Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 20, 2010

Get to Know your Houses—a Floor Plan of your Life

©2-20-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Recently, we’ve been delving into house stelliums and learning a lot from people who have them.  A fitting way to take that exploration deeper would be to study the houses themselves. Well, you’ve come to the right place for that—in the 14 months I’ve been actively blogging, I’ve published 30 articles about the houses of the chart.

 You’ll find active links to most of them below, sorted into categories to help you go directly to the information you need. Subscribers, if you save the email, you can easily come back to it and continue reading them when you have time. 

A general overview of the houses:  astrology houses, Donna Cunningham, Skywriter

 The Stellium Project:

 Articles about Vocational Astrology:

  Zeroing in on Other Houses:

Since the signs on the house cusps depend on a correct time of birth, here are two articles about how to get that right: How to Make Sure a Birth Chart is Accurate and Getting the Birth Time Right—Polaris Software Makes It Possible.

Do I have more to say about the houses?  You bet I do–I’ve only gotten started!  Studying the houses can teach you an amazing amount about yourself. For future aticles on this topic, check  the category Houses of the Horoscope

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  1. Aloha Donna I’ve been reading and re-reading your articles on houses of the chart, and the shovel-ready project suggestions for each house. It all gave me some great ideas on how to deal with transits thru the houses, especially of the outer planets Jupiter thru Pluto.

    I tend to experience the houses as environments or atmospheres that have the flavor of the zodiac sign within them. And when a long-term transit comes along, it’s archtypal energy tends to change the atmosphere quite a bit, especially if there is a natal planet already occupying that house.

    As an example, in my floor plan, the third house has the atmosphere of sign Aquarius and sign Pisces, with natal planet Mars in Aquarius and Moon plus Saturn in Pisces. When planet Jupiter transited Aquarius last year and activated Mars, I had projects galore going on, which I took on rather quickly (not usual for my fixed Mars) and now that Jupiter is transiting Pisces and activating my Moon/Saturn, my whole attitude has changed regarding my homebase, my early life experiences, and my need for finding inner peace has become a great focus for me to work on. Many thanks for your ability to create enlightenment, and to bring joy to all of us. Meleanna

    • Hi, Meleana, I’m glad you’re getting a lot out of this series. The study of houses can help take the understanding of the planets in the birth chart to a new level of specificity. Donna

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