Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 24, 2010

How Strong is your Jupiter? Here’s the Score!

©9-25-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 This test for Jupiter is part of a series designed to measure and compare the strength of the planets in your astrology chart. These tests assign point values to various features of the birth. (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Jupiter ranks.

Would you be considered a Jupiterian—or Jovial—type?  You would if Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius are strong in your birth chart. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius, so you’re Jupiterian if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or several planets in that sign or the 9th house strongly featured. Perhaps the strongest Jupiter sign of all is Jupiter in Sagittarius, since it’s in its own sign.  I’ll give these chart features a score and then a description of what a strong Jupiter says about you.

NOTES ABOUT SCORING:  Here are the orbs I use for aspects and that I use in these tests: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that is 10°.

These are pretty standard orbs among modern American astrologers. If you’re using a chart done by AstroDienst, please note that the orbs they use are wider than this and I find wider orbs not very effective in these measurements.

Here’s the Test:

____ Jupiter conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Jupiter conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Jupiter in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Sagittarius, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10.

____ BONUS: Jupiter in fire signs Sagittarius, Aries or Leo, 5 points.

____ Other planets in Sagittarius, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 9th house, 5 points each.

____ Other 9th house planets 3 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Jupiter aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Sagittarius or the 9th. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts! Off the charts—when was the last time you said, “I don’t know” or “I’m wrong”? (Try it–it’s good for the soul!)

 Interpreting your Scores—Are you Jupiterian?

 Issues for Jupiter:  how we educate ourselves and others; where we push their luck; how we learn from mistakes; faith, how we seek to grow; where we seek answers to life’s bigger questions; what’s the silver lining.

No written interpretation can fully explore your individual chart, but briefly, here are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Jupiter vs. one with few supporting chart features.

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Jupiter:  Jupiter’s sign and aspects modify the picture, but here are some of the traits you may share: enthusiasm; a good sense of humor, a desire to learn from mistakes and difficult experiences; philosopical; expansive; hopeful; an upbeat and positive outlook; a risk-taker. An excess of Jupiter energy might make you preachy or a know-it-all.

What a low score says about you: If your score is down in the single digits, you may not be optimistic and may have trouble finding faith in difficult tmes. On the other hand, you probably don’t take unwise risks or believe you know more than anybody.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new and simplified version of some of my older tests, so you’re my beta testers. Tell me how it went in the comments section by scrolling down past this article.

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  1. Jupiter, the guy who toppled Saturn ..the difficult planet in my chart!
    10 Pointer * 3 (Sqr. Asc; Oppo. MH, Trine Sun) +
    5 Pointer * 2 (Sqr. Saturn; Trine Mars) +
    2 Pointer * 2 (Sextile Uranus, SemiSqr. Neptune) +
    3 Pointer * 1 (Uranus in sagittarius
    = Total of 45 :p
    “40-59? Very strong indeed”

    Totally Relate to (in order of intensity)
    Good sense of humor,
    a risk-taker.
    a desire to learn from mistakes and difficult experiences;
    hopeful ;
    an upbeat and positive outlook;

    “Excess of Jupiter energy might make you preachy or a know-it-all”
    Yes i consider myself know it all, esp. when i am highly mutable too +Mercurial Gemini. Regarding preaching, i only believe in preaching humanity, tolerance and helping the poor/needy.

    But the best think i liked about this article is
    “Off the charts—when was the last time you said, “I don’t know”? ”
    I would love to be an examiner in viva-voce of that native

    Thanks Donna..
    (Just hope i am the first to reply on this article..if sm1 didnt post by now) 🙂

    • Wow I scored 84!
      10*4→(Sun and Moon op,conjuct Asc,trine Mh)(yup I have Jup in Gemini on Asc op Sun,Moon and Pluto stellium in 7th house)
      5*4→(trine Mars and Neptune,conjuct Saturn and op Pluto)
      5*2(Sun and Moon in Saggitarius)
      3*1(Pluto in Sagg)
      3*2(Venus and Neptune in 9th house)
      5*1(Part of a grand air trine→Jup in Gemini(1st house),Neptune in Aquarius(9th house) and Mars in Libra(5th house))
      WOW 84!Can somebody tell me what that means for future?Good education?Good husband?Is Jupiter in Gemini bad?And what Jupiter in retrograde means?

  2. Cool, I was hoping you would make one for Jupiter.=-)

    I tend to be optimistic and philosophical. I can get too enthusiastic about things at times and I tend to get carried away and overdo.

    My score is 35 strong

    *Sun opposite Jupiter

    *Jupiter opposite Mercury
    *Jupiter opposite Mars

    *Jupiter biquintile Venus
    *Jupiter quintile MC
    *Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Pluto
    *Sun contra parallel Jupiter
    *Jupiter Parallel Saturn
    *Mars Contra Parallel Jupiter

    *Neptune in Sagittarius

    Thank you!=-D


  3. I’m wondering if there should be more points for planets being in the houses they rule, such as Jupiter in the 9th?

    • Oh, possibly, but I’m just trying to keep it simple.

      As I said in the intro to this and a number of other tests:
      I totally agree that there are many additional ways that a planet is highlighted in a chart, but here’s my rationale for not including them. In the original tests for planetary scores developed for my correspondence course, there were so many different factors that it required an Excel-based score sheet. Half the students were so daunted by the math that they dropped out of the course after that lesson.” Donna

      • Ah yes, very true. And you did indeed say that. I guess I was surprised I was as low as I was in the point system.

        I’m going to redo it, to make sure I’m not missing anything, and come back with my score.

  4. My score is just 23, however I do have Jupiter in Pisces and it so happens to be a singleton planet. I think I get 10 points for that?

    • Singletons? No, like I said in the post, just trying to keep it simple and manageable. Donna

      • lol.. meant to show my Jupiterian hopes and wishes! lol

  5. Is there anything I don’t score high on other than the Fixed test? 😉

    A respectable 44. 46 if I get to count the sextile (1 degree orb) between Jupiter & my NN in the 10th.

    And yes, I think I’m quite Jupiterian. Good sense of humor, philosophical, honest to the point of being blunt, try my best to uplift others, and if it weren’t for the mistakes I’ve made in life I doubt I would have learned anything at all 🙂

    Am working on cultivating the optimism part of the equation – able to help others see the bright side, but truth be told have a hard time doing it for myself. An unfortunate side effect of living life via the school of Hard Knocks……always waiting for that other shoe to drop, you know?

  6. OOOO I got a 38!! having 3 planets in Sag trining my jupiter DID help.

    I do learn from my mistakes. I am philosophical.
    I also try to learn from OTHER people’s mistakes as well..

    • Now THAT is true wisdom–when we can learn from other’s mistakes, we don’t have to make so many of our own. Donna

  7. 54- maybe it should be 52, I counted two points for a loose sextile from a stellium (Sun/Pluto/Merc/Jup/Saturn) to Mars. Did not count inconjunct to Chiron. Either way it is high, as are most of my other scores (still moon tops them all which I am still surprised by!). I seem to relate more to the intellectual side of Jupiter/Sag issues- interests in continual learning, a wide range of education, interests, and experience, strong interest in world cultures/religions. I am definitely NOT known as an optimist or jovial personality, much the opposite. I would say that I probably am a risk-taker, though it usually surprises people- more of a hidden aspect. I definitely learn from all experiences, what else is there but learning? Knowledge is power! (hi there, jup/pluto conjunction, lol!)

  8. 46

    I am a risk taker and do like to look at the bright side; or as I like to say: There’s a solution for everything.

  9. I got a 37. I only have 1 planet in Sagittarius but I have lots of aspects to Jupiter and i have 4 planets in the 9th house including my sun. I am definitely enthusiastic, love to learn and quite philosophical. I might also come across as dogmatic at times 🙂

  10. I’ve just discovered your site this week and I love it. I read some of your books many years ago, but am recently studying astrology again. I did all your tests this week and have scored very strong in all of them except Mars.
    I got 76 for Pluto, 66 for the Sun, 59 for Uranus, 53 for the Moon, 52 for Mercury, 51 for Chiron, 41 for Neptune, 23 for Saturn, 34 for Mutable, 32 for Fixed. And today 48 for Jupiter. Mars got 0.
    I followed your instructions with the orbs and counted accurately. 7 of the 10 planets are between 22 and 24 degrees in my chart. The AC and MC are at 29 degrees and the Moon aspects very tightly every planet except Mars.
    How do you interpret this? I’m not sure what to make of it.
    I enjoy the tests and your books on the Moon and Pluto.

    • Hi, Toni. It sounds like those 7 planets in the 22-24 range are making lots of aspects to one another, for all the scores to be so high. C

      A chart with many aspects suggests someone capable of juggling lots of things at once and able to integrate many parts of themself into a whole.

      The other thing about a tight degree range like that is that there might not be many transits for a long time, then when the transiting planets get into that range (like Uranus and Saturn and even at times Neptune and Chiron did last year), then everything seems to happen at once. Change, challenge, and action on many fronts at once. Donna

      • Hi Donna. You’re right on about everything. Jupiter and Uranus have been transiting my Ascendant for a few months back and forth (retrograde) and my progressed Moon has been conjunct my Ascendant also. I quit my job suddenly (even though I really liked my boss who teaches and practices homeopathy) in June and am now looking into integrating astrology, tarot, flower essences, Reiki, spirituality, and homeopathy. Modalities I’ve learned and practiced over the years while working at a ‘conventional’ 9 to 5 job.
        I appreciate your response, I feel better about all those high scores, I thought it meant I was too intense, among other things, to put it nicely (lol). Thank you.

      • Oh yes, to further confirm your previous comment: from January to May 2009 Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Chiron were conjunct my natal moon, within weeks of each other. They squared my natal Sun and opposed Natal Pluto. That is when my mother died from cancer, angry at me and the world. True to the end, as per the Moon in my chart. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

  11. Hi Donna,

    Yes, with a score o 29, my Jupiter Quotient is considered high. And all the traits you mentioned are present. Although with Jupiter in Cancer, I have mellowed over the years and become more cautious, making the security of a comfortable home a priority.

  12. My Jupiter score is 26.

    Feels right–not toooo high (keeps my tendency to run with the latest inspired thought in check) and not toooo low (easier to roll with the punches when one has by nature an optimistic outlook). I’m content.


  13. So does having Jupiter in Sag. in the 2nd house mean I should play the Lottery more often?!

    • BTW, I scored 36.

    • Well, it means you’re more likely to PLAY the lottery and other games of chance, but whether you’d win or not depends on Jupiter’s aspects, the transits of the moment, and plain dumb luck. Jupiter in the second can bring lucky windfalls, but it also tends to make the person overspend and take unwise risks because of the belief that “God’s on my side, God will provide.”

      Any number of times, I’ve seen people overexpand their businesses under Jupiter aspects because business is good, then go bust because the rush doesn’t live up to its promise. Jupiter is a fooler. Donna

    • I bet (haha) if you put that jupiter transiting your 5th and make sure to start pulling at the slot machine or buying that lotto ticket at the 7/1 in those few minutes just when jupiter is beginng it’s transit of the local time 2nd you might but your timing has to be impeccable. It’s a small window. Experiment.

      • At one time, long ago, when I worked in the health department, everyone around me was playing the numbers game (a form of gambling, not what you’d call legal).

        So there came a time when Jupiter was transiting my second and making a lot of juicy aspects to my natal chart. I bet on the degree numbers involved in the transits, and won three times in a row.


  14. Jupiter 48, now my second-highest after my 69 Moon.

    And bless me yes, I can most assuredly be preachy. I appreciate my most excellent Assistant Offspring who gently nudge me when I do. 😉

    I’m quite certain that if I’ve ever said that I didn’t know the answer to a question I was asked, no doubt I was being modest on purpose. 😉

    I’ve heard that like attracts like, so this must be one reason I keep attracting JUPITERIAN MEN. They’re loads of fun until they don’t know the answer and I do. B-)

    I’ll post October office hours later for those who wish to discuss European Renaissance mysticism and writings in Middle English including Chaucer and Spencer. Come prepared to do a Middle English pronunciation demonstration unless that’s your question. XD

    • Funny lady! Droll–is it Jupiter in Virgo or Capricorn or maybe aspecting Saturn? Donna

      • Jupiter conj Saturn, both in Capricorn in 9th, Cap cusp.

        Now repeat after me: “Whan that aprill with his shoures soote…” 😀

        Guess what?? I’m descended from Chaucer’s wife’s Phillipa’s sister Catherine de Roet through her (eventual) marriage to John of Gaunt, through 4th daughter Joan Beaufort. Yes, the “Bastard Line”.

        There’s some sort of irony there but I can’t quite put my finger on it… XD

      • I can always sense a Jupiter-Saturn aspect and love them. Good, honorable folk–all the best of Saturn with none of the worst of Jupiter. Donna

  15. i like what FxGuy wrote FIRST (haha):

    ““Excess of Jupiter energy might make you preachy or a know-it-all”
    Yes i consider myself know it all, esp. when i am highly mutable too +Mercurial Gemini. Regarding preaching, i only believe in preaching humanity, tolerance and helping the poor/needy.”

    i feel like that, too, with the mercurial strong in my chart and also same preaching areas, if ever i do preach!

    also, my very dearest friend is a sagittarius and there is nobody else in the world i can talk to like i can him! we are BEYOND blunt with some wicked senses of humor. sometimes we have thought that if anyone ever stepped in on one of our ridiculous conversations, they would be appalled. sag/jupiter rules my 4th house of home and there is no one i am more at home with.

    i scored 37.

    jupiter/aries/8th gets a lot of challeging aspects (major & minor) – opposing uranus & mercury, quincunx sun (exact), sesquiquadrate my virgo asc (exact), among others.

    it’s weird. on the one hand, i have thought for some time that my jupiter is very challenged – singled out in the third quadrant conjunct chiron (and before i knew & understood chiron, it felt very single over there with most everything else on the east side of my chart). i am a very very large woman, been told i have a “big presence” both physically and personality-wise – i give quite a bit of weight (no pun intended) to that quincunx between jupiter 8H & sun 1H. jupiter also trines my retrograde venus in the 12th. i have major self-love/body issues and three planets in the 2nd, and i am constantly working on it (jupiter/chiron).

    on the flip side, even with my large physical carriage and sometimes feeling like that overwhelms my whole life and outlook, i have definitely had amazing luck with other people’s money. i’ve received small unexpected (jupiter opposed uranus) inheritances from two family members – one of whom was a great aunt who nobody had any idea had amassed so much money.

    i also have had good fortune with my line of work as an admin. i’ve jumped ship at some key periods when doing so raised my salary immensely. in fact, twelve years in, i have more than tripled my salary since my first admin job out of college. sometimes i thought that had i stayed at one of my earlier jobs, i would still be broke ass right now! i just realized at this moment that one of my friends who has been the catalyst and helped me land my last three jobs is an aries (jupiter/aries/8th).

    i also bought my first home a year ago and qualified for obama’s tax credit (8th house). i NEVER thought i would be able to afford a home.

    maybe my jupiter makes me boastful. ?!?!

    • also i WRITE TOO MUCH. (jupiter opposed mercury = long-winded!!!)

  16. I’ve been looking forward to this test!
    55. I always knew I’d score really high on Jup, so no surprises there.
    jup con chiron in the 3rd
    Jup opp sun, moon, uranus, pluto – in the 9th
    jup trine mars and neptune
    jup quincunx -venus
    a small aspect to Saturn – can’t remember the name (sat in aquarius, so one sign apart?)
    Jupiter (and Chiron) is the focal planet in a kite-formation, so that alone makes it pretty strong.
    I’m philosophical, distrust “organized” religions but have a strong faith, I love universities, not studying – I like doing my own reading and writing in the back of a classroom. I can say “I don’t know and I’m wrong” – but I don’t like it at all. There’s a constant battle between my stellium in Virgo that deep down wants everything nice and orderly, and Jupiter in Pisces who just can’t be bothered and don’t really want to take things to seriously. That part of me just wants to daydream and not do much at all. Sense of humour, yes, but envy people who laugh at themselves easily. I can have a hard time doing that. I make my living as a writer, so that’s the 9th house. I’m very much a future-oriented person, I seldom look back – to the extent that I very often can’t remember details about things that happened to me. Although I love history and write lots of historical fiction, so go figure.
    Jupiter is a fire-planet, so how does it manage in a water sign like Pisces? It ruled Pisces, so there must be factors that resonate with that sign. I’m guessing the outgoing nature of jup in Sag is more subdued? I’m not a very “outwordly” person, although I do put my foot in my mouth on a regular basis.

    • If Jupiter and Saturn are one sign apart, that’s a semisextile (30 degrees) unless it’s a septile (51.5) degrees. (there are articles on both those aspects here.)

      As several of you have asked, when Jupiter is in an element other than fire, it expands the nature of that element and sign. So Jupiter in a water sign makes the person more emotional, but more likely to learn life lessons from those strong emotions. In earth, it would expand the ability to learn from nature and from dealing with the realities of the material world. the philosophy would be more pragmatic–or nature-based like Native American. And so on. (Please don’t make me do all four elements–try to figure it out yourself and write your conclusions here!) Donna

    • “I’m wrong.” Even harder than “I don’t know.” Got to go back and add that to the post, thanks. Donna

  17. 16 here, by far my lowest planetary score

    My Jupiter is Virgoan and has one foot in the 5th house and one in the 6th (depending on house system).

    I don’t recall ever trying on a pair of rose-colored glasses. I prefer polarized sunglasses that block glare and increase clarity.

    I love humor that is either satirical or absurdist (Graham Linehan is my man!).

    • Have you ever seen the weird/funny stuff by Bizzarro (don’t recall how many rs and how many zs)? I visited his site yesterday and caught up on his comics. Donna

      • I’ll check it out: )

  18. 53! Waaaaaaaaaaaay higher than I expected!
    But then I have been accused of being preachy at times. LOL!

  19. I thought we did Jupiter already. I guess not.
    I scored 32, a strong score but nothing exceptional.

    I did note two interesting factors. I have Sagittarius intercepted. Perhaps I should get bonus negative points. For some perverse reason, I’m always arguing that my scores are too high and looking for loopholes.. ha.
    Also, I have Jupiter conjunct IC. You gave that 10 points as an opposition to MC, same thing. But do I recall some discussion about accidental squares or something? Aspects that aren’t 90 degrees but are a square? I forgot the term you used or I’d search it on you blog. I vaguely recall this might be an aspect like that.

    • Mundane squares–but, for whatever reason, there are no mundane oppositions. Donna

      • Thanks for jogging my memory, I looked up your previous article and reread it. I was thinking that my Jupiter conjunct IC would make it a mundane square to the ASC, but I guess that is not the purpose of this calculation. I do have a mundane square, Jupiter IC to Uranus on my ASC. But these points are too subtle to put into this general score.

  20. I have 48, not unexpected with Jupiter conjunct ascendant and Pluto, squaring Sun/Uranus, trining midheaven,with the Moon in Sag, Venus in 9th,etc.
    The descriptive traits fit me well, even the know it all bit (somewhat modified over the years).

    My first husband once said ” You loom enormous on everyone’s horizon” (not a compliment)

    I do love Jupiter, but why is he losing his red spot?

    • I got 27 on this.

  21. 34 points —
    But there could be more if I may count the exact squares of my 12th house Jupiter (12Taurus20) to my 4th house South Node (12Leo21) and 10th house North Node in Aquarius which conjuncts my Aquarian Sun, Mercury and Midheaven……
    Jupiter is also at a 10 degree square to my 4th house Pluto in Leo…..A wider orb than you recommend, but a strong player in my chart……
    For in my own life, harsh, heart-breaking, or violent circumstances (triggered by transits) have been endured by my stubborn optimism, strength of spirit, and innate belief in kindness & forgiveness as the positive road…..
    I have no room for bitterness in my life. I choose to savor joy and encourage it in others.
    Keep learning, heal, forgive, help others… & move forward — Jupiter at it’s best, yes? : )

    • Great use of Jupiter’s spirit, Miz Liz. But, no, you don’t get to count both nodes, since they are always in the opposite houses, same degree. Donna

  22. 48 with astrodienst orbs, 44 with test’s orbs, 60 if I count moon in the end of 8th and a loose sun-jup conj. (with mercury in between bringing them togrther)- btw the math is killing me!
    Jupiter and Saturn and the ASC are a mystery to me. They’re in the same sign as my sun, so I don’t understand their function. It feels like I have no Jupiter or Saturn or ASC, like my Sun has swallowed them or something…

    • A wide conjunction with a planet inbetween works (multiple conjunction), especially with the Sun or Moon. When the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is conjunct Jupiter, it gives you a Sadge-y quality. I have them conjunct (in the 12th, yet) and know I was pretty obnoxious with the know-it-all bit until my mid-30s. A few outer planet transits to my Jupiter and I figured out that I didn’t know a whole lot for sure. Donna

      • I was more the share-the-epiphany type, like:’I’ve GOT to take you to that club’, ‘you’ve GOT to see that movie’, ‘you’ve GOT to listen to that song’-the list could go on forever. Ah, those were the days! (sigh)

  23. Only 22…well yes.
    I am in my Jupiter return T Jup 28o pisces, T uranus 28o pisces.N jupiter 28o pisces…………..10th House!
    so far the only sudden surprise I have had was negative……$50.00 less in food stamps this month That is the cym cartridge for my printer. Will have to buy food with it instead. Bad news for a visual artist who is trying to be productive!
    I would characterise me as, higher than a 22 score for Jupiter, positive, good at making lemonade, risk taker ( free lance artist, worked better in the past than now)
    2 cycles ago 1987, T Jup only conjuncted my N Jup for 4 days: but I went from temporarily cleaning houses to the highest priced mural job I have had, then commission to do a mural in Europe!
    Last cycle ’99 It was only there for 5 days…….. I guess you could say that luck was, finding out my Widow’s pension was just enough to live on being unemployed at the time, deciding to collect AT 60 YRS OLD, therefore locking myself in to 2/3 of the full amount forever; now CAN”T LIVE ON IT!
    This year it is spending more time there retro etc.
    Is it because it is trine pluto & pluto is sq my nodes,. that it is difficult; not a gaining situation.

  24. 47 – one of my higer scores. with Sag Sun, Venus & Chiron and several strong aspects to Jupiter, I had a feeling that me score would fairly high.
    However, Jupe sits in Cappy, not considered a great place for the Jovial One. I do have a hard time maintaining an optimistic attitude toward life in general. Yet, many major life issues have, in the end, turned out well.

    (As an aside, Donna, I tend to espouse the nature-based philosophical tendencies you mentioned above.)
    And, yes, I’ve been a preachy know-it-all on occasion. Something I’m trying to
    consciously tone down. We’ll see what happens when transiting Pluto hits my Jupiter a few years from now!

  25. Wow, 33 – I’m surprised! I didn’t think it was that strong, maybe because the one Sag planet I have is Saturn. Plus my Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and I tend to think of just having an amplified Neptune. I thought my bf was more Jupiterian having his Jup opposite his Sun, but he scored only 20. (His Jup is nicely conjunct my NN, though, which is nice.)

  26. 27!

    ASC, Merc, Neptune, Mars in Sagittarius. Squares to Jupiter from Venus and Chiron. North node and Saturn in the 9th house.

  27. I scored 50 and it didn’t surprise me at all. I have Jupiter in Leo,conjunct an 8th house stellium that includes my Leo Sun, trine a Sag Ascendant and square Saturn.

    I’m a forever student, optimist, philosopher, lover of travel and exploring other cultures.

    I was born into a life of constant change, with my father serving in the military for 20 years. My first 18 years of life were spent moving every three to four years.

    I’m rootless, never having lived in the town my family considers their hometown. I graduated high school while in Europe before my father retired from the military. I then returned to the States on my own to attend college. My father retired a few months later, and my younger siblings and parents then settled in my parents’ hometown. They cannot understand why I feel like an outsider when I come to visit.

    My friends were from all races and ethnic backgrounds and I grew up with no real frame of reference to prejudice.

    I was glad when I discovered your books on OPPs Donna. Pluto is a part of my 8th house stellium, and is conjunct Jupiter. I really feel like I’m from another planet sometimes!


  28. Score of 27 . . . right in the same ball park as everything else except my low Moon score. 🙂

    Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th, lots of last minute rescues from sticky situations. Sun-Jupiter conj squared by Saturn so not preachy at all. Mind my own business pretty well. SN & Venus in Sagittarius.

    I am more optimistic than not and have a lively sense of humor. Strictly an armchair traveler these days. Saturn-Pluto in the 9th made living far from home intense “learning” experiences . . . 😀


  29. my score is 57 and that surprises me. My highest score yet. Philosophical, sense of humor, optimistic, have been known to overdue and yes have learn from my many mistakes. I have said I don’t know but then I usually go to a book or computer to learn what I don’t know . I think I am a life long student of life.
    My Saturn score is also high and I have a square aspect from Saturn to Jupiter, which I think keeps me check.

    Jupiter is the apex of my cardinal t sq which accounts for my high score plus sag on the mid heaven. I do try to use my words to uplift and heal both myself and other.

    I was told once when I first got interested in astrology that my Jupiter was so afflicted it didn’t work for me. I think Jupiter has helped me keep going even when I couldn’t see the light.

    Thank you Donna these scores have been very revealing and eye opening for me.

    • My score is 65. Higher than my saturn, but believe it or not, i feel more saturnian than jupiterian.

  30. Using 8° conjunctions & 6° squares, my Jupiter total = 27

    Conj mercury, square pluto = 10
    Sun and Jupiter both in Sag = 10
    Mercury in Sag = 3
    Sextile Venus = 2
    Two 9th house planets = 2

    Using’s wider orbs it would be 47, with 10° Sag Jupiter conj 0° degree Sag Sun and squaring 2° degree Virgo moon.

    Either way, still strong. I do count on my Jupiter in Sag in the 10th to save me way too much. Your comment above about “God being on my side” really hit home:) I’m definitely philosophical, upbeat, a risk taker with a good sense of humor (if my Saturn in Cap and Cap rising is playing that day)!

    I love Jupiter so much that I named a philodendron I planted this past spring, “Big Daddy Jupe” … the poor thing nearly drowned this summer with all of the monsoon rains we’ve received in FL. I planted it in a place I knew was very wet, but according to the Internet, they grow in the Amazon rain forest, so I figured it would be OK. I’ve had to bolster it a bit, but he seems to be holding his own even though he hasn’t grown into his “Big Daddy” name:) Kind of like me, I don’t feel like I’ve grown into my Sun, Merc & Jup in Sag in the 10th yet either and I’m definitely mid-life!

  31. 31 for Jupiter! and surely feel it, the positive and the overwhelming as well. mine is in pisces conjunct mercury in aq, and sometimes the amount of thoughts and ideas are just too much to handle…reminded me of a comment in another section about having an parrot in your shoulder! thankfully is not all the time but requires awareness…sigh
    being in the 6th house, holistic approach to health and a sound philosophy behind it is important for me, soul-mind-body-connection with nature as well.

    Donna I have question: when the angles in a chart are square to each other, do we count both Asc and MC in the scores? i.e if someone has Jupiter opposing MC and squaring Asc, meaning 20 points just there. Thank you!

    • Yes, because both of them are very meaningful positions, part of the Gauquelin sectors. Donna

  32. 24. A respectable score, I suppose, but not as high as most of my other outer planet scores. I do identify with the description “enthusiasm; a good sense of humor, a desire to learn from mistakes and difficult experiences; philosophical; expansive; hopeful; an upbeat and positive outlook; a risk-taker,” but in a qualified way. It all seems true at a general, basic level, but sometimes I have to really work at maintaining the hopefulness, and I tend to take risks only after careful thought and a definite decision to leap into the arms of the universe (usually under the influence of Uranus). My Jupiter is in Taurus, so there’s an inherent conservatism to my Jupiter energy, even though, otherwise, I’m not a conservative person at all.

  33. Aahh – Donnaa!! I check every morning – no new posts. Then, I don’t check for two days – and *2* new posts!!

    Anyhoo, drama aside: Jupiter is:

    1. Conj Asc – 10
    2. Trine Sun – 10
    3. Square MC – 10 (whoa, 30 already?!)
    4. quincunx venus – 2
    5. semi-sextile Uranus – 2
    6. sextile neptune – 2

    Nep in Sag – 3
    Sun in 9th – 2
    N.Node in 9 – 1

    TOTAL: 42 (Only 42. darn)

    But, this would explain why I’m bossy 🙂

    • Donna,

      I’ve a serious question. Would a strong Jupiter show a person who dislikes working hard? Or dislikes being busy?

      • Not generally, though of course it would depend on the sign, house, and aspects (the usual drill). If it were conjunct Neptune, for instance, I could see it. But aspecting Mars or Saturn, it could be very hardworking. Donna

  34. Donna – off topic, but I just read your article on oppositions in the current Mountain Astrologer magazine, and I had to comment on how tremendously good it is – both clear and profound. I have a lot of oppositions in my own chart (even if not the Sun-Pluto example you used), so I could really relate.

    • Thanx, Margaret, that series on aspects was very rewarding to write. I’ll be starting a new one for my December deadline, about outer planet transits to each of the inner planets. TMA is very good to me, has been since the 1990s. Donna

      • And no wonder – your articles are very good for TMA!

  35. I got 27 counting the wide conjuction between Jupiter and Mercury (it seems to work as Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are intrinsically linked for me). There’s also NN opp Jupiter and Jupiter semi-sextile Venus that I haven’t scored.

    I have two t-squares into my 9th house so Jupiter works hard for me. Experience has told me that everything comes out in the wash; go forth and trust. I’m a hopeful travelling student educator!

    But the bizarre thing is that I have a tight quintile between Jupiter and Saturn. Why on earth I didn’t spot this when you posted about Quintiles I have no idea. Very very odd. The aspect of the positive realist?

  36. Jupiter is my least aspected planet. Yet, I scraped a Low Strong (27) out of the test.

    Your point about Jupiter issues: How we educate ourselves and others; where we push our luck; how we learn from mistakes; faith, how we seek to grow; where we seek answers to life’s bigger questions; what’s the silver lining.

    All speak right to me. Is it because of the Pisces Moon in 9th? The lonely Virgo Jupiter in the 4th?
    Sag Saturn in the 6th – in a T-Square to Moon & Pluto in 3rd?

    There I go, still seeking answers…

  37. I am curious about Chiron’s influence on Jupiter by aspect.

    • We’ll have to ask our resident Chiron maven, Joyce Mason about that. Donna

  38. 57. I knew it would be high though…Sag asc, Jup and Neptune in Sag conjunct in the 12th. Whew. Plus both trine my Pisces sun.

    I was much more of a know it all when I was younger, I’ve mellowed quite a bit.

    I usually demonstrate all the Jupiter traits (optimism, risk-taking, humor, etc.) though a few nasty Pluto and Saturn transits over the past few years have really been dragging me down. They are just about finished though…not a minute too soon!

    • Ah, I know your generation–lots of stelliums in Sag. Not a bad group at all–the Neptune tones it down and makes it more compassionate, yet not mushy. Donna

  39. My score was 39. He is right at the top of my chart with uranus and pluto. I can identify with the characteristics mentioned especially the enthusiasm and faith. When I was younger was a bit of a know it all, but only with certain people, which I find to be interesting now as I look back. I am similer to Christine and have had some transits that have mellowed me a lot. Saturn has been aspecting my stellium at the top of my chart for the last few years and I’m still feeling a little low and deflated. Still have faith though!

  40. 41. kind of surprised because I’m an anxious, pessimistic kind of person. I’ve been told I have a good sense of humor though.

  41. This is off the usual here but just had to ask you,
    Donna. I just read there is a new planet discovered which is called Goldilocks because
    it is not too hot and not too cold and is just
    right and therefore inhabitable. Have you heard
    anything about this and whether it will be used
    by astrologers in the near future? Thank you.

    • Not a word. Is it in our solar system or one of the ones they’re always announcing around distant solar systems? We seem not too eager to embrace the ones out past Pluto like Sedna & Eris. You might check the NASA newsletter–it’s free, and I susbscribe. Donna

  42. Donna, They are saying it is unlike the other 500+
    planets NASA have discovered as this one is in
    our ‘galactic neighborhood’ and may contain water
    and therefore have life. It circles the Sun every 37 days however one side is always dark and one
    light. You are correct that astrologers may not
    embrace this one. I got excited as they seem to
    be taking this one more seriously since it could
    be somewhat like Earth. I will try the NASA newsletter. Thank you for the info.

  43. My poor Jupiter in Aries is just for show. I have a low score of 9:
    – Moon in 9th: 2
    – NN in 9th: 1
    – minor aspects to Sun, Mars, Saturn: 6
    Total: 9

    I guess I should watch out for the lack of optimism, although I love learning and traveling and discovering new things, which sound like Jupiter types of flavors.

    I do have one question regarding the scoring (but not sure if I am qualified to ask due to my low score lol):

    I have seen that people with the Sun in the 11 house tend to be very optimistic, because isn’ t the 11 the house of hopes and dreams after all? If so, should the scoring allow points for people with this placement? (for the record, I don’t have sun in 11th).

    Does this make any sense to you or am I way off due to my low Jupiter score :p

    • Hi, Elizabeth, sorry about your Jupiter score. I’ve never really believed that the 11th (related to Uranus) was about “hopes, dreams, and wishes.” It seems like–as you note–hopes, dreams, and wishes, would be more like Jupiter. Or even–Neptune–which is about fantasy. Donna

  44. Hi Donna, I’m not seeing the test for Venus on your site..where is it hiding?

  45. 52 for jupiter!! for a sag? hahaha.

  46. 9th house cusp is Pisces, although no planets above the horizon other then Uranus in 11th Gem conj.NN>

    My score came to 41

    Fun , thanks.

  47. Score 29. I have always been an optimistic type and what would have defeated others, has NOT defeated me. I have been called by grizzled old miners( who have tunneled for minerals) as a person with nerves of steal and THAT is due to my unfailing optimism and knowledge ( Jupiter in the 12th hose parallel conjunct Neptune and conjunct Chiron) that the Holy Unknown rides with me and protects me in the most dangerous situations.I have been in many life and death situations.Not to mention psychological situations. Other situations like living alone in a 6 million acre wilderness of islands and lakes have led many to question how I could do this….” “aren’t you afraid, don’t you get lonely?” To me its beautiful and the creatures are my good neighbors who help me in ways, others would never believe. They are NOT aware of how sacred earth is and how she sees and knows all, at all times through her many avenues of life forms. ALONE? NEVER! AFRAID? Never…how can one be afraid of LOVE?

    • Recalculated Jupiter and forgot the minor aspects, 31

      • Drats…did it again just for fun and guess what? it came out as 55! Weird…..
        Asc conjunction 9 Libra, actually its Neptune at 5 Libra ,Chiron at 2 Libra and Jupiter at 29 Virgo from the 12th house 10 points because its with the conjunction to the asc by association, is this ok? Read in Greek myth that these 3 gods shared a cave on mount Olympus for awhile.Never found out why, what for or what it might mean?

        Jupiter conjunct Chiron and Neptune, opposite the part of fortune ( right on) .Square no./so nodes by association with Neptune who is right on.and in loose square to mars/ Uranus conjunction.
        I am counting this square, even tho its a 9 degree orb because I do take what the casual observer would call reckless chances but I feel so protected and embrace it with such love and enjoyment its no chance to me. 20 points.
        For one example I get a feeling of exhilaration by going to the edge of the precipice and test my skills: Basswood lake is the biggest in the Boundary Waters…40 miles long with 7 mile bays and on real windy days even motor boats will not venture out and most people canoe along shore lines for safety, even on good days. However I always paddle right down the middle of lakes and enjoy a windy day specially if I’m heading right into it.
        One time while a lover was visiting me I decided to take a trip down the lake because it was nice and windy. He insisted on coming with me even tho I warned him. So we set out , sure enough the waves hit within half an inch of going over the gunnel and flooding the canoe. He became so hysterical he was sure I was trying to kill him! and he got drenched several times. To me it was fun but after we got back to shore it took all day to calm him down. This is why I like doing things alone.

        Jupiter semi sextile the Sun,and quintile Venus/ Saturn conjunction. 6 points Yeah, I might look reckless but I know what I can do.

        Two 9th house planets Mars/ Uranus conjunction/ parallel and the north node conjuncts the mc from the 9th house. 9 points

        Not counting Jupiter at the 29th degree and in the 12th house.

        Donna have you ever read Alice Baily s Esoteric Astrology and tested out the esoteric rulers of the planets? Jupiter esoterically rules Aquarius and is the Hierarchical ruler of Virgo.

      • Hi, Again, Barehand. 55? That is some magical Jupiter you have there. I read Alice Bailey decades ago, but haven’t done much with those rulerships in a couple of decades. Alan Oaken would be the person to look up on tee internet, as he’s very big on esoteric astrology. Donna

      • Tried a post from my phone but notta. Forgot the septile to Pluto , from 55 to 57.
        Forgot to mention that time ,21 comets were traveling towards Jupiter and media plus astronomers were all watching. I had a dream seeing it up close from space . 21 comets making 3 perfect rainbows of Dragons. The planet Jupiter was super excited and making ready for reception. Alice Baily calls Jupiter the planet of beneficent magicians. Perhaps it transforms space substance into grist for the other planets to use and refresh. Scientists say Jupiter receives most outer space comets that come into our solar system.

      • Wow! That’s an amazing dream. I remember about that event that it worried me quite a bit.

  48. 8 points? I thought I would have a high score. I am the most optimistic person I know. I always believe that everything will work out fine. Any explanation?

  49. I’ve never really understood jupiter as an influence, i scored 14 and natally it’s also in a pitted degree (17 taurus, if you believe in them… ).
    It’s in my 2nd house, shame I can’t seem to reap the benefits!

  50. FINALLY! A more ‘moderate’ score, 29. It is still considered high, but considering my scores on other planets (73, 61, 50, 39)… this seemed quite puny. XD

  51. i scored 59- much higher than what i expected. my jupiter is in libra and he basically trines most of my planets!

    • I scored 34–Sagittarius on the IC with Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 4th.Opposite the Sun/Venus in Cancer in the 10th,the bottom tip of a kite– with Mars and Pluto in the 8th and 12th.Jupiter quincunx Mercury/Moon in the 11th.Sextile Chiron.Juno in Sagittarius in the 3rd square the nodes/ascendant.

  52. __20__ Jupiter conjunct Sun,conjunct Midheaven.
    __15__ Jupiter conjunct Venus, square Uranus, trine Neptune.
    __4__ 2 minor aspects.
    __3__ Neptune in Sagittarius.
    __2__ Sun in the 9th house.
    __3__ Sun, Venus, Mercury in the 9th house
    Cool! Faith, sense of humor, optimism, perpetual quest for knowledge – that’s me! 🙂 This is the one planet I identify with the most (maybe because of the 9th house stellium).

  53. jupiter square sun——————-10
    jupiter square ascendant———-10
    jupiter conjunct midheaven——–10

    jupiter sesquiquadrate venus——-2
    jupiter biquintile saturn—————2
    jupiter semisquare pluto————–2

    moon in 9th house——————–5

    jupiter in 9th house——————-3

    i love it! 😀

  54. Oooh this is fun! 😀

    Jupiter Sextile Mercury, Sextile sun, Trine Moon, Trine Ascendant – 40 already!?

    Jupiter Square Saturn, Semisquare Uranus, Semisquare Neptune – 9

    Jupiter in Sag – 5

    Pluto, Venus in Sag – 6

    40+ 5 + 9 + 6 = 60.

    🙂 I guess I do like Jupiter.

  55. 110 points…

    Stellium (Sun/Moon/Merc/Jupiter/Neptune) in Sag in the 9th on the Midheaven squared by Mars (in Pisces ruled by Jupiter in my opinion) on one side and Pluto in the other, thus forming a T-Square…

    I can say I am your prototype Jupiterian…

  56. Scored 74 for Jupiter, always wondered why I felt more of a Sagittarius despite having a 5-planet stellium in Capricorn and a 4 planet stellium in Scorpio.

    A lot of my boyfriends (note that.. ‘a lot of my boyfriends’, says it all really) tell me I am the funniest girl they have ever dated. I am always the clown of the group whether in work, school or just spending time with friends.

    I have a constant thirst for knowledge and love to learn. I am deeply interested in religion and philosophy. I can be a bit of a clumsy klutz also.

    Hmm I hope this means I’m going to be rich!!

  57. Not surprised that I scored 58, but surprised happily that my son’s chart also was 58. We both have an outrageous sense of humor, are adventurous and will hop on a plane in a minute. I have Jup sq. Sun/Sat, trine Asc/Ur/NN, sextile Mercury, semisq. Venus, semisextile Mars, part of a 5th h. stellium, part of a Grand Trine with the Part of Fortune in 9. I am a writer/teacher, and my first novel, Virgin Soul, is coming out in April by Viking Press.

    My son has Jup. sq Moon/MH, opp. Asc,, conj. Uranus, sq. Ven, opp. Juno, Mars in Sag, in 9th, and Jup part of a T-Sq, and a Grand Cross. He is a diehard athlete/gym rat, coaches three of his son’s basketball teams, has his own successful biz, and is the small biz liason for our city.

    I don’t think my life started moving until I had him at 23 and felt like the luckiest [Jup] person in the world. At three years old, he cured me of my fear of flying. He turned to me in the airplane, and said, “Mommy, this is going to be so much fun.” From that moment on, I’ve enjoyed flying.

    Neither of us is rich but we each have well-off, famous and wealthy friends. My ex, his dad, scores 53 [and is well-off]. His stellium of Sun, Mer, Ven, Sat, Pl in Leo squares his n. Mo/Ju in Scor. His Jup. sesqui. Mars, BQ Uran.; his MH is in Sag. opp. PF, and his Juno is in Sag. Ours was a college [9th h.] sweetheart marriage. We remain good friends [Jup].

    A psychic told me that my ex and I were my son’s children in a former life. Not hard to believe at all.

  58. Ditto Becci. I always have lots of laughs in romance and sex. And I love reading about philosophy and religion. A poet friend of mine asked me once, “Don’t you ever get tired of taking classes?” I was astounded. She was far more educated than I was at that point. I thought wanting to absorb ideas was the most natural thing in the world. Jupiterian to the bone. That’s me.

  59. Jup square Sun = 10
    Jup square Uranus, Mercury, Saturn = 15
    Jup con Mars = 5
    Jup trine Venus, Pluto = 10
    Jup exact sextile MC = 5
    Jup quintile Nep = 2

    Sun in Saggittarius = 5
    Mercury, Saturn, Uranus in Saggittaruis = 9
    Jupiter in Pisces = 5

    Jupiter con Achernar = 2
    Jupiter con PF = 2
    Jupiter is final dispoitor = 5

    75 :))

  60. And i forgot that is it part of T-square = +5

    75 + 5 = 80

  61. 67 points, even more powerful than my Mercury (that I believed be my most powerful planet).

    Jupiter square Sun = 10 points
    Jupiter square Midheaven = 10 points
    Jupiter opposite Ascendant = 10 points
    Jupiter square Neptune = 5 points
    Jupiter square Uranus = 5 points
    Jupiter square Mercury = 5 points
    Jupiter square Mars = 5 points
    Jupiter trine Saturn = 5 points
    Jupiter part of a T-Square = 5 points
    Jupiter conjunct Part of Fortune = 2 points
    North Node in Saggitarius, in House 9th = 5 points

  62. My lowest score for them all at 10. I have one opposition and thats it (to Uranus).

    I do take risks so I must have some other things in my chart helping me do that – my IC is Sagi and my 8th House is Aries. My Mars and Jupieter are in Opposition too.

  63. I think I must have messed up. I got an 78! Is that possible? My mercury was 79 which also seems really high! I have my sun, my midheaven, mercury and jupiter all right next to each other in virgo in the 9th house. Saturn is in virgo too but in the 10th. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Midheaven, Saturn are all within 18 degrees of each other. I’m sagittarius ascendant and gemini moon, but I feel those virgo planets really dominate my chart. I was reading up about stelliums. Any advice for how to figure out which is my alpha dog – mercury or jupiter – since the scores were so similar?

    • Yes, people have had scores that high, lots of them.

  64. Score 65
    Jupiter conjunct Asc =10
    Jupiter conjunct Mercury = 5
    Jupiter conjunct Mars = 5
    Jupiter trine Uranus = 5
    Sagittarius Ascendent = 10
    Jupiter in Sagittarius = 5
    Moon in Sagittarius = 3
    Mars in Sagittarius = 3
    Mercury in Sagittarius = 3
    Stellium 1st house Sagittarius (Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn) = 5
    9th house – Pluto, Uranus = 6
    9th house – Node = 5

    Hi Donna, your right on the money with everything. I am trying to learn from all of this and to better myself every day with all this energy. Thanks!
    All the best to you,

  65. I have a score of 62

    Jupiter square moon=10
    Jupiter square Venus=5
    Jupiter trine Mercury=5
    Jupiter trine Pluto=5
    Jupiter square mars=5
    Jupiter sextile Neptune=2
    Jupiter inconjunct Saturn=2
    Jupiter semi-square MC=2
    Sagittarius MC=5
    Pisces Ascendant (traditional ruler)=10
    Neptune in Sagittarius=3
    Neptune in 9th house=3
    Jupiter apex planet in T-square with moon/venus/mars

  66. I really do have a lot of faith and always look to the bright side of things. Even when things aren’t going right I always believe it will get better and something wonderful and surprising is waiting down the road because it has happened numerous time before. What is meant to be is meant to be.

  67. I SCORED 69, and that doesn’t even factor in the fact that my Jupiter is in house 9 as well or that my chart shape is a funnel with Jupiter as the lead planet.

    Jupiter conjunct Midheaven(10)/square Sun and Ascendant(10+10)/trine Uranus and Saturn(5+5)/semisextile Moon(2)

    Sun, Ascendant, Mars, Mercury, and Ceres in Sagittarius(5+10+5+5+2)

  68. Wow I scored 77! Yay! I do consider myself Jupiter-like, though I am rather affected by Saturn and the insecurities it gives me. However, on the rare times I let go I am Jupiter personified!

  69. I scored 83. I’m definitely connected to the more intellectual aspects of Jupiter. I’m always seeking to learn both by myself and from others, but I tend to . I’m absolutely a goal-seeker, too. I find myself always pushing myself to be the best I can be. However, I am a Capricorn with enough Saturn in my life to keep me grounded from being overly Jupiterian. Bring on the cynicism. 😉

    • Hi, Casey, there are several articles about Jupiter on this site that may interest you–including one about how you can have a better quality of luck by using Saturn well than you may with Jupiter. Use the on site search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page. Donna

  70. Forty-two … the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything! (Sorry.) I don’t feel very Jupiterian. Perhaps because the planet itself is in my 12th? I would have thought with it being exalted and all … maybe it’s that Saturn in Pisces. Going to bookmark your article about Saturn because I am in serious danger of reading this blog for the next eight hours. 🙂

  71. 48. Not bad.

    I added in the Jupiter opposite North Node.Jupiter is also part of a triple conjunction(involving the Sun and Neptune)

    Its funny, when I read the comment “have you ever said “I don’t know?” ” I started thinking of my Gemini ex-flatmate. He used to ask me the same thing, “Is there anything that you don’t know?” To which I would scoff “Obviously. But its just the details”

    Jupiter in Cancer is currently in my 3rd house. It hasn’t been a fun ride as I’ve felt that my thoughts are scattered and I am reading a lot- but its all gossip or just “petty” things.

    I wonder what effect it will have in the 4th house. Don’t like to read about it though as I want to experience it personally.

  72. 42… wow, that was totally unexpected, since I’ve always considered myself more Saturnian (score: 50), and my Jupiter is in Virgo/6th house.

  73. how different is this point system with astakavarga as explained in vedic astrology? could not understand last point “add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider is imp..” however this must be interesting!

    • Hi, Naga, since I’ve never studied Vedic astrology, even casually, there’s no connection to it at all. The points are based on my experience of doing chart consultations with clients over the past 45 years and observing the strength and relevance of various chart features in their lives.

      The bonus points of 2-5 points are for chart features not covered by the test but that the person feels have a strong influence on their lives. Otherwise, the test would have about 45 points to consider and the math would be daunting. Donna Cunningham

  74. I scored 101.
    My Jupiter Trines my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and ASC.
    It also opposition MC, and Squares Venus and Ceres.
    My Sun, Moon and ASC are in Sag, as well as Mercury, Saturn and Uranus.
    My Jupiter sign is Aries.
    A Stellium is in my chart.

    • Biggest Jupiter score I’ve ever heard. You must have a great deal to give the world. Donna Cunningham

  75. Reblogged this on J.Lynn Creates and commented:
    Very cool, if you know your astrological or natal chart. Jupiter Fun facts.

  76. i get 41 points. at least this balances my saturnian nature.
    i wish i were jupiterian but after reading your article regarding saturn as co-ruler of luck (due to hard-work), i feel bit lighter. i do get luckier when i work hard.

    – jupiter conjunct venus
    – jupiter conjunct mars
    – jupiter trine moon
    – jupiter square saturn
    + jupiter in sagittarius
    + venus in sagittarius
    + mars in sagittarius

    thanks for the article, Donna.

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  78. -10*4→(Sun op,Moon op,conjuct Asc and trine mh)(yup I have a sun,moon and pluto conjuction in sag in 7th house and Jupiter on asc in Gemini)
    -5*4→(op Pluto,trine Neptune and Mars,con Saturn)
    -5*2→(Sun and Moon in sag)
    -3*1→(Pluto in Sag)
    -3*2→(Neptune and Venus in 9th house)
    -5*1→(Part of grand air trine-Jup in Gemini,Mars in Libra,and Neptune in Aquarius)
    WOW 84!Can somebody tell what this extremly high score means?

  79. What does Jupiter in retrograde in Gemini means?But I still scored 84 which is extremly high…My Jupiter is on ascendant in Gemini and my sun and moon are in conjuction in 7th house in Saggitarius(so its a opposition).Is my Jupiter still strong altrough it is in Gemini and it is in retrograde?

    • The strength is not diminished by being retrograde, and a strong Jupiter in Gemini just makes you that much more
      Geminian. Donna

  80. My score is 84!WOW!Does anybody have higher score??

    • Not that I know of, Jovana. It’s a big score for an even bigger planet. Donna

    • You are a gas giant with a gravitational pull all your own I bet!

  81. Very interesting article. I scored very high-in the 60s. My Jupiter is in Scorpio right on the descendant. I wonder if this makes me appear Scorpionic as well?

    • Yes, to a degree. But Jupiter in Scorpio can have quite a biting wit of the “tell it like it is” variety. Donna

  82. I got a 36 score, I have North Node conjunct Juniper/Neptune, Mars/Saturn Sag, a T-Square and Uranus in the 9th, my Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th with NN/Nept is very important for me as a dreamer (shaman, dream walker, exorcist and demon slayer), without it in this position, death would wield power but Juniper gives me not only the handle of my Thors Hammer but the benevolence to slay darkness in many forms, its a blessing not in the physical world but in the non-physical reality that real shamans must walk in between the worlds.

    • A lovely synthesis of your Jupiter placement, Phoenix. There are quite a few articles about the many sides and expressions of Jupiter on this blog. To see a list with links, use the onsite search engine at the top right hand side of the blog. Donna

  83. I scored 53. My Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and North node are all in Sagittarius. Not certain of my birthtime but my mom said “6 pm,” which places Saturn in 1st house which I think cools down my excess Jupiter in Pisces (9th house). Of note, Pluto has transited ALL my natal planets (conjuncted them) and essentially it kicked my a$#. Oh, and if 6 pm is my accurate birthtime, it places Pluto in my 4th house.
    Oh, I began learning about astrology about 9 years ago. I’ve gotten good at guessing peoples elements, signs . . .

  84. I got a 51.

    Sag AC, Jupiter square AC (0 degrees!), Jupiter square Uranus(in the 1st), Jupiter square Saturn (also conj AC), Saturn in Sag, Uranus in Sag, Moon quincunx Jupiter, Jupiter trine Pluto (I’m a super Scorpio too), Venus trine Jupiter.

  85. I scored 52 :).

  86. I scored 60 for this one only because i included sextile (i have jupiter sextile ascendant in my birth chart, from what i remember). I didnt calculate the major configuration in my birth chart (i was confused!). But nonetheless, I’m proud to be a Jupiterian!! I tend to ‘whistle past by the graveyard!’ :-D.

    • Yes, the sextile counts as one of the minor aspects, and that’s 2 points, I believe. Donna

  87. Right on the money! Lol! (That’s what popped out!) I have an eighth house Jupiter in Taurus. I have been on a lifelong search for knowledge and self improvement. People give me things! I don’t ask or hint, it just happens. I AM a know-it-all. I try not to be as I’m a Virgo too. I will freely admit being wrong and apologize. (Libra rising with Saturn, Venus and Neptune gathered around my Asc.) I am VERY thankful for the roof over my head, heat and food to eat. I take care of my elderly mother, living in her house. People seem very generous with me. I am ALWAYS amazed! People I’ve met and talked with have asked me if I sit around reading philosophy. I never have. Astrology is my searching tool. I just seem to know about how life works and have never been afraid to die. Death is only another change we go through. My Jupiter score is 49. I’m pretty silly sometimes and have a loud laugh.

  88. Hi I have a score of 57. I really ought to have gone into academia where lecturing is an asset but lack of self discipline, wanderlust and need to feel free to do as I pleased led me to other activities like travel and inner journeys like the monroe institute. The trouble I have with the always right thing is that I have a scorpio moon in the 10th with pluto in the 8th and I am constantly learning absorbing and remembering and then with sun in virgo in the ninth with mercury the same i actually am right most of the time much to my own chagrin. I have learned that each person has their own truth and mine would more often than not just upset them so an “All righty then” is of much more value than a protracted discucion. with neptune/venus in libra kissing the midheavin square jupiter/uranus in cancer the 7th I am not perceived as the one in authority when I am in person, but, in long distance correspond, absent, or at a remove I am taken seriously. I don’t know how many times, when someone – for whom my name precedes me – meets me they say “your not what I expected” or “your so much smaller close up” or “It’s you?” etc .. so the best approach has been the hyper attentive masquerading as the “mystic”. What with the jupiter/uranus square venus/neptue from the 7th to the 10th. I hide in plain sight in the company of friends. I am both invisible and illuminate at the same time. Someone else always gets the credit. I have also learned to tune out the superficial from the essential in what people are saying and grab the heart of the subject long before they have finished their sentence but to refrain from saying anything till they finish, realizing they have to complete ther process or it would be like performing a cesarian on their idea which really frustrates them. I am sometimes pleasantly surprised and intrigued when I am wrong! Those people I seek out for suckor and solace. A relocation so that the Jeptune is on the mid haven has really helped too!!

    • Oops- forgot to add the opposition to the ac so it’s 67, not 57…

    • Interesting Jupiterian dilemma, Uhane. In a certain sense I have A=a bit of the same, as I chose a Maser’s in social work over a PHD in psych. I find academic types way too stuffy, and (dare I say) boring.

      • yes it can be true.. the tenure track calls for one to step in line with the party line. I was too wild an animal for that but I do, over the years, think of how I might have had more like minded souls with whom to bounce ideas off of. I do get lonely for that (jup/uranus in the 7th sq neptune/venus in the 10th) That I do miss; the heady arguments; an abject absorption in a subject to plumb it’ depths; the sense of belonging. I would have become stuffy, alright and damb sure of being right ALL the time at the expense ofempathy and love for one’s fellows. The deciding factor for me at the time was that I could make more films (what I did back then) with the grad school money and have more freedom of movement to be a traveling presenter/lecturer without a university position or schedule to pin me down. That was the right thing, like you did too, Gives us more freedom to bolt in the face of the on coming headlights of stagnation.

      • I relate to all of that, Uhane. People thought I was crazy to abandon my social work career, just as I had been promoted into hospital management, but I had to pursue astrology and writing because I loved them so.


      • key word – “love”

      • key word – “love”

  89. MH 18* Cancer
    Jupiter 10th house 28* Cancer
    Sun 9th house 29* Gemini
    Saturn 9th house 17* Gemini
    Pluto 10th house 5* Leo
    Venus 10th house 14* Leo
    Chiron 10th house 16* Leo
    Neptune 12th house 29* Virgo
    Mars 7th house 18* Aries

    Well, I have had my challenges, I also have had my lucky strikes. One of the major lucky strikes is a positive attitude and outlook for the most part, that sometimes shifts on occasion. But I’m only human and we all live with something. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have such a badly placed Sun in exact square to Neptune in the 12th house. My Mars in the 7th has made me stronger , , , or I would have shriveled up and died. Loved your article, Donna, we were blessed because you were blessed! Love it.
    I forgot, I believe my Jupiter Score is somewhere between 15 & maybe 20. I have Libra rising (love it) no retrogrades, and no lottery winnings, But all is well. My sense of humor is so much fun and my Sag influences are more pronounced in this age of my life than earlier. Heaven knows I need it now!
    I didn’t see any points for Jup in Cancer, perhaps I missed it. Sam

    • No, I didn’t give points for planets like Jupiter when they’re in the sign of their exaltation–just trying to keep the tests simple. But at the bottom of the test you’ll find bonus points you can add for anything you feel is important. Donna

  90. If we have no huge Jupiter action in our charts, does this mean we will accomplish nothing in life??

    • Vicki, that’s an unfounded fear, so don’t use it to spook yourself out. Jupiter is only one of many places you look for accomplishments in the chart. Others would include Saturn, the three vocational houses (10th, 2nd, and 6th), the Midheaven and aspects to it, quintiles and other aspects of talent. The Moon could even show accomplishments like raising a bunch of kids and they grow up well. In short, every planet has its own set of accomplishments. Donna

      • so true.. take it from one with a superfluidity of the jupiter stuff.. It is so easy to squander opportuniies! Jupiterians excel at it!

      • Because we have a Jupiterian belief that if we don’t take advantage of this bit of luck, another one will be along shortly. So sometimes we take foolish chances. (Guilty as charged!) Donna

  91. Hello Donna,
    I scored 60 on this test and I know I annoy people because I have to give an answer to their problems, when all they want is someone to listen.

    I find it difficult because I have to have answers for myself. I have Jupiter in Pisces conjunct the Moon and Chiron, sextile Sun, trine Neptune, in opposition to Uranus and Pluto, and square the Ascendant!

    I need to know why things we’re taught or told by society aren’t true for me. Jupiter is in the 3rd house, so from knowing how to mend a leaking toilet to how to invest and save, I had to learn it all myself. There hasn’t been a lot of security in my life and I’ve had to figure things out for myself.

    So if someone tells me a problem, I go into solve it mode IMO because I had to do it myself and it fends of the anxiety of not appearing caring enough.

    Truth is, although my ego would like to think I had some value as a problem solver, most people really need to look after themselves and find their own answers. I’m still learning how to let them do that. I know I don’t have all the answers, only the desire to find them and fix my own life. Oh dear… I’m probably being annoying!

    • Oh, my, Bhax. What you so insightfully describe is what I call “hyperactive Jupiter syndrome.” That business of giving out answers instead of listening and letting people tell how they feel, then coming up with an answer to their problems.

      See, if you don’t give them a chance to tell you exactly what’s wrong and what they’ve already tried and found out that it doesn’t work, then the chances of your “answers” to their problems being at all helpful are slim. Plus they conclude that you neither care about their feelings nor respect their intelligence to solve their own problems. So they resent your efforts. (I am a mostly recovered Hyperactive Jupiter myself)

      One of my Sag friends who does that is very dear to me, but I have learned that the only way I can continue to be friends with her is to never tell her about any of my problems because she won’t hear me out. First she negates my emotions in a rather shaming way, (“why do you let that bother you?”) then jumps in to tell me what to do to solve my problems, and then gets mad if I don’t follow her advice.

      Now we just go out to lunch and exchange astrological insights, swap conspiracy theories, and complain about other astrologers whose actions create terrible problems in our field. Donna

      • Oh the problem solver ! I have 60 points too and can so relate to this. Add to this a virgo sun, in the 9th no less and I find I did this all the time and I still fall into it with friends who truly want help and then it’s awesome. The thing that cured me and got problem orriented people to focus on solutions rather than baske in problems (and other sundry jupiter kryponite) is to express to them a version of the Law Of Attraction and do it so it’s a comedy routine (Jupiter conj uranus). If I can get them laughing at the problem they are all but stepping into the light on solution.

      • A really good use of your Jupiter, Uhane–way ahead in terms of understanding Jupiter and its positive uses as well as its drawbacks, that whole having all the answers for other people, even when they don’t want them. Donna

      • Hi, Donna: Because of your Blogs on Jupiter placement and also the one on 29th degree, It really caught my interest but too late to find a Mtn Astrologer mag, I called them, I will receive it tomorrow, but they were wondering why there was such a rush on the Oct/Nov issue, they had a lot of requests. I explained that I have a naughty 29th degree Nep exact square to Sun and that was why I had an interest but I had no idea why others were ordering it. At any rate, I believe you have upped their sales. I told them you had 210 responses to your 29th degree blog. :)) Can’t wait to get mine. I have Sun at 29.34 of Geminin, house 9 exactly square Neptune in Virgo, 12th house at 29.31. If I could only tell you how this is playing out in my life and especially here on the west coast, you probably wouldn’t believe it. I am quite intuitive but this is over the top. Thank you for all your wonderful and enlightening work.

      • Thanks, Sam, I’m glad you were able to get the article on 29 Degrees. Michelle and her thorough research on the effects of this placement made an impressive contribution to astrological literature, because before this people only knew and repeated for decades the same one-sentence and totally inadequate description of that degree. Donna

  92. Donna, this afternoon I remembered an encounter I had with an astrologer back in the mid 1980’s. When this person learned my Jupiter was in my 10th house and is my highest elevated planet in my chart, he asked me if people thought that I thought I was Mother Superior!! That is so funny now that I look back on it. YES, unsolicited advice, mother hen if nothing else, and wanting to problem solve all the time. I will take what you said in some of your comments above, to listen, with me for the rest of my breathing life. :)) It isn’t any arrogance on my side, it is such a need to help and to give common sense information, but not always received that way.

    Also, I did call Astrolabe and ordered my 40 page interpretations by mail. I’m looking forward to that, the postage is about $8.00 added to the $29.99. Thank you for the thumbs up, its always a good thing to discover new things about ourselves no matter what the age. Thanks once again.

  93. My Jupiter is so weak. It’s got a measly 21 compared to my Sun which was a 91, and to my other planets. Venus was the closest it could compare to and it got 30 lol

  94. Woah I got a score of 88!

  95. This is a cool test !! I can see now why I know everything about everything 😀
    ! I scored a 64 but I think that with some luck I can push it up to a 90 something.

    • LOL! You ought to get bonus points for your trust in luck! As a fellow Jupiterian (Sun conjunct Jupiter) I see myself as amazingly lucky all my life. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you miss Cunningham, wow, you’re one of the best astrologers around, I’m honored. In retrospect, yes I can now see in my latter years that luck has always been a major influence in all my life. But I always thought it was just normal, now I see that allot of normal people dont have much of it, and others have the opposite of it. Though, I’ve always tried to help others in need. You have a nice community here, it’s nice of you sharing your time and knowledge.
        Thank you 😊

  96. Hi. I started the test and have redone haha over and over. Far mor than 40. Difficult to do the math. I have sun conjunct to Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in 12th house (Virgo). So I read in another article that we are alike. (September the 5th 1980. 8:25 Am. Sao Paulo – Brazil). Maybe we could talk a little more. I would apreciate a lot.

    • Hi, Ingrid. I’m quite occupied with writing a book. However, you might enjoy reading the series of around 15 articles about the 12th house on this blog, including posts on 12th house Suns and also Jupiter. To find them, go to the onsite search engine at the top of the right and column on the front page and type in “12th house”. Donna

  97. 72 !
    I am Jupiterian !!!!
    I am also Sun Sag and Pisces Rising (old ruler)!
    Can’t wait the planet to move into Libra, because I felt like Jupiter energy swallowed since Saturn entered Sagitarius and after experiencing my first Saturn Return.

    Thank you

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