gear into that mode. It’s like everything that flows so easily when the circle is divided into six reaches some kind of dissonence when it gets to seven.

      • Very valuable comparison between the sextile and septile, so close together numerically. I like your conclusion, Sherry.

  4. Hi Donna,

    This is a good area to research and study – minor aspects are not really my forte, mainly for the same reasons you have already stated. There’s not much in the way of literature out there for them (at least not that I’ve been able to uncover) and most books don’t dig very deeply into explaining them even if they DO get touched upon! Consequently, they’ve always left me feeling kind of cold…hopefully this discussion will help to change that!

    I have two septiles in my chart but will only share about one for the sake of keeping my comment from becoming too long.

    The septile I will discuss is between Saturn in Libra in the 12th and Uranus in Scorpio (retrograde) in the 2nd. The idea of turning my love of astrology into something I might be able to make a living off of took quite some time for me to warm up to, as if I had some kind of “block” to overcome. I could explain at great length why this was, but for the sake of brevity (a novel concept for me, I know!) suffice to say that astrology had some negative associations which were entirely self-generated. Had to get past and get over a lot to be able to do this, as it held a very close association (and fear) that doing this meant I was truly my mother’s child and was following in her footsteps, which freaked me out because my relationship with her was difficult and very painful. Here I definitely see the Saturn/Uranus correlation, especially when you consider the fact that Saturn rules my 4th. It was funny, but making the decision to pursue astrology has actually helped set me free from my own self-imposed prison in a kind of way, perhaps this aspect has been responsible….

    I always took astrology rather seriously and believe that if people stopped reading sun-sign based newspaper horoscopes and understood how much more there really was to astrology, more people would be open to it and understand what a valuable tool it is for figuring yourself out and for realizing how we trip ourselves up. Believe me, with Saturn (and nearby Jupiter) as the focal point of my large-and-in-charge T-squares, shooting myself in the foot is something I know all too much about! Astrology, coupled with some therapy to work on some tough family-of-origin related issues (again, Saturn rules my 4th), has been tremendously helpful in the process of sorting out my own baggage and realizing what I need to work on and where it comes from.

    • Very good and thorough analysis, Alethea, and I thank you for sharing it. Someone–quite possibly Lois Rodden, one of my personal heroes–did a study of professional astrologers’ charts and found Uranus-Saturn aspects a major signature.

      With Saturn in Libra septile Uranus in Scorpio, it will be interesting to see what direction your work takes as you free yourself from the negative associations to astrology. Your Saturn return may be the point of commitment to the field, just as my (first) Saturn return was for me.

      I was already quite deeply involved in the field during the era when Uranus was in Scorpio, and it was the absolute high point of psychological astrology. Donna

      • Heh – spot on as usual. Actually just had my Saturn return last December, but Saturn’s retrograde will be allowing it to re-do it over again shortly. Deciding to pursue this professionally was something I had been thinking about for about the last year and a half or so and I honestly don’t think I can look back. Life pushed me here and this is where I am, so rather than fight it or run from it I try instead to see the meaning in it and embrace it. I’ve heard the saying “You don’t choose astrology, astrology chooses you” and this seems very true of my story….

  5. I have a septile between an 8th house Venus in Cancer and a late 9th house Jupiter conjunct Pluto. I usually ignore an aspect this minor, and have, instead, focused on the sextile between an 8th house Sun in Gemini (conjunct Venus) and Jupiter/Pluto.

    The Sun’s involvement is borne out by my easy expression of Jupiter/Pluto in the 9th; I love philosophy and abstract ideas, and am educated to the Master’s Degree level. Now that I consider the septile involving Venus, I chalk it up to my placing value on 9th house matters.

    I also want to respond to Donna’s Mercury/Mars septile info. I have an angular Mercury in Gemini in the 7th square Mars in Pisces in the 4th. It’s my life’s biggest ongoing personal challenge! I’m verbally dexterous, but not mechanically inclined at all. I am, however, a very good dancer, which befits the Piscean signature. Donna, with Mars in Aries, you may not be a NASCAR driver, but you keep “cutting and burning your hands”–how Arian, eh?

    • Hi, Terry, I’m intrigued by the Venus in Cancer/Jupiter-Pluto in the 9th combination. It sounds quite promising in many ways. Part of it may have been helpful in financing your education, but I’m sure it continues to act in your life in an ongoing fashion. Donna

  6. well, it looks like I might have a septile. saturn 12 libra 15 minutes and moon 2 degrees 45 sag… does that work? ooo ooo. and Pluto is Septile Saturn too!!!

    • Yep, my calculator says it’s about 50.45 degrees between Saturn and the Moon, so it’s a septile. I don’t know the degree for your Pluto. Donna

  7. OK, I think I have one but I’d love some input on interpretation. Saturn 7 degrees 28 minutes in Scorpio, 8th house, and Mars 27 degrees 57 minutes in Sagittarius, 10th house. My parents were both quite a bit older when I was born and I do tend to, um, speak up at the Day Job.

    • Yes, Marcia, that’s a bit over 50 degrees so in range for a septile. Here, I’d tend to figure out what that Saturn in Scorpio was doing in your life or your work, as it does seem that Mars in Sag COULD either help you want to lead, uplift–or maybe be a crusader for your beliefs. That Sag outspokenness could work in some situations and in others could get you in difficulty with the powers that be. Something to ponder.

      I’m seeing that the septile can work in a variety of ways, some good, some not so good. Maybe it’s a good news/bad news aspect. Donna

      • Pluto is 21 32 Leo
        been thinking about this since yesterday. Septile between moon and saturn and saturn and pluto.

        Remember when you gave us those tests to see how strong our Saturns were? Mine came out like a real light weight. It just did not make sense to me, because Saturn has been a huge part of my life forever. I was always a responsible child, the typical child of immature parents. When all my friends were starting to smoke cigarettes, (hey, i was born in 1951) I chided them and chastised them for their conformist behavior. When they all started drinking, I thought that was silly too, and eventually discovered that i have a very rare (for an Italian) gene mutation that renders me alcohol intolerant–I don’t get drunk, just sick… haha. built in Saturn stuff!! So when dear hubby was told by his docs that he had to quit drinking, I applauded, because i hated the stuff. I could go on and on, but my weight has never been a problem either. instead i am plagued by aching bones, neck, back, hips… unless I stick to my exercise for the most part. So I am not wise enough of an astrologer to understand what the links to Moon and Pluto are, but it seems to me that having that saturn stuck between two septiles AND in the middle of a stellium in the sixth house AND being in Libra after all does strengthen it somewhat.

  8. The Mars does seem easier for me to figure out, especially since I’m an Aries Sun. Most of my Saturn ideas are likely “not ready for airplay” including, no, I didn’t actually have to sleep with old guys to get my job, and, no, I don’t actually work with dead people; it just seems like it some days.

    In addition to this aspect, Saturn is in a close trine with my Ascendant, 8 Pisces 10. When I was in 6th grade, people thought I was in college; now that I’m an old fogie (not THAT old), people think I’m much younger. Note: That’s younger, not beautiful, so it has all the pluses and minuses of being thought of as younger! That quality of looking different from my personality has always been a factor, for good and ill, in my work.

    • It’s quite typical for Saturnian types to look older in adolescence than they do around their Saturn return, and usually younger than their age all along. Donna

  9. Looks like I have two. Saturn/Pluto and the S. Node/Neptune. (I have found this aspect in others but never thought to look at my own chart! *laughing*
    You know I never thought of septiles, quntiles and other such aspects as minor. Honestly sometimes I think they are too much trouble to find and bring out in a way where the native can use them. They ARE considered an esoteric aspect. (inner development) An area that no one can know better than the native.

    I see septiles as builders of inner tension. I have seen quite a few refer to the septile as a Karmic aspect. (I don’t quite go along with that.) I rather see it as a process by which we choose our our fate.
    I can see Saturn at play within my perceptions as I see him as working through the 12 gardens in my chart. Weeding out the things that inhibit growth.
    A septile goes into a circle 7 times with a little left over. As we complete a life cycle there is always a little left over that was not reconciled or understood. This becomes the seed for the next incarnation.

    Asking such philosophical questions such as; “can democracy and capitalism coexist in harmony with benefit for everyone?” How we answer such septile like questions will determine what we hold as a value. What we reap in time as a consequence of that value will determine fate.

    • Much to ponder in your reply, John. I like the 12 gardens analogy a lot.

      But the description of an aspect as “karmic” has always seemed too abstract to me–hard to observe karma in action. So I’m just collecting data, and the people who are reporting on their experiences are giving us all valuable perspectives on septile. Thank you all! Donna

  10. I have a septile between cancer jupiter at 11.53 and virgo neptune at 3.34; I feel this increases my emotional response to music (also some talent) and probably increases my psychic perceptions. On the other hand it probably makes me too sensitive to slights or criticism.
    Donna, your septile sounds like the effect of my leo Mars square Taurus mercury.

    • Thanks, maryjane. Yes, you see, all aspects between the same pair of planets (here Mars and Mercury) have certain major qualities in common. They mainly differ in the degree of comfort they have with the combination and in what they do to try to work out any inherent conflicts between the needs and urges of the two planets.

      One of the wonderful features of the original AstroDataBank software (no longer available, sadly) was that you could mine their collection of over 4000 notables’ birth charts and ask for a list of all the people with a particular aspect or chart feature, including their birth data and biographical details.

      Like you could ask for all the people with Mars-Mercury conjunctions, then for lists of people with Mars-Mercury sextiles, then squares, trines, quincunxes and oppositions. I learned a great deal from it, especially that fine tuning about what ways they were alike and what ways they were different. I don’t recall seeing these little-known aspects there, though. Donna

  11. I’m quite interested in these lesser known aspects, because I have a lot of them in my own chart, and people whose charts emphasize them seem to be drawn to me as clients.

    I have Mercury septile to Mars, too, Donna, and I don’t drive either! So maybe Mercury septile Mars is a non-driver aspect? I do think the septile aspect has a Neptunian quality, with maybe a touch of Aquarius. I don’t drive because my concentration tends to focus in a narrow, laser-like way rather than broadly (Neptunian oneness? or spaced-out-ness?), so I don’t notice things as a driver that I ought to be noticing in order to drive safely. On top of that, I have a strong sense of responsibility so the thought of driving in spite of my lack of aptitude for it is anathema to me. I know Mercury can relate to short-distance travel and Mars to the sort of initiative one needs to put one’s foot on the gas pedal; perhaps the septile aspect tends to get in the way of the precision needed to combine these things successfully in the material world.

    But I also know that writing (Mercury) is something I’m persistent at (Mars in Taurus), and a poetic style comes naturally to me – the septile aspect seems to be prominent in the charts of poets (though my Mercury is in Pisces, which could also have something to do with that). This seems to describe you as well, Donna.

    My Mercury-Mars septile is part of a pattern of linked septile-family aspects: a triseptile between Mars and Saturn, a septile between Mercury and the Moon’s North Node, and a biseptile between Mars and the Moon’s North Node. I haven’t been able to discern any particularly distinctive pattern in how transits that activate this pattern operate in my life – I think that, like Neptune, the septile has a veiled and slippery nature that’s hard to pin down to the timing of distinct events. However, I will note that septile transits are dominating my horoscope at the moment – could that have something to do with this post, I wonder?

    • Very interesting what you say about driving and Mars-Mercury aspects, Margaret. Why I wouldn’t trust myself at the wheel, is that I’m off somewhere in my mind, pursuing ideas that interest me, and its so very difficult to keep focusing back on what’s right in front of me.

      I do practice focusing on what is going on on the road and with other drivers when I’m riding with someone else, just to see if I could do it, because my life would be so very different if I drove and could just pick up at a moment’s notice and go where I wanted. But it’s very frustrating and a constant effort to stay focused that way. Also, and this is another Mars-Mercury skill I seriously lack, my eye-hand coordination is very poor.

      What I’m seeing is that I do have some gifts related to my Mars-Mercury septile, but I also do have some fairly serious drawbacks. Donna

      • Actually, I have very good eye-hand coordination. I’ve always been a very “craft”-y person – I knit, crochet, play the piano, make my own jewelry, stuff like that. But, just like you, I go off in my mind and pursue ideas, which does seem very related to the Mars-Mercury septile. (Mars – pursuit, Mercury – ideas, the septile – being less connected with the material world).

  12. Also, Donna, you said, ” I work to make my writing sharp and clear, and often say that when I get to the revision stage, I edit with a stilletto. I cut, cut, cut all the extra and repetitive words so automatic with my Mercury in Gemini. There is a precision in my word choice that my Neptune in the 3rd surely does not lend itself to!”

    I do this, too, so maybe this is Mars with its vigilant weaponry at work on Mercury via the idealistic septile. Actually, with my Mercury in Pisces rather than Gemini, I often have to add more words when I revise, but excess verbosity annoys me, and I can usually find a lot of unnecessary words and phrases to trim out, as well.

  13. Looking at my chart again for septiles, I’m noticing just how many sextiles I actually have, which I tend to ignore. But as far as septiles, I have Saturn-Jupiter, Neptune-MC, Neptune-Venus, and MC-Eris, Venus-Eris.

    Saturn-Jupiter is easy. I work A LOT. Like a WHOLE lot. And even while I’m working a lot, and other people see it as workaholism and berate me for having no “outlet” or “release,” I don’t lose my Jupiterian idealism because I freaking love what I do and I want to do it more. I often surprise myself with this attitude towards work, because that is definitely not what was communicated to me throughout childhood. (That was my first thought, which is interesting, because when I see Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, I tend to interpret them as sort of receiving mixed messages, that there’s a disconnect between going, going, going, and careful, careful, careful all the time that weakens one’s ability to trust one’s own instincts. I know I don’t have that, though.)

    Neptune and Eris septiling my Venus and MC are kind of unusual. Venus-Neptune makes sense as to my artistic sensibility and the sort of work I used to make that drew heavily on mythology and classical themes and creating these sort of fantasy-scapes with a dark subtext. (Or maybe the dark subtext is Eris.) It could also describe my appearance, since people are always telling me how I look so pre-Raphaelite as if I did it on purpose or something. (Although they probably won’t anymore now that I have 1981 roller-disco hair.) I don’t know as much about Eris as I should, but everything I’ve read about has to do with setting yourself apart from others in a way that can be perceived as hostile but isn’t necessarily actually so. Beauty and sexual availability as a threat also used to figure prominently in my artwork. Hell, it figures prominently into my life. It’s weird, for someone who thought I was seriously disgusting-looking for most of my adolescence, I’ve always felt really affronted somehow when people tell me I’m pretty. I can take a compliment, sure, but usually it doesn’t seem that people are actually complimenting me- they’re saying it in a backhanded kind of way that implies I’m asking for unwanted attention or I’m trying too hard. I’m working on my body image issues and stuff and I’m doing a lot better and still have a ways to go, but I do know that when I’m in my 50’s and 60’s on up, I don’t want to be the kind of older woman who resents younger women and shows it by glaring at them for wearing a pretty dress, or saying, “Well, you do have really big breasts” or “Well, I mean, look at what you’re wearing, you can see everything” when men make inappropriate comments to them, or just flat out telling them that they’re wearing too much make-up and they look like whores in some warped attempt to make myself feel better. (True stories, all.)

    • Great observations, Lucy, thank you so much for the detailed analysis! For what it’s worth, I happen to LOVE Jupiter-Saturn aspects and can usually spot them in other people. They tend to be QUALITY individuals who are ethical and well-meaning in their efforts to improve and educate others, and they work hard to contribute something that makes the world a better place.

      I was proud, when I starting taking a fresh look at my chart to study the lesser-known aspects, to discover that I have a semi-sextile from Saturn in Gemini to my 12th house Jupiter in Cancer. Donna

  14. Not sure with this and if so, even less sure of the how it has worked in my life or should I say the understanding of it but here goes.

    Venus @ 25.24 in Aquarius in the 6th to Mars in Aries 17.54 in the 8th. I’ve pretty much gotten along equally well with male & female bosses and co-workers in my 25 years in the workforce. Have also been entrusted to manage assets/resources even though I was usually much younger than that had been there longer. Close or way out in left field? lol

    • It sounds like you’re on the right track, MS, and using the aspect well in the workplace. Something to wonder, given Mars-Venus, 6th-8th, would be whether there’s also been workplace romances and whether that’s been a drawback or a perk of the job? Donna

      • Ooh, interesting Donna! There was one and many other offers but I declined. It is very much a drawback and I doubt I’ll ever do that again. Romance period for that matter! lol

        My Sun is conjunct that Mars in Aries along with Pluto/Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in Virgo. You’ve got me wondering about the other side of Mars-Venus. Maybe this is why I sense a subtle (jealousy/tension?) from men in the workplace. I don’t really know how else to put it into words. But I think the Mars-Venus helps me to understand men and women so I’m able to earn their respect.

        As I think about it maybe Mars-Venus is why I can’t wear the androgynous label. There is no question that I’m a female. Got the rack to prove it and look damn good when I dress to the nines. lol However, at 44, I’m still a bit of a tomboy in that I love sports, a challenge and don’t mind working up a sweat. I’m also quite mechanically inclined. If you want to give me a present and give me a choice between a kitchen appliance and a power tool I’ll take the power tool anyday! I like working with my hands. I can cook quite well but I don’t like doing it! So I feel like the Mars-Venus is the presence of the feminine and masculine in me.

      • Interesting insights, MS.

        These comments are really helpful, folks! It’s so hard to articulate what the septile is about, but we’re getting somewhere. Thanks! Donna

  15. Fascinating topic!

    I have only one septile – very tight – between Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Sagittarius. Both planets are prominent – Mercury is the chart ruler and in a t-square with Sat, Ura and Plu. Moon is conjunct Mars on the MC. This is the first time I’ve really considered the septile, but my initial feeling was that it is reassuring to see these two planets support each other. Perhaps this feeling of reassurance says something about the nature of a septile, perhaps not. Very often I feel as if I just know things but I don’t know how I know them. I’m not taking about psychic types of experience here, but about having a gut feel for things. Again, perhaps this is a Moon-Mercury septile thing. On the negative side, my emotions can play havoc with my mindset sometimes and vice versa.

    • Good example, Mandi, thanks! I like the sound of it in terms of teaching/writing abilities and also a philosophical frame and upbeat of mind. On the debit side, possibly tending to be overly intellectual about emotions? Donna

  16. What an interesting assignment Donna!
    I have found two septiles, applying aspects, and two separating. (30/04/50 7:42 am, Claresholm AB)

    Closest one is from my first house Uranus at 2 degrees Cancer to my Sun in 11th house Taurus.

    This makes a pattern of Uranus to sun and the sun trines my Virgo Saturn in the fourth. (Father was a Virgo and so is my son)

    First thought is that I had a father who was eccentric.

    The septile seems like a repeat energy of Uranus close to the ascendant. A double knot? Or double strikes of lightening?

    The other is a septile from Pluto in third house Leo, to my 26 degree Gemini ascendant. (The two septiles cross over each other.)

    Pluto septile Ascendant then trines the MC which trines my Moon Neptune conjunction in Libra, which then sextiles back to Pluto. Makes for an interesting circuit. I suppose this adds to my Pluto count?

    I find this interesting because now, later in life, I have grown up and want to be an artist. (Moon/Neptune fifth house) and finding this Pluto connection gives me more power as an artist.

    So it seems to me like the septile adds to or amplifies the all ready existing energy. Gives you a boost? Or does it give a delay? Or use it after your second Saturn return?

    If the first septile starts working, it will give me the Uranus/Sun/Saturn like you talk about being prominent in astrologers. I have Aquarius on the MC and Uranus in the first house – why hasn’t that made me an astrologer? I’ve tinkered with astrology for years.

    Interestingly enough, I have just started to study Carolyn Egan’s Weather forecasting using astrology. And this very morning, as I was waking up, I was mentally writing the weather for this summer.

    For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write a weather column using astrology. Now it’s manifesting. And now you show me the septile. Hum?


    Pluto to south node (7 Libra) and Mercury to Aries (10th) north node. (both separating)

    Delay could be an interpretation of Mercury to tenth house – delay in writing for a career? Now that you’ve brought the knowledge of the septile, I can start working with them? Putting them to good use in my two careers, writing about astrology and painting? Or finding this out later in life could also be an interpretation. And I agree they feel powerful.

    Looking forward to your splendid comments, Donna,

    • Thanks for giving such a clear picture of a septile at work, Judy. I love your conclusion: “So it seems to me like the septile adds to or amplifies the all ready existing energy. Gives you a boost? Or does it give a delay?”

      It’s entirely possible that mastering the energy pattern of a septile needs seasoning through experience and maybe is best used later in life. Donna

  17. I have a septile between Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st house & Neptune in Libra on the cusp of the 11th (1 degree orb). As a Libra Sun-Moon person, Venus has extra weight so this turns out to be an important septile.

    I have always been creative/artistic. Started by illustrating my childhood fantasies and ended up getting a rather useless degree in Art. To this day, I always have some handwork (spinning, knitting, embroidery) to do while relaxing in the evening.

    Vivid imagination, excellent ability to visualize are upsides. Overly romantic notions that took YEARS to weed out is a downside.

    Another odd note related to Venus being in the 1st house is how other people see me as far younger than I am . . . not as good as one would think either. When I was 25, I spent a school year in Finland and people I met thought I was about 15! The camera has always been pretty kind to me though.

    There is also a septile between Jupiter in Scorp the 12th & the Virgo MC. Not so sure how that one works. Alternately career breaks via luck and ending up working incredibly hard for very little monetary return. A true career always eluded me.

    Great idea, Donna, for drawing on the best guide to learning how these obscure aspects work. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂


    • Thanks, Diane. Your Venus-Neptune septile almost sounds like a quintile in its creativity. Donna

  18. after finding the two in my own chart, I decided to look in the charts of my immediate family; husband, two sons. I couldn’t find a single one.
    I came up with a formula to find them.
    for each sign i came up with degrees; aries 0, taurus, 30, gemini, 60.. up to Pisces at 330.
    then i added the actual degrees of each planet.
    (I did this on Excel). After i had the person’s planets all written up in this 360 degree format, i simply added 51 degrees to each and put it in another column. For those that went over 360, i just subtracted 360. Next I compared column A to column B and looked for matches…

    • Yes, good Mimi. You invented the system intuitively, but actually it’s the one known way of coming up with exact numbers of degrees involved in an aspect. It’s also the way we used to hand-calculate composite charts before some wonderful software programmer taught computers how to do it in seconds. (“Why, when I was just a young astrologer, we used to have to do progressions, by hand….”) Donna

  19. I have a septile between my Virgo Ascendant and my Scorpio Neptune in the 2nd/ almost 3rd. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but maybe it’s helped give my service oriented Virgo Rising a more spiritual/creative approach to life. I’ve always felt connected to something greater than myself and try to serve in ways that nurture both practically (Virgo) and spiritually (Neptune). My idealistic nature understands that it takes hard work to turn big dreams into reality. And details matter; everyone counts.

    I also have a great imagination and a poetic (yet detailed) way of communicating. I’m an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my art, which can sometimes be filled with intricate design elements. My attention to the finer points would drive a more “relaxed” person crazy!

    I think the septile has affected my appearance as well, giving me a bit of an other-worldly quality. I’m older now, but when I was younger, people were always telling me I looked just like some movie star or celebrity; sometimes I even got treated like one.

    This post was a lot of fun. I learn a lot from people’s comments. Thanks

    • Great contribution, LB, thanks for sharing it. What you say rings very true. Donna

  20. Hi Donna,
    I’m so glad that you’re building this mountain of information through your ongoing conversations with your readers.

    Thanks to reading this blog I discovered that I have three fairly exact septiles which enlightened me on several aspects of my life.

    My moon in Leo is septile to both Uranus gemini and Neptune in Libra. My mother is an Aquarian with Uranus conjunct her sun and with several planets in Pisces. Emotionally I am very empathetic (though I also have neptune rising) and I feel I live in the spirit world more than the physical world. As far as the septile with Uranus, I will take great emotional risks in relationships, and don’t seem to mind riding the roller coaster. It’s funny, but I will take risks emotionally that I would never take physically as let’s say the “adventurer” that my Sag sun would indicate. ( I might add that my moon is the most aspects planet in my chart, and ruler of my midheaven.)

    My second Septile is from Saturn in Virgo to Venus in Libra. This is very enlightening! All of my relationships have been deep karmic ones, for which I have had to forge my own journeys of learning and growth. I have never entered a relationship for “pleasure” but more for deep understanding and the feeling of being drawn by destiny. My saturn is in the 12th house, and so that adds to the karmic nature of the relationships. And Venus is the ruler of my ascendant and in the first house. When I meet someone, I can see far down the road of the relationship right at the beginning. This is when I know it is my path. Thank goodness I am clear in my understanding of this because I am not waylayed by people whose opinions are well meaning, but not applicable to what I am experiencing.

    I hope this helps you. It certainly helps me, because I never thought of myself as having a Saturn Venus aspect but always felt as if I did.

    Thanks again,

    • Excellent delineations, Regine. They sound very accurate and self-aware, and I’m glad you discovered where your Venus-Saturn traits come from. This has been fun, hasn’t it? Donna

      • Yes, Donna, it’s been amazing, and thanks to you for all your generous teachings!

  21. Septiles……sounds like sepsis…..does not resonate. But it is there nonetheless.

    What orb do you use for a Septile?? I have Saturn 8 in Leo and Uranus 19 in Gemini….

    This subject throws me into another subject which I wish you would address. How important are these ‘other’ angles which are not given due mention in most astro. books??????

    I wish you would look at Quintiles.
    I think Quintiles are a mark of extra talent? Anyone???

    Does anyone besides moi get overwhelmed with all of these extra angles….noviles anyone??

    And then this is another subject for another day.
    ” How to renew the astrological part of your brain.”
    “R & R for a Plutonian.” (Refresh and review)…..”Angles Schmangles”…..

    Onward…..keep on writing Donna. I so enjoy reading these articles.


    • Hi, Molly. I’d use an orb of 2, maybe stretched to 3, for most of these little-known aspects. How important are they? Well, we don’t know, do we, since nobody talks about them–and maybe one reason they don’t talk about them is because nobody knows what they mean. So maybe by research like this, we’ll get some understanding of what they really do in people’s lives. For instance, the more I tease out the effects of my Mercury-Mars septile, the more signficant things I see related to cognitive and motor skills that really aren’t explained sufficiently by other, more common aspects.

      The other thing is that they’re harder to spot in the chart, although you can tell your software to find them. The more common aspects based on 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 degrees are relatively simple to find and analyze, because they deal with whole signs and an orderly progression through the signs by element and mode.

      As for the quintile, LOVE them! And yes, I’ve always been taught that they’re aspects of talent and I can see it in mine. So we’ll get there in this research project, but I want to work first on the ones we really don’t have any idea about. Glad you’re all enjoying the process. Donna

  22. I have just learned that I have two septiles:

    Venus in Cancer in 4th house septile Jupiter in Virgo in either the 5th (Koch) or 6th (Placidus) house:

    This speaks of my career teaching art to small children.

    It also shows my approach to designing our home. I am definitely a Virgoan “place for everything and everything in its place” type but I also believe in the Jupiterian “more is more” credo when it comes to colors, patterns, textures, styles, etc…

    Neptune in Scorpio in 8th house septile Midheaven in Capricorn reminds me of the way I felt when I first read the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross or encounter the No One Dies Alone program. Perhaps my future path will move from those at the beginning of life to those near the end?

    • What a lovely application of that Venus-Jupiter septile, Mari. (Are you OUR Mari, by the way? Who worked with us proofing Vibration Magazine?) Donna

      • Nope, sorry, another Mari: )

  23. I have Venus in the 11th, and I thought it was unaspected – until now, that is. As far as I can see – but I am mathematically challenged to say the least, even with a calculator – I might have a septile from Uranus in Virgo at 1 17, and Venus in Libra at 22 46. (There’s may also be another aspect from Venus to Jupiter at 7 51 Pisces, but I don’t know what it’s called). There’s also Sun at 6, Pluto at 9 and Moon at 10 degrees Virgo – would that be septiles also?
    I’m not sure how this energy plays out. There’s no other aspects to Venus, and it’s pretty strong in Libra. Uranus/Venus – I have interesting friends, often foreign friends, so perhaps that something. I’m a writer and write dark thrillers and horror books for kids (I have a strong Pluto), but I’ve also written romance short stories/novels for years. But Uranus and romance? Hm …

    • Hi, Natalie, the Venus-Uranus septile definitely is in range (2-3 orb for a septile) but the Sun, Pluto, and Moon are too wide. Venus-Uranus aspects can create lots of romantic excitement and sudden twists and turns in the love department, so that would be an asset for a romance writer. Check out the articles abougt Venus-Uranus in the archives here. Donna

  24. Hello Donna:
    There is one septile in my chart between Saturn and my Ascendant. What I did to see just what a
    septile might mean is to use the Solar Arc. When
    Saturn moved by degree to my Ascendant in 2002 I became a Reiki Master/Practitioner. Since
    Saturn is in Virgo in my chart to me the Septile possibly indicates a special task one may want to work on in this life and if you choose to utilize the
    gift it will come to you. I also have a bi-septile if I am able to bring that aspect up to you. It is between my Mercury/Uranus, and I have studied and practiced astrology for the past 25 years and often dream of astrology. Flashes of insight come to me at times concerning astrology. Neptune/Mercury in my chart is a tri-septile if I may even go further into the septile at 154 degrees. And the midpoint between Neptune/Mercury is my Uranus. To me the septile possibly indicates a special degree that you can use if you want but maybe only if it is used in service for others?? One can use any transit any way in which you desire but the special degrees such as the septile or quintile come only if you use them for helping others.
    Just a thought here not sure. Thank you, Donna, for yet another very interesting subject and I look forward to seeing your words in Mountain Astrologer that I subscribe to also.

    • What a good thought, using progressions to test septiles’ meanings, Mary! If they are “real,” then there ought to be an event related to the planets in the septile or a shift in use of that aspect! I wonder whether Mars or Mercury was triggered when I had the head injury in a serious car accident. It ruined my short-term memory and changed my life forever.

      I don’t mind your bringing up the biseptile (2x 1/7 of the circle, or 102.8) or the triseptile (3x 1/7, or 154.3), I just don’t have any insights to offer into it. Donna

    • Hi Mary – I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated what you shared; I’ve read about the spiritual aspects of septiles, and it makes perfect sense considering what I’ve recently discovered as far as using my own gifts and/or hidden talents to benefit others. I’m currently experiencing significant secondary and Solar Arc progressions involving my Ascendant/Neptune septile. Coincidentally I just started exploring alternative healing modalities, including Reiki. Natal aspects and recent transits have reinforced this, but I can see how the progressions have been acting as a trigger, pushing me into new territory. Thanks for this.

  25. This is so exciting to really delve into the study of
    these septile aspects. I didn’t realize before how
    Mercury in my chart was really being affected and
    tended to focus more on the Saturn opposing it rather than looking deeper into the septiles. And it is so good to hear about you, LB, sharing your
    insights, too, concerning your path into healing
    and Reiki. It tends to reinforce the belief that there is something to the Septile and wanting to be of help to others.
    Donna, I am so sorry to hear of your head injury from the car accident. I didn’t realize this had happened to you. We all benefit so much from
    your teachings and all of us are learning so much from you. If you look when this occured, where
    there any septiles involved in your chart at the
    time of your accident?
    Speaking of the bi’s and tri’s of the septile my Mercury is also involved with Pluto by a bi-quintile so I am not sure if they are weakened by being
    those degrees or the same. Interesting to look
    into those in the future.
    Thank you, Donna. I buy the Dell magazine simply to read your responses to people’s questions, by the way!!

    • Hi, Mary, welcome to Skywriter. Well, the head injury was many years ago, but it did change my life significantly and made me cut back on chart readings. I’ve learned some really good workarounds for the short-term memory loss, and it doesn’t seem to affect my ability to recall astrological interpretation. Donna

  26. There is a miracle in that you were able to retain
    your astrological knowledge. You are one of the best out there and we are the better for knowing
    you. There is a reason for everything but wonder why this happened to you. Thank you.

  27. Not sure I understand the septile but I looked at my chart and I have one between the ascendant and Mercury ( could be my mind and body connection)and a biseptile between Neptune and the Sun. I have been thinking about this and I realized that for a good part of my life I have kept secret the more spiritual part of me so maybe it was part of my ego(Sun) that other people saw. I was thinking about all the positive and negatives of Neptune and maybe there were parts of me that were even a mystery to myself.

    Really need your in put here.

    • The septile is an aspect we don’t know much about, and the point of looking at them here is to tease out the meaning in our lives. I don’t have answers for you, but it looks like you’re doing that for yourself. Donna

  28. Hello Donna,
    Fresh off the blog for semi-squares and less than 24 hours’ new to this site, I’m on a roll and thought I’d keep going!

    I have two septiles:

    1. Mercury (H#3 27 Aq; 60 points in Strength) and Mars (H#5 18 Aries) Mars leads my chart.
    –This one is pretty easy; I have LOTS of energy; make up stories and rhymes all the time for kids; teach free dance at my son’s school; LOVE TO EXPRESS –sing, chant, dance, AND LAUGH–my best ANTIDEPRESSANTS. BUT could not stand writing journals/logs etc until recently when I discovered I can write spoken word; now I can’t stop (I told a friend I need to go to Rhymers Anonymous). I LOVE precision in both thought and action; very athletic; coordinated; very strong– I am a she-warrior par excellence. –currently learning how to use poetry rather than my sharp tongue (also Scorpio rising) to make a point. For example, just yesterday, ex-hub #2 was doing his usual “me first” thing re: scheduling for our son. Instead of losing my temper, after I got off the phone, a spoken word piece about this chronic issue flew out of my head into the computer; I then chanted it onto his voice mail at work (It’s private.) I felt great; he’s still mad; I can hear it in his voice but he can’t say a word–he’s a poet too and the poem was GOOOOD–what could he possibly say?!

    2. Moon (H#10 17Virgo) and Uranus (H#8, 24 Cancer)
    This one I need help with. Or at least it is not so clear and the stories don’t come readily. I have a strong Uranus (40 points) and a weak Moon (19 points). Maybe Uranus helps strengthen my Moon? Also Uranus is in Cancer so that must help my poor Moon. I know; that’s Astrology stuff and not a real story. Let me think. (I’m a shrink…I have to do this free flow thing when I am trying to let something out!) Okay, I got it–maybe. My friends just shake their heads when they hear the litany of catastrophes that have occurred in my life over the last three years (while tSaturn was sitting on my Moon and Pluto landing on my Venus!). MAYBE Uranus is situated there to help my Moon (and I am Aquarius sun) in the way that I am extremely extremely tuned in emotionally to people I love; extremely vulnerable and my strong Uranus helps me to accept emotionally that it’s a fact of (my) life that things can just blow up in your face. That way, I don’t have to suppress or repress my emotions because if that happens, look out! Between my Martian Aries and Scorpio rising, it ain’t a pretty sight!
    Does that make sense? I still feel like I haven’t got as close as I can. (That precision thing.) It might come out in a poem. I’ll work on it.

    p.s. Had to go and answer the door before I sent this. Another thought showed up (surprised?) For years, I battled with the question of whether I had a Bipolar Disorder, due to my “highs” and “lows”. Once I got a handle on better understanding myself (AGAIN, THANK YOU ASTROLOGY) I got much better at grounding (Saturn is sextile my Moon) myself and not going all expansive and inflated-like when I was experiencing periods of what I know now to be, “inspiration”. (Neptune 12 th H trine Sun 3rd house). I deconstruct; then reconstruct CREATIVELY now, not by over-analyzing or searching for solutions. I let the guidance just float up into my awareness like a rising dawn. AND true emotions are my barometer. I aim for JOY; NOT exhiliration. That feels like a good Uranus:Moon team effort.

    Seems like my Mars: Mercury septile is in tune with my Moon: Uranus septile. In the world of nonlinears systems theory as applied to brain function, we call that non-local coherance. Same dynamism; different part of the brain; in synch.
    Now, who says Astrology is not a science????


    • Thanks for being part of our aspect research, Judith, and welcome to Skywriter. We don’t know septiles very well, which is why people are trying to puzzle out theirs in the comments for this one…just trying to “feel” them and how they work for us.

      The Moon-Uranus aspects I could write a whole article about, but you’ll find plenty of Moon-Uranus aspects commenting on their Moon scores and how different they are from the lunar stereotypes. Think about the differences between Cancer and Aquarius and how weird it would be to have to combine them in one person, then amp it up about 20 degrees and you’ll start to get it. You have a good handle on the Mars-Mercury one. I’ve got one, and so did others in the septile group, so look for those comments. Donna

  29. Hello Donna,
    Thank you for your helpful response! I am going to swim over to the Moon score blog and see what those folks are up to, as you suggested!

  30. Donna, I’m finding such treasures as I explore your blog. Thank you!

    I found four when I went looking: Pluto/Mars, Uranus/MC, MC/Sun, and Jupiter/North Node. The “aha” for me was my Aquarius Midheaven septile my Aries Sun.

    I struggle with reconciling my very traditional career choice (I’m a high school English teacher) with the innovation that is commonly associated with Aquarius. (Though I do have other aspects that suggest education as a career.) The only connection I’ve been able to make is the intellectual/communication aspect with the air sign. While that’s still a little fuzzy for me, the connection with the Sun makes sense of my belief that I AM my career. Even outside of school I’m a teacher, and I behave in a manner that is appropriate to that in most public arenas. I feel like this connection really ties my collective-minded (11th house) soul to my career in an astrological way rather than just an emotional one.

    I wonder if the Uranus connection doesn’t speak to my potential to be an innovator in the field, though I’m quite green to be considering that now.

    So wonderful when astrology brings out something you’d never even considered!

    • Strong contacts to the MC, and you’re starting to tease their meaning out. For the mars/Pluto septile, have a look at the article on Mars/Pluto aspects and manifestation mojo to see if you have any of that. Donna

  31. OK, Moon at 3LE38 in the 9th, (or 8th, depending on the house system), septile Mercury at 25VI46 in the 10th, which septiles Neptune at 16SC08 in the 12th. i.e., Moon biseptile Neptune with Mercury at their midpoint. If you take this configuration, and extend it into the rest of the chart, (imagine a 7-pointed star), Saturn down at 29AQ11 in the 3rd falls on one of the points, (it opposes the Moon/Mercury midpoint). So it’s a 7-series configuration involving 4 planets. I’ve never given much thought to how this plays out. If you’ll notice, Mercury and Saturn fall in each other’s houses, (and they’re both well-placed by sign). Maybe I’ll sit with it a while and see if anything comes to me. In the meantime, do you have any ideas or questions, Donna?

    • Do I have any questions? Yeah. How are you not the Pope? Impressive configuration! Donna

      • Ha ha! I guess the answer to that question lies somewhere in the rest of my chart. Or how do you know I’m not the Pope? Actually, I’d rather be the Dalai Lama 🙂

  32. Hi Donna=-)

    This was a good idea.

    Do tri and biseptiles count too?

    I have Jupiter(Taurus 11th) biseptile Moon(virgo 3rd house), Saturn(Leo 2nd) biseptile Mercury(Scorpio 5th), Uranus(Scorpio 5th) septile Venus(OOB Capricorn 7th), NN(Scorpio 5th) septile Moon, NN Triseptile Jupiter, Ascendant(Gemini) biseptile Pluto(Libra Singleton 4th),
    MC (Pisces)biseptile Mercury, MC biseptile Mars(Scorpio 5th), MC Triseptile Saturn

    I’m not sure how these would workout in my chart though. With as many as I have there must be an impact of some sort.

    • I suppose they must mean something, but I don’t know what. Figure out in what ways Jupiter and the Moon are related in your life. Or mercury and Saturn. There’s an article about Mercury_saturn aspects on this blog–read the article and the comments, because people with all manner of Mercury-Saturn aspects respond there. See if you related to what they are saying or not. Donna

      • Thank you Donna! =-)

        I’ll look into it.

      • So far over all I think that all the Triseptile/Biseptiles/Septiles all together have given me more of a spiritual/dreamy kind of neptune like feeling,but…

        I think that I’ve found how Saturn biseptile Mercury influences me, as well as a few others, at least I think so, =-) I have a serious lack of confidence in my own intelligence. Perhaps it makes me a late bloomer as well. (Which I am)

        The Jupiter biseptile Moon may help me to be more optimistic and kind with a better sense of humor. It may also contribute to my already strong scorpio emotions.

        Uranus Septile Venus, I couldn’t find the right words for this aspect so I cheated and looked it up, XD….sorry.

        “You are almost surely a very gifted artist, and express cosmic themes through your art. You are drawn to unusual journeys in consciousness, and are probably an avid meditator. You embrace a vision of a more humane and freer world, and feel it is your destiny to further that cause through your artistic creations. Your work is highly original and has a mysterious or mystical quality.”

        I don’t think I”m really gifted,but I am trying to be an artist. I do like to try to convey a certain, as put above, “cosmic” spiritually, mysteriousness and mystical quality, through what I create. I “feel” my art through my subconscious.
        I also like the idea of a more humane and freer world. I was wondering where that could have come from.

        I’m not sure about the rest,but I hope what I did figure out helps.

        Thank you Donna =-)

      • Thanks for sharing them, Robin. There are articles on Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Uranus aspects here, and if you read them–and especially the comments on Mercury-Saturn aspects, I think you’ll identify. Donna

  33. Hi Donna,

    I’ve been a longtime fan of yours and love your site!

    I have a septile between the Moon at 18.19 Virgo in the 5th and Neptune at 9.08 Scorpio in the 6th.

    Since the age of four, I have known when someone in my presence was ill and have been able to pinpoint their area of illness. As a child, if someone around me was approaching their demise, I would see them moving in slow motion. I conducted a seance at age ten with some friends and the television screen imploded next to me. By the age of fourteen, I began to smell death. When this first happened I held a summer job at a resort as a chambermaid. While cleaning one of the guest’s rooms with my partner, I told her that I smelled death. She, of course, just looked at me like I had three heads and we both kept working. That evening, the gentleman who occupied that room died there of a massive heart attack. My workmate went around telling everyone that I had foretold this man’s death. I felt extremely uncomfortable and a little freaked out. On occasion, in school, I would blurt out certain things to my classmates and when the things I imparted turned out later to be accurate, I soon garnered a reputation for being some kind of weirdo psychic or witch. Needless to say, I soon learned to internalize a lot of what I saw and felt. I also learned that a good sense of humor was a very valuable asset. I guess it’s the Irish in me!

    Now that I am older, have been married, divorced and mothered two children, I have come to terms with whatever this thing is I have. I find it interesting that, no matter where I’ve worked, people approach me unsolicited with their health issues and other personal items. One woman came up to me at my current place of employment after I’d been there a mere two weeks and told me she knew I was psychic! At a previous job, a woman came up to me on her first day of work and advised me that she recognized me as being a witch from some past life she and I had supposedly shared.

    On another occasion, I attended at a psychic’s residence as moral support for a friend of mine who was having some personal issues. Since I was there anyway, I decided to have a reading done. I ended up reading for the psychic and was apparently so accurate that she insisted we work together. She kept calling me and I kept politely but firmly declining until it got to the point that I had to change my number.

    I am always happy to help in whatever way I can, but I will not take money for something over which I have no control and I will never lie about what I see or feel.

    In addition to my long-winded story above, the closest aspect in my chart is Mercury in the 10th at 9.16 Pisces trining Neptune in the 6th at 9.08 Scorpio. I also have Saturn in the 8th in Capricorn in sextile aspect to both Mercury and Neptune and trining my Moon.

    I have 5 earth planets in my chart and work in law. I prefer to have both feet firmly planted on the ground, but I can’t seem to get my head out of the clouds. 🙂 I also have a huge fear of flying, but force myself to do it anyway.

    If I had to interpret the septile aspect in my chart, I would say that, in spite of myself, I am drawn to all things otherworldly, because I don’t seem to have a choice. The Moon in Virgo being involved as part of the septile aspect most certainly represents my mother who was a neat freak and very psychic. Coincidentally, her Moon is in Scorpio conjunct my Neptune in that sign. There’s some kind of synchronicity going on here I think!

    Hope this helps with your research and thanks for all your wonderful astrological insights!!


  34. Very interesting, this blog and question. I have never heard of this aspect before and found an exact septile between my Pluto in Leo at 10 degrees, in the 10th house and Chiron in the 12th house at 2 degrees Libra. I cant forget the other aspects and conjunctions these planets are making , but this connection explains more than I can say. First Pluto is in a massive parallel to Mar/ Uranus conjunction in Gemini in the 9th, a Venus/ Saturn conjunction in the 10th (closer to the MC than Pluto) and they all parallel it as well. I am what is called an O Gitchi Da in Ojibwe culture. A Warrior protector, with certain war medicine many male warriors covet but are not gifted with. Chiron is in between and conjunct Jupiter at 29 Virgo and Neptune at 5 Libra. I always wondered how the later conjunction ( Jupiter and Neptune are parallel ) worked together with the other Mars/ Uranus, Pluto, Venus / Saturn/ MC ? They did not appear to aspect one another until this septile. I could always see how they worked together but not the astrological aspect that would tie them, beyond the gift of a quintile.. This aspect works as occult and behind the scenes help in times of emergency. Another form this might take is the ability to see and understand ” the field” and the big picture of mass mind conditioning and covert political wheeling and dealing regarding for example: the brain washing of small Indian children in Boarding School designed to de culture them and reprogram them. I took to the war field as a wee child to protect my classmates from brutality and in 4 years was successful in changing things. I could not be killed even tho they tried, nor could I be psychologically manipulated but was a success at it, on them. I could transcend physical beatings and pain at will and effect startling healing over night to my feet which were tortured by the nun from fall til spring. I finally thought ENOUGH and ran out to play. When I returned my feet were totally healed and the bandages gone. Chiron/ Pluto here. Because my awareness was strong one would suspect my retrograde mercury somewhere in the mix. It went direct when I left Boarding school and thats when I remembered my most immediate past life ( died in the Military) and how it gave me the where with all to deal on a war field and withstand brutality..The other children could not deal physically or psychologically with brutal handling and this caused me immense pain in my heart. I could see them regress several evolutions backward, that entails generations of incarnations A horrible crime against future generations! Imagine what has happened to the children of Iraq. Retro mercury sextiles Mars , plus the Mercury and Pluto midpoint exactly oppose s my moon in Aquarius. In boarding school I performed symbolic acts or gave symbols because I got tired of being mis understood when talking. My body suffered malnutrition with aching bones, boils, and sties plus bumps and bruises; my hair came out in bunches from being pulled. ( Today its unusually thick); but through it all I maintained a happy child s exuberance for LIFE. I am very proud of the fact that my activities helped transform the most love crippled nun there; which began her healing. I heard she searched for me after leaving boarding school and know it was because of getting her to finally experience a small bit of LOVE. She couldn’t handle more than a small dab. During the time there it became apparent to me she was so cruel because NO ONE had ever loved her but also still had to stop her brutality on the other girls. This was done by making her see herself. Other tidbits: The Venus/ Saturn conjunction quin tile Neptune and Uranus ( Mars) quin tile the Sun. These are the gifts. The Sun conjuncts fixed star Regulus to the minute ( military preferment) and approaches the Full moon by 12 degrees. In esoteric Astrology Pluto symbolizes the abilities to mentally transform embedded concepts. Chiron , the wounded healer. It seems apropos here don’t you think so ?

    • Quite a story, Barehand. It really sticks with you. As for septiles or other “minor” aspects revealing past lives, I couldn’t say, but since the chart of the current life does echo other key lives at various times, you may be onto something. Donna

      • Donna , thanks for this interplay. My main take was on how the Neptune Chiron Jupiter conjunctions played into the rest of the chart. It seems the septile is a strong factor in it. The 4 yr. boarding school experience, tested a vow I made to the Heart Center ( before boarding school) :being the indicator of the movement of the LIFE force( Great Mystery). When my heart felt bad I was on the wrong trail, when it felt good I was doing right. I religiously followed it even when it meant taking a lot of heat from the environment around me. It was the beginning of my understanding of the Native Indian cultures FOUR DIRECTIONS MEDICINE WHEEL teachings.
        The past life recall came after leaving boarding school and coincided with Mercury going direct by progression. It explained to me the karma and ability to withstand a battle field condition as a wee child. My activities at the boarding school protected other children and got rid of some of the manipulation practices used on Indian children and brought healing to one of the perpetrators. I did sustain wounds but nothing that would kill me.It may have knocked me backward psychologically but its nothing I know about. Ignorance is bliss. I say that because in my young womanhood I met two Elders, one a full blood Lakota Medicine man and one was a white haired hereditary Druid Elder. Both men sobbed their heart out for me :, the Druid saying ” You don’t know who you are, what has happened to you?” The other could only utter,” infant love”.I can only take what they said with a grain of salt but I was impressed by the intensity of their uncontrollable sobs. I received help and teachings from both of them and respected both. They both seemed to recall me from a place where I was their teacher and now they must teach me. I will never forget crossing trails with them. We were genetically and historically related by blood it turned out ; but at the time seemed likea random chance meeting. After boarding school the MEDICINE WHEEL TEACHINGS graduated to the Emotional body, then the Mental body and then Soul. All 4 were always there but in boarding school the physical test was dominant , after boarding school and still in mid childhood the emotional ( of the 4 ) was dominant etc. When I met the teacher Elders the Mental / Psychic came into dominance and the Druid pointed me in the right direction and then I met the Lakota , the Soul testing came into dominance. The 4 levels are ll always there. One just gets more adept at handling it. I have written a book I might publish on Amazon.
        If “growing pain” is indicated in the septile …yes its there. Its the price of spiritualising matter, as you may well know.
        Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your readings in Dell Horoscope Magazine.

      • I don’t honestly know about the septiles–people seem to understand their relevance to their lives quite intuitively, and you had a profound experience of them. Donna

      • A more recent thought…perhaps because the Septile is one 7th of the circle it has to do more with the Gestalt of say the 7 colors of the rainbow….the 7 types of finger prints or Stars? What does their unity produce?

      • Interesting! I do know that 7 is a powerful number with lots of mystical associations. Donna

      • I like this. I’ve used the rainbow as an analogy for understanding what bliss is. Most people assume that bliss is just extreme joy, but I don’t think so; it’s all the emotions blended together, experienced as one emotion — what, I imagine, God must feel. And having experienced each of the emotions separately, (even extreme joy!) is not enough to know what bliss must feel like since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s like the rainbow: if you only experience the colors/wavelengths separately, how could you ever imagine white light?

        So here’s the question: are there seven emotions?

      • Seven key emotions? Sounds like a question for the Dalai Lama to answer. A Course in Miracles teaches that there are only TWO emotions–love and fear–and all the others (anger, grief, etc) are ways to avoid confonting the two basic ones. Donna

      • 7 levels of emotion , ending in Bliss? Hmmmm that’s interesting! And the gestalt is BLISS……what could they be..
        happiness,joy, peace,acceptance,serenity,positivity,harmony, would be 7 states of quiet emotions ; and the turbulent ones would be, hate , anger , greed, sadness, negativity, rage,spite and insecurity? Just guessing. Its an interesting question.

  35. I’ve ten septiles though I’ll only focus on four and make it brief.

    Mars Sun : I’m compelled to act irrationally. E.g. Moving to south America
    This is an imperative I can’t fully understand. Normally there’s a very good reason within the grand scheme of things becoming clear in time even as a result of backfiring.
    Saturn Sun: I need to do anything to fulfill my life’s purpose no matter how gruelling and bite the bullet should it come to that. Raison d’etre is met with discipline and responsibility.
    Saturn Mars: I’ve always felt like fate is intricately orchestrated and must do as ordained. There is a sense of higher authority to actions I take. These Saturn aspects are like having a guru dictator inside your head.
    Uranus Sun: Uranus conjuncts Saturn so the otherworldly authority seems to “activate” when I least expect, and with people I least expect. There are very disruptive “do this now” moments. I also have unconventional “intuitive” ideas.

    Interesting side note:
    I’m very undisciplined and not very responsible. Higher purpose and fate are the only things that inspire discipline and responsibility in me. I feel nothing in my chart explains this aside from Saturn septiles. Also the above are in aspect pattern and tend to work together. I’ve also noticed that I have two lone septiles that I don’t feel as much and they tend to work more independently than the rest.

    Important side note:
    After reading the comments I became concerned about being, a bit out there.
    I suspect why. Apparently the septile is more common than bi/tri. My software confirms as much, and that I have lower than average septile but higher bi/tri respectively. I have so much bi that coincidently they were the only ones covered. I’ve only one septile (Mercury P. Fort) but I didn’t consider it significant enough to even include in my septile count. It would be interesting for future research to see if bi septiles have a more abstract and fateful vibe, with septiles being more concrete.
    Hope I’ve helped though I think I’ve just complicated things…


    • Ten septiles is anything but common, Arcana–in fact, I’d label it a bit, uhm, arcane. The number of replies is no indication–only the people with septiles replied, out of all those who read it. Thanks! Donna

      • Arcane is oddly appropriate in my case. 🙂
        But I meant that of the uncommon septiles I tend to see more septiles in charts than bi or tri septiles. But I could be wrong, and which is more common is probably of little importance. What’s important is that having ten of these is a bit scary; I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this page for further insight. Thanks for going where few have gone before, my ten septiles and I appreciate it!

      • Ah, I get it. Well, I didn’t actually ask for biseptiles and triseptiles, so we couldn’t really come to any conclusions. Donna

  36. Guess I’m in the same boat as Robin… Well, I’m certainly looking forward to future research elucidating then. I do hope my trying to piece the pieces together helped nevertheless.

    Best of luck,

  37. These were the only septiles I could find in my chart:
    Venus 21 Scorpio 1st septile Pluto 29 Virgo 11th.
    Mars 13 Scorpio 1st septile Sun 5 Capricorn 3d.

    I’ve always been very interested in things mystical. And I navigate via intuition… I do not understand people who make major life decisions with their intellect; for me, it’s got to be the intuition. I have had a lot of mystical experiences in relationships (prophetic dreams, instantly knowing things about someone, etc.).

  38. I meant to write this a long time ago – let’s see if I can put a few thoughts together on the topic now.

    When a person has adjacent peaks and valleys of ability, how would you expect to see that in a chart? By that I mean, a person seems to be impaired in an ability — perhaps to the point where it could even be labeled a disability — but is above average, even exceptional, in a related ability in a way which doesn’t seem to make sense. I’ll make up an example: let’s say a person gets around day-to-day in a wheelchair, and yet is able to run a marathon in record time. That sort of thing. I’ve seen this phenomenon from time-to-time; have you? I’m reminded of something you wrote, Donna, about not being able to drive, but if I recall, you also wrote about exceptional performance in a related ability. When I think of my own 7-series planetary picture — I have Saturn in the 3rd in Aquarius and Mercury in the 10th in Virgo — I wonder if it’s not somehow related to my own communication peculiarities. Orally, I can barely string two coherent sentences together, but in writing, well you can see for yourself. So what do you think? Could this sort of thing be associated with Septiles?

    • I do like what you’re saying. It goes along with the way that when one sense (e.g. hearing) is impaired, other senses (vision) become stronger in order to compensate. Donna

  39. Oh, and as far as the septile being more common than bi and tri-septiles, I don’t know. But on a purely mathematical level, since the Sun can form septiles with Mercury or Venus, but not bi or tri-septiles, then I would have to agree that the septile is at least slightly more common than the bi or tri.

  40. Hello, I’m Ole Kemeny from Norway.
    My septile observations (I was born sep. 19, 1951 – Budapest, 05:11):
    I’ve hade some special experiences lately which propelled me to study the septile series of aspects more than ever. I have some septile aspects, but I don’t think I can say my 7th harmonic is exceptionally strong without taking asteroids and nodes into consideration, I’m more of a 5th harmonic person with (among others) a very tight Sun Uranus quintile (08 minutes) and an almost equally tight Moon Saturn Biquintile (14 minutes).

    I don’t want to tire anybody with astrological details of my own 7th harmonic chart, but I will mention specially one biseptile aspect between Chiron 27.02 Sag. to R Jupiter 10.59 Aries, the reason why comes later.
    My only septile including a personal planet is between Venus and Uranus, but rather weak, 2 deg. 11 minutes. In spite of the appearent weakness I’ve started taking it into consideration, the reasons are two.

    1. Venus (being retrograde by the way) progressed to the exact septile at the age 18 years 6 months. A few months later I started to prepare for entering the study of music at the highest possible level, which I actually entered a month before I was twenty. At the very same time I got interested in astrology, which I studied on my own for years. Many years later I became a part time practicing astrologer for a period of some years.
    2. I will mention something which may be known by several others than me, which I choose to call “The universal septile points” reckoned from 0 degr. Aries. They are in addition to the 0 degr. Aries: 21.26 Taurus – 12.52 Cancer – 04.18 Virgo – 25.44 Libra – 17.10 Sag. – 08.36 Aquarius. My Uranus is at 13.33 Cancer and my Venus at 2.48 Virgo, which give them a septile quality in addition to the aspect itself.

    I will now describe some qualities in my own life which I choose to explain by septiles: My wife and I had a strong UFO experience in 1995, which set some powerful spiritual forces in motion. Since that moment I’ve (and my wife too) had “inexplicable experiences” which I can’t go into here, but I can tell you they are out of the ordinary, let’s call them spiritual. I gradually dream more and more prophetic dreams (often with astonishing details), have had contact with a late friend, my (electronic) musical instruments is being played by unseen forces and so on.
    Lately both my wife and I have had a special interest in devas /nature spirits (we live in the Norwegian woods, you know) which now seem to be strongly present around our house.

    Things disappear mysteriously, our “grandfather clock” on the wall stops at the moment when a planet enters a new sign (Moon(Pisces) and Venus(Sag.)) on the same day, the next was Mercury into Capricorn, and the planet after that was Mars into Aquarius. (Waiting for Jupiter into Aries!!)

    Some days before Mercury entered Capricorn, it transited my Chiron at 27.02 Sag. and at the same time the Moon was at 10-11 degr. Aries which is my Jupiter pos. The clock was stopped by some force which I call “devas” (which in my opinion probably are servants of yet higher powers), probably to show me that septiles, biseptiles and triseptiles are aspects to be reckoned with. As mentioned earlier my Chiron and Jupiter is in biseptile. Pondering on this, I went out to go shopping and threw a glance at my cars’ tripcounter: it had stopped at 51.4 km. Okay, I thought, that’s the septile again!
    It’s certainly more to tell, but it’s enough for this time.

    • Amazing info, Ole!! Thanks for taking the time to write it out your experience of septiles. You’ve obviously watched them very carefully.

      I know the moment a slower moving planet enters a new sign is powerful, as I feel the “jolt” when it rolls over. But I haven’t paid attention to the inner planets changing signs–makes sense there’s at least a bit of a jolt too. Donna

  41. Ole, do you have a website?

    • I’m sorry, I have no website. I study astrology only from time to time. Mostly I’m now into music teaching and composition.

  42. One more thought on the septile being 1/7th of the circle at 51.428 degrees. That’s the measurement used for the slant of the Great Pyramids…and the measurement that the center crypt is placed which has a preserver quality.Hmmmmmm……….
    I have always looked at the Great Pyramid as the geometric form of prayier in the ( 7 directions) four directions above and below. We create this form when praying. The center where we stand is Holy ; so said Black Elk in” Black Elks Vision” It is a place of power and marks the 7th place..
    I forgot about my previous reply and looked for septiles again and discovered that the Mars/Uranus also septiles Pluto which septiles Chiron. That ties it all together. Also found the North Node septile my Sun….and I have often worked with groups ” nurturing” (N Node in Cancer near the MC, them through teaching.) Its easy for me to speak to groups both large and small. However the Sun is in the 11th house.
    Mercury in the 11th house septile Pallas in the 1st house and filling in a Grand Air Trine to Mars/ Uranus and the Aquarius Moon.

  43. Septiles between each of them:
    Venus (5th Sco) – Mercury (6th Sag) – Moon (9th Aqu) – Lilith (11th Ari)

    Biseptiles: Venus-Moon; Mercury-Lilith
    Triseptile: Venus-Lilith

    – conjunction Venus
    – semisquare Mercury
    – square Moon
    – quincunx Lilith

    For a large portion of my life, I have not heard something else that what Uranus had to said, I gradually began to include painting, I heard a hidden voice that gradually became increasingly clear. Today I begin to be interested in these issues that fill the space of my mind, in the rest of the time except for the crises.
    I feel in this zone, like I have a fully equipped kitchen, I have the experiences (Venus-Uranus) I have the pain (Lilith) I have the feelings (Moon) and I have my mind(Mercury) and I can see the big picture. I start to wander, where is my woman inside me (Lilith-Moon), in fact at the begining i feel good like a man, but I asked me what I am and what I can be. With the same Moon I feel temptation of Lilith. In fact, with only this aspect, all are only sensations, but becouse of aspect between Moon-Mercury, I started to think about them.
    Venus-Moon, I have freedom, I want freedom for all? Why I choose this? And why I understand all the people ? Why I know what happend with all? Why I feel like my reader of my life? Why I look in my life like at the movy. Why I can not cry, why I can not ask for help, why I can undarstand my self, why I can not blame nobody?
    I feel like a have enough experience to learn all others about relations, about what we need like man or woman, but still I can not find the key to treat me first.
    I feel good, with how many questions I put my self, I feel that minor aspects that means a obsession. I don’t have any earth element, but I have Virgo on 5th. This obsession is from Mercury (is involved in all these issues discussed) how want something than I don’t know if exists and I don’t know how to do. For me is an obsession, it is good if I can materialize them in a living way, and it is wrong if I can not do it.

  44. I have Sun 26 Gem 09, and Pluto 17 Leo 57 – 51 deg 51 minutes. Because of this I’ve taken a very personal interest in the aspect and done some exploring. (I’ll get back to my own Septile in a moment.)

    What I’ve found in charts with close Septiles, when at least one of the bodies is the Sun, Moon or a personal planet, is that the two parts of the self have a rather strange relationship — they seem to come into action at the same time, yet there may be no “apparent” connection between them. Or at least, the person is not consciously aware there is a connection between them…and in actuality, there is usually a conscious ‘blind spot’ about this.

    Basically, when one body is activated in the person’s life, so is the other. The person may put forth the energy of one of the bodies totally independent of the other, but the other comes into play in their life at the same time. An imperfect analogy could be the two wheels on the front axle of a car. When the right one turns, the left one turns, and visa versa….but it is the bond between them that causes this….and neither wheel is aware that the other one also is turning.

    For example, let’s say someone has Mars septile Chiron. Whenever Mars is activated, so is Chiron….although the person is not usually consciously aware of this going on. They just cannot use one without the other becoming active. Whenever the Chironic wound is touched…. whenever something
    causes the person to feel the pain…the person finds that their fire, their passions, are stirred, although it may be about something that has no apparent connection to what touched their wound. They find they need to take action, or find an outlet for pent up energy. On the other hand, when their Mars is stimulated…when they feel the urge to attack a problem, or to go into battle, or to express their passions, some aspect of their woundedness pops up in some area of their life that they need to deal with; quite frequently, it is something that made them feel ‘different’ or apart from others in a way that caused them pain.

    Now, back to my own aspect. I remember years ago meeting someone for the first time who had read and followed my research and writings on Chiron for years. He was totally surprised to find that I was a Gemini Sun. He told me he was sure that I was a Scorpio, or had strong Scorpio in my chart (I have no major bodies in that sign.) I asked him why, and he replied because I was so focused on Chiron, and so intensely driven to dig up everything I could find about it.

    His comments surprised me. I never saw myself as driven. I was just having fun. I read bits from numerous books and articles (Gemini), gathered pieces together (Gemini), looked here, there, and everywhere (Gemini), asked lots of people lots of questions (Gemini). Yet at the same time, here I was, trying to search for the very core, the essence, of Chiron’s meaning and would not (no, could not) stop until I found it (Scorpio). Gemini’s, in general, are not known for their stick-to-it-iveness, and are often seen as touching the surface, and then moving on to something else of interest to them.

    It was this that led me to look more closely at the Pluto aspects in my chart, and to give the Septile a second look.

    I looked at some of the times in my life I have consciously invoked Pluto. (Don’t let the hype about ‘generational planets’ blind you….you can invoke the outer bodies in your chart on a personal way.) On a few occasions I felt the need to totally rid myself of something in my life. One illustration: when I was in elementary school, I was so hurt by a girlfriend that I decided I would cut her out of my life completely, and that included blocking everything about her from my mind (to this day I cannot remember her name or even what she looks like, I did it so well.) For some reason, around the same time in my life, I began writing (poetry, short stories), and my report cards in school started showing remarks from the teacher like, “Zane is a smart person but would get better grades if he would stop talking in class all the time.” Or at times I’ve decided something at work really, really needed to be transformed, and set to work to change it. Once I started doing that, it seemed my letter writing to friends and aquaintances snowballed, and I felt motivated to jot down a whole slew of ideas that started coming to mind that had no relation to the change I was working on at the job.

    The more I looked, the more examples in my own life showed up, many too personal to share here. But in each case, following my Sun in Gemini motivation has also awakened my Pluto energies, and riding Plutonian energy for transformation or to dig to the core has stir my Gemini Sun into action.

    So I looked at Septiles in the charts of people I know personally, and found the same thing occurring. Interestingly, when I pointed out what I found..the connection between the bodies in Septile…in almost every case I saw a kind of ‘oh wow!’ look on their face. It was like they had not been consciously aware of what was happening, but they could see it quite clearly once it was brought to their attention.

    I’ve see the Septile described at times as ‘fated’. In many cases, things happen in someone’s life that are actually the result of actions they have taken, but if they are not aware of what they have done, they can be quite surprised at the way the universe reacts in response.

    All my life I’ve attracted people into my life that were heavily influenced by Scorpio, or Pluto, or both. I’ve been plodding away, doing my Gemini stuff, and activating Pluto without intention, and sending out this Plutonian energy that has drawn people to me. Interestingly, in every case where I’ve gotten into a close relationship with one of these Pluto or Scorpio people I’ve taken one step closer to becoming conscious of exactly what goes on in my psyche that makes my Pluto and Sun bond together.

    • I’m delighted that you added your perceptive observations to this group effort, Zane, thanks! Donna

  45. Although my 4 tightest aspects are all minors, I “blame” the 3rd and 4th tightest for addicting me to using the minors. Re my 4th tightest (Moon 1.15 applying orb BiSept to Uran):

    My Moon has only pleasant sextiles and conjunctions if you ignore this BiSept and so I defined myself astrologically for an embarrassingly long time as a more Moon/Nept/Ven conjunct in Libra type person when, in reality all those years, people viewed me as non-relaxing (i.e., an “over” person prone to sudden and short-bursted flights of fancy/excitement and waiting for the next one in between). Feedback such as “you make a bad first impression but are actually really nice …(sic)” or “why are you making people feel nervous when you are such a nice guy” was not rare.

    From the inside, the “always waiting for the next one” part is of particularly concern and, since identified as such has been assigned blame for my not-infrequent inability to appreciate an uneventful day (even though I know mentally that the act of breathing in/out is enough of an orgasm all by itself).

    My other 7 series aspect is the smallest of the Septrangles (i.e., BiSept Sun-Pluto w Sat @ the midpoint). Among these three 7 series aspects, my chart’s overall tightest aspect out of 25 aspects (mixing majors/minors) is the Sun-Sat Sept (0.17 applying) and I have concluded that it is responsible for me having stayed in a good/safe, well-respected day job for decades instead of career-flirting around the way statistically 95% of my work peers have (i.e., I made the conservative choice – hmmm wonder if a tight Sun-Jup trine also played a part).

    • Terrific interpretations, Krewster! I’m glad you added that to our collecction of illustrations. Donna

  46. It’s really nice that you’ve taken the effort
    and time to assist those out there who are seeking out resources pertaining to this subject.
    Your real dedication to getting the solution out there appears to be very helpful and has enabled college students much like me to reach their goals.
    Just know that this work means a lot to all of us.

  47. Hi Donna. This is not our first interaction. You actually printed my chart in Horoscope mag about 3 years ago. I would like to offer up my septiles for review. The first is my venus conjunct ascendant (7 degrees) in Sag septile Mars in Libra-51.48, which is septile jupiter at 0’02 Virgo/conjunct pluto at 28’56 Leo in 9th house. I have very strong faith in the power of God and love. Been told I love intensely and would do anything,but that is not true. I believe everyone has a right to make their own choices. Am always surrounded by children even when don’t want to be. I meet people almost every where I go and never hesitate to encourage them in faith and the oneness of humanity and the cosmos. I believe strongly in the power of faith. Although jupiter/pluto are in 9th house they square a sun/saturn/mercury stellium in 12, so higher education has been a challenge. They also sextile neptune and trine a first house moon orb .47. Mars in 11 has caused me many problems in relationships because it semi squares venus. Yet again I have great faith in the power of love though I’m yet to see it manifest and my relationships don’t really last long, but this could be due to venus sesquiquardrate uranus from 8th house.Venus rules 6 & 11 houses. My lack of higher education is now affecting my ability to get the jobs I want but I am blessed to keep a job in administration and loathe inefficiency. Which bothers others because they think I’m always judging them. But I’m not. My favorite hobby and what I would do all the time if I could – refinishing old furniture and finding new ways to use things. Brings me great joy. Old enough to have faith in the old traditions of hard work and dedication. Health has always been good; do like my sweets and a good meal but in moderation. 9th house affairs seem to elude me-little travel, but am very good at teaching myself almost anything; want to undo/break old negative family patterns. Friends can be supportive but also jealous when I’m in a relationship and my relationships have caused loss of some friendships. Would love to understand these aspects more because they hit my ascendant and ruling planets. Hope this helps.

  48. I have a total of 7 septiles in my chart ! I have always seemed a little strange to other people and since the septile is connected to the number 7 and my birthdate, name, day of birth (25 2+5=7) and I was born 7 minutes after midnight it is no wonder that I actually feel these aspects alot more than others. I have my Moon Septile Venus giving a creative depth Moon Septile Jupiter, Moon septile my ASC, Mercury Septile Neptune, Venus Septile Jupiter, Venus Septile my ASC, and Mars Septile Uranus. Wow that is alot of Septiles ! They are a combination of Septiles, Bi-Septiles and Tri-Septiles. I am still trying to figure out what it all means.

    • Seems obvious that numerological analogies are frenemies when applied to understanding aspectual denominators (since the former rely so heavily on coincidental results produced by our historical, arbitrary choice of the decimal system which seems irrelevant to the geometric side of astrology).

      It also seems important to weed out ?all? other minor aspectual influences in a chart before tiptoe-ing into conclusions about the nature of any particular aspect’s denominator (e.g., Donna’s chart is available in Sirius and shows each end of her 5 min tight Merc septile Mars being separately influenced: by a semi-square to Nept on the Mars end vs. by a tri-semi-octile to the Moon on the Merc end, respectively suggesting the described motor skill challenges vs. the high-motivation to produce distilled verbiage (other aspects also apply).

      Wish more posters would leave their birth data for use in understanding the chart context from which they tentatively astro-self-label using these “minor” aspects.

  49. I have North Node at 0 Virgo in my 7th, and Pluto at 21 degrees Scorpio. I have no idea what this means. Would you mind giving me some clarity and insight?

  50. SEPTILE –



  51. Hello Donna!
    I am wondering what’s your opinion of pluto septile ascendant?

  52. According to the “predictive astrology” book by sakoian and Ackerman: page 85 on minor aspects , the septile means a subtle occult significance that introduces an element of randomness and unpredictability.. The affairs ruled by planets linked by this. aspect r subject to subtle, unexpected ramifications that recur in a similar but never identical manner. The aspect also confers originality and intuitive ability. They bring important and irrevocable changes in the personal destiny.” Thinking this over seems to fit. Ivan tell many a story on how this is so: by typing from my phone is painfully slow so I will let it go for now.aybe u can check your own and see for yourself if it pans out.

    • Thank you very much!
      I will keep this in mind. It does feel like it, but in a specific subtle manner. I can;t explain better but you spelled the words assigned to feelings that already existed. This is excellent! 🙂

  53. Thanks you for blogging to my family about this subject!

  54. I have Mercury septile Uranus and Venus. Venus and Uranus are biseptile.
    I keep alot of my insights to myself but when I do speak on them, it’s expansive, quirky and charming. What I’m trying to communicate flows out of me in a visual way. I paint a picture for other people to view my logic and my vision of what humanity should strive for. I don’t find words to describe what I’m saying, words find me. It’s a very intuitive approach to the world. I know and then I learn to know what I know.
    Chiron is septile pluto and NN is septile asc. Asc is triseptile neptune. MC is septile mars and Saturn.
    It seems like everything is grey with septiles. When something is grey, it can be anything. And when it’s anything, what are looking for seems to find you.

    • I call a triangular combination like that one a talent triangle, and it looks like you’re well on your way to understanding and using it well. Donna Cunningham

  55. very interesting article, thank you for that.
    I have as far as I can see a venus septile neptune (who is very dominant in my chart, apex of a kite, opposite to moon and ascendant in cancer and yep, I’m a tarot reader). I have read here and there that’s make you the symbolic “Mother”. from my experience, I can relate to this explaination: in the past I have been involved with Filipinos sailors in slavery conditions and became, without really understanding it, a kind of symbolic woman for them: mother, mistress, daugnter and wife. it was a really tense experience with really religious and supersitious people in dramatics conditions. Hard to speak in words about it.
    Also there is a septile Jupiter/Saturn with my uranus, who is the apex of a Yod with pallas and moon/ascendant. I still wait to see what will come but as an artist and scientist, I feel the creativity.
    The last septle I have seen involved vesta and Pluto/Lilith. Vesta is there the bomerang of another yod with apex on my midheaven in Fish. Last time I have vesta conjunct vesta in transits, I got volunteer for the gypsys community. Another tense experience.
    birth chart is an incredible world to discover, putting in words what I have tried to understand with many years of psychoanalysis.
    in case: born 14 february 1981, Auch (France)

    • Thanks for sharing these exceptional expressions of a septile. Donna

  56. I have a few septiles but it’s too early for me to delineate them. I find my chart very complicated and I am still puzzled with even the major aspects.

    However I have been studying and digging into David Bowie’s chart in many ways since his passing, and a few days ago wondered why (astrologically) he was such a gifted musician specfically? An artist, no question—he had Venus on the MC. But why such a musician and music writer who played 12 instruments, was able to build amazing creative partnerships with many fantastic other musicians (at times being the first one to discover their talent) and was singing like a “Rock God” (also gifted in pop, jazz, soul, blues…). So I was wondering about his Neptune, the planet of music. Major aspects did not help much.

    Now, his Sag Venus sits on MC and rules his Libra Neptune, while, Lo and behold, Venus and Neptune have an exact septile, with the tight orb of 0:04.

    I see that Neptune endows his Venus’ creativity and fame with a super natural gift for music and mystification –especially with Neptune in the 8th.

    That does not make Bowie a singer (for that, Venus rules Taurus and his 3rd house is in Taurus) but it adds immense inspiration to his singing.

    The septile with MC Venus would indicate that Music was for him a higher compulsion and gave him the sense of using it as a mission, I suppose. His creations are often very spiritual if not political (his work is worth exploring if you know only a few hits). Of course he was a Neptunian mystificator in his career, and for the first decade famously created myths as part of his art. Hey, that was the 70s, when Neptune was transiting his Venus, MC and 10th house…. Then the bigger mystification game ended, his wish to write operas and musicals and create more characters for music subsided somehow.

    I bet the septile was still the mark of his genious as an inspired musician, whose music would moreover positively inspire millions of people over 5 decades. I am more and more in awe with the depth of the man as I dig into his songs, collaborations, lyrics, attitude and relationships –keeping in mind that his Sun was in the 12th house, private and hidden…

    Both his Venus and Neptune also had harmonious connections (trine/sextile) with his Moon. Indeed he was a grand master at playing, through music, with emotions…

    Hope this was of interest to this blog. I would love comment and corrections. Thanks!

    • Excellent delineations, Waki.

      • Thank you Donna! What a wonderful compliment from you!

        Given Bowie’s interest in the occult and astrology I bet he knew his charts pretty well (not sure about the septile). including the transits, and that he made full use of Neptune transiting his MC by creating characters along with his music that had his audience spellbound and the world in awe. How smart!

        I am having just the opposite: Neptune transit currently approaching my FC cusp 😮 and opposing MC! I would love an advice to make something smart out of that! (knowing that I dont have a family or home life but am quite spiritual). Would you kindly suggest anything?

      • Hmmm. Teach meditation groups in your home? You’ll find some posts on Neptune transits on this blog. Donna

      • Wow what an amazing eccellent advice! I happen to have been doing precisely that twice a week all of July!! And indeed I liked it as did the people who joined. But the season is over. Now I could consider doing more of that in the automn…
        My moon is also progressing in the FC and now both progressed Venus and Mercury have reached the FC cusp. I feel desperate about making a contribution if not impact socially but my energy are not there (on the MC) and i am unable to grab opportunities –not interested not ficused. I found it quite frustrating….

        Thks again

  57. I also have a Mars-Mercury septile, and do not drive anymore due to health problems. Chiron is in the same degree as Mercury in Aries at the very end of my 10th house, almost in the 11th and septile to Mars in Aquarius in the 9th. My brain has trouble keeping up with driving, everything is happening too fast for me. Driving also worsens my health. I would love to come up with an idea for a better transportation system for people who are unable to drive yet slip through the cracks of the current public and medical transportation systems.

    I am somewhat good with mechanical things and crafts, yet don’t have a lot of patience for them. I loved being physically active before my illness. I used to be an athletic person and spent lots of time hiking in the forest, but with a disease that affects energy production among other things, I can’t even walk a block without serious negative repercussions. I have had to get used to going on “adventures” online instead of on foot.

    I have an active mind and am curious about so many things. I almost squeal with glee daily that the internet exists and I can learn about so many interesting things. I haven’t taken to the process of writing and usually only write emails. Yet I strangely enjoy the physical act of typing. I would like to learn a foreign language. I’ve tried learning a couple of different languages in the past and have failed, but I might try again. I spend a great deal of time reading science and medical articles; watching as science is finally starting to turn it’s eye onto my illness, trying to understand it through research and technology.

    I also belong to a group who are advocating for health equality for M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as ME/CFS), as it hasn’t been taken seriously by government agencies and the medical system even though it affects between 1 to 2.5 million people in the U.S. alone. Hopefully this is the year that the government will finally fund research into M.E. at the same level it does for MS or Parkinson’s Disease. Also, I had to travel over 800 miles to be able to see a doctor who could officially diagnose me and “treat” this disease. I say “treat” because there are currently no FDA approved treatments, yet another reason the government needs to vastly increase their funding for research into this disease.

    I know it’s been several years since you wrote this call for septiles, but wanted to respond in case it helped. Have you written any articles on septiles recently? Thank you for all the writing you do. I’ve truly enjoyed your articles and books over the years.

    • Hi, El, thank you for such a detailed description of this septile we have in common. I find it very interesting. No, it’s the only article I’ve done on the subject, but your comment is the 121st on this post, so you’ll find a wealth of other examples here in the comment section. Donna

  58. I have Neptune 2 Scorpio 10th house septile Asc 26 Sag. My chart includes Neptune in wide grand cross, T-square with moon/venus pivot 1st house. To be precise all planets aspect the Asc. Through my own suffering (internal and conflicts external) I have learned that I AM ALLOWED TO BE OUTRAGED and act individually without consent of other people (and with a troop of angels as long I do not cause harm to anyone outside of consequences due to their own actions). One day I hope to see all people with (not ambition) conscience such as this.

  59. I am now doing the chart of Goethe, and notice that he has Moon biseptile. Pluto 102 deg 43 min Pluto in in 1, Moon in 4. and conjunct Sedna. I think this involved a continual evolution of his feeling for nature.

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