Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 5, 2009

Venus-Uranus Aspects among the Glitterati

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

People with Venus-Uranus aspects pride themselves on being different from the masses, and yet we’re going to see a demonstration here of how very similar they are to one another. The glitterati among them dazzle and delight us with their unusual styles of living and loving. They begin by shocking us, then set trends that we rush to emulate. In almost all the entertainment fields, they dominate.

Later you’re going to see some pictures of them that speak for themselves, demonstrating how much these folks with a Venus-Uranus aspect in common actually look alike, but first here’s a list of charismatic, trend-setting stars with Venus-Uranus aspects:  

ROCK STARS AND OTHER MUSICIANS: Elvis Presley, Julio Iglesias; Celine Dione, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen Latifah, M.C. Hammer, Bobby Brown, Alice Cooper, Sheena Easton, Wayne Newton, Johnny Mathis, Rod Stewart; COUNTRY SINGERS: Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Waylon Jennings (all with the conjunction); Naomi and Wynonna Judd, Tammy Wynette, Garth Brooks, Bonnie Raitt; OTHERS: Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Joan Baez, Placido Domingo

LEADING MEN:  Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Sean Connery, Lorenzo Lamas, Denzel Washington; James Caan, David Duchovny, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alan Alda; YESTERYEAR’S HEART THROBS: Marcello Mastrionni, Kirk Douglas, Gary Cooper; Tony Curtis,  Jimmy Cagney.

LEADING LADIES: Reese Witherspoon, Angelia Jolie, Liz Taylor, Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon, Mia Farrow,  Candice Bergen, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Raquel Welch, Grace Slick, Kathy Bates, Kate Capshaw, Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone; Foreign leading ladies who became famous in the U.S.:  Julie Andrews, Marlene Dietrich, Claudia Cardinale, Ursula Andress; Anouk Aimee, Simone Signoret, Leslie Caron,

COMICS:  Lucille Ball, Candice Bergen, Brett Butler, Ellen Degeneres; Penny Marshall; Cybill Shepherd; Bernadette Peters; Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, Tom Arnold.

BRITISH ROYALS:  Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Edward, Prince William, Princess Margaret, Princess Beatrice; HISTORICAL: Wallis Simpson; Mary Queen of Scots; Marie Antoinette, Prince Albert,

POLITICAL FIGURES: (eccentric/charismatic) Bob Dole, Ed Koch, Jesse Jackson, Gerald Ford. Victoria Woodhull, Mormon founder Brigham Young, Tony Blair.

THE ARTS: WRITERS: Anais Nin, Gertrude Stein, Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal, Ian Fleming; Jack London. FINE ARTISTS: Leonardo Da Vinci; Paul Klee, Maurice Utrillo,  Auguste Rodin, Ansel Adams. COMPOSERS: John Cage, Gustav Holst, Franz Schubert.

FASHION LIGHTS: Paloma Picasso, Pierre Cardin, Ira Von Furstenburg; the model Twiggy

IN-YOUR-FACE SEX OBJECTS: Linda Lovelace, porn star; Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine; Sydney Biddle Barrows, the Mayflower Madame; Havelock Ellis, first real sexologist, very controversial in his time.

Why are people with Venus-Uranus aspects so often controversial and charismatic? Venus involves such important issues as whom or what is loved, how freely we love, how we express affection, how we attract love, our sense of beauty and style, our capacity to compromise and cooperate, and how we seek harmony. Typical Uranian or Aquarian types are often rebellious, even iconoclastic, in their modernistic, visionary perspectives on life. Depending on which sensibility these freethinking gadflies are tweaking today, you may find them modern, trendy, inventive, and charismatic, or you may find them shocking, outlandish, socially beyond the pale, and unsettling. You’ll seldom find them boring.

Note: This was an excerpt from a chapter about Venus-Uranus aspects in my ebook, Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars; the Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 2, available at


Though Venus-Uranus natives think of themselves as unique and love to shock us with their off-beat sense of style, when you put together an array of their photos, they’re eerily similar, almost a breed of their own. Here are some images that prove my point!

Note:  The photos I’ve assembled below are of celebrities with various major Venus-Uranus aspects. They were found under Google Images search engine and are copyright by their owners. They’re shown here for educational purposes only and are not to be published or otherwise distributed. Looking at them as a group, you may begin to sense certain qualities that people with Venus-Uranus aspects share, without perhaps being able to verbalize them.  Below are Ellen Degeneres, Princess Diana, and Diana’s friend, Elton John.



Shown below are  Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Candice Bergen, and Reese Witherspoon.





Shown  below are Queen Latifah and Camryn Manheim.



 And, finally, look-alikes Carrot Top and Richard Simmons, who I swear were separated at birth.


Students of astrology can download a more complete gallery here for educational purposes: PHOTO GALLERY VENUS-URANUS. I’ve also created galleries of people with Venus-Neptune and Venus-Pluto aspects that I’ll publish in the future.


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  1. What a fun post! Can’t wait for the Venus-Neptune and Venus-Pluto posts!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh cool- I’m working on a chart for someone right now who’s got a Sun-Venus-Uranus stellium in Leo! I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear she ranks alongside Angelina Jolie, Marlene Dietrich and Anaïs Nin!

    • Whoa!! He or she should be doing rock videos! Michael Jackson had Venus and Uranus conjunct in Leo, but not the Sun. At any rate, your client must have plenty of pizzazz. Donna

      • Oh, she does, believe me- I haven’t had my consultation with her yet, so I don’t want to violate any of her personal information, but one day I’ll tell you non-publicly what she does with that stellium and you’ll be like OF COURSE SHE DOES.

        (p.s. the astrology fangirl in me who’s been reading you since I was 14 is freaking out that we are actually having a discussion on your blog.)

  3. What if this aspect is hidden in the 12th house? I have Venus & Uranus conjunct in a 1 degree orb in Sagittarius in the 12th house. I don’t think I can see my own strangeness, but others can. Thoughts?

    • HI, Janelle, The 12th house is a beautiful house, because it’s dedicated to service. It’s just not so TA DAH as, say Venus and Uranus conjunct in the 1st or 10th. The 12th is often prominent with people who work in fields where they serve the chronically ill or handicapped, or in closed settings like hospitals or prisons. Especially with thie conjunction being in Sagittarius, which wants to uplift and encourage people, this could show you as someone who brightens the day of sick people or those who face long-term recovery from some sort of health challenge. Maybe some kind of health educator with pizzazz, or a motivational speaker.

      It makes me think of Patch Adams, a doctor who worked with children on hospital wards, entertaining them and teaching them with a troupe of clowns. That was show biz that wasn’t at all self-serving, and his example has created a clowning movement in hospitals and chronic care facilities. You’ll find many lovely uses for it on your path to a career. Donna

    • I have Venus conjunct my ascendant (Aquarius) but in the 12th house opposite Uranus (Leo) in the 6th (conjunct the 7th) and both square the Moon in Taurus. My love life has been more than erratic and in fact, relationships haven;t tended to last beyond six months. Years pass by before another potential partner comes on the scene (all very different people, but mostly aspecting my Sag MC/Gemini IC,) It is a very tense, changeable square.

  4. Very Interesting, I’m actually studying to become an acupuncturist. This conjunction squares my Pisces moon in the 3rd house as well. Are there any positive texts on the 12th house, I feel like its always getting a bad wrap!

    • I agree that more needs to be written about the 12. Maybe I’ll do it myself sometime soon for this blog. There are some very positive qualities of the 12th. Your Pisces Moon is rather like the 12th, in terms of wanting to give service. The combination of Pisces and the 3rd makes you quite intuitive–and I’m sure an ability for intutive diagnosis of health conditions can be developed. Donna

  5. I have Uranus (2’47” cap) Conjuction Venus (2’46” cap) in my 5th house and im not really anything like a Venus in Capicorn (they sound boring and im anything but that) but I am so much more like A Venus in Aquairus. I have a very loud presents when I walk in a room without doing anything and everyones notes I am their at once even if they don’t know me they(everyone) notice me I can’t explain it. I am very different and charmnig at the same time and just wanted to say that this is 100% correct! The one thing im good at is comitements (I dont cheat ever!) but thats the only capicorn part of me, mostly I need a lot of freedom more than most in a relationship.

    • HI, Ann, thats an incredibly close conjunction. And you’re right, you’re probably nothing like Capricorn. With aspects like this (especially the conjunction) is that the planet outweighs the sign, especially outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They become more like the sign that planet rules–and here, since Uranus rules Aquarius, that’s why you feel like Venus in Aquarius rather than Capricorn. Donna

      • oh cool! alright good I was wondering about that. I have A question does the 5th house give it any kinda extra effects? And I feel over the years (growing up) my sun (15’43” scorpio) conjution Pluto(15’08” scorpio) in my 4th house ruled but I never knew how to use my great amount of spiritual engerys or just engery at all the right way until resently (like 1-2 years ago) oh wait it all started when pluto enter capricorn for the first time (my world was outta conrol until it was back in capricorn) but anyways I feel more like my Uranus conjunction Venus rules more of my personailty now Im not sure but growing up I was very negtively a scorpio but since about the past 2 years my world kinda shook me into place and I have made such a chage I can’t explain I feel its still in process tho I’v been very posstive Aquairus I was wonderding about if this is because pluto is trasiting those planets that I might have sifted to a posstive scorpio and my uranus like quiltys rule is this becasue for the past 2 years pluto my main ruler is in capricorn very close to my Uranus-Venus? This might have been rough this past two years but so much good changes (mostly internal so far and some external) has come from it I was wondering your the professtional any insights?

      • I’m glad you’re moving in a positive direction, and yes, it does sound like a Pluto transit and that you’re learning to use that Sun-Pluto conjunction for transformation. I’m retired from doing chart sessions, after 40 years in the field, so I don’t comment extensively on individual charts on this blog either. A reading by a psychologically oriented astrologer would give you a lot of insight. (I can give you some names of people I know and recommend if you write to me personally at There are also good books about Pluto that would give you plenty of insight and inspiration–Erin Sullivan is one, Jeff Greene and Liz Green (or is it Green and Greene–I can never recall.) Oh, and there’s also that book by Donna Cunningham called Healing Pluto Problems–it’s still in print after 25 years, so I guess folks like it (she sez modestly). Keep going and growing, Ann, from a fellow Plutonian. Donna

  6. What if this aspect is hidden in the 12th house? I have Venus & Uranus conjunct in a 1 degree orb in Sagittarius in the 12th house. I don’t think I can see my own strangeness, but others can. Thoughts?

    Very nice blog !

    • Hi, Lola, Glad you like the blog. Read the exchange between Janelle and I earlier–She, too, has them conjunct in Sag in the 12th. The two of you should write to one andother and exchange notes. Donna

  7. I’m kind of late to this post but I have a close conjunction of Uranus (24 36′ 36″) and Venus ( 24 34′ 11″) in scorpio. However I don’t feel more venus aquarian than venus scorpio. I’m really just not impersonal, like that, and detached. If anything I just think it adds more rigidity, restlessness and hot and cold than anything. And maybe some much needed lightness and sparkle. Scorpio’s pretty dark and serious for venus. But it definitely amps up the rebellious side and power plays of scorpio for me. And maybe the transformative power of scorpio in relationships. My 2 cents. 🙂

    • HI, Desiree, I like what you wrote. Yes, the sign surely modifies an aspect, and I honestly believe that Scorpio and Aquarius are the signs least like one another. It’s always interesting to me to hear the real-life experience of someone who has the aspect–books can never give you the nitty-gritty of living with an aspect. Donna

  8. Hello, in an occasion law over of Angelina Jolie’s opinion in the one that was affirming that not feel beautiful himself, my chart is very similar because i was born the same day,(i am not so beautiful) I believe that the sensation that I have of Venus – uranus is similar,cuadrature, and I have dizziness to the relationships many times….is for me very difficult to follow this blog in english , but i will not surrender…. The name of Liz is Greene…

  9. LOVED this. I have a Ven-Ura opposition and have been happily married to a man with a Ven-Ura conjunction that also conjoins my Uranus. We often remark that no one else could have tolerated EITHER of us for 20 years. But it just goes to show there is a ‘butt for every saddle’ HAHA
    The first 2 sentences in your post were so right on–we’re all alike in our uniqueness.
    ALL the V-U personalities you noted that are still among the living settle little by little as they age. I guess they learn to tolerate themselves . . . 🙂

    • I love your response – I guess there’s hope for people with V-U opposition. Mine’s exact to the degree.

  10. Does the same apply to uranus-venus in mutual reception? venus in aquarius/uranus in libra. I suspect is more subtle, unless is somewhat related to the Asc and 1rst h.

    • Hi, Sabrina, yes, exactly, Venus-Uranus in mutual reception would create a similar but subtle bond between the two planets. Even Venus in Aquarius would have a flavor of that aspect. Donna

  11. On the note of uranus-venus in mutual reception, Rick Martin has it and he certainly has that pizzazz!!

  12. Hi,

    I posted else where on this,but I guess it can’t hurt to post about it again since it’s specifically about it=-)

    I have Uranus in Scorpio 8’30 5th h. Septile O.O.B Venus in Capricorn 2’01 in 7th conjunct my Desc. in Sagittarius. 29’05

    I think it’s a strong aspect in my chart,but I think it doesn’t “show up” like a conjunction etc. does.

    I tend to want to express myself in unusual ways (artistically, with my hair, my home etc )

    I used to want to fit in,but I just don’t for some reason,I thought I would being in a room full of drawing students,but that didn’t work so far either. lol!
    So in some ways I’ve learned to have some pride in being different.

    I also think I”m kind of boring most of the time.

    Cool post! =-D

    Thank you Donna!

  13. Hi. Great article, by the way. I know two women with this aspect, and there is, I think, a love of “shock” in them. One has the opposition, the other has the trine. The one with the opposition is really obvious in her desire to shock, I’d say(Venus in Gemini, Uranus in Sagittarius). Also has Venus loosely conjunct her Cancer Asc. She’s really interesting-looking, and quite beautiful, as well.
    I also wanted to do you think Venus quintile Uranus might manifest? I have this in my chart.
    Actually, my Uranus is largely unaspected, apart from a lot of minor aspects. The only major aspects it makes in my chart are loose, 7 degree orb conjunctions to my Saturn and Neptune, and a sextile to my Mercury-North Node conjunction, in Pisces.
    But I have Uranus quintile Venus, and biquintile a Moon-Mars-Jupiter stellium, and the funny thing is I always saw myself as boring and common, but others have called me weird before. The unusual thing about my relationship area is that I don’t have any. I have never had a boyfriend, and funny thing is, I don’t want one, either.
    The only reason why I can ever imagine anyone would get married is money. And, in fact, I am afraid that if I do get in a relationship/marriage, I’ll become codependant and give into my weakness and inability to stand up for myself, so I chose not kind of force myself to do something with my life. (I have a Sun-Venus conjunction in Pisces, on the DC, trine Pluto, and I also have Saturn-Uarnus-Neptune in my 4th)

    • Venus quintile Uranus definitely works! the aspects all have some of the same qualities, but the quintile is more brilliantly inventive and better at staying free. I have Mars quintile Uranus myself, and feel it accounts for my ability to be a leader in the field of astrology, also a trailblazer.

      If your freedom and independence is paramount to you, I’d counsel you against marrying for money. Most rich guys think they have the right to call all the shots in the relationship and do what they please on the outside. Venus-Pluto aspects seem to tolerate the conditions of a marriage like that much better than Venus-Uranus would. Donna

  14. I have an exact uranus- venus sextile..

    I wouldn’t have it any other way !!!

    Robin Williams is my astro twin tho born the day before..


  15. Wow. This photo thing just blew my mind. I have uranus venus conjunct in the first and i know i get that look all those guys have!!! Aaaggh! I should send you a picture. It’s kind of a “i’m a little crazy and unpredictable and know something you don’t know look”. Something like that. Hard to describe. Crazy!

  16. hi, great blog, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I`m cazimi Venus conj.(91min.orb) Uranus in Scorpio, 3rd house. is this the reason why I tend to turn people`s heads just walking by etc.? I`m Virgo asc. and it gives me hard time sometimes!

    • Ah, Domi, Venus-Uranus aspects have charisma, but it must be steam heat in Scorpio. You’ll just have to put up with it! Donna

      • yes, steam heat – very accurate 😉 my venus is in mutual reception with pluto, and maybe it adds to the mix. Hopefully I`ll do – next year my progressed mercury finally goes direct. thank you!

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