Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 17, 2009

Life Patterns of People Born with Uranus-Saturn Aspects

©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

OPIL v3 2014 smNote: This is a brief excerpt from a long chapter on Uranus-Saturn natal aspects in Donna’s ebook, Aspects between the Outer Planets: The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3, available at

 “Silly things cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.”  Jane Austen, Emma

One quality I often observe in people like myself with Uranus-Saturn aspects is the pairing of off-beat ideas and interests with sound ways of expressing and applying them–a combination that enhances their ability to serve as a bridge between two distinct subcultures.

Although I’ve long since gotten past the need to prove astrological or metaphysical principles to the uninitiated, I’m occasionally in social situations where friends of friends express astonishment or skepticism about my career path. Because I answer their questions calmly and intelligently, they generally go away saying, “I never thought there was anything to this stuff, but she’s no flake.  Maybe I’ll give it a try.” I often proudly call myself a sane weirdo.

Capable astrologers or alternative health practitioners with academic credentials often serve a similar function by demonstrating the wsaturngeek-a2dorth of their techniques to psychotherapists or medical personnel through cases they hold in common. I was one of the earlier people to do so, with my master’s degree in social work, and it’s been a joy to see a growing number of people in our field with therapeutic qualifications. Others of our number blend astrology with academic pursuits like philosophy or history. Kepler College was founded as an academic environment that consistently blended astrology into liberal arts studies. The combination of Saturn and Uranus in a chart, especially paired with Mercury, Jupiter or the 3rd-9th house axis, can represent a scholarly individual, and these placements are featured in the charts of the classy intellectuals in our field like Rob Hand and Caroline Casey.

Another pattern is what might be called grown-ups with erector set mentalities. Natives with these aspects can painstakingly build elaborate structures for their lives only to tear them down again some years later and start fresh projects in search of excitement and mental stimulation. Saturn needs structure, stability, and a sense of accomplishment, while Uranus detests stagnation and chafes at any constriction to its freedom.

The house placements of Saturn and Uranus or of Capricorn and Aquarius show what areas of life this pattern touches. People who have one or both planets in the vocational houses (2nd, 6th, or 10th) or aspecting the Midheaven may work very hard to establish a career or business and, because of their many gifts and capabilities, may enjoy an enviable success. Over the course of a lifetime, there are likely to be several dramatic shifts in career direction as they become so bored and restless that they start over from scratch. If the Moon, the IC, or 4th house planets are aspected by this pair, we can see people with a touch of gypsy in their soul who make major relocations every few years. If the 7th house is involved, these folks might have a series of unconventional committed relationships that work for a respectable length of time but ultimately end.  Major life departures like those above tend to occur under Uranus transits or transits that set off the natal Uranus-Saturn aspect.


The table above gives years in which these aspects were intermittently in range, though you’d have to consult the individual chart to see whether they applied or not. Note: This is a brief excerpt from Donna’s ebook, Aspects between the Outer Planets: The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3, available at

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  2. Oh this made me laugh. Sane weirdo LOL. How’s about ‘sensible but not boring’ to quote my friend Amy.

  3. I have A LOT of Saturn-uranus makeup (in the 60s on the uranus quiz, and into the 70s on the saturn, if including the 29.52 sun sagittarius as having a capricorn influence). I feel the following information is relevant having read your introduction regarding synthesis of freedom with restriction; ideas and physicality. From as long as I knew, 4 was my favorite number. When I was four I remember looking up at the sky and having a dream of living in the house that I moved into that same year. The dog came a year later. I have been drawn to and shown a lot of music from my fourth year especially recently. I have four dark freckles four-ming a box on my left arm. Questionable: I used to speak in a voice I said was the result of coming from Jupiter, the planet who’s glyph looks like a ‘4’.I got my first speeding ticket while singing loudly to the fourth song on the fourth cd in my car, after getting off of work due to an incredibly sudden electrical storm that hit the town I was working in; the town of my current 7th house relationship that is completely unconventional. I know that 4 can be interpreted as manifesting ideas, or as the synthesis point between two worlds. It is represented by the color blue. As I type this I am all clothed in blue, as I usually happen to be. I prefer blue pens. I. Am. Totally. known as an intelligent weirdo. I have a ‘mathematical mind’ that needs articles like this to inspire me to put the data together using the emotional resonance of language which puts the spotlight on truth. Andddd scene, haha. Thanks so much for this.

  4. Bull’s EYE ..

    I have Uranus in 2nd trine with Saturn in 10th house.. and Sun in 4th house, in sag.
    a gypsy spirit, crazy ideas and conventional approach.. its a lot to cater to 😉

    Seeking Unconventional through Conventional means, and I also have a disinterest in possessions but a strong need for recognition.. Security is very desirable, which is not due to a fear of *failure* but a constant urge to keep firmly planted feet.

    I do have a complex picture, with Mars and Moon sextile Saturn, Sun opposite it.. and Uranus again is sextile by Sun and Moon and Opposite by Mars… so all is pretty interlinked.

    Developing an Idea, putting a base slowly.. Making a structure.. is a deep seated Urge..

    I do have Crazy Ideas and Unconventional Thinking.. but all is sobered up by Saturn. Risk Taking is SOOOO much Fun, but I never take Un-calculated Risk.. if I am able to pay the price of failure in a venture.. then All Set to GO for it..

    • Thanks for sharing your story, SS. Uranus trine Saturn is a neat combination–able to get away with lots of unconventional things because it’s laid back abouit it, not pushing it on people like the squares. Donna

  5. I have Saturn in Sag (6th) trine Uranus in Leo (2nd), and I do live an unconventional life, but it is tiresome. I would like some monetary stability, or else a stronger structure of expanded ideas to create monetary stability.

    The bohemian lifestyle was okay when I was younger. At the age of 53, it’s old!

    • I wonder if Chiron figures in that picture somehow. It’s somewhere in that age range that you get your Chiron return and lots of patterns get old. Joyce Mason is going to do a Q&A session on Chiron transits in a few weeks, so watch for it. Donna

  6. I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th quincunx Uranus in Leo in the 11th.There is a conflict between wanting to toe the line and be responsible and dependable,and then suddenly just wanting to break free of it all—does anyone else have this particular configuration—how does it manifest for you??

  7. Hello Donna,

    I was born in 1964 and had Uranus-Pluto conjunction with a 5 degree orb, a sextile with Uranus/Pluto Neptune (4 degree orb for Pluto) and a Saturn opposite Pluto/Uranus with a square to Mars in Gemini. Anyway with the current transits I decided to research the 1960s from an astrological perspective and I discovered your blog.

    I read your article on vocations and even though I don’t have Uranus or Pluto or Virgo in a vocational house (2,6, 10) I can relate to your insights 100%. I have many interests, juggle professions, and prefer to work for myself or for a like-minded person with a small office. The corporate world has always turned me off and I can’t do the cog in the machine thing. I also consider myself Indigo.

    I added your blog to mine because your information will be of use to my blog followers, especially the midlifers.


    • Thanks, Patricia. Have you seen the article on Skywriter about the vocational challenges of the Pluto-Uranus generation? Donna

  8. Very interesting stuff!!

    I have a minor aspect between these two planets but it perfectly resonates. I have a “Marsian” Saturn in the 1st House semi-sextile Uranus in the 2nd House. And Jupiter is in the 3rd House sextiling Saturn and semi-sextiling Uranus.

    All that you said describes me perfectly.

  9. I try to convince people about astrology too lol!!! I have cap in uranus and neptune in the 9th… im schooling at UW Madison, good research institution. And saturn in aquarius aspecting my Sun and ascendant in midheaven. Whoosh! Talk about societal / social responsibility

    • Lots of potential there, Sasha. Wouldn’t be surprised, with Uranus and Neptune in the 9th, to see you teaching some very advanced and forward thinking in universities and/or in foreign countries. Donna

  10. Donna!

    I’m a long time fan. Your “Pluto Problems” book helped me coach my mom through a crazy Pluto-square-Sun adventure many years ago.

    Anyway, this post—like all your work—is right on. Just to throw more evidence on the astro-fire, I have Uranus in Virgo in the 3rd house opposite Saturn in Pisces in the 9th. I write metaphysical books that are down-to-earth, practical and often humorous. People often contact me to say “this woo-woo stuff finally makes sense the way you explain it.”

    Keep up the great light-work!


    Psst! Say hello to my former home, NE Puddletown. 🙂

    • Hi, Debbianne, that’s a terrific combination for exactly the kind of writing you do. If I’m guessing right, you must have been born in 1967-8, the height of the 1960s upheaval, most likely with Pluto in Virgo joining that pair. I have a great deal of respect for the grounded and practical qualities of that conjunction, and with Saturn in compassionate Pisces, it’s a good balance. Regards, Donna

  11. I have a son born 27th of April 2010 at 10:59 am. He has Uranus/Saturn opposition (-0.02). Uranus in 11th house (Picses) and Saturn in 5th house (Virgo). Can anyone tell me more about it? He is a little police man noticing and informing everyone about every little misdoing – he is a little “squared” if I can put it like that – he is also very charming and very conscious about looks and trends – not afraid to use hats, scarfs and other accessories to look more cool by his own initiative. That started at very young age – around 2 yrs. What can I expect when he gets older?

    Many thanx 🙂

  12. My Life Path Number is 11. My Sun is in Aquarius 9.59 and I am Capricorn Ascendant 21.49. Naturally i like Administrative Work, Teaching, Secretarial Work & Farming. Am a degree holder in Public Administration but am yet to secure any tangible job since graduation in 2009. I taught & rised to the rank of a Principal Admin for 4 years, but have left the school due to “Poor Salary” despite my “Hardwork”. So my only source of income now is farming which come towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, all my farm produce for harvest this year (2015), have been stolen for the first time in history. Isn’t these temptations & setbacks too much to bear? In summary, i always work hard to be successful in life especially as it concern my JOB & FINANCES. But the more i tried, the greater the SETBACK. Some of my mates/friends whom i know am better than them are more successful in such areas than i do & i don’t know WHY? To seek for solution, i discovered recently that SATUNE has been in my 10th House since 3 years ago but have left few months ago. I learnt SATUNE usually leave a GIFT while leaving a House. My questions now are? (1) Is this GIFT true in reality? (2) What kind of GIFT does it left for me? (3) Does it mean that am going to secure a better JOB with better SALARY now? (4) Does it mean that my SOURCE of FINANCE will start to improve now? (5) When will these happen? Though, my expectations are very high, but only your HONEST views and reply will be appreaciated. Please reply soonest. Thanks!

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