Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 19, 2011

The Least Aspected Planet—What Role Does It Play in your Life?

©2-19-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

We’ve done a good bit of research on Skywriter, including our project on the so-called minor aspects last summer.  One of my students expressed curiosity about unaspected planets, and there hasn’t been much done on that. So I thought I’d ask you readers for information.

 First of all, it would be rare to have a completely unaspected planet. That would depend on so many factors:

  • What kind of orbs do you use?
  • Look for aspects to the Ascendant or Midheaven.
  • Don’t neglect the “minor” aspects. (See the series starting here: Understanding Septiles–Your Input Needed.)
  • Are there important placements in the sign that planet rules? For example, if Venus has few aspects, do you have Libra placements to compensate?
  • Do you have a couple of planets in the house associated with that planet–like the 3rd house for Mercury?

However, many of us have a planet that has only one aspect, and I’d like to hear how you experience it. Consider these questions:

  •  Is that planet a “dumb note” that you find it hard to express or integrate into your life?
  • Or, conversely, do you make it work overtime to compensate, in the same way we often do with a missing element?
  • What happens with the house it’s in and the areas of life it represents?

 Tell us about your least aspected planet in the comment section.  

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  1. My Saturn (4H 12Sag) inconjuncts my retrograde Mercury (9H 12Tau); this the only aspect my Saturn has. Mercury is the lead planet of a Taurus stellium (w/ Sun & Venus + MH & SN). Higher education, career pursuits & romantic relationships have been restricted, but filled with major life lessons; needless to say, I work to live – not live to work.

    Saturn rules my 5H, so romance & creativity are taken more serious, while being limited in my opportunities (so much for Venus smack on my MH) Altho once married, I am childless & past fertility. And finally, there are times when I have difficulty expressing my thoughts, looking for the right word, or completely thwarted because the thought simply disappeared. I could probably find more examples, but those are the first to come to mind.

    • Thanks for sharing, Dixie. I know we’re going to learn a lot from this question. An inconjunct (a.k.a. quincunx) is not the easiest aspect because the two planets are in signs that have no real commonality.

      Nor are Mercury and Saturn easy partners. There are some great exchanges on Mercury-Saturn aspects in the comments here: Donna

      • Thanks for sharing the link, Donna. I forgot about Mercury & its reference to siblings. My youngest sister was born when I was 12yo (same degree as both my Mercury & Saturn) & due to family circumstances, much of my teen years (12-18) was spent as a surrogate parent. I suspect that situation is another manifestation of my 4H Saturn & 9H Mercury natal aspect. (Note: altho she is my 2nd sibling, which would be represented in my 6th house, my mother miscarried years prior to her arrival, so I would say my 2nd sibling is located in my 9th house!)

    • Thanks for the heads up on Dixie’s post here Donna! I see! Ya, thwarted is also a good word to use in my circumstance as well, with my children, because whenever I have TRIED to set out on the NN path, home kept beckoning me with a belief that they, as well as others, are more important and needed my attention/guidance, hone grown philosopher teacher that I have become. So there I went to the back burner again.

  2. Least aspected planet/point is the NN at 5 Capricorn in the 11th house, it only makes one aspect – a quincunx to my Moon at 5 Gemini, which is conjunct the 4th cusp Ahah! Whoa, this makes sense if I review my life up to this point, I have generally seemed to ignore the NN, while SN in Cancer in the 5th is second nature. Dealing with children, home, young people, (I have 3 sons now all around the age of 30), their lives and dramas, has been part of who I am, moreso than concentrating on my own self.

    The current transit of Pluto the past year or two over my NN, however, has been quite a learning experience, and of course triggering that Moon/NN aspect, lol sheesh! Can anyone say out of whack? It’s not that I have been a clingy possessive mother, it’s just that my sons and their lives have taken up an extraordinary amt of my time I am learning. It is completely new and raw territory for me to try to express/explore my NN in the 11th, but Pluto there has really been pushing me to do so these days! Hard work it surely is!

    • Excellent analysis, Rachael. Did you note Dixie’s comment–another person with a quincuncx/inconjunct as the only aspect. Donna

  3. Mars makes only one aspect, to Neptune in a 7′ square. I have had problems all my life with motivation and action. I get great ideas, but lack the energy to follow them through. No interest at all in sports and little in serious exercise (only swimming occasionally)
    Mars is also rx, which doesn’t help. I’m in awe of people who can keep going and going physically and get things done – I find it only possible with favourable transits to Mars.

    • I understand you completely, I have the transiting Neptune squaring my natal Mars from some time now and I feel precisely what you say – some very good ideas (at least they seem so to me) and then no motivation, no action – only distraction and obtacles. I decided that I’ll write down the ideas and will try to make them true later, but later, I find I have lost enthusiasm about them. I’m so disorganised that I cannot follow my own plans. I hope you can find some good use of your ideas or at least somebody who believes in them and help you to make them true.

  4. I have capricorn mercury. Even with orb 8, I can only get one aspect for my mercury — quintle to pluto.(also trine chiron and sextile juno, if counted) I have sun and mars in Capricorn and moon in gemini. I am very logical and I am good at learning language. I can speak 3 languages, but not a good writer. When I am angry with someone, I can keep calm and logical, but attack him with very harsh words. (I have mars-pluto square. Sometimes when I am angry, I feel like exploding, but I’ve never used physical violence.) I never use dirty words, but I can pick words which stimulating the other side most.

  5. My least aspected planet? That would be Saturn in the 1st, conj. Jup and square Neptune. While I guess I would have to thank Saturn for my height and weight (people with Jup. conj. asc. are usually short and fleshy- I’m rather tall and skinny), I have to admit I don’t comply well with rules that are unfair or don’t make any sense, I’m not particularly fond of strictness or strict people- to say the least, and it’s always been very hard for me to discipline myself into doing things I don’t want to do just because I have to.
    Incidentally, my mother (who gave birth to me through her 1st Saturn Return!) is also Saturn-free. I admire the fact that she never really grew old, she somehow managed to maintain her childlike enthusiasm, and generally-despite the occassional hardship- life didn’t “break” her. If that’s a preview of the future, I have to say I like it! But it doesn’t stop me from envying saturnine careers and accomplishments 🙂

  6. There is nothing that isn’t well-connected in my chart, but my husband has a 3rd house Venus in Libra that makes only one minor aspect. It is inconjunct his Moon in Taurus in the 10th house.

    This is interesting for a couple of reasons: his Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto are also in Libra, but

  7. I have a wide out of sign conjunction between my 23 Cancer Sun and 0 Leo Mercury. Sun does get a semisextile blast from Venus at 23 Gemini but I feel I do not express my Cancer Sun very well and the zero mercury degree also does not sit well with me. I have trouble expressing myself as I would like. In a previous post I did mention that I suffered a severe speech defect and am deaf in one ear. I blame that on the semi square aspect to Saturn. I rose above those difficulties over time but I am still psychologically affected by that difficult placement by creating anxiety in certain situations. People familiar with astrology do not see me as Cancer. People seem to think that Cancer sun only expresses the nurturing side. Although I think I am very nurturing I do so in a very logical manner. That Saturn placement in Virgo has been a powerful force in my life and come to think of it now, I suppose I do have a 9 degree orb in sextile aspect to Saturn. I have a hate and love relationship with ole Saturn.
    As I am writing this I see more clearly it is the Mercury placement after all that is least aspected. The saving grace I believe is the trine to NN 0 Aries which is the path I am trying to follow but that problem Mercury keeps hampering my ascent toward that North Node ideal. Does not help I have Saturn in 5th either. Talk about being thwarted.

  8. Oops! KittenKat clicked the mouse. Let me try again now that he has settled into my lap.

    There is nothing that isn’t well-connected in my chart, but my husband J has a 3rd house Venus in Libra that makes only one aspect. It is inconjunct his Moon in Taurus in the 10th house.

    This is interesting for a couple of reasons:

    His Pluto, Mercury, Sun, and Uranus are also in Libra, with the middle three in a tight stellium. Pluto and Venus both lie well beyond conjunction to either side.

    The ruler of all this Libra forms an aspect only with a planet in the other sign traditionally ruled by Venus.

    I find this all rather difficult to interpret. However, I do suspect that that it reveals the underlying reasons for someone with so much Libra AND a Leo Ascendant to approach others with so much caution and reserve. His Venus and Moon may not agree on much, but they both seek an equanimity that is far more elusive when other people are involved.

    Remarkably, this was never the case in his relationship with me, as friends or, later, as mates. He has told me that he trusted me and felt a deep feeling of comfort and ease at our first meeting that he has never experienced with anyone else. His Venus is quite closely conjunct my Moon.

  9. Hi, Donna & All,

    An unaspected planet – that is no Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, opposition) to another planet – reflects an individual emphasis on that planet energy to me. An emphasis that runs away with – dominates – the chart according to some astrologers.

    I have an unaspected Mercury in Libra (which I hope does not come across as a “dumb note” 😉 ). I have to admit I’m pretty much busy thinking, considering, and relating 24/7.

    For a famous example, Vincent van Gogh had an unaspected Sun in the 10th House. Unappreciated during his lifetime, his colorful ‘individuality’ (Aries) expressed on canvas is now admired worldwide.

  10. I have been feeling sorry for my poor little unaspected Mercury. I blame it for all kinds of difficulties including my inability to spell.
    When I saw the (esteemed) astrologer Erin Sullivan, she found something quite profound. Erin had reviewed my midpoints. She told me that I have a POWERFUL MERCURY (her words). She then showed me how in a Midpoint relationship, my Mercury conjoins my Sun, Pluto, and Jupiter! Wow!

    On further investigation and with thanks to Skywriter I have learned that my so-called unaspect Mercury also is in a tight Quintile relationship with my Moon.
    Such lessons….but I still can’t spell!

    • Hi VT!
      Thanks for your note here about your “unaspected Mercury”, that was a great discovery for you, and I was happy to be able to point out how complex your natal Mercury was, and how best to “enliven” it! . . . an unaspected planet, it is meant by basic astrologers/astrology is one which has no Ptolemaic aspects (conj, (semi sextile), sextile, (semi square), square, trine, quincunx) on the surface of the chart, may actually in touch with other planets, as you mentioned, by midpoints, or a retrograde phase.
      An apparent unaspected planet by strong and obvious aspects such as the above, may actually be the most important planet for several reasons:
      * midpoint contacts (exactly in harmonic with other planets)
      * if no contact with midpoints (too rare) then the unaspected planet can be a “hook” for complexes and collective consciousness agencies . . the person often is more vulnerable to external influences, and not trust their own self in the domain that the planet rules . . . such as your example, Mercury. An unaspected Mercury can be a maverick, simply gathering data and information without feeling connected to it in a personal way. And, thus not get to their own core truth, due to the “distraction/versatility” characteristic of Mercury.
      Thus, having someone look at it more deeply, can alert the person with this to a much greater potential than they thought to be. And, with a more connected interpretation of the unaspected (apparently on the surface) planet, doors of perception open.
      Most people don’t know they have an unaspected or least aspected planet till they read it on some site, or are told that, so it can be a reinforcement of an insecurity, which is why further depth needs to be found for explaining how that Mercury (or Mars or any planet) can actually access their “secret” power
      The care of the astrologer, as Donna points out, to be alert to fine-tuning so to give depth to a horoscope reading, is to find the minor aspects (quintile, biquintile, septile and so on) to refine and reinforce the client’s natal abilities which may be lying dormant!
      That is my expience with least aspected and “no aspect” planets . . . that a part of their nature my need waking up and reinforced!
      In come minor aspects and midpoints to the rescue!
      Thanks for your blog site Donna! And your comment, VT!

      • Erin, how great to hear from you on this blog! I really liked what you told VT about her unaspected Mercury–the midpoints and all.

        On this blog, we periodically have question and answer sessions on various topics (individual houses, conjunctions, nodes, etc.) and the readers often ask about retrogrades. I have to tell them that it’s not my forte. I always refer them to your site and your writings on retrograde planets, as they are absolutely the best. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you if you’d do a question and answer session on the topic. We’ll talk privately about it, but in the meantime, here’s a link to a recent session on Chiron:

        Thanks for the explanation on unaspected planets! Donna

      • Great exchange–Thanks VT, Erin, and Donna!

        Two more unaspected planet analogies to add to the discussion:

        A significant singleton

        A diplomat living in a foreign country with diplomatic immunity

      • Great subject Donna, great to see you here too Erin – your book never collects dust on my shelf. I am trying to remember who (Ebertin perhaps?)
        , in all the readings I have read, it was that elaborated to some extent, as you mention also here about singleton planets and their way of going rough and acting as “..a ‘hook’ for complexes and collective consciousness agencies..”. I would like to go back and give that a reread. They discussed people who become icons or leaders or the focal point of a mass movement or iconic event or the like. And yet who, as individuals demonstrated little personal power or drive. Through their singltons they became conduits through which to funnel energy on behalf of a the collective. This gave them front and center but more as a medium than a personality.

      • going “rogue” I meant to say not “rough”

  11. Unaspected Venus in Libra in the 11th – or so I thought. Donna, your wonderful series of minor aspects, made me discover that Venus actually has six aspects! Theres two semisquares to Pluto/Sun in Virgo 9th, two sesquiquadrates to Chiron/Jupiter in the 3rd (opposing Pluto/Sun), and two semi-sextiles; one to the Asc and one to the MC. Venus deals with romance and money. My experience of Venus? I’m the least romantic person you’ll ever meet – but I write mainly romance novels for a living. I have no regular income, my money depends on how well I write, and how well I get along with people in my line of business. I usually make friends with people I work with. It’s mostly a positive influence, but it’s hard to use in any direct way. It’s mostly active whenever there’s transits to it.

    • Ideally, Venus in Libra seems to be about sharing-pleasing others, socially (Air), which sounds like you: A writer, intellectual romantic, and networker (11th House).

      Hard to use in a direct way – Agree! These unaspected planets seem to operate automatically and independently… a constant focus group of one. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, Natalie.

  12. my venus (13 degrees libra ) in the 1st house is unaspected. I have 3 planets between 0 and 5 degrees; the rest are 23 degrees or higher; my cusps are all in the 20-29 degree range.

    My greatest personal challenge is feeling ‘not good enough’ and all the guilt that goes along with it…that what I do is not good enough, what I say is not good enough, blah blah blah. It’s at the core of all my fears and anxieties.

    Thankfully, pluto is transiting my fourth house and giving me the boost and drive to ‘clean house’ with my core values and beliefs that go way back and were drilled into me by parents, authority figures, religious figures, etc.

    Right now in my head I grasp the concept that I am worthy and deserving…half the battle won. Now to burn it into my heart and soul. I want to be ready for when transisting pluto squares my natal venus in march 2014 🙂

  13. oops…one more thing. how does the libra part of my unaspected venus work? for me it would be finding and maintaining a balance between healthy worthiness and pompous entitlement.

    For all these years it was safer to just be a wallflower and keep the “I’m not worthy” belief alive with random outbursts of unconscious pompous entitlement rather than to work through this issue. The time is now. I am enough.

    • Hello Mandala Lady, thanks for sharing another unaspected Venus with us.

      The time is now – Your individual awareness seems right on target with the current Saturn retrograde over your 1st House Venus. A testing time to strengthen Venusian self-approval and public relations, perhaps. Best ahead.

  14. oops times 2!
    I just re-read what I wrote…ACK! I want a healthy balance between WORTHINESS and HUMILITY! …without the pompous entitlement.

    my apologies.

  15. Hi Donna:

    I has been a while since I was here. My least aspected planet is my Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house. It is conjunct my NN and opposes Chiron. I feel like Pluto is my dumb note, my blind spot, the planet I cannot understand or relate too. Following your suggestions, though, I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th House. Also in the 8th, a Moon in Libra. I am not sure if these two placements make up for Pluto’s lack of aspects.
    My whole life, I have struggled to see how my Pluto works out in my life, with little result. I feel incapable of consciously use the power of Pluto to my advantage, especially in my professional life.
    It seems I have projected my Plutonian qualities into my bosses. I have had a multitude of Scorpio bosses with whom I had difficult work relationships – the love and hate kind.
    Also, always been aware of power & political power plays in the workplace in general.
    I hope to someday better handle Pluto.

    • So many things, Fabienne. 1 )Knowing you for the past couple of years, I think you underestimate the strength of your Pluto, as I find you have a deeply analytical mind and readily see beneath the surface.
      2) We all continue to learn more about how to use Pluto as we mature and have one Pluto transit after another.
      3) It sounds like you are crystal clear on how your relationship with bosses is Plutonian; you just haven’t unhooked from the dynamics yet.

      Sometimes we remain in our Pluto rut until we find the right healing tool or approach. And when we find that one tool, we then tend to offer it to others by becoming a healer ourselves, at least part time and until we’re tired of it.

      So nice to see you here. Donna

      • Hi Fabienne and Donna . . . Ah, yes, Pluto.
        I have a thought about that . . . having thought about Pluto for a very long time, and in context with the whole solar system and the Sun.
        If we think of the solar system and the order of the planets out from Sun to Pluto, we can see that as a model of individuation, of becoming increasingly who we are. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – then to the outer reaches of inner space: Uranus, Neptune and last is Pluto. There we find our most deeply buried resources.
        Pluto is the last planet we individuate toward, and through . . . the outer planets are “options in consciousness” – beyond the bounds of Saturn, we have greater capacity for growth, hence our rapid collective growth and consciousness in the last 300 years . . . .
        Pluto is a planet that remains “unseen” – as the Greek God he was Hades, which means “unseen one” – it has to do with our personal deep unconscious, and the collective unconscious from that small contribution we all make.
        Plutonian people can find themselves stalling at the threshold of Pluto, not through any means but one’s own self-seed, one’s Self. Ultimately, PLuto is a planet that we only really begin to experience as core power well after mid-life.
        It is a planet that leads us toward our maturation and control – Pluto power at its highest is a sense of self centred core safety and has no ego (in the positive sense of self-containment); in the psyches of Plutocrats, or power-mongers, this is dangerous.
        In adolescence, Pluto draws kids to explore their mortality, and I call adolescence, the age of “immortality” . . . however, taking death-defying risks (Icarus / Persephone) begins to pale, thank goodness, in the main, after about 25 . . . then it is a content of the unconscious that calls us to experience our own inner core-power and not project it on to others, thinking them more “powerful” than us.
        Power is not about running countries or getting people to do things they don’t want to do, or wouldn’t do if we were manipulating them.
        I see many clients with Pluto issues, where they have been frightened of their deepest resources and alarmed about other people who take from them constantly. (or they give to them constantly)
        Ultimately, Pluto should lead a post midlifer toward this sense of contained, rich,calm sense of one’s existential experience. That we are all as we move toward maturity and elderhood, more capable of letting go of the urgency or the will to power, and more toward the solar plexus power.
        Pluto is the furthest from the Sun, and thus, in stages, we get to it last, in our self-development. And, for good reason. But it does evolve throughout the life, no waiting for it, it does it for you, and you see the results in your surroundings. As you say, Fabienne!
        Pluto as an ego-container can b quite dangerous, like a nuclear reactor without a good Saturn (concrete) container . . . that container keeps the “heavy water” of the nuclear reactor cool. And, one can “smell” a well developed Pluto person, there is no threat, no sense of “other people are more powerful than me”, no sense of lashing out destructively, then suffering afterward!
        It is a fantastic planet to just let emerge. You concern, Fabienne, is not unusual, and is actually common . . . because there is something within yourself, which is not bad or destructive, but a bit fearful of coming out of the dark and into the clarity of day – ESPECIALLY in your working situation – since this is where it most often plays out.
        In relationship to others.
        How we want to understand ourself. and as Donna says, “we remain in our Pluto rut until we find the right tool.”
        The tool is to explore YOUR RESPONSE (nuclear/core reaction) to the people who are in authoritative positions. You say: “Also, always been aware of power & political power plays in the workplace in general.
        I hope to someday better handle Pluto.”
        Yes, that is the problem right there . . . . your awareness radiates, and in the radiation you emit, you worry authorities! they are scared of what you know, even if you don’t know it.
        You may exude a level of resentment which is displaced “I should be there, not you” . . .
        Not to sound like Anne Landers, BUT, you might want to employ your Pluto somewhere private, like studying something that gives you such a sense of pleasure that you are an authority. OR not being intellectual but earthy creative even in a “hobby” sense. Glass, earth, light, working in a medium, that engages your senses, not your head,
        Also, You need to start seeing your workplace as a growing centre, and the people in it, part of your growth.
        There is no one more powerful than you, but there are some who are more skilled at giving that impression. They are usually completely in the ego-Pluto, where power becomes a controlling mechanism of others, rather than a self-developmental exploration of inner, core nuclear power.
        If you don’t melt down, then you can implode.
        So, I know Donna knows you better, but maybe just a little suggestion from off the top: See Pluto as your goal for achievement of this. Practice a form of “mindfulness” meditation, just sitting for 20 minutes a day, allowing your fears, thoughts, feelings and positive power place to come “up” into your conscious mind. Do this a lot, each day if possible. It will tell you a lot.
        Pluto holds our greatest wealth, and our most putrifying death anxieties.
        No point being anxious about death, really, is there? But there is a good reason to be concerned about your life, and the lack of feeling empowered and valued for your gifts. YOu don’t have to tell anyone about them, but they will radiate from you.
        So, with that, I say, Power to Pluto . . . and to yours!

      • Thanks for those observations, Erin. I’d never thought of it that way, but, yes, it makes a great deal of sense for Pluto being so far out in the solar system to be the last planet we become conscious enough to master. So many who use astrology for growth get down on themselves for not handling Pluto better, but it does take time, maturity, and perseverence. Donna

      • Good stuff on Pluto, Erin! … I like the language of ‘people taking from us constantly, or giving to us constantly.’ It speaks of power and abuse of power by both parties, of co-dependancy which can be so destructive.

  16. that was a surprise. Pluto in the 5th house, Leo. I guess since it trines my MOST aspected planet; Venus in Libra, I just figured it was not the oddball in my chart.
    From that perspective, I’d say it was fairly balanced.

    I’m definitely not very leonine. 🙂

  17. First, I can’t help saying that I have been an amateur astrologer for 40 years and find it interesting that no one on your blogs responds to me, so I stopped posting comments. I have assumed that the blogs are only for professional astrologers, or those with highly emotional problems. Whatever. For this post, I am interested in the idea that my least aspected planet is my Sun, although there is a quincunx to my Moon. But the interesting thing is that in my Vedic horoscope, my Sun (which has been the bane of my life, bad father, etc.) is in the 12th house and in a disadvantaged position. In my Western horoscope, it is in the 11th house (although one astrologer ventured the opinion that my birth time was wrong). The Vedic horoscope seems right on the money, including the fact that my identity has been in eclipse all my life, perhaps why I do not get any notice on a horoscope blog. Again, whatever. I have learned to avoid people. Still think the Vedic horoscope thing is interesting. I know you don’t do charts, and I’ve memorized mine, I’m only including it for general learning information, particularly regarding Vedic vs. Western charts. I was born Jan. 1, 1950 at 9:22 a.m. EST. Again, I am not looking for a chart reading, but I think the differences between Vedic and Western charts is interesting, since my Sun has always been at a disadvantage. I hope this posts, I have often tried posts on your blogs, even though I get a “yes, you are signed up”, I’m not sure I get my comments posted. But then again, I am not a professional astrologer, just an amateur with 40 years experience.

    • That’s odd, because I don’t ever recall a Millicent posting a comment, and it’s not exactly a common name, much less Heym. I think I would remember a distinctive name like that. Were you using a different screen name?

      If you don’t see your comments posted, then there’s something wrong, because once a person has had a comment accepted (as I just did today) then it goes up automatically. Try again on another post, please, and see if we both can see it.

      This blog is different than a forum, for instance, in that people just chime in and post and don’t necessarily expect an answer from me or any of the other participants. We’re just putting our two cents in. Donna

    • would you be willing to disclose your birth location? i am not a professional astrologer (don’t think too many of us here are) but am interested in seeing your chart

      • I’m interested in seeing Millicent’s chart, too. I’m picking up a lot of the (Saturn) energy over here and would like to see what’s going on…

        In related news, I have noticed that 12th house Suns often feel neglected (lacking praise), overshadowed or ignored…and they over-compensate by making sure that they’re seen in whatever way possible. The ego must be recognized.

      • It will be interesting to compare this chart in Vedic vs. Western. See, 12th house Sun is shining some light, after all. 🙂

      • my mom’s sun is in the 12th house and it just hit me for the 1st time (reading something earlier someone said about their father) that holy sh*t she never even knew who her father was!
        she has chiron in the 4th in leo and i’ve always seen that as the wound of not being recognised in her family of origin – no one ever spoke about it and in fact it may be that her mother did not even tell her father that she was his baby

    • Hi Millicent,
      It makes sense to me that Western & Vedic astrology systems would be consistant on something as important as the health of the Sun 🙂

  18. That would be Mercury at 19 Leo. It makes a wide square with Neptune at 25 Scorpio. I do have a stellium in the 3rd house, though, but it’s stressed. I’m a writer but have had a problem putting my stuff out there due to psychological reasons.

    • I’d accept the Mercury-Neptune square with 6 degree orb. My Mercury-Neptune square is 6 degree orb and it totally describes my writing patterns. Donna

      • I have some minor aspects to Mercury as well. How would you describe your Merc/Neptune writing patterns? For me, I’m very distracted and foggy. I need to walk around a lot while I write. I like to take little breaks in which I’m daydreaming about the scene I’m writing. Writing can also be very drug-like, by which I mean that once I start I am off in the clouds. I was once accused of writing at work. I hadn’t been and since they weren’t writers, I couldn’t explain that for me to write at work would be like drinking on the job. I’d be incapacitated (I never could understand how people could drink or get high at work, maybe that’s my Sun/Saturn square talking.)

      • Oh, my, would that ever take us afield! Mercury-Neptune qualities:
        I get lots of inspirations in the shower.
        I wake up at all hours of the morning with the writing flowing out of me–apparently having worked on it in Dreamland.
        I have writing partners on the other side.
        I fantacize about writing fiction, have had my heart broken by books I wrote that never sold (mysteries).
        I have several great article ideas in any given day, can’t possibly write them all.
        I never remember the substance of what I’ve written, so when it is published/posted, it seems like it was written by a stranger. Donna

  19. Although Uranus has only one aspect (semi-square to Saturn), I’ve always been attracted to people, subjects and activities that are “Uranian” in character (unusual, unorthodox, ‘Fortean’, etc.). Consequently, it has seemed more active/influential than that single aspect could account for. I just looked at my chart through ‘Donna’s lens’, and realize 1) Uranus rules my Aquarian descendant, 2) it’s also semi-square my MC, and 3) it’s the only planet above the horizon (in my 11th house).

    If I were a cartoon you’d see a big shining light bulb over my head.

  20. I’ve always considered Mars in 12th house Capricorn to be the loner planet of the chart, but a closer look reveals a semi-sextile, a bi-Quintile, a semi-square and a sesquiquadrate – also my first house is very active and though Aries is empty, it is on the cusp of the second house and venus is tightly conjunct sun and saturn.

    Any challenges with Mars are probably more to do with it being in the 12th house than a lack of aspects.

    I think it might be rare for someone to have a completely unaspected planet – Donna are there any examples of celebrities we could study?

    • My teacher, Richard Idemon cited JFK as an unaspected Sun, but I don’t know that he was using the minor aspects. You might have a look at his chart in AstroDataBank. Donna

  21. My Sag sun in the 12th house has only one aspect… an almost exact sextile to my MH in Libra. Sag is also my ascendant and a Capricorn Jupiter is the first planet after the asc, (square my ascendant). So yes, probably my ego has been most successful in my career, at least that’s where it’s been the easiest for me. By cultivating relationships with my coworkers, I’ve learned to listen, not talk about myself, give plenty of help whenever anyone needs it and that has inspired people to like me and come to me (which is what my job really is all about, besides being a school librarian, I am supposed to help teachers integrate technology into their curriculum). Which has given me that very reputation of being good to work with. Otherwise, I haven’t had too much luck with my ego… I really need to keep it on the back burner or people take a lot of offense when I express my beliefs or what’s going on in my life. Leo is the ruler of my ninth house, with only Uranus in Leo.

  22. I’m not sure….

    Could someone help me with this,Please. 🙂

    There are three planets I have that could be least aspected,but I can’t figure it out There’s also Chiron (5 minor aspects 3 major ) and my North Node(3 major aspects).

    …In, using orb max of 8 degrees for trines/squares and using major aspects…I’m not sure if NN and/or Chiron count or not?

    My Venus is out of bounds.

    I have Venus Capricorn 2’01 7th house. 2 major +

    Venus trine Moon 7 degree orb
    Venus Opposite Ascendant 3 degree orb
    Venus sextile NN 1 d orb
    Venus trine Chiron Rx 4 d orb

    adding minor aspects….. 3 minor

    Venus bq jupiter Rx
    Venus Sesquisquare Saturn
    Venus semisquare Vertex

    My Uranus Scorpio 5th…… 3 major

    Uranus sextile Moon 0 d orb
    Uranus square Saturn 8 d orb
    Uranus trine MC 3 d orb
    Uranus conjunct Vertex

    Pluto in Libra 4th Singleton 4 minor 2 major

    Pluto quincunx MC 2d
    Pluto sextile Neptune 0 d
    Pluto sextile Saturn 4 d
    Pluto sesquisquare Jupiter 2 d
    Pluto semisquare Mars 2 d
    Pluto semisquare Mercury 1 d

    It looks like Uranus or Pluto,but what confuses me is that my software astrowin says that Uranus least aspected,but Venus is without Chiron.

    I hope to be able to contribute to this conversation a little more effectively after I get this dilema remedied. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • By least aspected, I really meant a planet with no more than one or two aspects–all of your listed ones have quite a lot of aspects. uses really wide orbs. I use for trines and squares, 5 degrees, maybe 6. Conjunction, opposition 8 max. Sextile, quintile, quincunx etc etc etc (minors) 2-3. Donna

      • Thank you for your help. I’m getting a lot of mixed messages on this. ……

        I guess if I were to have a least aspected planet Uranus would be it. I did this count at Clairvision Virtual Astrologer and used orbs for major aspects of no more than 5 degrees.

        The minor aspects were no more than 2-3 degrees.

        Uranus in Scorpio 5th house

        Uranus (Sco 08°30′) Midheaven (Pis 11°21′) wax. sep. trine (120°00′) orb: 2°51′

        Moon (Vir 08°36′) Uranus (Sco 08°30′) wan. sep. sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°07′

        Mars (Sco 26°32′) Uranus (Sco 08°30′) wax. sep. vigintile (18°00′) orb: 0°02′

        Uranus (Sco 08°30′) Neptune (Sag 12°58′) wan. sep. decile (36°00′) orb: 1°32

        Uranus (Sco 08°30′) Pluto (Lib 13°09′) wax. sep. quindecile (24°00′) orb: 1°21′

        As far as expressing this energy. I’m not sure. I guess it would have something to do with why….

        I’ve always been called weird.

        I like unique things and unique people(artistic people,psychic etc.) and people don’t usually understand me.

        I try to fit in,but it doesn’t last for long, somehow any facade of normalcy(sp?) I try to put up wavers and falls. Plus, “normal” is kind of boring. 🙂

        I’m also shy about my individuality. I’m afraid I’ll be judged and/or criticized. So that may have something to do with Uranus being least aspected too.

      • My least aspected planet is the sun in the 12th house (hehe)… so shadowy! It has a conjunction with Pluto in scorpio and that’s about it. Over the years i’ve come to have a personality that’s really afraid to go out in public. When I was a child and a teenager i never thought I could ever speak for myself or show who i was to others. I thought my life would be forever silent.

        I’m still young and i know (for sure) there’s a lot of work for me to do. I’m a little bit confused on how people perceive me, i’m even afraid of asking myself this question. Sometimes i can be afraid of who i might become over the years.

        Other times, when i’m in the sea of people, i feel drowned by everyone’s personalities. I loose myself in others so easily. But other times, i also have a subtle crave for power, a drive for not drowning in the sea and coming out as me. Thanks to that power crave, I have been able to build with a few blocks something that has become an intense but very subtle personality. Still, I always keep wondering if my drive for being someone is real or a complete fantasy. I’m still working on this. By the way, Pluto is my second least aspected planet with a conjunct to the sun and a trine to chiron in the 8th house (cancer).

      • As a Plutonian and 12th house type myself, I shared many of the difficulties in relating to people that you describe. People would project their shadow side onto me, and I felt that I had to hide myself. Also, there were family secrets I didn’t share with anyone, out of shame. After years of working with therapy and many different healing tools, I have confidence in my worth and feel at ease with most people, but they still don’t get to know the secrets. I have been a healer myself and worked a lot with intense Plutonian types, but am retired now.

        I wrote a book that might give you a lot of insight, Healing Pluto Problems. It’s avialble from RedWheel/Weiser in hardcopy and kindle versions. So, there is hope, Olivo. I do think that having Pluto in its own sign is very strong. Donna Cunningham

  23. I have a totally unaspected Sun in the 8th house, luckily I have a double grand trine twice in my chart, these grand trines hits directly on the 8th house with Uranus, Saturn, the Moon, Mercury and my Ascendant as its pivot points. I am a Metaphysician, Priestess, writer, teacher, artist, singer, op artist, the list is endless, I also have Venus on top Mid heaven in the 10th house trining my Pluto which is the ruler of my 8th house and sextile to my Mars/Neptune conjunction in my seventh house so I am a natural medium and I channel all the time sometimes I feel like Woopie Goldberg in Ghost and I actually feel blessed for that unaspected Sun that allows me to detach I really think that I would have been in the funny farm by now if I didn’t have it. I have never been able to stay in one place very long because of the magnetics of all this as well as the square I have between my Uranus conjunct the Moon and my North node and my Mars/Neptune conjunction people would eat me up like candy or destroy me if I were not able to stand strong in my Sun and set up boundaries. Light

  24. My least-aspected planet is my Sun (Scorpio, 8th house), actually. Unless I start adding lots of asteroids, it’s only conjunct Mercury and semi-square Venus. All my other planets have around 5-9 major aspects.

    As for how it manifests in my life–I honestly don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it. I do seem to be a little more relaxed, less Type A and intense, than most other Scorpios I know (which has its good and bad points–I’m rarely obsessive or vindictive, but I’m also not always very driven or focused), and my Rising and Moon sign (Pisces) seems to have just as much bearing on my personality and how people respond to me, if not more, than my Sun sign. I have Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house, too, so I definitely don’t lack Scorpitude, but I don’t think I project it in an obvious way.

    Oh, and I forgot to add, my Sun/Mercury conjunction isn’t tight–they’re 8 degrees apart.

  25. Love this blog. Been reading Richard Idemon’s “Magic Thread’- am totally crazy about anything he has to say – and he points out the importance of unaspected planets and planets living by themselves ( singletons)….Erin Sullivan has it right. These are the places where we sometimes have our complexes and neuroses,or compensate like mad.

    Blog on!

    Molly K.

  26. My least aspected planet is Venus in Gemini in the 7th house. No major aspects but 5 minor aspects. Mars in Gemini, heavily-aspected Mercury and Pluto in Libra compensate. Feels like relationships are the focus of my life – for better or worse.

    • Also, I attract Martian types!! Aries women with Mercury or Venus in Aries. Last 5 men I dated have Venus or Mars in Aries.

      • And people with Moon in Aries, too. These people have forced me to re-prioritize and re-define my relationships and my boundaries.

  27. My least aspected planets are Uranus and Pluto, they only aspect two each of the major asteroids, but I don’t think that really counts.

    How that manifests in my life? Well, I like Uranus-connected things like science fiction. 🙂 As for Pluto, I’m often drawn to characters in literature who live in ‘underground’ environments like the Phantom of the Opera, Professor Snape, etc.

  28. The moon. It’s opposite the sun (7 deg orb) and square Neptune (8 deg orb) and – I thought that was it, but now I see it makes an exact quincunx to my Mars (and so a 4 deg orb q to my DC, too). It rules my cancer ascendant, so the moon should be important (right?).

    Not sure how that works, but I do have a shockingly bad temper. 🙂

    I’ve always felt a strange coldness in myself. I’m very emotional, very easily moved to tears and the plight of all things, human, plant and animal – especially animal – but when dealing with people on a one to one, say, after a bereavement or other deep tragedy, I find it very hard to access my emotions. I do feel tremendous sympathy but it’s so hard to get it out, like a wall has gone up to block it all out. I think I say and do the right things, but all the time, there’s an emptiness inside me, a dreadful coldness, that doesn’t seem to care at all, and which is entirely alien to what I think of as my real character. It’s hard to explain accurately, but thinking about it in this light, I wonder if it’s because of that weakly aspected moon.

    My Sun’s weakly aspected too, just the moon opposition and a conjunction with Mercury. Other than that just a trine to the NN and bi-quintile Lilith. That’s almost as bad as the moon, isn’t it? When I was young, I had a very hazy sense of self, really didn’t know who I was at all. I ‘tried on’ various personas, lived my life as an actor. Now I’m older, I have a very strong sense of who I am, but it’s taken decades to find out.

    • what sign is your moon in? my daughter (16yo) often expresses similar feelings (or lack of!) and you sound quite a bit like her … she has 5 planets in scorpio and is a deep well of emotion but her aquarius moon ‘throws’ that somewhat

      • It’s 0 degrees Leo, 2nd house. I don’t know if that helps or hinders. I’m a bit lacking in water generally, just a Cancer ascendant and Scorpio Neptune.

  29. My Sun in Capricorn in the 8th has no ptolemaic aspects (e.g. conjunction, sextile, square, opposition). It has a semisquare to Neptune, a quincunx to the ASC and a semisextile to the Moon. To some astrologers this would count as an ‘unaspected’ Sun, to others not.

    I’ve been guilty of projecting my Sun…i.e. letting others ‘do’ my Capricorn and instead ‘doing’ all my 10th house Aquarius stuff.

    I find my Sun is incredibly sensitive to transits… and seems to channel the transiting planet in most obvious ways in my behavior and habits. For example, when SA Neptune was conjunct my Sun I would spend whole weekends in bed reading fantasy novels. At the height of tr Pluto conj. Sun I watched horror films back to back for five days straight (no kidding!). Will be interesting to see what I get up to when Uranus squares my Sun this year!!

  30. My daughter’s Jupiter 23’ Scorpio 8thH has one aspect – an exact 135’ sesquiquadrate to her Asc, but nothing else. She’s a Sag, Pisces Asc, Sag MH, 5 planets in Sag (4 – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury conjunct) all in the 9thH and Neptune Sag conjunct her MH in the 10thH. Jupiter is an important planet – co-ruler of her Asc, ruler MH, depositor of 5 planets.

    So, up until now how has her least aspected Jupiter expressed itself? (She is neither married nor has children yet). I’m not a professional astrologer, just mom, but here’s my astrological understanding. I looked at Scorpio Jupiter in the 8thH (Pluto’s natural house) more closely. Its depositor is Pluto (28’Libra) which is conjunct Saturn 29’ Libra. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in the 8thH (information unknown by many, mystery, secrets, transformation, science, the hidden magician – a few descriptions).

    Everyone (public status MH 10thH) mistakenly perceives her as “White” (Pisces Asc is the 1stH, the first impression by others – co-rulers Jupiter + Neptune; her Sag MH is conjunct Neptune and MH is rulled by Jupiter ). (The genetic role of the dice – she looks like me and not her father – Aries moon in the 1stH).

    She’s doesn’t hide her heritage, but her physical appearance is “illusive” and “mysterious” to others (she is very pretty and attracts attention). Her misperceived biracial heritage can lead to irritating and awkward (sesquiquadrate) situations. For example, she frequently hears racially biased comments in her presence. It was/is annoying when college/employment applications listed “white”, “black” or “other” as racial-ethnic forced choices. She was raised to be both and not to reject her multicultural heritage. She doesn’t identify bi-racial as “other” and dislikes “false choices” by society. (Oh – her Sun and Uranus are conjunct at 4’ Sag).

    Another example is her career. Her sesquiquadrate Scorpio Jupiter is deposited by Pluto which is conjunct Saturn in the 8thH. She is a civilian engineer in the military on a missile design team. She has high level security clearance, 2 Master’s degrees in Bio-Med and Mechanical engineering, travels in the US and Europe and is considering a Ph.D. program.

    I honestly thought she was going to be a writer in the arts (LOL) – Neptune conjunct MH and 5thH ruler (the Moon) in Aries in the 1st H trine all the planets in the 9thH Sag Stellium. I learned my lesson with least or unaspected planets – they’re complicated and require you to dig deeper to find their influence.

  31. I’m not sure my chart has a true least aspected planet. My mercury conjuncts the ascendant from the 12th house within 3 degrees, which seems out there and active – people usually guess my age somewhere around 10 years younger than I am, and I’m comfortable expressing myself, especially in writing.

    But then too, I have on a few occasions had the experience of being with a group of people and someone will ask a question, I’ll answer them, and they just continue on as if I didn’t say anything…then a moment later, someone else will say the same thing and it will be heard, and I’ll, amazed, say, “That’s what I said!” It’s true I’m not comfortable being the center of attention, but sometimes it’s ridiculous.

    Mercury’s next strongest aspect is a 5′ square to Chiron in Aries in the 10th, so it could be more that other this aspect is coming into play more than mercury not being expressed at all. I’ll watch and see what happens with my transits in April/May and hope to figure it out.

  32. My least aspected planet is Neptune in Libra in the first house (rising). The only aspect it makes is sextile to Pluto in the 11th (generational). It is the bane of my existence!! I have no other planets in Pisces. Being mostly fire and air, and always seeking earth, it has been hard for me to deal with the etherial nature of Neptune in 1st. I would say that it is the standout planet in my chart, many people mistaking me for a Pisces. I think if I had more water in my chart (I have a Scorpio mercury) I would have an easier time with it. BUT… is has been quite a journey. The other planet that mirrors its effects is Saturn in the 12th, which makes it doubly hard because all my efforts to find form and substance and grounding are always guided into the path of dissolution and higher consciousness. But, like someone said to me once, “a bird is grounded in air and a fish is grounded in water.”

    • beautiful….and wise…!

  33. My least aspected planet is saturn..

    It is in H3 & makes n exact sextile to sun in H1

    It is square chiron in H6

    Interesting is that we don’t think about saturn much in our youth…

    Looking back- I can see how that saturn- sun sextile has been a VERY stabalizing

    factor in my chart


  34. My natal Uranus trines my MC. Has no other aspects. Hmm… wonder if I should count an inconjunct to the NN…

    • I wonder if I should have counted saturn trine DES…

      • If it trines the Descendant, it automatically sextiles the Ascendant and vice versa. The same with a planet that aspects the Midheaven–it automatically forms an aspect to the IC. That’s because the Asc/Dsc are at the same degree of the opposite sign. The MH/IC are also exactly opposite one another. So you’d only count the aspect to one of the pair. Donna

  35. I have no real singletons except for asteroids. the one asteroid I do have that is a singleton in my chart is Athena. She is all on here own. Now how that manifests in concrete terms is that, by transit or progression, I experience periods of time when, depending on the applying agent, I get on some off the wall hobby horse of a cause. These will be mostly 9th house (athena’s natal position) related issues. It doesn’t fit in with anything else in my personal prism of reality and for that feels exotic and exciting while it’s going on, even if it proves awkward I can’t let it go. It’s like it’s riding me. I, who most of the time am on the lookout for applying aspects and ingresses etc in my chart will not notice the athena contact at all till later after I am left scratching my head, looking at a pile of oily motor parts on the dining room table, or pamphlets I promised to distribute for some cause that no longer seems remotely important. Then it’s back to the familiar push/pull/give/take of the other planets that are actually talking to each other on a regular basis.

  36. The least aspected planet in my chart is Uranus, ruler of my Sun and both the 8th and the 9th house. It’s in Scorpio in the 5th. The only aspect it makes is a quintile to Venus.

    Expressing my individuality feels inappropriate. This feeling is enhanced, or covered up, by chart-features that make me very focussed on others.

    Whatever transiting Uranus is doing effects me deeply. I didn’t know just how much until i read about Uranus going into Aries for the first time last year. I then realized that i became unemployed right after Uranus moved into Pisces in 2003 and i remained enemployed during the whole transit, all seven years. And yes, when Uranus was approaching Aries things started to change, rapidly. I could feel the energy shift the day Uranus moved into Aries, and it wasn’t subtle. Two weeks later i was working again.

  37. I do have a couple of questions for you, Donna, and everyone else who has many, many charts:
    How common are planets with either no aspects or just one? I’ve only found two in my collection of 25 charts of family and friends.

    I also noticed when I was looking at all these charts that two of them stood out because of the degree of interconnectedness among the planets. In both charts, every planet was connected to at least four others and a few were connected to seven others!

    How do you view a planet that is aspected by most of the other planets in the natal chart? What does a chart with so much interconnectedness tell you?

    • I think a completely unaspected planet is fairly rare, especially if you add in the minor aspects. I’d say it’s fairly common for there to be a planet that has only one or two slight aspects. A planet with many aspects is bound to be a keynote in the person’s life. In those tests for planetary strength here on Skywriter, those would doubtlessly be high-scoring planets.

      When I interpret a chart, I start by drawing in the aspects and then do a visual overview to see what stands out. A much-aspected planet draws your eye at once; a planet with no aspects or only one will draw attention too. Donna

      • That makes a lot of sense. I like your overview approach.


  38. My least aspected planet is Mars at 27SAG in the 10th squaring my Moon at 25PIS. My NN is the next closest aspect as a square at 23VIR. I have a stellium in Sagittarius in the 9th (Mercury, Sun, Neptune) with Neptune conjunct the Midheaven. I have no idea what to do with my Mars in the 10th. Does Neptune keep me from the willfullness of Mars? With the Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct MC and a Pisces Asc and moon, is there any hope for my misused Mars?

    I’m a 32 year old, stay at home mom that mostly uses her Mars for screaming at her two unruly toddlers.

    I keep thinking I should try martial arts because I used to have these fantansies of kicking butt – a tough girl that could handle herself in a dark alley. Martial arts could, perhaps, give me the physical and mental mastery of Mars so I could stay lunar/loving with my family.

    My natal Pluto conjuncts my mother’s Mars and my daughter’s Pluto conjuncts my Mars. My father and I share Mars at 27SAG (his in the 6th). Both my children have Mars in Taurus conjunct my Chiron. My husband’s Sun conjuncts my Mars and he has Mars on the Ascendant.

    I give away my Mars to others. I don’t stand up for myself when it counts and when I do finally get enough and speak up, I am ashamed/embarrassed and wish I had just kept my mouth shut (Saturn squares Mercury).

    I want to be a strong and active Sagittarian but I never “get around to it.” It’s hard to be healthy, strong and active when you can’t let go of the cigarettes. Thanks Neptune and Pisces!

    I know that Mars means a great deal for me because I handle it so poorly and I flog myself for it daily.

  39. i learned about Least Aspected Planets,LAP , from Rob Couteau, over 10 years ago he said they were Primary Transcendental Planet, and said this about his book: “The Role of the Least-aspected Planet In Astro*Carto*Graphy,” might just as well, in retrospect, have been called: the role of Astro*Carto*Graphy in illustrating how the least-aspected planet (LAP) is a focal point of the horoscope, and thus, by extension, of everything related to the natus, such as Astro*Carto*Graphy and other dynamic astrological factors.The true function of the LAP is to somehow portray the soul and spirit in a unique, yet archetypal, manner.* The LAP is indeed the central focal point of the entire natal chart.

    Saturn is my LAP: quintile sun, and if using angles trine my asc,and dc ,sextile descendant (if i recall correctly Couteau only used planets) it is in my fifth house, still at a loss on how it pans out, actually it just occured to me that when you did the 5th house discussion, what i read about saturn in fifth just confused me and couldn’t see how it applied to my experience and now, thinking more about saturn in my chart , i never got it… and it rules both my 7th and 8th house!? could it be kind of a warp hole in a chart … i can wrap my mind around the rest of my chart…but not Saturn, wow, i just realised this whilst writing…
    merci Donna ! i love these discussions !!!

    • Hi, Louise, welcome. Thanks for mentioning Rob Couteau. He’s done some excellent work on this topic. Look him up on the internet, folks. Donna

  40. My childrens father had a Leo sun with a single aspect, square to a Scorpio moon, 6 degree orb. His sun was in the 11th house (his friends where the best things in his life, after his children) Virgo ascendent. His mother was a dominant Cancerian, his father a hard working Leo (moon in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo conj with his sons asc)

    He was very emotional, secretive, on the one hand defenseless on the other impossible to get to know completely. He is gone, he succumbed to perscribtion drugs 10 years after we seperated.

    He was talented, could write music, play several instuments and tell bed-time stories that he made up as he went along that where really good, the kids still remember them.

    Had he found his place, if his sun had had a proper anchor, I have no doubt that he would have felt safer and secure enough to take “center stage” (Leo’s rightful place) and had a much more happy life. Sadly he spent most of his life hiding in plane sight so to say…

    • 😦

      • He knew that WE could “see” him. Think that was a sourse of comfort… 🙂

      • I’m sure it was, Leila..
        And, though officially fire is incompatible with water (the water puts out the fire, or something like that) I happen to be a huge fan of this combo. I think in such duets- and even more so with this particular one- the flame is somehow internalized, while the water adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness and awarness to the mix.
        Again, I’m very sorry for your loss. This couldn’t have been easy for you, or your family. 🙂

      • Thank you.
        *Hope I didn’t upset anyone. We’ve gotten to the point where we talk about the good stuff, and there was a lot of that.* 🙂

        I’ve often wondered if his (almost) un-aspected sun was the reason he had such hard time getting his feet on the ground and really needed this discussion, actually. Thank you, Donna, again, it’s be very enlightening…

  41. My least aspected planet is Saturn. It is in my first house and is debiliated with -10 points. It is semisquare Mercury, parallel Venus and Uranus, and trine Vertex.

    In all of my 65 years, I have been my own worst enemy. My Mother kept thinking I would “out grow it” but I still have not. I have put more pressures on my self, expected the most of myself and was very disappointed when I failed. I pushed myself harder than any parent or boss. It has taken 65 years to learn to fail (I am still not sure I have master failure!) I have learned to step back and “let go”. I look back and realized how much easier life would have been if “my mouth” had not gotten in my way! Mercury really semisquared the lessens I needed to learn. I have never really thought about how my least aspected Saturn affected my life even more than all the other planets, but it has. Thanks for making me look—–the “lessens” continue!!!

    • I have to ask, as I have noticed a connection between Saturn and Venus (Oprah has this) and succeeding at what you do. Have you achieved your goals?

      You don’t have to answer, but I am genuinely interested if you feel like sharing…

      • yes I finally achieved my goals!!! I became professional successful in my late 40’s. I did not marry until I was 40. with inheritances and investments, my husband and I are now financially secure for life. I have written and published an astrology book—Arabian Parts for the Twenty-first Century. I study and research astrology with dear friends. my husband has survived 2 liver transplants and he is doing great. we winter in Florida in a golf community. I play golf, Mah Jongg, and Bridge all week. Life could not be better!!!! so yes it took 65 yrs to be successful but I am!!! thanks Saturn and Venus!!

      • Just as I thought: Saturn is NOT all bad. *and I love happy endings, so congrats!*

    • Hi, Peggy,
      I read your post yesterday so I’m late in responding– but as a Saturn ruled woman of your generation, I kept flashing back to one thing that you wrote: “…I have been my own worst enemy. My mother kept thinking that…”—and I just couldn’t let it go.
      I was in my late 40’s before I finally realized that my (passive-aggressive) mother had been my worst, and most secret, enemy. It was not an easily accepted path, but one that has helped me on my way to a better grasp of reality and possibilties…
      I may be off the mark here…but I catch a whiff of similarity…so… maybe our “big mouths” should not have been stifled but allowed to “open up and sing”. Best, B.

      • Wow,— did I misread Peggy, or what?
        My grandmother used to say, “Are you bragging or complaining”?

  42. Nothing really to contribute “on topic” as every natal placement of mine is bombarded by aspect,–so this post has been a good learning experience for me.
    Just here to say how nice it is to see so many new names and perspectives–It’s like the cavalry just rode in!…Thanks to all, B.

  43. That would be my degree Aires sun. It is in H9 and is only aspected by 9degree MC. My rising is 28 degree cancer in H12, where Uranus is at 23 degrees and Jupiter is at 20 degrees. I recently switched to equal house and now I have a place to meet the world as Leo carries my Sun in the the first, along with Pluto at 24 degrees. Now pluto is involved in a fixed grand cross. After 55 plus years the sun now has found a way to express itself. And not only that, it expresses itself as the way in which I and the world meet. I’m loving it. Even my friends have noticed that I seem much more “regal”. There observation and words not mine.

  44. Hi Donna,
    I am not sure which is the least aspected planet. A planet that has a few wide major aspects or one that has many tight minor aspects? Neither of the planets of which I speak have other planets in the sign or houses they rule. Or do you go by just number of aspects?

    • Hi, Sibyl, counting the minor aspects and not tooooo wide major ones (6 degrees tops for squares and trines, 8 for conjunctions and oppositions, 2-3 for sextiles, quincunxes, and minmors), the planet with the fewest aspects. However, if all the planets have 3 or more aspects total, then there’s no least aspected planet. Donna

  45. Funny you should ask! ….My unaspected Sagittarian Sun in the 11th house? I never had any money, but my friends do. LOL

  46. My Venus ‘s only aspect is a trine to Scorpio Ascendant and she plays a dominate role in my life. I am considered a beauty, even now at 60 yrs old, but without a calculating nature which could have (some say should have) used this to an advantage, Venus has given me more headaches than pleasure. She triggered both men’s and women’s jealousy but most particularly my mothers. Having been single most of my life I have not been well received by couples as wives are threatened (still). I have attracted much attention during my life (even when pregnant) and I have had many affairs with no shame about my sexuality. I had four illegitimate children to three fathers. Many have judged me but I don’t concern myself at all with what others think. Still I have not had much in the way of ‘real’ love come my way.
    As an artist the most notable Venus energy is a compulsion to create beauty. I am driven to bring beauty in my environment and I would like everyone and appreciate everyone ‘looking their best’. I once read the highest way to express Venus is in a garden, and one of my great passions is creating beautiful gardens, filled with flowers and food. Receiving a gift of a statue of Venus de Milo over 20 years ago now seems was very fitting as having read the myths of Aphrodite she has an highly honoured place in my psyche and my garden.

    • I know that a strong Venus isn’t always entirely a blessing. Kind of, “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” Especially if that Scorpio rising magnetism is added to the mix, it does engender jealousy. Donna Cunningham

  47. Yeah, that’s a confusing one; my Leo Moon is at 6° in the 9th House, touching absolutely NOTHING.

    Maybe a stretch to say that Mars in Cancer is at 25°. (and some asteroids around that Mars.)

    I have Leo MC at 25° con Jupiter at 27°

    Also, speaking of asteroids {and I always include these two} Psyche opposes my Moon at 4° Aquarius, and Eros is close by at 12° Aquarius.

    When Transiting Moon is in Leo, I feel INCREDIBLE.
    For just those two days a month, I feel exactly how I’ve always wanted to feel; invigorated, radiant, indestructible… Eyes exotic ~ wildly alive!

    – such a short transit! 🙂
    Then straight into sobering Virgo, where 7 Celestial Bodies dwell…

    I purpose my Moon feels untouchable; almost like an eternal Sun that doesn’t move… Singular, timeless, radiant.

    • Probably not conjunct, but that Leo Moon can feel as energetic as Mars. Donna

  48. I am Not an astrolager. I do love astrology and have had Astrologer friends. I respect Astrology. I have lived under My Mercury Midheaven Line, my Mars/Uranus/sun Midheaven line,my jupiter descending line and SaturnNeptuneMidheaven/sunmarsuranusdescending line, and several others. IMO astrocartography is simply amazing. My experience IS under My least aspected Planettary line<mercury midheaven<. I have made the truest decisions for myself GOING AGAINST THE STATUS QUO i HAD ALAREADY SET IN PLACE. ex. Started meditating and Quit ROTC my junior year as I realized I would not do MY JOB required. My direction totally changed. I am forever Grateful for that………I think.

    Its a place of being true to a deeper place and Fuk what I had already set in place.

    Later in life it helped me Move to help take care of my father til his passing. It has been a catalyst of healing for me…. IMO

    I now live on a Hades midheaven line.. Tough yes… Rewarding…even more so. After a passing of the most wonderful person I know… I will leave.


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