Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 7, 2009

Shields Up! Fight Second-hand Fear and Despair!

sponge-a2d©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 The ongoing mission of this blog is to help people fight fear and despair so we can remain calm and take effective action in this difficult time. If you’re psychically sensitive, one of the biggest challenges may be keeping your energy field clear of the turmoil of loved ones and even of the climate of fear in the world at large.

 If you work with people’s problems, especially if you’re the psychic sponge type, you might need to strengthen and cleanse your aura every day. You’ll learn some tools to do so in the next several articles–and under the category “Freedom from Fear” at the side of this blog. 

 The most important tool of all may be awareness, so let’s start there.  We’re hyper-vigilant these days about secondhand smoke, but where are the commercials and posted notices warning us of the dangers of secondhand angst?

Let’s just suppose your work situation is stable, your credit cards are under control, your bills are paid this month, your health is pretty darned good, and you have some money saved . (Say, why aren’t you running financial management workshops? People need to know how you do it!!)

fearmoonbed-a2dDespite all that, you’re awake nights worrying, you feel a sense of dread, your stomach is tied up in knots, and you’re depressed for no reason you can fathom.

Observe yourself and track when those feelings set in. You might notice that you’re fine in the morning, but when your office mate arrives and starts telling you about missed mortgage payments and a husband who’s out of work, you start panicking and getting teary.

Or, you’re contented after a lovely supper and all set to relax with your favorite show, when a dear old friend calls for advice on how to deal with the collection agencies that are hounding her about missed credit card payments. You’re suddenly chewing your nails, your stomach is clenched, and you’re convinced they’re coming after you next.  Or, you’ve meditated yourself into a state of bliss, and then your grown son’s job situation comes to mind and you’re stewing half the night.

Keep observing, and you may just notice that it’s not your own life that’s setting you off; it’s other people’s troubles. Yes, of course, you care about them, but what I’m talking about here is more than that. It’s a feeling of being totally immersed in their turbulent emotions, of taking them on as your own and maybe not even recognizing that they come from outside yourself. You’re meshing with their auras, even at a distance, and are psychically absorbing that turmoil into your own energy field, so you need to clear it out regularly, as soon as you feel it coming on.

(Astrologically speaking, you may be a psychic sponge if Neptune is strong in your chart–especially if it’s in the 1st or 3rd house.  Neptune’s house and aspects show where you’re most psychically vulnerable.  If it’s the Moon or 4th house, it’s family, especially the women.  If it’s the 6th, it’s at work, especially coworkers and clients.  If it’s the 7th, it’s your mate and other long-term partnerships.  And so on. Neptune transits often coincide with a greater psychic opening, especially whenthey involve the 1st house.)

 Another way of picking up secondhand angst is to go out in public or to work with clients who are overwhelmed with the current situation. Suppose you’re rested and full of energy when you leave the house for work, but you’re crammed into a commuter train full of harried looking people with dark circles under their eyes. You get to the office feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the pressures of the job. Or, you go shopping for groceries, and you come home with a mind in turmoil, you know not why. It’s time to raise some psychic shields.

 I never leave home without my shields.  Here’s a simple one.  Mentally create a wall of white light all around you before you leave the spongetalks-a2dhouse–or at any point in the outing when a major emotional onslaught sets in.  (If it’s legitimately yours, in response to something that happened, the white light will help with that too.)  Even if you have no conscious idea how to create that light, just realize that you DO know, because your aura has created it for you all your life without your needing to lift a figurative finger.

Personally, I ask that the wall of light be triple density, one that others’ upsets can’t penetrate.  The thickness varies. I use a circle 10′ thick in public, but a 25′ thick wall around my apartment at night, since I wake up and feel it when people I love are up stewing in the wee hours.  The more consistently you use the light, the stronger it gets. The exercise of imaging it builds those psychic abs and glutes.

Articles to help fight fear and despair on this blog:

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  1. Thank your very, very much for this timely reminder! My Moon is conjunct Neptune in my 11th house (and Neptune is transiting my third now squaring my ASC) so this is survival information for me.

    Looking forward to hearing more. 🙂

    • Glad if this series is helping folks. Thank you, Neith, for all the readers you send to read it. Boy, I’ll tell you, keeping the aura clean requires constant vigiliance of lte…the cosmic weather is intense. Donna

  2. Thanks so much. I have Neptune getting ready to cross my 26.50 AQ ascendent and its taking its time while it trines my neptune at the same degree in the 8th. I’m attracting in people who are extremely sensitive and your words and books are helping them. I will soon have a new website where I will be feeding in your articles. Should be up this week. will let you know. I am reading everything on your site this week. I am without a library living in Argentina. Heather

    • Thank you again Donna, it feels as though right now you are such a voice of sanity and safety, and it’s appreciated. Heather I also have Neptune in 8th trine 20Aqua Asc, and am getting an unprecedented deluge of letters and emails of late which to be honest I am finding it hard to deal with sometimes for those reasons you listed Donna. I have so many blessings in my own life, which is not sugar perfect, but good, yet I also am resonating to that angst a bit too intensely, and the timely reminder of this psychic protection which I used to practice a lot more and got out of the way of, is so very much appreciated, because y’know, it does work. Neith hi there. Best wishes to all x

  3. […] Shields Up! Fight Second-hand Fear and Despair! […]

  4. I can recommend 2 different shielding techniques that have worked for me. One is called ‘the 12D Shield’. You can find it at Lisa Renee’s website, It takes a bit of time to build this shield but is very effective. The second one and the one I use most often is called ‘the harmonic shield’. It is available as a free download at when you sign up for the mailing list. The Harmonic Shield is a holographic tool/shield that once installed, you only have to give an activation command to activate it. No fuss, no muss. Don’t worry – this website does NOT flood you continually with unwanted emails and the tools are wonderful.

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