Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 16, 2010

Cosmic Piñata #5—Mercurial Morsels

©6-16-2010 by Donna Cunningham, a.k.a. Mercury Morgan

 This is Mercury Week on Skywriter, a celebration of the all-too-brief dash of Mercury through its sign, Gemini. We get a mere 15 days of it this year, so let’s make the most of it.  It seems only fitting to revive Mercury Morgan, a pseudonym from back in the day when I wrote scads of articles each month in the 8-9 newsstand astrology magazines.  That was before your time.

 It’s also the  perfect occasion for another Cosmic Piñata, a shower of tidbits from the comment section, emails from my readers and students, and my columns.  This one is a miscellanea of  minutia about Mercury and the sign Gemini.

 Question: A student from China writes, “My Midheaven is in Gemini.  My question is, with such an MC what should I do? Are there any persons with similar MCs for me to study? So far, I am an M.S. student in electrical engineering in Canada. I have been wondering about my career for 2 years even though my graduate GPA is 4.5.  Actually I spend more time on the Internet reading people’s stories (and historical events) in Wikipedia and study their charts than study my major.”

My Answer: “I’ve observed hundreds of clients with a Gemini Midheaven, and find that they easily pick up skills and can easily transfer a set of skills acquired in one line of work to another line of work.  They tend to become bored after a year or two in a job, because they’ve learned everything they can and want the mental stimulation of something new.

“They typically transfer those skills into another career path altogether any number of times in a lifetime.  In past times, this might have been seen as a character flaw—it might have been called “flightiness” or what we call in English “jack of all trades, master of none”. In today’s fast-changing global economy with constant technological advances, however, it is a distinct asset to be able to diversify, to have more than one way of learning a living, and to pick up new skills and technologies easily.

“Another asset many Gemini Midheavens have is their communications skills (the information age), including the ability to talk to people in a way they can understand and relate to and, the ability to pick up languages.  Since they often wind up–after years of learning different fields–as a consultant or a self-employed person with several skill sets, the fact that they can also develop a gift for sales and public relations, and advertising is most useful.    

“As far as your schooling goes, a degree in engineering is a very good background, but look forward to the day that you can  diversify and learn as many skills and fields as interest you, as your lifetime career path is likely to be a winding but interesting one. Also do intensive language programs in English and perhaps in Japanese or Spanish, as the global economy is likely to require you to speak several languages.”

 Related Point: Saturn in Gemini as a vocational indicator tends not to have long-term career goals to stick with because every couple of years a new career interest or direction comes up, and so we accumulate a variety of skills. Over time, that can be an asset, because we can diversify in difficult times like these.

 Q: “Could my Mercury-Pluto square cause a problem with verbal expression?”

A: “Mercury square Pluto certainly could contribute to a problem in verbal expression. Here’s what I would see as the reason. Plutonians have a built-in BS detector, but they get into beaucoup trouble when they talk about what they see. As kids, they get their behinds tanned at home and are sent to the principal’s office at school. Soon, they learn to keep their mouths shut rather than speak out about what’s so glaringly obvious to them. So as adults, they become anxious about expressing things that they know make others uncomfortable and so come to hold back on communication.”

Q:  In an article on septiles, a reader shares, “I have a waning septile between Gemini 6th house moon and Leo 8th house Pluto. I feel that I can analyze emotional issues with some success, and have the ability to perceive and then easily move on following emotional upsets.

A: I would think it could be a helpful combination, as Gemini Moon can intellectualize feelings right out of existence, but Pluto would make you dig deeper. On the other hand, the Gemini Moon could use humor to get the Pluto part to lighten up.

Q: A reader comments: “Your description of your Mercury-Mars septile sounds a lot like the effect of my Leo Mars square Taurus Mercury.”

A: “Yes, all aspects between the same pair of planets (here Mars and Mercury) have certain major qualities in common. They mainly differ in the degree of comfort they have with the combination and in what they do to try to work out any inherent conflicts between the needs and urges of the two planets.”

Q: “I have Saturn conjunct Mercury and have never really considered myself a mercurial type but after reading your descriptions I guess that I am . . . just in a low key way. I’ve been an astrologer/counselor for 30 years and have always been studying something (Enneagram, ACIM, Spanish, etc). I just didn’t relate to the quickness and social lightness of Mercury.”

A: “Saturn-Mercury aspects are a different breed of Mercurial. I find myself rather in awe of them, for they are the true scholars. I’ve had several clients with this aspect over the years who were PhD candidates and yet were convinced they were stupid…an inferiority complex often related to a father or older brother who was brilliant.

‘One of them–a therapy client–was even a PhD candidate in physics and a teaching assistant in a major university, and when she tried to explain to me what her thesis was about, my eyes crossed.

“It’s also associated with classical piano and with mathematicians who play the piano.’

Q:  A reader observes, “I am completely out of patience with all the drama & trauma so many astrologers surround Mercury Rx.”

A: “Me, too!  Mercury Retrogrades–and retrograde periods of other planets as well–are such a part of the seasons and ebbs and flows of our lives.

If we just went pell mell ahead all the time and never took time to reflect on what we’re doing, we’d go deeper and deeper into foolish mistakes. As long as we’re making intelligent use of these periods (see my other posts on Mercury Retrograde), they’re an asset, not something to dread. I’ve had clients call me in complete hysteria because they heard Mercury was going retrograde. Enough already!!!”

Q: A reader observes, “What do you think about that whole theory about Uranus being the “higher vibration” of Mercury? I feel like my close Uranus/Virgo Sun square is often like having my finger in a light socket. Instead of frying my brain, it seems to make it fire, somewhat like an air popcorn popper. There’s a whole rock show going on in my mind at all times.

 A: “That point about Uranus being the higher octave (higher level) of Mercury comes from the Alice Bailey/Theosophy strain of astrology’s history, I believe. I think it’s true but not always the higher version in the highest sense–a strong Uranus can get so wired it’s like Mercury on Crack. There are products in the health food stores called cell salts, and the one that helps sort out that ‘wired’ feeling is Kali Phos. I live on it. ”

Q: “What do you recommend for writer’s block?”

A: “Much of the time, it’s not so much a writing block, it’s just different a way of using Mercury’s energy. Are you putting aside time and energy for writing vs. using up all the energy in gathering information, talking or in working in jobs that rely on communication. You tend not to want to write when you get home from something like that.

“If you want to get any writing done, you need to set aside some time when you turn off the phone, stay off email, ignore the texting, and not talk to people about what you’re GOING to write. My mentor, Rod Chase used to tell me that if I wanted to get somewhere in the field of writing, I had to learn to ‘dam up’ my Mercury energy and channel it into writing.”

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  1. These are interesting. I have mercury in gemini in the 7th house. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been awake at 5 a.m. bright eyed every morning lately! Buzzing with energy and ideas 🙂

    • Grab that Mercury and ride it for all it’s worth, Cathie. We can sleep when it goes into Cancer. Donna

  2. Donna, I’m curious about the cell salts. I have Uranus in the 11th and my 3rd house moon in Aquarius as part of my air grand trine, and I agree, Uranus is off the charts sometimes. I feel it connects me to ethereal realms of mental activity, very creative and mythic, but sometimes makes grounding difficult. I want some of it, without being overwhelmed by it. Thank you for your comment about damning up Mercury also, for getting the writing done we want. With that, I’m going to finish blogging!

    • Did I mention the cell salt, Kali Phos? (Boiron is one of the brand names, and you can find them in a health food store.) That’s the one for people who are wired and tend to get fried from mental overwork or overstim. Donna

  3. Ok, one more thing. I laughed out loud at the trouble Plutonians get into due to their bullshit detectors. I have Pluto conjunct my Merury, Mars, Sun and I had a school teacher throw an eraser at my head once in high school because I pointed out his hypocrisy. (glad it was soft!) I have learned to still speak it, but selectively, when I think someone can hear it, or when it is so unjust it doesn’t matter, it just needs to be said. But sometimes I still have to duck!

    • Well done, you! Really good thing the eraser was soft, yes. Haven’t had anyone throw anything at me, but lots of people got mad when I pointed out – to me, at least – the obvious. I learned the hard way that it’s not always necessary to say something. Combining strong Pluto with Virgo can really rub people the wrong way, I do understand that now that I’m older and wiser. Although I still think I’m right!

  4. I love your writing block advice. I’ve noticed when I’m stuck somewhere with nothing else to do, I end up drawing and drawing and drawing!
    When I sat in an office for 5 months waiting for a secret clearance, I wrote a novella.

  5. Very interesting about Gemini Midheaven. I have this placement with Chiron conjunct and do I get bored or the place gets bored of me. So far working in a bookstore was the best job I ever had and the longest (2 years), I got to read and learn tons of things each day and get PAID for it! Once I co-worker told me she liked the idea of working at a place for years and years. I guess that appeals to some people these days, it seems like that is just less and less of a possibility for all fields. Sounds like torture anyway.

    Definitely appreciating the Mercury love, the nature of the beast is that no one spends too much time talking about this planet (there’s always something shiny to move onto). Very interesting stuff!

  6. Thanks for this – I have a Sag Midheaven and it’s interesting that your description for Gemini MH fits me to a T – I have never held a job for more than 2 years and have done so many different things. Currently I am a self employed bookkeeper and work 1 day per week as a support worker for a young man with Cerebral Palsy.

    • I guess it fits because Sag is also a mutable sign and a bit of a gypsy too with the love of traveling and exploring. Donna

  7. I have Gemini Midheaven too, and that description really fits. One of the big issues for me is I never knew what I wanted to do – everything sounded fun and interesting. 🙂

    Now I actively have two careers, which is necessary since one of my professions is music (I’m a singer) and it’s hard to make enough money to support yourself in the music business, especially these days. 🙂

    My second job is in a law firm. I started out temping as a paralegal in different law firms, learned things on the fly, and one of the firms hired me. I pick up things easily and I write very well, plus I’m also great with computers and databases.

    I’m especially good at picking up languages too and I love studying and learning languages. Being a classical singer I have to sing in many different languages for various jobs. That could be Jupiter in Gemini too, in the 9th house. And my NN is also in Gemini, 9th house, sextile Mercury.

    No aspects to the Midheaven from Mercury though. I’ve got squares to it from Pluto in Virgo and Saturn and Chiron in Pisces; and Neptune is inconjunct (in Scorpio but in the 3rd house using Placidus.

  8. i have gemini on the midheaven plus mars. long, long ago, i read somewhere that mars in the 10th makes for great military leaders or something similar. kind of put me off! hahaha

    i can agree that in the 12 years since i completed college, i have jumped around quite a bit job-wise but generally stayed in the same field as an admin for various companies. i really do NOT enjoy it, but i feel stuck (even though jumping to other companies has led to triple the salary i started at!). i am a virgo sun with virgo ascendant, and my moon in aquarius right near the cusp of the 6th with MANY aspects all around the chart, plus mars trine (1 degree orb) my 2nd house mercury in libra. i feel SO EMOTIONAL about work and my place in the world – what i am DOING, what i have to “say” for myself. at times, i have up and quit jobs with no notice (this is many years ago now – i’m 34 and own a house, much more mature and responsible).

    but seriously, even now nearly everyday i am asking myself how i got here and what am i going to do about it? very frustrating.

  9. Q: “What do you recommend for writer’s block?”

    I can concur here. I tell clients all the time not to ‘tell’ their stories before they are on the page. The act causes instant gratification of telling, verbally, a story. And it will cut any need to ‘write it out’ to ribbons.
    Store it all up then let it out on the page.

  10. Hi Donna, I’d like to add that I’m a Gemini MC and was a flight attendant for 8 years. It’s a very Gemini profession. They’re very flighty/chatty/flaky types. And a lot of them are actually Geminis (probably pilots, too, but I didn’t befriend many of them during my stint in the sky).

    Now I’m juggling a bunch of different things and I seem to have a new career idea every week. Currently I’m working on my Healthfilled blog, a screenplay (based on my book, which is based on my blog “Diary of a Dysfunctional Flight Attendant” which ended my flying career), and a food delivery business. I just realized these are all Mercurial careers! Go figure.

    Love your astrology nom de plume! I was thinking of taking one myself 🙂 (But astrology was one of my career ideas a couple months back…I’ve since moved on.)

    • Years ago I had lots of flight attendants as clients (word of mouth, one FA to another) and, yes, they had lots of Gemini in the 10th or on the Midheaven, and in that era it was Uranus in Gemini. Donna

  11. I have a Virgo MC with Mercury in Gemini in the 7th. So I work doing technical writing and editing, training design and development on a contract basis through employment agencies. This satisfies my need for variety and for having someone else selling my services.

    I don’t know employees work about 50 weeks a year, year after year, contending with the same people and office politics. Sometimes I envy their benefits package, but that’s about all.

  12. Hi Donna,
    Your advice about writer’s block was the best I have heard. I wondered why I had not had a desire to write since starting my new job. I communicate with people all day as a case manager and spend half my time on the computer. By the end of the day my Mercury is spent.

  13. Hi Donna
    I have a Capricorn Mercury trine my moon it is in a 2 degree out of sign conjunct with my s node at 28Sag54. Have you written about Mercury in aspect to the moon?

    Is transiting Pluto conjunct Mercury aspect the same as a natal conjunction. With Pluto moving so slow it will be there for about 2 years.

    • Yes, Adrienne, look at the post a couple days ago from my teacher, Richard Idemon entitled “Understanding Moon-Mercury Aspects.”

      And, yes a long transit of an outer planet like Pluto conjunct an inner planet like Mercury has some of the same issues and conflicts to resolve as a natal conjunction–it’s just that it’s more overwhelming because the person isn’t used to it, and so there’s a big learning curve on how to make the two planets work together.

      The important exception would be if the person already had those two planets in some kind of aspect natally (say in the birth chart you already had Mercury trine Pluto). Then the transit would be an important window for resolving long standing issues the natal aspect represents and taking them to a new, more constructive level.

      I’m in the middle of putting together a Mercury-Pluto article for later this week, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to use this question for it. Donna

      • Have Cap merc conj MC. Severe jobs and severe at the same time. Talking, teaching, messenger etc. Been broadcasted many times (MC). Logical mind developed according to tests done when young. Have two “first” languages (Gemini 3H) and two siblings. When I´m tired my mind is blocked and sometimes there is a word I can´t find on the language I´m speaking… somekind of switchproblem in my brains. Talking is “correct”. Guess the Virgo component is pronounced. Talking with hands (friends comments) Always studying something. Good in crafts.

      • Thanks, Bibbe! We’re getting so much good data on ways the Mercury-Saturn combination can play itself out. Donna

  14. What about Gemini on the IC also Gemini N Node and Uranus conjunct Gemini IC.

    I was told that I would move many times that hasn’t happen have been living in this house over 30 years. I do have a small library in my home.

    • Whatever is on the IC is also opposite the MC–the Midheaven, the 10th house cusp. So it has a vocational implication. Donna

  15. Hi Donna! Thank you so much for this series on Mercury.

    I came to check out what you say about a Gem Mc since i have one, yet, contrary to what every astrologer has ever told me, i’m not a job-hopper!

    Apparently my client-based business (yes, i am self-employed) has given me enough variety to happily stick with it for over 30 years, i like working with the public, and as you say, communication is a key part of it as i speak to several different people each day.

    (A bit of brain-picking may go on as well, but shhh on that!)

    Well, thanks for all you do, Lady! Mercury is so very important in any chart and i’m happy you’ve emphasized its influence.


    • Glad you liked it, Jude. I think self-employment is the key to a good career for a Gemini Mc, because there’s nothing to stop you from diversifying. Gemini always seems to operate in twos, and you do have two different but equally fabulous blogs, one for your beautiful cosmic art and one for astrology.

      Folks, Jude’s online art gallery was one of the highlights of the Blogathon. You can still see it here: . Donna

  16. What about Sun Mercury conjunction or Sun in the 3rd house.

    • They would each have a strong Mercury or Gemini flavor, which is part of their sense of self and self-worth. Donna

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