Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 12, 2010

How Strong is your Mercury? Here’s the Score!

©6-10-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Today I’ll honor Mercury  by publishing the first of a new series of tests to measure the strength of the inner planets–Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Like the outer planet series of tests that have been so popular with Skywriter’s readers, these tests will assign point values to various chart features.

In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank.  (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) Then add up all the items up to find out how your Mercury ranks.

 Would you be considered a Mercurial type?  You would if Mercury, the signs Gemini or Virgo, and the 3rd house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what a strong Mercury says about you.

As far as whether Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini, I reserve judgment on that, but most Virgos I know can top Gemini in terms of their collection of verbal and manual skills, love to dish the dirt as much as any Gemini, AND they can talk a Gemini’s ear off, so let’s include them here.  Oh, yeah, and the two worst punsters I know are both Virgos.  I curse the day I introduced them.

(Someday, maybe even tomorrow,   I’ll write about why I’m not convinced that either Mercury or Chiron rules Virgo or Venus rules Taurus so I don’t have to keep justifying my reasoning in the comment section.)

Similar to a strong Mercury, if the 3rd house is emphasized, the following matters can be an important focus of energy: communication; thinking and learning style; siblings and near relatives; neighbors; and basic coursework.   But the 6th house–the house of work and health–isn’t particularly related to Mercury, so I haven’t included it in the scores.

NOTES ABOUT SCORING:  Here are the orbs I use for aspects and that I use in these tests: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that is 10°. These are pretty standard orbs among modern American astrologers. If you’re using a chart done by AstroDienst, please note that the orbs they use are wider than this, and I find wider orbs not very effective in these measurements.

This test isn’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible—it’s just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.  So here’s the test:

____ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Mercury in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Gemini or Virgo, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10.

____ BONUS: Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, 10 points.

____ Other planets in Gemini or Virgo, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 3rd house, 5 points each.

____ Other 3rd house planets, 3 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Mercury aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Gemini, Virgo, or the 3rd. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong! Has anyone ever suggested you might have ADD-HD? Over 40, Off the charts—how did you sit still long enough to take the test?

 Interpreting your Scores—ARE you Mercurial?

The sign Mercury is placed in very important and can affect the results strongly because an air or fire sign can be very communicative, but a water sign may not.  A person with a high score but Mercury in Pisces would express it in a very different way than one with the same score in Aries. No written interpretation can fully explore your individual chart, but briefly, here are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Mercury vs. one with few supporting chart features.

Issues for Mercury: how we communicate, our manner of speaking, clarity of thought and expression, perception, learning skills, the way we learn best, our thinking processes, concentration, information gathering, writing, manual dexterity, powers of persuasion, ability to transfer skills.

Traits associated with a strong Mercury: “mercurial,” curious, talkative, glib, overly cerebral, restless, changeable, the grasshopper mind, and the perpetual student.

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Mercury:  However, here are some of the traits you may share:  verbal, bright, funny, quick-witted, restless, distractible, with an ever-shifting focus, a natural mimic, good with either words or hands (seldom both), a quick learner, curious, an avid reader, love to talk, many skills, and able to form connections between ideas or people.

What a low score says about you: If your score is down in the single digits, you may not be very verbal—the terse style of Tweeting may suit you better. It’s probably hard to get you to talk about yourself or things you’re thinking.  On the other hand, you probably don’t have any of the less desirable patterns listed above, either.

Gemini Poster Child:  The most Mercurial person I ever met was an old friend who had 5 planets in Gemini—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. She usually had a crowd of people around her, laughing at her stories and edgy jests. I urged her to write, as she had way more Gemini in her chart than I did, but writing is silent, lonely work that requires sitting still for long periods. We’ve lost touch, but when I looked her up on the internet, there were no publications listed for her.

I no longer have her chart, either, and don’t recall her rising sign, so I can’t do her scores, but she had to be one of the Super-Gemini group of May-June, 1942. With her New Moon in Gemini, it had to be June 13-14, 1942. Happy birthday, Pat, wherever you are!house stelliums, Skywriter, Donna Cunningham

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new and simplified version of some of my older tests, so you’re my beta testers. Tell me how it went in the comments section by scrolling down past this article.

Did you score high on the Mercury test, but don’t identify with the description of a Mercurial type?  Don’t  consider yourself a major brain?  Read this:  Four Kinds of Smart–Which One Are You?

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  1. I scored a 30, however being a Cancerian with a Taurus moon, I am selectively talkative – only with friends I trust. (mercury opposite moon?)When I relax I do talk a bit too much sometimes and try to keep myself in check. No extra score for Mercury in Gemini? I think that deserves more than 3 points. I’ve noticed other folks without other mercurial notes in their chart are quite glib with just mercury in Gemini. Thanks for the test – fun!

    • Hi, Kim, good point. I think I’ll add a bonus for Mercury in Gemini! Donna

  2. Hmm.. I only scored 17. I have nothing in Gemini, Virgo, or 3rd House. I have Gemini as an intercepted sign (11th House) so I think I’ll give that a -20 score, making me negatively mercurial. I have Mercury exact conjunct my S Node in Taurus (10th house) so I’m not sure what to think about that. I figure my Merc in Taurus is enough to weigh down any mercurial sensibilities.

    • Hi, Charles. One of the interpretations I use for the south node is that it’s things we’ve overdeveloped in other lives so it’s easy to fall back on it, whereas the north node shows things we’re needing to develop more fully in this life.

      So the south Node Mercury, intercepted Gemini and low Mercury MIGHT all be giving a similar message about not living in your head this time around but to develop other facets of yourself more fully. Perhaps, as past-life interps are always iffy. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna, as always. Your interpretation is probably correct, as more than a few people have said I am too smart for my own good. Ha.

        I’m a buddhist and believe in reincarnation, my sect believes we carry karma forward from past lives, but we cannot access our previous lives in any way, so we cannot know what karma we’re carrying. So yeah, past life work is always iffy, we can only deduce what happened from the karmic retribution we encounter. And people are rarely capable of deducing what they did wrong just by looking at the consequences.

  3. Aww, you mean I can’t count that bi-quintile between Mercury & Uranus and that semi-sextile between Mercury and my North Node even though they’re both exact? 🙂 Just kidding!

    I think the rules are very clear cut here – should be no more Neptunian confusion like there was on the others. I landed a very repectable 51 – shocker, I know. I love tests, trivia, and puzzles, so these little quizzes you post are quite entertaining for me. Some day maybe I’ll even try out for Jeopardy….

    • Jeopardy fan, huh? I’ll take abstruse astrological aspects for $500, Alex. Donna

  4. Well…61 is what I get. I have 3 planets in Virgo, Mercury itself, Mars, and Sun, (which also conjunct my Pluto in Libra), which are at the top of a T-square, Midheaven also in Virgo, Saturn in Gemini, Moon in the 3rd house, and then other minor aspects. I think having Mercury in Virgo itself and conjunct my Sun and two other planets makes me strongly Mercurial. I also have a grand trine in Air, which pulls in that Saturn in Gemini, Moon in the 3rd house, and Uranus in the 11th (It’s actually a kite with Chiron in the 5th)

    Just made a powerful realization about that kite last night, and how to use it currently. (Thank you new moon conjunct my Saturn in Gemini!) Being Mercurial is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes at 2 am I can’t shut off this incessant mind. But when I channel it into writing, it is rewarding. Cardio exercise or vigorous yoga helps release some of the excess energy so I can settle down to creating. It’s absolutely necessary.

    I also find in relationships I need to talk and process WAY more then my partner about emotions as Mercury conjuncts my Pluto! (Poor things!)….I am both strongly Plutonian and Mercurial…what a crazy mix that is!! My analysis is always at the depths, communicating the unsayable, the hidden, the abuses of power, the stigmatized, what no one wants to look at, etc.

    I realized long ago that I can make people feel I’m looking right through their personality to their insides, or that they’re naked. It’s challenging, but I can’t change it. It seems some are magnetize to it, and others run away quickly! I do see a lot, often more then I wish I could.

    But with being strongly Mercurial, I have also had to learn to not say what I see unless it is solicited. That has been a big learning, to just use it for my own personal understanding, and choices, and stay away from analyzing anyone who hasn’t asked for it. I also find channeling my combined Plutonian and Mecurial energies into emotionally provocative writing for the collective (3rd house moon in Aquarius, Uranus in the 11th at the top of that air trine with Saturn in Gemini/kite with Chiron) has been it’s highest use. Thanks for the test Donna!

    • Ha, Gracie – you sound A LOT like me! Coincidentally, I also scored pretty high on the Plutonian test as well – a 54 I think it was….

      Mind that won’t shut off, a chattery little mouth, quite high-strung, good manual dexterity – all those very typically Mercural traits. Also have contended with some anxiety-related issues as well over the years, but no ADD as Donna suggested as relating to an over-active Mercury 😉

      I started running about 8 years ago to help shut my mind up – it’s been enourmously helpful for me and good for my body to boot. I find I get some of my most productive thinking done when I run…..

      I’ve also discovered that I’m quite a good writer within the last couple of years – In fact, I feel like I express myself better in writing sometimes because I can edit,edit,edit until I’m perfectly happy with it. I’ve put this skill to use in my work, but don’t really use it in my everyday life – too time-consuming. I actually just shared a piece I wrote for one of my newsletters with my sister and she was quite impressed – it’s almost like I take on a different voice when I write for my work.

      Glad to here you’ve got you’re Mercury pretty well figured out and the recent revelation about the Kite formation I’m sure will be very helpful for you. My own Mercury is very stressfully involved in some intense and very active T-squares, so it’s fair to say I’m a bit envious 🙂

    • Wow, major Mercury score there, Gracebound! The patterns you describe are ultra-Mercury-Pluto, the penetrating insights, need for processing, and having to learn (the hard way, usually!) when NOT to tell people what you’ve figured out.

      I knew a psychiatrist in the astro-circles in New York who would psychoanalyze people at parties, totally inappropriate. It’s a true gift to have that much insight, but it’s the sort of thing where “I gave at the office” needs to be where you use it…like being a counselor or healer or in heart to heart talks with friends who are ASKING for your input…and learning to turn it off in social situations.

      With a semisquare between Mercury and Pluto, I’ve been there, done that, and worn the conference badge. Donna

      • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve also been on the other end of it, or watched it happen, and whew, not pretty. And with a good dose of Virgo, stand back, and allow me to perfect you! haha! I find keeping a sense of humor about myself, while also chanting the mantra ‘It’s none of your business’ keeps me in balance!

        But yes, I’ve also found people seek me out a good deal to process what is going on with them, and have gained from my insights, when I can explore it more as a question then a knowing, and keep my heart open in compassion.

    • Hi, Gracebound, re: your comment on having to process in relationships, I’ve just published a book excerpt on Moon-Mercury aspects by my teacher, Richard Idemon. Check it out–it’s almost like he’s talking about you. Donna

    • This is an old post… but thought I’d add anyway because I’m mercurial. 😉

      I got a score of 65. I strongly identify with Mercury… my favorite Greek god was Hermes even before I analyzed my birth chart.

      I have a retrograde Mercury in Leo, and it is the most aspected planet in my birth chart. Sun/Merc is in the 3rd house conjunct and forms a T-square with opp. to Moon(9th) and sq. to Pluto(6th). Mercury/Sun is trine Jupiter(11th) and Saturn(7th), inconjunct Neptune(8th) and sextile Gemini Asc. I have come to view Mercury as the “glue” and focal point of my entire birth chart.

      Some themes that jump out from this is my early childhood. I was very talkative and creative. I made all sorts of crafts from elaborate birthday cards to giant puppets made of construction paper to surprisingly sophisticated clay animations. I was told I could be an actress, because I was so “animated” or a lawyer because I argued so strongly and persuasively. I wrote a book and my mom sent it to a publisher when I was five (it was about dinosaurs).

      I wanted to be a cartoonist and drew literally all the time. My mother would tell her friends I could draw anything they asked me to, and they made a game of it. If they asked me to draw something that was in the room, it would look spot-on (I’ve seen some of these drawing later, and I really can’t believe I did them).

      I was enrolled in gifted classes but I was forced to leave the program due to “behavior problems”. That’s where the T-square comes in. Despite being tested as having “advanced” reading comprehension skills, verbal skills and vocabulary, I had extreme difficulty communicating my feelings and I had panic attacks daily. I was in a primary school class with a teacher that was a child psychologist, and without her therapy, patience and understanding, I would not have stayed in public school.

      I was eventually “transformed” by Pluto, and I’ve been emotionally stable since I was 17. Yet, a lot of that creativity and passion from early childhood evaporated along with the emotional problems, and it’s been a struggle to reconnect with that. I am now a scientist, and abandoned dreams of being an artist, for instance. With all that energy in the 3rd house affairs, it’s no surprise that my early childhood was more eventful than my life is now!

      Anyway, I already knew I was a mercury person and this quiz seems to confirm it. I think the methods are sound but what is included as far as Virgo goes might artificially raise scores. I would not include planets in Virgo, for example.

      Thank you for posting this, those long 4 years ago. Haha.

      • That IS a big Mercury score–and sometimes it takes a long time to perfect the gifts that a strong Mercury endows you with. Hey, I have a stellium in Gemini including Mercury, and though I started publishing astrology articles in about 1969, I am still learning and growing as a writer at 71 1/2, and there’s still plenty of time for you to tap into those skills again. Donna

  5. I scored 60 and one can say I am pretty “mercurial”… you just can’t stop me from reading, listening, speaking, learning, creating, etc. 😀

  6. Hi Donna – What a fun way to start the New Moon weekend! Paying strict attention to the directions, I scored 43.

    Much as I would have liked to, I didn’t include the mutual reception of my Mercury in Scorpio with my Pluto in Virgo. Plus my Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune conjunction straddles both the 2nd/3rd house, with Mercury just 24 minutes shy of the 3rd. As if I needed more Mercury.

    I’m relatively articulate, but during the past year have come to realize I’m more comfortable writing my thoughts, probably due to my Gemini Mars being retrograde. My hands are very expressive, and my fingers are long and slim, made for flying across the computer keyboard or ten-key. I’m very fast and good at detail work. Occasionally, I experience symptoms of restless leg syndrome at night, and my husband teases me because I often have a leg that moves when I’m sitting still. Other than that, my outward appearance is calm and relaxed. My husband is the one with ADD (lots of Virgo).

    My Mercury conjunctions combined with a tight square to the Moon often result in detailed, in-depth communication on my part. I’ve traced this tendency back to childhood and having a mother who never gave me adequate verbal feedback. She never seemed to understand what I was saying or else misunderstood, so I tried extra hard to make myself clear. And I had to try extra hard to figure things out too, since much of the time what people said was either illogical or inaccurate. I research everything and accept nothing at face value. I relate to much of what Gracebound said regarding her Mercury/Pluto conjunction.

    I’m definitely a natural mimic. I sing, and even then I tend to sound like the person whose song I’m singing (to some extent- haha). I’m pretty good at accents too. I still know how to count to ten in four languages.

    • Hi LB –

      Lots of us Mercurial types here today – how wonderful! I’m a fellow Gemini Mars (not Rx) and have Mercury Rx in Cancer. Interesting that you are more comfortable writing than speaking – I’ve tended to attribute that more to a Rx Mercury than an Rx Mars. It does make sense though, since an Rx Mars often hesitates in taking direct action. Writing would definately be the more “passive” or “indirect” method of communicating, especially because it allows us to edit what we are trying to convey.

      The part you mentioned about clarity being very important to you resonates greatly with me. I’ve always written in BLOCK CAPITALS so that I’m clearly understood and tend to explain things in a bit too much detail at times for the sake of making myself clear. This is all highly unusual for one with a Neptune-Moon conjunction in the 3rd (Sagittarius)! When I write or type, my fingers fly along and I am therefore prone to having quite a few typos – thank god for spellcheck!

      Though I’m quite chatty, I do like to write because the process of doing so makes me purposeful and deliberate. I can edit and perfect just how I want to say something and cut out anything that is extraneous. This is not something I do when I’m chatting casually or posting comments on a blog 🙂 Consequently, I’m clearer when my “conversation” is internal and one-sided!

      Ah, yes – mimicry. I’d forgotten to add that to my repertoire as well… and being multilingual. Well, OK, not multilingual, but knowing how to say more than a smattering of things in several different languages. At one point, I was damn near fluent in spanish, but it’s been a LONG time and my skills have rusted considerably. I would like to learn American sign language at some point, though, as well as a few other languages!

  7. 41 as far as I can see. I’ve only got two aspects to natal Mercury in Libra (10th); a trine to saturn in aq in the 12th, and a square to mars in can in the 8th. But I’ve got a kick-ass stellium in Virgo (9th) opposing a jup/chiron in the third – and make my living as a writer. I do get along very well with most Geminis – they like to talk, and I’m good at listening and very good at keeping track of their “mind-jumping”.
    I am restless, get bored easily, always fidgeting, and I can be talkative in safe surroundings – but not very social. I get bored with small talk and prefer to read – even if it’s the back of a cereal box …
    Natal mercury is at 1 degree 11 in Libra, in the 10th, and the only angular planet in my chart – so I expect good things to happen to my career during this cardinal cross. The stellium in Virgo starts with Uranus at 1 degree, followed by sun, pluto and then moon on 10 degrees. Is there an aspect between Mergury and the stellium?
    I’m thrilled that you’re taking scores on the inner plantes as well, Donna. I’m looking forward to the rest!

    • Just wanted to add something. I’m good with my hands and make a living of my words, so perhaps I’ve lucked out in that department. Besides I always get cuts and burns on my hands, slamming doors on my fingers etc – I think that’s a side effect of Mercury.

  8. Donna, I was interested to see that your test asks us to tally points for planets in the third, but not the sixth, house. To what body do you assign rulership of the third?

    • The 3rd is similar in its focus to Mercury and Gemini–communication, thinking, writing, learning style. Donna

  9. I hope isn’t a miscalculation, but I have a whopping 53!! Gemini Rising, Virgo sun/moon… To add more to the mix, I am a librarian by trade (totally a Virgo/Gemini occupation). Uh-oh!!

    • Scratch that: it’s Virgo Sun/Merc…

      (Details, ya’ know!)

      The Libra planets (and Moon) in the 5th also add a softness so I’m not completely cerebral! Yeah, I like to decorate and make stuff (and write, too :-).

  10. I only have a 28, and from the way I can talk you would think I should have 128. But I contribute the talkativness to my Mercury being in Leo. I also love to read and learn about things, and can ramble on when I write.

    My husband who only wants to talk if he has a captive audience got a 36, but his mind is overactive and his body is overactive. Gemini Ascendent. His Mercury is in Scorpio and I think that is why the reluctance with the talking.

  11. According to my calculations, I have a Mercury score of 65. (Born 4-22-64 with Ascendant @ 26 Gemini & Moon in Virgo conjunct Uranus & Pluto, plus Venus in Gemini) My high score seems fitting. My Mom swears I came out of the womb babbling & pretty much never shut up. By 6 months I was speaking in 3-4 word sentences. I am a native English speaker but was lucky enough to learn Spanish as a little kid when we lived overseas. Even now my Spanish accent is good enough to prompt native speakers to ask me where I’m from – they often guess Argentina. (I wish!) And I’m never happier than when I’m traveling overseas & learning new foreign vocabulary words everyday! Interestingly, my natal Mercury is retrograde, but I don’t think about it much except when I meet other “retrograders” & realize that their minds work much like mine does. It’s almost like we speak our own speedy shorthand language that leaves others in the dust. Plus I always notice that my phone rings OFF the HOOK when Mercury goes retro. Since I’m self-employed I try to clear the decks for those 21 days so that I can deal with the onslaught.

  12. boy, I’ve been feeling EXTREMELY challenged, with a score of 3 points gained because I have Uranus in the 3rd house.
    You’re right, I’m not very talkative, I speak slowly and am an excellent listener. I also don’t have a strong voice. I can write just fine however….

    My mercury is conjunct my chatterbox husband’s. Hey, that counts right? he scored a 28.

    • You do write just fine, Mimi. From visiting your website I’d say you come down more on the Neptune side of expression and creativity, but I am suprised that it’s just a Mercury score of 3. Donna

  13. Hi Donna, my score is 41 plus sun cassimi merc and having my cancer moon in 3th it´s true i always need to learn something new, for that internet is paradise for me! And, yes sometimes i would like that mi head shut up, is like having a parrot over your shoulders! Having an stellium in 6th i use to have long chats with my dogs and cat too! 😉 i need to get physical tired for relaxing myself!

    PD.: Hey Merrit nice to hear that you would like to be born in my country! 😀

    • That’s funny, Rosario. I have that same parrot on my shoulders, but nobody else can see it. Saves a lot of money on birdseed. Donna

  14. I scored 34, which is strong by your count. This is true for me. I trained in sciences and worked as an editor of science texts for 15 years of my early working life.

    But I’ve always thought and written (poetry etc.) in a more expressive, experiential, emotional style than fit comfortably with that.

    So, now I write about my practice of bodywork in the water, which has opened up an extraordinary shamanic dreamtime for me.

    I write about why science can’t describe these things. I think some find my facility in both these arenas a bit confusing or even alarming!

    I recently discovered astrology (and my partner who is an astrologer of 40 years). My Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the 12 House and Leo. It is close to my Leo Ascendant.

    AND here’s where the contrast comes from I suspect.

    I’m a 12th house Cancer Sun with Moon conjunct Neptune in the 3rd house in Scorpio. Gemini is on the cusp of my 2nd house – no planets there but north node.

    Uranus is in my 11th house. I enjoy networking online but I only if I can make personal connection. From the moment I wake up, I’m thinking a myriad of interconnected thoughts.

    Thanks Donna, thought-provoking as usual!

  15. I have a 50, which doesn’t include my South Node in the 3rd house. As a medium said to me the other day, “Are you a Gemini?” No, just an overactive, scattered Scorpio.

  16. Rather surprised to score a 54. I have Saturn conjunct Mercury and have never really considered myself a mercurial type but after reading your descriptions I guess that I am . . . just in a low key way. I’ve been an astrologer/counselor for 30 years and have always been studying something (Enneagram, ACIM, Spanish, etc). I just didn’t relate to the quickness and social lightness of Mercury.

    • Ah, well, Saturn-Mercury aspects are a different breed of Mercurial, John. I find myself rather in awe of them, for they are the true scholars.

      I’ve had several clients with this aspect over the years who were PhD candidates and yet were convinced they were stupid…an inferiority complex often related to a father or older brother who was brilliant.

      One of them–a therapy client–was even a PhD candidate in physics and a teaching assistant in a major university, and when she tried to explain to me what her thesis was about, my eyes crossed. Donna

      PS. It’s also associated with classical piano and with mathemeticians who play the piano.

      • This view of Saturn-Mercury aspects probably excludes the opposition, right? Sextile, trine, sure and perhaps, too, the square, but honestly, is there anything ostensibly positive about the opposition?

      • A balanced and scholarly intellect, able to see the opposite point of view and integrate it. Donna Cunningham

  17. 50 points here. I have the Mercury/Saturn conjunction you just mentioned. In Virgo in 12…Yeech….
    I will admit to being a crack shot information miner and researcher.
    I know noone better at it.
    I was Phi Beta Kappa in college.
    However, I have yet to finish a full college degree. If you add up all my credits in different areas, I am sure it should amount to some sort of a Master’s by sheer course credit volume!
    I have never thought myself stupid nor have I ever been regarded or called stupid.
    However, having said that, I DO feel that whatever I do is never, ever quite good or perfect or professional enough. Every time I set upon a path of trying to promote and sell my photography/art/writing skills, I take a second look and go…but I have soooooo far to go before it is good enough for anyone to really like it or buy it. I have constant amateurism syndrome despite abundant talent and lots of experience.
    This has been, along with a constant struggle to avoid depression, the curse of that Mercury configuration.

    • MEL810…years ago someone wisely told me (a recovering perfectionist) to forget about being perfect…it’s impossible to achieve especially while existing in human form. Besides…who’s standard of perfection are you going to follow? And as spiritual beings we are already perfect so what’s left to do.

      Instead, strive for excellence. Release the need for perfection (which is just a silly mask for fear) and move forward with your art/photography/writing striving to improve and hone your talent and skills, which is a life-long process. And love/enjoy the journey. 🙂

      I tell you this as a way to remind myself of this same advice. (btw…I scored 46 so I know of what you speak).

      joyfully, M

  18. Not such a huge number at 36, but strong as I know Mercury is for me.

  19. I scored 40. My ex-boyfriend said that 5 days after my death I will be sitting up in my coffin TALKING.

    I think a Gemini asc. is worth more than 5 points.???….. I have a stellium in the 6th. Why did you not include the 6th house? Oh well. No matter.
    I have a semi-problem with Merc ruling Virgo. I think Chiron should rule Virgo….it should rule something…….

    Sometimes I think we Geminians are hard for others to take. Most of us are way manic-high in the mental energy department. My Merc. is on the descendent in Sag……and I am a real Plutonian. People are attracted strongly to me or repelled….a major bummer when it is your boss who is repelled……North Node in 1st house,Gemini. Open mouth, insert feet and one arm, out comes a neutron bomb. And I am the last one to know. Duh….

    Read in your comments that it is rare to have to facility in the hands as well as verbal acuity. I have noticed that my verbal skills diminish in direct proportion to how many piano hours I put in. ( this is NOT a joke)

    Would you do a blog on Quintiles….since you did one on Septiles …still not sure of what a Septile is…but it marries my Saturn to Uranus…Does this make me a Septilian?

    See? Geminian-Plutoxious..

    Molly the Merc.

    • LOL Molly you are funny! I enjoy reading your comments!

    • We’ll get to quintiles eventually. Patience!

      I know that lots of people think Chiron rules Virgo, but I’m not there yet. I do think there is some mercurial energy to Virgo, but it doesn’t explain the emphasis on health and work, which is what the 6th and Chiron are all about. Donna

  20. Why wouldn’t you consider the 6th house a strong placement for Mercury? Its one of Mercurys signs and Mercury is considered in its home sign there.

    • Read my earlier comments.

      Mercury in the 6th WOULD be a strong placement in that it’s one of the vocational houses, but it would probably place the person in a communications-related field. Donna

    • It wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I really appreciated being told, often, I look 10 years younger. Now in my 50’s that’s still holding true. I looked older than my age in my younger years; not that I would ever admit to using that to my advantage if you know what I mean. 😉 Somewhere along the way the trend reversed.

      • Hi, Sue. Do you by any chance have a Venus-Saturn (or Venus in Capricorn) aspect in your chart? The situation you describe–of looking older than your age in youth and younger than your age in later years–is quite typical of those aspects. I have the conjunction, and it’s been true of me as well. Donna

  21. I followed directions and counted the numbers four times…and my husband has either 69 or 71 mercury points with new moon conjunct mercury in Gemini, Virgo MC and multiple planetary connections!
    He is extremely verbal, charming, witty, all those traits you listed..verbally and manually dexterous
    writes and read and talks! what a joy for me with a minor 15 mercury points and no air in my chart.
    (Some ADD does manifest at times.)
    Query. do you high mercury types appear much younger than your age?

    • At 50 points, I am not as high as your hubby but I have been told that I look 35 or 40 and I will be 60 in August. I got carded until I was 45!

      • I’ve been told that I look much younger than my age as well. Just turned 44 in April.

    • Young at heart and young in spirit…Peter Pan types. May or may not translate to eternal youth on a physical level. Your hubby sounds like a charmer. Donna

    • At 29 I’m still pretty young, but when I bought a lotto ticket last year on a whim the woman at the counter carded me – she didn’t think I was over 18! When she saw my license she apologized and commented “Wow, you look really young for your age!” This kind of thing happens all the time for me. For a while it was annoying, but now that I’m about to hit 30 I’ve gotten to like it…..

    • Wow, I never associated it with being highly Mercurial. I just chocked it up to genetics, but my mother was highly Mercurial as well. People always act shocked when I tell them my age, which is 37. They always think I am much younger. I guess it’s nice to look young in a culture that values that, but with my packed tenth house, there is a part of me that wants to be ‘taken seriously’ and sometimes feels that looking young makes people treat me young, or make assumptions about my knowledge base or experience (or lack of it). But usually an engaging conversation shifts those attitudes. (I absolutely ABHOR being called ‘girl’ which feels so infantalizing!)

  22. I got a 33 – seems accurate (Gemini rising, moon trine Mercury)- more Uranian than Mercurial, but with Merc ruling my rising sign (and Uranus in Gemini conjunct the ASC) it IS a strong placement for me. Thanks – love these quizzes, they’re fun!

  23. Wow I got a score of 52 w/o 2 other minor aspects.

    That’s a bit surprising to me as I don’t think of myself as Mercurial at all even tough I have Virgo Rising. The Saturn in Virgo/Uranus in Pisces opposition have loosened the tongue quite a bit because in the years prior I was too uncomfortable sharing my views and certainly not online. lol The opposition activated my Virgo Rising w/Uranus/Pluto, Pisces Mercury Rx/Saturn/Chiron & Gemini Jupiter t-square.

    Distractable, restless, curious, avid reader-yep!
    Good with hands, yep!
    Good with words-only when I can write them down and have time to go back and edit like Althea said. It takes me forever sometimes just to write a comment like this. I wished I was like those that always has the fast snappy comeback. I come up with one…the next day, long after the conversation is over.
    Quick to learn: not so much but when I do learn it I learn it for good because I don’t always get it from facts unless it’s about money. I guess that’s the 7th house Mercury Rx in Pisces conjunct Saturn that’s tightly sextile Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd.
    I only love to talk when it’s a subject that I can learn from not idle chit chat.

    Mel810 I identify with your post. You too Althea!

    My Pluto score was in the high 40s if I remember correctly. I had someone push my buttons today about why I don’t attend church. Now usually I’m not the type to debate especially regarding religion but this person was a bit too pushy so I let him have it albeit firm & nicely, but enough for him to drop the subject rather quickly. You don’t ask a Mercurial-Plutonian something like that when the New Moon is conjuncting their natal Jupiter and they’ve been through their Uranus & Saturn opposition in the last year!! lol

    • Yeah..What’s up with that button pushing thing that’s been going on with so many of us this year? I have a friends who have been on the left side or center of the political aisle for years and suddenly in the last year sound like they are Rush Limbaugh’s best friend. Why the abrupt 180 in so many people?
      I am an independent, who leans left but will consider conservative opinions and candidates when they make sense. But what these gals have been sending me is way out there and just someone’s blustery opinion backed up with no facts or even heartfelt thoughts.
      I mean, is there something out there right now that has made everyone and their dog just drop their positive Mercury functions?
      The nasty, sniping commentary and often abusive speech that passes for political discourse and opinion in America today disturbs me.

      • Sounds like you’re both talking about the highly polarizing opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. I’ll be so relieved when Saturn gets out of Virgo, pick, pick, pick.

        The fascinating thing to me was that this is the 2nd Saturn-Uranus opposition I’ve lived through and it truly is a 180 from the one on the 1960s when Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus (plus Pluto) was in Virgo. In that era, the radical and left-leaning movements for civil rights, women’s rights, and peace won the day. Now it’s the radical right that’s demonstrating. Donna

    • Too funny about the button pushing as a Mercurial/Plutionian type. I can SO relate. Try pushing my buttons with Pluto squaring my Virgo stellium, Saturn sitting ontop of it, and Uranus opposing it. You don’t mince words, eh? Scorpio tail with a good dose of Mercurial tongue lashing. Ouch! But one never has to guess where our boundaries are. You will KNOW when you’ve crossed them, in no uncertain terms.

      • I forgot about Pluto squaring the legs of that T square and opposing Jupiter when it was in Sagittarius. That was a few years before the Saturn/Uranus opposition so no, I don’t mince words now. But it still takes a bit of pushing for me to get to that point. I have no planets in Sag and a 12th house Leo Moon that is quincunx Saturn and part of another T square, opposing Venus and square Neptune. It’s a grand cross with the North Node is added in.

        Before that Pluto square natal Pluto I was much like Margaret. I would avoid verbal confrontations and if I could not do that, I’d hold all that emotion inside. With Pluto, Saturn & Uranus waking up natal Mercury, when someone pushes my buttons, instead of slinking away, I feel myself rising up like a cobra after I’ve given the warning rattle to back the heck off if they’ve not gotten the message.

        Y’all if my Cancer Sun/Moon/Venus husband had been there, he might have gotten up and left my behind there to find a ride home. lol He’s got Mercury and Mars in Gemini but is very quiet and avoids stuff like that like the plague. But he knows that I don’t do that willy nilly.

      • Me too with the boundaries. I give people a couple of civil warnings, but past that, they ignore them at their peril. I sometimes say I set boundaries with a sledge hammer.

  24. I scored a whopping 5 points, because of my Gemini Moon. It’s true I’m fairly reserved. It doesn’t help that a lot of the important people in my life tend to interrupt or talk over me. My writing is probably an outlet for what I don’t say aloud. I’ve become more outspoken since Pluto transited square to my Mercury (29,20′ Pisces), though.

    I do have Mercury quintile to that Gemini Moon, so I tend to be quite analytical about my emotions. And I have Mercury septile to both Mars and the North Node.

    • Again, that score is suprising, considering your career as a writer. You do get points for the quintile and septile. The two best teachers I ever had were Gemini Moons. Natural and entertaining communicators who could talk to absolutely anybody because of a certain tendency to match their language to their listeners’ language. Donna

  25. I scored 48 points. My Mercury, Sun, Venus, and AC are in Virgo. Sun and Mercury square my 3rd house moon and both conjunct Venus.
    I was quite the talker prepuberty. My mother once told someone “She tells everything she knows.” After that remark I reined it in…didn’t want to be known as a blabber mouth.
    Verbally witty with a tendency to make people laugh. I can usually hold a conversation with just about anyone, but these days I keep to myself a lot.
    I’m good with my hands, too. For a few years I was a cosmetologist, cutting hair was my favorite skill. Then I went on to become a journalist.
    Mercurial, like to make things, lots of interests. Read a lot. People say I look 10 to 15 years younger that my age.

  26. Ha! Only 20 and I’m surprised that it’s that high.

    I lol’d for probably a solid minute about the radio announcer cousin. 😀

  27. Hi Donna,
    I scored 38, and I probably would have scored higher is I spent more time. I have moon conjunct mercury in Gemini in the 11th house. I have a north node in Virgo in the 2nd house. 6th house which you did not count (so I did not count) I have Saturn. I have pluto in Virgo square that Mercury and the Mercury is in a happy aspect to Jupiter, Uranus, Venus. Yes, I am glib, funny, verbal – as are all the women in the family. I don’t write yet, I would like to, I seem to be a bit blocked.

    I also have Mercury inconjunct Neptune – which I did not count.

    I did the planets via an old book once where you figure out who disposits who (I hope I said that term right) – everything filtered through mercury. I am actually pretty comfortable with him – but not happy in my career at the moment (I am a plodding engineer).


    • So Mercury was your final dispositor, which ought to earn you bonus points as well but doesn’t here. The inconjunct is the same as the quincunx (a 150 angle, the two planets 5 signs apart), so you’d count that aspect.

      As for a “writing block,” there are just different ways of using Mercury’s energy, writing vs. using up all the energy in talking or in jobs that rely on communication. I think that was the difficulty with our poster child with the 5 planets in Gemini including Sun and Moon. She was a well-loved guidance counselor who spent all day talking with troubled teens. You tend not to want to write when you get home from something like that. And if you want to get any writing done, you have to turn off the phone, stay off email, ignore the texting, and not talk to people about what you’re GOING to write.

      My mentor, Rod Chase used to tell me that if I wanted to get somewhere in the field of writing, I had to learn to “dam up” my Mercury energy and channel it into writing. Donna

  28. Hi Donna,

    83 points (I hope I did the math correctly) and this without even taking into consideration the relationship between my mercury and Gemini mid-heaven.

    With 6 planets in Virgo (Sun, Moon and Asc. and Uranus conjunct mercury in 1st house and Pluto conj Mercury in 12th House), I thought I had a strong mercurial influence but this test confirms it.

    Other mercurial aspects are an opposition with Saturn and a sextile with Jupiter and Neptune(which is in the third house).

    @good with either words or hands (seldom both).

    Strangely, till my thirties, I was quite active in physical expressions of my creativity through my hands (embroidery, painting, jewellery making) but now in my early forties I feel more inclined to express my creativity through writing. I even hate to cook ( a very very sore point with my husband, he..he).

    I do resonate with almost all the features of a strong mercury but I do notice a lack of self-confidence and even a lethargy in pushing forward in my writing assignments (Could it be because of mercury in an earth sign?).

    I don’t feel good if I don’t have atleast 2-3 projects to work on and then I get stressed about the workload and even find myself spreading things too thin.

    Writing has become my passion (have had a few non-fiction articles published) and though I work at a regular job, the ideal situation would be to write fiction full-time.

    Enjoyed doing this quiz, though I had to get up once to fetch my son a snack, lol.

    Donna, it would be nice if you could take this further to let us know how best to use a mercury in Virgo (perpetual student??)


    • 83?? Remarkable! Quite possibly a record, although I’ll bet there were plenty like you born under Virgo in the mid 1960s.

      Oh, my Mercurial dear, you probably could write that article yourself–Mercury is superb in Virgo. A plentitude of practical skills, well grounded so doesn’t go too far into theory, an eagle eye for error (they make amazing editors and software creators), and a modesty about their considerable mental abilities. And, yes, possibly too critical and hard on themselves as well as others, but that can be reined in. For another sterling example, read what Meloh says about how she uses her Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Virgo. Donna

  29. Just an observation. The replies about the Mercury test comments seem more extensive than previous planetary comments. Hmmmmm Mercury types do need to express!
    Mercury score 35…that is if I’m allowed to factor in Mercury in Capricorn inconjunct Saturn in Gemini as a sometimes Mercury in Gemini (mutual reception exact by orb) If I can, then the score really goes up as Mercury conjuncts a Geminian stellium. Now isn’t this just like Hermes trying to bargain. SMILE

    • I’m smiling. I gave myself an extra point for every article I wrote this past month, just to boost my surprisingly low score of 35. Donna

    • Or trying to explain to Zeus why he stole Apollo’s cattle! Ha ha – just a weeeee bit of bending the rules or stretching the truth with Hermes the trickster! His clever little mind can always find a loophole or exception SOMEWHERE and explain it away while making it all seem so perfectly logical or else so damn hilarious Zeus couldn’t possibly be angry at him 😉 We highly Mercurial folk are a witty, charming, little bunch of rascals, aren’t we?

      • Did I say “stole”? I mean “borrowed”! LMAO!!

  30. Hi Donna,

    I’m a little puzzled. I’m a writer, but have Mercury in Virgo in the 5th House, closely conjunct my Virgo 6th House cusp. According to some, my Mercury is peregrine since it makes NO aspects, which, according to Noel Tyl “has the run of the chart.” Do you agree with that? I have a loaded 5th House Leo stellium in the 5th House (Leo Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Pluto and progressed Uranus). Mercury is the only planet not in Leo, even though it’s also in the 5th House, and conjuncts the 6th House cusp.

    My MC is Saturn and that sits in the 7th. Just wondering how Mercury plays into the fact that I’m a professional writer, yet have a pergrine Mercury!

    Thanks so much! LOVE your writing and blog!

    • It’s a puzzlement, Lisa. The 5th house does show one’s creativity, so it must count for something. I don’t know that I agree with Mr. Tyl. Donna

  31. I scored 40, but my mom scored 69 (or 63 if you don’t count Ceres and Chiron, which she has in Gemini and Virgo, respectively). I count them because in my experience their influence is about as strong as that of planets (and Ceres is a dwarf planet anyway, same as Pluto). My mom has Sun, Venus and Chiron in Virgo, and Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Ceres in Gemini. And that’s just for starters… she also has Mercury conj asc and making tons of aspects, not to mention Moon in the 3rd. A very Mercurial woman.

  32. Hi Donna,

    Scored a 36. Thanks for these fun tests and intriguing articles.

    Just a general question, though: what if a person scores strongly on almost every planet?

    The lowest I’ve scored was with Neptune at 23, but every other score I imagine will be 33 and higher (save for possibly Mars & Jupiter, ironic for an Aries Sun/Sag Moon).

    Another question … Would these tests also apply in reading composite charts or do you not see much validity in the use of sign interpretation of a composite?

    Most of my relationships I’ve now noticed are highly Plutonian/Uranian …

    Thanks, again. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


    PS: Looking forward to your articles on sign rulership of Virgo and Taurus.

    • Hi, Iconoclaste! If you score high on all the outermost planet tests, it makes you what I call an Outer Planet Person–complex, attuned to the ways of exceptional people who try to embody the outer planets in their lives. That’s not easy as a young person, but we grow into those planets more fully at midlife and beyond.

      I don’t know about using the tests on composite charts. I do think the signs apply. Try it and see.

      I’m writing that article on Virgo and Taurus as we speak–can’t seem to help myself, and as long as in Mercury is in Gemini, I’m going to hop on it and ride. I can always sleep when Mercury goes into Cancer. Donna

      • Thanks! I was thinking about that, I scored 36 to 42 in saturn, uranus and pluto. Is good to hear that we can grow into them with time.

  33. Hi, Donna and all the Merry Merketeers! I was a bit surprised to score 29–strong, but I actually seem more Merky than that to myself. Of course, as a Virgo Sun, I worry if I got everything right, especially on Sunday, my day to never wake up if I can help it. (Indulging Mercury/Neptune conjunction.)

    In the column of “use whatever turns you on,” I wondered about two aspects of my chart that might add amp up my Mercurial nature a bit. I’ve always had the opinion that the late degrees of a sign, especially the last degree, somehow reflect the cumulative experience of the sign. My Sun’s in the last degree of Virgo, so I’m a bit of a mega-Virgo. (I’d love to hear from anyone with 29+ Virgo or Gemini on this idea.) Of course, if you don’t think Mercury rules Virgo, never mind! The other thing I wonder about is Mercury in Air. (Mine’s in Libra.) Mercury is so comfortable in an air sign, I think that might add some points.

    I also just thought of something else. Uranus in close aspect to planets in Virgo or Gemini or to Mercury would have to amp up Merkiness to some degree. There’s that whole theory about Uranus being the “higher vibration” of Mercury. I feel like my close Uranus/Virgo Sun square is often like having my finger in a light socket. Instead of frying my brain, it seems to make it fire, somewhat like an air popcorn popper. There’s a whole rock show going on in my mind at all times.

    My 2-cents worth from my semi-coma …

    • Haha – if this is you in a semi-coma, I’d hate to see what you’re mind’s like after a few strong cups of coffee! Ah, yes – the Anaretic degree. From my own experience, the only thing I can add is that those with personal planets at 29 degrees+ of a sign seem to be straddling the fence with regards to how that energy is expressed. Yes, it’s significant and cumulative, but I’ve often found that more of a blending goes on with the energy rather than to be an “uber” expression of a particular energy.

      For example, my husband has Venus at 29 degrees and 56 min Sadge, but he’s much more Capricornian in his expression of Venus. He has no aspects to Venus from Saturn or Jupiter that would influence this equation, so i thought this would be a good example to use.

      However, Erin Sullivan said something very much related to your thought process in one of her books. With regards to the Sun, she talked about how that perhaps the Sun itself holds no definitive properties or characteristics but instead amplifies and enhances low-key characteristics. Perhaps in the case of the Sun being at 29 degrees it does “uber” ampify those traits if the rest of the chart supports. Does any one else with a 29 deg Sun want to weigh in on this – I’d love to hear more!

    • Hi, Joyce, you are major Merky, don’t worry about it. But that point about Uranus being the higher vibration of Mercury (comes from the Alice Bailey, theosophy strain of astrology’s history I think) is a good one–or sometimes not the higher version in the highest sense–a strong Uranus is like Mercury on Crack. Donna

  34. Fascinating, Alethea. I do hope we hear from more of the consummate degree holders to find out their experiences. It would explain a lot, and I do resonate to the concept of the Sun amplifying lower-key characteristics.

    PS – I’m a caffiend, and after a couple of cups of French Roast or a capuccino, I scare myself. LOL!

    • Hi, Joyce, I have Mercury at 29′ Virgo. Sextile Jupiter 28′ Cancer. Enjoy learning. My mom thought I should talk more. Major exhaustion around age 44. Became very ill. Too much into books, never learned to flirt. End up not married. Also in Virgo: Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and Sun.

  35. I scored 46, and Mercury’s also my chart’s final dispositor. Writing is how I earn my living in the corporate world! It really comes naturally to me. I also find personal/creative writing very satisfying when I have the time. Virgo Sun, and my Mercury is conjunct Venus and Pluto in Virgo and sextile Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. My North Node in Libra is in the 3rd house (which I didn’t count), so I imagine that Mercury conjunct Venus helps work towards that (whether or not Pluto does is another story!).

  36. Using your orbs, I get 25. Middling as I expected. I have a very active mind, but it’s very internalised. I do have to use sport to give myself a rest from it. I had a Reiki treatment recently and she asked if I had problems with my ears. It was just my head on a buzzing day; I did try to switch off but couldn’t manage it!

    I do struggle with my slow Mercury in Taurus and 3rd house Capricorn, a hard combination for a Gemini Sun. I have to scuttle off on my own to do my thinking and decision making. If I do have to speak out whilst thinking, my mouth can’t keep up! Vocally, I can appear scattered and confused, but it’s more that I can’t get out what I want to say. This is the reason I dislike using the phone and perhaps this is why I’m not a particularly vocal person. And the reason why I prefer to write – it gives me time to make myself clear and I go to great pains to ensure that I’m getting across what I want to say. Equally, I’m then frustrated if my writing is misinterpreted.

    I’m looking forwards to the other tests and your thoughts of Virgo and Mercury. Donna, I also have a question. Do you have any ideas as to what draws people to water? I’ve read somewhere that you like it and I do very much. Being out on/in water is one of the few things that quiets my mind.

    • Thank you, Tizer, for giving us such a clear picture of earth Mercury influences.

      As for water being such a soothing and centering influence, for me it is my Sun-Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th plus Neptune in the 3rd. Swimming is the only exercise that makes any sense to me and it feels like it cleans out my aura. I was once told by a reincarnation reader that my very first lifetime on earth was as a mermaid millenia ago when the creatures we all regard as myth or fantasy were real and represented experiments in embodiment. Donna

      • I’ve always wondered why I’m drawn to water. It’s funny that I, the Aries Sun/Mars, Leo Moon is more drawn to it than my 4 planet Cancer hubby (I forgot to add Uranus in the comment above). I feel calmer when I’m around it even if it’s just a small body of water. Riding a bike along side a lake, river or ocean is oh my goodness…pure bliss. My Neptune is in the 3rd, 12th house Moon and 8th house Sun.

      • It sounds like the Neptune/12th connection. Donna

      • Donna, I agree totally about the swimming. I can swim literally for miles. I zone out. For a vacation, I recently went to visit some warm springs to float.
        I have five planets in water (four are in a Grand Trine) , Neptune Ascending. Venus is my depositor and scout planet and it is in Cancer and rules my Libra Ascendant.
        I also used to like to dance a lot (Neptune and Mars in One, Jupiter in Pisces, Sun in Leo)and had that program “So you Think You Can Dance” been around when I was young, I would have auditioned.

      • You should all try floatation tanks – the solution for over active mercurials with a water affinity!

  37. Yep, thinking on your feet is not the forte of earthy Mercury; planning is everything!

    In that case it’s probably Neptune in Sag trine 9th house Mars – voyages, water and being active sums it up nicely. But how that links into Mercury I don’t know.

    Mermaid huh? I aim to be a Siren when I grow up!!

    • Oh it’ll be the wide (10deg) conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter that makes the link. I didn’t include it in my score, but it would appear to work?

      • I’m often surprised at how 10 degree conjunctions work, even when an outer planet is involved. Donna

      • Perhaps it’s because my 9th house is so strong (two t-squares)? I certainly have perpetual student syndrome (about to start my 8th year at University)! The sextile between Saturn and Mercury puts a stopper in Jupiter’s big mouth though. Saturn really is a stain that runs through my whole chart; if it wasn’t for Uranus on my Asc I swear I’d be the most boring person in the entire Universe 😉

  38. Funny, I scored 35 but absolutely do not consider myself Mercurial. With Mercury, Sun and Venus in Taurus, my mental processes are slow and deliberate, but I do love reading and learning. Guess there’s more than one way to be a Mercury person.

    • Yes, as I mentioned, Mercury’s sign–as well as its element–modifies how it is expressed, and Mercury in earth is slower and more deliberate in its mental process, but more down to earth too.

      I once wrote a piece on the 4 kinds of smart. We only think of smart in terms of AIR qualities, but there’s earth smart, fire smart, and water smart. I’m not especially Air smart–not the cerebral or intellectual sort at all–but I am wicked water and fire smart.

      As long as we’re celebrating Mercury and Gemini this week, I ought to hunt down that piece and reprint it. Because this article on the rulerships of Virgo and Taurus is turning into a real wrestling match. Donna

  39. Hello: I’m a representative of the Punners Union of Nigglers (PUN), and am here to inquire into your use of the phrase “the worst punsters I know”. Do you mean that they make lousy puns? Can’t pun at all? Then “worst” would be the correct description.

    But if you mean they frequently make fast and fabulous puns, well, that should be corrected to “the best punsters I know.”

    Please clarify this as soon as possible, lest we unleash our world-wide membership to wreck havoc with your blog’s comments section.

    • Busted! I refuse to answer on the groans that it may unleash a firestorm of ugly puns. Does caring companion extend to 12 years of coediting the best flower essence ezines of all time? Happy anniversary, Podner. Donna

  40. My daughter has 55 all in Gemini, Sun, Asc, Jupiter, Saturn with Mercury and Jupiter conjunct the Asc. Needless to say when she was born the labour lasted only 2 hours here was no stage one, it was a rush…….
    Last week I got her school report card (she is 9) and she has a reading age according to the school of a 7 year old, yet she is outside right now playing at schools (as the teacher of course). having sourced and printed all the pretty elaborate ‘school’ material for her four pupils from the internet herself. She does however have a problem with formal education probably because its just not interesting enough for her!!!!! Trying to get her to apply herself to dull tasks is impossible and I think she may be dyslexic as well. But my goodness she is fun and totally gorgeous and thinks totally outside the box!!!!!This can be a problem in a state school of 30 pupils in a class.

    • heck Ive just found two minor aspects which adds another 4 making 59! She does talk an awful lot….. and has the attention span of a gnat. Fortunately the Gemini energy is so light and fun everyone forgives her.

      • Niyati, your descripton of your daughter’s “attention span of a gnat” reminded me of something a local psychic once said to me. “You’re like a flea on a hot griddle.” Add that to our collection of images for an amped-up Mercury!

      • I have a Virgo MC conj Pluto and also Virgo mars but only Venus in Gemini! Im not mercurially challenged so to speak but Marlene my daughter’s low attention span makes it impossible for me to help her with homework. How do you focus a child with such a strong Gemini mercury. Phew….I cant do it, thank goodness she discovered making power point documents and writing stories on her laptop…… however as much as she loves to write and create Ive never seen her finish or correct anything. Flea on a hot griddle sums it up! LOL!

  41. I was kinda surprised to score a 57 (but on the other hand, not totally surprised). I am almost 60 years old and with a stellium in the 3rd house I’ve identified with the fact it was in the sign of Scorpio, not seriously considering how powerful that made my mercurial side. However; lately, I returned to college (something I’ve wanted to do all my life) and continue to be surprised at how good of a writer I am considered to be. That damn Virgo ascendant with Saturn in the 1st house has held me in check all these years. I find writing quite exhausting but I feel very fulfilled when a project is completed.

    I wonder if it would be appropriate to earn points for other planets (beside Sun and Moon) that are conjunct Mercury and in the third house, i.e., Venus?

    • Yes, the score should include points for all planets that are in the 3rd house and all that aspect Mercury. Did that get left off the test?? Oy, I hope not or all the scores are affected. Nope, I see that the test includes “____ Other 3rd house planets, 3 points each.” Donna

      • Whoops! You’re right.
        One thing I have noticed with my mercurial side, is that I write well, I think well, but boy do I have a problem expressing myself verbally. There almost seems to be a “shorted wire” between thinking and speaking. It’s either one, or the other…hard to do both at the same time. Could that be a square from Pluto?

      • Hi, other Donna. Well, Mercury square Pluto COULD contribute to a problem in verbal expression. (I really ought to write an article about that planetary pair rather than doing it piecemeal in the comment section!)

        Here’s what I would see as the reason. Plutonians have a built-in BS detector, but they get into beaucoup trouble when they talk about what they see. As kids, they get their behinds tanned at home and get sent to the principal’s office at school. Pretty soon, they learn to keep their mouths shut rather than speak out about what’s so glaringly obvious to them. So as adults, they become anxious about expressing things that they know make others uncomfortable. Does any of that ring a bell? Donna C.

      • ***ding,ding,ding,ding!!!!****

        MercuryRx conjunct Saturn & Chiron in the 7th opposite Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st house.

        Donna C, your explanation right there will keep me plugging away at understanding my birthchart.

      • Oh, if you only knew…! Thanks, once again.

  42. Thank you Donna for this test. It has made me think about how and when I communicate.

    I scored 20. I have Saturn in the 3rd, so I will weigh and consider my thoughts before speaking them.

    But then, I have Mars in Gemini in the 9th. So sometimes I just can’t shut my mouth even when I know that what I’ll say will cause hurt feelings or intimidate someone. It’s like having the good angel on one shoulder and the bad angel on the other. I never blurt something out without thinking about it, but I could save myself a lot of trouble sometimes by suppressing my Mars in Gemini and keeping my mouth shut.

  43. Just curious: To what planet or asteroid do you assign rulership of the 6th house (and Virgo)? I’ll be interested in seeing your write-up about that, and also which planet/asteroid you link with Taurus instead of Venus.

    • I’ll get to that presently. I’m preparing for a lecture. HINT: you’ll find the Taurus planet very close to home. Donna

      • Looking forward to reading your write-up on that. I’ve only read one other site that assigns rulership of Taurus to that planet instead of Venus. 🙂

      • Actually, I misspoke/miswrote. That site assigns co-rulership of that planet to Taurus, in addition to Venus.

  44. Thanks Donna! I still think there is a voice in there to be found.

  45. Hi Donna ,

    Mercury like dispossitor the Nodes ?
    It’s very important in scores.

    • As I mentioned in the article, there are many ways a planet becomes important, but this test is for fun and cannot possibly include all those influences or it would become too complicated. For your own purposes, add in anything you like. Donna

  46. Hmm, definitely a Mercury girl! Scored a 58, just low enough to have an attention span, I think! I even talk in my sleep.

  47. 40 for me, and I can relate to the comments about the ‘invisible’ parrot in your sholder! with mercury in aquarius and in conjunction with jupiter also exalted (early pisces) I find myself making small vows of silence somtimes, and meditation is becoming more important to channel all that energy. It can really wear me out sometimes.

    • Oh, man, I can’t EVEN meditate–it’s an exercise in frustration. What settles my mind out a bit is lots and lots of computer solitaire. After I play for a while, I stop thinking and stop getting carried away by my thoughts. Donna

      • yes! solitaire helps a lot (I have an old deck at hand) you might also enjoy online jigzaw puzzles in the Nat Geo photography section…addictive

  48. Hi Donna, i was thinking about (Glups! :S) those people that can speak easily two or more languages, somewhere i read that was merc conj uranus influence (not square or opp) what do you think?

    • I find that many people with Gemini strong pick up languages easily (that ability to mimic) anyway, but add in the Uranus, and it would bring more facility, I’d imagine. And some of them are software programmers, which is a language of its own, complete with structure and syntax. Donna

      • Oh, very cool! I have degrees in English and Computer Science and what I loved about both was the structure of language. Then of course I read tarot and think of myself as a sort of “interpreter” there too.

  49. My Mercury scores a 44, which is as low as I thought it could possibly be. You see, it’s angular, in Gemini, square to an angular Mars, and opposite Saturn on the Ascendant. It’s also my career significator, ruling my Virgo Midheaven. And it’s my chart’s final dispositor. Additionally, my South Node of the Moon is in Gemini.

    I’m the classic high-verbal chatterbox! I can think on my feet and am never overwhelmed mentally. However, with the Mars influence, I can be too caustic and unreceptive in conversation. My greatest life lesson is listening to others.

    When I slow down (a bit) under the Saturn influence, it’s more productive (Virgo MC). I’m a technical writer and editor who has expanded into designing and developing training programs. Content is key, and well-designed presentation of it can enhance absorption and retention.

    By the way, I have large hands with big knuckles and long, slender fingers that are not strong. I’ve always wanted to play the piano–maybe I’ll take it up…

    I think that Mercury in Gemini of itself could represent a mere dilettante; it benefits by some solid aspects. I’ve known painstaking researchers with Mercury in Virgo and brilliant communicators with Mercury in Taurus. As always, it’s the chart’s context that counts.

    Thanks, Donna, for thinking of Mercury during Gemini season. And I got to consider it today, my birthday.

  50. What about having the IC or the descendant in either Virgo or Gemini?

    I included Chiron (Mercury square Chiron) and scored 40, 45 if i include my Virgo IC.

    There’s a strong 12th house Gemini influence in my chart, plus a strong Mercury-Saturn signature.
    I’ve found that my writing (poetry) has slowly, yet steadily improved over the years. And somehow i’ve always known i was working towards a certain level and have been patient with myself. That’s something i’ve started to love about Saturn: the rewards after the climb. Who doesn’t want to get better with age? I hate friends telling me it’s all going to be downhill from here. Are you kidding me? I’m just getting started!

    When it comes to learing/studying, though, i’m completely restless/ scatterbrained. I love the thought of a scholar sitting in an old library, reading dusty books, or writing a new thesis on the reproductive organs of Egyptian dung beetles, but i don’t know why i would bother. I can’t sit still for that long.
    And then there’s the element of fear of failure (Mercury in Capricorn opposite Saturn).

    I tried it though, going to university, and when i studied literature & linguistics (of my mothertongue) i excelled at almost everything. It was like hitting the jackpot. But all the while i could feel my (emotional) body perish, so in the end it was not for me.

    • All so very Mercury-Saturn, Maaike, thanks for giving the details. There are so many readers giving vignettes of Mercury-Saturn aspects or connections in the different posts about Mercury this week, I really should pull them together for an article. Donna

  51. You’re welcome, Donna.
    It felt good to connect to that part of my chart by writing about it.

  52. Hi Donna, I got a score of 73!!! Its funny cos I thought that to be Mercurial you had to have a lot of air in your chart and I only have Chiron in Aquarius. But then with 5 planets in Virgo and Virgo rising and Gemini MC and Mercury conjunct the ASC it makes sense. Now that I think about it I talk a LOT (in fact I have arthritis in my jaw from all the wear and tear – truly), I’m always in motion, everyone says I look 10 years younger than my 51 years and I read voraciously (and dont get me started about emailing!) You should develop a computer program that calculates these scores for us – you’d make a fortune. Cheers Karen

    • That’s an amazing score, Karen. If you could find a way to channel all that Mercury energy, you could do a lot of good. I take it your Mercury is in Virgo, and one thing I’ve learned about that placement is that it doesn’t feel entitled to write things that are strictly “frivolous” (e.g. fiction or poetry), but if it finds a topic that serves to improve others, then it allows itself to write. Donna

      • How true Donna! When I read its mostly non fiction because with Mercury in Virgo its got to be useful and I’ve got to be learning something. I’m not a writer even though I know I can write well but I’m working hard at becoming an astrologer so hopefully that will be the outlet of all that Mercury. Thanks so much for this blog. It has inspired me enormously. You are so generous with your knowledge. Cheers Karen

  53. I scored 50 by the rules but would have gotten an even higher score if 6th house planets counted. Virgo rising with a 6th house sun and Mercury.

  54. I meant to post my score of 36, but with the venus conjuction and the Trine of my Mercury to my Neptune,
    I just figured… you know… it would be understood that…. Well…Oooo – a Butterfly!

  55. Got a 41- not so much due to being all that mercurial, but this massive stellium in libra squaring moon and sextiling Nep/MC (some planets venus). I’ve gotten a “strong” score for just about every test thus far. I guess the idea here is that no one of these facets of my personality dominates- I am a very diverse person!

  56. Hi Donna.
    This is my first comment on your blog, after i signed up a few weeks ago. Though i was always curious and fascinated by astro, i have had exposure to real basics of it , early this year when i was (or may be still am) going through career related turmoil. I think it was my birthday on 31st may this year, when i signed up. I always liked your books (not read in full though) esp. “How To Read Your Astrological Chart”.

    Thereafter, as all the posts here were related to me , being Gemini and lot of mercurial stuff, i kept reading and just got time. I am starting with this topic first (you can sure count me, now onwards, into your regular MERCURIAL readers/posters here (eating your
    So i calculated (tight with exact orb rules).
    I score 50 ! That’s Extra Strong (as per this grading)..i see !
    10 = Mercury Conj. Sun
    5 = Mercury Oppos. Saturn
    5 = Mercury Conj. Chiron
    2 = Mercury Quincunx Moon
    2 = Mercury Quincunx Neptune
    2 = Mercury Quincunx Pluto
    10 = Mercury in Gemini
    5 = Sun in Gemini
    3 = Chiron in Gemini
    3 = Mars in Gemini
    3 = Jupiter in 3rd House

    Here is my chart for your/readers reference

    Wider orb of Astrodientst also shows another 10 pointer of Mercury Square MC
    Looking forward to reply from Donna and readers, if anything interesting.
    Regards all

    • A good, strong mercury, yes, and since you have every one of the Mercury aspects we worked with recently, you’ve already heard plenty of what I have to say. Welcome to the group and to astrology! Donna

  57. I was just wondering if Mercury in the 3rd House gets a bonus?

    How about Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd House?

    • That’s a triple whammy for Mercury, but accounted for in the scoring. Donna

  58. 15.
    17 if I count Mercury biquintile Jupiter.

    Not super mercurial.

    On the one hand, I was slow to learn to talk and am pretty taciturn usually. I love message boards, but I generally lurk. I was the type of kid who read the encyclopedia for fun. I love twitter. I go to the bookstore and read several books at once. I bore easily and a psychiatrist diagnosed me as being ADHD. I have a just out of orb 3rd house Saturn- 6th house Mercury square.

  59. My Mercury score is 60. I will contribute with just one story (very embarrassing, but if it can be told anywhere, this is the place!). I took TEXTBOOKS to the maternity hospital when I was in labour with my second child (was a psychiatry resident at the time) just in case I had some spare time for a little light reading. Oooh, it feels good to have got that off my chest!
    p.s. I actually did not look at them that time (I was pretty busy), but I have had a lifelong habit of carting a lot of books around wherever I go (and we’re not talking a little light reading) as I never know which one I might feel like reading. I usually have at least 4-8 books on the go at once. Lately, spending a lot of time on Complexity Theory; Einstein’s views on religion (just wrote a spoken word piece about that, entitled Rare Visions); the I Ching; a novel; and Spinoza, plus a handful of Sci Am. mags in the bathroom. AND I am a good artist; woodworker; sewer –love working with my hands. My son and I spend hours colouring. (I’m Canadian–that’s how we spell colour.)
    I could go on and on …as you probably can tell but I’ll stop now. (I said I was going to only tell one story, didn’t I? Sorry.)

    • LOL. When I used to go to Europe for a month at a time to give workshops, I would carry along about 30 used paperback books to read at night, since I didn’t like to go out at night alone in a strange city. After I read them, I would just leave them at the B&B or wherever I was staying.

      Where Saturn is, you’ll find your worst fear. My Saturn is in Gemini, so my worst fear is boredom. I will go to any length to avoid it. Donna

  60. OMG. This is too funny!! I always thought there was something wrong with my boyfriend. His nickname is Smiley. If I could sum him up in a picture, it would be a happy face. I thought he had ADD or some kind of brain problem! He scored a 77 based on birth date (no time)

    I took this test for him… he would NEVER take this test because you are right, he cannot sit still for long enough!!

    He doesn’t care for astrology or any “deep topics”
    It also seems like he doesn’t have very deep emotions. When his grandma died, he was sad and quiet for a minute at the funeral, and then went back to his usual smiley, chatty self.

    I love him though because I have heavy Saturn and Pluto influences so he really balances me out by teaching me not to dwell on things too much. He never gets depressed either. He is so interested in everything. Sometimes I get depressed and don’t care.

    He is also super friendly and smart with great manual dexterity (he can fix anything very quickly.) Jack of all trades, just lacking in focus. Oh well, can’t have everything!

  61. __10__ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.
    __10__ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.
    _4___ Mercury in minor aspect (sextile, semisextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or other planets, 2 points each.
    __0__ BONUS: Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, 10 points.
    _10___ Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Gemini or Virgo, 5 points each.
    _0___ Other planets in Gemini or Virgo, 3 points each.
    _5___ Sun or Moon in the 3rd house, 5 points each.
    ____ Other 3rd house planets, 3 points each.

    T=49 Strong. 40-59? Very strong indeed! Has anyone ever suggested you might have ADD-HD?

    This sounds like me,but also the the single digit description sounds like me and actually most of the time. Oh, I’m not a quick learner and I only like to talk when I’m in the mood.

    verbal, bright, funny, quick-witted, restless, distractible, with an ever-shifting focus, a natural mimic, good with either words or hands (seldom both), a quick learner, curious, an avid reader, love to talk, many skills, and able to form connections between ideas or people.

    may not be very verbal—the terse style of Tweeting may suit you better. It’s probably hard to get you to talk about yourself or things you’re thinking.

  62. 40, here. I have Mercury in Virgo but it is conjunct Saturn and buried in the 12th, so that obscures its function quite a bit.
    It IS good for research.
    I am an ADHD that has calmed down the H part in my maturity. But I still tend to hyper-concentrate, which the above aspect lends itself to grandly.

  63. This was hilarious for me–I scored a 48, no surprise. I changed my major like 8 times during my first degree, graduating with a b.s. in interdisciplinary studies no less (studio art and native amercian studies to be exact). My thesis was on quantum probability, epistimology, astrology, comparative cosmology, and native american science. And I finished my first fiction piece this spring that is a retelling of Hermetic/Mercurial myth in a post-modern, gonzo style. Pretty fitting, I’d say, albeit with a 3rd house Pluto and a wimpy 8th house Pisces moon. True to my Mercurial nature, I love taking tests, and I love this series!

  64. I’ve got to hand it to you Donna: These are amazingly accurate (seriously) and wonderfully ingenious tests! I’ve taken the majority of them so far and need to re-take the Chiron test again since I figured out what I didn’t do correctly the first time (forgot the orbs!).

    On my Mercury score, I got a 32, which is about right. Although I talk too much to certain people, I’m not really a talker; I’m more of a writer.

    Thanks again for these excellent tests, and your books.


  65. Using orbs above: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that is 10°.

    Total = 50

    conj sun – 10
    conj MC – 10
    square moon – 10
    conj jupiter – 5
    square pluto – 5
    semi square saturn – 2
    sextile NN – 2
    moon, pluto in virgo – 6

  66. 8 points. I am truly the opposite of mercurial!

  67. Learning computer on my own and when they say ” paste on your browser” I have no idea what that means. However through fooling around you are up on the top of the window underneath the address space that you put www//http etc on.

    And we came to Mercury where I thought I made a comment but guess not so here it is:

    Scored 31 the first time but when re taking the test came out as 46 just now. Must have missed something the first time.
    Gee does this sound like a Retrograde mercury burnt up by close proximity to the Sun? W/ in 3 1/2 degrees.
    Have a lot of communication snafus over the years ….some of which work to my advantage. My Mercury went direct when I was 11 years old. Before it went direct I was misunderstood, understandably so. And aggressively roughed up for it, on different occasions with different people!

    I was unusually small for my age, to the point that my Aunt screamed at my mother for disgracing the family by bringing a midget into the world. I knew I was NOT a midget. I just grew very very slowly physically .

    My brain was in high gear however. Before I could roll over as an infant I knew I had to learn a foreign language in order to communicate. My thoughts were in concepts. I remember everything about being an infant , starting with getting born at St. Barnabas Hospital and how the room was and how my mother softly cried.I have clear memories of being a baby.
    Too bad I was NOT born to people who knew I was mentally engaged. Most memorable is breast feeding. The pure love radiance from my mother
    or Great Mystery through her, was really GREAT.

    Other than that she never engaged me with speech or intelligent exchange in any way, so convinced was she that babies were blank slates. Mercury and Pluto s midpoint are exactly opposite the Moon.
    At just over a year old I was 12 lbs and I remember Dr. Moriarty s dimly lit office and the ice cold scale as she put my naked body on it. The Dr. was the rare woman Dr at the time and she declared to my mother that her milk was no good and that I was starving. It was the reason my younger brother refused her milk.
    The Love radiation from her Heart had been more important to me than her milk. That is where I had really been nursing.
    I have plenty of stories of how I was misunderstood in early childhood after learning speech. I finally became so fed up with the negative responses from people that I started doing symbolic actions of just gave simple symbols. If they didn’t get that , I wasn’t bothered and just went onto my own activities.

    As a 6 yr. old I vowed to my Heart and if it indicated I was on the right path, then it was set in stone .no matter what anyone else said. They call that intuitive knowing.
    But when Mercury went direct I began to intellectually reflect on what my intuition said. Even though I knew it was RIGHT! Lets see if understanding could catch up. Many times in youth it could not, but socially I could always see what was going on in the larger society.

    When the Mind understands why the Heart guides in a certain way that is called wisdom. But if the mind cannot understand but you follow the Heart anyway, its called faith. However if one does not listen to promptings of the Heart it will become covered in so many veils that the mind only will lead and that is called confusion and disconnect with the movement of the Life force. That would be a lost soul.

  68. Question? Do you consider the nodes of the planets?

    My retro Mercury / Pluto( midpoint 17)
    is Square its own nodes and exactly square the moon. Mercury/ Pluto are in Leo and the Moon 17 Aquarius. Mercury s nodes are 17 Taurus North and Scorpio South node.I am not sure what this means except a guess would be….. may be my style of communication is out of sync with youth ( mercury)?
    Or my youthful development was askew and it was.
    Leo Sun mercury in 11th house. Pluto Leo in 10th and the Moon in Aquarius in the 5th with the nodes in the 2nd and 8th houses.

    • No, I don’t. Once found them interesting, the degrees never vary. And the one for Pluto is in midCancer, I think. There are a bajillion astrological factors, but I just stay with the basic natal planets and transits, because they give me the answers I need. Every astrologer has their own toolbox, however. Donna

  69. Thanks for your timely responses. Yes The North node of Pluto sits on my Venus/ Saturn parallel conjunction. This conjunction quincunxes the moon by 3 degrees. I have the planetary nodes and noted the ones that conjunct planets or MC . but have never known what it means.
    Mercury is an important planet to me . Even my mercury finger is turned away from the palm on my hand , so it is abnormal. I have had spirit world communications since birth. My Grandmother often rocked me and cut out the symbol of our Clan . When I could talk I asked my mother where that woman went and I described her. My mother was shocked and zoned out , only saying ( in half awareness that I was there) that was her mother but that she died 12 years before I was born.
    The Dr.s said the right hand’s little finger’s tendon slipped off , where it belongs .The left hand mercury finger also turns but its tendon is intact. Weird huh?

    • Weird in a wonderful way. My Saturn (second) finger is bent at the 2nd knuckle, and I have Uranus conjunct and parallel Saturn (and incidentally conjunct/paralllel Venus) Donna

      • Interesting. I have those same parallels and my Saturn finger also bends at the second joint towards the mercury finger. My mercury finger is much more radical however , and at the second joint too. This could be a separate study to enhance scientific hand reading.

  70. I can relate to LB:

    I have Mercury in Taurus (11th) opp Moon in Scorpio (5th) and both form a T-square to Pluto in Leo (3rd).

    I have to express myself clearly, not only being careful of what I say, but often repeating what I say, as well as looking the person directly in the eyes to make sure that they take me seriously, as well as get it!

    Sometimes this method doesn’t work, either, and it results in my having a temper tantrum, and the relationship is shot.

    For example, once I had an employer/agency, who would send me emails to an address that I repeatedly asked her not to because I didn’t check it on a regular basis.

    Well, after what appeared like the 100th time, and a snippy email from her about why I didn’t answer, I literally lost it. Asking her, “how many times do I have to ask you not to send emails to that particular address! What in hell is wrong with you, don’t you hear what I’m saying?”

    I also had a friend who would repeatedly call me on Thursday nights, when I repeatedly told him over and over that I had a jewelry class on that night, and didn’t arrive home until after 10pm. Well, he made the mistake of asking me, again, why I didn’t return his call (Thursday night), and I lost it, again!

    Then people become upset, and ask why I’m screaming, and there’s no reason to become so upset!

    Well, this creates a relationship problem when I have to raise my voice in order to get people to respect my boundaries, or my right to exist in my world, therefore, the relationship usually ends.

    It gives me the impression that people don’t respect or hear what I’m saying, because what I’m saying is not important enough for them to listen or remember.

    My mother and I still have this communication problem. Whereas, I have a memory like an elephant. I remember the eye makeup that Kleopatra wore when she entertained Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony. That’s because I was her makeup artist!


  71. Well well, I scored a 58, and fit in all your categories; don’t know what the H added to ADD means, something about concentration?
    I work as a researcher/writer, and am quite content to be sequestered in my solitude doing that.
    But I also love to make videos, and that requires being around many people.
    People freak me out sometimes, and I am claustrophobic.
    That last part doesn’t seem to fit with strong Mercury.
    I am sun Pisces.

    • Hi, P. Yes, ADD-HD means Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactive Disorder, the combined syndrome. It’s possible to have ADD without Hyperactivity. Like the space case kid always off in their dreamworld. I was one of those, the absent minded professor.

      Claustrophobia and fear of crowds (all phobias, in fact) are more related to Saturn than Mercury. Donna

  72. I scored a 33. My Libra 12th house Mercury is conjunct sun, moon and neptune (barely). I have always worked as a secretary or clerk in large institutions. (Pluto in Virgo in the 10th? Now I work two part time jobs for a social service agency and match attorneys to clients and assist with continuing ed for social workers. My Gemini Mars in the 7th makes me a great matchmaker, but I do it in the health and legal fields! I love putting people together and getting them the help they need. I write and do journal work and have studied astrology for years, but hate the limelight. I required exercise and solitude to recover. My job involves intensive and mindful commnication, written, spoken and on the internet. Plus I am my kids secretary, and driver.

    My sister and I are 13 years and 13 days apart- how’s that for a mars/pluto combo?

    Since Uranus trined my Mercury I went back and got new computer skills and was able to land this job! My progressed Midheaven is at 19 Libra, conjunct my sun. This eases Saturn sitting between Venus and my Sun. Last week I got an award for being the most dedicated adult student this year at our martial arts studio. Then my husband left our daughter at the dinner and drove off without her! Talk about a comedown! She called and said, Mom you forgot me!

    My Mars is inconjunct Neptune and my husband and I always have hard logistical struggles because he does not listen ( he’s a Pisces Mars and Moon) when I talk. He watches lots of TV and zones out at home. So I do a lot on my own, and just consider myself lucky when I do get help. He loves to cook- and is a great chef. I like to be on the move and he likes to be home.

  73. Reading about your friend Pat reminded me that my niece has 5 planets in Gemini (it’s a catch-phrase I use when she’s rattling on and someone points it out) but I hadn’t looked really closely at her chart (this just stood out from birth! she’s 14 now). Three of those five (sun, moon & venus) form a 3rd house stellium! (Mars & Merc are in the 2nd) and Gemini is on the cusp of the 3rd and 4th houses (what’s that called again?) This kid is really something. I am loving watching her grow up 🙂
    I scored 46 but it was mostly from Merc conjunctions (including MH) and Virgo planets which makes me a very different mercurial than her!

  74. 10 points for mercury trine asc.
    5 points for Mercury conj my nep (on an aries point)
    3 points for Pluto in the third.
    — only an 18…
    But, my Mercury is conjunct my sun/moon midpoint and
    I also believe that the conjunction to my aries point
    neptune holds some weight.. My friends used to
    say that my cursive writing used to look like fancy
    script writing– my handwriting is also vary apt to
    change over certain periods of time.
    With Chiron in Gemini, I find that what is NOT said
    carries a lot of weight around as well.

  75. I scored 41.
    I am not a Gemini mercurian though. Lots of placements are in Virgo (Mercury and sun included) and most of the points were for major aspects to my Mercury. I can be quite nervous and active but I can be quiet and lay on my bed listening to classical music for hours without moving much too. I love to be active though…hiking, swimming whatever I can do to release my nervous energy! Thanks for this awesome test. 🙂

    • well, obviously I can’t count because I just noticed that I have 64 points…which blows me away. So much for mental energy xD

  76. I scored 71 😀
    I have a mercurian’s stellium (Sun, moon, mercury, venus in Virgo. Mars in Gemini)
    also have the IC in gemini.

  77. 62! I’m partially dyslexic but my mum always jokes i might be slightly autistic!

  78. I got 37 on this.

    Gemini Ascendant.
    Mercury (chart ruler) conjunct MC
    Mercury trine Ascendant
    Mercury conjunct Sun
    Mercury square Moon
    Mercury sextile Uranus
    Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune

    So far, on all the tests, I’ve scored 46 in Uranus, 40 in Saturn, with the 37 here in Mercury coming third.

    It’s laughable how I actually write for a living when my score is so measly and my Mercury is comparatively weak. I write factual content for a news organisation whose website gets about 10 million hits per month. If the astrologically-minded readers (if any) among them knew that one of the main writers had such an unremarkable Mercury influence, they’d be horrified, lol.

    I’ve read – and observed – that most successful writers have a strong Gemini/Virgo influence, e.g. multiple planets in those signs, as well as having a strong Moon.

    Even so, I gain fulfillment from writing, so how bad…

  79. I scored a 35 but the description for a weak Mercury fits me better in my opinion. I am very curious and like to learn but I also a bit of hermit and don’t like communicating with other people. I guess I am heavier on mental activity than talk.

  80. 78- my strongest force yet but no surprises as i’m very gemini 🙂

  81. 30-08-77
    00:26 CET -1
    55N44 8E56
    ASC: 14 Cancer 55′
    Rating: AA

  82. Just found this amazing site. Up to Mercury, so decided to tell you my results & why your description doesn’t fit 😉
    My score is 64, sadly or maybe lucky for those who know me, I was born on a stationary Neptune in the 12th house, which is square to my Gemini Mercury in the 8th. Guess this explains why it isn’t functioning the way you would normally expect.

  83. I got 9. Oh my! No wonder my Gemini twins (one of which has Gemini rising too) drive me crazy with how much they talk… :))

  84. I scored a 71 on this test.

    Help, and all I have in earth is Virgo Ascendant and North Node in Capricorn. Though I do have Saturn in Gemini (along with Mercury Sun MC Venus)!

    My Moon/Mars are in Pisces! All these double signs. Help I need my Earth Mamma~!!!

  85. I scored a 41.

  86. 46 here 🙂

  87. Hmm. This is interesting. I scored only 13 here. I would have thought I’d score much higher on this one.

    I am very ‘bright,’ quick with verbal expression, great mimic, great dexterity, LOVE word games (though my Mars in 3rd probably contributes to my competitiveness about word games–ha). However, it is true that I don’t talk a great deal (not interested in superficial ‘tweeting,’ have no Facebook interest.), and I don’t feel the more negative traits really apply, either. I think my Mercury square Pluto gives me the more serious side of it. Can be persuasive, but have to watch for dominating others views.

    I wonder if having the planet in question in the first house might not deserve some weight? (I have Mercury in 1st.) As well, perhaps having an abundance of planets in Mutable signs might contribute (I’m Sun/Asc/Jupiter/Merc in Sag)?

    • If Mercury is within 10 of the Ascendant or the Sun, you get a big bonus for that. And did you count all the “minor” aspects? Donna

  88. mercury opposite uranus————————-5
    mercury opposite neptune———————–5
    mercury trine pluto———————————5

    mercury semisquare moon———————–2

    moon in virgo—————————————5

    mars in virgo—————————————-3

    mercury sesquiquadrate node——————-2

    still, a low score for me 😐 :))

  89. 18 – Surprisingly I talk a lot, and most people call me witty… x)

  90. 59. It went against my grain NOT To consider 6th-house and Virgo-related stuff (apart from what the directions specified we include), but I got it done.

  91. Hmm i scored 62.

    I’m not surprised, i can be very mercurial in nature.. whats more is i scored 53 with Plutonian. So it’s an interesting mixture of whats considered to be a superficial understanding (Gemini) with an intense desire for truth and depth (Pluto).

    • Hi, Scott. I find your interpretation of the combined high scores of Mercury and Pluto very perceptive–“an interesting mixture of whats considered to be a superficial understanding (Gemini) with an intense desire for truth and depth (Pluto).” As it happens, I have a semisquare between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto myself, and that description couldn’t be more spot on! Donna

  92. I re-checked my math three times but I came up with the same total every time. 93, is that possible? I have Gemini rising, 5 planets in Virgo and 3 planets in 3rd house. The funny thing is my Sun/Moon are Leo/Taurus.

    • With a big stellium of five planets in Virgo, I doubt that you could be wrong, but yes, it’s possible to get a 93, but it might just be the all-time high. (check out my articles on stelliums on this blog.) Donna

  93. 71!

    But this doesn’t explain my writers block…

  94. I’m really confused after calculating my planet’s points…
    Sun – 50
    Moon – 38
    Mercury – 52
    Venus – 51
    Mars – 49
    Saturn- 53
    Jupiter – 30
    Considering that Sun, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are making a stellium (in Pisces, except for Sun – Aries) … what should I belive ?
    I feel like Sun or Mercury reflects me better …but with Mercury in detriment (Pisces)…I don’t know …

  95. My score is 69, guess with Neptune stationary in my natal chart in an exact square to N Mercury, changes the way I use Mercury. Perhaps that is a good thing? I don’t think I would be very good to be around otherwise!

  96. Love this test 🙂
    this are my results

    Mercury Conjunct Sun-10
    Mercury trine MC-10
    Mercury square Moon-10
    Mercury Conjunct Uranus-5
    Mercury Conjunct Neptune-5
    Mercury square Jupiter-5
    Mercury opps Mars-5
    Mercury semi-Sextile Saturn-2
    Mercury bi-quintle ASC-2
    Mercury septile Venus-2
    Moon in 3rd house-5
    Jupiter in 3rd house-5
    Mercury,Uranus,Neptune,Sun in a stellium in Capricorn-5
    Mercury,Uranus,Neptune,Mars,Moon,Jupiter in a Tsquare-5
    South node in Gemini-2

    The score is-78 🙂

    That explain why I have so much interest and cant stick to one thing. I always crave mental stimulation to me thats number one, my mind is always active.

  97. Mercury only just beats Venus with the scores. Mercury got 65, Venus got 62, haha 🙂 my weakest planets are Mars with just two major aspects (score of 22), and Moon with one major aspect (score of 34).

  98. 24, but I also have Sun and two planets in Virgo which is not on the list of factors, and 1st house Mercury (included in conjunct ASC)–I think of myself as Mercurial

  99. 65 and not surprised :p

  100. Ok…just found this site and thought I would do some math today….or, more appropriately, some self-worth work.
    Did all the tests and will just put all my scores in one place ( Mars has other things to do ).

    Sun- 76

  101. 51
    I have tested my sun, moon and mercury, and my mercury has scored the highest…
    I love to talk and I love a good discussion which stimulates me mentally.. I have almost all the traits you have mentioned above.. I love to read, I’m a voracious reader. The smell of new books makes me feel all gooey from inside. I love to meet people and getting to know them. I am a super fast learner.. and people do tell me that I am very witty and intelligent.. I’m also curious about almost everything

    thank you though, you have done a great job!

  102. I scored 73, which would make Mercury the most dominant planet in my chart. Everyone I’ve talked to so far seems to agree though that the sun (score: 65) is my chart ruler.

    I am not a big fan of associating Mercury with Virgo. When I read up on Transpluto its association with Virgo felt very right. If I subtract the points I got for planets (and NN) in Virgo I get a score of 64, which rings more true when compared to my sun. Both are strong for sure.

    While I am very good with my words I always need time to go through my arguments in my head to function properly. It’s why I prefer to write. Surely because of the conjunction with my Moon. Talk to me about things I haven’t had a chance to think about and I stop making sense because I start talking emotional truths, which more rational types consider bogus. 🙂

    I talk fast and I think fast, but I also think deep and dig deep to uncover the links between aspects of life and I need time to dig my way out of that rabbit whole before presenting my theories. 😀

  103. 74 🙂

  104. I lost count when I reached 80…… how can you use mercury’s accumulation of wealth when it is in 9th House? The least material-oriented of houses?
    I have gemini and moon ascendant, Grand trines the 5th pluto, 9th sun, merc, and mars.. trines the piscean mc. If you have this config, what would you do and make most of it Donna?

    I am working right now, 12 hr shift in the hospital, and here I am surfing away! Merry Xmas, everyone. Love your site Donna!

    • Merry Christmas. Mercury’s not associated with money and wealth–at least, unless it rules the 2nd or 8th houses. Mercury’s real wealth is in its accumulation of knowledge, and since the 9th is the house of higher education, that’s a good placement for it. Apart from that, I don’t interpret charts for readers, but you might want to read my article on Mars-Pluto aspects and manifestation mojo. Donna

      • I have Gemini moon in 1st house, Cancer in 2nd occupied by leo jupiter ….. I am in nursing….but felt like I am cheating myself.
        Should I be in the theatre instead? I am classically trained as a soprano…. Donna?

      • No doubt you can use those great communication skills in any career field, but that’s not necessarily an indication for performing.

  105. I did the test and got 38 more or less ( classed as strong, but a baby number compared to the all the other scores listed here… ), but I’ll do it again, to see if I have missed anything!

    I love to write, and have been doing so, ever since I could pick up a pen and scrawl all over books and walls… LOL ( letters, stories, blogs, notes, emails, photojournals, texting! etc) and communicating with others: discussions, conversations. I am an eternal perpetual student. I’m curious and love to find out things, and I am a very avid reader. I have :

    Jupiter in Gemini ( rx, 11th house) plus

    NN in Gemini ( 11th house)

    and planets in Virgo( Uranus/Pluto) in the 3rd house (placidus system but placed in the 2nd with Koch system. However I relate more to the Placidus chart; perhaps there is a bit of the 2nd house interpretation in me, but 3rd house just screams at me to own it).

    My mercury’s in Sagittarius ( not the best placement I know….):

    mercury conjunct moon,

    mercury trine ascendant ,

    mercury opposite NN (I will double check that one again)

    mercury sextile venus

    mercury square saturn ( I think these two help with the Sagittarius mercury!)

    I enjoyed doing this quiz 🙂

  106. And don’t get me started on word games, crosswords, general knowledge quizzes : I can’t get enough of them…. I love, love, love them!!

  107. Mercury opp Moon = 10
    Mercury con Saturn = 5
    Mercury squ Jup, Mars = 10
    Mercury semisex Neptune, Pluto = 4

    Moon in Gemini = 5
    Venus, Pluto in 3rd house = 6

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Mercury = 45 🙂

    ( and i have ADHD)

  108. Lol, Mercury is far the strongest planet in my chart, he scored 60 points. I never imagined it, since I don’t have anything in Gemini, Virgo or in the 3th or 6th houses.

    Mercury conjunct Sun = 10 points
    Mercury conjunct Uranus = 5 points
    Mercury conjunct Neptune = 5 points
    Mercury opposite Mars = 5 points
    Mercury square Jupiter = 5 points
    Mercury conjunct Midheaven = 10 points
    Mercury square Ascendant = 10 points
    Mercury part of a T-Square = 5 points
    Mercury part of a Stellium = 5 points

  109. My score was 53. My Ascendant is in Virgo and my Midheaven is in Gemini. Mercury is in conjunction to 5 other planets and it is trine to my Ascendant.

  110. Yes! Finally something about how to play the piano with both hands.

  111. 67 and yes I have considered having ADD-HD

  112. I got very high score (53) though I don’t have any planets in Gemini. I have heavy *negative dose of Mercury* in my chart. I have Mercury in Leo 7th house.

    Mercury opposition Neptune
    Mercury opposition Uranus
    Mercury square Saturn
    Mercury square Jupiter
    Mercury opposition Asc
    Mercury trine Midheaven
    Mercury trine Pluto
    Mercury conjunct North Node
    Mercury square Mars
    Mercury sextile Pallas

    These were all my Mercury aspects I think. I wonder, which aspects/placements would make person very talkative?

  113. Hello! I scored 66 pts! Strangely, I am quite focused as a person. Maybe the Fixed grand cross helps. Also, I have an almost perfect trine between Mercury and Saturn… I love my Mercury but it is annoying sometime, when it wants me to learn and know everything 🙂

  114. My Mercury isn’t very strong, according to the test — 18, and that’s only because I gave myself 5 points for having the South Node in the 3rd house. I think of it as part of a duet (two planets only aspecting each other) because it’s conjunct Venus, but makes only minor aspects to other planets/points. (And I almost never use the minor aspects.)

    However, I think of myself as fairly “mercurial” in that I worked for a decade as a copywriter; wrote a book and numerous poems and short stories; love reading, learning and studying new things; am fascinated by language, etc. I’ve also been accused of being overly cerebral. 😉

    I think the “duet” is responsible for a lot of this, as is the fact that my chart ruler, MC and Moon are all conjunct in Sagittarius (higher learning, etc.). In addition, I’m an air sun sign.

    Just noticed the phrase “I think” repeated in each of the above paragraphs. That’s rather telling … I think! 😉

    • I think so too.;-)

      Gemini and Sagittarius are the two signs opposite each other that I see as most alike, in that both are insatiable students and grapple with words and ideas in a similar way. Sag is the older brother, as the subjects and level of understanding them are more advanced. I’d bet your particular studies and work history are more Jupiterian than Mercurial, i.e. more advanced. you might take the test for Jupiter, as I bet that’s a pretty high score. Donna

  115. I think Mercury exalted in Capricorn or Aquarius should be 10 pts.

  116. 90+ tested gifted as child but I not much good at accomplishing anything even though I have much earth too. Oh bother!

    • Hi, Annie, when Mercury is very strong, it can make you “mercurial” and thus scattered so much and drawn into so many mental pursuits that it’s hard to focus on any one long enough to finish it. Growth can come by consciously cultivating the ability to focus and not to succumb to the temptation to go in too many directions. Flower essences like Blackberry and Madia from the Flower Essence Society can help, if taken consistently over time. See their website. Donna

  117. Haha I got 53 and didnt even do the last 2 questions cause I got bored…. haha. THanks for these tests, they are awesome.

    • LOL! Oh, yeah, you understand Mercury just fine. Donna

  118. I scored a 58 which is surprising but not surprising…I don’t talk much, but I’m typically researching, reading, or thinking about something…i hold my tongue a lot and I attribute that to mercury ruling the 8th house and having a Scorpio ascendant AND being in aspect to Pluto…definitely enjoy having “deeper” conversations opposed to just talking for the sake of doing it

  119. Thirty-one. I don’t know if my Leo Mercury’s mutual reception with my Virgo sun gets me bonus points, but as I think 31 is sufficient I won’t nitpick. And I’m now going to search your blog for your thoughts on rulerships, as if I have one “mercurial” trait besides an affinity with words, it’s that perpetual student bit. I’m quite sure my last words will be a question.

  120. I just took all six of your “How strong is your ___” tests. I really liked them but I thin maybe I did them wrong because I got off the charts for mercury, moon, and pluto. And strong for saturn, uranus, and neptune?? I thought I did them right but now I don’t know. >.<

  121. Thank you for replying! I was actually born in 1979. I just re-took them all and this is what I got:
    Moon – 57
    Mercury – 46
    Saturn – 34
    Uranus – 36
    Neptune – 37
    Pluto – 42
    Maybe I should just go with my moon being strongest 🙂
    Thank you!

    • I only got a 36, but I checked out my dad’s chart and he has a 95!

      • 95?? I’m trying to make up something funny to say about that, but I’m speechless! Donna

    • Those are all still respectable scores, and you have lots of strengths. Donna

      • Thanks! But I still don’t consider myself very mercurial though :/

  122. Moon in Virgo – 5
    Gemini Ascendant – 10
    Mercury Opp. Ascendant – 10
    Mercury Square Moon – 10
    Mercury Conjunct Saturn – 10
    Mercury Conjunct Uranus – 10
    Mercury Opp. Chiron – 10
    Mercury in Grand Air Trine/Kite – 5
    Chiron in Gemini – 3
    Mercury Sextile Mars – 2
    Mercury Sextile Jupiter – 2
    Mercury semi-sextile Pluto – 2
    Mercury inconjunct True node – 2
    Part for Fortune in 3rd house – 5
    Ceres in Virgo – 3
    Mercury inconjunct Pallas – 2

    Grand total = 86

    (91 if you count Cancer on 3rd house cusp; my moon is in Virgo. Would that work?)

    Chiron plays a big role in my chart as it is part of my Grand Trine/Kite, and conjuncts my Ascendant. I may be missing some other points since others have mentioned planets aspecting cusps, but I have no idea how to look for that.

    My Mercury is in Sag in the 7th house. There are some hard aspects in there. What do you think this all means, Donna? I want to be a writer and do something wonderful and artistic with my life, but I am also the most expressively blocked person ever!

    • I only just realized that the sextile can be considered a major aspect, so that gives my two mercury sextiles 5 points each. My Mercury score should be 92.

  123. I got 36. Looking at natal chart, I don’t expect the score to be over 30 though somewhere in my mind think that I’m more Mercurial than that. lol

    Chiron in Gemini (6th house), Moon in the 3rd house opposition Mercury in Libra (9th house), and descendant in Gemini…I really admire sharp-minded people. (Sun in Virgo 9th house?) So it’s understandable about having Mercury as the 7th house ruler. I’m also quite restless but prefer expressing thought and emotion via writing.

    I can talk a lot as well if I’m comfortable enough but that is not what usually happens. So I avoid doing many crucial things just because I don’t want to speak! (For example, refusing to work as an interpreter, contacting via e-mail instead of phone etc.) Perhaps, it’s due the feeling that my mind is very slow and I can’t speak orderly, convincingly, perfectly. I wonder if that’s one influence of Chiron in Gemini in the 6th house…

  124. Hi Donna,
    Just completed the strength tests for my:
    Moon – 59
    Mercury – 59
    Saturn – 45
    Uranus – 30
    Pluto – 49
    Neptune – 51

    Is it normal to be pretty much off the charts with all? And interestingly enough I find myself in the descriptions, too.
    Will you post tests for Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter as well? I’m really curious to see how I score…

    Many thanks

    • Hi, Marie, there are tests for all the planets. On the home page of this blog, you’ll see a tab which says, “Planetary Tests.” Yes, there are lots of people out there with high scores on several tests. It’s usually when the chart has many aspects, such as a stellium that contains two of the outer planets conjunct. (Are you one of the Capricorn stellium generation with Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune conjunct.) It appears that you’re what I call an Outer Planet Person, meaning that all the outer planets are very active (high scoring) and that you’re not an ordinary person meant to work in a bank, but rather have unusual interests like metaphysical students or art of some kind. Donn

      • Thank you, Donna!
        Meanwhile I took the tests for the rest of the planets, and the finals look like that:
        Sun – 61
        Moon – 59
        Mercury – 59
        Venus – 33
        Mars – 46
        Jupiter – 35
        Saturn – 45
        Uranus – 30
        Pluto – 49
        Neptune – 51
        Both inner and outer planets seem to be quite active in my life 🙂

        Actually, there is no stellium in my birth chart, but a couple of yods, a grand trine and two T-squares – I was born on September 2nd 1973 at 23:55 EET, Bucharest Romania.

        Is true what you say about my interests – nothing ordinary there – metaphysics, as well as art in any form are my favorite pastime. Even what I do for a living requires creativity and more than usual connections between things, although the past few years have been a real pain to live through, both at a personal as well as professional level. However, as under time all things come to an end, this too shall pass. Soon, I hope.

      • All in all, quite an impressive set of scores! Donna

  125. only 11 :((,although my uranus score is high!

  126. WTH, another strong score (55) not far behind Pluto and Uranus same as my moon. Must be the sun conjunct Mercury in MC, moon and south node in 3rd/ IC,one planet in Virgo and all the other aspects…

    I feel I have weak communication/hand skills (dyslexia and dyspraxia )- Saying that I always achieved high marks at university in English lit/ creative writing. People take note when I speak although I am always tongue tied. I think I have to develop my Mercury because I talk too fast and jump from topic to topic every two seconds.
    thanks 🙂

  127. So i got 55. asc virgo, mc gemini, mercury conjunct sun and square jupiter. Moon and Chiron in Virgo, Mars in Gemini and Jupiter, NN and Pluto all in 3rd house.
    However, despite having Mercury in Leo, is in the 12th house. So i think that affects my communication a lot since I also have strong Neptune in my chart and i’m not that talkative but I do like to write on my diary and learn new things and languages and also my mind is always thinking, i like numbers and i have skills in learn new things fast=)….but yeah, not talkative at all, or maybe yes, but when i’m with people I know=) good test!=D

  128. I’ve got like 85 pts ! Is that way abv average ? Or might have been some serious calculation mistake . But I do have my Mercury, Venus & Mars in Virgo, plus Asc in Gemini . But one thing I can say bout myself, my mind really wonders everywhere, & its difficult for me to keep focus on one thing at a time, I get bored very easily & most of the time I skip to something new before I finish the task at hand . Which is very frustrating due to the fact that I have plenty of Earthy & Fixed signs which wants jobs be done !

    • Hi, Yes, it’s a very high score. From your score AND your description, you’re a Mercurial type. Donna, stellium in Gemini.

      • Hi Donna, that’s odd, you’ve completely skipped over my post in which I calculated my Mercury total to be 92. That is by far the highest score here, and I even backed up my claim by carefully listing each relevant aspect to prove it all adds up.

        Yes, there is a measure of pride I derive from the strength of my Mercury, but I am a level headed person and am not a braggart in the least. My Chiron opposing ascendant inflicts way too much insecurity on my expression to allow that to happen. It is also the reason why seeing my score has had a validating, bolstering effect on my depleted self esteem.

        I can relate to everything that has been said about having a strong Mercury. I have a dangerous tendency to over think things, or think in circular patterns. On the plus side I am quite witty when I want to be and full of humour usually.

        So I guess there was nothing you could think of to say in reply to my original post? I would be interested to hear what you have to say, if anything!

      • I’m not well, deeply exhausted, working hard on a huge to do list that would choke a horse, and have been undergoing loud construction on the building I live in since November. Oh, yes, and I’m about to turn 72. So, no, there are long periods of time that I’m not able to reply to comments. But, yes, that’s an amazing score. Donna

  129. I did this test for my younger cousin, and her score is between 101 – 106 points. I’d say she’s pretty Mercurian 🙂

  130. I don’t know if I did it right, or if even the previous person did it right, but my birthday’s July 17, 96 born in NY and I got 46, which you say is high and yes, I’m also all of those characteristics lol :))

  131. I don’t know if you can add this to my previous post, but if the planets you mention that you find with Mercury are among those of opposition/ascendant etc, I score 4 regular planets, and ascendant. I’m new to this astrology stuff, but like with everything I come across that I find interesting, I delve into it like no other, such as the enneagram, socionics and myer briggs, all truly fascinating like astrology, although it’s seen with skepticism by some, why not have at least some fun with it, right?

  132. I had more than 40…but my mercury and sun are in Pisces =(

    • Hmm, I don’t recall taking deductions for Pisces planets. Donna

  133. i had 61…and my mercury and sun are in leo

  134. I scored 61 hahaha. I assigned 3 points to my north node in virgo.

    Here’s my chart:

  135. I scored 41. I have a 3rd house stellium in Gemini which includes my Sun and Mercury. When I was little I talked all the time and when my parents told me to shut up, I went into the backyard and complained to the dog! HAHA

  136. 80. That’s pretty high, I think. I can thank my Virgo 6 planet stellium with Mercury right splat in the middle.

  137. I scored 53, tho I noticed you did not include Mercury in Aquarius as a factor *which I have in my 5th, along with Mars/Neptune conj in my 3rd)…

  138. Oh myyyy I scored 137 points!!! No, seriously, my friends and astrologer told me before about the Mercurial traits I have.. I have been aware of my strong Mercury but now I’m totally convinced. I took a test and I’m 67% air. Big big biggg stellium on Gem and Mercury there..anddd then add moon, AC, Saturn, node, in 1st. If you can wait still, include midheaven in Aqua and a lot of planets there.. Awww I’m proud. I loved it!! ❤

    • That’s terrific–probably the highest Mercury score anyone has reported here! I have a stellium in Gemini myself, and that’s what lead me to explore stelliums–and gave me the gift of becoming a writer. Check out the free sampler of my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, under the stellium tab on the front page of this blog. Donna Cunningham

  139. But the maximum distance of Mercury as seen from Earth , is only 28 degrees from the sun. So Mercury can only be seen during the day or just before sunrise do Sol or immediately after the setting of the sun.
    The conclusion is that the only aspect that most mercury can cause the sun is the Conjunction .
    In no natal chart there sextile , square or opposition between the Sun and Mercury.
    ( I am from another country, use the online translator , so forgive the text errors )

  140. Hi I was hoping you could analyze some peruliar mercury placements for me? I have it in my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Node, and 12th House. What exactly would such placements entail?

  141. I scored 53. My mercury is Virgo retrograde in 9th, 2 degree to MC which has Virgo cusp. Sun Virgo 9th, Asc Sagittarius, Jupiter Sagittarius in 12th conjucting Uranus. Neptune in 1st squares to Mercury, which is the only tension angle in my chart. Most of my planets are in the upper side, in serial conjuctions, Leo (VenusR+Mars), Virgo, Scorpio (Moon+Saturn+PlutoLibra), Sagittarius (Jupiter+Uranus). I am a phd student in social science but having hard time publishing, finishing products (writing organized papers), taking too long to graduate, feeling like I have no skill set, having employment issues. I cannot seem to find a resource on what happens when the strongest planet is retrograde and how to deal with it. Any ideas? And how does it affect career when you are so mercurial but it is in retrograde?

  142. I scored 61!
    I have Mercury conjunct my AC, square my MC, square Pluto, sextile Mars.
    Then my sun and Jupiter in Virgo and Gemini MC & Mars in Gemini.
    Plus my Moon and Pluto in the 3rd house. I guess this explains why I’m a writer and I suck at everything else haha!

  143. i have scored a 71! With my sun, ascendent, & mercury Rx in Virgo (sun 12th house, mercury 1st house) and Midhaven in Gemini. I have a strong presence of Rx planets in my chart and am not sure why Donna didn’t include this element in this test or any of her others as I am in the process of taking them all. My chart also carries the distinct bowl shape of an Indigo with the triple Capricorn conjunction of Uranus/Neptune/Saturn all Rx in 4th/5th house, with strong aspects towards my sun. I resonate with the cerebral, chattiness, quick witted chattiness of Mercury but am not often a restless person. I have found the discipline to write, though my preferred creative process is verbal. I saw it said seldomly are mercurians both skilled with words and their hands, so i guess i must be a rare find. Interested to see what anyone thinks of my chart/findings! Cheers.

    • Sorry if you were offended, but I do get frustrated by having to explain so many, many times the reason why the tests can’t include every possible way a planet is strong. My primary concern and desire is that the many readers who come to this blog and who aren’t very advanced should be able to use the tests, not just advanced students.

      And it wasn’t at all clear that you wanted exclusively to hear from other test takers—you DID express a desire for an explanation that could only have come from me. How would they know my reason for not including certain things in the test? Donna

  144. I scored 73! The ruler of my chart is also Gemini- I don’t know if that adds a little extra.

    • Are you saying that you have Gemini on the Ascendant, and it’s ruled by Mercury? There should already have been points for a Gemini Ascendant in the test, because Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign. Donna

  145. I’ve just discovered this site and I’m loving it – thanks Donna!

    I scored 81. Now the weird thing is that until I started digging around here trying to work out if Mercury or Jupiter was the strongest planet in my chart I wouldn’t have really considered myself mercurial (haven’t done the Jupiter test, that’s next…) Sure, I’ve got a pile of books 14 high on my windowsill that I’m reading all at once, I get bored and distracted really easily, and can sometimes tend toward moral ambiguity (don’t ask…), but because my stellium is in Sag (across the 3rd and 4th houses) I keep trying to see myself through a Sag/Jupiter lens. But now, hmmm, maybe my Virgo ascendant and Gem MC trump the big guy and Mercury’s my god?

    Given that Saturn is just about to transit just about everything in my chart I was giving thought to whether I should try to focus on just ONE thing in order to honour Saturn and get the most out of this transit, but now I’m not so sure. Although the ‘thing’ was writing, so maybe that would work?

    • Emma, I have no doubt that you are Mercurial, and the third house stellium is a big part of that huge score. I have four planets in Gemini, and twice during my long life, Saturn has gone through my 3rd house. I was already a writer for a long time, but Saturn’s transit there took me a lot deeper and more serious about my writing, creating some of my most important books during those intervals.

      So I have no doubt that that will be part of Saturn’s transit through your third. It would help a lot for you to enroll in writing classes or even a wriitng program. Writer’s Digest is a good magazine to subscribe to, and they have online writing classes. Donna

  146. Yup, it’s Mercury – just did the Jupiter test and scored 54…

  147. I scored 86! Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Ascendant stellium in virgo gave me most of the points anyway. So far Mercury is biggest score, but i’ve also scored high on Uranus, Saturn, Neptune (Carpicorn Stellium) and Pluto as well. Jupiter was pretty low though.

  148. i’ve scored 76, with my 7 planets in virgo. No doubt i’m a mercurial person, but asc(aquarius) is not involved… The stellum is in the 7th

  149. I’ve always known that I am extremely Mercurial, but I feel like I did this wrong as I scored a 74?

    • It happens sometimes, especially with a stellium in Gemini or Virgo and lots of aspects to Mercury.

  150. Thanks for another fun test! My Merc Loved adding it all up…

    (9th) Sag Mercury conjunct South Node at Gal Center which squares my 1960’s Virgo Moon/Stellium accounts for 44 points. On a more positive note, Mercury trines Asc and sextiles Saturn,

    3rd house Gemini is completely empty, save my North Node…

    I dislike hearing recordings of my voice and have minor phone phobia, but love solving crossword puzzles in pen in record time, languages, and challenging jigsaw puzzles. I embarrassingly take on peoples’ accents and mannerisms if I’m not paying attention.

    Hoping to figure out my true vocation…

    Thanks again & looking forward to buying your Stellium Book!

  151. My daughter scored a 70! Her chart is unbelievable. She has her ascendant in virgo, then her sun, mercury, venus and Jupiter in gemini.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the highesgt Mercury score to date. She must be an exceptional communicator of one sort or another. Donna Cunningham

  152. Omg i scored 60. 3rd house stellium in gemini. Moon conj venus in gemini. Mercury in gemini. 3rd in gemini. Aspects to asc square. To midheaven.ruler of sun in gemini in 3rd. Im genius 😀

  153. 30 Mercury conjunct Sun, Moon, Ascedant(Venus)
    15 Mercury square Mars, opposite Saturn, Uranus
    20 Sun, Moon. Ascedant(Venus) in Gemini
    10 Mercury in Gemini
    12 Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus in Gemini
    6 Saturn, Uranus in 3rd house
    5 Part of a major configuration: Stellium in 9th house
    2 Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, Mercury square North Node

    Total: 100 pts.

    P.S. FML

    • Huge score, Cata! I don’t recall seeing one this high. You must be very gifted in the communication field.
      You have a stellium in Gemini–as do I–and must be forever seeking new information. Have you seen the information about stelliums on this blog?

      Donna Cunningham

  154. I have a fairly high mercury score too it seems.

    Mercury opp moon = 10
    Mercury conjunction MH = 10
    Uranus square mercury = 5
    Saturn square mercury = 5
    Jupiter trine mercury = 5
    Sun in Virgo = 5
    Midheaven in virgo = 5
    Mercury in virgo = 10
    Jupiter in Gemini = 3
    Moon in 3rd House = 5
    Mercury = 2 T squares = 10
    North Node in 3rd House,
    South Node in Virgo
    (~2-5 so 3.5 each) so = 7

    Total = 80

    Also the two T-squares includes the 3rd house moon…..

    • Yes, that’s a very big Mercury score. You should do well in the communication/information fields. Donna

  155. Fabulous and generous website ! Only one thing: re Mercury — you left out conjunction to Pluto which, from experience, I can assure you can be life-altering — not only for the native but often for those closely connected to him/her.

  156. Sun,moon,mercury,venus, all in 12th. All combust by sun . Gemini ascendant , Jupiter in 3rd(very talkative). 12th total combust mercury(not good in maths,use of bad words while speaking)
    Can’t do exercises as ascendant lord Mercury is all fucked up in 12th house by sun. I am dumb when it comes to recognize true face of humans, friends ditched me a lot. I am a spendthrift nd i earn nothing.

  157. Oh jeez, I scored a 77! Mercury conjunct sun, Venus, and midheaven in gemini (all in the 10th house along with the moon, making a stellium). Mercury trine with Saturn. Ascendant and Jupiter both in Virgo. Makes sense considering I am 110% a mercurial poster child!

  158. I have intuited that I am very mercurial for a long time. I didn’t realize exactly how much Astro -data there was that points to it. Or rather, posts it’s presence in blinking red 😜

  159. I scored a 109. Ha. My chart is pretty radically Mercurian, you might say. I have a Virgo Ac with Mercury and Venus tightly conjunct it (2 and 4 degrees,) which are the apex of a double t-square. I have a Gemini MC with Chiron 1° conjunct it (in 10th,) a North Node in Gemini 10th, and a horde of planets in my 3rd (including Saturn) while curiously none of those planets are intercepted in my Scorpio intercepted sign squashed in my 3rd. I also have two Virgo house cusps (1st and 2nd.)

    I learned to read and write very young, dragged an old typewriter to my bedroom at age 5, and have hundreds of full notebooks stored from years of documenting my thoughts and feelings (though those writings tend to have a surprisingly Piscean flavor.) I initially planned for a degree in English, but ultimately determined that biology was far more challening and thus, exciting, so I have a degree in clinical laboratory science and working on a PhD in pathology.

  160. I am a Virgo Ascendant : Virgo Ruled by Mercury
    Moon,Venus,Mercury in 10th house in Gemini : Gemini Ruled by Mercury. Sun Sign and Moon Sign is Gemini : Gemini Ruled by Mercury
    Birthdate is 14 : 4+1 = 5 Ruled by Mercury
    In D9 (Navamasha) Chart too, I am Virgo Ascendant…

    And I have just started my Mercury Mahadasha …..

  161. Over 70

  162. I got 100… Virgo ascendant. 9 aspects with Mercury. Mercury, Mars, North Node and Chiron all in Gemini, Mercury conjunct the North Node. Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house. Wow. I am just beginning to learn about my astrology and I always identified so strongly with my Cancer sun…but that is the *only* water action I’ve got in my chart at all! All planets but the sun and moon are in air and fire signs. I do strive to be a professional writer and feel it is my “calling”, but I admit I struggle with focus…this explains it I guess! LOL Maybe I should ask my Gemini Mars Trine Saturn for help??

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