Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 11, 2013

What Positive Effects of Uranus in Aries do You See?

 ©3-11-13 by Donna Cunningham

In the last several posts, we’ve been exploring some effects that we could attribute to the transit of Uranus through Aries. We have nominated quite a few candidates for this phenomenon, but we’ve focused somewhat strongly on the more difficult and even alarming manifestations.

It’s true that Uranus transits can produce the some startling and even somewhat shocking new developments—it certainly shakes up the status quo!  (Not that the status quo couldn’t use some changes!) And yet Uranus transits also bring positive and much needed changes, particularly in inventions and helpful new technology. Aries is an innovative sign in itself, full of youthful energy and hope.

Today I like to hear Readers speculations about what positive changes we might see during this seven-year transit. 

Below is a table that lists both the possible positive expressions and the not so desirable ones of both Uranus and Aries. See what you get by free association of the two.

Traits of Uranus:   Traits of Aries:
Uranus’s roles:   inventor, scientist, tech support, trendsetter, maverick, activist,   adolescent. Possible   Constructive Traits: avant-garde, futuristic, state-of-the-art, leading   edge, genius, quirky, humanitarian, thinking out-of-the-box, idealistic,   innovative, brilliant, detached, free. Possible Difficult   Traits: willfulness, knee-jerk   rebel,  agitator, maverick,   provocative, eccentric, cold, contrary, elitist, erratic, undependable,   distractible, explosive, stubborn. Cardinal fire sign.Interests:  sports, competition, discovery, conquest,   sexuality, adventure, beginnings.Roles: leader,   explorer, warrior, advocate, athlete, bully, competitor, initiator, pioneer. Possible Constructive   traits: brave, daring, strong, assertive, energetic, enthusiastic,   determined, zesty, dynamic, adventuresome, vivacious, extroverted, athletic,   bold, heroic, self-starting.Possible Difficult   Traits: aggressive, quick-tempered, arrogant, pushy, belligerent,   brusque, rash, impatient, impulsive, domineering, inconsiderate of others’   needs and wants, driven.


I do want to say how very much I have missed this blog and the input and exchange from my readers, a bright and insightful group. In the last two years, I had to recover from a terrible fall that injured my hands and so I was unable to write, but thankfully they are now 100% healed. That was followed by a year of total focus on developing material for a book on stelliums. I still have about three months to go on that project, but will blog as time allows.

So how about it, readers? What new insights do you have from the table above and from your own observations about the positive potentials of Uranus in Aries? Leave them in the comments section. 

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  1. I feel that Uranus in Aries has sparked a yearning in myself, and many people around me to discover their vocation, or to give their dreams and passions a chance. The Uranus side may bring on outer events that encourage this, and the Aries gives the necessary courage.

  2. Hi Donna, well with the square from Capricorn Pluto I have the hope that a lot of profound technological inventions will help us regenerate ourselves, survive and persist on this planet despite the destruction and aspects of “the system” falling apart in these times.

    Unfortunately, my first thought to your question was Drones, which are probably the most frightening thing currently on the planet to me. Not just that the government of my country is using drones to kill whomever they want, but that police departments in the USA are starting to buy drones,and that a consumer in the USA can go onto amazon or some site and just order a drone to put together.

    Ok, so maybe there is some cool photography and film work that could come by strapping a camera onto a drone, but personally I don’t really care and the horrific potential effects of drones drastically outweigh any potential benefit. It’s also interesting that the government use of drones and arguments for them are very willful, stubborn, and elitist in the sense this was kept somewhat secret for a long time. The only good thing I can say about President Obama is he has at least worked a little bit about making this information more public, that it has been happening-

    I know drones are an old technology at this point, but they are still under development and taking over the news recently with the Rand filibuster. One horrible potential development I heard from a CODE PINK speaker is that they are trying to create drones that are autonomous, not even controlled remotely by a human, and that they would be programmed to swarm and kill. So frightening!

    Other technology advances make me think of a lot of the fun computer games are interactive and involve some athletic skills instead of just sitting on a couch, like my daughters love playing the dance wii games.

    The greatest potential for me would be medical developments and cures, again with the regenerative Pluto aspect, and also new developments in energy sources. There are a lot of ideas out there about new energy sources, and people working on it, so I think that is very likely to be a very big development that eventually happens with Uranus in Aries- something incredibly unsettling to the status quo power grid system that could make aspects of it suddenly obsolete in some ways. Cheers, Gray

  3. I sincerely hope that anger and rebellion awakened by Uranus in Aries will put a stop to or at least seriously jeopardize all kinds of oppression and inequality that are still rampant in the world. This may sound as wishful thinking, I realize, but I am still very hopeful.

    • So do I. I also see the anti bullying campaign in this transit. I hope that our educators respond to it better than they used to.

      I hope people see each other for their true worth instead of their financial worth. That people with as much intelligence are heard not because they throw their money where their mouths are, but because they have valid points of view, and can really make a difference.

    • I agree with you that Uranus in Aries will catalyze anger against systematic oppression.

      Hopefully the Saturn Scorpio in mutual reception with Capricorn Pluto reflects that there will be some constructive and effective use of this energy that will actually manifest as actual transformations of the system in positive directions.

  4. After the 1960’s were over, it seems to me many Americans just quit caring about larger social issues or became reactionary (on both sides of the aisle) regarding change. We stopped acting and just started angrily shouting at each other.

    Maybe Uranus in Aries will awaken us into constructive dialogue and change. Paraphrasing activist journalist Greg Palast: “put down that mouse and go out and actually do something to change things.”

    During Uranus transit of Pisces (and quite probably before that) Americans started gaining massive amounts of weight from eating junk food and from lack of exercise. We have seen an increase in degenerative diseases like diabetes because of that problem. Perhaps Uranus in go-gettum Aries will shove us off our collective fat duffs and into the gym.

    I just hope the upcoming generations are not so distracted by their shiny ever advancing tech toys that they forget to act in the real world.

  5. I’m glad you’re hands are better Donna. We’ve missed you and your engaging posts!

    I like what Mel0810 said about becoming more actively involved and being the change we want to see. Hypocrisy is always a risk.

    Since Uranus rules our ‘higher mind’, I hope one of the manifestations of Uranus in Aries will be a more widespread awareness of a greater need for independence and *healthy* self-reliance when it comes to our relationship with technology and the whole idea of progress. Technology has its place and can be a great blessing, but Uranus in Aries could be a time for us to address any inbalances created during years of illusion and overreliance when Uranus was in Pisces.

    Some examples would be learning how we can better care for ourselves in proactive ways that help prevent disease rather than relying on expensive medical technology (and quick-fix prescription drugs) to diagnose and ‘cure’ problems. The same could be said for our energy and food sources and our relationship with the environment.

    There are lots of examples relating to our over-dependence on illusionary solutions that aren’t really solutions at all. Along these same lines would be my hope that we develop more self-initiative and independent thought when it comes to making decisions related to our (and society’s) wellbeing, by doing the research for ourselves (when we’re able) and not relying on someone else to tell us what’s best. This could also relate to any situation where we’ve become overly addicted to/dependent on anything or anyone -including ‘group-think’- that robs us of our ability to exercise independent thought or to make moral, ethical and conscious choices, guided by that divine spark within.

    Our addictions and illusions have enslaved us. More isn’t always better and the powers that be don’t always make decisions that take each of us into account (Uranus square Pluto). Maybe while Uranus is in Aries, some of us will want to free ourselves to some extent. Some of us will become fearless advocates for causes we believe in and to act on behalf of those less able to advocate for themselves.

    Or, we could align ourselves with others and become more reactive, warlike, selfish and unaware. I’m sure many of us will. Uranus is nearing the cusp of my 8th (in my natal 12th), so no doubt its placement is coloring my perspective.

  6. Having trouble finding any. In general find Aries and Aquarius/Uranus the most inelegant, aggressive, soulless, and difficult-to-understand signs. Since Aquarius is my 10th house, and Uranus lives in my Leo 4th house, I wish I liked them better.

  7. I remember how complacent everyone was when Uranus was in Pisces, and when it got to Aries, people are much more motivated to DO stuff about creating a better planet to live on 🙂 Not everyone of course, but I see a larger than ever move toward sustainability and self-sufficiency rather than counting on unethical large systems. I hope this continues 🙂

    • I agree, Lisa. Mega-complacency (depressing!) with the Pisces energy from *most* people. I’m much more hopeful with the Aries energy. Woo-hoo!

  8. We were asked to talk about positives we’ve noticed about Uranus in Aries…so for myself i have noticed an ease in living right here ,right now, to be in the present moment ,to think less, breathe and notice what is happening now (and lots of appreciation is a dividend of this process, as is joy) , to not dwell or refer to the past and not worry about the future , to be confident in an almost arrogant Aries way . It has been my key to happiness and i noticed it happening around the same time Uranus entered Aries !

    I had almost given up after many years of reading,on zen and so many other modalities, spiritual studies, twelve steps programs swearing by ¨ the present moment ¨ etc…it just wasn’t truly happening for me…and finally : Ureka !!(Uranus in my book) right here right now is always the right place for me, besides nothing else exists outside of that ¨time ¨frame 😉 and i believe Uranus in Aries is the key player in being able to apply this modus .

    Uranus represents detachment , freedom and innovation and Aries spontaneity , passion and boldness , the first sign, spring, the energy that spewed us forth into this life , it delivers pure courage without forethought in dire situations, the past is the past and the future well ,does not concern Aries..we’d all still be in the womb if we’d have thought about what was waiting for us 🙂 of course we can’t isolate just Uranus in Aries in this process…but in my book a big big player !!

  9. One positive might be embracing technological advances which will make alternative energy production a priority (moving on from reliance on fossil fuels — ruled by Pisces).

    Also, a breaking away from the inertia which has resisted change in our social, political and economic institutions. We’re seeing some real movement forward across the globe with women’s rights, gay rights, children’s rights, worker’s rights… Hopefully this will also be a real impetus to tackle the climate change issues rather than continuing to hide our heads in the sand.

  10. i am really hoping that the arian/uranian energy is going to break some of the structures down that need breaking. I’d like to see a re-vamping of our medical insurance system, our bicamera political system, and the way corporations rule our country. we need some REALLY strong energy to do that.

  11. It’s interesting that the occupy wall street movement was “headless” in that there was no single leader. So the group, the movement, the uranian societal entity expressed itself through Aries which rules the head, without a head.

    It’s like they were exploring the very nature of Uranus in Aries by being rebellious to the point of refusing even to have a head. Ostensibly so the authorities could not easily wipe them out that way. Also true equality.

    And we have entered the Aquarian age and it is a heart centered world where the Head will become less important. So reworking/changing the very idea of Head. Hmm. What do you make of all that?

    • I agree that not having an authority figure in the group is Uranian in the extreme. It’s also Aries-like, in that each person with Aries strong has leadership potential. Donna

  12. Aries to me represents COURAGE & Uranus represents
    CHANGE. We need some courageous, intelligent,Uranians
    out there implementing their out-of-the-box thinking to
    manifest some answers . The new pope, who ever he might be,
    just may be a surprise and a breath of fresh air. We need some heroes and heroines.

  13. Personally, I have been waiting for this one since it will be in my fifth house, sextile natal Uranus and Mars, and trine Pluto (and a bit later trine Jupiter). It will also conjunct natal Pallas. Am I waiting for excitement, a new outlook on life, a new way of looking at everything? You bet!

    At least it should counteract the Neptune in Pisces in my fourth house, square Uranus and opposed to the moon. Sometimes I feel like two different people because of these two heavy weights and their impact. We’ll see. As for the world in general, let’s hope the Uranian influence will bring about some shaking up and release positive Arian energy, but since Pluto is in Capricorn, we may see the struggle between the status quo and new ideas come to a real crisis point.

    • As we did in the 1960s, with Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo. Very active protest movements and violence not unknown, but amazing progress in human rights by the end. Hmm. I wonder how long Uranus had to be in Virgo before the effect of the the Pluto-Uranus aspect took hold. Uranus, after all, is still in the baby stage of being in Aries. Donna

  14. They say that a step in personal evolution is to release the very thing you believe you cannot do without.
    I had funding that was also tying me to a single course of action, that’s fallen away now.
    So with Uranus @ 7 Aries, in the 10th, it’s trine 4 of my Natal Leo planets(ME, VE, MA, UR,) in 2nd & SA in Sag/6th. Plus it’s square my ASC.

    However, there are also 6 Transiting planets in Pisces, plus Chiron as well, straddling my MC, 3 in 9th, 4 of them in 10th.

    I can see my will and drive is being gunned, My want to work as my own boss, but with all that Pisces not yet int Aries, I can see how I might proceed self-deluded: where the “erratic, undependable & distract-able” of downside-Uranus a possibility, as well as downside-Aries’ “quick-tempered, arrogant, brusque, rash, impatient, impulsive” as well.
    Hopefully, the natal Leo stellium in 2nd will affect this seven year transit to mellow and lead the way to higher octaves of self-evolution/service to others, as the Aries section of my 10th will soon be very full for my Saturn Return period.

    What I let go will help me build what is to come. But– five trines also tells me to be aware of complacency – I’ll need to work with this 10th house tranist, not expecting it provide benefit with no input from me.

  15. I wrote a long comment on this site just a few days ago about Uranus but I can’t find it now so I don’t know what happened to it. I am really busy today and would be too disappointed to spend a valuable hour blogging something important that somehow gets lost in internet never-never land.

    I happen to LOVE all the GOOD qualities of Uranus. The End.

    • I particularly remember your excellent comment, Elisabeth, and responded to it so it should be up there now. I have been ill and also am writing a book with a looming deadline, so my blogging time is limited. I cannot always get to the comments the same day they are posted.

      As well, my regular readers understand that I cannot reply personally to every comment, and they do not consider their time wasted if I do not nor do they view it as a personal slight. Instead, they enjoy sharing their experiences related to the topic with one another in the lively discussions that follow. Since you are new, your expectations may have been different, but that’s how Skywriter works. Donna

  16. There was a news story this morning about a 12-year old New Zealand boy who almost drowned after being swept out to sea but was saved by a group of people (Uranus) on the beach who quickly rushed (Aries) to form a human chain in order to rescue him. The first rescuer had the idea when he realized he couldn’t do it alone. The fact that people responded so quickly and in such an organized way is amazing! Of course it happened during Pisces season.

    This seems like a great example of Uranus in Aries energy. One newscaster summed it up when she described the rescuers (apparently all of them strangers to the boy) as being ‘quick-thinking, very brave people’.

    • Wonderful example, LB. Crisis often does seem to bring out the best in people. Donna

  17. Hello Donna
    I’ve been contemplating the Transit of Uranus in Aries, and thinking about a particular community which has been emerging on and around the West Coast of British Columbia. There is a growing movement of young people which remind me of the idealistic period of my own youth in the sixties. There is an increasing focus of attention on getting off the Grid; creating alternative forms of energy and developing sustainable community; all innovative ways of pushing-back at the abuses of the Status Quo. I worked (and played) on Lasqueti Island which is situated between mainland B.C. and Vancouver Island. There is no source of electricity other than what residents generate through the use of water-wheels, solar panels, wind-mills etc; residents compost their own effluent and manage their own micro-economies in various ways. While working there, I experienced a level of conscious community I’ve not experienced elsewhere; including collective Care giving and support of residents in distress. Since leaving Lasqueti, I’m noticing similar ideals finding their way into more mainstream thinking. Even where I’m presently living in Mexico, in spite of widespread poverty, there is growing attention to greener living and protecting wildlife.
    In my mind, Uranus carries a Promethean signature; reclaiming sovereignty for the collective; taking-back resources the Gods have reserved for themselves. Aries focuses on the Individual qualities of courage, initiative, and self-reliance, while Uranus amplifies these qualities and directs them toward Utopian Ideals. The strength of the Individual takes on a heroic tone; propelling the Individual toward more Universal callings.
    One might think about the Eco-warriors, Radical environmentalists, and animal rights activists who are not afraid to tackle abusive systems and corporations. Perhaps Uranus shakes the self-preoccupation out of Aries and applies its courage and initiative to a greater purpose. Perhaps I’m looking through rose-coloured glasses !
    Another interesting topic in the news these days is with regard to Bullying. There is a current focus of attention within communities of this insidious and destructive behaviour, which has been largely ignored by educational institutions and law givers. Perhaps the Humanitarian nature of Prometheus is coming to bear on the less evolved aspects of Aries. Perhaps one day, Strength and virtue will be measured in how the Individual supports those who are weaker and less capable than they.

    • Richard – Just had to say how much I loved your observations about the positive aspects/higher calling of these energies. Well said.:)

    • Just read yours after I wrote mine. Yeah getting off the grid is an important step but then the rest of nature is going to hell and its impact on water will not be ignored no matter how self sufficient you or your community is.
      I live off the grid myself , but know it will take more to stop the run away train of dominant society. I know there are other BIG PLAYERS on the star ship earth scene and they need to be invoked. Just how long they will let the babies play with knives remains to be seen.

    • Those young people sound wonderful. I’m also getting involved with a community of young astrologers here in Portland, exceptional people. I’d say its a coming into their own for Uranian youth and young adults of all sorts. Donna

  18. Thanx for nice article. I am really so excited about uranus. I have venus&mars conjunction in 7 degrees aries plus natal moon&asc conjuction in libra :)) I have really no idea about what to expect but i know it is gonna be happen good things ( i hope so)

    Thanks &love


  19. When I was in college I met an Aquarian girl who had a big grant to bleed a puppy and counted his blood drop by drop and her research was to see how many drops of blood the puppy lost before it died! Some cold blooded tunnel brained creepy Aquarian she was
    .Now I hear so called scientists are putting human breast milk dna into goats to get breast milk with more vitimins from the goat for mass marketing. Then theres the drone experiments where they put dna and other implants into cock roaches and beattles to control their movements so at some point they can use them for survalince technology!
    The scientists of today are actually autistic and only see down a tunnel to their specialized goal but are totally blind to the 360 degree circle in everyother direction…therefore remain unaccountable in their own eyes for all the unforseen reprocussions.
    Like the Hopi prophecy I heard over 40 years ago where their ROBOTS would go out of their control and do their own thing. Just think what that would mean! Drones would be under their command and Dr, Frankenstien gets his comupence.
    Pharma big business also funds all kinds of weird crap to cash in on so called cover up the symptom meds ….forget the cause…
    I hope humanity wakes up on time to stop this run amuck train before its too late.
    Yeah blame cigerettes for all the damage to air quality that are caused by factroy fumes and car exhaust not to mention Fukishima and nuclear power plant disasters just waiting to happen.
    Run amuck technology tunnel brains will get big wake up calls from Uranus in Aries butting entrenched big business Pluto in Capricorn. That just happens to be opposing all the USA Cancer planets.
    Tar Sands, Copper/ nickle minning destroying waterways….yuk. Hasnt anyone noticed the frenzied feeding the big business pigs are doing lately Its in every State. Poor North Dakota. Their in Minnesota now on the greatest fresh water SOURCE on the North American continent. Spewing their poisons into the Great lakes .
    The little bitty pieces of land the Indians have left are being destroyed but everyone else is downstream so its not going to just effect us.
    Loons going extrinct in Michigan along with many more creatures.
    Lets see the Humanitarian side of Aquarius instead of the retard scientist side. And whatabout the mass murder of people in other countries for their resources .What happened to the 60’s protests against all these things when youth wanted to really be all the highest ideals they had been taught. Thats my take on Uranus square pluto.

  20. A Latino Jesuit Pope, who appears to be very into Social Justice ? I can see that as a Uranus in Aries signature.

    • Hes actually born from Italian immigrants to Venezuala and is a 25 degree Capricorn Dec 17th 1936.
      He definately is taking on the nasty karma of the Church. He needs them to repent and change. It was touching that he asked for prayers to help him. He is reputed to be sparten in lifestyle.
      The Church has a lot of crimes to answer for like the child molestation charges and the mass murder of 6 million North American Indian children in Canadian Residential schools; which just won a lawsuit in the Belgum Peoples World Court.
      It also made an additional charge on the Queen of England who took a couple Indian children in the 80’s who were never heard from again. The Crown, The Vatican and the Canadian Government worked hand in glove to commt this genocide and were all found guilty as charged. It could be one reason the recent Pope left his post..Citizens groups are left to make the arrests and have already started such proceedures on their minions. I see this purification as extremely positive action ( Uranus square pluto) to clear up the worlds evil karma .

      • Your observation on the challenges to the new Pope are interesting in the light of Uranus transiting Aries, I am however uneasy with the term Karma being used with regard to redressing the injustices committed toward the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.
        When it comes to anything implying retribution, the word Karma comes up suggesting that retribution is somehow a mechanism of Divine justice. The Aries shadow is the selfish-Child who resorts to finger-pointing, blaming, and seeking justice from a Daddy figure. Concepts which perpetuate this infantile complex need to be recognized for what they are.
        This is a Human problem, not unique to the Catholic Church, the Queen of England or the government of Canada. Currently, Woman’s Aboriginal groups in Canada are struggling against the problems of sexual abuse and violence within the native community itself; exacerbated by the refusal of chiefs and elders to acknowledge such a problem even exists.
        The United States continues to ignore the plight of its own Aboriginal communities, also systematically wiped-out and dumped into the appalling squalor of reservations. All of us have sufficient garbage in our own back yards, without resorting to finger pointing. One would hope the higher-octave of Uranus might help resolve this childish behaviour; so indeed The Church; Canada; the Queen of England…and every Individual might take responsibility for bullying and abuse on all levels.
        The Catholic Church has an opportunity to climb out of the Arien bully/abuser mode, and become accountable for a more authentically Spiritual voice in our global community. Let us hope their example can be followed by those of us who mistakenly believe it’s always the other guy who’s to blame for the World’s problems.

      • The organization and activities of the various Occupy movements and the hactivist group Anonymous are excellent examples of the type of “leaderless” “Direct Action” one might “expect” with Uranus in Aries — especially the cyber protests against governmental and religious institutions mounted by Anonymous. And, how about the anonymous outing of Mitt Romney’s now infamous 47% quotes via video on the internet which may have changed the course of a presidential election? The vast majority of people on Earth live “anonymous” lives but, when aligned in common aims, can play out those roles in revolutionary and ingenious ways of interacting with each other and our environment and exact vast changes on institutions and their ruling class.

        My view of these activities as “positive” is no doubt due to my own Uranian predisposition (Uranus at 0.14 Rx Cancer, conj Asc, rising in the first house ruled by Gem, trine Merc in 5th). I organized my first school protest at the age of 9 and have no plans for retirement…

      • YES indeed !…..I think Starhawk said it succinctly; ” it only takes a few “Ants to upset a picnic of Giants”

  21. Reading all these reminds me how hard it can be to find something positive with Uranus in Aries. I, too, am concerned about aggressive, mindless robots. When I think of the positive qualities of Uranus, I think of the phrase, Liberté, égalité, fraternité– really on my mind with the release of Les Miserables.

    I offer three (potentially) positive things that have come about:
    3-D Printing, a brash, forward invention for sure.

    A new invention– by a young student– to collect electricity:

    Last night I saw a story on PBS about the Senate hearing on rape in the military (Aries) Today I saw this (equality, fraternity, liberty): The headline: the solution is not to arm women, the solution is to train men not to rape.

    • Ugh… did you catch “The Invisible War”? I’m really glad these issues seem to be coming to a head.

  22. Hello it’s nice to enjoy newly this magnificent site…..

    • Welcome back, Eduardo. I’ve thought of you from time to time. Donna

    • Heres a personal positive…with Uranus transit sitting right on my descendant. I just won the court case and the custody of two little grand daughters. Been busy getting ready like a new mother.They are 2 and 3.

      • I have been where you are right now. 1 is a Marine, the other moved to Texas to pursue opportunities there, and my last one is a sophomore in high school. I wish you every joy they will bring you, and God’s love when things might get rough.

  23. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic work!

  24. Real heartfelt Energy Yess!!!!!

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