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More Help for Money Blocks—Clearing Past Life Barriers

 ©5-8-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Have you spent years doing abundance affirmations and visualizations that didn’t work? Have you secretly wondered if you’re a metaphysical moron? A number of you found important new insights into chronic money blockages in the recent article here on thought forms.

I want to continue by examining another concept that goes beyond blaming neuroses or negative thinking—past life vows and other reincarnational remnants. They explain some very deep and persistent chronic financial difficulties and can lead to healing processes.

I’ve done decades of work with my own past lives, which apparently number in the hundreds, and have many friends and healing clients who have seriously worked with theirs.

The recollections seem to confirm what I’ve often suspected was true—that many of the seemingly insurmountable difficulties that accompany outer planet aspects in the astrology chart are related to past life experiences. Money blockages are no exception—especially when it comes to Neptune or Pluto in the career sectors of the chart (the 2nd, 6th or 8th).

My View of Past Lives and the Astrology Chart

I don’t agree with those who write canned interpretations of your karma based on chart aspects.

I especially despise and suspect those interpretations that shame you and say you must have been a bad person in another life because of your Saturn or Pluto aspects.

They would have you believe that all people with Pluto in a particular house are bad people who have done the exact same thing to abuse power and are now paying for it with eternal suffering.

As the Seth books by Jane Roberts taught, karma is not punishment but part of the soul’s education. If we’ve been around the wheel many, many times, we’ve all been “bad” people and we’ve all been “good” people. We’ve doubtlessly been victim and abuser, nuns and whores, slaves and slave owners, rich and poor, and any other pair of opposites you can dream up.

These opposite but equally important experiences are how we learn certain profound lessons that every soul needs.

Despite that, I do believe that there are astrologers who tap into past lives when they look at some of the difficult placements in a chart. I’ve done it myself many times.

But when we do it successfully, I don’t believe that specific chart aspects correlate to specific past life experiences. Chart interpretation is no paint-by-numbers art.

 Rather, I believe that the chart diagram becomes a mandala that, as we focus deeply on it the way we do in a session, induces a changed state of consciousness. This deeper level of consciousness enables us to tap into the Akashic records of that person’s lives.  In short, I believe that an astrologer who correctly reads past lives is—knowingly or unknowingly—also a past life reader.

How Past Life Vows and Agreements Create Money Blockages

Now then, I’ve disclaimed all the politically correct disclaimers. (Let me assure the innocent newbies, there IS such a thing as astrological politics, oh God, yes!) Let me say what I see in those charts that talk to me about reincarnation. 

When I see Neptune in any of the career houses—the 2nd, 6th, or 10th—I often catch a whiff of incense and a strong suggestion that there have been any number of lives where the person has had a religious vocation.

If they’ve hung around the wheel very long, it’s doubtlessly involved an array of strikingly different religions, both current ones and ones long forgotten.

What most sects have in common is that they require that their priests, nuns, acolytes, or whatever take various vows. Poverty—always—then chastity/celebacy, charity, obedience, and any number of other provisions you don’t even want to know about it.

But, since it’s money we’re talking about, yeah, if that thread of incarnations rings (temple) bells for you, then you need to consciously and formally revoke all vows of poverty.

Here’s why: if you’ve sworn a vow or oath to any person or to any institution like the church in any past life or especially any series of past lives, and if that vow contained the word “forever,” or even “always”, you’re stuck with it until you consciously release yourself from it.

One Way You Can Clear Out Past Life Vows

One method for clearing out these obstacles is to write the same statement 70 times a day for 7 days.  (70×7 is the magical number of completion.)

Keep working on the wording until you come up with a statement that rings true.  For myself, I grew tired of clearing out the vows one by one, so I worked with the following:

I release myself and all others from all vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience that we have EVER made to one another.

The word EVER is necessary so that you include all vows made in all past lives and during the inbetween periods when you review the last life and come up with a plan for the next one. ALL OTHERS covers everyone you’ve been tied to in this or any past life.

If you miss a day, just go back to the writing the next day. When you finish the 7 days, design a suitable ritual and dispose of the writings. I have been rigorous ever since about not making even the most casual of vows and not allowing other people to make enduring promises to me either. 

More Past Life Blocks to Abundance Related to Pluto and Neptune

A history of slavery is another painful pattern related to Neptune that leaves a very long shadow on all levels, but especially creates deep wounding where money is concerned. 

As Lisa has pointed out in the comment section, our ties to our ancestors can be as potent a barrier to abundance as past lives. And certainly slavery is still casting a terrible shadow on the lives of African Americans today. 

But a great many of us are still working through karma and wounds related to slavery in our own past lives.  I recall one long session I had with a channel to find out why the relationship with the man who was the love of my life was creating so much pain. The channel got into a strand of my past lives with this individual and  kept finding life after life where we took turns being a slave or slave master to each other. 

Amazingly, the composite chart for that relationship had a Sun-Mars-Neptune conjunction in the 2nd house, which perfectly described not only the current life but also the relevant past lives. (The experience led me to wonder whether composite charts might be valid for the entire incarnational history of important relationships.)

Many past life  remnants have to do with the abuse of wealth and power….usually many examples of this theme…where we’ve taken roles at both extremes in different lives. They include traumatic betrayals, breaches of trust, falls from power,  and other kinds of Plutonian issues. The relevant past lives reverberate to current situations that are complex and hard to extricate yourself from, as described by the Pluto placement in our charts.  If you’ve ever formed an instant hatred for someone you’ve just met, the chances are strong that it was one of those past life Pluto connections.

If you wish to recall the stories of those lives, you will do it, with or without the help of an intuitive. The work on healing and resolving them–best done with a qualified professional–can bring about a powerful release of long-standing blockages. It’s important to remember to learn what you need to learn from the recall and not to be consumed by guilt (in the situations where you misused power) or desire for revenge (if power was used against you). Instead view them as powerful lessons to be learned, so that you don’t become ensnared in endless repetitions of the same themes in this life.

Books and Healing Resources for Past Life  Blockages

To learn more about the way these karmic processes work, I would highly recommend Diane Stein’s book, Essential Energy Balancing Il. It helps you clear out a variety of negative influences so you can live your life without constant obstacles. Among other things, it gives a series of step-by-step processes to clear out past life vows, karmic agreements and past life karma. You can see it at:

 Read more about these ideas, how I worked with them, and the results in my article, Pay-as-You-Go Karma–One Path to Peaceful Relationships.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND THERAPY: The IARRT – International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc. – is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the acceptance and use of professional regression sessions through education, association and research. For information on their conferences and a list of practitioners they have certified, visit . 

If the mention of ancestors gave you a tingle, read this article from the Pluto collection for the Blogathon:   Pluto in Capricorn: Healing Ancestral Patterns:  Astrologer and shamanic healer Patricia L. Walsh explains that many enduring personal problems arise when we’re enmeshed with relatives who have passed on. By helping these spirits resolve unfinished business and cross over, we can be relieved of persistent patterns that get in the way of emotional freedom and inner peace.

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  1. I have been really impressed with the Quantum K healing slideshow by Andrew Kemp. It’s free and it covers the clearing of vows made in past lives among other stuff. In addition to using the word “ever” as you do, he also says “across all dimensions.” Pretty thorough stuff. And free!

    • Excellent, Katie! Thanks for sharing that resource. Donna

  2. Great article!

  3. Great article Donna, so pleased to read it and with Neptune in the 10th, Mars in the 9th, which is part of a Merc 6th/Moon 12th t-square, plus Pisces 2nd with Chiron at the 29th – highly helpful advice for me.

    Many thanks xo

    • Thank you, Karen, glad if it was helpful. I visit your blog, Ravenesque from time to time and enjoy it. You do good work there–and the art is really beautiful! Donna

      • Thank you. I shall take your kind words and work even harder, also returning with a compliment regards the wonderful articles you provide for everyone. With your experience and beautiful way with words, they’re gold and we are very lucky.

        Have a lovely weekend xo.

  4. Hi Donna, thanks for this post – this happened a lot with my clients! By the way, the same technique you use here could also help dislodge ancestral or genetic issues just as well as past-life issues.

    The first time I did this technique in 2002 when I learned it from another reader I worked with, it instantly took effect, and the confirmation was one of the strangest telephone calls from a person who was struggling with my decision to move away from contact. In fact, something I said unknowingly made him so angry he hung up on me. I KNEW that was the last time I would speak with him, and it was!

    Since then, others have left too – but only recently have I gotten to apply this ancestrally. For me, this seems harder, and I wonder if the DNA is the reason (Oh, and Uranus/Pluto is in my 4th of ancestors hehe). Thanks once again Donna!!

    • Hmm. That’s a very interesting point, about the effect of our ancestors. Thanks for bringing it up, Lisa. I’ve done some work on it for my own familial patterns (even stood on a river bank in Ireland and did a powerful healing for all generations of my family going back to my great, great grandfather who emigrated during the potato famine.)

      And there are religions in many non-western cultures that devote a variety of practices to honoring/placating our ancestors. Donna

    • what kind of ritual should you do at the end to dispose of it?

      • Something that has meaning to you. Sometimes I burn the papers I wrote on and pray. Donna

  5. Thanks for writing about this important issue, Donna. As a past-life therapist and astrologer I find these vows very entrenched in the psyche, and it is important to know that we can let go of them, and also renegotiate our between-life Soul Contracts, some of which may touch on our financial life, and which may be holding us back in our development.
    Love and Light,

    • Thanks for joining the discussion, Lana. I do think working on this issue can explain and dissolve blocks that haven’t changed despite years of conventional therapy. Donna

  6. Although I do not have the signature you write of here re Neptune, I do resonate and wonder if you would say a little about other indicators of past life contracts in the chart? No doubt you’ve written about this somewhere! I’m astonished that every post you write Donna deepens my thinking. Thank you.

    • Dearest Sara, I only WISH I had more to say on this subject, .e.g about Saturn or Uranus, but I do not. I mainly seemed to pick up on past life information when I honed in on problematic Pluto or Neptune placements in particular houses of the person’s chart.

      And since past lives weren’t really the focus of my practice, I just noticed and mentioned it in passing during my consulations. But every time I did mention it, it seemed to be very meaningful and powerful for the client. Donna

    • I have found that interceptions (where a sign is completely enclosed in a house, with both house cusps in other signs – these always come in pairs, with the houses opposite each other affected) can be strongly correlated with intense past-life experiences that leave a residue of unnecessary guilt feelings in the present life.

      In my experience, a person with an interception will often be aware of a past life in which something s/he did or failed to do resulted in a disaster of some type. It seems that choosing to incarnate with interceptions in the horoscope operates as a guarantee that this time around, the person will not repeat the mistake that led to the past-life disaster.

      It’s important, I think, to clear the guilt feelings, because these can sometimes lead people to go too far in the other direction, in addition to causing unnecessary anguish.

      • The problem with that idea is that different house systems (Placidus, Koch, Regiomantus, etc, etc, etc) result in different sets of interceptions. Despite 40 or 50 years of controversy among astrologers, we don’t know what the “real” house cusps are. (In my chart, depending on the house system, I might have an interception in the 10th, 11th, or 12th, and I could argue for any of the three.)

        Nonetheless, for guilt-related feelings, the Bach Flower Remedy, Pine is superb and deep-acting. A related one is Crab Apple, for feelings of shame. I’d think if you were working actively on clearing a past life, taking these remedies anywhere from a week or a month would assist with the work.

        These remedies are available in most health food stores, and you can find many articles and a free download about how to use them under the category “Healing Tools” at the side of this blog. Donna

      • I wish I understood more about the different house systems and the underlying rationales for them, but I’m afraid I get very impatient with the technical astronomical and mathematical calculations underpinning astrology, and few astrologers seem to write well about these technical details (being more interested in interpretations than calculations). When I first began to study astrology, I ignored the houses entirely, and I still found it extremely useful. One of the reasons I’ve stuck to using the Placidus system is the value of the insights it offers for my clients with interceptions. I doubt I would be comfortable interpreting interceptions in the same way with one of the house systems which produces more and wider interceptions.

      • I am and always shall be Placidus, too, Margaret. Donna
        PS I hope you’re coming to the AstroFaire this weekend–always a fun event. If so, do say hello.

      • What led you to use the Placidus system, Donna, if this isn’t too far afield from the topic of this blog post? I blush to admit that I started using it mostly because it was the default on my computer program, and I know it’s one of the most commonly used systems. It does seem to work well for me and my clients.

        I wish I could make it to the AstroFaire, but the SUBUD center is really hard for me to get to. The last time I went to a meeting there, I didn’t get home until about 4:00 a.m.

      • When I started out in astrology more than 40 years ago, almost everyone used Placidus. (We hand calculated charts back then!) I did lunar returns and solar returns and event charts and noticed that the cusps of the chart often featured the exact degree and sign of one of my natal planets–and was appropriate for that house. It was uncanny.

        For instance, I worked in medical clinics where the staff would play the numbers, and so I was having some good aspects and won several times. That month, the degree of my natal Jupiter was on the lunar return’s 2nd house. There were many such instances. (I didn’t do lunar returns for very long.)

        So I concluded that Placidus worked even though it wasn’t totally scientific like some other house systems, and I’ve never felt the need to change. In practice, I consider any planet within 5 degrees of a house cusp as suspect, and I quiz the client as to which house it really works for. Oddly enough, it often seems to bring together the meanings of the two houses. I tend to believe there are no sharp delineations between houses, and that may be why there is no satisfactory resolution of a question which has been debated for more than 40 years. Donna

  7. Donna, your topics always are so synchronistically meaningful to me. Your colleague Joyce also wrote about Virgos making oaths to people and carrying them on life after life–which would also reflect that Neptune, H6 pattern. This is something I have as well–with Neptune in Libra–Venus/wealth, also relationships.

    I would also recommend cancelling any oaths to celibacy, having to endure abuse and suffering/self punishment and guilt/need for atonement.

    Thank you so much–I will begin this today.

    • Oh, Lordy, did I leave out celibacy? That was probably the first one I cancelled back in the day, but I’m a very old lady now. Comparatively speaking. I’ll go back and add that one to the list, to spare someone from that onerous and outdated vow. Donna

  8. Thank you Donna! 🙂

    I will definitely be looking into this. I lost both my grandmother and mother, and I feel as though I am being forced to carry alot of Ancestral Karma [My older sister not so much. This is just my view] I also feel this from my great grandmother also. These three women struggled with many issues. I am so happy I found your blog!

    Love & Light,
    Nicole 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for these articles and the responses of the readers. I have been haunted all my life by these issues. I have always just made enough: I have had good wages and also have been able to be paid something commensurate with the work I do on charts but I have always given away everything so that I would end up still broke. I have come to see that one of the motivations is to keep loved ones “close to me” Now at age 63 (5/25/1947) I am willing to start again. I know this has to do with Neptune rx in the sixth and Pluto less than a degree from my Leo Moon. With that Pluto I have learned that love is the answer-now to love enough to allow myself to have what I need.

  10. I have Saturn,Moon,Pluto in the 4th and recently I was dreaming about the life I have lived with these blocks mentioned above. I was so tired and was returning to my childhood home which was built by my grandfather. I was walking toward the house and noticed for the first time that I was standing on a sidewalk that my grandfather laid. I was electrified to realize how deep and powerful he was and that he never drew attention to himself just went about laying out works that would go on.
    I knew upon awakening that this would help me in uncovering all the questions I have from the first two cycles as I entered the third one, the one that leads back to the beginning.
    Hope this is not too much personal but I am wanting to share my experience with these issues.

    • It’s fine to share, Sparrow. We do a lot of that here. Donna

  11. Thank you for this post! I have identified with past lives since childhood, but only recently have been willing to do so directly and overtly to myself, if that makes sense. I’ve been following your blog for about 6 – 8 months and haven’t seen much about these issues (maybe just missed them), so was intrigued to see how powerfully you relate to them.

    Am I understanding correctly that outer planet aspects may be past life indicators? I’ve read that retrograde planets and the nodes are such indicators and someone here mentioned that intercepted houses may be as well. Does it seem that way to you?

    I’ve got quite a handful of all of the above; just trying to sort it all out! 🙂

    • Petals, as I mentioned in the article, I must make it clear that I don’t agree with saying that a particular aspect or chart feature has a specific past life history connected with it, so I don’t accept or write cookbook past life interpretations based on the chart.

      Therefore, I disagree with people who write things like “you have the south node in the 8th, so you probably were a prostitute.” I am aware that people who want to tell your past lives based solely on astrological information attribute it to any number of features–Saturn’s positions, the nodes, etc. –but I am not one of them.

      If you scan a Table of Houses, interceptions occur routinely in every birth chart drawn up for certain Rising signs, latitudes, times of day and seasons of the year. So there are perhaps as many people with interceptions in their charts as without them. Do the millions of people with interceptions all have the same past life experiences?

      Ditto for people with retrograde planets. They exist by the millions in cetain eras. For instance, during most of the 1940s, the outer planets were all grouped in a narrow range of signs–either Taurus to Virgo or else Gemini to Libra. As a consequence, every single person on the planet who was born in the signs on the other side of the zodiac (Sag to Aquarius or Pisces) had the same 3-5 planets retrograde. Did they all have the same past life experiences?

      As you can see, I’m not a fan of past life readings based solely on cookbook astrological interpretations. I am especially against the ones that are done by computer printouts. Donna

      • Very helpful, Donna. In general, I don’t buy it when anyone makes a quick leap to conclusions about past lives, or most things, or much anything astrological. But I’m trying to be open-minded these days, esp. about these issues, hear what others think and how they reach their conclusions with the hope that the parts that resonate for me will begin to fit together gradually. I can’t actually figure out any other way to learn about astrology. 🙂

      • Oh, I have to confess that when it became apparent that I HAD to write about past lives, I had to admit that I MIGHT have been a tad wrong-headed about a certain branch of astrology that will remain nameless. We’re all likely to do better in the coming year or two if we stay open-minded. The old ways of doing things just don’t cut it now. Donna

      • Oh Lord, I have south node in the 8th!



        Maybe I was Quite competent (errr) because I also have Saturn there, lolololol.

  12. Donna, You also wrote and did a lot of work with the Moon. Wouldn’t that have some past life clues. How about the Nodes, esp. the South Node?
    I have had some past life type experiences which I am not sure if they were real or just odd psychic blips or fantasies.
    However, I feel very certain that I am the reincarnation of my aunt, my Dad’s sister.
    My Dad accidentally killed her while roughhousing on a porch and the porch gave way and she fell off and broke her skull.He was 7, she was 3.
    Her DOB was exactly six months opposite mine. (mine is 8.10, hers 2.10 and exactly 30 years.)
    I have had a life long fear of man-made heights (no problem with mountains).
    Without going into neurotic detail, my Dad and his family did weird things that confirm my feelings.
    I almost died (had an NDE) in the same emergency room as she died and I found out that a club I used to hang out in was the building where she died.
    My grandmother would cry when she saw me.
    And oh yeah, our names are exactly the same; first, middle and last!
    I have Pluto starting to transit my 4th House and I have a renewed interest in genealogy. In fact, I found my aunt’s death record in a genealogy database. I want to find out where she might be buried (I suspect near my great grandparents but which side and what cemetery, I have no idea. I just know the town.)
    I have a couple of wealthy, retired second and third cousins who have had the time and resources to do some of my mother’s father’s genealogy back to almost Adam and Eve or the monkeys or space aliens, take your pick! I know nothing earlier than the Domesday (Doomsday) records are terribly reliable but those earlier folks were all nobility and/or royalty, so there is much better documentation on earlier bloodlines, even on illegitimate lines.

  13. I’ve been doing a lot of past-life work with a therapist recently, and your current series of posts, Donna, inspired me to work specifically on the financial issue during one session. What came up was a past life in which my parents were wealthy aristocrats who died in the French Revolution.

    Their wealth and position, even before the Revolution, was associated with unhappiness for me, because it meant I had to wear terribly uncomfortable clothes and would be expected to marry a man I did not love.

    Then it meant sudden disaster for my family during the Revolution. My childhood nursemaid, from the lower classes, took care of me, which is why I survived. And after the Revolution, I felt nothing but scorn for the people who acquired new wealth and used it in what I felt were irresponsible ways.

    A lot of programming in that lifetime about wealth being “bad”! But it’s clear in retrospect that the money itself was neither good nor bad, only the attitudes and behaviors of many of the people who had it. It will be interesting to see if things change for me as a result of accessing this memory. I know that accessing other past-life memories has given me a lot of relief with other issues.

    • What a fascinating story, Margaret! And clearly related to an unresolved issue/lesson for the current life. Thank you for sharing it. If anyone else has had a past life recall related to this issue, please share. Donna

  14. You have a enough material for a great book here, Donna! This is wonderful!
    I have nep in the 12th, squaring saturn – and even when very young, I mistrusted religions deeply, they open up for far too much abuse of power.

    I have a pet theory that writers write about past life experiences on some level or another – at least fiction writers do. Mostly they have recurring themes underlying their stories, and mostly they are unaware of it. Might not be true, but it’s always interesting to see why writers choose to write about a specific time in history, and how they can never really explain why.
    A lame question: does the statement have to be written by hand?

    • Natalie, you’re picking up on my thoughts. I’m thinking to turn the Astrology and Personal Finance series into a booklet or workbook, so people can work with it more intensively.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if writers wrote about their past life experiences (who knows–to get a little kooky–maybe sci fi authors write about their future lives as well!) In fact, back in the 1960s when I was just getting into these studies, there was a magnificant series of books like that by a powerful writer, but I don’t recall her name. She said outright that they were past life recollections. Stuff about initiation in Egypt. Anyone remember? Donna

      And, no, you don’t have to write the 70 x 7 by hand, but it would be cheating to just cut and paste! Donna

      • That’s excellent news. A workbook sounds perfect. Happy writing!

      • Dr. Brian Weiss, a therapist who specializes in past-life regression, actually has a book out on some of the work he’s done progressing clients into potential future lives: Same Soul, Many Bodies. It’s fascinating. He does emphasize that future-life progressions are not predictions, but rather show potentials based on certain life choices if the trajectory for a particular life choice continues unchanged.

  15. Thank you Donna, and everybody else for the additional advice & stories!

    I’ve had a rough week (the current grand cross is hitting my natal moon in the 12th). A lot of very old restrictive patterns re-emerged. Not all stemming from this live i’m sure, and probably not all mine.

    I fall into the Neptune & Pisces in the career houses
    category and this gives me something to work with!
    I’m especially exited about canceling oaths to celibacy. ;o)

    • LOL!! Glad to be of service, Maaike. And if you have both Neptune and Pisces in the career houses, you’ll find scads of articles on this site to work with, both in this series and in the immediately prior one about boundaries. There’s a category on Vocational Astrology in the right hand side of the blog, and you’ll find links to more articles at the end of the posts. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I bought and read The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1 a couple of months ago and it proved very helpful, has given me a lot of insight.

        I’ve also been carefully reading the articles on the 2nd (& 8th) house, since the 2nd house is empty in my natal chart (with the ruler of the 2nd in the 8th). Tricky. Two very different dynamics, the Neptunian 6th & 10th vs that empty 2nd house.

        Being unemployed (for such a long time that the whole story bores the living hell out of me) i could use all the help i can get.

  16. Donna and everyone participating here-thank you for this. I will be studying the offerings here for sometime. For one thing I “connected” with my natal Neptune retrograde in the 6th!! I was always prone to being a religious fanatic in youth and in maturity simply choosing to spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation-developed in other lifetimes I believe and now as the progressions are Neptune direct I can look at that and have already begun releasing myself and others from any entangling vows and commitments. Thank you all again. What power and light here1!

  17. Personally, I’ve been hesitant to visit this topic in my own life. I’m familiar with Brian Weiss’ “Many Lives, Many Masters” (I think that’s the title, please pardon any mistake). It’s the one thing that feels… too Plutonian/Neptunian for me!

    • It can be really useful, but I feel it’s best to wait to do this kind of exploration until the time feels right and one feels comfortable with the idea. It’s also best to work with a qualified therapist with whom one has a continuing relationship.

  18. Dear Donna,

    As with most of your postings it seems as if they resonate with me synchronistically. I have a stellium of planets in the 2nd, Neptune in Scorpio in particular. Oh yes, money and money issues are a constant in my life.

    Currently, I find no way to make money the “traditional” route. I am a certificated elementary school teacher. I have been unable to find a position in years. I currently decided to go back to creating my art (painting). I haven’t a clue as to how or when I will ever make money from this venture. I do know many clients in the past have said my paintings are “healing.”

    Fortunately my husband is employed and we are in a comfortable position, despite the current economic trends. Therein lies the problem, I so much wish to contribute financially to our household. If only to satisfy my desire to know I can be self-sufficient. That is why I found your article so intriguing.

    I have done quite a bit of work with Past Life Regressions and other alternative therapies. But oh my, the work seems endless. I also have a bevy (stellim) of planets in the 12th (Sun, Mercury, Venus), and the 11th (Pluto, Uranus.) In any case, spirituality seems to be my “raison d’etre” in this lifetime, and slow-going with the desire to make money myself, though not through unusual outside sources ie lawsuits, inheritances, spouse.
    Very interesting concept on ancestors. I look forward to all your blogs.

    A big thanks again, Adela

  19. Dear Donna
    I think the books you are thinking of are by Joan Grant, the most prominent of which was Winged Pharaoh. There is also Initiation by Elizabeth Haich.

    • Yes, Joan Grant was the one–wonderful books! And Haich’s initiation was such a vivid depiction of the initiations at Egyptian temples, and she made no bones about it that it was a past life recall. I would wonder if some of them might not be available on Donna

  20. Hi Donna

    Thank you for the article, I have had a truly lightbulb moment. I have Neptune in the 2nd, Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces in the 6th, and Vesta conjunct the Asc in the 12th (and Pluto in the 12th)

    I’ve always had a sense that I’ve been in religious orders of various kinds, and recently separated from a spiritual development organisation I’d been involved with for 16 years – disillusioned again.

    I think I have an idea now of how to move into the future under my own steam, instead of relying on groups.

    Many Thanks

  21. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  22. Dear Donna,
    As soon as I read this article I started doing the writing and this is my last day today ! And I am really happy. I hope to see a lot of change in my life. I am 36 and have never been able to earn my own living I have always needed help from my family or BF, I have worked but never made enough money out of it. Never been married either !
    As all my career houses are marked by Neptune( Nep in 10th, 2nd in Pisces and the 6th in Cancer with the Moon in Pisces) that really talked to me.
    When I was a little girl I have always thought about being a nun, I thought about it as a curse, as if God would call me and I would have no choice, so I was quite affraid of this life.
    Anyway, I was very excited about this process, and I feel this writing was the best thing I ve ever done !
    Thank you very much Donna, I ve found your blog a few weeks ago and it has already been very helpful to me. Plus it is such a pleasure to read you the I have spent most of my time on your blog LOL

    Please excuse me for my english as I am writing from France …

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Gingembre. I’m glad you’re finding so much to learn here. The process of writing the statements may go on for a while–not an instant magic bullet–because as you get insights from working with the first statement, you get to progressively deeper levels of blockages that need work too. Did you read the articles about thought forms on this blog? They are also a very, very important part of the work, because they can get in the way of abundance as well. Start here: Donna

  23. Thanks Donna, I have read your article already and gave a try to the jackhammer.
    Have also started reading Diane Stein’s book and started the process. It is such a valuable tool.
    I know it is not going to change overnight but I feel a lot of satisfaction for the good work.
    With the actual T square in hard aspects to my natal Saturn Pluto Sq, I can physically feel the urge for a big cleaning in my drawers and in my soul !
    As I have recently lost my job and seem unable to find a new one, I have the clear intuition that I must use this free time for a big Makeover.

    Thanks again for you are not only writing very good articles with complex concepts that you put in a simple and funny way but you are also gathering useful tools and really interesting articles from other astrologers and healers. You really made a difference for me through these hard times and for many others I guess.

    • Thank you, Gingermbre, I’m very moved by what you said. There is so much terible suffering and fear at large in the world today, and I think I am being provided for in my “retirement” so I can free up the energy to make as much of a difference for as many people as possible with what I’ve learned in this life. Donna

  24. I don’t know if you read comments on old blog posts, but I had to say–thank you so much for this! I have Neptune in the 10th house in Sagittarius (along with Jupiter conjunct my South Node right on my MC, also in Sag) and reading this post was like getting smacked in the face (in a good way!). It makes so much sense for me. I immediately started on the 7-day ritual.

    • Neat, T! I’m glad you found it and hope the ritual helps you. One thing I’ve noticed in doing statements like these is that in the process, underlying blocks and issues will become apparent, and I then went to work on those. Donna

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