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Heinous Hybrids—Why the Quincunx is No Minor Aspect

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Note: this is an excerpt from a longer article about this aspect in my ebooklet, Astrological Aspects: the  Building Blocks of Chart Interpretation, based on my series about aspects in The Mountain Astrologer.

The quincunx—also known as the inconjunct—is a 150° angle formed by planets five signs apart with orbs of up to 3°. Whether in the birth chart or by transit, making the two planets in a quincunx work together can be demanding—even a stretch. Charles Jayne said that in this aspect, people are asked to reconcile the irreconcilable, and thus the quincunx requires a creative leap to blend the two sets of needs and traits.

Oppositions can balance one another–with sufficient give and take, there’s a kind of partnership. Squares butt heads because the two planets are in competition with one another, yet clash in part because they want some of the same types of things.

The quincunx, however, is an “it does not compute” aspect. The wants and needs of the two signs involved have no real connection—instead it’s a disconnect. They’re unrelated by element or mode, so there’s no natural point of contact, no easy affinity or resonance.  What do Cancer and Aquarius have in common—or Sagittarius and Taurus?

Thinking inside the Box: For each aspect, I’ve created a piece of conceptual art. The phrases in the box portray the nature of the combination. How would that particular aspect show up? How does the angle shape the ways the planets interact? What energy pattern is produced? What psychological patterns does it tend to create? Here’s the box for the essence of a quincunx.

Affinity of the Planets: The angle between two planets in aspect is often less influential than how essentially compatible they are. Are they a good match or a bad one—are their basic natures harmonious or at odds?

A quincunx between Mercury and Uranus would almost be a redundancy—the combination already suggests an individual with a quirky sense of humor and a tendency to put an odd spin on matters.

Combining the Sun with Neptune in almost any aspect, however, can a challenge. The Sun represents the sense of self, while Neptune represents our capacity to merge with others and All That Is—the capacity and the wish to lose ourselves in something greater.

When Neptune makes difficult aspects to the Sun, seeing oneself clearly is a life-long challenge. The Sun wants to know, “who am I?” Neptune has us contemplating the unknowable, forever shape-shifting and elusive. The Sun continually asks, “What’s in it for me?  Neptune asks, “How can I relieve the suffering around me?”

Effect of the sign placement: Each sign has two quincunx positions. The easy way to find them is that they fall on either side of the oppositions. Aries is opposite Libra, so the two quincunx signs are Virgo and Scorpio. Taurus is opposite Scorpio, so the quincunxes are Libra and Sagittarius. Understanding the sign placements of the two planets is the best way to fathom this aspect. Look at the table of quincunx signs below and consider the disparities between paired-up signs:

Aries: Virgo, Scorpio Libra: Pisces, Taurus
Taurus: Libra, Sagittarius Scorpio:          Aries, Gemini
Gemini: Scorpio, Capricorn Sagittarius: Taurus, Cancer
Cancer: Sagittarius, Aquarius Capricorn:  Gemini, Leo
Leo: Capricorn, Pisces Aquarius: Cancer, Virgo
Virgo: Aquarius, Aries Pisces:  Leo, Libra

In signs joined by quincunx, the two energies strain each other, neither working to its best effect because the signs have no commonality. They aren’t related by element—signs that are compatible are in the same or a complementary element. Fire and air are complimentary but not compatible with earth or water. Earth and water are complimentary but not compatible with fire and air. They’re also not in the same mode–cardinal, fixed, or mutable.

To take just one example, match the textbook Cancer with the textbook Sagittarius. Cancer is sensitive and easily wounded; Sagittarians are often tactless, afflicted with hoof in mouth disease. Cancers love to stay home for vacations or go back to their home towns; given the resources, Sagittarians would travel the world perpetually. Sagittarians may read the wisdom of the ages; Cancerians espouse a down-home wisdom.

Effect of the house combination: The difficulty with most quincunxes is that not only are the planets five signs apart; they are usually also five houses. Why is that a problem? The houses represent the formal structure of our lives and the major roles we assume, such as parent, mate, employee, friend, or student. A role is a set of behaviors, rights, and obligations through which society governs the actions of an individual.

Certain behaviors are deemed appropriate and others inappropriate. When two planets in a quincunx are five houses apart, we attempt to join two sets of roles that aren’t naturally related, and it tends not to work out well, for it creates inappropriate expectations.

Take the 11th and 6th—when you hire a friend and times get rough, you may have to make managerial decisions that put a strain on the friendship. Joining the 5th with the 10th isn’t considered a good move—sleeping with the boss can create career fallout.

The 1st house is the first impression people get of us, and when there’s a quincunx from the 8th house, an overtly-sexual appearance can give people the wrong impression. It might work for media stars, but isn’t advisable for job interviews or meeting your honey’s parents.

 Got Quincunxes?  You Gotta Laugh!

Incongruity is another quality of quincunxes, and it’s also one of the main elements of humor, a juxtaposition of ideas or situations that just don’t fit together. Some of the biggest laughs happen when incongruity between two things is exposed in a bit of shock.  When things go that badly askew, you have to laugh at them. Charles Jayne studied the astrology charts of the comedians of his day and found many quincunxes. Over the years, I’ve found that he was right, for comics’ charts are often filled with these mismatched aspects.

There’s a fine line with quincunxes, though, between people laughing with you and laughing at you. William Shatner, whose Sun at 0 ° Aries is aspected by Neptune at 3° Virgo, is a prime example.  (See his chart at AstroDataBank here: Shatner, William.) In that brief, shining moment as Captain Kirk of Star Trek, he captured our imagination as a larger than life hero.

Eventually, his posturing became a caricature, and, with each succeeding role, he became more and more the butt of comedians’ jokes. He now seems to embrace that position, caricaturing his own self in commercials and sitcoms. (He laughs all the way to the bank!)

Readers, do you have a quincunx in your chart?  What planets and signs are involved? Can you see the incongruity between the two signs? How have you managed to make them work together?  Tell us about it in the comment section.

UPDATE: Continue your studies with these follow-up articles:

But first,  since the quincunx has only a 3° orb, make sure your quincunx isn’t really a biquintile (144°):


  1. I have venus (leo) in 7th, and jupiter (sag) in 11th inconjunct to each other. Both of them happen to be very near the house cusps, and so they are both in fire signs. Probably because of that, I guess I don’t feel that much conflicts personally. However, my wife often thinks that I can put 11th/12th house matters over family/marriage matters. I guess my Jupiter is the ruler at home, while Venus is not.

    • yr Venus & Jupiter are Trine each other, not Quincunx. 🙂

      • b/c they are in the same element doesn’t mean they are trine… I have a inconjunction in fire houses b/c one is at 29 Sag and the other is at 1 Leo… so sometimes you have to think a little more outside of the box. It might be a “easier” inconjunction b/c it’s in the same element but it’s still an inconjunction.

      • What you are describing is called an “out of sign” aspect. Any time you have a planet in the last few degrees of a sign and the first few degrees of another, you may be dealing with an out of sign aspect, which is harder to analyze, but important to understand.

        Out of sign conjunctions are especially potent. You’ll find two articles on the topic here at Skywriter–use the seacch engine at the top right hand corner of the front page, Donna

  2. lol! I happen to believe the exact opposite! Oppositions: nothing in common! Not a chance! Whereas quincunxes: lots in common, lotsa fun! (I left a comment in the post about Aquarius, so I’m not gonna repeat myself here) 🙂
    My natal quincunxes: Chiron inconjunct Pluto and Neptune, no idea what that means. Mars inconj. MC: no issues here. Venus inconj. Neptune: that’s a problem cause I tend to project my Neptune but imo that has more to do with Pisces being the opposite sign of Virgo than anything else.
    P.S. Your (very accurate) description of Neptune reminded me of a thought I had during the Virgo debate. Fair warning, I have Mercury Q Uranus, so you’d better sit down for this one! I was thinking, since Neptune’s energy is so ego-dissolving, the sun in Virgo can not be in that bad a place, after all!!!
    P.S.S. People, could you please include in your responses how you get along with the signs that are quincunx to yours? I’m so curious!!
    P.S.S.S. In some 15 seconds of a degree, Neptune will enter Pisces! Yikes!
    Have a nice day, all!

    • VR, opposites can form a mutually beneficial partnership of the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” sort. They are in the same mode (e.g. both cardinal) and in complementary elements (water with earth or fire with air), so they have the potential to be very helpful to one another, unless they decided to get all oppositional and make the other “wrong.”

      Example: Cancer and Capricorn–cardinal water with cardinal earth. What they have in common is a deep need for security that they both search for on a lifelong basis. Cancer looks for it in roots, a home, and family, while Capricorn looks for it in success in the outside world. Capricorn doesn’t have time to tend the home fires; Cancer doesn’t want to be out in the big bad world. Paired up, with a good working division of labor, they can be a good match.

      Example: Gemini and Sagittarius–mutable air and mutable fire. They both want lots of data and lots of answers. Gemini is eager to have a teacher answer the incessant questions; Sag believes it has all the answers and wants nothing better than an eager pupil sitting at their feet, hanging on their every word.

      Example: Virgo and Pisces–mutable earth and mutable water. Virgo has an endless need to fix and organize people; Pisces is looking for someone to fix and organize them.

      And so on. Donna

      • Could a Quincunx actually be a Harder Aspect than an Opposition?Especially if its between the Sun and Moon?I have a Moon in Leo and Sun in Pisces and I’ve notice often i seem to act as though I’m conflicted internally-my conscious is constantly fighting with my unconscious (well not as much as I now know myself better ever since I gotten into Astrology). Without going into detail to put as an example my “Ideal” Self has nothing in common with the person I’ve been in the past.

      • Yes, I do believe that, depending on the planets involved, a quincunx might br more difficult to work out, because there is no natural connection between the signs involved, while the opposite signs are in complementary elements and in the same sign type (e.g. fixed with fixed). Donna

      • ” . . .my “Ideal” Self has nothing in common with the person I’ve been in the past.”

        I never thought of it that way, but wow, can I relate. Maybe that’s how a quincunx is supposed to work, in that it eventually demands that we make a conscious choice as to how we want to resolve our contradictions.

  3. I have Mars at 2 Gemini retrograde in the 7th and Neptune at 3 Scorpio in the 12th. Pluto is at 3 Virgo in the 10th.When I was little I wanted to be Sweet Polly Purebred and have Under Dog rescue me! My father was always the rescuer, saving me from my volatile mother, until he died when I was 13. Gotta love that Hades humor!

    My journey has included incorporating mindful warrior energy into my life and walking the path of the warrior with my children. We all do mixed martial arts. Also I distribute legal resources to clients of a social service agency so I rescue those in need of help. The lines between clients and helpers is often blurry.

    My life is full of musicians and creative men, including my sons. My husband has a Pisces Moon and Mars in the 12th.

    I have lots of Taurus women in my life- like that 150 degree needs expression. Also many Pisces men, but I have Moon conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in the 12th, so I just roll with it.

    Procrastination and perfectionism are my dual nemeses. I am learning to get really concrete and “bust it out” when I have a task. Still learning from my kids every day! Ha!

  4. I have the Moon at 5 Gemini in the 4th with Mercury at 0 Scorpio in the 9th. or is that too wide an orb? Air with water…emotion with the mind…have been able to understand the sign and planet with this aspect and see how I am affected, but not the houses involved 4/9…???

    • The very top orb is 3 degrees. Your Moon and Mercury are 145 degrees apart,
      Rachael, so what you have is a biquintile. See an article about these two neighboring aspects here: Donna

      • Oh I see! Makes a little more sense, this bi-quintile in these houses…I have become fascinated in recent years with history, meaning things that are talked about on shows like Antiques Roadshow on PBS and also History Detectives…I find it fascinating to learn and understand the human/personal history of objects/artifacts – who owned them and when, and what is the history behind it all. 4th house – home, so what ‘treasures’ people have kept, and 9th house – extended learning of them!

      • I’ve gotten hooked on American Pickers for similar reasons–the fascinating memorabilia they find. (And as it happens, the two guys are based in my home state, Iowa.) Donna

  5. I have 2 inconjuncts that form a yod: Sun in Leo (9th house) and Mars in Libra (12th) quincunx my Moon/Chiron conjunction in Pisces (4th). My Pisces Moon is one lynchpin to the mutable & watery aspects of my chart (a t-square with Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Gemini plus Neptune rising in Scorpio and a 6 degree conjunction with Saturn in Pisces), while my powerful Sun connects Jupiter and Mars more constructively. To have these two forces misfiring is like driving a car with only 3 cylinders working, and it seems to symbolize how I’ve matured: the more I know, the more humble I am about the little I understand.

    • “the more I know, the more humble I am about the little I understand.” I feel you on this one…..I have similar energy/placements in my chart: Pisces Moon (12th) inconjunct Saturn (Leo,5th) & Pluto (Libra,6th) AND is also the apex of my t-square with Sun/Jupiter (Gemini,2nd) opposite Neptune (Sag, 8th). In addition to the misfiring cylinders, all of this random (and opposing) energy makes me somewhat of a walking contradiction….

  6. I have one inconjunct at 0deg47′, but it’s opposite by sign. Moon in Scorpio in 1st with Chiron in Taurus in 6th. I’m extremely empathetic and find it hard to make judgements on people. The only interpretation of this aspect I’ve read, is that of a healer. This doesn’t relate, but maybe my Chiron is too young yet!

  7. Quincunxes…..Venus/ Saturn conjunct Parallel in Cancer in the 10th house and qincunx the Moon in Aquarius in the 5th.
    Went to Art College totting a 1 year old first son. Did a lot of painting at home and my son loved my paintings. Sometimes I took him to school with me. It impressed him greatly and now he is an artist in his own right and surpassing his mother in out put and recognition! He tends to follow my style in painting and political thought but would never admit it. On the other hand he has honored me in his art shows as his first inspiration. He is his own man. Since Saturn is one of the Traditional rulers of Aquarius can there be a mutual reception operating here. It was not a negative as far as I can tell.

    • On April 4th I commented on my only quincunx; Venus conjunct Saturn parallel in the 10th quincunx Moon in Aquarius 5th house and how well it worked out in Art college for me and my 1st son, who is now an artist following my style and political views. I attributed this to the fact that the quincunx is in mutual reception.
      However I would like to ad that it did NOT start out as harmonious as it became.
      Actually upon discovering my pregnancy I freaked out ( NOT NOW!) , thinking my plans to go to Art college would be blocked. Marriage was out of the question , even though the father wanted to marry and even promised to put me through Art College.I always knew I would NEVER marry but that I would have children. Its not that I didn’t love him but I love freedom more.
      That pregnancy was the most mentally painful time of my life up until that point. I kept getting the symbol of the Phoenix and that describes what happened.
      Finally I decided that when he reached a year old I would go to Art College come hell or high water …and I did. It was a flowering time for me. I was extremely lucky in finding a family who wanted to devote their time to a baby boy. The couple each had a pre- pubescent son from another marriage and the whole family wanted to share a baby boy together , including the two boys. So it put me at ease and worked out very well. He was the only child they babysat and they were with me all 4 years. During finals they would keep him a week and picked him up and delivered him home. We were very fortunate.
      So it looks like the in harmony of the quincunx was worked out in a beneficial way.
      By the way he is really successful and always gets plenty of positive recognition for his work. He has Jupiter on the MC in Cancer enjoying a Grand water Trine to his Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st house and Chiron conjunct Saturn in Pisces in the 5th house. He has a Virgo stellium .
      On the other hand my Venus/ Saturn parallel each other in the 10th, while being in a 2 degree parallel to the Mars conjunct parallel Uranus ( my strongest planet) in the 9th, parallel Pluto in Leo, in the 10th and the MC. So I have always been seen as a “disturber”. Even my first art piece caused a huge sensation at the Art College my first year! I couldn’t understand at the time why everyone ( students, teachers and administration) were so excited over something I thought was obvious; which was followed by endless debate amongst one another. Now they introduce what I did as a matter of fact and new students are encouraged to do what I did then; but I never received any recognition or mention.!I was a blatant unwed mother back in the day the unwed mother was swept under the carpet; this may have been part of the reason. By the second year I was the school pariah( everyone acted afraid of me?) and we had foreign visiting international artists. One showed up from Italy that was so charismatic that all 3 bodies ( who usually NEVER were attracted to the same thing) were all attracted to him. He was attracted to me?!! He put me in charge of his schedule so all three groups had to come to me….the pariah to get to see him! My stature was elevated over night to the top of the pyramid! This only lasted while he was there and left them scratching their heads!The attraction between I and this teacher was mutual, deep, eternal and from past lives…a deep non- sexual love of mutual nurturing.He told me as a woman I would need to be 10 times as good as a man to get the same level of recognition. By my 3rd year I was a spearhead rabid Feminist. Good thing I had an innocent son to put the breaks on some of my activities!

  8. I have a Yod. Saturn in 2nd at 6’11 Aq, “quincunxing” Sun in 9th at 6’39 Vir and Mars in 8th at 5’08” Cancer. Saturn is also conj SN at 8’49’ Aq. Pluto is at 9’45” Virgo, so perhaps that’s quincunx Saturn as well. Since it’s a yod, the connection between the Sun and Mars would be the way to “handle it”, wouldn’t it? It feels very much like Saturn puts a damper on everything, mostly because I can’t seem to shake old patterns that should have been long forgotten. It’s also in the 2nd and I worry about finances a lot. Both Mars in Cancer and Saturn can be depressive, and I’ve struggled with that. At the same time, I think Saturn brings discipline and structure that Virgo isn’t necessarily doing. (I’m not one of those very organized, miss perfect, virgos, I’m the earthy, caothic one who looses her glasses, forgets to send in taxpapers in due time, and have a dustbunny farm in the house). Cancer and Virgo get along just fine, the Aquarius is the odd ball. I don’t get Aquarious’ people at all – and I used to be married to one!

  9. My Moon in Pisces (First House, exact conjunct my Ascendant) and my Venus in Libra (7th House) are quincunx, and honestly, I have no idea how it’s manifested! If I ever give people the wrong impression, I think it’s more that I’ve got a Scorpio stellium, including my Sun, in the 8th house, but the Pisces Rising gives people, well, let’s say a false sense of security 😉

    I do struggle with the desire to have a parter and the need for lots and LOTS of alone time, though. I guess that could be it?

  10. I have Sun and Mercury in Taurus in the 8th quincunx Saturn in Sag in the 3rd. Not sure how this is supposed to manifest, but I do often feel repressed in expressing myself sexually. I am very sexual but very rarely have actual contact with others, due to my inability to communicate my desires either verbally or via body language, and my conservative mind usually keeps my libido on a short leash. I am afraid of letting go (Saturn).

  11. I have Venus at 25 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house quincunx Jupiter at 23 degrees in Gemini in the the 3rd house. Jupiter trines a Libra stellium in the 7th house of Moon, Mars & Neptune. I have always had trouble keeping my emotions in balance. The Gemini part of me wants to learn eveything quickly and move on to the next thing, and the Scorpio part wants to dig deep, but sometimes can’t let go. I have worked as a writer and researcher, so I guess I’ve combined the two in that way.

  12. I have four quincunxes which, conveniently, fit into two yods. In both cases, it seems that the sextile planets do tend to conspire to make the focal planet uncomfortable.

    #1 – Saturn in Aries in 1st sextile Mercury in Gemini in 3rd with both quincunx Neptune in Scorpio in 8th. When the practical cleverness of Saturn and Mercury turns to harsh truth telling, Neptune gets upset. Neptune keeps a wide variety of methods of escape for these times, which further irritates the “clear head” duo. The only time these three get along is seems to be when they are on a quest to find someone, something, or some vital nugget of information.

    #2 – Uranus in Virgo in 6th sextile Neptune in Scorpio in 8th with both quincunx Saturn in Aries in 1st. Saturn gets anxious when Uranus and Neptune stop using their intuition and imagination for creative solutions to everyday problems and start indulging their more eccentric whims. Saturn tries to reign in the “flakes” and impose some sense of responsibility, but they have a plentiful supply of ready excuses. It is only when the three of them are in Nature or with animals that they really get along.

    I have read that the best way to decrease this stress can be found opposite the focal planet. I’m curious: has anyone found that to be true?

    • Hi Mari,
      I have a triple yod to the Moon conj Asc (exact) in Aquarius. Neptune 28 Virgo and Sun 26 Cancer and Mercury 28 Cancer. Looking at the position of the Midpoint 27Leo, I have Chiron – sometimes called the Wounded Healer and I think it is powerful in showing me the way out of the persistent pressure from the Yod. It sits on the 6/7 cusp and I see service to others ( I am a professional astrologer of 25 years standing) and relationship (learning about my own Shadow self through partner) as being useful in harnessing the disparate energies of Virgo Aquarius and Cancer. The Moon being the handle of the basket in chart pattern, it is really important. My difficulty has been in finding how to relax fully so one mechanism is reading (non-fiction) but it can become a bit addictive! How do you cope with this issue?

      • I don’t resist the temptation! Donna

  13. First, I have to say I totally agree that the quincunx is NOT a minor aspect. I have one (and only one) in my chart that has actually played a very huge and pivotal role in my life. Neptune in Sagittarius (5th house) inconjunct Saturn in Taurus (10th house).

    My Saturn in Taurus in the 10th has always wanted me to have a socially respectable and acceptable career. “Make a lot of money,” Saturn says, “and do something that will ensure your security and good reputation in the big world.”

    My Neptune says: “I see dead people. And metaphysical philosophies are my passion! Besides, I rule your 9th house and north node, and I’m actually well connected with your Sun’s ruler (Uranus, who rules an 8th sun)… so let’s do my stuff!”

    And I have spent my whole life trying to figure out how to get these two titans to negotiate and cooperate. Tough stuff. I’ve always kowtowed to Saturn; I’ve always kept my metaphysical talents and passions hidden. I could never figure out how to make it all work together.

    I’m working on how to do that now, though. I think it’s time for Saturn to just suck it up and find a way to use his sterling talents to make my Neptune successful. Not sure if I’m doing it right.

    But like you said, Donna… a healthy sense of humor is paramount when it comes to these quincunxes! Otherwise, I think I would be completely miserable! 🙂

    • Hi Merryweather- am with you on the metaphysical passions – I don’t see dead people though, might freak out if I did.

      Saturn can be a toughie, bringing out all our fears – I have saturn sitting on top of sun and venus holding back all that metaphysical 12th house aquarian wildness, frustrates the hell out of me.

      re the north node, always encourage people to move in that direction and your chart really seems to be supportive of you doing that. Steven Forrest in his book Yesterday’s Sky says to look at the squares to the nodes as these were the skipped steps in previous lives – they need to be addressed to allow passage to the north node in this life.

      • Hi Jay –
        Yep, Saturn doesn’t much like the metaphysical stuff, does he? I feel your frustration! 🙂 In regards to my quincunx, he is definitely bringing out fears about security.

        Thanks for the Steven Forrest quote! I’ll have to remember that! I actually don’t have any squares to my north node. In fact, it’s completely unaspected. So I’m hoping that means I’m cleared for take off.

        I just need to find a way to bribe Saturn and get him on board.

  14. My main inconj is Nep/MC-Moon (5th). That Neptune, which is strengthened as my chart ruler, is pretty interested in faraway fantasies, where my moon is not QUITE as adventurous (has a boost being in the 5th though). There’s always a push-pull between what or who I fantasize about as a partner, and who probably would be good for me, lol! I just realized that this Nep-moon inconj gives me an aspect that a lot of women in my family have- Nep-moon conjunctions, opps, squares, etc. Good times : ( Lotta us have Nep-Venus too, double yay

    Also have a yod with Chiron at the point: Nep/MC- Chiron (end 2nd, Tau) – Merc/Jup/Pluto/Sun. I don’t know that I’ve figured this one out totally but it seems not to be the worst of times- kind of an artsy yod if you can have one- all those libra planets, Neptune conj the MC (also venus there too but out of range for the yod), Taurus as the traditional ruler of Venus though I kinda disagree with it- Chiron also was a music-maker too and an artist of sorts in the healing field.

  15. I have an exact quincunx between Venus in Aries (2nd) and Pluto in Virgo (7th) and a slightly wider quincunx (3 degrees) between Venus and Neptune (Scorpio in the 8th). These 2 aspects say more about my approach to relationships than anything else in my chart. The struggle between independence (mine) and control (I married a Scorpio) and the yearning for the ideal fantasy relationship which is more in keeping with the heavy Pisces bias in my chart.

  16. My inconjunct is my Sun in the 9th at 5° Aquarius with my Moon in the 2nd at 10° Cancer.

    I’ve read that this position can indicate parents that didn’t relate to one another well, and that was certainly my life experience. Also too that I have a tendency to place other people’s needs before my own, and I tend to do things “the hard way” or only really learn big life lessons through extreme examples.

    When I first began studying astrology, I always lamented that I might have actually *chose* this crazy combination for myself: the desire to be footloose-and-fancy-free (Sun in Aquarius) combined/at odds with an extra feel-y, nesting-inclined emotional self. But as I’ve gotten older I see them less at odds with one another and more taking the edge off and balancing tendencies. My ultimate hope is that the best qualities of each end up bolstering and supporting the maybe less-secure qualities of the same.

    • Hi, Stacy, welcome to Skywriter. 5 degrees is pretty wide for a quincunx, but since it’s both lights (the Sun and Moon), I would give a bit wider orb. It does sound like you’re experiencing it.

      I’ve made a bit of a study on Cancer-Aquarius combinations, since that’s what the US Chart has…Princess Diana had the opposite placements, Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon, and it seemed like she wrestled with the two…sometimes not doing so well emotionally, sometimes combining them brilliantly, as in her work for social causes and compassion for suffering children. And she did a bang up job of loving her kids. Donna

      • Hi Donna, TI am a South African astrologer with a triple Yod so found your series on the quincunx enthrallling. Other than Bil Tierney’s Dynamics of Aspect Analysis I haven’t found a lot to go by, though Karen Hamaker-Zondag has a good grasp. My Yod – Moon/Asc 27 Aquarius to Neptune 28 Virgo and Sun 27 Cancer and Mercury 28 Cancer. Chiron sits at the midpoint of Moon/Asc. A major issue in managing these energies is the inability to properly relax without “losing” myself in a book (non-fiction) for instance. This has had health consequences (and Pluto in the 6th adding to the lessons ons!) Humour (love the absurdities of life and my own sterling contributions!) is also useful in detaching from the tension – it reallffy feels like a radio just off station and the tuning knob has fallen off . Plus the road-runner mind “I can’t sink into the couch – there is something I should be doing” (but don’t know exactly what.) The current Neptune transit (which seems endless) is an Alice in Wonderland journey – boundaries nebulous and the familiar path ath ….. It just seems like Surrender and Flow are the only choice.

      • Surrender and flow? Sound like good options to me! Welcome., Lynne. Donna

    • I have Sun quincunx Moon and yeah, my parents had nothing in common really (except astrologically). Sounds right.

      I also have Mercury quincunx Uranus, so yeah, I think WEIRD….

  17. Saturn quincunx Uranus – the frustration between being cautious and reserved and letting my wildness out – feel it most in my creative work – Uranus is in Leo – have all these wild ideas about being totally spontaneous and intuitive in my art and what happens is so very considered, disciplined, composed and worked on! This effect is amplified by Saturn being very tightly conjunct Sun and Venus (all in Aquarius 12th house) – so perhaps that pulls Sun and Venus into the inconjunct also.

    I keep telling myself one day I’ll break free and with Uranus just about to sextile the Saturn conjunction from Aries that day might be sooner than I realised. Certainly this conundrum does seem to be rising to the surface in these blogs – ripe for the resolving maybe?

  18. I have Saturn at 29 Virgo in the 1st house quincunx Jupiter at 28 Aquarius in the 6th. The only issue I can think of right now is that Saturn makes me appear serious and self-conscious…but I love to talk and joke and help people. I don’t know how that effects my job per se…
    If anyone else has an observation…I’m open.

  19. The only two quincunxes of my busy chart (41 other aspects in all)
    are VENUS/2 & MARS/2 in LEO, inconjucnt my Pisces MC (an angle and not a ‘house’, nor a ‘planet’).

    Does this mean an easier time reconciling these energies or a more stressful one?

    Of the other 6 aspects to Pisces MC are these big ones: Sun(CAN/1) & N Node(SCO/5) Trine, and Saturn Rx (SAG/6) Square’s it.

  20. I love the Shatner example, Donna. Maybe that’s what we do with our mismatched parts ~ embrace them, learn to love them, and turn something oddly annoying into something fun (and in Shatner’s case, profitable). Is this our Ugly Duckling aspect we have to grow into before finding its beauty?

    • CJ!
      It’s like attempting to convert our natal oppositions into trines within our behavior!

      • Hi, EJ! It’s a code to live by.

      • Well, there comes a time in our lives when oppositions DO turn into trines, and so do squares, when triggered by progressions or transits. Then we get the impetus to make them work together. Donna

  21. i think i have a quincunx yod
    Ascendant 3 deg taurus moon 2 degrees Sag and mars 2 degrees Libra
    I’m sure someone knows that this is what I fly around on.

    I am thinking this formation makes the Taurus work with the Sag and the Libra. I think since Taurus and Libra share venus ( my venus is in Libra) that at least in this part of my life I can appreciate the sensuous earthy pleasures of Taurus as easily as I can appreciate the ethereal pleasures and artistic sensibilities of Libra. Not sure how moon fits into it all though.

    • A yod? Kinda yes, kinda no, since the Ascendant wouldn’t be counted as a planet.

      But when a configuration like this is in question, the person who has it is the only one who really knows if it works or not. You’d want to analyze each piece of it separately–like Sag qualities vs. Taurus qualities. Write out interps of each piece and think about how they’d fit and whether there is a tension between those parts of you. Donna

  22. Hi, I have my sun 19° aries inconjunct (7th house) my saturn 21° virgo (12th house), one thing I noticed is that I tend to date alot of virgos! I also have my moon 24° capricorn (4th house) inconjunct my mars 25° leo (11th house). My sun and moon are square each other (actually part of a tsqure with pluto) and feel like these inconjuncts to each others rulers reinforces the square while adding some flexibility

  23. Hi Donna,
    Have you written about inconjuncts to the Midheaven? I have seen this as part of a yod. I am not sure how to interpret this because the Midheaven isn’t a planet.
    Do I refer to the sign? eg. Aries/Mars?

    • Yes, to the sign, but also to the priniciple of the Midheaven–that is, that planet pulling energy away from the person’s efforts to succeed and to build a career. Donna

      • so true

      • PS. However, I will add this. Since I don’t have any natal quincunxes, my only experience of the tensions involved is through transiting quincunxes to my natal planets. That’s one way to get familiar with that quincunx energy–it’s really strong and palpable.

        At one point, I’d struggled a long time with balancing my two careers of social work jobs and an astrology practice. I had transiting Uranus quincunx my Midheaven on one side and transiting Neptune on the others.

        When Uranus got to the exact quincunx of my Midheaven, I woke up one morning and said, “that’s IT!” I went to work, turned in my resignation, and never worked full time again in my life. Donna

  24. My Mercury in Aquarius 13/11 is quincunx Neptune in Virgo 11/52, and it’s
    also quincunx my Moon in Cancer 10/13 (which I think makes it a Yod), so
    I get confused over life problems at times, but if Iget my mind calm and quiet
    and concentrate within myself, then a clear solution will come to me. Sometimes
    it takes alot of discipline though (Mercury conjunct Saturn 4 degree orb).
    To VR: I do get along well with Cancer and Virgo sign people! If I walk into
    a room of people, I’m always drawn to Cancer, or Virgo!

  25. I have Cap Sun and Leo Uranus loosely inconjunct (3 deg orb), Leo Moon and Cap Mars exactly so. I’m not sure how they manifest, to be honest, only that I have a shocking temper and a tendency to shoot myself in the foot.

    Sun-Uranus… I’m a comedy writer, maybe that’s it? (But I have a lot of soft aspects to Uranus too which maybe muddy those waters)…?

    I’ll be honest, I’m pretty confused!

  26. I have saturn/scorpio/9th inconjunct chiron/gemini/4th
    I have no idea how it works in my life.
    Can somebody give me some hint.

  27. I love the title of this blog post. It cracks me up.

  28. my ruler , moon in pisces at 16 degrees in 10th, my mercury in leo at 16 degrees in 3rd….
    i understand or ¨get ¨incredible concepts ,for example i can look at a chart and i see it on an emotional level but i cannot speak it or put it into words, ( i read this blog although i don’t necessarily grasp by reading
    what everyone writes,i would have to draw a rough chart and slowly read the paragraphs and draw what is being said..and then look at it) When i read articles or books, it’s all there very clear in my head, but i cannot explain it or repeat it… my jupiter in cancer in my 1st trine my moon probably amplifies my spacey processing. My therapy has been to play the guitar , singing and composing songs… i never learned to read music although i tried, i have no idea what chords i am playing i invent them..(although they exist in writing already i’m sure) my savior also has been i think chiron in cap in 8th the only earth in my chart ,it’s inconjunct my Pluto,(my pluto is conjunct my sun)this inconjunct is recently becoming clear !

    The mercury /moon inconjunct became clear to me only a couple of years ago, and it was a haha moment 😉 , sort of like hey that is ,excuse the pun, my ¨blonde¨aspect, now i get it…you would not know this meeting me today, as one of my goals during this Neptune in aquarius in my 9th era (opposite natal, sun mercury pluto) has been to learn, learn about me,merci astrology!learn about the secrets of life !merci internet ! and learning not to feel like a stranger on this planet called earth, shaking that frustration and the incredible nostalgy (i could have filled the oceans with all the tears i’ve shed 😉 ) i’m real excited about this neptune in pisces ! but that’s only because i’ve done the work ! now what is it going to be like when it conjuncts my moon and inconjuncts my mercury !! woohoo! i’m ready !! i believe that ALL aspects are there in our charts to find a solution, to guide us towards our expansion ! it is important not to ¨believe¨in the opposites will never meet, or squares that will always drive us crazy or …etc…they all have a purpose it’s up to us to be thankfull for them and work with them .
    ps.this was hard to write..and i could go on about the mercury inconjunct it is responsible for my being 1st in elementary school and failing in all subsequent schools, i even went back to university as a mother of 3 , in psychology ;), again ,astrology which makes sense of energy and internet
    virtual learning,at my pace,and space, have been the compliments and my learning tools of choice , and direct results
    to this inconjunct, thanks Donna !!! i always wondered why this aspect was so overlooked when it is very important in my mind !!

  29. This post really got me to thinking, so thanks Donna. I have several close quincunxes, but the one involving my Neptune in Scorpio and Mars in Gemini is the one that I’ve had the hardest time understanding (at least up until now). Since Neptune is conjunct my 3rd house Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and Mars is not only retrograde – but also in the 9th – there would seem to be SOME similarities in the way the two operate.

    Then last night I dreamed of two Universal truths, one bigger than the other – the one was so big in fact, that it perfectly contained and supported the other, without contradiction. In the dream state I understood perfectly the concepts each conveyed and how they worked together, yet when I awoke, I found I lacked the words necessary to describe what it was that I’d experienced while dreaming. It was kind of like being privy to a profoundly meaningful and deeply spiritual conversation taking place between two holy men (or women), but discovering once awake that I no longer remembered their common language and therefore couldn’t interpret what it was that I’d witnessed. It’s not so much that the two have nothing in common, but rather my lower mind, with all its chatter and need for rational thought, lacks the language and interpretive skills necessary to consciously understand how the two work together.

    Back in the real world, I think this quincunx explains why it’s always been so much easier for me to tune in intuitively with strangers and through dreams – the less I “know”, the better. Both Neptune and Mars form close aspects to my 12th house Pluto in Virgo, and it’s there that the two planets seem to find their common ground, through dreams, dance, art, music and compassionate practical service. As an aside, I was always far better at creating my own free-style dance choreography as opposed to “learning” someone else’s; my mind always got in the way.

    My Mars is widely conjunct my Gemini MC/Aldebaran, which forms a biquintile with Neptune – maybe the hands-on healing and intuitive work I’ve recently begun doing also helps to bridge the gap between the two. This lovely place I have access to can’t be reached through rational conscious thought, but rather through surrender and service. Interestingly, transiting Neptune has just moved into orb of squaring my natal Mars (which is also receiving an exact sextile from T. Uranus), and is therefore forming a trine with my natal Neptune.

    • What a remarkable dream, LB, but the very essence of Mercury/Neptune or Neptune/3rd experiences. Did you ever read the article about the various levels of Neptune/3rd house experiences? The sharing in the comment section of that one is amazing too, from many who share that combination, and I think you’ll relate. See it here: . Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I may have read it, but even if I have I’ll look forward to re-reading it with a fresh perspective.

      • Hi to LB –

        I also have Mars in Gemini-7th and Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th. 10th house Pluto in Virgo squares Mars and sextiles Neptune. They have given me a facility to learn languages and mime accents. People are drawn to tell me all their secrets- and I am always digging up facts and making intuitive connections between people. I have tamed my curiosity to become benign rather than salacious. Now Uranus is in Aries firing it all up. I am seeing lots of tests about kindness and trust while maintaining awareness of betrayal and cunning.Also, lessons about guarding privacy and not having ill intent cloud my spirit. Despite much upheaval with loved ones, I wish them well as I pursue my path. Your dream is awesome; how comforting that a wise part of you understands and can hold many truths. Reminds me of Jane Roberts and the Seth material.I too work with service, my creative movements are running, yoga and martial arts. I spend hours a week with my kids in martial arts classes. Essential to my Heath of Spirit!

    • ” Neptune in Scorpio and Mars in Gemini” feels like the way dolphins communicate. They “think” in whole packets of understanding and pass it on that way instead of in linear fashion or through language…It’s more like the “direct transmission” that tibetan teachers give their students and the preparation they undergo prior to receiving them.

      • Hi LB, I can really relate to the spouse with the 12th house Mars. His cave is the tv room-and he is very gushy about reality tv. My Pluto is in the 10th conjunct the MC in one side and Uranus in the 9th on the other. The Mars/Neptune has made me find the middle road of mindful, pragmatic compassion and a blend of personal truth and earning a living. But the way of the warrior is a resonant metaphor for my journey and I am pleased that my sons and daughter share that vision. It’s nice to find a kindred spirit! Thank you for sharing!

    • “I am seeing lots of tests about kindness and trust while maintaining awareness of betrayal and cunning.Also, lessons about guarding privacy and not having ill intent cloud my spirit.”

      Hi Kelly – I can totally relate to this, and I like your choice of the word “tests”. My 9th house Mars is conjunct my MC (and square 12th house Pluto), so in some ways, our challenges are probably similar. I’m always trying to maintain my center and grow spiritually, which is sometimes hard coming from a warrior perspective. We must have birthdays within days (?) of one another.

      I noticed we have something else in common. Interestingly, my husband also has a 12th house Mars – in Pisces!

  30. As Donna noted above there is only 6 degrees between a quincunx and a bi-quintile – 147 degrees is where they meet and shade into each other. I’ve already posted about the Saturn/Uranus quincunx and now I note that I have an exact bi-quintile between Mars and Uranus – as Mars is in Capricorn and in the 12th house like Saturn there are many similarities on how they operate.

    Checking back on Donna’s previous blog about numerology and the quincunx and bi-quintile I found some brilliant metaphors for how to approach these aspects.

    The first is from the sabian symbols and is about that magic degree 147 – I love the birds on a tree – as birds symbolically are messengers from the intuition. Also my progressed Uranus is now at 27 Leo and wouldn’t you know it birds are at the heart of the art/picture book I’m doing right now.

    “26-27 Leo. The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky”

    “27-28 Leo. Many little birds on a limb of a big tree Donna”

    This next quote is what C.J.Wright had to say about the numerology of these aspect – again inspiring an out of left field approach. (Donna put the link to this blog post above for those who want to read more.)

    “The 147th degree reduces to the numbers 12 and 3. If you align those numbers with the tarot, you get the Hanged Man (12) and the Empress (3). The Hanged Man asks that we look at something upside down to see it more clearly, and the Empress is the epitome of creativity.

    Interestingly, “quincunx” reduces to 11 and “biquintile” reduces to 55. These are both “master” numbers, requiring special skills to incorporate easily into daily life (also a meaning of the aspects?).

    The 11 signals the master teacher and the 55 is the number of the master mediator. Containing two 5′s, there is a high level of Mercurial influence here. I’d add a dash of Uranus to that (the higher octave of Mercury) as an influence of forward movement and reconcilation of oppposing ideals and viewpoints. “

    • Nice to hear more about the numerology, Jay. I love the master numbers and always perk up my ears and wag my tail when I see them, so it’s cool that quincunx and biquintile are both master numbers. I wonder what INCONJUNCT, the other name for quincunx comes out to. Donna

  31. Quincunx – not much written about it…adjustment is the most common keyword. Ok…but it’s so much more than that, eh? I’ve learned through my own experiences. My Sun in Cancer in the 11th quincunx Moon in Sag in the 4th by 1 and 03 degrees. I am nourished by perspective and truth. I am warm, caring and philosophical. My desires for extensive travel have been curtailed by my sensitivities. I am adventurous, engaging, social and know hundreds of people. Alone time at home (also mostly work at home) is important to me. At times there is an agitation I feel with Sun quincunx Moon. I have 3 planets in Cancer. Need to be mindful and careful with what I ingest. Enthusiastic – yay! Moody, too. At times I struggle with insecurity and have found that gentle, motherly encouragement – holding space for all my feelings – supports me to accept myself. My body can’t always keep up with my enthusiastic aspirations (darn it!). My parents are unusual and somewhat of an awkward match that are still married after over 50 years. Once in a while I’ve noticed that people expect me to be more accommodating and are shocked by my fiery stand. On the other hand, some individuals have been surprised that I am a Cancer, since I am outgoing. Then again, people are surprised that I am sometimes shy. I guess there’s a bit of a paradox in every quincunx.

    I notice when planets by degree in Taurus (by transit or via an individual) create a yod. I can’t quite define it. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, or at least stimulating.

    I enjoy reading all the comments. Thank you for this precious space, Donna. Anyone else with Sun quincunx Moon? I’d like to know if others experience this as stressful for physical health.

    • A wonderful self-portrait, Jacqueline, thanks for sharing. I love the way this post is turning out–so many good tips for managing quincunxes and so many good perspectives…a productive discussion that wouldn’t have happened in any other venue.

      As for health, Charles Jayne also used to distinguish between 6th house quincunxes and 8th house quincunxes. (He wasn’t talking about the actual house positions of the planets, but their degree of separation from one another.)

      There are actually two different kinds–one being 150 degrees apart in the zodiac like Aries to Virgo (or 1st house to 6th if you put the slower-moving planet on the Ascendant) and one being 210 degrees apart like Aries to Scorpio (or 1st house to 8th house if you put the slower-moving planet on the Ascendant).

      He found that the 6th house kind was more likely to result in health issues. I forget what the 8th house did…healing perhaps, or sexual tension. Or maybe that’s where the humor he mentioned comes in. Donna

      • My husband has two “6th House” quincunxes (pretty exact) forming a yod: 2nd House Sag Moon quincunx both 9th House Cancer Sun and 7th House Uranus in Taurus. Guess where we are?! In the ER! Where we have been ever so many times before. One health problem after another. I was taught to expect health problems with a yod UNLESS one is firmly on a spiritual path.

    • I have Sun quincunx Moon and my health is great. But neither of those are Cancer, or particularly delicate signs either. I bounce on (Sag moon) or soldier on (Taurus sun).

      • Jennifer, I have that same aspect except it’s with Sun-Mars (Cancer) quincunx Moon (Sag). I happen to be very robust 🙂 So many of my contemporaries struggle with chronic disease, I consider myself fortunate to be healthy.

    • Hi Katley,
      Found I resonated a lot with your comments – the parents who were not suited, the jogging between being gregarious and need for much time alone. Perhaps the last bit is because I have to spend time looking for the tuning knob that has fallen off the radio of my mind! The need for conscious adjustment being a major issue. I have Asc/Moon at 27 Aquarius inconjunct Neptun 28 Virgo and Sun/Mercury 27 Cancer. Chiron is at the midpoint of SunMercury/Neptune. Health definitely reacts to the inability to properly relax (“There’s something I have to do – but what is it?” I find reading a big help (non-fictionfor me). Try to remind myself of the spiritual angle – I have chosen this Finger of God for soul growth pruposes however much of a strain it is. Service to others and also to Self, and working with the Shadow through relationship to partner
      has been major focus. For all the reaching for the positives, it is quite a juggle at the end of the day! And now sthe major molasses-slow Neptune transit is dissolving boundaries and Ego in aA Alice in Wonderland way. Good luck with your journey!

  32. I have five quincunxes in my natal chart–all within the 3 degree limit. Four are paired up to form three yods. Together, these yods, plus a trine between Saturn (20 Sco) and Jupiter (21 Can) make a five pointed star. The pentagram created by these five points creates a shape called a Pandora’s Box.
    Here they are:
    Sun 19 Aqu/Moon 17 Virgo–parents totally mismatch; both found each other on rebound–
    Moon 17 Virgo/Mars 17 Aries —
    Sun 19 Aqu/Jupiter 21 Cancer–
    Saturn 20 Sco/Mars 17 Aries
    The Moon-Jupiter sextile is 4 degrees ; the other two sextiles are 2 and 3 degrees.

    The fifth q. is Mercury 27 Aqu./Uranus 24 Cancer. Quirky humour indeed.

    I haven’t put much focus on considering how incompatible each quincunx pair is; rather, my attention gravitates toward getting a feel for the aspect or shape pattern itself; for the inherent dynamism of a quincunx; a yod; a Pandora’s Box. I really like Donna’s list of phrases for Quincunx. My son made a joke about “no way” that I thought captured one possible avenue of riding the dynamism of a quincunx. He said maybe what people call “finding God” happens when they keep going at something in a persistent and focused, but not dogged or obsessive manner all the while saying to themselves, no way; no way. Then, one day, without having a clue how exactly it happened, they have reached that “no way” place and then they have to say Yah-weh!

    I tried to capture the dynamism of the quincunx in a spoken word piece entitled Flow’s Manifesto:
    Here are a few lines:
    How mysterious “knowing” is; how implausible might it seem
    To pursuers of Truth’s deconstructionist themes— and yet,
    Is not Mystery’s embrace that which precisely erases
    Constructions obstructing bold interfaces
    Of knowing with “knowing” in dynamical flow?

    It seems to me that there are no two more dissimilar entities than one’s head and one’s heart and that whatever helps in the harmonization of those two, is essentially what allows for flow in a quincunx or yod. Humour, joy, gratitude, reverence; wisdom disguised as folly–those are the big ones for me. Without them, I know without a single doubt whatsoever (as horrible moments remind me on occasion) that I would be chronically depressed; bitter; cynical; aggressive; and alienated to the point of paranoia. Those “big five” are how I work my quincunxes, often through the blessing of excellent physical health and a strong body that lets me dance, skate, climb trees, roll down grassy hills, stand on my head; drop on a dime and make snow angels….and I don’t give a fig how crazy I look! It’s my life that’s at stake.

    I do pay a lot of attention to my Virgo Moon, as she stands at the apex of the star and Pandora’s box. She is demanding; a “harsh mistress” as the song says; but I aspire to win her approval as much as I can.

    I have been spending quite a bit of time recently working and reworking the Pandora myth……..for another time.

    That’s all I got. I appreciate everyone’s contribution and will spend time going through them. It takes me a while to absorb so much information …..

    • Yes, it is an amazing discussion. Thanks for sharing how such a complex configuration is working. Pandora’s Box, huh? Donna

    • Enjoyed your blog Judith (have come to this site just recently) Really like your pro-active approach to dealing with so many quincunxes. I have a triple one – Moon/Asc 27 Aquarius quicunx Sun/Mercury 27 Cancer and Neptune 28 Virgo. Harmonising those disparate energies is a juggle as I don’t need to mention to you but I feel I designed this life with some quantum opportunities for growth in mind – hence this Finger of God. It helps to step back and remind myself of the Higher Purpose especially when the static of my off-station radio mind is plaguing me! Getting it “tuned” is a constant – how quickly it can distract me into 20 different directions if let loose. I was interested in your mention of a strong healthy body – is that your determination it be so? Have you not had health issues? The difficulty in relaxing totally undermines the body’s resistance and immune system I think and this seems to be a common issue with inconjuncts. The current slow as molasses Neptune transit is challenging – Ego, boundaries, all seem to be undergoing transformation. Surrender and Flow are souonding like the key to just letting go and not trying to analyse or understand so much…

  33. Hi, Folks! I’m loving this discussion so much, I decided to expand on it with a post about the transiting quincunx that I just put up on site. Look for it here: Donna

  34. My husband has the Yod formation also, and I have never been able to get much information on the Yod and since it involves the quincunx I am hoping you can expand on this subject to include some insight on the Yod and how you can deal with this type of formation.

  35. a close family member of mine has an excruciatingly close quincunx of Venus in pisces (exact within 10 minutes)with conjunct Saturn/Jupiter (exact within 4 minutes) in Libra.
    the Venus is in 2nd house, the Saturn/Libra in the 9th.
    I do know that the first time he got a real job at the age of 18, he earned a salary higher than what either of his parents made. He quit that to go back to school, where he is currently working on advanced degrees, but if he wanted to, he could disappear into the strange world of top secret stuff and make big bucks because of what he is learning at the university.

  36. I have an exact Ascendant/Venus Quinqunx. At 20 degree Scorpio/Aries.
    I have Mars conjunct venus tightly in Aries at 21 degree So they both Inconjunct my Ascendant.

    I know that this is a great problem for me, But I am not sure what exactly it is.

    Donna, Can you tell me what the problem could be here??

  37. Hi Donna:

    Great post. I have a first house Aries Sun inconjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house. What I noticed is that my sun has a hard time defining goals, objectives, and all that fiery/Aries stuff. I feel I am always in the fog as far as the above is concerned. Ask me about my goals, I will look at you with a duh look on my face. However, I also noticed that the quincux seems to operate by instinct and intuition. And eventually I will get where I wanted to go, if I was able to formulate my goals. Just don’t ask me how I got there. No clue.

    • Very interesting, Fabienne. It sounds like you are saying quincunxes are self-correcting in some way, although that could be partly Neptune’s contribution to the puzzle. We are getting some great insights into how quincunxes feel and how they operate as this discussion procedes.

      Folks, Fabienne wrote an excellent piece last year on the quincunx between transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn, in which she described it as the “yes, but” principle. And though that transit has passed, I believe the analysis of the aspect can help us put the pieces together. You can see it here: Donna

      • See, that’s what I mean. Somehow I got there without having a clue! But you summed up my thoughts. I had not considered the quincux exactly in terms of being self-correcting, but it is an interesting venue of reflection, to see if quincuxes are self-correcting. The Yes But quality of inconjuncts mentioned in my article might be a way to express this possibility. BTW, thanks for the shoutout.
        Reading the comments, I noticed the high number of quincuxes involving Neptune. Coincidence? Or that would give some strength to the intuitive/self-correcting quality of it? Food for thought 🙂

      • That IS puzzling about the quincunxes with Neptune–hard to say. I do think Neptune is very strong just now, having just entered it’s own sign Pisces. I was trying to write some impressions of it this morning, and it was an incomprehensible jumble. Donna

  38. I do not have any quincunxes natally, however right now, with Pluto stationing at 7 deg. Cap., it is making a yod out of my Mars conj. Desc.( both 7 Gemini) and N. Node (7 Leo & Pluto 8 Leo) sextile, on my 8th/9th cusp. Both Mars and Pluto rule my Venus in Scorpio in 12th. Mars rules my 5th with Aries on cusp. So, naturally, its a relationship! I’m an older gal and had absolutely no intention of having any more men in my life. I was happy and content with my life as it was. Then a man whom I dated 31 years ago–and who I loved, but dumped–came back into my live via Facebook, and now we are picking up where we left off. It is obsessive, loving, honest, and extremely pleasant for both of us. As a prof. astrologer, I knew these transits could spell love, but had no clue it would turn out to be this! I would not be surprised to see this turn into a marriage for us. Adjustments with the yod? Oh yes. It somehow doesn’t seem possible, so it is a constant re-alignment.

  39. Jacqueline – I think it’s true that a Sun/Moon quincunx shows an
    inharmonious relationship of one’s parents. My natal Sun in aquarius
    (my Father, a Gemini, was into astrology, palmestry, loved talking to
    all people) but my Mother, a Pisces, represented by my natal Moon conjunct
    Pluto was always angry and possessive to him. They divorced when I was
    14, which proves my point.
    More people should take a probiotic for stomach troubles in digestion, as
    it helps about 99% of the time! I know.

  40. That was very interesting what Mari wrote about yods, and that the sextile planets
    “tend to conspire to make the focal planet uncomfortable”. Wow! that’s IT for
    my yod! The sextile planets: my Moon & Neptune often do make my Mercury
    very uncomfortable…like throw it into a fog of undescrible feelings. Then I try
    to use all my mind strength to stabilize the strong feelings and finally make
    coherent sense out of everything. On the other hand, imagination and feeling
    can be used in doing compositions.
    Mari asked if the best way to decrease stress can be found opposite the focal
    planet. In my chart that makes Leo the opposite, but I have dragon’s tail in Leo
    in the 12th house, so it must be just a challenge. I do get along with Leos though.
    My counselor is a Leo, so far so good. Thanks for the new ideas!

  41. I have 3 quincunxes—Saturn-Uranus,also Mercury in Cancer in the 11th quincunx Jupiter in Sag in the 4th,don’t really know what it means–maybe a tendency to exaggerate? Also Chiron in Pisces in the 6th quincunx Moon in Leo in the 11th, I know moon-chiron contacts signify a lot of sensitivity.I’m not sure what this particular configuration would mean…

    • This is a DIY (do it yourself) site. What I try to do is to explain the principles so people can learn how to interpret things for themselves. Here are the steps in analyzing a quincunx:

      THE SIGNS INVOLVED: Consider the signs the two planets are in and how and why they clash. For instance, think through the qualities of Cancer and then the qualities of Sagitarius. (for instance, Cancer can be hypersensitive, easily slighted, and take things personally, even when it’s not meant that way. Sagittarius is honest to a fault and can have a bad case of hoof in mouth disease)) Put them together, and you may have someone who can dish it out but not take, and it.)

      PLANETS PLUS SIGNS: Then add in the qualities of the planets and mix them with the signs. Mercury is about our patterns of communication. Mercury in Cancer is hypersensitive and may try to avoid conflict. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so it doubles what I said before about being honest to a fault and having hoof in mouth disease. Again, it may be somene who can dish it out but not take it.

      THE EFFECTS OF THE HOUSES INVOLVED: The house positions of the two planets show the areas of life where they are most likely to be active. The 11th is the house of friends and groups, so perhaps you belong to groups where honesty and self-improvement is considered a plus, so friends may be accustomed to talking about faults and flaws, so they try to help by pointing out ways to improve yourself. The 4th represents the family of origin and the current home life, so perhaps your family was less open than your friends are. Perhaps you sometimes wound others with things you say, never meaning to wound, or perhaps you try to accept these comments, but still want to withdraw when you get them.

      There are numerous ways that these two signs play out, also numerous levels on which each planet can play out, and each house rules several (related) areas of life. Thus we may not have precisely put our finger on the type of conflict this particular quincunx presents, but it should be in the ball park.

      Now try out the process with one of your other quincunxes. Donna

  42. My Venus is 23 Gemini and my saturn 26 Scorpio. Does this mean love is impossible?

    • Never give anyone–astrologer or not–the power to tell you that love is impossible. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Donna

  43. I have Tropical ….
    Mercury Scorpio around 29′ 5th quincunx Ascendant Gemini 29′

    Mercury scorpio around 29′ 5th quincunx Chiron Rx Aries 29′ 10th (equal house 10th/koch 11th)

    Mars Scorpio 5th quincunx Chiron Rx Aries

    Singleton Pluto Libra 4th quincunx Midheaven Pisces

    I guess the Mercury ascendant combination gives me a anxious disposition from what I read, and I DO have a anxious disposition.

    I don’t know about the Mercury/Chiron or the Mars/Chiron quincunx’s.

    I’ve read that the Pluto/MC quincunx can put me in important position over the lives of others in my career(I haven’t been in that position yet). As far as having power struggles with people in authority, yes, I’ve had a few. 🙂

    • I found the description for Mars quincunx Chiron and Mercury quincunx Chiron.

      Chiron quincunx Mars creates terrific transmutative force, as do all quincunxes to Chiron. You will find very few natives with this position who are closed to consciousness expansion, but you will find many who yearn for more awareness but do not know how to attain it. As always with quincunxes, the energy never stops pushing toward manifestation. Because of the basic tension involved in aspects between Mars and Chiron, this aspect will mainly result in constant tension with a lot of resolution. Chart 37 is the chart of a priest who has been leading transformative walks to holy sites. He has great charisma, and his drive to bring in great energy is strengthened by the Mars quincunx Chiron. His South Node in Virgo shows he was a healer in past lives who has come to communicate ecstasy (the North Node in Pisces in the third house). Mars quincunx Chiron is a difficult aspect to develop, but there is great potential for continual new levels of awareness.

      Chiron quincunx Mercury natives think of themselves as servers, and their thought processes are constantly occupied in finding a way to give of themselves in the deepest way. They cannot tolerate trivia; they are driven to find something significant when they are very young. The power of Mercury quincunx Mercury activates once they have discovered significant work. These natives are no good at just being ordinary; the awareness of their eventual destiny occupies them almost from birth. This position creates a holistic mind, a mind that works with broad and large cycles and processes, and Uranus tends to be more activated than Saturn by the quincunx. The key to balance is for these natives to leam to use Saturn discipline. Chart 28 of the astrologer has Mercury quincunx Chiron. In the early years, she mastered so much information in so many fields that it was hard to discriminate and focus. With the focus of Saturn, the Saturn ruled Mercury in Capricorn began to function well after much work on past life information.

      The above descriptions make a lot of sense to my personality. I don’t think of myself as being of service, being helpful yes,but not of service. The rest of it, like I said, sounds a lot like sections of the path I’m walking.

      As always, very interesting post. Thank You!

  44. That describes my moon in cancer quincunx mercury alright! 11th to 6th houses
    respectively (aquarius): I often take things personally and get hurt feelings when
    none were really intended, also imagine (Neptune in Virgo on ascendant quincunx
    Mercury too) the worst. I try to shake myself out of it but it takes a few days
    covered over bu new life experiences. Thank you, Donna, for the deeper insight!

  45. I’ve got one quincunx in the planets and two that include Angles: Aquarius Venus/Virgo Pluto, Leo Uranus/Capricorn MC and just for Donna: Sag Mercury/Taurus Ascendent.

    That Mercury/Ascendent must be why people are forever disappointed that I’m not really as smart as I seem! LOLOL!

    Onward to the next article! 🙂

  46. I have two in my Relocated Progression chart, one is Pluto in Chiron and the other Jupiter in Chiron. All I know is that would mean big and deep. Jupiter is at 0 Virgo and 28 Leo is Pluto. So since it’s in the last 3rd of the 30 degrees of Leo I suppose that is more Sag, and I am at a place of independence in a deep deep way and 0 Virgo would be more Taurus, which is my natal Midheaven and it’s all about singing and the Earth for me which is how do you be an artist and keep what’s yours and keep it pure and make a living; none of it goes together for me. My Chiron wound is 1 Aquarius which is quincunx to Virgo and that Aquarius wound really messed up my Midheaven all my life. Leo’s my natal AC and Capricorn my moon, and progressed natal, not relocated, natal progressed IC, so my feelings and roots in the mother, who was a Taurus, and blocked me because my natal sun was Libra–makes sense. Seems like the only hope to mix unmixable things is to move so your chart changes or grow older. I’m there.

  47. Now in reading others above, I’d guess, purely, I probably put my Chiron wound in Aquarius because, Leo quincunx in Jupiter is to be a hero in a big larger than life way and Virgo quincunx in Pluto is to be a healer in a deep way. The Leo is at 28 degrees so in an independent Sagittarius philosophical teacher way a hero and 0 Virgo in a Taurus (Venus) down to earth way, singing, doing videos, teaching, and in Aquarius 1 degree is the wound so it’s definitely in Aquarius which is the New Age of Peace (Libra my natal Sun) and understanding. So to do something deep and far reaching for Aquarius is difficult because whY? Virgo and Aquarius don’t mix. Seems like the healer and the detached humanitarian should mix. Earth and air make a dust storm. A dust storm can uncover a treasure hidden in the earth or blind those who would harm. And Leo, the hero, balances Aquarius across from it like an opposition; the hero and the humanitarian can work together, especially if the Leo is more Sag because Aquarius doesn’t feel comfortable with emotion but philosophy. I think the key is in the Tarot because of the dust storm analogy which is on one of the cards on Poetry, music, other symbols have the language that gives the solution somehow to the quincunx riddles, for I see no problem even though I have one. Gotta love Zen; it’s Zen.

  48. Hello Donna,

    Interesting forum. I found your website to be really useful. I have a question though. It pertains to yod. When looking at different websites there is mixed information as to whether MC,ASC and smaller planets like chiron can be taken as a planet in understanding a yod configuration. I have a Pluto-Neptune-Sun, Saturn-Neptune-Mars, ASC-Neptune-Chiron on one side and Sun-MC-Neptune, Chiron-MC-Neptune on the other. So it would be great if you can shed more light on this.

    Warm Regards

    • Welcome, Moli. Yes, from years of observation, both natally and by transit, those points do seem to come to play in a Yod. There are 5 articles about the quincunx in that series, so do look at the rest. Donna

  49. Moon in Aries (11th house) Quincunx Pluto in Scorpio (5th house).

    It is hell. I have difficulties in getting in touch with how I feel. Any ideas in how to deal with this aspect?

  50. Birth chart: Mars in the 1st House quincunx Jupiter (my chart ruler) in the 6th House and Uranus in the 8th. Uranus also quincunx North Node in 3rd House; Jupiter also quincunx Venus in 11th . Funny, some of the examples you chose…are me. Overtly sexual appearance…don’t know about that. But then I don’t really know about myself or how I appear to others. We’re acquainted, but there’s definitely a feeling of a committee running the show, and I can feel periods where one or another aspect of my personality is activated or dominant. My Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon and Sag Ascendant sort of sum up the incongruity.

    How does it work? With Mars close to Asc (7 degrees) and the Uranus quincunx, my energy is sporadic, erratic and often unexpected. It’s like surfing. When there’s energy there, I ride it. I’m good at starting things, and if lucky, Virgo will kick in and finish it. Scorpio gets involved, and it’s a long, slow obsession. I often make a good impression, but sometimes people seem intimidated by me. Mars is a warrior, and Jupiter quincunx can make me seem like a formidable enemy. Partly because of my intensity, with Scorpio Moon. It’s hard to know what I’m putting out, and I’m sometimes blind-sided by emotions, as Moon shares 11th House but not the Libra sign with Venus, and is not aspected.

    It seems this manifests in some boundary issues….said Scorpio Moon, along with Uranus in Cancer in 8th House (Scorpio) quincunx Sag Mars in 1st. Shared resources and all mixed in with identity, flavored with Uranus’ jokester-like instability. Then there’s the Jupiter (6th House) quincunx with Venus…which is conjunct Neptune by 3 degrees, but Neptune in 10th House, Venus in 11th. So it’s all webby and inter-connected. My Virgo servant-nature gets overblown by Jupiter, yet connects my Asc and Sun/MC nicely. Relationships tend to get confused when you throw Venus in the quincunx mix: 11th House….friends who are lovers or projects or both, groups dependent on relationships, service/boundary issues can easily devolve into savior complex, followed by resentment. What a stew. Difficult to keep it all private with 4 planets in the 10th House! But you may have guessed there are secrets…..

    As I’ve gotten older, I’m a little choosier about those I share resources with. I’ve learned to tone down presentation, and a Scorpio mask is very effective. Thus, you see reticence, testing new relationships and if you make it in, you’re all in, baby, so relationship with me is not for the faint of heart. But I’m better at weeding people out so I don’t hurt the faint-hearted. Speaking of protecting hearts, I mathematically subtract points at the beginning of an illusion of perfection, and add points when people inevitably disappoint. Reciprocity is a pre-requisite and though it feels calculating, heads off resentment. I’m learning the difference between the ‘heart’ of romantic love-songs (Venus), and the ‘heart’ which holds the true Soul’s desire represented by the Moon. I also try to assess outcomes before drawing my sword and charging in. There are many worthy battles, but I am a warrior, not an army. I recognize I’m blessed to manifest the opportunity for service in every job, and have the ability to endlessly amuse myself in a variety of intellectual, creative and social endeavors, and try–really try–to discharge physical energy in exercise rather than anger, accidents or illness. Astrology is an excellent tool for explaining and anticipating cycles and fluctuations, and recognizing that even though my world may feel like it’s rocking, it’s still spinning and I’m still here.

  51. I have just found your site and must admit I’ve not read all the great information you have on quincunxes. So far I’ve not seen anything about quincunxes in progressions, but I wanted to mention that I have a BUNCH right now and they seem to explain a lot of what’s going on in my life: namely, I am estranged from most of my family due to lies being told by a sibling. I am just fed up with trying to defend myself and have walked away from all of them. Do you think these progressed and natal planets in quincunxes describe this situation at all?

    Progressed moon 27Cap17 in 10th (ruler of 4th)
    Progressed Jupiter-rx 28Cap28 in 10th (ruler of 9th)
    Progressed AC 27Gemini57 in 3rd
    Natal Uranus 28Gemini15 in 3rd (ruler of 11th)
    Progressed Mercury 1Cancer33 in 3rd (ruler of 3rd)
    Progressed Uranus 1Cancer50 in 3rd (ruler of 11th)
    Natal Saturn 29Leo22 in 5th (ruler of 10th)

    I also have progressed MC 12 Pisces (in12th) quincunx natal and progressed Neptune in 6th (ruler of 12th).

    Current transits are Neptune 28Aqua46, Saturn 28Libra, Uranus 0Aries46, and Jupiter 0Taur22 and make other aspects to some of these planets.


    • Hi, Mary. I don’t work with progressions as I get what I need from transits, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t work as well as any other aspect. I have certainly seen and felt them work by transit. Donna

  52. Do degrees sort of determine a Quincunx? Or is it the placement of the Signs and Planets?Or the 12 Houses?I’m wondering because my Pisces Sun is in 5th House and Leo Moon is in 10th House. I know Capricorn (which is the tenth sign and is associated as rulingh the tenth house) Quincunx Leo.

    So had I been born under a different ascendant, one that places Leo and Pisces side by side in terms of Houses, would my Moon in Leo and Sun in Pisces still Quincunx? Or if I was born at a greater difference of Degrees (say Moon in Leo was at 1° and Sun in Pisces was at 20°) would they still Quincunx?

    I’m really wondering what constitutes a Quincunx and opposite as far as placements go.

    • The number of degrees from an exact aspect is important in a quincunx–no more than 3 or it’s not a quincunx. Having a Pisces Sun in the 5th house, which is naturally connected to the Sun and Leo repeats the theme of the aspect and so makes it stronger. It would be impossible to have Pisces and Leo side by side in adjoining houses. They will always be 5 signs and most likely 5 houses apart.

      Enough–I am writing a book and not doing charts for people. Donna

      • I just used the side-by-side things of houses as an example lol. I already know they are 5 signs away.

        I was just wondering under the VERY SLIGHT chance my time is wrong and my Leo Moon is 24° instead of 25 and my Pisces Sun is 25° instead of 26°.

        So it would still remain a quincunx I see.

        Whats the name of the book you’re writing and when will it be released?Enthusiastic amateur in this hobby and I am seeking as much knowledge as I can get.

      • It’s a big, long book on stelliums, hopefully finished by May, 2013.

        As you’re working on understanding aspects now, you might like to know about my booklet on aspects, including an article on quincunxes. It’s called /Astrological Aspects: The Building Blocks of Chart Interpretation./ To order a copy, you’d go to and send me $12 to my email (, and I’d send it to you as an email attachment. Donna

  53. Donna – I find your article on the quincunx to be absolutely fascinating. It is the best I found on the internet. Keep up the good work. Especially the part about comedians; that part explain an easy way to describe astrological details using humor and juxtaposition and not have to fight with preconceived belief systems. I understand the concept now. Quincunx is truly a “quantum leap possible” if you can blend the two irreconcilable’s. Then using juxtaposition mismatched metaphor humor to explain it with the least amount of resistance.

    • Great synthesis, Michael. I do find the quincunx fascinating, though I don’t have any and have experienced them only by transit. Donna

  54. Hello Donna, found your site and the article on inconjuncts very informative. It’s difficult finding information on this aspect. I have (7) in inconjuncts in my chart. (4) of them form a stacked yods. The two planets conjunct at the point of the yods are Sun and Mercury in Aries in the eleventh house. I have Pluto in virgo on one end and neptune in scorpio at the other forming the legs of the yods. With of course Pluto and Neptune sexitle with each other. I experienced a spiritual awakening May 16th 2003. It was triggered by a full moon lunar eclipse. It changed my life forever in more ways I can mention here. I’ve tried interpreting the meaning of the yods but get confused due to my lack of experience and lack of information on these configurations. I know I’m suppose to do something. I’ve had a profound interest in the spiritual, metaphysical, NDE, Out of body etc. since the awakening. I’ve read hundreds of books seeking knowledge. I’ve had preminitions, Been out of body several times, Astral travel, visited by other worldly beings etc. If you could shed any light on these configurations or the inconjuncts in particular I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration! Tina BD: 4/1/1963 Mesa, AZ 10:20 am

    • HI, Tina, I’m retired from doing chart consultations, which is what you’d need if you want someone to interpret all those inconjuncts. Donna

      • Donna,

        Thank you so much for getting back with me.
        Be well and at peace!

  55. Hi Donna,

    Excellent piece about a very important, yet frequently ignored, topic.

    I’m a solar virgo / lunar aries.

    The cool sun / hot moon combo certainly makes life interesting. And I’m sure that the reverse situation would provide as many surprises (and frustrations !) for those who have that kind of placement.

    Being an essentially peace – loving individual, I often end up literally shaking with post rage trauma after my firey moon has suddenly detonated in response to some form of provocation. But , in most cases, the outburst has been warranted. Where Virgo chose to ignore the behavioural atrocity (for the sake of avoiding unpleasantness), Aries has decided that instant and emphatic punishment is in order.

    I also believe that the aggression of a volatile moon provides much – needed protection for someone who has a more passive sun sign. And, likewise, a mellow moon could, possibly, stop a savage sun from going too far and doing something that the person in question might regret later.

    In fact, this whole quincunx situation is very much a kind of “’Libra Thing”. It’s all about balance.



    • LOL! Bruce, you’re preaching to the choir. As a fellow Aries Moon–right on the Midheaven–I do know about volatile Moons. I don’t have a quincunx to it, but value your interpretation. I knew someone really admirable with an Aries-Virgo quincunx, a hard worker with a demanding job, yet she devoted her free time to coaching a group of kids from a Chicago slum in a baseball team. Donna

  56. Interesting. Well Donna, again I know this article is a few years old… But I have a few quincunxes which make a yod(s?). The confusing thing about this yod, is that its head and leg(just one) are dipped in stelliums. One, a capricorn stellium (6th house) with uranus and neptune in conjuction and the other a 1st house stellium with moon and jupiter conjuct both in leo. All connected to one solitary mars in gemini occupying the 11th House (my mars isn’t aspected.
    How do you process this? Take it as two seperate yods? Or try combining the energies in the stelliums first and then process what it would mean in a yod?

  57. Correction: I meant to say my mars isn’t well aspected to other planets. I can’t help but think of it as a weak leg and the whole yod as a tipsy chair.

  58. Nice analogy, Sage. And it is indeed a yod. You’d need to start by analyzing each aspect individually. The house of the planet on the narrow end of the Yod is an important focus of the energies of the planets, so the blunt of the incongruities between that planet and the others is felt in the matters of that house. Look for more articles about Yods on this site, especially the one about the British royals. Donna

    • Thanks Donna,
      I’ll check it out…

  59. I have a quincunx from Sun in Aries/2nd to Pluto in Scorpio/9th. It’s hard to say how this has shown up but one area I notice is that I tend to be quite dogmatic and passionate about what I learn. I tend to be pushy without trying to be.

    I’ve read that Sun inconj. Pluto people tend to have a dark/whimsical/zany personality that can be cute/interesting..until it’s completely obnoxious. It’s been hard for me to really hang on to friends because my personality is not easy to handle. I can be intense and overwhelming for people. I have learned to keep a lot under wraps. It comes out in spurts and I scare people away. I feel like I’m a “in small doses” type of person for my friends. I’ve learned to recognize the signals and then back off and go my own way even though I could keep going!

    I’m always trying to find people who share my passions so that I can find an outlet but my energy is almost always more intense than other people. I gravitate towards fringey people in gatherings because I don’t judge and I’m willing to meander down the strange path with them. It doesn’t scare me. I always say that I have a talent for dealing with difficult people. It’s the easy people that give me the creeps.

    Being this way has made it hard for me to ever be fully myself. Just about the only person I am completely honest with it my partner. We are both introverts and give each other space to think while also providing the extreme needs for intimacy. In other situations (especially professional) I struggle to keep my mouth shut so people don’t completely shut me out because they believe I’m an anti-social psychopath. Then people wonder why I’m so quiet (because what I would say would scare you!).

    • An excellent and gutsy interpretation, Christie. Difficult to see oneself clearly when it’s the Sun involved, but you’ve done a great job. (but then again, Pluto has that courage to go beneath the surface and see the truth.) Donna

  60. I understand that you’re using the Aries-Virgo contact as one of the examples to illustrate your point about Quincunx aspects being on the opposite ends of the world, so to speak. But how is it that between these two incongruous elements below, there seems to be a strong affinity?

    Trine Virgo Sun / Aries Sun – 06°59′
    Compatibility is usually very high when this aspect is in a couple’s chart. You are likely to share a strong set of core values which makes you fast friends. You know each other well, because you are so much alike! This combination nurtures harmony in relationships, and while not an indicator of a powerful romantic bond, it certainly helps create a solid foundation for more romantic influences to flourish.

    Conjunction Virgo Sun / Aries Moon – 01°20′
    Trine Aries Sun / Virgo Moon – 03°05′
    Trine Virgo Moon / Aries Moon – 05°13′
    Trine Aries Sun / Virgo Venus – 06°52′
    Conjunction Aries Moon / Virgo Venus – 01°27′

    My intention here isn’t to challenge your authority about Quincunxes. I know it’s is a hard aspect in charts, but I guess it’s with the example itself that perhaps is just too general ?

    • Certainly there are ways Aries and Virgo can support one another by having qualities the other lacks. However, there’s no way there can be a trine between an Aries planet and a Virgo planet or a conjunction. If the Virgo Sun were at 1-2 Virgo and the Aries Moon were at 29-89 Aries, then there would be an out of sign trine, but never a conjunction. Donna

      • I have a book called “Planetary Aspects- From Confict to Cooperation-How to Handle Your T-Square” by Tracy Marks. In it she talks about out of sign trines and how these trines resemble squares because there’s an awkwardness and tension associated with them. This is actually a good thing because Marks talks about how squares give more impetus to change and take action than the trines which can be lazy. I was always curious about that because I have an out of sign trine from my Aries sun to Saturn in Scorpio. It’s a great book, I highly recommend it!

      • Tracy Marks is an incredible writer with a mixture of astrology and counseling. She has several fine books, including a very compassionate one on 12th house planets. Donna Cunningham

  61. I am a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, and Aquarius rising. I’ve always felt like three very different people. It took me a long time and development, but I have acquired a more solid sense of self over the years in most aspects of my life. My quirkiness and quick-witted humor is great. I am academically successful and have a clear vision of my career line. My Venus sign is Libra (opposition w/ Aries Moon) so my biggest challenge is my close, personal relationships. I tend to attract (and also recently realize that I am subconsciously attracted to) those who are unavailable either through hidden / dysfunctional relationships outside of me, mentally not well off or straight up emotionally unavailable. I’ve been doing everything within my power and extent of self-compassion to overcome this obstacle that caused me immense grief. I love myself very dearly. I may not always have but I am fortunate to realize my self-worth while I am still young. Any insight would help. Thanks.

  62. Fascinating. I was looking for an answer similar to my chart but it wasn’t there. lolol. I had an ex husband that had 5 planets in the first house – probably a reincarnation of Genghis Khan – You Know – Sun Moon Mercury Venus mars…..anyway he told me my Gemini Sun was unaspected – that a quincux did not count. That I was cut off from myself. That the Mars in Capricorn did not count and the Saturn in Scorpio just made me Sexually Frustrated. loloolol. Anyway – The Sun is in the Second House and I do have an Aries Ascendent so I am a Martian I guess. I just found this out about myself the other day after going around thinking I was not in touch with myself because I listened to some Narcissist. lol. anyway. The Saturn is in the 7th house and the Mars is in the 9th house. I think that’s right anyway. But I never stop thinking and I am very hard on myself and I have to figure everything out.. Thank you for the Interesting Blog. I am following it now.

    • I hate it when self-important people use astrology to attack and demean other people. He’s clearly not what you’d call an “evolved soul.” Donna

      • Thank you Donna. He thought he was. God bless.

  63. This is a fascinating topic. I’m guessing that quincunxes would take on a slightly different cast when the planets involved share a ruler, maybe giving a little more understanding between the two? Not that it’s been easy to reconcile them anyhow–In my case, Sun in Libra in the 3rd is quincunx Moon in Taurus in the 10th with a 1°59′ orb, also quincunx Saturn in Taurus with a 2°21′ orb. I think the Moon conjunct Saturn can gang up on and overwhelm my Sun, which was especially true in childhood…with Leo rising as well, I was perceived as a fiercely stubborn child (although my Libra Sun saw it as standing up for justice) and often at odds with my parents in spite of also being, paradoxically, the designated family peacemaker (Sun again) when it came to brokering issues between my sisters and parents. I just couldn’t achieve the same when it came to my own issues with them, until I learned to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself (Saturn restricting Sun in the house of communication?). Same pattern in my former marriage. With Venus, the ruler of both Sun and Moon, in the 4th, I’ve always been a homebody (I work from home, too) yet have often felt misunderstood by, and even unsafe with, others in the home. In recent years I’ve “solved” that by living alone, if that can be considered a solution. I’m not sure that’s quite the evolved integration called for by the quincunx, probably more of a retreat from the core issue, but nevertheless it’s a heartfelt relief to have a peaceful–and beautiful, thanks Venus :)–place of sanctuary, not a constant battleground!
    Many thanks for the discussion–Elle

    • Hi, Elle, thanks for giving us such a detailed account of the way your quincunx works. Yes, you are correct that a variety of factors can make an aspect better–or worse. First, if the two planets themselves harmonize with each other naturally, like Mercury and Venus, for instance, versus when the two planets are at odds with one another (like Mars with Saturn).

      Another way is if one of the planets “disposes of” (i.e. is in the sign ruled by the other), for instance. Or, especially if they’re In “mutual reception” –where each is in the sign ruled by the other. Donna Cunningham

      • Donna, I just saw your reply—apparently my email notifications aren’t functioning properly—and I wrote that comment before reading your posts on the rulership of Taurus. So, I’m pondering that maybe it’s not a case of mutual reception after all…. Your argument in favor of Earth rulership of Taurus makes a lot of sense to me, given the Taureans of my acquaintance and the heavy influence of Taurus in my own chart.

        As the Prophet said, “self is a sea boundless and measureless.” The more I study, the less I know…and yet I meet “the soul walking upon my path” at every turn, and recognize her ever more clearly in all of her guises. Thanks for casting light upon the path— Elle

  64. I have only 2 main inconjuncts-
    mars inconj mc, sun inconj NN-
    but they seem important…

    Also you mentioned houses 5 and 10- I have pandora in 5th house- inconjunct mc-10th–what can that mean?

  65. I have Saturn in Saggi 11th conj MC quincunx venus in taurus 4th in stellium conji Sun and Mercury. I find men/father (Saturn) don’t really understand what brings me pleasure (Venus) not much affection from either parent in childhood both being self employed hard working and little time or energy left for kids. Venus rules 4th and 11th. Saturn conj MC is not meant to have major role in career but my working life has covered being Legal Secretary. Saturn in 11th gives few friends and then of older generation (10yrs +)

  66. I have sun in Pisces (2) in 2nd house inconjunct Jupiter in Leo (0) in 8th at a 2.2 orb. And moon in Sagittarius in 1st house inconjunct Jupiter(R) in Leo in 8th house at a 2.5 orb. The first one seems like an inconjunct – water with fire but sun and Jupiter should get along and Jupiter is right at beginning of Leo (ruled by sun). Does this make it better? The second and 8th house I read somewhere deal with resources but one with own resources and security and other resources of others, through others. 8th is also sex , so does that mean I derive security from sex (not resources for sure). Sun sextile moon, moon in 1st in Sagittarius inconjunct Jupiter in 8th in Leo – is this an inconjunct? Both planets in fire signs…

  67. My moon in Aquarius, 5th house quincunxes Venus exact conjunct/ parallel Saturn in cancer, 10th house. The saturn cancer is in mutual reception to moon aquarius. Children are my career, working from home. Saturn rules the 4th house. Also can do painting and writing from home.

  68. I have several quincunxes that are 3° or less in my natal chart. Saturn quincunx Chiron (0.08); Neptune quincunx True Node (0.89); P. of Fortune quincunx Vertex (0.05); Vertex quincunx Ascendent (1.27);

    I have others but they’re wider (but they were listed as quincunx but I’m guessing they’re blending into biquintile?: Sun quincunx Chiron (7.82); Moon quincunx Mars (6.45); Neptune quincunx Chiron (4.77);

    And right now I have several quincunx transits. Transit Mercury 00 Lib 55′ 56″ R quincunx moon 00 Pis 27′ 39″ in 1st house (0.87); Transit Venus 00 Vir 14′ 22″ quincunx Ascendent 29 Cap 59′ 45″ (0.24); Transit Uranus 18 Ari 37′ 58″ R quincunx Midheaven 19 Sco 00′ 02″ (0.37); Transit Chiron 18 Pis 01′ 57″ R quincunx Saturn 19 Lib 24′ 12″ in the 8th house (1.37); Transit True Node 01 Lib 01′ 01″ quincunx Moon 00 Pis 27′ 39″ in 1st house (0.56)

    I’m curious about how do I begin to interpret these transits and how to do take into account the natal quincunxes. Thank you so much.

    • I think there are also some articles about transiting quincunxes on Skywriter, so use the search engine at the top right hand side of the front page. The transits by fast moving planets like Mercury or Venus are over in a few days, so not very important. The slower moving ones, you might feel for quite a while, off and on. As I perceive them from my own transiting quincunxes over the years, there’s quite a tension between who you are and what you want (the natal chart pattern for the planet being transited) and what’s out in the world currently that impacts that usual way of operating. Donna

  69. My most impactful natal quincunx occurs between a 6th house Mars/N.Node in Capricorn to an 11th house Saturn/Moon in Gemini, 2 degree orb. I have been studying this one for myself for the past 7 years, and I will confess that it has not been without difficulty. That said, I have always recognized that humor is almost the only way to work through it! I mean, I am absolutely driven to act on impulse, making decisions with very little pause, assertively, managerial at work and all of that. And then like clockwork, I am left more often than not with having to deal with the aftermath. Timing is usually off for sure, and a crippling fear of what others may think if they should discover I made a mistake or whatever else…. And I could throw into this equation my Ascendant in Leo which gives an interesting dynamic when factored into that triangle. My need to be seen as competent, my proclivity to act precipitously, and my fear of what others believe on the surface. Yeah, that is my experience with the quincunx. I do have a raucous sense of humor and a filthy mouth to boot.

  70. My chart is a super-gnarly locomotive with a few of these. My Leo ascendant, for example, inconjunct with my Venus in Pisces in the 8th house give me a very sporty football-player look, which throws people off when they find out that I am kind and insightful person. I think it sort of meshes well with my Uranus/Neptune/ Saturn Capricorn signature and Aquarius Mars, ultimately, but it doesn’t help people understand where I’m coming from, which is fine because most people don’t need to know and I don’t have the energy to try and fully explain it lol

  71. I have my ascendant at 0 degrees Capricorn, and my Mars at 29 degrees Sagittarius both Inconjunct the Moon at 0 degrees Leo. Mars and Mercury are both in fire signs, so they should in theory be less effected. The Moon is in the 7th house. I think that because the ascendant is part of a stellium that includes Mercury at 27 degrees Sag, and Venus at 6 degrees Cap in addition to Mars, that my moon is having trouble winning any arguments with that stellium. It took me a long time to figure out how my moon was even Leo. Oh, and in addition my Sun at 11 degrees Sag is Inconjunct my North Node at 11 degrees Cancer. Given that my descendant and North Node’s are both in Cancer, I would say the Universe is trying to make my Sagittarius self embrace the sign of Cancer. And then the Universe really made it hard for me to do so by placing most of my personal planets and ASC in Sag and Cap, Inconjunct the Moon in Leo.

    • Good analysis, Laura. Thanks for sharing this example. Donna

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