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Planets in Mutual Reception—Join our Online Research

 ©1-11-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’ve been thinking about mutual receptions a lot lately because when Saturn went into Scorpio on October 6th, it moved into a long-lasting mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve been speculating on what that means for the many young people with stelliums in early Capricorn born in the late 1980s to early 1990s.

For those of you who don’t know much about mutual reception, it’s a connection that forms between two planets when they’re each traveling through the zodiac sign that the other planet rules. In this instance, Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, while at the same time, Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules.

To my way of thinking, mutual reception is similar in some respects to the so-called minor aspects like a septile or biquintile. The general perception seems to be that a mutual reception is a good thing—a “one hand washes the other” kind of synergy. But who is it good for? And what is it good for?

These are two extremely different planetary combinations, and so we might wonder what the differences are in their effects. Much would depend on the nature of the planets, signs, and houses involved, and that’s what I’d like to see us delve into with a bit of online research. First, however, here’s some  basic information about mutual receptions, which I’ll shorten to MRs.

What Makes a Mutual Reception Stronger?

Not all instances of mutual reception are equally important in a chart. Here are some factors to consider:

1) How common is this combination of planets and how long does it last? The amount of time two planets are in MR depends on the speed each is moving. Faster moving planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Mars move around the zodiac much more quickly than slower moving ones. The Moon goes through all 12 signs each month, so mutual receptions with planets in Cancer are quite common. Pluto, on the other hand, takes 248 years to go through all 12 signs.

Contrast the length of some MRs and how often they occur:

  • The Sun in Cancer/Moon in Leo combo happens each summer for 2 ½ days.
  • The Sun, Mercury, and Venus all move about 1° a day and  complete their orbit in a year. Some time during that cycle, there’s a good chance one of them will be in MR with another of them. For instance, not this year or last, but in some years, Venus would be in Virgo and Mercury would be in Libra for about 30 days.
  • The recent Jupiter in Gemini/Mercury in Sag MR lasted 37 days, including a Mercury Rx period. It happens once during Jupiter’s 12-year orbit around the zodiac.
  • The Saturn in Scorpio/Pluto in Capricorn MR will last for the entire 2 ½ years that Saturn is in Scorpio. Given that the time between Pluto’s stays in Capricorn is 248 years and Saturn’s tour of the zodiac lasts 29.5 years, the odds that Saturn would be in Scorpio at the same time that Pluto is in Capricorn are very slim. This is an extremely rare and potent combination, but every single child born on the planet in that 2 ½-year interval will have it.

(With only Neptune in Virgo natally, I’m not the sort to figure out how far apart these slow-moving MRs occur, but there’s some Virgo stellium Techno-Wizard out there that can.)

  • The Neptune in Aquarius/Uranus in Pisces MR lasted the entire 7 years that Uranus was in Pisces, from 2004-2010. Given that Uranus’ orbit is 84 years and Neptune’s is 165, the occasions for these MRs must be few and far between. This is an extremely rare and potent combination, but, again, every single child born on the planet in that 7-year interval would have it.

Just because every child born on the planet during a MR has it, that doesn’t mean it’s not important, however. The longer-lasting ones are a generational phenomenon, signifying some unique quality or asset that a particular age group shares and that is part of the makeup that distinguishes them as a group.

2) How well do the two planets partner each other?

mutualreception-a2dI believe that the most important factor in any planetary combination is how compatible the two planets and the signs they rule are. How well do they mesh—are their basic natures in harmony or at odds?

The signs Cancer and Aquarius do not mesh at all well, nor do their ruling planets, the Moon and Uranus. Thus while Uranus in Cancer would form a MR with the Moon in Aquarius, it still would not be a comfortable match.

On the other hand, the sign Gemini and its ruler Mercury have a certain affinity with Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter, and so the Jupiter in Gemini/Mercury in Sag MR could be a very useful one, especially for a writer.

They are natural partners in gathering and disseminating information. Mercury is on a perpetual quest to satisfy its insatiable curiosity and communicate that information to others, while Jupiter excels in pulling bits of knowledge together to get the bigger picture. Mercury would handle the writing, and Jupiter would deal with the publishing end.

3) Is there also another kind of aspect between the two planets?

The MR’s strength is reinforced if there’s also an aspect between the two. For instance, Mercury was opposite Jupiter during part of last year’s MR. Likewise, during the early part of its stay in Scorpio, Saturn will be sextile Pluto.

My experience is that when people have a pair of planets aspecting one another natally, and then the same two planets aspect one another again by transit (regardless of the aspect), it resonates with the natal aspects and opens a window to begin using that planetary pair in new ways.

For example, the young people born in 1988-89 with a conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in early Capricorn had Saturn (in its own sign) sextile Pluto in Scorpio (its own sign). Therefore, the transiting Pluto/ Saturn MR should ignite more of the strengths of that late-blooming Capricorn stellium, especially while transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto are also sextile in the early degrees of the two signs.

Join our Online Research into Mutual Receptions

In Summer, 2010, my Readers and I conducted a research study into the minor aspects, in which they wrote in the comment section about experiences that illustrated these aspects in their charts. I’d like us to do the same here with mutual receptions.

While this isn’t a state-of-the-art, double blind research protocol, I do believe that collecting case examples can contribute a great deal to our astrological knowledge.  

If you have an MR in your chart, help us out by sharing it in the comment section. You could also share about MRs of people you know or celebrities.

Give us the planets, signs, and houses involved, what you make of the combination based on what you know about the planets, and details of real life experiences that illustrate how they work together. I look forward to hearing from you! (Fair warning—I won’t be doing the interpretation. You’ll have to put on your thinking cap and give it a shot!)

UPDATE: Check out the comment section–there’s a great exchange and plenty of great examples of how MRs are affecting Readers’ lives.

PS:  Now that I finally have my 2013 Pocket astrologer, I see that there’s one current MR I missed:  Transiting Mars in Aquarius in mutual reception with Uranus in Aries has really put that Mars/Uranus energy over the top!   While I’m at it, I have to say that I’m not liking Uranus in Aries much. It’s about like a Mars/Uranus conjunction on steroids. There’s a lot of rage out there in the world at large, and people seem to be on a very short fuse, ready to let it off at any convenient target.

Here’s a link to an earlier post: Neptune & Uranus in Mutual Reception and one that throws light on half  of the Neptune/Uranus MR: Three Things I’ve Loved about Uranus in Pisces.

Here are links to the articles in our study of the lesser-known aspects, with many examples from the lives of Skywriter’s readers. The comment sections of those articles are still open, and you’re welcome to add your own experiences with these aspects.


  1. Hi Donna

    Re your request for people to share their experiences with mutual receptions. Here in the UK many astrologers consider they are as important as conjunctions.

    I have two mutual receptions in my natal chart. One is Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Gemini. As I have only Mercury and Chiron in Earth and a Fire/Air preponderance of other planets, I’ve always been pleased to have the benefit of having the mutual reception with Mercury and Saturn as I have found that Saturn anchors my Gemini stellium of 4 planets in Air and helps me to keep down to earth and to have common sense when I naturally tend to get more ideas than I can order in a practical way. Mercury is in my 6th house and Saturn is in my 12th house and I have been able to express these energies by qualifying in medicine and working as a therapist in a hospital setting. I also find the Saturn in Gemini the 12th reflects my research work as a writer.

    The other mutual reception in my natal chart is Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. The Sun is in my 6th house and Jupiter is in my 2nd House. For many years I earned my living as an art therapist (creative activities) Leo – Leo also rules my 2nd house and Sagittarius is on my 6th house cusp. Day to day routine and the ethos of work and service of the 6th house work well with the 2nd as as way of earning my living and I felt privileged to work in this field. Also, I am one of life’s optimists (Jupiter) with a philosophical and cheerful nature and this has helped me to lift the spirits of many depressed and suicidal patients. It has been so rewarding assisting these patients on their journey towards recovery often by providing activities which encourage laughter – laughter being a very therapeutic activity. So jovial Jupiter and creative Sun can work really well together. Throughout my life religious and spiritual development practices have been the core of my journey here on earth – Jupiter and the Sun in mutual reception convey this to me.

    Best wishes


    • Thanks for sharing, Rohana. As someone with nothing in earth but Neptune, I can certainly see how a Mercury Cap/Saturn Gemini would be a tremendous advantage! Donna

  2. I have Uranus (first house) and Venus (fifth house) in mutual reception. At the very least, this has always baffled Sun sign purists who can’t believe that I am a Capricorn. I have always been dedicated to ideals of social justice, although I express much of it through my artistic endeavors and my work with children. I am the proud parent of two beautifully unique children, and we are a life-learning/unschooling family. My own experience has been that this mutual reception is enriching , enhancing the cooperation of the energies involved.

    One of my two children was born under the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune. I have noticed that he and his peers have a heightened sense of compassion and fairness in social situations that baffles kids just a little older than they are (who constantly accuse them of being “too sensitive”). For example, my daughter has both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, and has always cared about endangered animals in an abstract sense; her younger brother takes their plight to heart, and seems to “feel” their distress more.

    One final example: my husband has Mars (9th house, conjunct MC) and
    Jupiter in mutual reception, and he is quite happy as a university professor.

    Good luck with this project! I’m looking forward to seeing how other people have experienced their MRs.

    • thanks, Mary-a great example! I can surely see those MRs working in your family’s charts. The fact that all 4 of you have one underlines once more how often particular chart features run in families. Donna

      Do include both the signs and the planets involved, folks, as it helps the newcomers learn what an MR consists of. Donna

      • Oops, sorry! My Uranus is in Libra, Venus is in Aquarius. And my husband has Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo.

  3. Hi Donna

    I have Sun at 5 Cancer with Moon 3 Leo in mutual reception and forming a 30 degree aspect. I used to work at for an oil company, firstly organising (Leo) boiler services and then organising boiler installations for domestic (home/Cancer) customers = water + fire to provide comfort at home. I also worked as a Supermarket (food/Cancer) Manageress (organising/Leo) for a short time before conceiving my daughter.

    Just before my daughter was born we moved house. The kitchen was converted soon after she was born, and I started a Vegetarian Ready Meals business, working from home – specifically so that I could spend more time with my children whilst they were young. My brother would often help me out, either looking after the children or washing up and helping me prep.

    The business became very successful, and one of my best customers requested meals with meat! I thought, hmm ok if I say no, that would be judgemental, so duly agreed and included some meat meals. One thing lead to another (I had to get more help looking after my children – all the best plans eh!).

    Several years later I formed another Company doing Party Catering and took a contract on with the local Rugby Club to provide buffets for match days. One thing led to another, branching out once again into business lunches for a large local Company, which then led to Corporate catering events on a converted fishing trawler, specifically so that I could provide food for large Corporate Christmas Parties initially, then latterly as a support boat for yacht races – I really enjoyed this, and felt very comfortable catering from a very small galley for large numbers of people. I absolutely loved the quirky venue – I also have Ceres in Aquarius (unusual forms of nurturing! This got me thinking!

    My sister’s Sun conjuncts my Ceres exactly – both at 29 degrees Aquarius, and she would often help me with large catering events, as did another girl who had Sun in Aquarius – their Sun in Aquarius = mutual reception with my Uranus in Leo, and my natal Ceres is also in mutual reception with my sister’s Uranus in Virgo.

    Thinking on even further! At the time I opened the Vegetarian business, my solar arc Moon had just moved into Virgo, with Uranus, (my natal North Node is also in Virgo) – now if we take Ceres as either Ruler or even co-Ruler of Virgo (another conversation eh:-), then maybe we have another mutual reception?

    During my party catering days, natal & progressed Ceres are both in Aquarius in mutual reception to my Solar Arc Uranus in Virgo, whilst Solar Arc Ceres was also wandering through Pisces (catering/nurturing on a fishing trawler!).

    Although my children are both Aries and traditionally Aries/Cancer do not get on well, despite this traditional “advice” we have always got on really together. Both my kids also have Mercury/Venus in Aries, within a couple of degrees of a square aspect to my Sun/Venus in Cancer, one also has Sun square my Sun/Venus and the other has Sun square my Mercury!

    Both my son and I have Mars in Taurus, in mutual reception with Venus in Aries. We also both have Solar Arc & Progressed Mars in Gemini and my daughter has Mars in Gemini in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries (her own and her brothers)!

    Again looking even more closely at Ceres, both my Solar Arc Ceres in Aries (transiting square to my natal Sun and conjunct my Son’s Mercury/Venus and my daughter’s Mercury/Sun/Venus) and Solar Arc Mars in Gemini = another mutual reception = catering on the boat involved a lot of short journeys – with my sister (Mercury) and no doubt explains all the nurturing I provided for my children.

    There’s more! After closing the catering companies I ran an independent (Mars) travel agency (Mercury=air travel). So lots of chatting and communicating to customers/air flight suppliers on the phone (Mercury, which is also Ruler of H7) to achieve my goal (Mars), again I organised this independent travel agency from home – and there we are still with the first mutual reception of Moon Leo ruler of Sun in Cancer.

    Before writing this reply, which was only going to consist of a brief summary of my Sun/Moon mutual reception, as I hadn’t even considered any of the above until my fingers hit the keyboard. Although strictly speaking I don’t mix Solar Arc with Progression and natal, there certainly seems to be a lot of evidence to consider this further.

    Many thanks Donna, I’m highly grateful for enlightening me regarding mutual reception. Fascinating 🙂

  4. Should we pay attention to other kinds of reception besides rulership (exaltation, fall and detriment)? I have Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer (being a double Cancer, Sun and rising sign) – does this make these planets stronger, or does this make the planets weakness stronger?

  5. I’m in the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo generation, and Mars is also exactly conjunct Pluto for me and they’re both sextile Mercury in Scorpio. (Though the sextile is a bit of a stretch with the orb you use, Donna, about 5 degrees.) Still, I think the MR might be interesting since it’s a kind of double MR with both of Scorpio’s rulers. Virgo is the fifth house and Scorpio the 7th. I can definitely see the strong influence on my life of the MR in that the two houses and signs are kind of blended for me. I’m a mother and a writer and motherhood and intimate friendships, family life, marriage, etc. have been what I’ve always wanted to write about. I’ve had a lot of trouble writing though because I’m too perfectionist about it, and I have trouble staying focused on the people I love because I’m always thinking. Moving away from these areas lately has been very helpful–Virgo/Scorpio is a really heavy blend, and I have 7 planets and the SN in the two. Thanks for doing this research! I really enjoy reading all the comments.

    • Pluto in Virgo/Mercury in Scorpio would be the mutual reception, but, yes the house rulerships make sense in terms of your life. Donna

  6. I have a Pluto in libra in 3rd house MR venus in scorpio in my 4th house. However, I´m not sure about how it affects me, because I also have a sun in libra in 4th house and a scorpio stellium in 4th house – moon, venus, uranus and mercury. What I can say is that I have some kind of conflict in my relationships, since I have very strong feelings, but I hate to show them and I prefer to show a more “harmonious” side. I don´t know how to deal with it.

    • It sounds like such a hodgepoge of influences on the 4th house that it would be hard to sort out which planet does what–maybe not just one single feature, but a combination of them all. Donna

  7. This is a great article.

    I have the above mentioned Jupiter (rx) in Gemini (11th house) and Mercury in Sagittarius( 5th house ) Sun in Sagittarius. For years I was told that because both were in detriment and in opposites, this combination didn’t have much power at all. Then when I had a face-to face consultation with a lovely astrologer, she explained to me, to my surprise, that it actually had benefits in my chart. She said, that they were actually working together , with mutual benefits. That was the first time, I had ever heard that!

    I looked at this website below, which explained how some MR worked better than others- and for those signs in detriment, one had to look at the aspects made to that sign/those signs : the six major ones`;` conjunctions, trines, squares, sextiles, oppositions and inconjunct :,

    to determine which sign/MR had the greatest influence.

    From my experience with Jupiter Gemini/Mercury Sagittarius, I would say , that most definitely I love to write 🙂 but I would also add, the Gemini part ( the gathering of knowledge, being an eternal student, having different interests etc) is given a philosophical base, a thread, a story, a coherence, and the Sagittarian part is made to look more closely at detail and variety at the same time: I suppose balancing depth/philosophical interests with some light-heartedness, breadth and detail. Yes, I would say, that there is a balance here, and that the astrologer was right!

    Whatever is tackled, written and spoken wise, has to satisfy my need for profundity, but also diversity. Most write-ups on Jupiter in Gemini speaks of scattering of knowledge, learning for the sake of stacking up knowledge, and having superficial knowledge at that. But I am finding I am more interested in underpinning what I know, spending time and not flitting from subject to subject. I find I keep coming back to things I love, and adding layers of experience and skill to that topic.

    When I had a look at applying Oaken’s ideas of using the aspects to planets in detriment , I note I have (Placidus chart ) Mercury square Saturn (Saturn in Pisces, 8th house) Mercury conjunct Moon, Mercury sextile Venus, Moon trine Ascendant. I have North Node in Gemini opposite Moon. So out of the two, Mercury would be a stronger influence than Jupiter? I have Jupiter square Uranus, square Pluto and opposite Sun.

    • Neat that you have the natal MR of the current one we’re looking at, thanks for sharing, and thanks for the article links. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a negative Mercury/Jupiter aspect, and I don’t believe an opposition is inherently a bad thing, though some planets in opposition are more difficult than others. An opposition challenges us to keep two sets of needs in balance. Donna

      PS. It might be interesting for you to take the tests here on Skywriter to measure the relative strengths of Jupiter and Mercury. Look on the front page under the tab, “Take the Planetary Tests.

  8. Hi Donna – A mutual reception sun/ 11th house- uranus/ 5th house. Lady bug/lady bug…sort of comes to mind for some reason. blessed with irish tripletts! (a son followed by fraternal twins.) Currently engaged in a mutual beneficial fraternity. everything feels like a marriage – i managed to earn a living as an art model for several years. my mode is in the moment – Sudden change of abode for various reasons living in unusual places. Trained in classical ballet, feels like a wonderful curse. i let my husband make the plans
    i must be careful with my diet so i do not become mentally or physically ill.

    • Congratulations!

      • I sometimes consider the Leo/Aquarius MR is the reason I find myself closer to dark realms (neptune and node in scorpio). I also belong to three secret societies.

  9. Donna C,
    thanks for letting us enjoy your articles again. Hope you´re allright?
    Have Sun Aqua opposing Uranus Leo. But in fall. Just now Uranus transit a sextile to Sun. Three persons have commented upon my personality during the week. Positive. But still I find it uncomfortable being little too much of interests in my person. “You´re so positive, allways smiling, energetic, creative, full of ideas etc”. That´s true, I´m born (over) positive but do not lack critisism. I have 3 planets in quintile series but your article made me to think..
    Adding here what I learned not long ago about aspects in signs in short/ long ascension according to Lily. Looking for my opposition it would be seen as Sun in applying opposition from a sign in short ascension would be shrinking the aspect to the earlier, right?
    And reading here you see some influences of quintiles in MR…hmmm..
    On track here at all?

    • I haven’t worked with Lily’s ideas, but like the sound of that Sun/AQ Uranus/Leo, MR–lots of pizzazz, for sure. And when a transit (Uranus TR Sun) echoes a natal combination, that’s a great window for using it and taking it further. and, yes, my hands are working well again now. Donna

  10. I have Jupiter at 8’52 Pisces (1st house) squaring Neptune at 9’07 Sag (10th house). I also have sun (9th house) at 3’51 sag, MC at 4’50 sag, venus at 8’48 sag and NN at 10’28 sag which further adds spice to the MR as the ruler of the 10th squares all the planets in the 10th!

    All through my youth and twenties, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career (neptune in the 10th) After University,I lived in China for 8 years sometimes studying Chinese and working at different jobs but never finding my true calling. Being honest, I spent a lot of time stoned and escaping from the real world (I blame Neptune!) At 30, I became a mother accidentally and within a year came home. Motherhood totally changed my life as I had to face responsibility and find the confidence to build a career to support us (Jupiter in 1st). As well as building a career in corporate business I was trying to cope with the realisation that my daughter was developmentally disabled. The only way I coped was by pretending that I could handle everything and that she would be fine in a few years. Eventually the house of cards collapsed when I got a well paid new job and promptly lost it 6 months later! For the first time in my life, I stopped running away and faced the reality of the last 7 years.

    This was over a year ago now and I have had time to come to terms with my daughter’s disabilities and celebrate her for who she is. I started meditating a year ago and it has now become part of my daily routine giving me a sense of peace and keeping me grounded (I have NO earth planets in my chart!). I was able to study astrology again now that I have time to read books and look at charts. I no longer want to work for corporate business where money is more important than people and instead feel the need to make a contribution or give something back. With transiting Neptune squaring my sag planets and MC over the next few years there will probably be a lot more uncertainty over my career direction before I finally figure it out.

    This is definitely a positive and beneficial MR although the nature of the aspect (square) and the fact that it is close to exact (within a few minutes) does add extra stress to the combination. At it’s worst, my Jupitarian self encourages the Neptunian escapism and runs away from reality. At it’s best, it will keep pushing me to evolve into a more complete and compassionate being with real purpose….

  11. Thanks Donna! I’ll definitely have a look at those two tests. I have often wondered about oppositions, as I have some. Uranus opposition Saturn/Chiron, and Pluto opposite Saturn/Chiron. I suspect it is about balance, or working towards finding a balance in one’s life, regarding those planetary energies.

  12. Hi! I have my Aries sun in the 7th in mutual reception with my Leo mars in the 11th. The two planets are part of my grand fire trine with neptune in sag in the 3rd. I have a very busy splash/little bit of everything kind of chart so it is difficult for me to separate out the effect of the mutual reception from the grand trine and other aspect patterns. The one thing I do notice is that I have no problem assuming leadership rules (when necessary) even though I tend to be slightly more introverted than extroverted. As far as the houses involved, I definitely need a partner who is also a friend and my closest friendships are with people who are very fiery and independent. These things could be attributed to the planet and sign placements themselves…I guess in my case the mutual reception is simply amplifying what is already there.

    • Yes, I think the Mars/Leo Mr Sun Aries adds a bit more oomph to the fire grand trine, especially as they are two of the more fiery planets. Donna

  13. With reference to the recent Uranus – Neptune MR; there was a period at the end of the 90s when Saturn and Neptune were in MR, too; With 3 natal planets in Pisces (including both luminaries) I loved that. I find it pretty wonderful that there’s been so much intensity of focus and inter-communication among the late signs in a relatively short period. Personally, I too have a useful Mercury Saturn MR, and a Merc Uranus MR too; useful because like Rosemary I have a lot of mutability in the chart, with Gem rising and most planets in air. Mercury is 10, conjunct MC, and Saturn and Uranus rule 10. Saturn is in 5th or 4th, depending; I do take a while to get to creating … but my childhood was not easy, that fits 4 (but Pluto is cj IC – and opp Merc, which could cover all of that). I write poetry (Mercury is trine Neptune and the Asc) and this year finally start a prose work. I have to push myself into discipline and order.

  14. Like Vanessa I have an Aries Sun/Leo Mars, but with Uranus exactly conjunct the Sun in the 10th house. with Mars at the end of my first house. Jupiter in Cancer is just above the ascendant and is MR with my fifth house Sagittarius
    Moon. In addition Pluto sits in 1st house opposite Saturn in the 7th. I am very much aries/leo at 81 years and am almost obsessively creative.witih pisces venus opposite neptune,,sextile mercury which trines neptune all of which aspects Sag moon. . As I approach my Uranus return, I can see how this outer planet has marked different periods but the consistent influence is the wonderful aries/mars, jupiter/moon MRs giving me energy and joy.and love of life.

    • hot stuff!

  15. Hi Donna,

    I have Mars in Virgo in the 12th house and Mercury in Aries in the 7th house. They are qunicunx.

    After learning about the archetypes of each of these planets in their perspective mutual signs I started noticing how this very strong aspect influences me on a daily basis. Here is what I came up with:

    Mars in the 12th house enforces action to undo various less productive situations in my life but first it has to have Mercury’s well thought out plan focused into a vision–like a partnership.

    Actually, all actions need to have Mercury’s blessings; all activities that require movement of any kind.

    From the opposite direction if Mars acts first–which is its nature to do so–I have accidents. Mars in Virgo in the 12th can be very impatient with detail, as it is not very happy within this nit-picky sign. Mercury also doesn’t have much patience. But patience is something that I have had to train my mind to follow (another partnership: mind and environment).

    Before I knew about the mutual receiption of these qunicunx planets I had lots of little accidents. Now I have very, very few. As I focus my mind to stay with my feet.

    Thanks for allowing me to share. If anybody has any feedback to give on this planetary configuration I would be grateful to hear what you have to say.

    Sending Love and Light to You Dear Donna and to All of You Who Read this,
    Hillary Hitt

    • An excellent analysis, Hillary! And yes, the quincunx is anything BUT a minor aspect and can be quite troublesome because the two signs are so incompatible. Perhaps the MR smooths the way somewhat in a quincunx. Donna

    • Wow, Hillary – what an insightful description of how your MR and quincunx work best together. I also *might* have a MR involving Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Scorpio. Since my Mercury is conjunct Neptune and Neptune is quincunx my Mars, I relate to what you’ve shared.

      You’re right! My retrograde Mars frequently needs to defer to my Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction by thinking things through and taking the spiritual high-road, otherwise I’m likely to say something I’ll come to regret.

  16. I love that analysis, Hillary! It’s really a case of look before you leap, or think before you do anything. I think that’s a very good lesson to learn, for all of us. Kudos! I think thr quincunx is like an adjustment between two qualities, which wouldn’t normally see eye to eye ( hence inconjunct its other name), but it sounds like you’ve worked out how these two planets can actually get along for your benefit

  17. This is interesting stuff, Donna! Also enjoy reading the personal MRs.
    What about Mercury and Venus which are belonging to two signs Gemini/Virgo and Taurus/Libra and the two qualities air /earth? I’ve Venus in Gemini (11th house) and Mercury in Taurus (10th house) with Placidus, this is “theoretically” not a strong MR, I’ve read, because they are in neighbour – signs. Once an astrologer also says, my Venus and Mercury are in the 10th house with Koch-system… So far so good.
    I feel this MR strongly as a part of myself – maybe it’s because it gets aspects of my Virgo conjuntion Mars, Pluto, Uranus (also of Saturn)? The Venus gets all the squares, the Mercury the trines. So there is an extra connection through this. I worked as an illustrator (love drawing, doing things with my hands Gemini), write poems, make translations, sometimes I’m really struck by a word or sentence for some days, also of the sound of words (Taurus senses), some years ago I discover my passion to work with textiles/sewing. I’m also interested in some computerstuff by now and then.
    It’ a multimedia-thing I guess which is based on this mutual exchange of Venus and Mercury but made stronger by the aspects of the Virgo-conj. It’s possible for me to jump between the Mercury-Taurus who likes to chew a bit on ideas and the Venus(conj. Jupiter)-Gemini who is becoming (!) more lighthearted. It wasn’t always like this! So maybe for some MRs you need some “muscle”- training (especially if one planet is the main planet of a t-square = Venus) and basically something is needed that kicks them on as a billiard ball 😉 and than it works out. Maybe also because I’ve the IC in Libra. And: I love to think about this MR theme and that’s for me also a part of the Mercury/Venus (who makes aspects to my Moon in Aquarius). Petra

    • Yes, Mercury in Taurus/Venus in Gemini is an MR, and a useful one, Taurus providing grounding and staying power for Gemini’s flightiness, Gemini adding mental agility, a gift of gab and some charm to Taurus’ plodding pace.

      I find the semisextile (30 degree aspect, as here) a mildly helpful aspect, as it sort of tethers the planets and helps keep either sign from going too far into their weaknesses.

      For instance, Cancer adds a connection to the emotions that cerebral Gemini lacks, and Gemini helps Cancer laugh rather than take offense to perceived slights. Here’s an article on that aspect:


  18. Hi Donna, happy new year/new moon to ya!!! I too have the merc in taurus 6h, venus in gem 7h semi-sextiled , I never really noticed how they worked together for my benefit then realized that I can switch between being deep in thought to chatty and back again, light hearted communication seems to be a big theme in both my work environment (virgo also rules 10h) and one on one relationships (taurus rules 6/7 h) with dips into profound subjects then back to light hearted. Maybe the balancing to keep me from staying too light or too serious. Seeing as there are plenty of aspects to both, still sussing it all out. Merc is rx, Its sits between sun and saturn in conjunction and square moon trine pluto, venus is within 2 degrees of mars, square pluto. Regarding the stellium, never could figure out the stronger planet, though I lean towards merc. I’m heading to over to check out that Alanoken link now, see what else I can learn! Thanks for more wonderful articles Donna, you are an astrological lighthouse!!!!

    • oops, meant to say semisextiled..

  19. Hi Donna

    I have Mercury in Pisces house 12 in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini house 3. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars and Saturn opposite Pluto and Uranus (house 6), So I studied foreign languages at school, went to live in a foreign country (still living there) and I work over with turism also with publications , so not in a hidden way or only in my fantasy, as Mercury in 12 could indicate!!!
    I also have a question. Do you consider only the MR of modern planets or also the on of classic astrology?

    • Oh, I see–you used Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces. No, I don’t work with the ancient rulerships that don’t take into account the planets beyond Saturn as they hadn’t been discovered yet. I don’t have a problem with the modern rulerships like Uranus for Aquarius, Neptune for Pisces, and Pluto for Scorpio, as they seem way more accurate. Donna

  20. I have Pluto in Virgo (12th) sextile and in mutual reception with Mercury in Scorpio on the cusp of the 3rd. Don’t know if it matters or not, but Pluto is conjunct my Ascendant, which is ruled by my Mercury which is conjunct Neptune – so again, there’s the 12th house influence. I’m a deep, detailed, proactive thinker and communicator, and I sometimes receive messages or information intuitively or through dreams. I also use my hands and words to help heal, and consider my research skills to be one of my greatest strengths. I try to use my voice to advocate on behalf of those with less worldly power or influence.

    Donna, you’re so right about how current transits involving the same planets can open windows by allowing the natal energies an opportunity to express themselves. When transiting Mercury and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn, I began carefully researching then composing a legal statement designed to bring to light some of the issues we’ve faced as renters. I’ve also had to do a lot of research in order to assert and protect our rights as renters in dealing with abusive and/or neglectful communications on the part of our Landlord and her lawyer. This whole experience has made me more acutely aware of what others go through and more determined to be of service.

    Since the traditional ruler of my Mercury in Scorpio (on the cusp of the 3rd) is Mars, and my natal Mars is in Gemini (in the 9th), I wonder if this is also considered a mutual reception? My Mercury is conjunct Jupiter too, which seems to reinforce the connection. I’m often able to understand, clarify and communicate ideas/concepts related to legal, political, philosophical or religious issues, without being misled by legalistic dogma or rhetoric. When I put my mind to it, I’m generally able to focus in on the bottom line, the heart and spirit (or lack thereof) beneath the superficial facades being presented. It’s a quality people either love or hate in me.:0

    It’s nice to see you posting again, Donna. I always learn something new. I also appreciate the opportunity to share and learn from other readers’ comments, which I’ll have to go back and read now.:) Thanks!

    • Adding, after completing the legal statement I referred to (which was 4 pages long), I had it checked out by a Tenants Rights Lawyer. He gave me the go-ahead and told me I was a better lawyer than he was. Obviously he was kidding (I’m not a lawyer), but I appreciated the vote of confidence.

    • Glad to be back, LB! And thanks for a great example of how the transits can set off the strengths of an MR. Donna

  21. I have Sun in Scorpio (4th house, along with 4 other planets) and Pluto in Leo (in 12th house, conjunct Ascendant and Saturn). I think the MR between Sun and Pluto has made me more ‘scorpionic’ than the average Scorpio – darker, heavier, slower to trust, more private/secretive, more solitary, more suspicious, more interested in the occult, more intense, more obsessive, more fascinated with power, etc. This could have been a recipe for self-destruction, but lessons are learned quickly when accompanied by Saturn’s 2 x 4, and ‘sadder but wiser’ seems to be tattooed on my psyche.

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to the long MR between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, but I know from experience it will bring new wisdom.

  22. I have the Moon in Cap in 10th opposing Saturn in 4th in Cancer (with Sun in Aries and Pluto in Libra as two other arms of the Cardinal Grand Cross). I am your typical high-achieving child of ambitious parents. I’ve been in therapy since Pluto started to approach my Moon and I’m not done yet.

  23. I have two other examples for this mutual reception survey My daughter has cancer sun/ leo moon conjunct uranus,and the 12th house. She is in the public eye as professor with a 10th house sun, is innovative, a high achiever.writer, musician, but also a great mother.
    My graduate school friend of 50 years has cancer pluto/ scorpio moon
    and leo jupiter/sagitarius sun.. She is an accomplished professor and writer,with strong opinions (also a good mother.) We (see maryjane above) are both 81 and will have uranus return in a few years.(goddess willing)

    • Good examples, Mary Jane, thanks. Nice to see that the MR has such great staying power. Maybe the ease it conveys is especially a blessing for us seniors, with years and years of practice. Donna

  24. Lets see if I can contribute to your research. All of them are in aspect too.
    Virgo Moon – Cancer Mercury
    Aquarius Jupiter – Sagittarius Uranus
    Moon in 12th – Neptune in 4th
    Mercury in 10th – Saturn in 3rd
    Moon/Mercury its like I have clairaudience. My inner voice is loud and can’t be ignored. I am just good at guessing how somebody is going to react. My Ideas and attitudes stay inside me while they are mixed, simmered, cooked and digested. I have turned myself wrong-side-out already (I’m Left-Handed). I see things from a different perspective because I’m wired backwards. My emotion is not in what I say but in what I don’t say, not in my idea per se but in the process I went through to come up with it. Even though they say the Virgo Moon is analytical, its like I experience my emotions by trusting my inner voice. Its like I have an endless chatter box going on inside my head and in my gut. I just know things and can’t explain why. I know that emotions make no logical sense so they shouldn’t be thought on too much. Emotions come and go and can’t be controlled so there’s no reason to worry about them. Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. My feelings and thoughts peacefully coexist with each others. Its not like having Moon in Gemini/Mercury in Pisces. My feelings don’t cloud my thoughts, and my feelings aren’t restricted by my thoughts.

    Jupiter/Uranus seems like I don’t have the ability to discriminate somebody by their beliefs or cultural differences. I communicate with people from all over the world fluently. I’m able to have a intimate relationships with others even when language or cultural barriers seem to interfere. If there’s a will there’s a way….I’ll always figure out a way to relate to the human experience. Uranus is in the 3rd and I have an uncanny ability to find meaning, a common ground between two opposing forces. Not really religious at all, I consider myself to be a spirit guide. Somebody that helps you discover whatever path you think takes you to your enlightenment. I live in the “Old Kingdom”, and direct people towards higher awareness. I always find it interesting that Jupiter and Uranus are my only planets in Fire/Air elements so both these planets are also singleton. Uranus gets me into a lot of trouble. I don’t mind shocking other people, it comes naturally. Lots of times people see me as a space cadet who is off his rocker. Its just that genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. Its the genius at work. Geniuses are like thunderstorms. They go against the wind, terrify people, cleanse the air.

    Moon 12th/Neptune 4th – My security rest in my shell… I am a puff of smoke. My primary need is to be a shell. My inner strength, the membrane of my shell, resists breaking. When I break I take everyone with me and pull them into my abyss of self pity, addiction and escapism; however, when I’m whole, my selflessness elevates and protects us. I can make anybody feel at home within their bodies. Have dealt with a lot of trauma victims. Rape, addictions, and even scars of war have been experienced first-hand. My dad did 3 tours of Vietnam and has many demons. Oddly enough I was more like a parent to my dad then he was towards me. I can’t play down somebodies experience, I’m empathetic not sympathetic. I will not tell you what you want to hear, or feel sorry for you. I will try to motivate you to be a survivor. Saints are martyrs, so was Jesus. Look how their lives end. Martyrs, have to choose between being forgotten, mocked or used. As for being understood – never. Worship those whom have tortured to death doesn’t settle too nicely in my mind.

    Mercury 10th/Saturn 3rd – I can think and concentrate deeply. Can spend hours reading on a subject. I’ll slowly evaluate a situation and see from all angles. It seems that my natural mental state of consciousness to always be in deep thought. But for me its light mind, I don’t feel weight down from profound thought. I have no problems telling the truth. Truth hurts if your scared go to church. Its one of my character flaws, I’m painfully honest and truthful to a fault. Growing up I always thought I was stupid and unintelligent. This forced me to do a personal inventory of myself at a young age. Obsessed with conquering over stupidly was a must. I was really bad at English growing up, always was grades behind. So I became a hardcore reader. Soon enough I far excelled my peers and proved my intelligence to myself. I focus on my weaknesses and am my own worse critic. I don’t even realize how much depth I put into my thoughts. Tend to forget that others don’t think as much as me. Deep thinking illuminates the secrets of your mind.

    This is my understanding of a mutual reception. A mutual reception links the two planets in a feedback loop so by accessing one you access the other which then accesses the one and so on. They are linked permanently, in a way that can be beneficial. This can bestow gifts, with few drawbacks of inconvenience or lack of control. Training and discipline will hone the abilities to their most acute. They create abilities that may not manifest until the person is ready and able to handle it. Mutual reception can also give such a strong gift that the person may take it for granted. Certainly they possess abilities that are not commonly occurring. It can make a person a unaware and not understanding of those without the gift. They know what they know, and can do what they can do, and the person with this placement may not understand the skepticism of those who want concrete proof or the ability for others to duplicate the results. It bestow a type of genius, but like most geniuses, they are as often misunderstood and not appreciated for their unique gifts.

    I might of made them sound like a gift, but every blessing ignored is a curse. Why has God given me such magnificent talent? It is a curse as well as a great blessing.

    • These are excellent examples and interpretations, Allan. Thanks for joining in. I like that idea that the MR is a feedback loop. Donna

      • alan
        ,and SOO modest with it,what a curse!

  25. Mercury in Sagittarius in 10th House, conjunct MC, squareJupiter in 7th House in Virgo. (Neptune also in 7th in Libra)
    Tend to forget not everyone is quite as friendly and open as my Sagittarius Sun would like them to be.

  26. I have a Virgo Sun and a Leo Mercury. My Leo Moon is directly midpoint between them, conjuncting both, all in the 11th house.

    I can tell you stories, and I will, given half a chance. I like to think that my Virgo Sun has analysed the situation and realised that I serve the community best from a humble midstage position…

    • LOL! I guess the Mercury/Jupiter MR has some drawbacks after all–spending lots of money on foot in mouth remedies! Donna

  27. Further to my note above I should say maybe that with chart ruler Mercury in the 10th in MR with Saturn and Uranus, co-rulers of the MC and Uranus in the 1st, unsurprisingly I have always been self-employed – apart from a period in a very unconventional and thoughtful theatre company, and more recently briefly in two IT-based jobs. Most of that has been in publishing; you knock up against a lot of Mercury types freelancing in publishing. Now I’m restarting my acting career as well as writing. NB with Venus and the Sun on ‘astrology’; degrees, I’ve been practising astrology quietly since I was about 17.

  28. I didn’t read everything here,please forgive me if I mess something up.

    In Tropical astrology I have no mutual receptions but in Western Sidereal-or just sidereal whathaveyou :-)-astrology I do.

    I have venus(7th house conjunct descendant) and jupiter rx (11th/12th house cusp) in mutual reception and
    pluto(4th house) with mercury(5th house) in my natal chart.

    So that would be similar energy to a minor aspect?

    Jupiter seems to be pretty strong anyway since it’s in opposition to my sun,mars,mercury and so is Venus being the ruler of my 5th house and in my 7th with my libra sun 29’…so forming a
    mutual reception just makes them stronger…..I’d like to think in a good way. Pluto is strong as I have much scorpio and mercury is strong since I have gemini rising with mercury in scorpio.

    so I think these mutual receptions may,hopefully,offset any negative traits that may be exasperated by already strong intertwinements.

    • Oh, boy! From the responses I’m getting, MRs are a whole lot more complicated than I knew. Exaltations, ancient rulerships that don’t go beyond Saturn, Vedic mutual receptions–I HAVE NO IDEA!!! LOL! well, I put this post up so we all could learn more, and we sure are doing that. Donna

  29. Just mentioned the Venus Saturn conjunction in the 10th house quincunx Moon in Aquarius in the 5th house. Is this also a mutual reception between moon and Saturn? Saturn as the old ruler of Aquarius? I mentioned this concerning the Saturn Scorpio transit through my 2nd house on another page about that transit.

    • No, it would have to be an MR between Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Cancer. Donna

  30. Mary English sent me here from Twitter. *waves to her*

    I am another sun in Aquarius (3rd house) / Uranus in Leo (9th house) -intercepted- person. I live and breathe astrology. It’s my religion. The rest of my chart is so difficult that if I didn’t have the comfort it gives me, I would have off’d myself a long time ago. It helps me make peace with this incarnation from hell.

    I know it would probably be helpful in the writing / publishing area, but marketing your own books is a pain and often an exercise in futility. I wouldn’t want to be bothered. I do write, but I write fiction, some of which incorporates astrology. I have a hard time finishing long works though, because of a Grand Curse, I mean Cross. My whole life is spent running from one catastrophe to the next, around and around and around. I heard one person with a Cross describe it as “feels like failure,” and she was so right. So sometimes I work on the novels, and sometimes I work on astrology, and I’ve given up trying to schedule or control either one. I just do whichever is screaming the loudest at any given time. Back on track, as I realize this is about mutual reception, not Grand Crosses…I guess I mentioned it because Uranus is part of the cross.

    In spite of everything, I love my mutual reception! It feels like a gift from the universe, as if I have special insight that most people don’t have. It’s like reading the language of God, without all the editing and sexist translations that the Bible has undergone throughout history. I wouldn’t trade it for a Jupiter/Venus/Uranus in Taurus conjunction on the MC.

    • Today, marketing is the only way your books will get known–publishers do very little of it, expect you to do it, and in fact may not even accept the book unless you already have a “platform” like a blog or website where you’re promoting your work. While marketing is always uncomfortable for a 12th house Sun like me, I just bite the bullet and do it. I think if that elitist Aquarian Sun could get over the distaste for it, that Uranus in Leo could be quite charismatic and inventive in doing it. Donna

  31. Yay – you’re back. And what an interesting bunch of comments.

    I have the kind of mutual reception that you wouldn’t count since it’s between Pisces and Gemini and the the planets in question are Jupiter (10H) and Mercury (8H). But hey, I thought I’d put in my two cents anyway.

    I have to say I find it very powerful, perhaps because it pulls in a giant stellium in Pisces and my Moon in Gemini too. Both planets are in detriment (or fall, can’t remember which rotten one), so theoretically badly placed. But in fact they work very well for me, when I let them join up.

    I have always made a living from research and wordsmithery. I find I need to have a vast breadth of knowledge (Jupiter in Gemini ) before reaching an intuitive or poetic understanding (Mercury in Pisces). It’s impossible for me to write without that raft of knowledge, and it’s only when I write that I truly understand.

    Does that make sense?

    • Well, the ancient rulers like Jupiter for Pisces and Saturn for Aquarius are one of the complications I didn’t envision when I proposed this topic. But glad to hear they are working for you–very well if I recall the kind of writing you do on that excellent blog of yours. Donna

  32. Like your post, Christina! I can relate about drawing up from a raft of knowledge in order, otherwise I wouldn’t write.Although my MR is in mercury Sag, and Jupiter Gemini, both in “detriment”, they seem to work ok for me- but for years I was led to believe they were too weak to do anything for me. I wonder whether, such claims are over-stated, just as minor aspects are under-started, depending on what is exactly is in the chart!?

    • Doesn’t Jupiter in Gemini get the most hilariously awful write ups! I certainly think that detriment and fall don’t actually mean weak. I think it might be better if we saw them as working “differently”.

      • I agree, Christina. My Jupiter in capricorn is sextile my Moon in Pisces. A kind of weird negative reception is suggested. I do get the Saturnian influence in Jupiter. It showed up big time on my last Jupiter return,.when I went to Italy to pick my olives, my son had his passport stolen and couldn’t come, so I had to work incredibly hard from 7 till 5 daily for six days, but was finally helped with the last few by my jupiterian neighbour, complete with a kind of thunderbolt-looking machine. Felt like a miracle. I gained more than I can say short of an essay, it was a big harvest, and olives are ruled by Jupiter. The Moon is in my eleventh and I do feel lucky, verymuch so. Helpful people, always a surprise at the time.

  33. I’ve subscribed to your blog! It looks great. Thanks for the heads up, Donna 🙂

  34. Hi, Donna,

    I’ve got Saturn in Virgo in the 5th trine Mercury in Cappy in the 8th. ( I’m not sure this applies here but they are also co-dispositors of my chart another story.) Both Saturn and Mercury are the most aspected planets in my chart and Mercury is the chart ruler. While I’m not thrilled with some other Saturn aspects in my chart, I can see that Saturn in trine to my other Cappy planets is a great “grounder,” especially for someone like me who has lots of mutable signs emphasized, The downside of this Merc-Saturn configuration has always plagued me in school and the workplace. I’ve been accused of being “too slow” in this hyper, multi-tasking world. I like to think things through and plan ahead. I think deeply and still can remember subjects that I studied in grade school 50 years ago! Writing has always been an interest of mine as well as a living (also data entry).

    • Amy, Mercury-Saturn aspects are some of the best, to my way of thinking–a deeper, more considered way of thinking things through, rather than jumping to a superficial conclusion. They come into their own more as they mature. I’ll always remember a therapy client who was getting a PHD in physics and yet was still convince her older brother was the smart one. If I recall correctly, Einstein had a Mercury-Saturn conjunction, and as a child he was labeled retarded because he didn’t speak until he was 5. Donna

  35. @Christina, yes, most of the write-ups on Jupiter in Gemini, aren’t exactly inspiring! It is usually seen as scattered, too much , superificial, etc. It’s hardly worth reading, enough to make a girl tear her hair out. I think you are hitting the nail in the head: jupiter and Gemini just happen to work differently. Amy’s raised a very good point too, about when some one thinks carefully and in detail, they are accused of being slow, as everyone is expected to multi-tasked and hyper, which probably relates better to Gemini. I think there’s a lot to be said for just respecting that everyone reacts and thinks differently, and write-ups on Gemini in Jupiter or judgemental comments on Capricorn should bear that in mind. It’s just different. Also Amy, it’s great to have organised and thoughtful people around like you. People should appreciate that more.

  36. Thank you, Zoraidagitana1965! Much appreciated.

    Regarding Jupiter in Gemini, I know a couple of people with that placement, and they’re both far from shallow in their thinking.
    They are both witty conversationalists with a background in teaching.

  37. @ Amy, you’re most welcome! That’s very good to know about Jupiter Geminis. I can identify with enjoying fine conversations, debates and discussions, too. I too am in the teaching/lecturing field.

    I was very interested to hear about the Saturn-mercury aspects. I’ve got Saturn-mercury square, and I’ve never felt intellectually, confident, feeling that although I always have to study very hard and be planned and prepared. I think very deeply about things. Again, I had read negative things about the square, but I have to say, I try to make sure, I focus on positive thinking, and make I finish what I start!

    • I, too, have Saturn square Mercury in my natal chart (Saturn 18 Aries, 7th house; Mercury 15 Capricorn, 4th house). I like to think before I speak, and try to say only say what I really mean. Glib fast-talkers often write me off as dull-witted, but I rarely say anything I regret.

  38. @Mary , Saturn square mercury: yes, I am exactly the same. I tend to think very carefully before I say anything, so as not to offend/embarrass others/embarrass myself( that also could come from my mercury sextile venus. For a Sagittarius mercury, I tend to think three /four times, before i speak) . The positive side of this, is that you can be seen as a diplomatic, tactful and sensitive- so “glib fast talkers” get note!

  39. Hi, Donna,
    I’ve heard speculation that Einstein had Asperger’s (sp?), but I suspect that he was out of his skull with his early educationa and what passed for conversation! thanks for the encouraging comment re: Merc-Sat aspects. Some of my Air-Fire friends have commented on my “depth.”

    • A Lot of geniuses are said to be Aspergers, but I’m not sure he was that weird. Didn’t he have several love relationships? Donna

      • Maybe those who started the Einstein/Asberger’s rumor were just jealous…

      • Of his acheivements or his love life? Probably both!

  40. Oops! I meant to say BORED out of his skull! Amy

  41. They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception.

  42. In my natal chart, I have Venus in Cancer and Moon in Libra. It’s like a mental circle, I don’t feel loved and I never get what I need to feel love (I believe that I exhibit traits of the characteristic “unbonded child” as in the research of Dr. B. F. Skinner). Additional relevant data: Saturn square to Moon. I’ve spent my life essentially alone, and at my age I recognize that I’m unlikely to find that cute young gal who is thrilled to be with me. I say that not to whine: I’m done whining, done feeling sad, I’m starting to enter into my anger stage, and that’s a good thing. Because decades of feeling “not good enough” really sucked.

    Birth data: 8/16/1961 075W05′ 44″ 39N55′ 39″ 13:57EST (not daylight time!! Rectified by Winnifred D Horst PMAFA, and then later I found evidence that the area diocese that ran the Catholic hospital didn’t “believe” in daylight savings time, corroborating the rectified time!). Asc 6 Sag 44.

    • Hi, Art. Are Venus and the Moon square one another besides the MR? (And are both square Saturn, in a t-square?) Whhen there’s an aspect between two planets in MR, it makes the connection very strong, and hence that sense of feeling not good enough. Donna

      • It depends on your definition of aspect orbs. My teacher was, shall we say, rather conservative in this regard. And her training does make sense to me. HOWEVER, by SIGN the Moon does square Venus as well as ruling it and vis-versa. So yes I can see what you’re saying. Square = Mars = pain.

  43. Hi, my sun is in leo conjunct my leo asc. I have two MRs and am very eager to understand them better. And I already have from what you fellow astrology-lovers have written. Now I want to share:

    My MRs:

    1) Cancer Saturn 12th MR/opposition Capricorn Moon 6th (In conjunction with Saturn I have Mercury and Venus. Jupiter trines my 12th house stellium) (I do work with astrology/tarot councelling from home/Norway;-))

    2) Pisces Jupiter 9th house MR/square Saggitarius Neptune 5th house

    Moon/Saturn: I have been a bit worried about not being able to express feelings/joy the way I would prefer = in an very expressive/dramatic leo kind of way… I often feel insecure and feel a bit “stiff”. It is difficult for me to tell someone how I feel, its like the words wont come out, and when they do… often in a harsh way, which I dont like myself for. Like I get angry with myself for my negative feelings. At the same time… I can easily cry from joy when Im alone. I am bursting with deep feelings. Just so hard to show them… to let them out.

    But yesterday I had a break through… I was for the first time (?) so wonderfully able to express negative feelings in a constructive way, so that a “bad” situation turned into one which made my relationship stronger. And I felt proud of myself and I felt hope. Like: “Yes, Ive managed this harsh moon/venus/saturn contact… finally it gets easier”… Im 38 now and have recently found the most beautiful love connection. So… this is how I experience my moon/Saturn MR: I dont have to doom it anymore, but see it like a process where I can have both: Soft/good and hard/negative feelings expressed in a sensitive, well organised, constructive kind of way. Which makes my life better:-)

    About Jupiter MR Neptune: I didnt really notice this before I read this article… And I like it a lot. I know that Neptune in my 5th have made me idealize love/romance/men and “always” made me disappointed, but now I see that Jupiter in my 9th in MR makes me expand and learn about life/love and most impostant: It has given me faith in all my imaginations – that “fairytale” love actually can be REAL.

    It would be exciting if anyone has something to say about this;-)

    Love and joy

    • Thanks for sharing, Anne–very cogent interpretations, and wonderful growth. I’m very taken with the generation born with Neptune in Sag and their expansive and positve spin on spirituality. Your generation was born in my late 20s, just at the time I got involved with astrology and metaphysics and had a spiritual awakening, so in a sense your group and I share something of our spirituality. Donna

  44. After watching the PBS series, “The Abolitionists”, I became interested in the astrology of some of the people mentioned, people who were willing to risk their lives to fight for a cause they believed in – most through non-violent methods.

    John Brown was one of the few exceptions. His religious and moral convictions led him to give up everything and to fight and die for his beliefs using any means necessary, including force. Right or wrong, saint or madman, it’s thought his attack on Harper’s Ferry and subsequent hanging, turned him into a martyr and abolitionist-hero. By highlighting the differences between the deeply divided North and South, John Brown’s all-or-nothing, uncompromising approach to the problem of slavery played a major role in the start of the Civil War.

    His Pluto and Mars (Mars being the ruler of his Aries North Node/Ceres/Venus/Mercury conjunction) were conjunct in Pisces, while his Neptune was in Scorpio (conjunct Vesta). Neptune in Scorpio understands the misuse of power, and Pluto/Mars in Pisces is willing to transcend personal concerns in favor of more universal ones – in this case, acted out through the North Node in Aries.

    • William Lloyd Garrison was another abolitionist with a mutual reception of Venus in Aquarius and Uranus (conjunct Saturn) in Libra; he valued social justice and freedom, not just as an abstract concept but in a very real way that rebelled against the abuse of government and authority in determining right relationships between humans.

      Coincidentally, like John Brown, ruler of his North Node in Capricorn (Saturn), was also involved and was conjunct both his Mercury and Mars. He used his words to establish a newspaper dedicated to the cause of changing people’s minds and hearts, hoping to emancipate the slaves and abolish slavery. He was also a strong supporter of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. He got involved in practical ways, dedicating his life to changing the way people thought as well as the role of government in recognizing and respecting the rights of other humans.

      • Good work, LB! I had been wishing that readers would extend our explorations to notable people. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I started off curious as to what their charts looked like – if not for your post, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to look for mutual receptions, which are very interesting.

      • hi LB and Donna! I was just catching up on these and I completely forgot about the North Node! What kind of general influence do you think it has when it is involved with planets in mutual reception?

      • I don’t know Vanessa, but was wondering the same thing. Maybe it makes the calling of the North Node’s path that much stronger and gives it a more ‘fated’ quality??? Especially when the North Node or its ruler somehow connects a personal planet (or ruler of a personal planet) to an outer planet involved in a mutual reception. Not sure if I’m phrasing that correctly – it seems complex and I’m no astrologer.

      • Do you mean two planets are in MR, and one of them is conjunct a Node? It would be an indication that the one it’s conjunct is the more important one to learn to use wisely and well. If it’s the south node, it may mean you’ve already overdeveloped that planet and are likely to fall back on it as the path of least resistance, I’d think. Donna

  45. I just discovered another controversial and influential speaker with a mutual reception; once again, I just happened to notice it when I cast the chart out of curiosity. People who are willing to speak the truth as they know it -even when it involves personal risk- always intrigue me.

    It’s Michael Ruppert, the ex-police officer turned investigative reporter and journalist featured in the 2009 documentary “Collapse”, who has spoken/written about various subjects including, among other things: civil liberties, drugs (the government’s involvement) and peak oil – “The term Peak Oil refers to the maximum rate of the production of oil in any area under consideration, recognising that it is a finite natural resource, subject to depletion.”–Colin Campbell

    Mr. Ruppert’s Neptune is in Libra and his Venus, Mars, Jupiter and North Node are all in Pisces (not all conjunct, but connected), with his North Node directly opposite his Neptune. In part, his work seems to be about revealing the illusionary and addictive nature of our world’s excessive dependence on those people, institutions and things we place a high value on, and how our choices and values must be brought into greater balance in order to achieve ideal (just/truthful/sustainable) relationships. Considering Neptune/Pisces’ association with drugs, oil and illusion/lies, and Venus/Libra’s concern with just relationships, luxury, indulgence and what we value, I think this all fits. Even if not everyone agrees with the message he’s trying to convey.

    Some of these mutual receptions are fascinating!

  46. I have Venus at 12 Sag, 9th in mutual reception with Jupiter at 22 Libra, 8th. I’m still waiting to cash in on this one 😛

    I have NEVER been a lucky person, unlucky if anything (people agree with me I seem to get more roadblocks than normal), any successes coming from hard work and endurance/determination and stubbornness. I do have an artistic interest and have found a niche in performing world music (Venus in Sag/9th)

  47. Donna, so glad to see you’re back! How are your hands doing?

    Christina, beautiful blog. Nice post on Jodie Foster; I don’t think the Chiron return at 50 gets enough attention. It and other things broke me open around then.

    Don’t have any mutual receptions with Saturn in Cap, Jupiter in Sag, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio. My ex has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo though, with Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Gemini (all conjunct) and is very funny and easily charms people.

    • Doing well, Karen, thanks, but still use the dictation software to preserve my hands over the long run. Donna

  48. I was born at the very moment Mick met Keith (“KEEF”) and Brian Epstein “Met The Beatles”: November 21 1961. You can see in my Icon the lifelon effect that had on me as I am a singer-bassist heavily influenced by Brit-invasion/Progressive Rock. I have Mercury in a Neptune-ASC-Venus cluster in SCO (opposing a VIIth house TAU Moon), and it is in sextile and mutual reception with Pluto in Virgo. Pluto conjuncts Uranus. I was born in Camelot Washington DC at the heart of “the New Fron-te-e-e-e-er” (Donald Fagen).

  49. I have Venus in Cancer 1st house and the Moon in Taurus 11th house in MR. They each are 22 degrees from my Ascendant.
    Am I correct in believing these two are in szygy (?)?

    • Don’t know about szygy, but they’re certainly in mutual reception, plus the Ascendant would be the midpoint of Moon/Venus. Donna

      • I believe my Moon is the stronger planet because it is in exaltation in Taurus. I have been known to be very stubborn regarding my love life, especially with Venus conjunct Pluto. Oh my!! I didn’t jump over that challenge
        until I was almost 60!

    • Plus, I am Moon-ruled with a Cancer Ascendant. Like a Crab, I placed a shell around my self for self protection most of my life! Now my claws are out….

  50. I’ve really enjoyed the Mr discussion. So many interpretations here my head is spinning. Can’t believe I am the only 1st house Saturn in Libra and Venus in Capricorn (4th house) chiming in.! Yes, they are in square as well as being in a t-square with Uranus in Cancer in the 10th. WHEW.. How does one sort all of this out?
    The Good; I have a number of artists in my family and have recently taken up landscape painting as an enjoyable hobby and even sold some paintings.
    I am an accomplished seamstress with many awards in recent years and have even had a homebased business doing custom sewing. I empathize with your hand problems as this is very hard on my hands and I had to give up sewing for customers.Now I sew for fun and do some charity sewing as well.
    I love antique furniture and rehabilitating old houses and actually majored in architecture which leads up to—

    The Bad; I never actually finished my degree at University at least partly due to money problems, a lack of encouragement from my husband, lots of family responsibilities and probably a fear of not being good enough. I never understood this last part until I studied Astrology and started understanding more about my past decisions and life path. I became a mother at barely 18 years old and it was really hard at times. My husband and I struggled with money problems for years but are now enjoying our retirement years. At times it seemed like we would take on responsibilities handed to us and even more problems would crop up. It is hard for me to relax and just have fun, but I am getting better at it! We have two grown daughters and two grandkids we are crazy about. They live too far away though-there is Saturn again! Now for some of the —

    Ugly; Oh yeah- there is always some ugly to balance the good. My father was an extremely bright man with many gifts but he was an alcoholic. My Mom was hardworking but inside she must have been furious. She had every illness you can imagine;female problems, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, kidney stone, Gall stones. You get the picture!She was Dad’s enabler and I was Junior Enabler to both of them. By the time she had a heart attack I had to bring her home and take care of her physically as well as financially. Dad was completely out of control and to protect her I had to get a lawyer and get my parents legally separated. He was charging up multiple credit cards , paying the minimum and racking up huge debts that neither of them could afford to pay. Top that for Saturn square Venus!! They are both dead now but I still struggle somewhat with a sense of failure. I continue to try and prove myself worthy of being loved. I do recognize that I’ve made some headway which takes me back to–

    The Good; My continuing self education in astrology and psychology moves me a bit closer to forgiveness of my parents as well as my own shortcomings. Thank God for the wonderful writers I have discovered in the last 20 years.
    You Donna, Liz Greene, Stephen Arroya, Sullivan, Bogart,Tyl and many others have helped to set me free- ah THERE is that Uranus in the 10th. Thanks and keep on writing–Please!

  51. Hi Donna,
    I have no mutual receptions in my own chart, but I have a wonderful and easy and many-years-long friendship with my friend Karen, and our suns and moons are in mutual reception. She has Virgo moon, Sag sun (right on her 6th cusp, so it has a Virgo-y) flavor, and I have Sag Moon with a Virgo Sun in the 9th (giving it a Saggy flavor). Her late Sag sun is conjunct my Moon, in my first house.

    Some of the nice things about the friendship: my moon conj ascendant makes it easy to express my emotions, while she wants to analyze hers and struggles to feel them in her body (Virgo), so my expressiveness really helps her to feel freer to do that. She is very well organized while I can be haphazard and in too much of a rush to get out the door and get going; her virgo-ness helps ground me. (I can hardly feel my own Virgo, despite it’s being my sun!). We both share an interest in crafts and herbs, and making our own herbal products. She’s a really homebody (scorpio venus/neptune in the 4th) while I don’t like being home much at all, but she feels I do the exploring for both of us.

    I see the comments from others about how the mutual reception in their charts is a gift, and I definitely feel the same way about this easy mutual-reception friendship!

    • I hadn’t thought about mutual reception with other people, but it does sound like a comfortable and natural connection. Donna

  52. My Scorp Sun in 5th house is square Pluto in Leo (3rd). I believe the mutual reception has served to intensify the natal square. As a child, this played out with an extremely abusive alcoholic father who abused me (and a number of my siblings) physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. As a matter of self defense, I walled myself off from most people (even though I was pretty outgoing and talkative about superficial types of things to complete strangers — Gem rising) and escaped as much as possible on horseback (Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Sag). My motto became, “never let ’em see you cry” and I would rather die than show any sign of weakness to another. Also, since I was “put in charge”/made responsible for the actions of my younger siblings,by my parents, I bullied them somewhat to keep them in line and myself out of trouble. I was rejected by both parents and the deep fear of rejection and self-loathing I carried with me for a great many years resulted in me rejecting others before they could reject me. I also developed a high amount of animosity for institutions and people in power who abused that power over others. In college I was extremely active in student government and “anti-establishment”/social justice causes including the civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements — however, I never sought leadership roles but preferred to exert influence through appointed positions (I was even named “the power behind the throne” by other student government people). The need to exert as much control as possible over my surroundings expanded to a need to protect others who were weaker than myself. Even though I was an honors student, I dropped out of college just before my senior year when I was recruited by VISTA to be part of a legal collective organizing in my home community. I’ve always worked in public or nonprofit service, including as a VISTA volunteer, community organizer, women’s advocate, congressional staff, public retirement system administrator, personnel and financial manager for both state government and national nonprofit orgs. I would tell others that I got vicarious pleasure out of making government do what it was supposed to do. While I have mellowed a bit with time, I still have significant problems whenever I feel like someone else is trying to run my life, back me into a corner, or “use me”. The childhood rant — “You are not the boss of me” — is still an issue which I am working on dealing with more effectively. Both Pluto and the Sun are very strong in my chart (Pluto with 52 points and the Sun with 60) and I have, indeed, become a very strong person over the years — and a formidable foe to those I perceive as taking advantage of “regular people”. As a kid, even though I was sometimes harsh with my younger siblings, I saw my role as protecting them from my father (even was legal guardian of two younger siblings after leaving home). As I matured,, I pretty much expanded the role to include many more people, including entire states or countries. I also have been personally involved with quite a number of plutonian people and situations — from a campus mass murder/shooting, to a bomb being thrown into my apartment by an AWOL nazi marine, to witnessing a murder, to being involved with the defense of activists in riot and murder trials, to being stalked by drug-addicted Hell’s Angel. These types of experiences and the general tenor of my life have provided me with the ability to just “be” with people who are going through their own dark nights and listen to their stories without judgment or interference. I’ve become great at responding to emergencies and have developed the certainty that I will survive whatever cataclysm may come next — and, if not, well it’s been one helluva ride.

    • So sad about all the pain you went through. And yet, you are that phoenix, you show the strength of diamonds of a Plutonian type, and as an adult you are doing a world of good. Donna

      • just felt I had to say, lklking, this is someone who really knows what shes talking about, I feel has real genius for life, those who don’t say they have it,, have it, my admiration and goodwill ,goes out to her.

    • oh wow. we have a lot in common.

  53. Hi! I’m so glad I found this information, and would like to possibly contact you further. I was born in 1989 and right now my natal Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception with their own planets! I also have Neptune conjunct Saturn within 1 minute, which is being transited by Pluto. I am definitely going through some challenging (mostly internal) changes! At the moment it is mainly coming up as the death of my life’s hopes and dreams, and what I thought was my life’s purpose. I am also recovering from addiction, and am over a year away from my last drug.

    • Hi, Tyler, I’m retired from working on individual charts, but it sounds like you could use a consultation to help you sort out these difficult transits. If so, I can send you a referral list of experienced astrologers whose work I know and respect. Donna

  54. I’m another Aquarius Sun/Leo Uranus mutual reception and tight opposition, which falls across the 12th/6th axis. (Like Lesia above, I also have a grand cross involving these planets). Although using whole sign houses, which I am starting to do more and more, these planets fall across the 1st/7th axis, which *really* says a lot about me. 😉

    Since the Sun and Uranus are both highly “individual” planets, and the opposition aspect “sets us apart” from others, I’m about as contrary and eccentric as you can get. 😉

    I find that this mutual reception strengthens the Aquarian qualities of independence, rebellion and innovation, while it also strengthens my shadow Leo side, with tendencies toward pridefulness, drama, and self-centeredness. It’s a challenge, for sure.

    • An excellent interpretation, Raven, thanks! Donna

    • 11th water bearer sun/5th leo uranus MutRep north node and neptune is in scorpio which may be why i tend to have nightmares. i find modeling for artists to be great endeavor for someone like me. i am also a member of a benevolent fraternal society .

      • No, no, mutual reception involves two planets, each placed in the sign the other planet rules. The nodes and the houses do not count as partners in a mutual reception. So it would have to be Uranus in Leo (ruled by the Sun) in mutual reception to Sun Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Donna

      • that’s what I wrote – sun in aquarius, uranus in leo – pejo superius quam, inferius

  55. Hi! My Mars is in Virgo, in 8th and Virgo is in Aries, in 3rd. Mars is the ruler of the 9th house and Venus 4th and 5th houses. These two planets do not build reciprocal relationship. I guess it would have some potential snowing with my second marriage. Whether to observe if positive?

    • Hmm, you can’t have Virgo in Aries, as Virgo is a sign, not a planet. So, do you perhaps mean Mercury in Aries, or, the alternate ruler, Chiron in Aries? Donna

  56. Sorry, my mistake! Venus in Arie!.(English is not my main language.)

  57. Just stumbled on this interesting discussion, and late to the game I will add my MR since I did not see it mentioned in the comments (but noted in the post). I have the Moon in Aquarius in the 4th and Uranus rx at 0 degree Cancer (intercepted sign) in my Mercury-ruled 9th house.

    I have a very close Moon-Pluto opposition so I am not a typically nurturing person. I have noticed that my Moon/Uranus makes me very nurturing in a technology group setting. I love technology and enjoy helping others understand it and get over any self-doubts or fears they have.

    Many years ago, you wrote an article on Y2K and I wrote to you pleading with you not to add to the hysteria, that people were already so afraid, and being a programmer at the time, I assured you that it was a very simple matter of rewriting code to eliminate the date error and was already being worked on. I am also very emotional about the welfare of society as a whole. In my case, this odd MR allows me a safe way to nurture.

    • Yes, absolutely allows you to nurture in a way that entirely suits your nature. Donna

  58. Hi Donna. I am a long time follower.
    I have my Moon exalted in Taurus at 13 in my 11th and my Venus in Cancer at 23 in my 1st conjunct Pluto within 2 degrees. These 2 are trine my Jupiter in Scorpio at 18 in the 5th, which is trine my Saturn at 9 Pisces in my 10th. Mercury sits almost smack dab on my 1 degree Cancer Ascendant, but on the cusp in the 12th. Moon and Venus in MR. Saturn and Uranus in their natural houses, Mars in fall.
    Moon trine Neptune in my 4th within 2 degrees, which is opposed to Saturn.
    Sun at 8 degrees Gemini in my 12th square both Saturn and Jupiter, but trine Mars which is inconjunct Saturn. I don’t know if Saturn 9 Pisces in my 10th/ Uranus 3 Taurus in my 11th sextile would be considered an inconjunct with Mars on the cusp of the 5th at 8 Libra or if it is too wide.
    Saturn conjunct MC, Neptune conjunct IC
    I seem to be the perfect example of your chapter in your chapter in “Astrological Counseling.” 🙂
    I used Solar Fire for my chart information.

    Carole Heath

  59. Sorry, a typo. My Sun is square both Saturn and NEPTUNE (not Jupiter), which are opposed, and this is my Mutable T square.
    Carole Heath

  60. Hi, Donna; I’m a long-time reader and I have this blog marked for reference. I commented once before but can’t find it *blush*. As for mutual receptions, I have one: Mercury in Leo (1st house); Sun in Virgo (2nd house). I made a living for many years cleaning up others’ words as an editor/rewriter, and I dabble in creative non-fiction. I’m very selective about word choice, as I believe words have a lot of power. I may also like to talk a lot. I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I found this via Google and thought I’d help you since I’ve learned so much from your blog.

  61. Hi!
    Hope you don t mind if i add a comment… Being my self and editor and rewriter for many years as well, and taking in consideration my chart and the natal charts of some colleagues, i would say that Mercury/Virgo and Jupiter/Saggitarius are usually very strong. Mars is often strong as well. And Cancer.
    The mutual reception Mercury Leo and Sun Virgo is present in one of these natal charts (where the Sun is conjunct Mars also).
    Donna, apologies for the digression!

    • I have an MR with Venus in 1st in 23 Cancer and Moon in 11th in 13 Taurus, with 1 degree Cancer rising. I was a Certified Medical Assistant for 17 1/2 years, an Elder Caregiver for 6 years, and assisted my mother and step-dad in their final years for 6 years, and spent about a total of 10 years as a food server in restaurants. My very first job when I was in high school was preparing vegetables in a diner owned by a friend of my mother. I have always loved to cook–from scratch. I have had 6 children, 16 grandchildren, 23 greats and one great great. 🙂

    • Sofia, that’s so interesting! I have Jupiter exalted in Cancer (and as 1/3 of a Grand Trine) and Jupiter conjunct Mars (Mars is in Leo, but they’re separated by six degrees). Mars is also semisextile my Virgo sun (which has only one other aspect, to my Midheaven), and according to Donna’s tests, Mars is my second-strongest planetary influence! Jupiter and Mars are both in the 12th, and I’d definitely call editorial work behind-the-scenes stuff.

      • 🙂 And it is much like given birth to books. I think 6th/12th houses and 3rd/9th houses axes are highlighted in the editing and publishing work.

  62. “giving birth”… :/

  63. I like reading through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  64. My Venus in Pisces opposes my Netune in Libra so the mutual reception really helps to soften that aspect. Yes I am a romantic and certainly have felt the euphoria of Love and the pit of Despair, but the Libra influence gives me some air to better understand myself with my mind. Moon is also in Libra in the ninth (trine Saturn Genini) so that I have a lot of help in balancing the Pisces tendencies. I feel lucky to feel so much, am grateful for my compassion, and realize that only the higher vibrations of spiritual activities and artistic pursuits can quiet the divine discontent of Venus in Pisces. This mutual reception is the depositor of my chart.

    The Venus in Pisces gives depth to my Libra tendencies to love beauty and social life (as I know suffering is a very real part of life and should not be ignored: helping those in need is the way all of us transcend and transmute negativity). Meanwhile, the Libran moon and Neptune lift Venus out of the
    swamp of feelings.

  65. I have Moon in Aquarius in the 4th in MR with Uranus in Cancer in the 9th. The Moon is also opposite Pluto and Uranus opposite Jupiter so I already have some big crazy going on there. I am not the least emotional or sentimental, but I do seem to collect a lot of quirky friends, many of them from diverse places like Haiti, Finland, and Malaysia and I tend to “mother” them and we form close family type relationships, all traveling great distances to spend holidays together, go camping, etc. I don’t do any of that with my own family.

    • Wow! You are connected to the Great Mother through the Uranus connection. The ninth house lends that mythic quality to the mix as if your real mother is the Universal Mother.
      Uranus also rules your moon of course, but the moon also casts her light on him. They seem like such opposites but but here they are working together. I also have a water and air combo ( and the ninth house is involved). I have a much more emotional approach than you but I have the wonderful objective element of the air.
      Looking at your MR has helped me see how my own MR has acted like a integrating force in my nature- bringing together other opposites. I have Venus in Pieces opposite and in MR with Neptune in Libra (9th). This has made a kind of bridge between my water and air which in turn helps my water and fire conflicts.
      I have had trouble with my mars in cancer ( fire in water) placent but now I can see how my MR and my moon in Libra (also in. 9th) has ameliorated this conflict and can be used to help me with this mars. This Mars in cancer rules my sun (more fire water issues) and I can struggle with my feelings putting out my fire. But now I can see how the MR bond of other planets in the chart (Venus-Neptune) can work like super heroes to clear up the conflicting elements of my nature and get everyone working together.
      I can look to them as a powerful team to get me on track.
      Your MR is beautiful. I can see you as a science fiction hero bridging the mind and the heart.

  66. Mutual reception. As per Uranus/ neptune MR I just have two words that sum up what that spawned; Reality TV; the everyman (uranus)as the protagonist who must over come this or that (neptune). I believe that to guage whether a MR will manifest well or other wise depends on how close to an angle the planet(s) are: the more remote from the angle the more private it’s manifestation. Also whether the planet(s) are exhalted or in deficit will determine how easily it will be for the MR to manifest as a beneficent thing. This can also be seen by the amount and nature of the aspects and the palnets involved. A perfectly good MR (good neighbors who feel safe and mutually understood by eachother) can have a bad time of it if there is the equivalent of a pesky neighbor, always borrowing a cup of sugar or letting thier dog shit in your yard or parking on the tulips.

    • So well said!! All good points–thanks for joining the discussion. Donna

  67. Reblogged this on tyme2b4me and commented:
    I have Venus (conjunct Pluto) in Cancer in my first house in MR to my Moon in Taurus (exhaltation) in my eleventh house. Needless to say, I have had a lot of relationship issues, caused by my poor choices. Plus my Moon is trine my Neptune in Virgo in my fourth, which is in opposition to Saturn in Pisces in my tenth…

  68. I have a MR between Mercury in Aquarius in 3rd and Uranus in Virgo in 10th Wide orb aspect of inconjunct between Mercury & Uranus .
    I have ill health .- lots of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms . Brain malformation also [ Mars in Aries opposition Uranus ]

    • Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I have found Uranus active in neurological conditions such as dyslexia, e.g. a nephew with Uranus quincunx the Ascendant who is dyslexic. Donna

  69. I have Pluto and Venus in MR, Venus, ruler or my chart is on the 2nd house cusp and Pluto is in the 12th. My Scorpio Sun is conjuct Venus.

    1. I just started working with natural cosmetics and I’m especially interested in essential oils, which is a good combination of beauty and plutionian healing power.
    2. I made a substantial amount of money on an investment through the internet.
    3. Throughout the years I recognized that my sexual energies are so strong that sometimes it scares my partner for the first time. But I feel very confident and at home in intimate situations.

    I also have Neptune and Jupiter in MR in 2nd and 5th houses. They make an exact square also.
    1. It looks like I spend most of my money on my horses as they are my main hobby and dream.
    2. I can follow ideas and targets with great enthusiasm and than they disappear. (Uranus squares MC from 1st, it finishes the job.)
    3. I act as some kind of a spiritual guide in my friendships. This role is supported by 9th house Saturn and Chiron on DC.
    Otherwise I’m still not sure how this one act for me.

  70. I have 3: Neptune in Libra (9th) inconjunct Venus (2nd) in Pisces (1d 12m orb), Moon in Cap (12th) opposite Saturn (6th) in Cancer (5d 15m orb) and Mercury (12th) in Sag square Jupiter (8th Plac, 9th Koch) in Virgo (0d 53m orb).

    For Moon/Saturn: both are in detriment and in not particularly good shape aspect-wise. Also, as Moon is in 12th, I had/have difficulty with boundaries especially as to whose emotions I’m dealing with. Also, certain emotions were not okay. Instinctively I sought help from therapists and astrology. I was forced to confront this combination when Neptune, Saturn and Uranus transited these planets 1989-1990. I am learning to “structure” boundaries (Saturn) and express emotions in appropriate ways. But it’s an ongoing process. I think the MR may have given me that intuition. (There is a triple conj between Mercury, Moon and Mars which helped me to “act ” and “communicate”)

    For Mercury/Jupiter: both are in detriment and peregrine. I think this symbolizes my difficulty in not putting the time in to learn details of things I study. I have many (too many) interests and get a lot of joy studying them but often miss the details which help me understand better. I am addressing this by, for example, starting from first principles of astrology. I had a big picture understanding but depended too much on cookbooks rather than discovering the truth myself. The MR I think has made me willing to address the details to support the “big picture”.

    For Venus/Neptune: This one is my most difficult. I think I idealize relationships too much or am looking for the perfect one. I sink myself into it and if it ends I give up and tell myself “never again”. With North Node in 7th I think learning to share in a relationship is one of the lessons I should learn. Not sure how the MR will work out here. I’m still trying to understand it. Venus is also inconjunct Pluto, yet another planet having to do with relationships.

  71. Aquarius Sun in 1st, Leo Uranus in 7th, Pluto and Saturn in 12th, an oddball wherever I go, luckily inclined to be where i don’t belong, interested in everything but more so in people and their stories, and varieties of beauty that include ugly. very hard time with any kind of relationship (because I can’t turn off intuitive care of the other, am sneaky about taking care of self) but can endure, long for solitude, work on novels, employed in a water plant, love to dance, afflicted/gifted with imagination and affection. No sense of time.


  72. Being far from a real astrologer (I’m only an aficionado), I really want to chip in with this one. Now, as I understand, the receptions between faster moving planets are not that big of a deal, but I kinda really feel mine, so here it is: I have Mars in Libra opposite my Venus in Aries, with a handy Neptune squaring them both (it forms a tighter square with Mars, and a rather broad one with Venus, but, boy, do I feel it!). Particularly during the last five years I’ve had my fair share of relationships that seem to start well, only to dissolve after a short time, mostly leaving me terribly hurt and disappointed, with the key line being “maybe I should have told you earlier, but I’m not really interested in having a relationship at all”. Oh, and the two main culprits were addicts, too (big surprise there, huh). And if it’s not them who are not being entirely honest, it’s me (trying to fall for someone I didn’t really like in the first place). But enough about my “fascinating” planetary love triangle – the relationship between my Mars and Venus is a fragile balancing act, where I mostly feel my stubborn, “I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now” Venus is winning (it may have to do with me being a Taurus native). I usually run into relationships head-first, and after that my fairness-loving, compromising, unassertive Mars gets to have a say. And that is maybe a good thing, in the end – with Mars mellowing that pushy Venus of mine. If it weren’t for the Neptune, I’d be inclined to believe it’s a good thing altogether.
    There is, however, one aspect of my life where I feel these two have really worked perfectly: I have been a dancer for over 20 years (it’s a 5th house Venus, btw, trining with Moon and Uranus as well), trying myself out in different forms, but where I really found myself in was flamenco – I get to be active and express myself artistically through a very fiery, distinctly personal dance form, and I round it all up with yoga (which sounds to me as a perfect Mars in Libra activity) 🙂 I find both of these activities incredibly fulfilling and complementary to one another. They both ground me and elevate me, and they help me achieve a truly loving, beautiful relationship with my body. Considering how I started out with ballet when I was five, which pretty much set me for some serious inferiority issues when I was a teen, it’s no small feat. It really is a great source of happiness, and a point where I feel I really get to be myself 🙂

    • Thanks for joining in. You’ve given some good examples. Donna

  73. I have Mars in Libra in 6th house and Venus in Scorpio in 7th house. They are both in detriment 😦 but they are mutually receptive. They do not form an aspect. How does this affect me? I think Mars playing Venus and Venus playing Mars further leads to a detriment 😦

  74. Hi i have mars in virgo and mercury in scorpio + saturn in libra and venus in capricorn. I have two mutual reception, can some one explain how beneficial is it for me

  75. Mars in Cancer in the 5th and Moon in Scorpio in the 8th. Both in fall… my head is basically a pressure cooker

  76. I have a MR with my moon in Capricorn (2nd house) and my Saturn in Cancer (8th house). These are also the two signs that are intercepted in my chart, I have no Capricorn and no Cancer ruled houses. So I’ve read that when you have an interception you should look to the houses ruled by those planets…but for me, those houses are intercepted! So how does the energy play out here? I’ve read that the energy of planets in intercepted houses “slips through the cracks” or “falls away”.

    • Are the Moon and Saturn also opposite one another within 8-10 degrees? If so that really strengthens the MR connection. I’m not really convinced of all the hoohah about intercepted houses being weak placements. When planets in intercepted houses have transits, those are important intervals in the person’s life when the natal planets become powerfully used or changed. Just to test this idea out, do you know if transiting Pluto in Capricorn has already been conjunct your Capricorn Moon or opposite your Saturn in Capricorn? If it’s already happened, it should have been a memorable time. Donna

  77. hi folks –

    I don’t want to hijack someone else’s blog, but since Donna has offered a general invitation to make comments here about mutual reception, please allow me to introduce myself (Alan Annand, DFAstrolS) within that limited context. As a practicing astrologer for 30+ years, I’ve lately been obsessed with researching mutual receptions, and I’ve noted there’s a fair bit of misinterpretation regarding “planetary exchange.” This is probably because, despite the concept having been around 2000 years or more, virtually nothing substantive has been written about it. And what has been written is sometimes contradictory.

    For this reason, I’ve recently published a book on MUTUAL RECEPTION in which I cover everything: the traditional rules for reception in general (with or without aspect), the astronomical/mathematical parameters, a couple of paradigms (both scientific and humanistic) as models for interpretation, and a detailed methodology for delineation. Did you know there are 57 combinations of sign lord exchange, but 66 combos for house lord exchange? Did you know that 43% of your clients have a mutual reception in their charts?

    Most importantly, this book includes interpretations for all 66 possible house lord exchanges, each one illustrated by a chart delineation of a famous person, with lists of many others for those who want to compare notes. Because mutual reception is (a) so common among us all and (b) so poorly understood by so many, this book is a must-have for every astrologer’s reference library.

    I won’t include links here because that might seem too spammy, but you can easily find the book (digital or paper) on all of the major online retailers.

    – Alan

    • Hello, Alan. I’m glad to hear you’ve done substantial research into mutual reception, as it’s a neglected topic with far too little information available.

      I occasionally have guest bloggers when I come across an interesting but neglected topic like this one. I’m sure my readers would like to hear more. What I would like to do is to read some of the book and feature you as a guest blogger and publish a brief excerpt (no more than 750-1000 words) from the introductory chapter, with your bio and an image of the book cover. If you like the idea, you’d need to clear it with your publisher, send me the first chapter in Word format or the book as a PDF tile, and a bio and image of the book cover. Tell your publisher that this is good exposure for the book, as I have 3300 subscribers that receive each post by email and another 3000 page hits a day.

      Excerpts like this have been very popular with my readers, and have generated a lively discussion in the comment section, so it’s customary for the author to check in on the comments and, within reason, to reply to questions.

      Donna Cunningham

  78. Mercury in Scorpio (on my midheaven) is in mutual reception with Pluto in Virgo (in my 7th house). I seem to attract folks who tell me their intimate situations. I also am very intuitive and folks tell me they feel better after sitting with me.
    As I write this, I am in the process of writing a book, a compilation of channeled material.

    • What a perfect use for that combination, Stacey! Best wishes on your book. Donna Cunningham

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    found you by error, while I was browsing on Bing for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just
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  80. Lot of mutual reception. Venus in aries Mars in pisces, thought most of my chart is pisces. Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Mars in pisces hence jupiter gains dignity of pisces and capricorn exalts in mars. Sextile between saturn and neptune. Saturn in pisces neptune in cap. Hence mutual digities

    • Luis ~
      Thanks for these three comments. Based on what you’ve said about your chart, there seems to some confusion about which dignities are being promoted, and by what means.
      Cutting right to the subject of this post, there’s only one mutual reception in your chart – between Jupiter in the Capricorn 1st, and Saturn in the Pisces 3rd. This creates a symbiosis between houses 1 and 3, and typically generates one or more of the following: physical prowess or dexterity through sports or the arts, courage and (mis)adventures, injuries to shoulders or arms, sibling rivalry, wandering mind, and/or irregular education.
      ~ Alan

  81. Venus in aries also opposes libra midheaven. Venus in aries traits are very evident but toned down for the most part by my mutual reception. Alot of my detriment placements were saved I .e. jupiter in cap and venus in aries. Been a blessed individual with alot of generosity and compassion, bound to drift about collecting knowledge. My jupiter operates alot like jupiter in pisces able to draw people near in need and give without thinking about whats in return. Then again I have 3 planets in pisces btw lol

  82. BTW Pisces Sun 2nd or 3rd house depending on system , Sag Rising Taurus Moon 5th house, Mercury in Aqua 2ND house, Venus in Aries 4th house, Mars in Pisces 3rd house Jupiter in Cap 1st house, Sat in Pisces 3rd house,
    Uranus in Aqua 2nd house , Neptune in Cap 1st or 2nd depending on system, Pluto in Sag 12th house. libra Mc

  83. I have been fascinated by this subject since I happen to have two MR in my natal chart. I have an old book on this subject that is out of print but quite informative. “Planets in Mutual Reception” written by Anne Ryan. Here is a quote from her book Chapter 1 page 3:”There are three types of Mutual Receptions that may be found in a natal horoscope.
    A. Two planets, in each other’s signs, are in Mutual Reception. For example: Mars in Libra, and Venus in Aries. (I have Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo) The ancient astrologers claimed that this was built in protection in a chart, stabilizing the energies of both planets, and enabling them to be read back in their own signs. To my knowledge, nothing else has been written on the subject…
    Chapter 1 page 4:”B. Another type of Mutual Reception is found when two planets fall in each other’s houses. For example: Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra are in sign Reception, but Mars in the 7th house and Venus in the 1st house, regardless of sign, are still in Mutual Reception by house. This type of Reception seems more subtle, but may create even more problems than sign Receptions.
    C. A third type of Mutual Reception is the combinations of house and sign. For example: Mars in Libra, regardless of house, and Venus in the 8th, regardless of sign. (I have Venus in 12th and Neptune in Libra) A combination Reception of this kind shows hidden conditions and events in the native’s life, which may not show up in any other way in the horoscope. The energies are extremely difficult to balance (Indeed), and sometimes show circumstances that cannot be altered. It is almost as though this type of Reception were designed to protect the chart from the prying eyes of the astrologer, and the native from the prying eyes of the world. At times, even the native’s eyes seem blinded( definitely concur)…
    I really was impressed with this book. Hopefully this will interest you all. Paulette Rabe

    • Paulette –

      As I was writing my own book last year, I tried to read everything (which isn’t much) that had ever been written on mutual reception, but obviously I missed Anne Ryan’s book. Could you please provide the title, publisher and date?

      Regarding the three types of mutual reception she names, I agree with Type A. This is classic mutual reception – two planets occupying each other’s sign – allowing us to envision a “virtual” exchange back into their own signs. Typically, this fortifies both planets and the two houses thus occupied and involved. Astrologers of antiquity right up to William Lilly would endorse this definition.

      As for Types B and C, they strike me as leaps of fancy with no interpretive value. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there are any such definitions, let alone practical applications, of this sort to be found in the literature on mutual reception.

      Type B employs a very simplistic association of planets with houses that has no direct bearing on any chart except one with an Aries ascendant. If you have Cancer rising, what logic grants Mars any affinity with the first house when in fact it owns (for CN rising) the Scorpio 5th and the Aries 10th? To borrow Ryan’s words, yes, I agree that would “seem more subtle” and “create even more problems” – but for the astrologer, not the client. A birth chart is already a complex puzzle, let’s not use fuzzy thinking in trying to crack it.

      Type C compounds the situation by mixing and matching legitimate reception (sign) with a bogus one (the so-called natural house association of planets). Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking note of reception/disposition, and even bona fide mixed receptions (eg, Planet A in sign of Planet B, Planet B in exaltation sign of Planet A). Lilly and others acknowledged mixed receptions of the strong sort (sign/exaltation) but cast a wary eye on minor varieties (triplicity/face/decan). I’m tempted to interpret Ryan’s own words – “It’s almost as though this type of reception were designed to protect the chart from the prying eyes of the astrologer” – as her admission it has no practical value.

      Please don’t get the idea I’m against novel approaches. Without Reinhold Ebertin, there’d have been no Cosmobiology (mid-point) system. But in the case of Ryan’s leaning on planets and the “natural houses,” that’s a very weak form of astrology, generic rather than specific, and its weakness leaves both Type B and C without foundation.

      ~ Alan

  84. Dear Alen,

    To disregard a new theory, in this case Anne Ryan’s theory on 3 types of Mutual Reception, because it hasn’t been authorized, endorsed or discovered before is giving up on the fact that “There are no facts, only interpretation.” by Friedrich Nietzsche . . And “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” by Albert Einstein. . . None of us know the total encyclopedia of mutual reception. I for one, with a strong mutual reception, am hungry for all data leading to understand it more. . Anne Ryan’s findings, I welcome.

    Hillary Adrian Han

    • I’ve used reception by house where houses are linked to planets. I don’t believe it’s new. Have I missed something?

      • Oueeza –

        Perhaps we’re on the same wavelength anyway, but all mutual receptions ultimately create a symbiotic link between two houses through the agency of two planets. In other words, if Mars is in Capricorn while Saturn is in Scorpio, we have mutual reception. If the chart has Aries rising, that creates a link between the 8th and 10th houses, eg, perhaps creating tumult in the career. But if Virgo is rising, the link is between the 3rd and 5th houses, with an entirely different effect, eg, a sibling who is a successful performer. So even though the mutual reception (MA/SA) exists for both, its effect is felt very differently, because the same two planets invoke two different pairs of houses.

        – Alan

    • Hillary –

      Excellent, you’re hungry! If you have an appetite for mutual reception, you can sample everything served up on the smorgasbord of astrology. But at the end of the meal, you should also ask yourself, did this fulfill me? In application, did it offer a meaningful and individualistic interpretation I can share with my client?

      As a parallel, let’s consider the astrologer’s menu of minor aspects: the semi-decile or vigintile (18 deg), quindecile (24 deg), semi-sextile (30 deg), decile or semi-quintile (36 deg), semi-square (45 deg), septile (51.4 deg), quintile (72 deg), tredecile or sesqui-quintile (108 deg), sesqui-quadrate (135 deg), bi-quintile (144 deg) and quincunx (150 deg). You’re probably aware of these because some astrologers have discussed them in articles or books, astrological programmers routinely include them in their chart calculation modules, and a few astrologers swear by them.

      Did you know Johannes Kepler was the original proponent of the quintile? And yet, to quote Nicholas DeVore’s Encyclopedia of Astrology, “It has not been universally adopted.” Can we guess why? Probably because it hasn’t stood the test of time and practical interpretation of the client’s chart.

      So, please rest assured, I don’t blithely disregard a theory just because it’s new, rather because I’ve tested it and found it wanting. Over a few decades of active practice, I’ve tested many techniques – old, new, eastern and western – and in writing my own book on MUTUAL RECEPTION, I believe I’ve laid out a simple body of technique that will stand the test of practical interpretation.

      – Alan

  85. Alan here is the information your requested:
    PLANETS IN MUTUAL RECEPTION by Anne Ryan edited by Linda Pollok and published by The House of Astrology, Inc. 1449 Messenger Court, South Euclid, Ohio 44121. I find your point of view very interesting. What I gave as example is a very short version. I do agree that minor varieties of MR (triplicity, Face, Decans) are not important enough and in her book I do not think she considers them. It’s been awhile since I read it so but I do think she only considers the ones I mentioned.
    As for the combination of house/sign I can vouch for that in my case it works. I have as I wrote above Venus in Cancer and in the 12th house (venus’ exaltation house) and Neptune in Libra in 3rd house. Neptune is square Venus therefore this MR is quite potent for me and has created havoc in my life and still does to this day .
    Anne Ryan explains each reception individually and specifies, from what I remember,that depending on the aspect between the two planets this reception could become more difficult to handle. She also refers to the Flat wheel with Aries rising.She also provides explicit spread sheets for each MR A, B and C. To me her book was very helpful but I still have difficulty in applying it but then again I am not a practicing astrologer.
    I do hope that you can find this book. It is a small book and has only 103 pages. Maybe you can find it in second hand bookstores. Hope this is helpful.


    • Paulette –

      Thank you so much for the specifics on that book. I’ve since found it on Amazon so will be able to order it and peruse at my leisure.

      Regarding the example of the Type C exchange of VE/NE in your own chart, I have two comments:

      (1) Given that your Venus and Neptune are squaring each other, most astrologers would admit there’ll be some negative effect, since this is what we call a “hard” aspect. Therefore, how do you know whether to attribute the “havoc” in your life to the exchange, as opposed to its being due just to the aspect alone? In other words, this is possibly a case of mis-attribution, which happens all the time in astrology.

      (2) Regarding the consideration of outer planets vis-a-vis their potential to engage in mutual reception, the famed British horary astrologer Olivia Barclay has said: “… we do not assign to them [the outer planets] sign rulerships, nor do we mutually exchange their places. I have never seen a chart in which their mutual reception is relevant to the interpretation.” [Horary Astrology Rediscovered, p.105]

      Notwithstanding the above, I’m now intrigued by your chart. If you care to reveal it to me, please write me offline ( and I’ll offer what observations occur to me.

      – Alan

      • Thank you Alan for your comments. I have read Olivia Barclay on Horary Astrology Rediscovered page 105. You are right and I concede that the problem is due to the square between V/N. As you have mentioned before, very little has been written on the subject of MR. Thank you again. Paulette

  86. Dear Alan,

    I always test a theory or hypothesis first on myself over a long period of time before sharing it with anybody else. . . And once I decide that something works for me, my service is to present it to others with a format on how they can test it on themselves. . . I never say, “I know” anything is going to work on someone or that they should readily accept my or another teacher’s, therapist’s or astrologer’s theories without giving them a path to investigate it themselves. . I am a teacher of Dharma as well as Astrology and firmly follow the Kalama Sutta. In case you don’t know what that is, KALAMA SUTTA

    The Kalama Sutta is possibly the most important Sutta for teachers. It welcomes careful examination and investigation of things that are internal and external in one’s life. The brilliance of this great Dharma teaching shows total respect and honor to the individual enquirer and encourages the student to take full responsibility and exercise unprejudiced decision making. This Sutta and this Sutta alone is the epiphany of the philosophy of Buddhist education and reflects The Buddha’s strong dedication to the power of the individual and especially the teacher within and the student to know him/herself.

    Do not believe in anything (simply)
    because you have heard it.

    Do not believe in traditions because they
    have been handed down for many generations.

    Do not believe in anything because it is
    spoken and rumored by many.

    Do not believe in anything (simply) because
    it is found written in your religious books.

    Do not believe in anything merely on the authority
    of your teachers and elders.

    But after observation and analysis
    when you find that anything agrees with reason
    and is conductive to the good and benefit of one and all
    then accept it and live up to it.

    (Anguttara Nikaya Vol. 1, 188-193 P.T.S. Ed.) .


    Do not believe in anything (simply)
    because you have heard it.

    It is very common for most of us to believe the news, various gossip, doctors’ opinions, philosophies, theories, hypothesis and the like without further investigation. It can be easy to follow what a particular guru or any person of authority says or what some handsome, recognized author pictured on a book preaches as truth. We can be vulnerable to living up to these various beliefs and never think for a moment that we are not seeing the whole picture.

    Lots of Love,

    • Dear Hillary ~

      Thank you for that Wikipedia link. I’d never heard of the Kalama Sutta before, but it resonated, perhaps because it echoed some of what I’ve learned from my own teacher and guru, albeit from a different lineage.

      If I understand it, the Kalama Sutta is a form of injunction to conduct oneself as a pragmatic (as opposed to dogmatic) skeptic, personally testing without blind acceptance what has been propounded by any other source, whether person or book. But it seems to be within the context of spiritual inquiry and practice.

      As a comparable guide within the context of practical astrology, which we must acknowledge is at least as “scientific” as it is intuitive, consider this: The great astrologers of history, eg, Ptolemy, Bonatti, al-Biruni, Lilly, etc, all had a very deep sense of structure from which their practice sprang. They had guidelines to deal with information acquired, whether oral or written, ancient or modern. They followed a certain methodology of exegesis, which I introduce here with terms borrowed from Vedanta:

      (1) Upakrama-upasamyareyka. For written materials, they carefully interpreted each passage within the context of a specific theme, usually declared at the beginning of an exposition, and summarized at its end. Here’s what I’ll cover, here it is, here’s what you need to remember.

      (2) Abhyasa. If a principle was repeated within a body of text, they understood it must be important. What they knew to be vital, they memorized and recited. Eg, the planets’ signs of rulership, exaltation and debilitation. Planetary correspondence with parts of the body, members of the family, the effect of aspects, orbs, and so on.

      (3) Phala. They studied charts with certain qualities, and observed their natives to confirm whether the promised principles bore fruit. Over a lifetime. Are all Aries horny speed freaks? You get the idea…

      (4) Apurvata. They were wary of unique principles, ie, things that didn’t occur frequently. If these things had little observational or anecdotal history, they needed to personally test them before adding them to their canon. Is it true that solar eclipses within a degree of Saturn will cause bone breaks in Aquarians?

      (5) Arthavada. They became acquainted with hyperbole, ie, an author’s emphasis of principles via eulogy or condemnation. They knew how to interpret a shade of grey despite black-and-white statements. If you have Mars and Saturn in the 7th house, your spouse will be angry, crooked, violent and old. If you have Venus and Jupiter in the 7th, your spouse will be pleasant, plump and prosperous.

      (6) Upapatti. They demanded a certain continuity and consistency in interpretation among their teachers, peers and students. In other words, the rules that have existed for centuries should not be subjected to whimsical interpretations. Any principle worthy of being applied in a practice should be logical, pragmatic and, above all, consistent. They rejected contrarian and speculative interpretations that had the potential, if left unchecked, to contaminate and vitiate the entire tradition. Once you start using minor aspects between asteroids, there goes the neighborhood. Don’t get me started…

      But, to quote from that Wikipedia article on Kamala Sutta: “The Buddha says, only when one personally knows that a certain teaching is skillful, blameless, praiseworthy, and conducive to happiness, and that it is praised by the wise, should one then accept it as true and practice it.”

      Because two of Anne Ryan’s basic principles (B & C) lie clearly within the realm of “Upattti” or whimsical interpretation, I believe these are not worth adding to my toolkit. And if I were to follow the counsel of the Buddha, as above, and seek the endorsement of the wise, ie, my teacher and guru, it wouldn’t meet their criteria either. But that’s another lineage, specifically for Vedic astrologers, and it may not be the same as yours.


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