Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 10, 2014

How Are You Using the Strengths of Neptune in Pisces?

©11-10-14 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 In a recent article for the Mountain Astrologer, I wrote that Pluto in Scorpio—the sign it rules—wasn’t like Pluto plus Pluto, it was more like Pluto times Pluto in terms of its concentrated Plutonian energy. This morning I realized that having Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, is a similar concentration of Neptunian energy, perhaps like Neptune times Neptune.

An excess of Neptune can be expressed in extremely negative ways, no doubt about it. However, today let’s ponder the positive potential of Neptune in Pisces. It seems like we’re in an era when there’s little compassion, when the toughness of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio creates an atmosphere of cutting no one any slack.

So perhaps Neptune in Pisces could be a way the Universe is giving us a break from the relentless toughness of our age. And when would be a better time of exploring how we can use Neptune’s energy for good than in the upcoming holidays? That’s a time of year that’s often difficult for the many who are suffering.

Here are some of Neptune’s more positive expressions:

Neptune’s roles: spiritual seeker, dreamer, visionary, poet, artist, dedicated helper.

Constructive traits: creative, artistic, compassionate, intuitive, imaginative, empathetic, idealistic, spiritual seeker, willing to serve, forgiving, accepting, devoted, meditative, non-materialistic.

For myself, transiting Neptune has been on my Pisces South Node, so I’m wrestling with serious burnout on service, but perhaps I will come to an understanding of how to do it without exhausting my own inner resources—a better model for service to our troubled world.

I’m also seriously burned out on writing, having months of mental exhaustion. So I’ve been trying to come up with other ways of expressing my creative energy—something with no words involved. Idly watching someone paint on PBS kindled my lifetime yearning to be an artist. I felt it was a hopeless dream, because my performance in art classes in high school was abysmally bad. Watching this man do a watercolor, I asked myself, “Why not try it? So what if your work is terrible? Why don’t you give it a shot?”

Two days later, I blundered into a meeting here in my senior residence, and I heard the words ART CLASS. The meeting was to discuss what to do with a small grant we had received, and one of the residents was an artist who was willing to teach a drawing class. (Serendipity, I am convinced, is the law of my life.)

The class is free, the materials are provided for free, and it’s held right downstairs in the community room, so I don ‘t even have to go anywheredonna-Indian corn-small. Unable to think of a plausible excuse, I signed up.

The first meeting was a week later, and we were encouraged to draw the vegetables the teacher had brought. I chose a small but beautiful ear of Indian corn and proceeded timidly to reproduce what I saw. I was surprised when it came out a great deal better than I thought–no Van Gogh, but better than the stick  figure I anticipated. Here’s my scanned copy of it.

Encouraged, I committed to attending the 8- week class and to drawing one small household object every day. So far, I’ve laboriously drawn a bar of transparent amber soap and a hair brush. I do love art and have an artistic eye, and so I think I may be on the verge of discovering a brand-new talent that does not involve words.

Readers, what positive ways are you using your Neptune in Pisces transits? What other good expressions of this once in 165-year occurrence can you dream up? Share your journey in the comment section. 

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  1. For me, having transiting Neptune in Pisces in my 6th House trine my natal Sun & Jupiter in Scorpio in my 2nd has given me the opportunity to make an excellent living as a psychic/astrologer for an international company–who would have “dreamed?” My niece with Scorpio ascending (lives with me) has taken up the study of ballet as a physical offset to the intellectual pressures of preparing for medical school. She wants to do research on the brain and invent new techniques for pain management on post-op brain surgery patients(Uranus in Aries.) I’ve been looking for a home on the water as a getaway retreat in Amsterdam, Venice, & Northern Italy where I can invite other astrologer/psychic/medium-type individuals for seminars and fun (all Neptune-type places with same atmosphere.) Stand by on that one . . . still in progress. Bottom line here is that Neptune in Pisces and Saturn n Scorpio has been very good to me–I have been richly blessed in ways that matter in a bigger picture sort of way, and I do not intend to blow the many blessings that have found their way into my life. During the Neptune in Pisces transit we all need to ask ourselves “What really matters?” then go about bringing it into fruition. Dream the dream, live the life, make it count, pay it forward.

    • Wow, Sherry, looks like you and your niece are on quite a Neptunian exploration. Donna

      • Hi Donna: Thanks for the reply and, yes–my husband, niece and I are exploring a higher-minded Neptunian way of life. Last night she said she “felt” her grandmother around. From where I sit as an astrologer she’s a budding natural medium. My natal Jupiter and Sun are conjunct in my chart in my 2nd house and sit smack dab on her Scorpio ascendant. They are squared by Saturn & Pluto in Leo in my 11th house, 8 degrees in front of her Leo moon, which has not proven problematic. I love your posts and say a huge thank you for all of us who have learned so much from your articles, books, etc. BTW–good article in the current Mountain Astrologer–when I get burnout I work in my veggie garden. Kinda a typical Virgo ascendant thing to do.
        Many many blessings to you.

    • Hi Donna, I write Poetry, but I especially like getting out on either of my Bicycles, and take Photos of Landscapes. Neptune is in my 3rd House.

  2. Hi Donna,
    I completely identify with what you have been feeling. Neptune is approaching my 11th house north node, Chiron has passed it. I am a healer, but have been feeling tapped out, wishing I had the funds to retire. I do love my work and interacting with people.

    Last year a friend gave me a Mandela coloring book, I have been doing one a week, and now it is time to get back to art. I was actually an art major in school, it was very healing for me in a crazy youth. Too much self judgement has kept me from it for too long.

    I have also been doing some silly dancing alone in my house and listening to old music — giving into Neptune.

    I love your picture of the Indian corn, enjoy.

    • Thanks, L. A. I can see you know what I mean. Maybe we healers just need a sabbatical. Donna

  3. Neptune has just stepped into my 9th house of Pisces. Chiron is there too. my natal Neptune is in my 5th house of Scorpio. Thanks so much for all your posts, Donna. I don’t know yet what I am to expect from this long transit but I am hoping that this will be wonderful for my spiritual journey.

  4. Good for you Donna….keep up the art classes and try just drawing an impulsive thing…fun to unlock the neptunium subconscious.

    • Thanks, Barehand, I can imagine you have a whole spectrum of ways to use Neptune in Pisces. Donna

  5. Much identification with “serious burnout on service”. I’m stepping back from over a decade volunteering with a Neptunian/Plutonian (poor boundaries/manipulative) organisation feeling like “I’d rather watch paint dry”. The tendrils of involvement are being hard to detach. I have Neptune in Scorpio rising with Libra Ascendant/ Neptune transiting 4th/5th house. Mucking around with paint and colour is calling strongly.

  6. Firstly, I too am mentally burned out… so, short, scatty reply…

    I have Neptune Rising.

    Neptune is also transiting my South Node, in the 4th House. 8 degrees.

    …I don’t want to/can’t even go into the last three years of dissolve…
    My family is dissolving, and my roots, and ‘me’.

    How can I swing this positive…?

    With every ending comes a new beginning…?

    Well, I am going to make a documentary, soon.
    A biographical, astrological, roadtrip documentary.

    Neptune/Silverscreen…? 🙂

  7. I’ve had Neptune crossing over my ascendant at 8 1/2 Pisces last couple- Chiron hanging out around there too. Neptune is natally at my MC (along with Venus) and my former career as a musician has really dissolved (not to my liking ) the last few years. Really have had to let go of most stuff concerning identity and who I thought I am/others see me as. Wondered too if it has to do with new career in alternative medicine…anyway, this time has made me see a ton of financial difficulty too…being technically homeless…I am worried about this year since my solar return has Pluto in Cap just a couple MINUTES away from conjunction with the Asc, at any rate, the issue of identity, who I am, certainly has been murky under this transit. It’s been hard to embrace it though I’ve made, if not lemonade out of lemons, maybe a whiskey sour.

    • your story resembles mine. also Neptune conj MC, also tr Neptune over my Asc during 2008/9 (chiron too, of course). Nep co-rules my first house.

      my career also disintegrated and everything I’ve done since seems to be a sand castle built close to the water. it disintegrates quicker than I can rebuild it. very frustrating. I worked as a volunteer in social services, thinking it might be a neptune-like activity; but it didn’t matter. nothing seems to matter, really. I loved working there, but after 3 years, had to admit that I also need to be paid for my work. so I quit.

      I did start painting though, thanks to that volunteering. people do look at me now like I was meant to “be an artist” all along. but this doesn’t pay the bills (yet?), so it’s quite scary and confusing. and frustrating.

      I’m not homeless thanks to a helpful Jup in the 4th; I own a flat and a mother who’s willing to help financially. but I cant shake that feeling of “why is this happening to me? what did I do to deserve this?”.

      conj to the Asc in the SR can be important, but don’t worry so much! it could also be a good change! just make sure you face any challenge that comes your way. do not shy away, do not pretend it’s not there. if you don’t like it, think of options, but do not run away or crumble with fear. it’s the fear that can get you, not the challenge! good luck!

      • Hey, thank you for the shared experience. I just have Neptune over my asc and I was wondering what’s more to come. I usually like my job, but lately I do it very poorly and it requires a great effort staying motivated and concentrated. At one point the combination of black numbers on the white screen evoked images in my mind – every number had its color and formed a picture with the others around. Maybe it’s just the longing for colorful in these 8 hours filled with black, white and gray interfaces.

    • Whiskey Sour! LOL!

  8. Hi, Shouldn’t this principle Planet times Planet apply to all planets being in their own signs? And what about being in their own houses?
    And being in both own Signs and own Houses?
    And then, adding each aspect reaching between planet’s signs AND houses?

    And as planets since ancient times ruled two signs / two houses each, nowadays most notably Venus and Mercury how many times x times strength will apply to each planet then?

    Talking about strengt times strength – strength associated to fire: fire is associated with some planets / signs / houses,
    earth to some, air or water to others.
    Or more deeply: a planet / sign / house in fire category, doesn’t it also have certain amounts of the other elements?
    So that all planets /s/h/ carry some amount of both their own dominating element and of the other elements?

    Translating the elements to human capacities: fire dominance=strengt dominance, earth dom=dominance of down-to-earth common sense,
    air dominance=cognitive / intellectual / logic dominating – both earth and air=social capacities dominating. Water=feeling capacities dominating.
    And, added to all this, all elements have their own kinds of creativities.

    • Yes, PA, it’s true that a strong period for each of the planets is when it’s in its own sign or house. However the faster moving bodies like the Sun, Mercury, or Venus spend time in their own signs each year for a month or so. The intervals for the slow-moving planets are much further apart and can last for several years, and thus those intervals become noteworthy. For instance, Pluto is in Scorpio for one interval in 247 years and those periods can last as long as 13 years. Donna

  9. Hi Donna, It’s very interesting reading your explanation. Neptune is transiting my natal Saturn in the 6th and seems to have encouraged me to finalize a book I started years ago. It is at the publishers and nearly ready to be printed. Before I finally commited to the printing, doubts came up and I started wavering whether this financial commitment was right. I’m glad to get out of the negative Neptune clouds and decided to go ahead. Thanks, Donna. I like your articles and good advice. Hope, the burn-out with words won’t be forever… Best wishes and good luck with your drawings.
    Edith Polski.

  10. Hi Donna Wish I knew more astrology lingo but natally I have Neptune in my 9th house and a Pisces moon on the cusp of my 4th. ( a dastardly opposition) I have had many betrayals because of my propensity to believe in the honesty of others and I have paid big time for that. Neptune has been sitting smack dab on my pisces moon for waytoo long. I wrote poetry as a young girl and now have written a number of poems for children about animals–wanting to awaken their understanding and compassion for the wonders of wildlife and other creatures as well. I also have written a number of spiritual poems.

    My chart is a Scorpionic one for sure with mars and my south node in Scorpio in the 12th and an 8th house Pluto in Cancer. My north node is in TAurus in the 6th house with Chiron in attendance and so I hope in “finding my voice and having the courage to express it’ I am having an impact to help others through difficult passages.

    Incidentally like you, I have a master’s in social work though retired from practice but still trying to help others through their difficult journeys.

    Hey I have a poem about the outcome of the Congressional elections

    AS a good msw it should resonate with you!

    “Let’s cast aside the poor and needy
    And help along the Rich and Greedy” Nuff said best to you jean

  11. A life-long artist, neptune retrograding in my 6th house and squaring my midheaven has dissipated my artistic energy. I’m just not drawn to my paints & easel, I’m tired of washing brushes and generally unsure of my work. Seems like I need to think of some other way to express my creativity — maybe words! Neptune going through my 5th house was the most creative I’ve ever been — miss it!

  12. Thank you for letting us know: “It seems like we’re in an era when there’s little compassion, when the toughness of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio creates an atmosphere of cutting no one any slack.”

  13. My T Neptune is in my 9th house conjunct a Pisces Moon at 1 degree (which trines my 5th house Libra Neptune at 29 degrees). I’m watching myself be kind of selfless in my interactions around coaching folks via Skype – giving my time away.

    • Hi, ej, good to hear from you. What I’m noticing is that when these selfless actions feel effortless and not draining, then it comes from a higher place within us, or that there’s a stream of energy from some higher source that feeds us and the other. Donna

  14. Hi Donna, glad to see your progress in art! Interesting the timing of your post….. I’ve been thinking a lot about Neptune lately… most of my friends have Neptune in Antares (1975 people) and Saturn soon will pass over it next year…. at the same time everyone will be passing through uranus opposition… and Neptune square… major changes for everyone!

    But I notice already that everyone around me is passing by spiritual awakenings of all sorts, rethinking their beliefs, and abandoning skepticism/atheism.

    In my case, I’ve been through neptune square this year (natal 11th house Sagitarius transiting 2nd Pisces). I can’t complain. I knew how to read charts since I was in my 20s but this time I got really deep into astrology in all possible ways….also, my childhood dream was to be a fiction writer, but I never knew what to write about… and now I do, I’ve developed this nice plot I fell in love with. It is very adequate, I think, since my natal Neptune is conjunct Mercury. All I hope is that the Saturn transit will help me to focus materializing it through next year!

    • Such a lot of ways people are using this transit, Arya. Best wishes in pursuing your writing career. Donna

  15. I have been savoring Neptune in Pisces. What a rare opportunity, in this materialistic age, to experience the ineffable aspects of the world! As Neptune transits my natal 6th house, I have been encountering many opportunities to learn about alternative health therapies and energetic healing. I have a gut feeling that it will somehow come in handy when Neptune conjuncts Chiron on my Descendant at 28′ Pisces, several years down the line.

  16. Hi Donna,
    Great post!
    Loving every minute of this transit as I’m a Pisces and Neptune is my ruling planet…been working on a new homeopathic remedy-proving from stone from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall..that takes inspiration and empathy…

    I’ve also signed-up for a hypnotherapy course as it transits my 7th house…..

    What I’ve noticed in my private practice is the new undercurrent of people rejecting materialism and needing some sort of spiritual awakening, that’s very evident during this transit…
    Lovely to see your creativeness in Art, your Corn looks Fab!!! .
    I’ve been sewing and doing crochet!!
    Have a great November:) In Peace Mary

    • Hi, Mary English, happy to hear from you. Your new endeavors sound great and will only build on your offerings to the world. Donna

  17. This is so interesting! My now-husband, an artist, and I met in October 2012, shortly after Neptune entered Pisces. (Neptune was sextile to my Vertex point.) We bought a house together in a small town in March of 2013, and by that fall, we had become involved in founding an arts center for the town, something which has consumed much more of our personal time and energy than we had hoped (the too-much-service-to-others quality of Neptune). Nevertheless, my husband is managing to spend enough time in his studio to push some new boundaries in his artwork, and this summer (thanks to a class offered at the arts center we helped found) I finally succeeded in finishing a first draft of a novel I have been working on for many years. I’m now working intensively on the second draft. On the whole, this has been an extremely creative and fulfilling time for me, one of the happiest times in my life.

  18. Love the corn picture 🙂

  19. Hi Donna,
    I love your corn picture, it’s very sensitive. I’ve got Neptune pretty strong in my chart.

    (Pisces moon, Neptune conjunct sun, north node, venue. Neptune square moon and jupiter (these are just the major aspects).
    Currently I’ve got transiting Neptune square neptune, sun, venus and north node and conjunct my moon and Jupiter).

    Neptune is currently transiting my 2nd house.
    I’m an artist but have left it very much in the background while I focused on the spiritual path – I felt I had to sacrifice it to the gods in a way to progress on the path.

    But since Neptune entered my 2nd house I’ve come out of my shell and am exhibiting regularly and have just gained representation from a well regarded gallery. I’m starting to make money from my artwork without feeling like a sell out, rather it feels validating and is making me happy and proud.


    • Great to hear you’ve come back to your art, Emma. I wonder sometimes if those time off periods don’t wind up making our creative work better than ever. The growth and maturity that comes from our life experience deepens the creative stockpile. Donna

  20. Hello Donna,

    With a natal 2nd House Pisces Sun, Neptune (together with Chiron, but that’s a different, though related subject) is transiting the house of values, self-reliance…together with a wiff of survival. I’ll get onto what I feel/think (a curious mix!) of how Neptune, as an opportunity to transcend current limits, in is playing out in my life in a moment.

    With the natal Sun opposing Pluto in the 8th in Virgo – and the 8th House cusp being in Leo, so my ‘ideal identity/way of being’ is central – together with the Sun being in the decan ruled by Pluto, lets say I’ve experienced a life with no shortage of transformative challenges.

    The 10th and 11th Houses are both in Scorpio, Lord Hades is working behind the scenes to shake up, shake down and rebuild how I project and assert myself in the public realm. This makes intuitive sense with Pluto transiting a challenged 1st House Mars in Capricorn. Suffice it to say the previous c.6 years have felt like ‘hell on rails’, with work and personal relationships being turned inside-out, upside-down, and all around.

    A progressed transiting Pluto up-ending my sense of self-direction in 11th House Capricorn tells a story of ripping up old psychological structures in how I’ve put something unique and original of myself back into the world, to benefit the common man/woman. I’m continuing to develop an NLP and hypnosis-focused life coaching business, picking up speed from mid-2012, while dropping an unfulfilling career in IT as a business analyst/internal consultant…an admittedly Aquarian career. Yet applying astrology in the context of assisting people at troubling life transitions lights me up!

    So now to Neptune. To summarise; I’d say self-transcendence through evolving the means of achieving self-reliance and self-sufficiency in this lifetime. That’s what’s popped into my head on the London St Pancras to Nottingham train just now! A 2nd House in Aquarius Lunar North Node implies a ‘purifying’ of my values system and self-beliefs, both limiting and empowering.

    Saturn has played a prominent role throughout my life, with a seriously stressed-out 1st House Mars in Capricorn (square to Pluto and Uranus, and semi-square Venus in 1st House Aquarius), which is also square to Saturn in the 4th House in Taurus. The progressed chart is almost a carbon copy of the Saturn persona chart. So addressing and overcoming issues of restrictive family conditioning, together with a progressed 2nd House Saturn in Taurus implying a related theme from the natal 2nd House, self-reliance, of standing on my own two feet. Neptune (and Chiron’s) role in this transit ‘opportunity’ is a journey through my own self-doubts and fears, towards transcending old, worn-out and restrictive beliefs and related values systems.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi, Richard, thanks for sharing. You’ve done a yeoman’s job of juggling all these energies and putting them to a higher use. Donna

  21. Dear Donna,
    so happy about you(r) drawing! Expressing more than words.

    • Thanks, Martina. I forgot to mention the other word-less art I am studying. It’s mime, and since there are no classes here in Portland, I’m learning by watching videos on UTube. Donna

  22. Transiting Neptune is in my tenth house. It’s naturally a co-ruler of that house, because Aqua’s on the cusp and Pisces is intercepted. I dream of soon using Neptune for an artistic career. But right now, it’s exactly opposing my natal Jupiter at 4 degrees Virgo. Jupiter rules my descendant, so I’m going through another heartbreak. Sigh :/

  23. Hi Donna, I have Neptune transiting my 10th opposing 5 planet stellium in Virgo in the 4th. With Saturn about to change sign to sag. And Jupiter to move into Virgo The mutable signs will be affected I hope you will write about this in an upcoming post.
    Thanks, nancy

    • Hi, Nancy, you’re one of many thousands born with stelliums in Virgo in the fall months of the 1960s that involved the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in that sign. Finding satisfying work has never been easy, as workplace conditions are more and more rote and dehumanizing. As your group enters their 50s, I believe you will seek new solutions and perhaps join together to have your own businesses or co-ops that are more appropriate to your desires to serve and to create a more humane way of life for us all. Donna

      • I’m in medicine and have done really well. In fact i’m progressing in my field, (i have taken on teaching and more of a leadership role. also, taking my boards) and I feel that I’m finally being noticed for all that I have done. I’m not sure if that’s Neptune in the 10th or Saturn in the sixth or even pluto trine my stellium in virgo . I hope management realizes I’m not about to cut corners. I’m here to provide the best care possible. that’s why I was put here on planet earth…. I think.
        thanks donna

      • Probably all three transits at once–all career related. One of those once in a lifetime eras. Donna

  24. t-Neptune is conjunct natal Venus and inconjunct its (Neptune’s) natal position and also natal Pluto, so setting off my (Venus-Pluto-Neptune) yod and my Mars-Neptune-Saturn T-square [it is also trine natal Saturn, sextile natal Mars, semi-square natal Sun, square natal Uranus, sextile natal Moon, trine natal MC]. So aspecting a large part of my chart. Pluto is also transiting my ascendant, so difficult to determine which affects what. Positive, hmmm, lol. I guess it would have to be my studying (and enjoying) astrology openly, where I hid it for many years, as well as having more interest in the psychological/ spiritual elements of my chart rather than outer events. Also, I have a strong desire to awaken my dormant spirituality, and surrender to what life is, no matter what may come, rather than trying to control it. Maybe you have inspired me to also try drawing and engage the material, by doing something concrete, as well as the spiritual. I sympathize with your burnout and assure you your fans appreciate all you’ve accomplished with your knowledge and expert help given to many, many people over many years. You deserve a rest, thanks.

    • A very complex set of transits, Bob, but it sounds like you’re juggling them well and aiming for higher expressions of both Neptune and Pluto. Donna

  25. I like your corn drawing!
    Neptune is conjunct my Sun in the third house now. I’m an artist and writer. I hope you take pleasure in your drawing experience.

    • I do, I do, and it’s going so much better than I ever imagined. It’s like the focus and concentration I gained over the years from being a serious writer has transferred over to trying to reproduce objects from reality to the drawing. Donna

  26. Neptune is transiting my 6th house and for the first time in my working life I get paid to be creative. Your burnout on writing is the beginning of my writing career. This past spring I started copywriting for a web designer friend, recently it has evolved into revitalizing professional’s online profiles.

    • How great is that, Gretchen! There’s nothing more satisfying for a creative person than having the world validate our gifts. Donna

  27. I’m having a very hard time with Neptune in Pisces. It’s almost conjunct my asc now. I don’t need dreaming I already live in my head all the time, plus now I can’t seem to focus on my work . (Pluto conj Moon VIII in Scorpio; Saturn in Capricorn). I just wan’t my Gemini Sun “back”. My personality is losing it’s fun, outgoing traits lately 😦 (Sorry about the whining) Yet still I’m writing again (It’s an hobbie) although it’s gloomy stuff. I learned the hard way I need to channel this crazy energy somewhere

    • We do the best we can with Neptune, Vanya, but it surely is challenging to use well. Still you’re finding good outlets for it. Donna

  28. 2014 has been an up-and-down year Neptune-wise. My natal Neptune in Libra is in the 6th, currently being opposed by Transiting Uranus in Aries and squared by transiting Pluto in Cap. I had a bout with uterine cancer this last summer, including surgery (Pluto) and radiation (Uranus).

    On the up side, my prognosis is excellent, and I had lots of help from friends during recovery from surgery — Neptune is transiting my 11th house opposing my natal Saturn in Virgo. I had to just let go and go with the flow for the sake of my health. That Virgo Saturn normally sends me on guilt trips if I’m not “busy enough.”

    I had to accept the fact that my “job’ was to rest and recover! I’ve also joined a chair yoga class at the local senior center, and begun volunteering my Reiki services to the staff at a local hospital where my Reiki instructor works in the Pastoral Care office. NN in the 12th!

    • Good to hear from you, Amy. Sorry to hear about the cancer, but you’re doing an amazing job getting back to health. Donna

  29. Neptune in Pisces from the eighth is approaching a trine to my Scorpio Sun in the fourth within the next decade and will complete a Grand trine with my Uranus in Cancer in the twelfth house and will also sextile my natal Jupiter in the 10th. These are all psychic houses so I will expect my psychic ability to increase and I’m planning on doing astrology at home as a retirement business.

    One thing I have been beginning to experience is a deep love of animals (stray animals) and have already been involved in helping stray cats with the TNR foundation in our city. I have also noticed a desire to retreat from the world, finding happiness in seclusion at home, listening to Hemi Sync music tapes that will aid with dreams and psychic development. I’ve also turned back to music and am working on songs at home and joined a local band.

    This transit of Neptune in Pisces also makes a favourable sextile to my natal Mars in Capricorn in the sixth and I’ve been able to learn, study and practice natural healing successfully and work with the doctors more efficiently. I think contented is a good word to describe this transit, emotional yes, and kind. It doesn’t seem materialistic, would rather drift away or keep a minimal involvement in the “real world”, sensitive yes, and possibly “being in the right place at the right time” for opportunity?

    Seems that way. I love Pisces transits. For me they are very helpful and counteract negative transits that might be going on simultaneously.

  30. I don’t seem to be having trouble with the transit. My natal Neptune is conjunct my Sun in Libra in the 12th house conjunct my ascendant. Transiting Neptune is in my 5th house opposite my Venus/Saturn conjunction and trine my Mercury/South Node conjunction in the 1st house.

    I am a business development writer and it seems to make my writing easier. I also find my mind wandering to creative writing ideas (not my normal forte), with story ideas I can’t get out of my mind. I also took up stand up paddleboarding as a way of relaxing. I find water very calming.

    Sometimes I like to just paddle out to the middle of a lake when the water is choppy and lie on the board in the sun and let the water rock me to sleep for a little cat nap. The nice thing about Neptune, if you are delusional you won’t know it, so you might as well enjoy it 🙂

    • Funny, but true! Good to hear of your creative new direction in writing. Donna

  31. My mother died on the exact last opposition of Neptune to my natal Sun in January. That wasn’t an expression I would have thought there would be symbolically, but it is especially interesting because my father died on the exact first pass of Uranus opposite my Sun. Perhaps these transits symbolize a new identity for me. My mother’s death was smooth and easy and timely–exemplary of a soft Neptune transit.

    In addition, I’ve been in a committed dream group sharing and processing dreams weekly over the past year. I did Damanhur’s past life workshop series and went to Damanhur, a sipritual community in Italy) to do the last one in August 2013 at the beginning of Neptune’s oppositional approach. I’ve been thinking of writing a little book on that experience and reincaration/past lives. Maybe the Saturn square to my Sun will help me do that!

    • Good to hear from you, Cathy, and to to hear how well you’re using this transit. My father died under Pluto square my Sun. and a couple of years later, my mother died while Pluto opposed my Moon–a qualitatively different experience, since my relationships with them were difficult ones, Plutonian

      I hope you do write that book. With all your decades of teaching and other involvement with astrology, you have plenty to share. Best regards, Donna

  32. Neptune in Libra is a part of a T-square with my Aries Moon and Capricorn Mercury. It seems to affect multiple areas of my life and sometimes in very negative ways. My father was an alcoholic and my mother existed as his enabler (with me as Jr. enabler) for 50+ years. Mom was repeatedly sick over the years and I was the one to take care of her. They both passed away during the Pluto transit through my fourth house and I have been reconstructing myself since then. Understanding and forgiveness were the keys to healing and I thank Astrology for the understanding it brought to me.

    I had been earning money as a professional seamstress for several years but I got burned out on it and finally quit ! I still sew but now for the fun of it. I also entered my creations in shows and won top prizes and even a little money!

    A friend I met in dance /exercise class encouraged me to take a pastel painting class and even enter a show here. I was accepted in the show several years in a row and even sold a few paintings. It had been years since I had the time and inclination to indulge in real art work!

    My Jupiter (sun ruler) in Pisces in the sixth has meant years of exercise through dance. My original group danced together for nearly 30 yrs. We ended our class when Neptune entered Pisces but still meet every week for breakfast!
    My more recent group also has a dance emphasis (Jazzercise and Zumba) and we go to the movies together every week.

    For the last two years I have been using my Jupiter in Pisces combined with Neptune in a higher experience. I am part of a group that modifies clothing for wounded warriors. I also make clothes for children in our community from families that are technically homeless.

    That Neptune has been sitting in a square to my IC/MC for months now and almost on my 7th cusp. Last year my brother received a call from an oil and gas company. We had a portion in a working oil well and are now getting royalties! Our grandfather bought the share over 70 years ago and we knew nothing about it! Nice to supplement my income and it flat out saved my brother’s financial issues. I am using my share to book a river cruise in Europe in the fall . My husband and I married very young (and poor) and never had a real honeymoon. This should make up for it!

    So: alcoholism, martyrdom, art and creative sewing, dance, film, community service work, an oil well, and a planned river cruise! Is that enough Neptune in Pisces for you? I am not about to forget the forgiving and healing parts either!

    Now if I could just get my poor painful bunion to stop hurting!

    Thank you Donna for all the years you gave to astrology! You deserve a rest and I want to encourage you to keep up with your art!

    • Thanks, Kristy. What an amazing journey you’re on–and I don’t just mean the river cruise. (If you mean the one in commercials lately, I daydream every time I see it.) I am especially inspired by your using your sewing talent to help our wounded warriors. We all have gifts to give–time and direct service is giving of ourselves with our hearts rather than our checkbooks–and these broken young men and women break my heart. Donna

  33. With Neptune in Pisces currently transitting my 12th house and my Ascendant is 26 degrees Pisces no wonder I have been so reclusive lately. I have been doing more relaxing things, such as Pinterest on my computer, television, and wanting to read. I have also been toying with the idea of volunteering and wanting to use my pool. (ahh yes Pisces and water) ! I believe this is a slow moving I correct? Donna- you’ve done a wonderful job writing all these years and allowing all of us to share in that. You actually did a personal reading for me a while back. I was thrilled! May you continue to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy doing! Take care.

  34. I have transiting neptune exactly conjunct my ascendent squaring natal neptune which exactly conjuncts my MC w 2.8 degree orb. So feeling incredile right now! Its like a psychic highway. Letting off steam running, swimming but my favourite place is the sauna ( its winter down here in NZ). Pluto is so exactly conjunct my natal moon. So as they say this is sbout to get real!

    • Realer than real! Glad you’re loving it. Donna

  35. I could add studying and delving into Astrology. Which is a blessing for the inspiring uuniversal knowlege it imparts and the intuition it activates.
    And a curse because it feels like a form of escapism and addiction. I can spend hours every single day since i started 2 years ago analysing and reflecting on my charts transits revolutions and prigressions or others’ charts. (friends family or celebrity). it is endless oceanic like!

    I may add discovering essential oils too.

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